Animalix is a fan fiction transformation.


A fairy must reach into her heart and bond with the animal that was given to her when her powers were unleashed.

However, in Natasha's case, she was able to transform into an Animalix when she saw Marie transform into a fairy, which caused Natasha's powers to be unleashed.

Tori did bond with the flame phoenix, however she can't transform into Animalix because she is only half-fairy.


The outfit of an Animalix is not the same or as detailed as a fairies Enchantix, or Believix. Animalix consits of either a one or two piece that is the same color as the animal features they possess, garters on both legs and arms and boots or flats as shoe wear.

Animalix fairies well possess body parts from an animal such as ears, tails, and wings.


The power Animalix gives a fairy is the abilities that animal as able to do, the ability to transform into the given animal. Her overall power stays the same


  • Animalix is based off of Tokyo Mew Mew transformations
  • The Elements animals bonds are:
    • Marie with Red Fox
      • She was orginally with a normal white cat
    • Callie with Blue Macaw
    • Tabitha with Polar Bear
      • She was orginally with a Harp Seal
    • Emma with Fox Fruit Bat
      • She was orginally with a Gray Wolf
    • Natasha with white rabbit
  • Night Fairies cannot transform into Animalix however they possess the Gray Wolf ear's and tail's.
  • Animalix does not come with wings, unless the animal bonded with has wings.