This is Katherine's story of her life, from pre-life, through Alfea, and afterwards.


Bloom pregnant

Bloom pregnant with Katherine

Bloom learned she was pregnant with Katherine from the Ethereal Fairies about a week after the Wizards of the Black Circle were defeated. Saying that no matter which way things turned out it wouldn't have affected her upcoming destiny, or Sky's. Bloom at first didn't know what they meant but the others clarified it for her. Bloom was shocked at first but greeted the news with welcome, though having little to no idea as to how she became pregnant in the first place. Bloom and Sky then proceded to tell their parents. Mike, Vanessa, Oritel, and Miriam were overjoyed that Bloom and Sky were going to be parents, Erendor and Samara weren't so emotional. They still believed that Bloom wasn't a good match for Sky, but agreed that they couldn't deny their children this blessing and welcomed Bloom into the family with their blessing. Bloom and Sky, with the help of their friends and family, spent the next nine months preparing for their daughter's arrival, and having their wedding about a month after the imperial fairies gave them the news. Bloom went into labor early morning on July 4, 2009 and fifteen painful hours later gave birth to Katherine, non medically with just her friends and family around her. A little more than a month later, Stella gave birth to twins, a boy (Andro) and a girl (Samantha), without ever knowing, until the last minute, that she was pregnant

Early life

Katherine baby

Katherine as a newborn

Katherine was born in the Sparks Royal Palace on July 4, 2009, a few days ahead of schedule. Katherine spent most of her early life at home in the palace under the care of her parents (Sky gave up the throne of Eraklyon to rule Sparks with Bloom and raise their daughter) and their servants. She also grew up on stories of her parents eventful days in high school, and was inspired to be just like them. As she grew older
Katherine young

Katherine at age 7

Bloom was careful to ensure she would not be spoiled and took her out to explore the planet every now and again. Growing up, Katherine was also good friends with the twin heirs of Solaria, Samantha and Andro. Katherine had a crush on Andro from the first day she met him, and was BFFs with Samantha from the first day as well. When Katherine turned 7 Sky took her to Eraklyon to meet his parents, who had not seen Katherine since she was born. Seeing the place her father grew up and getting to know her paternal grandparents was a well enjoyed experience for her. When Katherine turned 8 Bloom and Sky took her to Earth for the first time and introduced her to Mike and Vanessa, her god parents and the parents who raised Bloom. When Katherine turned 10 Bloom and Sky took her to Magix to introduce her to their old friends (the original Winx and Specialists') and show her the the Alfea school she would be attending in a few years. Sky also showed her Red Fountain and explained how he first met her mother.

Life in Alfea

For story with some local girls, see FanFic:Winx Club Fanon Without Wings or Life at Alfea (FF).

Katherine started freshman year at Alfea a little over a month after she turned 15 and finished senoir year four years later, a few months before she turned 19. During those four years she got her own bonded pixie, earned her Charmix, Enchantix, and Believix, got turned into a mermaid, and developed a real relationship with Andro. Her summers in between years were also eventfull, much to her chargin.


When Katherine started Alfea she was really unsure of herself and would have turned around if not for her mothers encouragment. When she found her dorm she was introduced to her roommates Haily, Roxanne, Wilma, Ashly, and Samantha (Andro's twin sister). After settling in the new students soon learned it was the same room the original winx lived in. A couple days and classes later Alfea had it's tradishional dance. Katherine wore a red dress given to her by her mother. When the Red Fountain boys arrived Katherine got nervous when she cought sight of Andro, but with some encouragment and a "push" from her new friends she got to dance with him and their relationship started. The Cloud Tower witches were invited that night, to keep friendly relations, and a few only came to cause trouble. Thanks to Katherine and her friends the trouble was averted before it could start.

Partway through the year Katherine started to fall behind in Tecna's class. One day, after having spent most of the night telling scary stories to her friends, Katherine fell asleep in class in the middle of a test and wound up failing. The following day she was held back in class to have a chat with Tecna. She told her how she was there the night she was born and had taken an imediate intrest in her. And now that they were in school she had hoped to see a reflection of her mother, as well as herself, succedeing in this class. Katherine asked if she was going to pass her so she didn't look bad. Tecna laughed and said no, but was going to give her the chance to do better by retaking the test. Katherine protested, saying it was only one stupid test, but Tecna said it counted for 1/4 of her final grade in the class, and gave her two days to study for the make up.

Instead of studying Katherine went to a arcade with her friends. After getting an extra life in a game she was playing, Samantha said it would come in handy when Tecna killed her for flunking again. The others tried to say otherwise but Katherine agreed with Sam that she should be studying. She then tried to joke about imagining Tecna catching her in there, but Tecna appeared behind her saying "yes imagin that". On ther way back to Alfea Katherine asked her what she was doing there, and Tecna said thet she also plays video games when she has free time, being the Fairy of Technology, but still keeps her mind on her work. Katherine told her that she needed to get out more than usual and Tecna told her that she needed to get in more than usual, and they with that pulled up to a couple of people who could do just that. Katherine's parents. Bloom and Sky were dissapointed that Katherine was failing but Tecna said she would pass, believing she was capable, so she proposed that Katherine spend her after school hours in her classroom studying. Katherine protested, saying she had things to do after school, and Bloom said "like what" causing Katherine to go silent.

The following day in Tecna's classroom Katherine got bored while studying and got up to streach her legs. Wandering over to Tecna's desk she noticed a letter to Tecna's brother, and a photo, and asked her if she had one. Tecna stated she didn't see him much and asked her if she was going to make some smart remark. Katherine said she was 15 and didn't care, and Tecna walked out of the room with that. Katherine took a chance to check on her friends online telling them that studying was a drag. Tecna caught her before she could get off and said that if Katherine didn't care why should she. Katherine logged off, took a book, went to Tecna's side and asked her a few questions which Tecna answered without protest. After another day of studying Katherine began to feel better and asked for the make up test. When she was done Tecna gave her a 91%, a solid A-. Katherine proclamed that she knew she could do it and then quitely admitted that she did. After Katherine ran off in good spirits Musa walked in and asked how it went. Tecna said that the "I dont' get to see my brother speech" works every time. Then asked when they were gonna learn that the person in the photo was her in a suit, as she in reality was an only child.

As the year went by Katherine and her new friends averted more and more trouble caused by witches who refused to get along with alfea. A few months into her freshman year Katherine proposed they form their own new winx club. The others agreed unaminously and Katherine was selected to be the leader. Katherine was well on her way to following in her mothers footsteps. Katherines led her new team against some powerfull foes as the months passed, but her first real test as a leader came when a group of witches supportive of the Trix took control of the under realms creatures. Katherine led the New Winx against this new dark army and prevailed. As a result Katherine felt she had finaly proved herself as a leader and the new winx finaly got official recognition.

Freshman-Sophomore Summer

When Katherine returned home for summer vacation she was looking forward to a relaxing uneventfull one. However she wouldn't get one. Several days after returning home she noticed her father was paying more attention to his duties than to her and her mother. One night during dinner Sky, who was late for dinner "again", announced that someone had started a fire in the fields. Katherine went with her father to track down the arsen responsible while her mother and several sevants went to help put out the fire. Katherine searched from the air while Sky took her mother's horse Peg. She spotted the man, and a trap he set, before her father did and went in for a closer look. But before she could get a look at the arsens face he shot a power blast at her, knocking her into a tree and unconscious. When she came around she noticed that the trap had been triggered but her father was unharmed. When she tried to get up she quickly noticed, from the pain, that her right arm was broken. Sky carried her from the scene while she explained that someone had tried to lure him or someone else from the royal family into a trap and promised on her father's request not to tell her mother about this, not wanting her to worry.

The following morning Bloom was tending to Katherine's arm, and she had reduced the injury but Katherine still had to wear a cast for a few weeks, while they were waiting for Sky for a picnic. Bloom mentioned to her that he was trying to make up for not showing up very often and that he had relized his mistakes and that they would come first from now on. She also tried to get Katherine to tell her what happened last night but Katherine just stated that it was just an accident and refused to say any more. At that moment Sky turned up and said that he couldn't make it and had to go after this guy due to some big clues. Katherine and her mother tried to sound understanding but were still crushed. Katherine tried to argue (and she hated doing that) that Grandma Samara's birthday was tomorrow and the clues could wait a couple days. But Sky said no and that he needed to do whats best for the kingdom. Seeing that Sky wasn't going to come, and his promise was just empty words, Katherine and Bloom went on the picnic by themselves.

Midafternoon the following day they got word from Erendor that Samara had been kidnapped. Knowing that this wouldn't have happened if he had been there for her birthday Sky decided to go after her. Katherine stated that she would be coming but her parents said no due to her arm. Not wanting to stand by while a family member was in danger she disobeyed their wishes once they were out of earshot. When her fathers ship landed on Eraklyon Katherine carefully remained out of sight, knowing that her father wouldn't like that she disobeyed him, while finding out what had become of her grandmother. While listening in on a conversation she learned that Samara was kidnapped by Yoshinoia, who has kidnapped royalty before. Following her father into the Eraklyon forest they eventually ran into a large group of Yoshinoia's ninjas. Katherine and sky fought them in two different clearings and the sound of the fight prevented Sky from discovering his daughter's presence. When the fight ended Katherine went to check on her father and quickly noticed that he had been forced into quicksand and was already under the surface. Forced to abandon her secrecy of being there she ignored the pain in her arm and used all the strength she had to pull him out. Once they were above ground again Sky asked Katherine why she had disobeyed him, and Katherine asked him if he was that surprised. Sky was still disappointed Katherine had disobeyed him but let her stay all the same. After interrogating a ninja that was left behind after the battle they learned the location of Yoshinoia's hideout, and the fact that Yoshinoia had the faild trap planted in an attempt tp kiddnap Sky. After arriving at the hideout a large fight took place and Yoshinoia and his ninjas were defeated, Samara was freed, and they returned to the palace. When they arrived they discovered Bloom, and a birthday party for Samara, waiting for them.

Katherine regained full use of her arm by her birthday, and instead of a large party, went on a picnic with with her parents. Just as they were starting the castle curater (Vinnie) came and told her father that the king of Solaria needed to see him. He told Vinnie to take care of it himself and tell him he was on a picnic with his family (since the current king was Brandon he knew he would understand). This pleased Katherine and her mother greatly. The rest of Katherine's summer was as uneventfull as she wanted it to be.


Semester 1

Katherine's sophomore year started at a pretty good time. The pixies came to alfea and she got bonded with Ilana: the Pixie of Wisdom. Good match; cause after the little victory at the end of the previous year and during the summer Katherine got really full of herself and started acting superior to others. Andro caught wind of this quickly and it caused a great rift betweem the couple. After bonding, Ilana spent a lot of time with Katherine to try to break her out of it. Over the following months a secret from the year prior was revealed. The witches who summoned the under realm army didn't do it alone. They had revived Lord Darkar, and he gave them control over his creatures. After Darkar made his reapperance the new winx suffered major defeats but managed to survive them. Katherine blamed it on the incompetance of her teammates and refused to admit she was wrong (something she always had trouble with). Near the end of the first semester all of the new winx, except Katherine, had earned their charmix. Making Katherine jealous as a result, and making her consider disbanding the team.

The day before inter semester break started, Darkar launched a major assult on the schools of Magix. Katherine tried to take on the army and Darkar all by herself, but was easily overpowered. Ilana came to her side and refused to abandon her fairy. This caused Katherine to take in Ilana's wisdom for the first time and she finally admitted all she was wrong about, causing her to finally earn her Charmix. As soon as she got it she called her team together and with a powerfull convergence spell vanquished Darkar, and his army, for good. With the fight over Katherine reconicled with her team and "tearfully" apologized for acting like a spoiled brat. The girls forgave her (more easily than she thought they would) and they all looked forward to the following semester. Andro wasn't so forgiving and still didn't want to see or speak to Katherine. This heartbreak left Katherine wondering what the next semester had in store for her.

Semester 2

Semester 2 didn't start out as well as Katherine had hoped. She was unsure of herself all over again, Andro still didn't want to talk to her, and the homework received on the first day was even more depressing. She and her friends soon got wind of trouble brewing on Tides. Aqua criminals who had broken out of omega several years prior were starting to cause a heep of trouble. Knowing that they couldn't just sit back while they spread panic Katherine and her friends decided to help. They also knew they would have to do it in secret since Ms. Faragonda would never let them go. Knowing they may have to fight them underwater Katherine and the others spent the next few days looking for a way to survive underwater. Finally one night Haily came forth with something promising. The discription of the spell she found said it would allow one to experience the life of a fish, and believed it meant it would allow them to survive underwater. Deciding they couldn't delay any longer with this new development, Katherine allowed the spell to be cast. Once cast; the spell didn't have the desired effect and, instead of effecting them all, turned Katherine into a mermaid. Katherine was extremely shocked at this, and the fact that the spell only effected her, but nevertheless ordered their mission to procede. Once arriving on tides they went over the new plan one more time- Katherine was to swim ahead, find the criminals hideout, and send a signal with her phone so the others could use a transportus spell to get in- and Katherine swam off to do her job. After a few miles Katherine actually found herself enjoying the feeling she experianced as a mermaid but kept focused on her mission. After locating the hideout she sent the signal and the others ported in seconds later. After a large fight they turned the criminals over to the athourities and prepared to returned to Alfea. Katherine announced that she was staying because as a mermaid she felt free'er than she had ever felt in her life. The others tried to talk her out of it but she refused and swam off before they could do anything. She then spent the next few weeks in the Magix Ocean enjoying herself and avoiding attemps by the others to bring her back.

After returning to Alfea the new winx worked tirelessly to bring Katherine back and reverse the spell, knowing that if they didn't soon she would be a mermaid forever. They also, knowing the concequences, went to leanths to keep what happened on Tides, and to Katherine, quiet. Even going as far as to have Ilana impersonate Katherine. After about a month Samantha found a spell they could use to summon Katherine to the dorm, as attempting to capture her had proved futile.

After being summoned Katherine put up a big fuss about it saying that the ocean was her home now but the others wouldn't listen. When the others were distracted she tried to escape but the girls weren't distracted long enough and stopped her. At that moment Bloom walked in and calmed the girls down saying that she had known for a while (layla had told her). Katherine insisted that nothing she said would change her mind but Bloom said she wasn't going to try and that how she wanted to live her life was her choice. With that she
Katherine and andro

Katherine and Andro make up at last

changed the subject and told the girls why the spell only effected her and the true reason she wanted to live as a mermaid. Mermaids have colder hearts than humans and Katherine's heart was still cold from the breakup with Andro, thats why the spell only effected her. Katherine wanted to stay a mermaid because deep down she believed the waves would wash away her pain, but they wouldn't. Relizing she was right Katherine broke down into tears, and after being calmed down with her favorite lullaby, said she wanted her legs and life back. With that Bloom reversed the spell herself with her healing powers. At that moment Andro walked in and Katherine asked them to leave them alone for a while. Katherine still wasn't decent, and this disturbed Bloom and Andro a bit, but she didn't care. All she wanted was to finally make up with Andro, and after a talk they declared themselves a couple again. Katherine then spent the rest of the school year catching up on what she missed and enjoying her repaired relationship with Andro.

Sophomore-Junior Summer

With the school year over Katherine and the rest of the new winx prepared to go their seperate ways for the summer. Katherine was by far enjoying her reparied relationship with her five girlfriends and her boyfriend Andro. The only thing she wasn't enjoying was the fact that the mermaid spell on her wasn't completely reversed. She found this out while in the shower a few days after her friends brought her back. Whenever she got wet for too long (30 seconds) her legs turned into a mermaid tail again. Dispite its annoyance she found it usefull at times but all the same she and her friends looked for a way to reverse the spell completley. Just as they were about to leave Livy the pixie of messages arrived with a message for Katherine from her mother. As she was coming of age her parents were holding a princess ball for her and it was schueled for the coming weekend. The moment she finished reading she instantly invited her friends and Andro, wanting to share with them a event that only happens once in a lifetime.

After arriveing on Sparks she was instantly greeted by her "entire" family, including Mike and Vanessa. Even Daphne came in spirit form. After being escorted to her room Bloom handed her a little present. Knowing her birthday was over a month away Katherine asked what the ocasion was and Bloom asked if she needed one to dote upon her daughter. Katherine opened the gift revealing a new dress, thanked her mother, and went to try it on. Bloom then told her that she was hoping she'd wear it to her princes ball. After stepping out to reveal herself in her new dress she asked how she looked and her father, who just walked in, said she looked beautifull. A few days later on Saturday; Katherine, and her family, worked almost every moment helping the servents make last minute preperations and then went to change just as guest started to arrive. When she was finished Bloom started the event by introducing her. Katherine and her father then opened the ball with the traditional father daughter dance. After several minutes Sky allowed her to dance with Andro. When they finished their dance Andro took Katherine away from the crowd because there was something he wanted to tell her. Recent events had made Andro relize how much he loves and cares for her and with that asked Katherine to marry him. Katherine said no, but admitted she loved him too, and said that she just wasn't ready for a husband. Katherine and Andro then went back into the ballroom for one last dance before the closing ceremony.

The next few weeks went by uneventfully. Katherine had so far avoided telling her parents about her predicament with the mermaid spell and had no desire to tell them. Then one night while Katherine was in the bath, and in mermaid form again, Bloom knocked on the door asking to come in but Katherine said no. Bloom insisted but Katherine still refused and Bloom with that said she knew about her predicament. Katherine then allowed her to come in and asked how she knew, and Bloom said that she couldn't hide anything from her mother (Bloom never told her that she could see auras). Bloom then stated she knew her powers wouldn't reverse the spell completely and wanted to come in now because she had found one that would. Bloom then finished what she had started and Katherine thanked and hugged her when she was done because she was finally free. Happy that she had the use of her legs in the water again she spent most of the remaining summer in the pool with her mother. She even had a pool party for her birthday.


Semester 1

Katherine started Junior year happier than she had been in a long time. She was looking forward to a nice relaxing year of education with her friends. Her relationship with Andro was also stronger than ever, so strong they started being romantic to each other and sleeping together from time to time. She knew this would be the year she would be expected to get her Enchantix and already asked her mother how it works. After learning how her mother first got her Enchantix she was hoping she wouldn't have to resort to the same method. The first day was pretty fun for her. She noticed a bunch of new fairies and ran into her friend Alex, a Sparks civilian who she knew from the village near the palace. The first few weeks of the new school year were uneventfull but then trouble started. The group of witches Katherine and her friend faced during freshman had escaped from imprisonment and were out for revenge. Katherine and her friends spent every weekend after their escape looking for them, to no avail. on the final day before inter semester break the new winx decided to give up untill school resumed, and Katherine agreed.

A few days into inter semester break Katherine woke up one morning to a rude awakening. A massive dark army was bearing down on the capital village and the palace, and Katherine's parents recognized it imeditetly as the Army of Decay. Katherine saw the group of witches leading it and understood their revenge plan, taking control of the world she called home. Katherine battled alongside her parents and the Sparks Royal Gaurd against the army and the witches all day and into the night but was no match for the overwelming forces even with her charmix. Finally she noticed her friend Alex was about to be hit with a large spell from one of the witches. Not willing to let her friend die at the hands of one of her enemies she got in front of her and took the blast herself. For a few moments Katherine laid unconcious in Alex's arms then began to glow and transform, she had earned her Enchantix. After transforming she was congratulated by her mother and then she, with the advanced abilities of her mother and herself in convergence, overpowerd the wicthes causing the dark army to disappear. Bloom sentenced the witches to eternity in the omega dimension and a party was then held to celebrate their victory and Katherine earning her enchantix by saving Alex.

Semester 2

When Katherine returned to Alfea, she and Samantha, who also earned her Enchantix, were greeted with high praise from almost everyone, including Ms. Faragonda, for being the first Juniors to earn their Enchantix that year. As a result her fairy training got tougher as she was expected to hone her powers to the maximum and none of the teachers were giving her, or Sammy, a break. Katherine's thoughts meanwhile were on the witches. She knew they wern't powerfull enough to summon the Army of Decay and was detirmined to find out how they did it. Knowing it had to be some sort of dark magic she, her friends, and Ilana spent a great deal of time in the library looking for something, anything, that would give those witches the power to summon somthing so horrible. They got their chance to find out towards the end of the school year, plus Kathy and Sammy were still the only Juniors with their Enchantix powers. The witches had broken out of omega, and that had been common over the previous decade, and had come to Alfea in a deperate attempt at revenge. Katherine quickly noticed what she hadn't during break, the witches were much stronger than they were in Freshman year. Upon her notice of this they told them how they obtained the power neccicary to summon the Army of Decay, though Darkar was destroyed the Shadow Fire could never be destroyed. They journeyed back to Shadowhaunt following there first escape and sought to control it, and the SF recognizing their evil intents let them. Now that their first revenge plan had failed they were now doing it themselves. Fighting them proved to be harder than the first two times but after a powerfull convergence spell from the new winx and the staff, three of which were members of the original winx, the wiches were defeated once more. Instead of imprisonment the witches were stripped of their powers and banished to earth forever. With the fight finished over half of the Juniors had earned their Enchantix and were set to move on to Senior year the rest were being held back. Katherine and Samantha were the only members of the new winx moving on, as they were the only members of the group that earned their Enchantix, and this caused a slight but temperary strain the their friendship. All the same they looked forward to taking classes with each other the following year. This year got out early and everybody, including Katherine, was pleased about that.

Junior-Senior Summer

Month 1

With summer starting early that year Katherine was looking forward to a nice, relaxing, uneventfull summer. Little did she know it was about to get pretty eventfull. A couple days after school ended Katherine decided to go out for a jog one night, feeling she had to get out of the palace for a bit. A little more than an hour after starting her jog she began to feel like she was being stalked. She looked up and noticed it was the full moon, but her mother always said that werewolves were nothing more than a myth. After turning around several times "thinking" she heard something she stopped "knowing" she heard something. After asking if someone was there, she screamed as someting large jumped out at her and bit her in the neck. Too frightened to stick around and see what it was when she broke free, Katherine transformed and flew back to the palace as fast as her wings could carry her. After crashing through the front door (metaphoricly) her parents rushed over to her, asked her what happened, and she explained what had happened. Bloom tried to mend her wound with her healing powers but something about the wound was preventing her from doing so. After stitching and bandaging her neck, Katherine was sent to bed by her parents, saying she had had enough excitment for one night, but Katherine didn't sleep well at all. She kept tossing and turning in her sleep feeling as though a monster was growing inside her. Little did she know, this was more literal than she believed.

The following morning Katherine started acting strange. The wound from her attack last night had healed completely overnight, though there was a scar left, and she ordered a rare steak for breakfeast. Bloom was surprized by this and Katherine admitted she didn't know why she craved such a thing, or why she flinched at the sight of the silverware. The following night as she was getting undressed and ready for bed, she decided at the last minute that she would sleep in the nude that night. She went over to her window for a little fresh air before getting into bed and commented to herself on how pretty the full moon was. All the sudden she felt a great surge of pain course through her entire body. It hurt her so much she screeched and yelled quitely a fair few times. She closed her eyes wishing it would stop then her mind went blank, she knew no more.

The next morning Katherine awoke and found herself in a cemetary. She was puzzeled as to how she had got there, but she then relized she was still naked. Noticing a house with a laundry line close by she grabbed a towel, dispite knowing it was stealing, and made her way back to the palace. Katherine noticed she was also filthy and procceded to wash herself while passing a river then continued to the palace. When Katherine arrived she had hoped to return to her room before she was noticed, but her parents caught her. Bloom said that they were extremely worried about her so she tried to worm her way out of it by saying she was in the shower. Bloom said she would have been in the shower a very long time, the shower was upstairs, and her body and hair were still dry (Katherine's body had completely dried on her way back). Still trying to avoid trouble she asked what had made them believe she was missing. They said nothing and led her to her room. When they arrived Katherine was shocked by what she saw. Her mirror was broken, two post of her four-poster bed had collapesed, her wardrobe had fallen over, pieces of fabric and stuffing were everywhere, and there were claw marks all over the walls. Forced to tell the truth she told them that she didn't remember anything from last night. She was getting ready for bed, she felt a great surge of pain, and the next theing she knew she woke up in a cemetary. At that moment the castle curator came in and gave them troubleing news. In the last three nights thirty-five civilians were killed by what appeared to be some sort of beast. Bloom and Sky both found this disturbing and told Katherine that she would be watched from now on untill this mystery was worked out. Katherine was overwelemed by what the curator had said and, remembering that some of the filth she was covered in looked like blood, believed she may have been responsable, not for what happened the night she was attacked, but for what happened last night, but avoided telling her parents this.

A month passed without a single incident but Katherine was still watched around the clock. Bloom allowed a blood sample to be taken from Katherine to see if the bite had any effects, and docters confirmed there was something funny about it. On the first night of the next full moon cycle Katherine confided with her parents that she felt she didn't need to be watched anymore but they said no. Feeling a walk might make her feel better they took her out for one. After several silent minutes Bloom tried to cheer Katherine up by saying they were doing this because they cared about her, but at that moment the full moon appeared from behined the clouds and Katherine felt that great surge of pain once more. Bloom tried to come to her side and find out what was wrong but Katherine told her to stay away. Bloom and Sky stood back in horror as Katherine's body changed shape. Blooms worst fears were relized, Katherine was bitten by a werewolf.

When Katherine finished transforming, Bloom went forward to see if her daughter was still in there but Katherine just howled and advanced on them, her human mind gone. A few villagers that heard Katherine's howl came and were armed. Bloom ordered them not to do anything, informing them it as Katherine. Before anything could happen Katherine, clearly seeing she was outguned, fled into the forest. The following morning Katherine woke up alone in the forest, again naked and covered in filth, next to what appeared to be the corpse of a deer. Seeing that large chuncks of meat had been torn away, and her face and hands covered in what appeared to be blood, she deduced that she must have done that. Horrified by what she had done, as it normally wasn't in her character, she was about to break down when she heard familiar voices calling for her. Knowing that it was her parents searching for her, Katherine avoided them believing she was too dangerous to be near them. Katherine spent the whole day in the forest, and didn't even bother to wash herself, contemplating on what to do now. Believing she was too dangerous to return home she decided to remain in the forest, and at that moment the second full moon of the cycle rose. Feeling the pain of transforming for the third time, she screached and yelled in pain and her mind went blank again.

Katherine's werewolf form made its way back to the village grounds just as Bloom and Sky's search party had given up looking for her. They quickly noticed her before Katherine charged at them and raised there weapons, Boom and Sky reluctantly, in defence. At that moment the werewolf that bit Katherine appeard out from behind the trees of the nearby forest and Katherine charged at it. As they fought Bloom remembered the werewolf legends, if one werewolf was killed any werewolves it had bitten would become normal again. Knowing it was Katherine's only chance she grabbed one of the villagers weapons with a silver bullet and prepared to kill the one who hurt her daughter, but was reluctant fearing she would hit Katherine. Finally the two beast got far enough apart that Bloom could make a shot, and it hit home. The werewolf died instantly and at the same time Katherine changed back before their eyes. Once she changed back Katherine quickly noticed she was still naked and darted behind a tree, to hide her bare body from the eyes of the men present, while Sky came forward, covered her with his cloak, and asked if she was okay. Katherine said she wasn't and that this wasn't. And with that Sky picked her up and carried her back to the palace, leaving the villagers to deal with the dead werewolf's corpse. With the fiasco, over the security measures around Katherine were lifted and she hoped to enjoy the remainig month and a half of summer vacation uneventfully.

Month 2

About a week after the werewolf fiasco was resolved, Katherine and her mother decided to spend the remaining summer vacation in Gardenia with Mike and Vanessa and left for gardinia at the end of the month. Having only seen her god parents in short visits every now and again, Katherine was overjoyed to have more time get to know them much better. Upon arriving at Bloom's Earth home Katherine and her mother were greeted with open arms. She then learned that Bloom had arranged for her to sleep in her old rooom while Bloom slept in the living room. Katherine wasn't comfertable knowing that her mother wasn't going to sleep someplace comfertable, but didn't argue about it. A few days after arriving Bloom told her she was taking her someplace special to get an early birthday present. On their way there Bloom told Katherine to close her eyes and not to peek. When she was told she could open them Katherine was overjoyed by what she saw. It was the Love and Pet shop Bloom had told her about, and she understood that her mother was getting her a pet for her birthday. Upon entering she was intoduced to Roxy, an old friend of her mothers and the new owner of Love and Pet, and her mother Morgana. After Roxy showed her around the shop Katherine finally chose one of the pets, a kitten she named Oliver. After offically adopting the pet Bloom told her that Oliver was her responsibility, and Katherine promised to take good care of him. It was the best birthday present Katherine could ask for.

The next couple of weeks were some of the best in Katherine's life. She learned pleanty of things about Earth cultures, had the best and simplest, birthday party ever, enjoyed swimming in the ocean nearby and bought two new swimsuits for it, and well enjoyed the company of her new pet kitten. She also met her mother's old rivil Mizti, and she was every bit of a snot toward her as she was toward her mother. One day while at the beach she caught the eyes of a well known modeling agent. She introduced herself as Marina and offered Katherine a chance to become a model, saying she, and her figure, were just perfect for it. Katherine was a little confused about this, not knowing what a model was, and asked her mother about it. After explaining it, Bloom admitted she couldn't say she approved of it, remembering what happened between Musa and Jason Queen several years before, but said it was her choice. Marina had told her that the offer wouldn't expire and Katherine decided to put it on hold untill she finished Alfea.

One day while walking around Gardenia by herself she noticed a building on fire, and some people were traped on the roof. Knowing she couldn't just stand back and do nothing she transformed and went to help. She didn't have the abilities to douse the fire so she procceded to help the civilians off and out of the building. The heat from the flames weakned her at first but as she got more and more people to safety she began to feel strong again, this was Believix energy. When she got everyone out of the building she felt stronger than she ever had. The people on the scene who didn't believe in fairies were starting to, and after a few moments, Katherine began to glow, and transformed before everyones eyes. She had earned her Believix. With her new found abilities she knew she could put out the fire because she could now absorb heat and flames, and she procceded to do just that. When she was done everyone gave her high praise and thanks. When she returned to the house she was greeted with congratulations from her family, Roxy, and Morgana, who were watching her heroic feats on the news, for earning her Believix. She got special praise from her mother, who explained that she was never able to earn her Believix that easily. Katherine enjoyed the last few days of her summer then prepared to return to Alfea for her final year, knowing that when she got there the gang was going to be so jealous.


Semester 1

When Katherine returned to Alfea for her final year she was greeted with even more high praise than she expected. The headmistress was so proud and impressed of her achievement that she offered her an early graduation. Katherine turned it down saying she wanted to graduate with her friends. Katherine was right that her friends would get jealous of her being a Believix fairy but all the same kept good relations with them, Sammy was the only one who didn't get jealous. The remaining 4 members of the new winx managed to earn their Enchantix over the summer and were granted promotion to Senior so they could all graduate together. The first few weeks were uneventfull and educational, but were still challenging due to the Senoirs recieving extra training.

By the time the first semester was half over, trouble flared up again. Linphea for several months had come under a brutal dictatorship under the new Sage of Linphea. It became so dangerous that Flora (the Herbology and Nature Studies teacher) couldn't set foot on her own home world. Knowing that they couldn't let this continue, Katherine decided to accompany Flora back to her home world to overthrow the regime. Flora said she could come, and bring her friends, knowing she would need all the help she could. They were going to be joined on the mission by Diana and her Amazon Fairies as extra support but before they could leave they were visited by the Imperial Fairies. They said that Katherine would need to be more powerfull, and able to connect with nature better, so they gave her her Sophiex powers (Warming Nature) and she transformed on the spot to prepare herself. Bloom was present just before they left and commented that her Sophiex brought out the color of her eyes.

When they arrived on Linphea they were instantly greeted by a hord of plant monsters. Before a brawl could get started Katherine, Diana, and Flora (who also changed into her Sophiex) easily dispatched them with their combined powers. After averting a fight before it could start the liberation party started making their way to the Linphean capital. When they arrived thet were met with stiff but little resistance. With the battle well underway the lead three left the new winx, with Samantha in charge, and the Amazon Fairies to deal with the soldiers while they left to deal with the sage. When they arrived in the throne room they announced their intentions and Sage mocked them by saying it was futile. Katheine then said they should just stop talking and get to buissness, and the others seconded that. Before they could get close they were knocked back by a power burst. Katherine then sugested using their powers in convergence and, after performing it, renderd the Sage unconcious. With The brutle Sage overthrown and a temparary new one installed the group returned to Magix. Everyone involved were commended for their actions and were given rewards for their bravery. With the adventure over Katherine and her friends started preparing for final exams and planning for inter semester break.

Semester 2

When Katherine returned from Inter semester break all was not well with her health. A week preceding term resumption she started feeling very sick. Dispite her parents wishes to remain on Sparks she insisted on returning to Alfea. A few days into the new term Samantha insisted she see the nurse, and after a fuss Katherine agreed. After several tests the nurse gave her some shocking news. Her illness was morning sickness, she and been pregnant over a month. Katherine determind that the father was Andro- as he was the only one she had ever slept with, more than once without cloths on- but decided not to tell him, just for reasons, but she did tell her mother, who was a little concerned as a result. By the end of her third month she was starting to feel better, and was beginning to show signs. Nevertheless she kept it secret from Andro, and kept focused on her studies.

By the forth month Katherine's athamen had grown to the size of a soccerball. Knowing Andro would find out sooner or later she decided it was time to tell him, but before she could trouble started. Icy of the Trix had broken out of imprisonment "again" and had taken over Aurora's Arctic Fairies useing Baltor's old magic. Knowing somthing had to be done, Katherine and Bloom gathered the new and old winx to return Aurora to her rightfull place. Before they left the Imperial Fairies returned to give Katherine her Lovix powers (Burning Ice), knowing she would need them against Icy. When they arrived at the Ice Tower, and Katherine, her mother, and the old winx were already in their Lovix forms, they were met with the Arctic Fairies, under Icy's control, as resistance. The two Winx Clubs easily over powered them and went for Icy. Icy was nowhere near as easy as the fairies she was controling, and easily took down the new winx and Katherine in her Lovix form an encased her in ice, but still went down after a struggle. When Aurora was freed she released Katherine and thanked them all for what they did for her. When they returned to Alfea, Katherine went to the nurse to see if the baby was alright. The nurse said it wasn't. All that time in ice forced Katherine's body chemistry to think the baby wouldn't survive and it resulted in a misscarrage. Katherine was upset about it but also relieved. This meant she wouldn't have to tell Andro and she also felt she wasn't ready to be a mother. Without a future kid to worry about, Katherine and her friends then spent the next several days preparing for final exams and graduation.


With exams over Katherine and her friends prepared themselves for the Day of the Gift graduation. As a graduation gift, Bloom gave her a new dress to wear to the party. When it was time for the ceramony Katherine, her friends, and thirty other students came forward to recieve their final gift and become one with the magic dimension. When Katherine's opened she was lifted up and felt warmer than she had ever felt in her life and she felt like she could warm the entire world. When it was over Ms. Faragonda announced that from that day forward they were now Guardian Fairies. Katherine wore her new dress to the party the following evening and was congratulated by her entire family, and the old winx, who also took the time to congratulate her friends. During the party Katherine was pulled aside by Andro. Andro congratulated her and Katherine returned the congratulations, as Andro had also graduated that day. With the congratulations out of the way Andro asked once more if Katherine would marry him. Katherine said no again saying she still wasn't ready and Andro said she thought he wasn't the one. Katherine told him otherwise saying that she did love him, she just wasn't ready to have a family of her own. With that they embraced, kissed, and wished each other luck with any future plans they had. Before going their separate ways they had one more dance together before the party was over.

After Alfea


When Katherine graduated from Alfea she was really unsure of what to do with her life in addition to her duties as a guardian fairy. She tired asking her mother for advice but Bloom only said it was her decision what she did with her life and she couldn't make one for her. She first tired some honest work by helping Roxy's father at the Frutti Music Bar on Earth but soon found she didn't enjoy it. After six weeks working as a waitress, and averting trouble around Gardinea when it called, Katherine remembered Marina's offer to make her a model, after the card she gave her fell out of her wallet. Feeling it was somthing she would enjoy she decided to go and see her. After saying she was taking her up on her offer, now that she was finished with high school, Marina warned her that some of the poseing she would be doing would be a bit revealing, but Katherine said she just wanted to do something that made her happy. Marina, admireing what she said, shook her hand and said "welcome to my world".

Katherine pose

Katherine posing during a photo shoot

Katherine pose 2

Katherine posing during a photo shoot

Within weeks, Katherine appeared in magazines all over California state, partook in several fashion shows, and was enjoying it more than she thought she would. During one fashion show, during the swimsuit part, she failed to notice her parents in the audiance while on the catwalk. When she was being praised by Marina she heard a voice saying "So how does our baby girl look tonight" and instantly recognized it as her mother's. After saying what a nice surpise it was Marina left them alone to chat but reminded Katherine that she was up first for the next part of the show, the dresses. After being praised by her parents Bloom said again that she couldn't say she approved of it but was glad Katherine was doing something she enjoyed. Before shooing them away for her que she steped out to show them the dress she was modeling and asked for their first opinion. They both said she looked beautifull in anything. During the next show Katherine recieved a surprise visit from Andro. He said he was amazed by what she was doing along with a few other things. Katherine quickly noticed he had rehearsed this and knew what was coming. Before Andro could propose again she put her fingers to his lips and said her answer was still no and she still wasn't ready. Andro left slightly heartbroken but understanding saying he could wait a little longer.

Katherine continued modeling for a good long time even during her pregnancy (see below) as it was something she really enjoyed. Even with her succesfull career she never lost sight of her GF duties.

Guardian Fairy

While enjoying her career as a model, Katherine never lost sight of her duties as a guardian fairy. Most oftenly she averted trouble around Gardeina, but more than once was called to settle things across the realms.


One such occasion was when she was asked by her mother to settle a territorial dispute between the twin planets Xaiolin and Haylin. The two plantes were at war over their differences for decades until a peace agreement was signed, nevertheless disputes ranging from economic to territory threatened to tear diplomatic relations apart and start another war. The dispute Katherine and Samantha, who was serving as her negotiation partner, were called to settle was on a precious metel and gem mining planet that both planets had claimed. Haylin had now blockaded Xaiolin from trade and commerce, hoping to resolve the conflict by forcing the Xaiolin government to give up claims to the planet, and now it was up to Kathy and Sam to resolve things peacefully. Upon arriving on the capital ship of the blockade Katherine and Samantha were shown to a confrence room while the attendant went for the man in charge. Once they were alone Samantha said she had a bad feeling about this and Katherine said there was really nothing to worry about and she should keep her focus here and now where it belonged. After Sammy asked Katherine how the man in charge would deal with the Magix Council's demands Katherine told her that Haylin officials were known for cowerdance and the negotiations would be short. Little did they know that the Haylin officals were under the influence of a darker elusive force that Sam had sensed.

After waiting a long time Sam said she was going up to the bridge to see what was taking so long and Katherine admitted it wasn't natural to make them wait for so long and decided to go with her. At that moment Dioxis began to fill the room and they both held their breath. When the door opened they jumped out, transformed (And Samantha now had her Believix thanks to a visit to Earth with Katherine), and dispatched the guards that were sent to dispose of them. they then headed for the bridge to settle the matter the hard way, but were forced to retreat into a airvent to escape. After a while they found themselves in a hanger with a large amount of Haylin warriors standing ready. Katherine deduced it was an invasion army and told Sam to stow away on separate transports and meet down on the surface to warn the Xaiolin. Before splitting up Samantha remarked that Katherine was right that the negotiations were short.

After arriving on the surface, and avoiding capture, the duo made their way to the Xaiolin Capital to help. Once they arrived they discovered that they were too late, the Haylin had already claimed victory and captured the king. After freeing King Fong and his aids Omi, Kimiko, Clay, and Raimundo, they insisted that they come to Magix with them and made their way to the hanger. After getting past the blockade, they made their way to Magix and worked on a solution on what to do. Deciding that a short war was the only option, they were about to call together an army when Queen Wula of Haylin arrived on the planet demanding a surrender from King Fong. Fong refused and major talks began. When it became clear that no peacefull agreement would be made, an order was given to make 2 invasions to liberate Xaiolin and occupy Haylin with the forces they had. Katherine led the invasion of Haylin while Sam liberated Xaiolin. After 3 weeks of fighting, the capital was captured and the Haylin government surrendered.

With the fighting over, Katherine and Samantha aided peace talks. The final agreement was that Haylin would give up claims to the mining world and their space territory would be restricted by 35% and their army by 50% as punishment. With the fiasco over, celebrations were held on Xaiolin and Katherine and Samantha both attended.


A year into her modeling career, Katherine began to feel she wasn't close to Andro anymore and wanted to get close again. One night she recieved a message from Andro saying she wanted to meet her the following

night. Seeing this as a chance to reconicle with Andro she
Katherine bride

Katherine's wedding dress

canceled a photo shoot she had that night, and Marina was more understanding than Katherine thought she'd be, and meet Andro at the time he requested. When they were together at a tabel, at a fancy restruant, Katherine apoligized for avoiding him for so long and Andro accepted but was still understanding of her career. After a bit more talking Andro said that he wanted to ask again, dispite what he felt the answer would be. After Andro proposed for the forth time Katherine took a bit more thought than she had before and after a few moments finally said yes, believing she was now ready. Now that they were at last engaged they procceded to tell their parents. Both Katherine and Andro's parents approved, gave them their blessing, and procceded to make arrangments for the wedding.

One month after Katherine accepted Andro's proposal the wedding day arrived (January 16, 2030). They were to be married at Alfea with all their friends and family attending. Just before Sky was to escort her to the alter he commented to Katherine that she was as beautifullas Bloom was on their wedding day then noticed that Katherine wasn't smiling. Asking what was wrong Katherine said that she was really nervous and Sky said she had every right to be, but the important thing was that she can look forward to a happy life, with that Katherine started to smile again. A few minutes later Sky walked her down to the alter and Katherine was happier than she had been in her life. When the clerk asked if she would take Andro as her husband she said "I do" almost immediately and Andro said it a few seconds later. When the clerk finally pronounced them husband and wife she kissed Andro more passionately than ever before. A few minutes later the wedding dance started, shortly into the dance Andro pulled Katherine aside for a private word. Katherine asked if Andro would love her till the day she died and Andro said he would love her much longer than that. When the party was over the following evening Katherine tossed the bouquet into the crowd, and it was caught by Samantha, then she and Andro took off for their honeymoon. Katherine and Andro returned from their honeymoon a week later to enjoy their new life together, and so Katherine could resume her modelling career. All the same they were happy that they would now be together forever.

Family Life


Katherine pregnant

Katherine during her second pregnancy

A little over a year passed after Katherine's marraige to Andro and she was by far enjoying it. With her modeling career taking off, Andro came to almost every fashion show she was in. Two months after their first anniversary Katherine started to feel the sickness she hadn't felt since she was an Alfea Senior. To be sure it was the same thing she had her doctor take some tests and it was official. Katherine was pregnant again. Knowing that she wouldn't have to keep Andro in the dark this time she told him almost imediatly then they both procceded to tell the family. Bloom was not as enthusiastic as Katherine hoped she'd be but was congratulated all the same and given some advice. A few days after finding out she was pregnant she asked Marina if it would affect her career. Marina said it wouldn't and that it was a great opprotunity for photos of a pregnant model. Given the green light Katherine went forward with her roles as a model, decent or otherwise, and, when she was five months along, partook in a pregnant model fashion show Marina put together. Over the following months Katherine, Andro and the family made preparations for the childs arrival even having a traditional baby shower. Dispite having ultrasounds, Katherine decided she didn't want to be told the baby's gender and wanted it to be a surprise. Katherine spent her remaining pregnancy anxously waiting, and getting uncomfortable as her due date drew near.


A couple weeks before her due date Katherine and Andro moved into the Sparks royal palace for the birth. Early morning a couple days before her due date (December 5, 2031) Katherine woke up with slight, but unmistakeable, back pains and, remembering what her mother told her, knew she was in labor. Katherine woke up Andro, who she was sleeping with, and told him they were going to have a baby today. Andro, still half asleep, said it was nice but then awoke fully when the news set in. Within an hour the whole palace was wide awake and making final preparations for the birth. A few hours later Katherine's contractions had gotten stronger and were getting painful. Hoping to ease the pain she striped herself, and remained that way throughout the labor and delivery, and got in the shower for a while and then tried sitting in a birthing pool to try for a water birth. Knowing what her daughter was going through, Bloom stayed by her side the whole time and Kathy was grateful for it. By noon Katherine was out of the pool and back in her bed and remained there throughout the delivery. By 4:00 Katherine was 6 cm dilated and her contractions were so strong she couldn't help yelling in pain. Four hours later all her friends and family had arrived for the birth and she was 9 cm dilated. Despite the pain, and her contractions were just a minute apart now, Katherine refused pain medication, wanting a medicare free birth like her mother did with her, and by 9:55 her water broke and the baby's head appeared five minutes later. Despite the pain she followed her mother's instruction to push and within minutes the pain ceased and she heard the baby's cry. Samantha, who was given the task of catching the baby, showed her the baby and quickly saw that it was a girl. After receiving congratulations from everyone Katherine expelled the placenta and, after some bonding with her new daughter, was left alone to rest while the baby girl, who she named Kara, was taken to the nursery. Within weeks news of Kara's birth was all over the news and the Realm Wide Web. With her pregnancy behind her she returned to Gardenia to resume her modelling career and raise Kara.

Later life

When Katherine turned 31, and Kara was 9 1/2, she dropped her career as a model to raise her daughter with Andro and take up her rightful position as queen of Sparks. Marina was sad she was losing such a great model but understood her decision to leave. Andro joined her as the king while Samantha took the job as queen of Solaria. With her accession to the throne Kara was given her rightful title as the princess of Sparks.