Battle of Isis
Concurrent conflict
Next conflict
Avalar victory
Hogwarts forces decimated
Hogwarts Commanders
Admiral- Julie Yamamoto
General- Musa
Princess Diaspro (before battle)
Colonel- Roxy
Lieutenat- Nova(later promoted to captain)
Avalar Commanders
Pincess Diaspro (Late battle)
Admiral- Darcy
General- Gantlos
Hogwarts strength
4000 soldiers (Vinci infantry and voluntiers)
Hundreds of Vinci war machiens, aircraft and transports
hundreds of Red Fountain aircraft and transports
8 Highbreed warships
dozens of Highbreed transports
Avalar strength
7000 Decay soldiers
14 Vilgaxian warships
Hundreds of Red Fountain fighters (Avalar colors)
H.A.- 3000 dead, hundreds more wounded, 3 Highbreed ships destroyed
Avalar- 700 dead, 1 Vilgaxian warship destroyed

The Battle of Isis was the opening battle of the Magical War.


Weeks prior to the battle, Avalar forces began planning for the assult in secret with the aid of Isis's own leader. at the same time, both sides were negotiating peace, but the Avalar Empire had already decided on war and had never intended to let freedom and peace remain.


On the morning of 10-12-09, the Hogwarts forces stationed on the planet went about ther daily routine while the Avalar armada approached Isis undected. Before anyone could get into battle stations, Avalar air forces struck stationed war machines and destroyed them were they sat.

Ground battle

Once the first shots were fired, everybody still asleep in their barracks were quickly awoken by the noise of the battle. As everybody began to fight back, Avalar ground forces began to invade the planet. The forces stationed in the capital were the first to do battle with the invasion. Under the command of Genaral Musa, the Aio Vinci held there own against the Army of Decay but were soon forced to fall back due to overwelming numbers.

Air battle

Just as as the ground forces were slow to get ready, the pilots were having trouble getting to fighter craft due to enemy forces destroying them. Eventually a few squadrons were able to get into the air and take down the enemy. Under the command of Lieutenat Nova, the air forces managed to take down a lot of enemy Air and Ground forces before being ordered to withdraw.

Space battle

Once the ships orbiting the planet got wind of what was going on on the surface, Admiral Julie Yamamoto ordered the fleet to head to the other side of the planet to engage the fleet. After a while the fleet managed to destroy an enemy ship just as an evecuation was ordered.


Once the evacuation was ordered, Admiral Julie told the ships to hold the enemy fleet at bay and prepare recieve cargo. By the time the evac was complete, the fleet had already lost 2 ships and the squadrons under the command of Nova, who had been protecting the ships from enemy fighters during the evacuation, had been ordered back to Magix. Just as the fleet retreated back to friendly space, one more friendly ship was destroyed. Thankfully it had no evacuated soldiers. The entire battle had lasted just over 5 hours and, half an hour into it, an assult on Shadowhaunt had been launched as retaliation.

The surviving soldiers would prove vital in future battles. Both sides knew that his wasn't the end, it was just the beginning. It was going to be a long war that would take many lives and tear apart families and friends, but that was the sacrifice many were willing to make to preserve freedom in the magic dimension.