Battle of Shadowhaunt
Concurrent conflict
Next conflict
Hogwarts victory
Avalar forces forced from Magix and Shadowhaunt
Hogwarts commanders
Queen Amentia
Commander-Cornelia Hale
Avalar commanders
Lord Darkar
Hogwarts strength
3000 soldiers (Alin sand and glass infantry and calvery, and the Downland Army)
Alin Glass golems, cannons, scorpions and spiders
Avalar strength
Underrealm monster army
H.A.- 600 dead, many more wounded
Avalar- Several hundred monsters killed

The Battle of Shadowhaunt was the second battle of the Magical War. It took place concurrent to the Battle of Isis.


Weeks before the first shot was fired, HALC feared that war was inevitable, so they prepared to retaliate if an enemy attack should happen. Knowing Shadowhaunt was an Avalar stronghold, a large Alin strike force was secretly stationed in Downland, under the command of Queen Amentia, with orders to attack and take Shadowhaunt if war should break out.


Half and hour into the Battle of Isis, HALC gave Amentia the green light to procced with the attack. Upon entering Shadowhaunt's main cavern the strike force was imediatly met with resistance. After managing to break through the enemy lines, the Generals ordered the infantry to press on while the Alin artillary was left to bombard the castle from the outside. Once inside the castle, the Alin sand and glass infantry worked hard to secure the entire castle, and lost some good men doing it. Colonel Flora and Commander Cornelia, along with the Alin and Downland soldiers they had with them, were the first the reach the throne room with the intent of apprehending Lord Darkar. Once the got there, they found the place empty and transportus spell energy in the air. Both understood that Darkar never intended to win this fight, knowing it would be impossible, and fled. Nevertheless, Shadowhaunt was secure, and Avalar pressence was forced from the planet.


With both battles over, Bloom made a start of war speech (see main page), Hogwarts forces withdrew from Shadowhaunt, and forces everywhere mobilized to retaliate further and fight this war. HALC leaders knew this was going to be a long war. Lives would be lost and torn apart, but that was the price they would have to pay to preserve freedom in the magic dimension.