Gracidea operates underneath a traditional monarchy, but has measures in place to make sure the monarch does not abuse the power given to them. They are currently allied with Carambita and Stemefactoré.

Every time an heir to the throne comes of age- 17- they are required to undergo a mental examination to ensure they have not been influenced by factions that wish to cause harm to the realm. Only two heirs have ever refused it, and subsequently been removed from the inheritance line.

Current Monarchy

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Gracidea's monarchy consists of the king, Armand, and the queen, Latanya. Their seven daughters are Aurora, Adriana, Aria, Arisette, Annabeth and Annabelle, and the youngest, Aliana.


Gracidea's geography is mostly mountains, with some flat areas near the coast of the Balticea Sea. The royal palace is located on the side of Mt. Arcticea. Most people either live in the mountains or in houses on the coast, as the flat areas between are too cold and windy for habitation. Many dangerous animals also live there, but some creatures are able to be domesticated. Others have been brought in from other realms and dimensions as experiments and have ended up thriving, such as the ghost hounds, like the one that belongs to the young princess.

Cities and Towns

  • Crystallis (capital)
  • Alsius (large fishing village on coast)
  • Solittis (small, secluded village in the middle of the tundra; home to many shady characters)

Noroticea Tundra


The realm has been home to some rather shady characters, owing to other realms' mutual dislike of Gracidea. The gang known as the 'Ice Witches' shed some dark light on the realm, and was also rumored to be the cause for Princess Aurora's disappearance. Whether she joined the gang, or whether she was offered a position and, refusing, was killed, is unknown.

But, of better tone is the yearly Ice Olympics held on the Noroticea Tundra, just in front of the royal palace. The events are iceskating (speed and figure), snowboarding, hockey, cross-country skiing, mogul skiing, high jump skiing, bobsled, and luge.

Gracidea's selkie is named Nanna.