Hogwarts Republic of Magix
Founding Document
Charter of Reorganization
Inter-dimensional Bill of Rights
Date of Reorganization
April 25th, 2013
Head of State
Supreme President
Head of Government
Vice Supreme President
Magix Credit
Preceded by:

The Hogwarts Republic of Magix, or simply the Hogwarts Republic or the HRM, was the dominate inter-realm government following the Magical War.


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The Executive branch was headed by the Supreme President of the Hogwarts Republic of Magix. The Supreme President had the power make treaties, command the Armed Forces, veto bills, and appoint various leaders. the Supreme president also chose his/her own cabinet. He/She also appointed, before elections, their Vice Supreme President to succeed them if they were unable to fulfill their duties (Death, long-term indisposition, removal from office, resignation, ect). They could also appoint a new one in the event that the Vice resigns, is fired, or decides not to run with the SP (or the SP elect) for another term. Every election year (every 4 years), the SP could run for a second term in office or just step down from power, but a SP could only serve for two consecutive terms at a time.

Supreme President Vice Supreme President(s) Term in Office
Bloom Stella 2014 - 2022
Stella Roxy 2022 - 2030
Morgana Nebula 2030 - 2034
Roxy Nebula 2034 - 2038
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The legislation was run by the Senate. The Senate was run by the Vice Supreme President, and the main senatorial body was made up of senators/representatives from each member world of the republic (2 each). The senate had the power to make laws, override a Supreme President's veto with a two-third majority vote, and declare war if necessary (but only when the SP asks them too did they have this power). They could also remove the SP from office through the processes of impeachment.


The Judicial branch, headed by the Supreme Court of Magix, decides if the laws passed by the SP and the Senate were constitutional and and officially legitimizes them if they are so. It also controlled the lower courts throughout the republic, and decided the appropriate punishments for capital offenses. Usually the SCM would only get involved with the lower courts across the republic when the SP asks them to, otherwise they would let the local courts on each world deal with the issues themselves. In the case of impeachment of the SP, the SCM would take charge of the whole ordeal, and officially remove the SP if he/she were deemed guilty.


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