Raine is a 15 year old first year student who has power over rainbows. She is nicknamed "Rainbow" by the older members of the Winx Club. She is currently the youngest member but by no means the most immature.


"Rainbow?I like that nickname a lot."

"We'll never forget each other cuz we're the winx club!Always there for each other!

Relationship with other characters

Bloom:Raine and Bloom have a so-so relationship. It was Bloom's idea to let her in the Winx Club despite the protest of the other members.

Stella:Raine and Stella argue a lot due to clashing personalities. While Raine is the realist of the club Stella tends to call her "Gloomy" and a "fashion disaster."

Flora:Raine seems to be on the best terms with Flora. They often discuss problems in their life and the only other member besides Bloom who didn't protest her joining.

Musa:Raine and Musa's relationship is never seen as they barely talk but when they do it's mostly about their favorite kind of music. It was Musa's idea to nickname her "Rainbow."

Tecna:They are on good terms. Raine is into techonlogy and enough discuss the latest technology with Tecna.

Layla:Layla and Raine do have their fair share of arguments but at the end of the day they do care about each other on a sisterly level.


Rainbow Burst:Summons a ball of colored light and throws it at enemies.

Rainbow shield:Creates a massive barrier. It is mentioned by Raine that it can last about a minute because it drains a lot of her power.


Raine jumps in the air,makes a rainbow flys behind it and waves her arms.