• Milky-Flight


    December 10, 2019 by Milky-Flight

    Hi! I'm Mikly Flight! I'm a precure, winx club, lolirock, ever after high and miraculous ladybug fun. I'm looking forward to making new friends. so, if you want to be my friend, please do!

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  • DivilixClubOfficial

    So, I put up an adoption request to become an admin on this wiki, and they said that I should get the opinion of the rest of the wiki. So I want to know what you guys think? If you want more information, just send me a message on my talk page. Thanks.

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Hi everyone! It's been a quite a while since I've last been on here. Life happens sometimes. But I will still check up on this site every once in a while. If you're new here, welcome and let your imagination flow!

    But just remember:

    1. Keep Fanfictions PG or PG-13. Nothing Sexual, and not too much Gore (Like rated R gore. PG gore like in anime like Bleach or Hunter X Hunter)
    2. No negativity, including calling other people's OCs "Mary Sues". We want to keep it a positive environment, and If it is someone's first time making a Winx OC for fun, do NOT call it a Mary Sue. It damages someone's confidence of making another OC. OCs' information will be changed over time by the respective member/owner.
    3. No plagiarism. Do NOT copy other members' work (Storie…
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  • TheConeZone

    Day 1

    February 5, 2019 by TheConeZone

    Hello, it's me. TheConeZone. This is me, the first day on Winx Club Fanon Wiki. 

    I haven't discovered most of the wiki's content. And it's kinda a bummer when you can't comment on other people's pages. I just wanna say how amazing their skills and imagination.

    I believe contributing to this wiki would be a pleasant thing to experience. I hope I make friends on this wiki, and become a contributor.

    See ya later. 

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  • JaneCatt

    Hi there!

    I really wanted to ask who the creator of the fairy named Ivy .

    The reason for this is simply to ask her how she did or what template was used in the fairy page, especially in the seasons and appearance sections.

    I would like to know, because it looks awesome and very much like the pages on the Winx club wiki!

    I would also like to make my ocs pages looking awesome like that!

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  • MusicMagixMall


    January 25, 2019 by MusicMagixMall

    help me chose

    Musa or Tecna

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Merry Christmas

    December 26, 2018 by AnimeQueen97

    Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Hanukkah to everyone on the Winx Club Fanon Wiki! 

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Hello Again

    February 14, 2018 by AnimeQueen97

    Hi guys, It's me, AnimeQueen97. Some of you may know me and some of you who are new might not know who I am. I am the current admin of this wiki and I've been here for years now. It's been a LONG while since I've last came here. Happy (very belated) New Year and Happy Valentine's Day.

    I know I haven't written on here for a while, because of life. But I will check up on here every once in a while, and I see we have more members and stories here, which is great! But for some of you who are new here, welcome! (Sorry if it's a late one.)

    But I will lay down a few rules:

    1. Keep Fanfictions PG or PG-13. Nothing Sexual, and not too much Gore (Like rated R gore. PG gore like in anime like Bleach or Hunter X Hunter)
    2. No negativity, including calling other…
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  • SolanaCorona

    As the title states, I'm having trouble deciding which Winx Club Fan Project I should prioritize. You'd think it'd be an easy decision, what with me working on Sylph Squad here almost every day and all, but recently I started to come up with another series project... and the ideas just keep swarming from that end.

    Unlike Sylph Squad, where I'm trying to lay down the groundwork before I actually start writing out the story, I already have a solid synopsis for this second project and I already know where I want it to go (Sylph Squad's in a grey area). I'll just set them side-by-side to help compare!

    Sylph Squad follows a pair of twins named Tenko and Tenchi as they begin their first day at a magical college. Due to them being the same age, thei…

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  • Starlight Sorceress

    Help me please!

    December 28, 2016 by Starlight Sorceress

    Can someone please explain to me how in Magix you upload photos to your OC's infobox??? I have tried a billion times and simply cannot figure it out! I would really appreciate some help. Thanks!


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  • Starlight Sorceress

    Merry Christmas!

    December 24, 2016 by Starlight Sorceress

    I hope all of you have an awesome Christmas!        


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  • AnimeQueen97

    Future Fanfictions

    December 11, 2016 by AnimeQueen97

    Hi guys, this is AnimeQueen97. It's been a while, hasn't it? Anyways, I know I haven't written anything in a while, I'll get back to writing Iridesix Club with Raindrops on Roses soon. And with a new Pretty Cure season coming up, I don't know for sure if I will be making another "After the Winx" fanfic inspired by the new season in which is called "Kira Kira Precure A La Mode", which is a dessert theme. Maybe Iridesix will be my last season of the "After the Winx" fanfics I made, I'm not sure for certain. BUT, that doesn't mean I'll stop making them right away, I have been busy lately and I've been pretty tired, but I will continue to do fanfics and try to finish Iridesix Club. And if I decide to keep going with the "After the Winx" saga, …

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  • SolanaCorona

    Winx Club Zodiac

    September 11, 2016 by SolanaCorona

    To start things off, none of this is originally mine. Thanks to the bureaucrat on the Winx Club Wiki(check out that blog), we have finally got what seems like the Winx Club Zodiac! I'm posting this on the fanon wiki for easier access! At the end of Aphrodite's blog, she gives full credit to a user on DeviantART by the username, TiaPrincessNews. As you can guess, Tia is responsible for translating the Italian descriptions so, like Aphrodite, I'm going to give full credit to her(especially because I can't understand one word of Italian).
    Please note that none of these will fully describe you or your fan character(s). Just think of it as both Chinese and Western Zodiacs; they could be true for parts of your personality but not the whole personali…

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  • SolanaCorona

    Okay, yikes. I somehow created the blog post without actually saying anything.

    Anyway, I have an upcoming fan series that I wanted to let any of the left over active users know about! It's called Sylph Squad. I only have a brief snip-it of information so far as I'm still working on additional characters as well as the story to go with it. Here's what I have so far!

    The series is set sometime during the end of the second season and goes on concurrent with the third season  of Winx Club , with some minor changes. The series will also include some continuity from the Winx Club Comic Series as well. Everything that happens within the series is completely non-canonical. Sylph Squad is initially written out as a fanon webcomic series that may or m…

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  • NolaWinx


    July 28, 2016 by NolaWinx

    Nola's civilian outfit is a black and white strapless dress with a white belt and a heart pin, white arm gloves, white leg warmers, black heals, and a black choker necklace. 

    Nola's pajamas is a orange and black crop top, a blue 3/4 sleeve top, orange heart pajamas pants, and braided hair.

    Nola's Disco outfit is a green dress with pink fluffy sleeves with a bow, heart earrings, a silver hair clip, a gold bangle bracelet and a silver bracelet, and her hair is straightened.


    Nola's Band outfit is a light yellow long sleeve top, a orange black and gray vest, black and gray skirt with orange buttons, high dark gray socks, orange tie boots, long orange beaded necklace, and her hair is in braided pink tails. 


    Nola's Underwater Explorer is a orange …

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  • NolaWinx


    July 27, 2016 by NolaWinx

    Nola's Magic Winx outfit is composed from a black and yellow dress, yellow gloves, yellow boots, she has black and clear wings, and her hair is in a ponytail with a black hairband.

    She can cast spells, such as Ray of Love, Open Heart, Luxurious Love, Strong Seal, open Mirror, and Strong Blast, Positive Energy, Black Magic. 

    Nola's Enchantix outfit is composed from a black, yellow, and blue with a two vine cross, strappy barefoot sandals, long blue gloves, black, yellow, and blue wings, her hair is partly braided, a blue and yellow crown, and blue earrings.

    Nola's Believix outfit is a orange light green, black, and blue top, black, orange, light green, and blue capris, light green, orange, black ,and blue boots, black and blue hand gloves, blue…

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  • NolaWinx


    July 27, 2016 by NolaWinx

    Name Nola
    Age 16
    Daughter of  Daphne & Thoren
    Talents  Singing and Dancing
    Qualities she will do anything for her friends and she is kind
    Favorite Color Blue
    Favorite Animal Rabbit
    Orgin Dolona Read more >
  • NolaWinx


    July 27, 2016 by NolaWinx


    Age (at first appearance) 16
    Birthday August 17
    First Appearance Alix Club  Episode 101

    Pixie of Compassion,

    Jack the Bunny,

    Uni the Pegasus Pixie

    Mercy, Selkie of Dolona's ocean gate

    Origin Dolona
    Affilitions Alfea, Alix Club
    Magical Powers Ray of Love, Open Heart, Luxurious Love, Strong Seal, Open Mirror, Strong Blast, Positive Energy, Black Magic

    Thoren and Daphne (Parents) Princess Astra (Sister) 

    Isabella (Best Friend)

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  • Raindrops on Roses


    June 24, 2016 by Raindrops on Roses

    Hello, everyone! It's Rose Maiden. Today I have a few updates I'd like to share with you.

    The first one is that I plan to rewrite and update my User Page, so if you're interested in those random pieces of information and trivia, please check it out once I am done.

    Second, I am seriously considering renaming my account. The name I have chosen is similar, but not quite the same as Rose Maiden. So if my name changes all of a sudden, please don't be concerned.

    And finally, I hope to start updating more frequently. I have an unbelievable amount of stories, character bios, and planets to write about and create. Wish me luck!

    See you guys later,

    ~Rose Maiden

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  • TheCrystalFairy

    I am planning on to make a new fanfiction i already have Dreamix Club, but mabye after that i'll make a new one so wich one do you think should be my new club name:

    Rubyix Club

    Sparklix Club

    Jemix Club


    Dreamix Club Next Generation ||

    tell me what you think sholud be my next future fanfic:

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Ask Me, No Stealing Art.

    February 24, 2016 by AnimeQueen97

    Okay, to new users who love Winx Club and wants to create OCs, but cannot make one of your own, read this:


    You cannot be stealing one's art in order to make an OC. I was once like that WAY before, but now I can make OCs by using MS Paint. If no one knows how to create an OC, just ask me and i'll create one for you. Take down the other artists' photos immediately, if you don' will be given THREE Warnings. If you don't, I will delete your pages in which you pasted the stolen art on. I hate to delete one's first creative work, but guys STEALING FROM OTHER'S IS WRONG. PERIOD.

    Thank you.

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  • Mvs109

    I don't know who is the admin at the moment, but I made a small mistake. Can somebody remove the page "Gebruiker:Mvs109"?

    I did not meant to make the page. Thank you and sorry.

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Merry (Late) Christmas everyone! Sorry for the delay on a few things, Petitix Club is on a hiatus because I need to catch up on a few seasons like Heartbeatix, Chargix and this one.

    But also after the release of the new Precure series, Maho Tsukai Precure, I will make a new After Winx season inspired by that season. The titles are Delightix Club, Charismix Club, Enchantix Club, Iridesix Club and Charmix Club.

    The title currently is called Delightix Club. The first main character is Charlotte, a witch turned fairy who struggles with her magic to use for good. The second main is Aubrey, a student at Jubliee High on her second year who happens to find Charlotte flying in the sky at one point.

    The mascot is either a pixie or a fairy pet named Hap…

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  • Raindrops on Roses

    Because writing in alternating first person POV has proven to be too difficult, I have decided to rewrite the Labyrinth in third person POV. Until that time, the Labyrinth is on hold.

    Thank you for reading,

    ~Rose Maiden 829

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  • LyokoLovers44

    Well it's confirmed. New name of Miele's club (or WInx Club Gen. II) is MagiX Club.So in this blog i wanted to tell you that i updated the Episode 1 of MagiX Club. That was part 1 of the episode. I have few things for you to vote.

    This is kinda like poll but different.I call it voting.I have few things that you can vote about.Here it is:

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  • LyokoLovers44

    Hey guys! I just wanted to tell you that i finally made a new story called Winx Club: Gen. II . I didn't make a real storyline but i'm working on it. I wanted to ask you guys to help me with this. Leave a comment down below this blog post. All your suggest are welcome. And also if you wanna leave me a suggestion you must see my story first c:. I am really excited especially cause i love making fan fiction!

    LyokoLovers44 (talk)Mark J.

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  • TheCrystalFairy

    Spread The Word

    October 3, 2015 by TheCrystalFairy

    tell everyone on that you got the magic and well spread the magic because its gonna be great.

    My magic is Happines 

    Question For This Post

    Whats your kind of magic

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Hey, how's it going? I have a pixie for the Petitix Club who is inspired by Miss Shamour from Go! Princess Precure, and I was trying to find names meaning Wisdom. Here are the two name ideas:

    1. Sophia
    2. Litera

    Which ones are more suitable?

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Here is Anya's Magic Petitix, the problem is that I have trouble with her wings' color scheme. Which one do you think fits bests or what colors do you recommend for her wings? 

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  • AnimeQueen97

    There might be new characters coming in the Petitix Club, they're working for the Morte Empire and they're fairies. Here are two of the characters.

    UPDATE: Read Update #5.

    It is unknown if the third fairy might be named Sybil. Her magical abilities are unknown.



    Unfortunately, Petitix Club is on Hiatus at the moment. Thank you for reading.

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Hey, guys. While Heartbeatix Club is still going, I've already made Aimee's Heartbeatix Everlasting Mode for the movie, Heartbeatix Club: The Diamond Nutcracker. I've made two versions, four versions for color arrangement so far, but i'm stuck for what version I should choose for the movie. 

    As you know, movie exclusive upgrade forms are basically Enchantix for "Post-Winx" fairies. So Aimee's Everlasting Mode is Enchantix but with a Ballerina spin to it. Please Help choosing which Everlasting Mode fits for the movie. I will finish the wings until after the voting.

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  • Charmefille

    Hi ^^!

    March 31, 2015 by Charmefille

    Well as the title says. I just created this blog to say hi to you people as i am new to this community. Yup. And something I wanted to say through the blog is that you can read my first fanfic/fanfic story Stella's Cooking . All though it's still incompete but I'll try to compete it as soon as possible. See Ya!♥

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Bianca Revealed

    March 28, 2015 by AnimeQueen97

    The last member of the Heartbeatix is revealed! Bianca is Catherin's little sister who holds the power of the Love Spark. However in the past, Bianca was kidnapped and was transformed into a Dark Fairy for the Shadow King. 

    After purification by Embrace Explosion, Bianca's Magic Heartbeatix manifested.

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  • RoseCupid

    Hello there!

    March 23, 2015 by RoseCupid

    Hi! I just really wanted to say that. I hope everyone's having a good day!

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Hey, how are you guys? So a short update: Catherin of the Heartbeatix Club has been revealed -> 

    And so is her civilian form, but the thing is I couldn't decide which hairstyle looks best on her. Can you help me please?

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  • Mvs109

    Charmix bag

    March 3, 2015 by Mvs109

    For a long time I wondered what would be in the charmix bag. I can't remember if it had a real function, besides being there. Does somebody know the function of the bag?

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  • AnimeQueen97

    The Petitix members are almost complete, the only thing is I have not decided on Regan's magic. Plus, Anya's powers is not decided yet, whether it's Fairytales or Art. I need your help and please suggest what Regan's magic and Anya's powers should be.

    Anya's magic is Fairy tales thanks to FreakyMagic. But now the introduction, please decide which phrase fits? Each Petitix Fairy says, "The ____ Imagination, I am ____, fairy of _____", since Anya's the fairy of fairytales, please vote on which is best.

    1. The Magical Imagination (0 votes)
    2. The Enchanting Imagination (1 vote)
    3. The Dazzling Imagination (0 votes)
    4. The Dreamy Imagination (0 votes)

    It is revealed that Regan's powers will be healing, thanks to FreakyMagic, and weather, to support her sister, …

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  • Princess Aisha

    Hey! So for my fourth season of the Clix Fashionistas fanfiction series,  I had this idea that there would be a lost princess but I don't know what to name her. I would be greatful if you guys help me choose a name between:

    • Cheryl
    • Analeese
    • Cornelia
    • Nerissa

    Thank you ^_^!!!♡♥♡

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  • LPS&Winx636

    Just saying.

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  • AnimeQueen97

    I've seen some fun tidbits and connections about tv shows around, so I've decided to make my own. But this is NOT real, just for fun.

    Melody is known as the realm of music in canon, while Vocalia is its second moon in Miraclix. However, in the Melodix Club, Symphonia is known as the realm of all music. How does it connect? Symphonia was created before Melody, making it its' sister planet. How was it not mentioned? After the attack on Melody in season six of Winx, the King of Melody and the King and Queen of Symphonia thought it felt safe to hide the planet's magical aura from any attraction of danger. In Chargix Club, Musa briefly pointed this out as she met Princess Kotone by saying this: "I hope you and your people are doing well."

    I will …

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  • AnimeQueen97

    Okay, so does everyone know about Happiness Charge Precure and my fan club, Chargix Club, right? Well, after Chargix Club, a new club will appear called Petitix Club.

    Petitix = Petite. However the name is not offical yet.

    It is inspired by the new and upcoming Precure called Go! Princess Precure and some of ToQger. So far the only fairy whose name is revealed is Citrus, Fairy of Fruit.

    This series will be made after Chargix. Just to let you know, and the plot is unknown for now.

    UPDATE: Second fairy name revealed, Honey. Her powers are unknown for now.

    UPDATE 2: The third fairy will be Anya (or Annabel; name is unknown). Unknown if she will be the leader. Also the motif is inspired by princesses and possibly fashion. In addition, the Mascot's na…

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  • CuteDaisy

    Hey, guys! I'm making a new series besides Magix Club called Diary of the Magix Girls. It will have all the days (not the real life days, just made up days) Anyway, it will only be continued until Ep 2 of Magix Club. But if you like it, send me a message on my talk page if you want me to continue ~ CuteDaisy XOXO

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  • CuteDaisy

    Hi, guys! Jessica here! I created Magix Club: Random Scenes with Paint. As the title suggests, it's Random Scenes of what the Magix Club do. Sorry if they're a bit messy, I can't master Paint no matter what I do. Anyway, Magix Club: Random Scenes is out today! They're on the User:CuteDaisy profile page so go there to see. Expect to see more soon!

    CuteDaisy (talk) 21:25, November 26, 2014 (UTC) CuteDaisy XOXO

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  • CuteDaisy

    Hey, guys! Jessica here! OK, I'm not famous on this Wiki, but I'm just saying that I'm leaving for a bit. I'm usually active so I thought I would alert you guys. I will still go on this Wiki, but not often. I'm busy with school, lots and lots of homework, practising tennis, doing my hobbies, etc. I will be back! And since I'll be leaving, there will be no Magix Club. Still look out for it: I might still be able to put a few parts of the episode here and there. Remember, to keep going on this Wiki! And also remember to never, ever, ever go onto Five Nights at Freddy's Wiki. Ever. CuteDaisy (talk) 22:27, November 25, 2014 (UTC) Bye, fellow Winxers'! CuteDaisy XOXO '

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  • CuteDaisy

    Hi, guys! I'm CuteDaisy (aka. Jessica) and I'm a newbie, despite getting kinda popular around here. I'm the author of the abandoned Magix Club, and I'm recreating it. Right now I'm planning the will be out on Saturday! It will be called The Magical Moment, like it was before. On Saturday, look out for a new blog post and there may be a link to the page. If not, type in 'Magix Club - Season 1, Episode 1: The Magical Moment'. Do not put the quotion marks (the 'flying commas')!

    Also...make sure to look out for a preview of the 2nd episode, which is unnamed at the moment. Look out for them!

    From, CuteDaisy XOXO CuteDaisy (talk) 19:18, November 25, 2014 (UTC)

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  • CuteDaisy

    I'm the author of the 'abandoned' Magix Club. The episodes appear to be a bit...messy. I was younger then...about 11. I have decided to continue the series, editing the current articles or even recreating them. They will be out soon! 

    Lots of Love, CuteDaisy XOXO

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  • Mvs109

    Making templates

    November 1, 2014 by Mvs109

    I am trying to make a template. So if there appear some random empty pages without any use...sorry. I will put a "delete" template on those.

    Also, I will look at existing templates to figure out how you guys did it.

    Again, if there happens any weird random stuff on pages...sorry. 

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  • Lesya Zirka

    I want to write my first Winx Club fanfiction and need ideas for it.

    The story will center around best friends Justyna/Justysia and Agnieszka/Agusia.

    Justyna is the fairy of the nature unicorn.

    Agnieszka is the fairy of the water nymph.

    Justyna is the princess of Violettia.

    Agnieszka is the princess of Wavia

    I need ideas for the story itself as well as for  characters, places, transformations, spells and other things in the story. It will be a series.

    Other characters include the parents and siblings of Justyna and Agnieszka.

    Justyna's parents:King Maciej (Maciek) and Queen Katarzyna (Kasia) of Violettia.

    Her mother; Queen Katarzyna is the Fairy of Peace.

    The 2 sisters of Justyna: 

    Princess  Lidia/Lidusia, the Fairy of Healing

    Princess Magdalena/Madzi…

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  • AttributeMaster


    July 14, 2014 by AttributeMaster

    Just a heads up, im leaving, and need to wipe and remove all of my pages. Only an admin can delete pages so i will need that to be done please. It is incredibly important. The only pages that will remain are the fairy transformations I thought of. Those are free and up for grabs:

    • Mystix
    • Sacrix
    • Solarix
    • Lunarix
    • Justix
    • Ecliptix
    • Trustix
    • Prismix
    • Heroix
    • Lustix
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  • Princess Moonlight

    For now

    May 31, 2014 by Princess Moonlight

    I'll be active for now, scince this wiki has almost become a ghost-wiki =.= 

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