Breeze Season 6 Pro

Pixie of Truth
Bonded Fairy
Powers and Abilities
Truth and Honesty
Voiced by (fandom)
Colleen O'Shaughnessey

Breeze is the Pixie of Truth and is Alicia's associated pixie


She wears a black sleeved light-yellow frilly dress with a light orange oval shaped gem. She even wears a light yellow hat. On other occasions, she still wears her hat but she wears a white puffy dress layering yellow frills at the bottom.


She remains in her outfit but only slight changes.

In Pop Pixie



Breeze is a spunky yet determined pixie. She loves being adventurous, but can get in messy situations and very encouraging towards others despite her attitude. She is fearless at times, but sometimes screams in fear. She also has a playful attitude, including when it comes to Alicia and Lucas. But Breeze can get serious when it comes to a misunderstanding. All in all, she is a pixie that always speaks the truth and is not afraid to speak from her mind.

In Pop Pixie, Breeze runs a comic book store in Pixieville.





Mentioned in Alicia's article, Breeze and Alicia are like close friends since the day they met back in the forest. Breeze and Alicia are both close and stick to each others sides no matter what. They both like to do art and use their magic to turn their art into reality.


Magical DoReMi - Transform Dorie

Magical DoReMi - Transform Dorie

Breeze's Pop Pixie theme



  • Breeze's outfit looks similar to the Magical DoReMi fairies' teenage form.
  • Although she is adventureous, it is not her power.
  • Breeze is the only pixie (so far) to have the same hair color as her bonded fairy.
  • Wandawhirlers are a pun to Wandawhirls (Item from Magical DoReMi)
  • The pixie base was made by ~fantasy-voice of Deviantart.
  • Breeze's Pop Pixie civilian wear is based on Makoto Kenzaki/Cure Sword's from Doki Doki Pretty Cure.
  • Breeze's appearance might change in the future, it has been revealed that she will have longer hair and her hair color will be blue.