Powers and Abilities
Disappearing, going through walls, doors, etc., cloning
Bonded Fairy

Blizzard is Aliana's bonded pet. She is not like the other Pixie pets, because she is a ghosthound from the Omega Dimension.


Blizzard is very reserved, and maintains a regal stance most of the time. She serves as something of a balance to Ali and Ruby's more mischievous personalities. However, her reservations do not extend to the battlefield; when threatened, she will attack to kill the threat. Although not able to speak, she finds other ways to communicate through body language and scratching in the dirt.


Unlike most of the pets, Blizzard is present throughout all of Ali's school years and accompanies her on most missions to offer backup. Often seen laying near Ali, she is always around, but does not have a major role.


Blizzard, as a ghosthound, is very pale and ethereal looking. Her fur is white with tints of an icy blue, but her eyes are dark blue and her nose is black.