Battle of the Harmonic Nebula
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Air Raid of Obsidian
Avalar victory
Alliance fleet forced from the area
Hogwarts commanders
Admiral-Julie Yamamoto
Avalar commanders
Hogwarts strength
5 Highbreed warships
100 Red Fountain fighter craft
Avalar strength
8 Vilgaxian warships
200 Red Fountain fighter craft (Avalar colors)
H.A.- 2 warships destroyed, 72 fighters lost
Avalar- 2 warships, 50 fighters lost

The Battle of the Harmonic Nebula was a major space battle that took place in the nebula not far from planet Melody.


After the battle of Isis, all of the forces that left retreated to friendly space. Admiral J. Yamamoto and General Musa's of flagship retreated to the Harmonic Nebula near Musa's home planet Melody while the remainder (carrying the evacuated troops) left for Magix. less than two days after arriving, they were greeted by HALC member Councilor Princess Galatea (going under the naval rank Commodore in the field) to plan for any sort of counter attack with the four warships that had just arrived. But before they could, 8 enemy warships enter the system and a large space battle started.

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