This is the life story of Marie. From the time she was born till present day!

Just Life

Life on Marigold

Marie and her twin brother Bracken were both born to King Papus and Queen Ichigo. During their birth, there was a war between the realm of Marigold and Zenith. To keep the twins safe King Papus and Queen Ichigo agreed to send their kids down to Earth.

Sadly, after Marie and Bracken were sent to Earth, Queen Ichigo died in battle, however King Papus to this day reigns Marigold.

Life on Earth

Marie and Bracken were found in a carrier in front of a couples, Sullivan and Holly, doorstep. The couple were very successful at life, and planned to have kids but after seeing these twins (now 3 months old), they decided to adopt them.

Marie lived like a normal child, and believed that Holly and Sullivan were her real parents. One day, when Sullivan and Holly took Marie and Bracken to the zoo, Marie became attached to the animals very quickly. She talked to them and pet them like it was no big deal but the zookeepers kicked the family out, thus making Marie cry. Her parents found it weird how close she became to the animals.

The begning of a new life