Chapter 1: Morning...

You can hear the sound of the morning waves from Elizabeth's room. There the princess of Nami, Oraliah softly slumbers.

"Rings!!!" Elizabeth's alarm clock rloudly rings.

"Ehhh..., uhhh...,mmm..."slowly Elizabeth shuts her alarm clock and goes back to sleep. "Haaa..."

"Elise!" Igneous called. "Elise you should get up soon... Elise!" Igneous called once again.

"Ah!!!" Elise jumps out of bed. "Ah, uhh..." Elise looks at her phone clock. "Uh!!!" Elise gets out of bed. "I'm gonna be late!"

Elise runs out throught the hall forgetting her shoes in her room. Suddenly she fell hard on her bottom. "Itai!"

"Miss Younha!" said Hannah the maid. "Are you all right?" Hannah asked. "You're up early." Elise was confused she looked at the hall clock and relized she was one hour early. "I looked at the clock wrong..."

"That's alright." Sebastian the palace butler appeared helping Elise up and fixing her ribbon.

"Breakfast is ready down stairs." Said Hannah.

"Your mother and Igneous are waiting" Stated Sebastian.

"Good morning mother, Igneous" Elise greeted and kisses her mother on the cheek.

"I hope you're very excited to start your first year?" Elise's mother asked.

"Hai I'm very excited, I also can't wait to meet up with Meyleen. It feels like a magical day... But for some reason I will miss waking up her every morning... I won't see you for a while..." Elise cries.

"Nakanaide, we'll always be together no matter what. Before you, Igneous, and Mayleen leave, I have a gift" said Elise's mother.