Hogwarts Alliance
Military Alliance/Provisional Government
Founding Document
Charter of Alliance
Date of establishment
July 4th, 2009
Date of reorganization
April 25th 2014
Head of Government
Hogwarts Alliance Leadership Council (HALC)
Succeeded by:

The Hogwarts Alliance was a large inter-realm military alliance during the Magical War. Following the war, it was reorganized into the Hogwarts Republic of Magix.


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The Alliance had no one single leader. Instead it was run by a council with a single representative from each member world or organization (which was always the leader). Decisions were made by a two-thirds majority vote, or at the insistence of a single, or several councilors.

Member World/Organization: Represenative:
Sparks King Oritel
Eraklyon King Erendor
Solaria King Radius
Linphea The Sage of Linphea
Tides Layla's father
Winx Club Bloom
Specialists Sky
Alfea Faragonda
Red Fountain Saladin
Council of Elders Arcadia
Could Tower Griffin
Tir Nan Og Queen Morgana
Melody Galatea
Maridian Queen Elyon
Zamballa Queen Kadma
Kandrakar The Oracle
Guardians of the Infinate Dimensions Will Vandom
Miana Lord Giacomo
Alin Kingdom Princess Ari
Fallen Coutl King Kakoolha
Earth United Nations Security Council (continual rotation)
Ben's Team Ben Tennyson
The Plumbers Max Tennyson
Galvan Prime Azmuth
Augstaka Reinrassic III



Air Force



  • Some representatives and worlds are from a different universe that was merged with the whole story.