To make a fanon fairy, you need to first find a infobox for your character's fanpage. Recommendations for infoboxes are infobox, fairybox and infobox/character.

Next, you need to add information to the inbox. Here's an example from Falen's fanpage.

|theme = Aisha
|name = Falen
|image =
|title = {{Scroll|Exchange Student from Earth<br>Princess Falen of Darini(some dubs)<br>Fairy of the 
[ Water Wisp]<br>Fairy of the ocean<br>Keeper of the Wisp<br>Guardian Fairy of Earth|h = 80px}}
|alias = Shalini <br>Dark Wisp Keeper<br>Clumé Bakery Owner
|class = Fairy<br>Dark Fairy
|gender = Female
|age = 15
|birthday = June 8th (Original)<br>January 3rd (4Kids)
|sign = Pegasus
|affiliation = {{Scroll|[[Zagand Academy]]<br>[[Blix Club]]<br>[[Darini]]<br>[[Earth]]|h = 80px}}
|power = {{Scroll}}|[ Water Wisp]<br>Fairies' Magic<br>Water Manipulation<br>Healing<br>Dark Magic (as The Dark Wisp Keeper)<br>Teleportation<br>Glacier Manipulation (via [[Lovix]])<br>Water Vortex Creation<br>Water Absorption<br>Wave Aura|h = 80px
|weapon = Ancestral Staff
|talent = Drawing
|occupation = {{Scroll|Student (S1 -S7)<br>Guardian Fairy<br>Student Teacher<br>Pop Star|h = 80px}}
|sign = Triton
|origin = [[Earth]] (Darini in some versions)
|family = {{Scroll|[[Hannah]] (mother)<br>Mike (Stepfather)<br>[[Taylo]] (younger brother)<br>[[Eren]] and [[Infinity]] (future parents-in-law)|h = 80px}}
|relationship = {{Scroll|[[Nathan]] (fiancé)<br>Timothy (ex-boyfriend)<br>[[Dy]] (best friend)<br>[[Yuna]] & [[Aminia]] (best friends)<br>[[Briana]] (childhood friend)<br>Ayden (former crush)<br>|h = 120px}}
|pet = Katrina the Kitten<br>
|pixie = [[Sakin]], [[Pixie]] of Bubbles
|selkie = [[Emilia]], the Gatekeeper of [[Earth]]
|animal = [[Sandy]] the Wolf
|italian = 
|cinelume = 
|4kids = Taylor Swift
|nick = Falen Clark
|dbro = 
|duart = }}

Here's the original infobox css. Copy this onto your character's fanpage.

|image = 
|imagesize = 
|other = 
|title = 
|alias = 
|class = 
|gender = 
|age = 
|birthday = 
|sign = 
|affiliation = 
|power = 
|weapon = 
|origin = 
|family = 
|relationship = 
|pet = 
|pixie = 
|selkie = 
|animal = 
|fairy = 
|owner = 
|cartoon = 
|comic = 
|game = 
|lcartoon = 
|lcomic = 
|lgame = 
|italian = 
|cinelume = 
|4kids = 
|nick = 
|duart = 
|gallery = 

After that, add headings to you page and write more information about your character.

==Seasons in Series==
==Powers and Abilites==

When you get to the part about curiosities, copy this onto the page.

*'''Zodiac Sign:''' 
*'''Fairy Sign:''' 
*'''Favorite Food:''' 
*'''Favorite Color:'''  
*'''Favorite Hobby: '''
*'''Favorite Pet:''' 
*'''Ideal Boyfriend:''' 
*'''Best Friend:''' 
*'''Favorite Movies:''' 
*'''Favorite Music: '''

Here are some fanpages you can get some inspiration from!

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