Ranma and the Winx

What if Bloom didn't manage to kill Valtor in the last episode of season 3? Seconds later, Valtor revives and pulls off one last ditch effort to kill the Faeries, but was thwarted by the Specialists, who acted in self sacrifice to save their loved ones. Their bodies are destroyed, but their souls are still alive, so the girls quickly take them back to Faragonda, hoping she can do something. She then commits a tabboo in Magix: time spells. Faragonda goes 17 years into the past on Earth, specifically Tokyo, where she meets up with her former student, one Nodoka Saotome, who volunteers to house the souls in her soon to be born son. After the events of the Ranma manga, Ranma begins to awaken to the Specialists' memories as well as about six certain girls he's never met before. Nodoka then allows Ranma to experience life in Magix, since his current one is going downhill. Chaos comes to visit!

Disclaimer: Ranma ½ belongs to Rumiko Takahashi and Viz Video and Winx Club belongs to Iginio Straffi and Rai S.p.A (NOT 4Kids!)

Introduction: I've seen many a strange crossover fic with Ranma and something completely dissimilar like with Pokemon and even Hamtaro. I've also seen crosses with Sailor Moon, which is popular. Now what would happen if Ranma is crossed with something similar to the Senshi? I came up with this. This takes place after the failed wedding in Ranma ½ and during the last episode of season 3 in Winx. This is my first fanfiction.

Note: this follows the Rai version of Winx as the 4Kids version butchered it too much, like with every anime it dubs.

Magix Arc One

Chapter One: Loss of Souls

Portal Island, Andros

The demon form of Valtor screamed in agony as his soul dueled with the soul of Bloom within himself. The faeries, Stella, Flora, Musa, Techna, and Layla, as well as the specialists, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu, watched as Valtor was about to go critical.

"No! THIS CANNOT BE!" yelled Valtor just before his body couldn't handle the buildup and exploded into fiery sparks. A wisp of flame floated out and headed towards Bloom's unconscious body, which was cradled in Sky arms.

"… Bloom?" Sky said in anticipation.

"Bloom? Are you…?" said Stella as she came closer towards them.

The red-haired faerie of the Dragon's Flame slowly fluttered her eyes open once her soul united with her body. Sky was teary-eyed, elated to see her alive and well.

"Hey there…" said Bloom weakly. "Is he gone…?"

"Oh yeah he is gone!" said Stella. "You blew him up from the inside out! It was great! No way Valtor could survive that!"

"Then it's over… it's finally over…" said Bloom with a smile.

"You did it, Bloom. You really are one in a million." Said Sky.

Sky immediately helps Bloom back on her feet. The other faeries and specialists joined them.

"We'd better get going." Said Brandon. "Don't want to overstay our welcome here."

"Yeah, this is a pretty nasty place." Said Musa.

Unknown to them, the sparks of Valtor's remains started to slowly come together…

"I'm ashamed of myself. I let down my guard and wound up getting captured…" said Riven.

"Well, considering that this was Valtor we're talking about here, you shouldn't feel that way." Said Flora.

"What's done is done." Said Helia as he puts an arm around Flora, causing her to get flustered. "Let's get going."

They all turned to leave the cave, but then Nabu suddenly stops as he had an odd sensation, catching Layla's attention.

"Nabu? What is it?" asked Layla.

"Something's wrong…" said Nabu. "I can still feel a negative presence…"

He turned around and looked in horror as the sparks started to slowly reform into the dark wizard Valtor.

"No!" said Nabu.

This caught the attention of everyone else as they too were horrified that Valtor wasn't dead yet.

"That's… that's impossible!" denied Techna. "There's no way he could've survived that explosion!"

"Unfortunately, that doesn't seem to be the case." Said Timmy as he whipped out his gun.

"Is he… immortal?" Flora asked fearfully.

"Not really, my dear." Said Valtor. "Just very difficult to kill, that's all."

He gives off a low laugh as he slowly approached the group, who quickly get into battle stances.

"You had me worried there for a minute, Bloom. I thought I was finished for sure. Fortunately, I left a bit of my essence hidden away on the astral plane before you could strike and therefore I was able to reform myself, as you can see. Now that I am back…. It's time for all of you to DIE!"

Immediately, Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu lunged at Valtor for a fast strike, but the wizard just sent them all flying towards the cavern walls with a wave of his hand.

"Guys!" said Bloom as she and the faeries looked off towards where the specialists were flung to.

"He's just as powerful as ever…" said Flora.

"You're going to pay for that!" said Stella angrily as she readied up a spell.

"This time we'll make sure you stay down!" said Musa as she also readied up a spell.

The others joined them to try another convergence spell to unleash on Valtor to finish him off once and for all. Unfortunately, Valtor beats them to the punch.

"Too slow, girls!" said Valtor as he swung his arm, firing off a wide dark energy arc that slammed into the Enchantix-powered faeries before they could complete their attack. He didn't let up as he launched another spell. "Grava!"

Bloom tries to get up, but finds that the gravity around her and her friends had gotten higher. Valtor had effectively paralyzed them all. She looks up in horror as Valtor walked up towards them.

"That gravity spell will only hold you for a few seconds. Unfortunately, you won't be around before it wears off." said Valtor as he starts to power up, creating a dark energy orb in his hands which continued to grow in size. "I shall destroy your bodies and rip out your souls with this last attack. Now then, Winx, DIE!"

Sky and the other specialists had come around to see Valtor about to kill off their loved ones. With what strength and defiance they had left, they quickly rushed towards them.


Valtor had charged the dark orb to the size of a small car and launched it at the helpless faeries who could do nothing but watch the end come near. Seeing that there was no time, the guys had no choice. They've been taught that at some point, a specialist will have to make the ultimate sacrifice in order to save another. This was that time. Saying silent prayers to themselves, they jumped in front of the girls.

"SKY! NO!"





The guys screamed in agony as they shielded the girls with their own bodies from Valtor's attack. The pain became unbearable as they tried to prevent the attack from going through. Sky grits his teeth as he and the guys took the attack.

"Bloom…. live on… and become a greater faerie…" said Sky.

Bloom and the others could only look on in horror as the bodies of their respective boyfriends started to disintegrate into light particles until only six light wisps were left. The Winx were hysterical as they screamed out after the boys had seemingly died protecting them. Valtor had sunk to his knees.

"Hmph… foolish heroes…" said Valtor. 'Damn! That last attack took too much power! I'll have to make a strategic escape.' "That is all for now. I'll come back to finish the job!"

With that, Valtor disappears just before the gravity spell on the Winx wore off.

The Winx were on their knees, tears streaming down their faces over what had happened.

"T-they… died for us…" Flora choked.

"Why did you have to be so brave, Brandon?" said Stella.

Bloom slowly looks up and sees the six light wisps that just seemed to hang there.

"Wh-what're those?"

Tecna slowly brought out her PDA and scanned them, the results shocking her.

"Girls! It's them! Those wisps are their souls!" exclaimed Tecna.

"What!" said Musa. "You mean… they're still alive?"

"I'm not sure, but we've got to get them back to Alfea!" said Tecna.

"Then we've got to contain them fast!" said Stella. She quickly grabbed a rock and turns it into a crystal jar to catch the souls in. The girls all looked at the jar as the six wisps floated around in the enclosed space.

"We must get them to Ms. Faragonda. Hopefully she can help them!" said Layla.

With that, the girls flew out of the cavern and warped back into the Realm of Magix.

Alfea, Faragonda's office, some time later

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stood before the desk of Ms. Faragonda, headmistress of Alfea. In the room were Faragonda, Griselda, Saladin from Red Fountain, and Griffin from Cloud Tower. The two heads of the other schools had been told of what had happened and quickly rushed over.

"I cannot believe this has happened." Said Faragonda as she looked at the jar on her desk.

"Boys…. Helia, my grandson…" said Saladin, trying his best to stay strong.

Griffin, although she didn't much care about the other two schools, couldn't help but feel sympathy. If this sort of thing ever happened to her own students, she wouldn't be able to bear it.

"Please Ms. Faragonda! Surely you know of some way to cure this!" Bloom pleaded on behalf of herself and her friends. "If their souls are here, then they must still be alive!"

Faragonda rests her head on the back of her hands in thought "Well, there is one way I can think of, but it's quite complicated."

"What do you mean, Ms. Faragonda?" asked Tecna.

"Bloom is correct. Their souls are here, so they're technically still alive, they just cannot act without a proper vessel or body." Said Faragonda. "The only option is to reincarnate them into new bodies."

"Huh?" said Stella. "But wouldn't something like that take a long time? We'll all be old by the time they get to our age!"

"Yes, I've thought of that as well, Stella." Said Faragonda. "Therefore, to get them back, we'd have to fuse their souls to bodies in the past."

Griffin, Saladin, and Griselda looked alarmed at this.

"Time spells?" asked Griffin. "That is impossible, Faragonda. Time spells are highly advanced and dangerous. They've been banned of ever being used."

"That's right. The whole Realm of Magix had put up a barrier around the whole realm and planets under its jurisdiction to prevent the use of time spells." Said Saladin. "Time spells are capable of destroying civilizations or even planets if one is not careful."

"That is true as well." Said Faragonda. "However, there is one place I know of that is NOT under the Magix Realm's territory. That is Bloom's adopted planet, Earth."

Bloom looked shocked at this. "Really? Is it possible?"

"Yes, but doing this taboo there is a bit risky." Said Faragonda. "Time spells are quite draining, they can sap out the stamina of inexperienced spellcasters. Even more so on souls." She looks at the crystal jar. "In that case, I'll probably be forced to fuse more than one soul into an unborn body."

The girls looked a little perturbed at this fact.

"Fortunately, I know a good candidate who can help me. Now then, I'll go and make the preparations for their arrival." Said Faragonda as she picked up the crystal jar containing the souls of the Specialists. "I must do this alone. Bringing more people into this will put too much of a strain on the boys' souls as well as ours."

Faragonda mutters a teleportation spell that sends her disappearing towards Earth.

"I hope she is successful…" said Flora as she clasped her hands.

The other Winx and the faculty had similar thoughts as they prayed for the best.

Tokyo, Japan present day.

Faragonda appeared on top of the Tokyo Tower.

'Now then… since I'm on Earth, I can freely travel to the past… if I remember correctly, one of Alfea's Alumni had retired to this planet after graduating. I hope she's still around in the past to help. Nodoka…'

The faerie headmistress vanishes from sight once more after reciting an incantation in a forgotten tongue.

Tokyo, Japan 17 years earlier.

Faragonda was breathing hard after travelling back in time. She was a bit surprised to feel some ripples in the space-time continuum in the air.

'Hmmm… I was right. Time travel had occurred on this planet one way or another, some even by non-magical means…'

In another part of present day Japan, Kagome Higarashi sneezed before heading towards the Bone-Eater's Well to get back to Inuyasha and his friends.

Somewhere in the USA of 1985, Dr. Emmett Brown sneezed as he was putting the finishing touches to the flux capacitor. (1)

The Alfea headmistress looked with worry at the crystal jar and became alarmed when they were losing their sheen.

'Oh no! This isn't good! I need to infuse them into the proper vessels right away or it will be too late!'

She quickly used her senses to track down her former student.


Faragonda quickly speeds off in the sky towards the home of one Nodoka Saotome…

Saotome residence, 3 months before her firstborn is to arrive.

A pregnant Nodoka Saotome sighed as she was in the house alone cooking dinner. Her husband, Genma, was currently out drinking with an old training buddy at a bar. No one would've guessed, but she was actually a faerie from a world that was long since destroyed by the Ancient Witches, before Domino, and lived most of her years on Earth before returning to Magix. After graduating from Alfea, she had retired to Earth since her home of origin was gone. Nodoka still tried to keep her magical abilities under wraps from anyone else, even her own husband, but she'd never let them get rusty.

Although pregnant, she still preferred to cook the old fashioned way rather than spell it in an instant. Food had to be made with feeling after all. This didn't apply to cleaning, though, as she waved her hand and made the dining table clean and bus itself. This was one of the rare moments where Nodoka could use her magic without any witnesses.

It was then that she got startled by a flash of light behind her.


The light died down, revealing someone the Saotome Matriarch didn't expect to see in a long time.

"Faragonda-san?" said Nodoka.

"Hello, Nodoka, it's been a long time." Said Faragonda.

"You are looking well, Faragonda-san." Said Nodoka as she motioned for her to take a seat.

"Thank you, but unfortunately, this isn't a social call, my former student." Said Faragonda. "To tell the truth, I come from the future."

Some time later, Faragonda explained the situation with Nodoka concerning the battle with Valtor and the heavy price they paid for it. This alarmed Nodoka, as she was aware of the insane power-hungry dark wizard.

"Valtor? He's let loose?" asked Nodoka in shock.

"Unfortunately, yes." Said Faragonda. "He was accidentally set free by three witches and he's been causing havoc ever since."

Nodoka looked over to the crystal jar. "And… these are the ones who were lost in that battle?"

Faragonda nodded. "Yes. I was hoping I could resurrect them through soul infusion, but there's not much time left for them."

Nodoka tilted her head in thought. She remembered the doctor telling her that her unborn child will be a boy, so…

"Faragonda-san, I'll volunteer to have my firstborn infused with the souls." Said Nodoka.

Faragonda looked up in surprise. "Are you certain of this?" asked Faragonda. She was expecting Nodoka to help her find suitable hosts, not volunteer herself!

"It's as you said, there's not much time." Said Nodoka as she pointed at the jar. "I'll gladly help in any way I can."

Faragonda smiled. It was such a selfless attitude that allowed Nodoka to gain her Enchantix powers early. "I truly thank you for this, Nodoka."

"Tell me something, Faragonda-san, what would become of a person who would have multiple souls in his body?" asked Nodoka.

"He would serve as a containment initially, but slowly, certain aspects of each soul would merge and thus he will gain some traits." Replied Faragonda. "Soon, he'd reawaken to memories of each of the souls as if they were his own. This won't happen until years from now."

Nodoka nods in understanding. "I see, so these boys will be a part of my child. It's a good thing I'm having a boy."

If she only knew what her future son will pick up later…

"Then it is agreed." Said Faragonda. She takes the crystal jar and opens the lid, causing the Specialists' souls to float out. "Boys, you're about to be reborn!"

The elder faerie closes her eyes in concentration as she uses a spell that causes the six wisps of light to gather together. Suddenly, Nodoka's pregnant belly started to glow as Faragonda tried to get their life forces synchronized. This was a strain on Faragonda as she tried to safely fuse all the souls into the unborn baby. Nodoka winced as she felt a tingling sensation in her body. The six souls seemed to cry out as Faragonda willed them to enter the Saotome Matriarch. After a minute, the souls combined into one multi-faceted orb of light and shot itself into the belly of Nodoka. The soul transfer was at last completed.

"Are you all right, Nodoka?" Faragonda asked with worry.

Nodoka nodded as sweat trailed down her forehead. "Yes, thank you, Faragonda-san."

Faragonda did a quick scan to see if the boys were okay. She smiled as she sensed the souls of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu were all in Nodoka's womb and accounted for.

"They're all there." Said Faragonda.

"So what now, Faragonda-san?" asked Nodoka.

"I shall head back to Alfea in my own time again." Said Faragonda. "In time, your son will have those souls awakened in himself."

"When that time comes, I'll bring him over to Magix." Said Nodoka. "To tell the truth, I miss it greatly. I was considering going back anyway." Her memories with Genma weren't exactly pleasant ones, especially with his training under a more than questionable martial arts master AKA the Greatest Evil in Japan.

"You'll always have a home in Alfea, my dear." Said Faragonda. "If you'd like, since you're an Alumni, you can teach there."

"I look forward to it." Said Nodoka.

Faragonda then creates another time spell to return to present Earth, then back to Magix. "In the meantime, just continue on as if nothing happened." With that said, the elder faerie vanishes.

Soon after her departure, Genma Saotome walks in abominably drunk, muttering about joining schools or something in the future. Nodoka didn't understand what he meant by that, but was annoyed at the state of her husband.

Alfea, Faragonda's office, present day.

Faragonda appeared in a flash of light in front of her desk, nearly collapsing from the trips. Griselda and Saladin quickly catch her before she fell to the floor.

"Mistress Faragonda!" said Griselda with worry. "Are you all right?"

The Winx girls looked at their principal with concern as the task might've been a bit draining for a woman of her age.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Faragonda assured as she managed to stand on her own legs. She then looked at Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. "Rest easy, girls. The task is done. You'll be able to see the boys again in due time, but they'll be… a little different."

The Winx girls looked a little confused at this, but they trusted their principal did what was necessary to save their boyfriends.

"I don't care how Brandon might turn out, just as long as I can see him again…" said Stella. She had remembered when she was turned into a monster from the Chimera incident and Brandon still loved her anyway.

Bloom and the others agreed with the blonde faerie. No matter what the boys reincarnated as, they won't care how he looks as long as they can see them again.

Won't they be in for a surprise…

To be continued…


Ranma: "Yo! Ranma Saotome here, of the Anything-Goes Martial Arts! My life has been nothing but hell. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother with it at all. Finally, I have some peace once I've stayed a night with Mom. Hmmm? I'm having strange dreams of six girls… just who are they? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Family Revelations.' Mom? You're a-!"

Author's notes:

(1) Couldn't resist the references to Inuyasha and Back to the Future.

I was inspired to write this after reading Ranma fanfictions from one of my favorite authors, Animeaddiction. He is the master of crossover!

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Chapter Two: Family Revelations

The rooftop of the Tendo Dojo.

Ranma Saotome, heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts, was not happy. It's been a month since the failed wedding and things just got downhill from there. He lost his chance at a cure for his unwanted curse no thanks to Soun, Genma, Ryoga, Mousse, and Happosai, the latter drinking it all up, thinking it was sake'. His wedding was ruined due to some uninvited guests coming to stop it, in the forms of Shampoo, Ukyou, Cologne, and the Kuno family. He had the suspicion that Nabiki had something to do with it. That greedy Ice Queen would do anything for money, even sell out her own family. That and the fact that traditionally, wedding guests would pay money to the families of the bride and groom.

Still, it got Ranma to thinking, if Nabiki hadn't done that, then he would've been really married to Akane.

'Did I really want to marry that uncute tomboy in the first place? I oughta have my head examined!'

He sighed at the outcome. The heir to the Tendo Anything Goes was just as short-tempered as ever. She went and blamed it on him for ruining HER wedding. Accusing him of not settling his businesses with Shampoo and Ukyou prior. Ranma paused to think about what would've happened if he really did marry Akane. In truth, he just shivered at the thought. The girl couldn't cook to save her own life, is abusive, blames him for everything that ever went wrong in her life, and is basically untrusting of him in general. She hadn't a single shred of faith in him, despite the number of times he bailed her out of whatever jams she got in. Akane had been sour ever since the wedding fiasco and it hadn't improved at all. She'd mallet him for ever imagined slight to herself or whenever Shampoo or Ukyou showed up to greet him. This dwindled down Ranma's feelings for her even more.

'I was only trying to satisfy honor…'

Honor… there's a laugh. His father Genma had little to no honor when it came to his dealings. Same can be said about his friend Soun Tendo. Honor was simply a tool for them to use on him when they harp on him to marry Akane, but is disregarded when used against them. It's a wonder Ranma grew up to be more than honorable despite his father.

Lately, since that time, Ranma had been having some weird dreams. For one thing, he dreamt he was several different people. He didn't know how he even imagined those people. Not only that, he was in some weird world that looked a cross with modern times and fantasy, with the magic and monsters. Even more surprising, Ranma had dreamt of six different girls he's never seen before: a redhead, a blonde, a tanned brown-haired girl, a girl with two long pigtails, a violet-haired girl, and a dark-skinned girl. For some reason, he felt like he had a connection to them.

'What am I thinking? It's just a dream. They're not real.'

Still, it kept bothering him that he keeps dreaming of the same six girls. Best not to tell the others about this. More than likely, Akane would just see this as him being a pervert for dreaming up 'fantasy girls' to feed his 'perversions'.

"Ranma! Time for dinner!" Kasumi called out.

"Be right there!" said Ranma as he jumped down from the roof.

Saotome Residence

Nodoka Saotome was busy cooking sukiyaki as she thought about her son. Ever since that fateful reunion with Faragonda that night, Nodoka couldn't help but worry about Ranma. So far, she had put up the façade that she was oblivious of Ranma and Genma's Jusenkyo curses. Nodoka already knew about them thanks to her secretly being a faerie.. She just wanted to give her son a chance to tell her the truth about his affliction, but of course, that selfish cowardly panda had to go and ruin it all. She never intended to make her one and only son commit seppuku if Genma failed to make him a man among men as he had promised her all those years ago; it was only to keep her husband in line. From what she found out, Ranma had enough problems to deal with without worrying about the seppuku pledge. His curse, the Neko Ken, Genma's promises, a whole slew of rivals out for his blood for trivial reasons, and the fiancees he had accumulated.

"I just wish I could take Ranma away from all of this soon." She said to no one in particular.

It was then that she heard a crash from outside.

Opening the front door, she looked in shock as she saw Ranma in his girl form crumpled in a heap in the rain. From the looks of it, it was due to another flight via Akane Airways.


"Thanks, Mom." Said Ranma as he started eating the sukiyaki. He had changed himself back to his male form after Nodoka treated his injuries.

"Another fight with Akane, dear?" asked Nodoka.

"What else?" muttered Ranma.


Akane avoided making eye contact with Ranma the whole time during dinner and promptly excused herself to go train in the dojo. Ranma managed to finish his dinner without Genma trying to steal some of it for once. Since defeating Saffron, the pig-tailed martial artist had grown quite powerful. He belted his father into the koi pond when he tried to steal his food once again. The man-turned-panda emerges from the waters with a 'growf!'.

"Hmmm…. Akane seems sour as ever." Said Nabiki.

"Son! You don't by any chance know anything about this, would you?" demanded Soun.

"What makes you think that I got anything to do with it!" said Ranma in annoyance. It was such a typical thing… if Akane is unhappy about something, everyone would always assume Ranma was the cause.

"Don't take that tone with me, Ranma!" said Soun. "Go apologize to Akane!"

Ranma gives the older man a glare, but sighs in resignation. He was tired of arguing with idiots and didn't want to bother with it. With that, he gets up and heads towards the dojo. Kasumi could only shake her head at the rest of her family. She couldn't help but feel sorry for Ranma. He didn't even do anything and yet he gets berated over an assumption.

Ranma entered the dojo, seeing Akane breaking some cinder blocks as usual.

"What do you want?" Akane said with contempt.

"Look, whatever I did to upset you, I'm sorry, okay?" said Ranma as calmly as he could.

"If you were really sorry, then you should've settled your business with those others girls!" said Akane angrily. "They ruined everything! YOU ruined my wedding!"

"I ruined YOUR wedding!" retorted Ranma. "I wasn't the one who invited those guys over!"

"It doesn't matter! They would've come up eventually because you're too irresponsible to tell them off!" said Akane. "Maybe you wanted to marry them instead! Pervert!"

Ranma was livid. How in the world did she even come to that conclusion? "What! How could you even think that after all we've been through? Why must you be so unreasonable!"

"What else am I supposed to think! I know that the whole thing is your fault! It's always your fault! It's because you're nothing but a pervert!" said Akane with her usual logic.

Ranma felt his own temper rising. After all this time, Akane still accuses him of being unfaithful. "I'm not taking anymore of this! I'm going back to the house. I know when I'm not wanted!"

"Good! Because I don't want you in the same space as me!" said Akane.

Just as Ranma turns to leave the dojo, a certain black piglet made its way into the dojo. It had started to rain soon after Ranma entered the dojo some time ago, causing Ryoga's curse to be activated.


"P-Chan! Where've you been? It's been days!" said Akane as she picked up the little black piglet.

Ranma looks at the piglet in disdain.

'Hmph… stupid Ryoga… he dares to continue acting like her damn pet even though he's got Akari…'

As P-Chan snuggles in Akane's arms, his expression turns to anger at seeing Ranma. He had heard the argument they had, and he naturally assumed that Ranma had done something to anger his perfect princess who could do no wrong. As usual, P-Chan tries to attack Ranma for his supposed slight to his precious Akane.

"P-Chan? What is it?" Akane asked as Ryoga piglet struggled to get out of her grasp.

Breaking free, the bandana-clad pig ran at Ranma's retreating form and jumped at him, clamping his teeth on his wrist.

"OOOWW! GET OFF ME YOU UNDERFED PIECE OF BACON!" yelled Ranma as he rapidly shook his arm to get Ryoga off of himself. He then uses his free fist to backhand the little porker off his arm. P-Chan was sent bouncing on the dojo floor. Akane quickly went over to her beloved pet.

"RANMA! HOW DARE YOU PICK ON P-CHAN!" Akane screeched.

"PICK ON! Your stupid pig attacked me!" shouted Ranma in his defense.

"So what if he did? You probably deserved it anyway! You're always such a jerk!" said Akane.

"Why do you hafta be like this, Akane! You UNCUTE TOMBOY!" said Ranma.


Akane whips out the mallet and sends Ranma flying out through the roof of the dojo. Rain started to pour through the hole.

"Great, it's raining. Wouldn't have had this mess if that baka didn't insult me."

P-Chan just nods in agreement.

End Flashback

"And that's how it happened…" said Ranma with a sigh.

Nodoka could only shake her head at Ranma's increasing problems. It was too overbearing for one person to be burdened with.

"Ranma dear, maybe you should spend the night here for now." Said Nodoka. She didn't intend to send her son back to that madhouse again. That and it was pretty late out anyway. "I'll have your old room set up."

"Thanks, Mom. I appreciate it." said Ranma. He needed a peaceful respite right now, and he sure as hell wasn't going to get that back at the Tendo Dojo.

Late that night…

Ranma was fast asleep in his old room. It hadn't changed very much. Despite it being his room, it felt foreign to him as he was used to sharing a room with an occasional panda.

Once more, Ranma was experiencing those dreams he kept having for the past month.

Dream Sequence 1

Ranma finds himself at a dance club. The neon lights flashed in different colors as up-beat music played in the background. People all around were either dancing, socializing, or having a drink. He himself was at a table.

"It was nice of you to invite me out here, Nabu." said a voice. Ranma looked forward and saw a dark-skinned girl with long dark curly hair.

"Don't mention it, Layla. I wanted to, anyway." Ranma heard himself say. "Are you satisfied with having me as your arranged fiancee?"

"Let's not get into that, alright?" said Layla. "We're just two young people wanting to have a good time." It was then that a different song started to play. "Ooh! I love this one! Let's dance!"

"Huh?" said Ranma in confusion as Layla took his arm and led him to the dance floor. Before leaving, he caught a glimpse of his reflection on the glass table. His face was that of a lightly-tanned-skinned young man with dark brown hair done up in a long braid.

Dream Sequence 2

In a flash, Ranma finds himself on what looked like the bridge of a small space ship. Looking down at the dashboard, he saw his hands rapidly working at the controls while gathering information from a screen.

'Huh? How am I doing this? How can I even understand this stuff? Oh right, it's only a dream…'

"Timmy? Are you all right? You're spacing out."

Upon hearing the voice, Ranma turned to the right and saw a different girl from the last time. She was light-skinned with short, purple hair with the front bangs sticking out over the right side of her face.

"Oh, sorry about that, Tecna." Said Ranma. "Cracking all these encryptions is finally getting to me, I guess."

"Come now, Timmy, if you need some assistance in upgrading the ship, you could always ask me." Said Tecna as she came over to where Ranma was at. "It's nothing I've never done before. I'm a half-android, after all."

"Thanks." Ranma finishes typing in a program and turns off the monitor. On the empty glass screen, Ranma sees the reflection of a young man with light red hair and wearing glasses. He looked like the stereotypical nerd.

Dream Sequence 3

'Where am I now? Whoa!'

Ranma was suddenly speeding through a forest, riding what looked like a futuristic motorcycle with no wheels, but instead hovered. He finds that he wasn't alone as there was a girl holding his waist from behind him.

"Whoa! Watch out!" the girl yelled at him.

Ranma managed to steer the levi-bike away from a tree, from a boulder, jumps a small cliff, and skids to a stop at a clearing. The girl dismounts and removes her helmet as he did the same. She was a cute girl with long black hair done up in two side pigtails.

"Heh, was a little too dangerous for you, Musa?" asked Ranma with a snicker.

"You jerk! You're so reckless! You could've hit something!" retorted Musa.

"Hey, we're still standing, all right? Doesn't that matter?"

"Sheesh, Riven… once again, you brush off life-threatening experiences like nothing. You can be crazy at times…" said Musa. "… and yet, that sort of thing is what keeps me drawn to you somehow…"

Ranma raises an eyebrow at that.

"You know me. I ain't afraid of nothing!" said Ranma.

"Oh I might think of something…" said Musa. "Well then, can we continue? I don't want to be hanging around out here forever."

Musa puts the biker helmet back over her head. From the helmet's visor, Ranma sees his reflection of a young man with dark purple hair that seemed to flare upward.

Dream Sequence 4

Ranma was sitting on a grassy plain near a lake and meadow. Looking down, he saw a sketchpad and pencil in his hands. Upon closer inspection, he saw a sketch of the natural scenery he was in on the page, as well as a sketch of a girl on it.

'I can draw?'

"Oh, Helia, are you finished already?"

Ranma looks up to see an attractive tanned girl with long brown hair. She was a natural beauty. Her demeanor could be comparable to the eldest Tendo sister.

"Er, yes, Flora." Replied Ranma as he showed her his work. It was a spitting image of what he saw: nature and its beauty, in more ways than one.

"You're such a great artist." Said Flora. "But wouldn't you prefer the real thing over an image?"

Ranma smiled. "I'll have to say yes to that." He closes the sketchpad and gets up. Flora immediately saddles up to him and holds his arm.

"I'm just happy to be with you." Said Flora.

"And I with you." Said Ranma.

They walk by the lake as Ranma looks upon the surface of the water. His reflection shows that of a young man with long black hair tied in a loose ponytail, which partially covered the side of his face.

Dream Sequence 5

Ranma finds himself walking down a busy street in a shopping district. In his hands were shopping bags.

'Hmmm? Where is this at?'

"Come on, Brandon! There's a sale going on!"

Ranma looks ahead and sees a sexy girl with long blonde hair held by a purple hair band. He couldn't help but blush at how scantily clad she was. She was carrying several bags, herself.

"You're really on a shopping kick right now, aren't you, Stella?" asked Ranma.

"Of course! I've always got to keep up to date on the latest fashions!" said Stella as she looked through a shop window and points at some clothes on display. "You think those would look good on me?"

"Girl, you'll look good in anything." Said Ranma.

"That makes me so happy, Brandon!" said Stella. "It's settled: I'll add that to my wardrobe!"

With that said, the blonde pulls Ranma into the store. As Stella goes towards the dressing rooms, Ranma glimpses at a hat mirror nearby. His reflection showed a young man with brown hair with the bangs sticking forward.

Dream Sequence 6

'Wow, what a nice place…'

Ranma, seated at a table, looks about the outdoor café he was in. Nearly all the customers there were young couples, obviously a date spot.

"Sky? You okay?"

Ranma looks across the table and sees a beautiful girl with long red hair. He felt drawn to her until he shook it off.

"Er, it's nothing, Bloom." Said Ranma. "Just thinking about how nice it is today."

Bloom smiled cutely. "It is, isn't it? You invited me out for a bite, after all."

"Haha, that and I wanted to be with you." Said Ranma, causing the girl to blush. "I hear that your Enchantix is steadily coming to its full potential."

"Yes, I'm still incomplete, though." Said Bloom. "I don't know if I can attain my full power since there's no one from Domino left to save…" She lefts off a sigh.

"Don't worry, Bloom, I'm sure you'll find your real parents." Ranma assured as he held Bloom's hands.

"Thanks, Sky. It's nice to know that you'll always be there for me." Said Bloom.

Ranma then looks down at his water glass next to him and looks upon the reflective surface. Staring back was a young man with shoulder-length blonde hair. (1)

End Dream

Ranma wakes up the next morning.

"Those dreams again…. I keep having them over and over. What do they mean? They almost felt…. real…"

As he was about to get up, he felt as though he was lying on air. He also noticed that things around his room seemed a little lower than last night.

"Huh? Was the bed elevated or something?" wondered Ranma. He removes the covers on him and they suddenly drop below, catching his attention. "What the?" Ranma looks down, and to his shock, finds that he was literally lying on air; he was hovering four feet above his bed. "What the hell! AAAHH!"


The shock caused Ranma to fall back on his bed.

"Wh-wh-what? What was that…? Was I…. Floating?" Ranma asked to no one in particular.

"Ranma? It's time for breakfast!" Nodoka called out.

Hearing about food, the pig-tailed martial artist decided to table those thoughts for later.

The dining room...

'What was going on? Did I really just float? And why do I keep dreaming about those six girls? Why do I feel like I know them? This is crazy….'

Ranma continued to eat his breakfast as these thoughts ran through his head. Nodoka looked at her son with worry as she sensed he was being troubled by something.

"Is something the matter, Ranma?" asked Nodoka.

Ranma looked up at his mother. "No… uh… yeah… well… I don't know… it may be the craziness in my life, but I think I'm finally losing my mind…"

"What do you mean, Ranma?" asked Nodoka.

Ranma thought for a moment. Maybe it would be best to get this off of his chest. He knew that aside from Kasumi, the others wouldn't even begin to understand the meaning of his dreams let alone help him on them. Most likely, they'd think he was being perverted or unfaithful.

"Well, I've been having these weird dreams lately, Mom." Said Ranma. "I know they're not supposed to mean anything, but I just keep on having the same ones almost every night…"


"Those girls just keep appearing and I somehow know them, but I was different guys at the same time. I even know their names." said Ranma. "This might sound weird, even for me, but I could've sworn I was levitating when I woke up this morning."

Nodoka cocks her head in thought. 'Hmmm… it would seem that those souls Faragonda-san had put in Ranma's body all those years ago are starting to resurface. He's starting to gain their memories. Also, he's getting in touch with his heritage.'

"Ranma, it doesn't sound strange at all. Those girls you think you have dreamt up are actually real." Said Nodoka.

Ranma looks up at her in surprise. "Mom? What do you mean?"

"What I mean is that you are reliving the memories of previous lives." Replied Nodoka.

"Huh? You mean like that talk about people reincarnating?" asked Ranma.

"Sort of." Replied Nodoka. "Ranma, the truth is, you've actually got six souls as well as your own."

Ranma looked shocked at this bit of news. "Wait just a minute here! That sounds crazy!"

Nodoka only shakes her head. "No, Son. You see, I have a little secret of my own. I actually took part in fusing those six souls in you. And as for you levitating, I think I may have an explanation for that."

It took a while for Ranma to absorb what his mother had told him. And he thought HE had a big secret to hide from her? He had six additional souls? Those girls were real? There was actually an entire realm in reality? His mom was actually a FAERIE!

"Wait, you mean to tell me that you're actually a Faerie, Mom?" asked Ranma nervously.

"Yes I am." Replied Nodoka. "I've been hiding it from everybody for years now." She saw that Ranma looked a bit skeptical. "Here, let me show you."

She gets up and stands in the center of the room for space.


All of a sudden, a bright flash of light engulfed Nodoka's form. Ranma could only watch in stunned silence as his Mother transformed herself. Her conservative kimono was stripped away as her form becomes transparent. Several shafts of light orbit her body and enclosed on her. Nodoka's eyes suddely had light pink eye shadow while the hair bun she always wore was undone, her dark brown tresses flowing down to her knees, effectively making her appear younger than what she really is. A small diamond-encrusted tiara appeared on her head. A dark blue halter top bra that looked like her kimono wrapped around her upper torso, exposing her midriff (think Mina Majikina from Samurai Showdown) while a short blue skirt with a sapphire chain belt appeared on her lower half, just stopping a few inches above her knees. Her arms were adorned with past elbow-length light blue transparent gloves while her bare feet and ankles were wrapped with light blue metal anklets with the part wrapped around her big toes encrusted with small sun shapes. The rest of the light shafts converge on her back and formed huge butterfly-like gossamer wings with a span of at least eight feet. The wings as well as her outfit continuously glittered. This was the final form of a Faerie: the Enchantix.

Finally, Ranma managed to speak.

"M…Mom…? Is that….. really you?"

Nodoka, in her Enchantix form, looked over to Ranma and nodded. "Do you see now, Ranma? I'm really a Faerie." To prove her point further, she shrinks herself to a height of six inches and flies in front of Ranma's face, startling him.

"So how long have you been a Faerie, Mom?" asked Ranma.

"Ever since I was born, Ranma." Replied Nodoka as she flies backwards and reverts back to her normal size. "I suppose this is more shocking than a Jusenkyo curse, huh?"

"Yeah, I suppose…" said Ranma. "Hold on, does that mean that I'm a…"

"Yes, you also have Faerie's blood flowing through you." Said Nodoka. "You don't just have potential for learning martial arts, you also have potential to learn magic as well."

"Really?" asked Ranma. Normally, he'd be wary of anything concerning magic since it always seemed to cause trouble for him. Jusenkyo, the magic mushrooms, the red thread of fate, and the fishing rod of love were some prime examples. However, to be able to use magic and even incorporate them into his style meant that he could become the best martial artist in the world!

"We are beings of magic, and can sense other forms of magic." Said Nodoka. "Meaning, I already know about you and your Father's curses before I even met you two in your cursed forms."

"What? You did?" asked Ranma in shock. "But… why didn't you tell us?"

"I was hoping you had the courage to tell it to me yourself, since I can't trust Genma to do so." Replied Nodoka. "He had you living in fear of that seppuku pledge. You didn't think I'd honestly kill my only child over a desperate empty promise, did you?"

"I… I'm sorry for not trusting in you more, Mom." Said Ranma. "I guess living with Pops is getting to be a negative effect on me."

"Indeed it has." Said Nodoka. "It wasn't that hard to figure out the curses. You and 'Ranko' have the exact same hairstyles, Genma retains his eyes, Shampoo has her hair bangs in cat form, Ryoga still wears that bandana as a pig, and Mousse still has his glasses when a duck." (2)

Ranma blinked. Now that he thought about it, those subtle similarities did make it completely obvious. He then got to thinking…

"Hey Mom…. If you can use magic, do you think you can do something about this curse?" asked Ranma.

"Unfortunately no, Son." replied Nodoka. "Jusenkyo curses are quite unstable. If I could do something about your curse, I would've done it by now." Ranma looked dejected at that. "However, there might be something we can do in Magix. I can't make any promises, though."

Ranma looked up. "Really?"

Nodoka nods. "Now that the memories of those souls are active, Ranma, wouldn't you like to meet those girls?"

"Is it possible?" asked Ranma.

"Yes, Ranma." Said Nodoka. "Now that you are aware of your heritage, I'm offering you a chance to start your life over again. You cannot develop your abilities here. We'll have to go to Magix. I'll tell you right now, Son. I'm giving you a choice. Just spend a week at Magix so you'll see what it's like there. Afterwards, you can decide for yourself if you choose to stay in Magix or return back here."

Ranma considered his options. He just found out his mother's a faerie and that he's half-faerie himself. He had the chance to go to another realm entirely. With that in mind, he also thought of what he'd leave behind. His current life wasn't exactly a vacation. Well, he was told that he'd have the chance to try out life in Magix for a while. Plus, Ranma had been offered something that no one else had the courtesy to give him: a choice.

"I'll do it." Said Ranma. "Still, won't we be missing for a whole week here? Telling everyone else will be hard."

"True enough, Ranma." Said Nodoka. "We'll just let them stew about your absence for the moment. Should you choose to live in Magix, we'll come back in the week to tell everyone the news. If they can't live with it, then that's just too bad."

With that said, Nodoka produces a sphere of light, which enlarges and becomes a portal to Magix.

"Come, Son, let us go."

Nodoka disappears into the light, followed by Ranma who tailed after her. The portal vanished out of sight.

To be continued…


Ranma: "Whoa! What a trip! So this is the famous Magix? Looks pretty cool so far. Reminds me of the book about that glasses kid. I also get to see the school that Mom used to attend. Somehow, it all seems familiar to me, but why? I've never been here, right? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Alfea, Here's Ranma!' Those girls… I've seen them before!"

Author's Notes:

(1) The dream sequences were inspired by Sam Beckett's journey through time within different people in Quantum Leap.

(2) That's totally obvious.

Chapter Three: Alfea, Here's Ranma!

Ranma and Nodoka suddenly appeared in a lush green forest in the Magix Realm.

"We've arrived, Ranma." Said Nodoka. "It's been a long time since I've been here, and it's still as beautiful as I remembered it."

Ranma couldn't help but agree. Such a peaceful setting he'd never find back in Nerima. Nothing but natural scenery, free of industrialization. It's an environmental miracle.

Ranma turns as he sees Nodoka revert back to her human self, clad in her kimono and her hair in a bun again.

"There is where we're going." Said Nodoka as she pointed off towards a building structure.

The pig-tailed youth looks ahead and could make out what looked like a combination of a castle and a college campus with a huge lake out in front. The buildings and surrounding walls were pink with blue rooftops.

"What is that?" asked Ranma.

"That is the school I used to attend." replied Nodoka as she led her son towards the college of faeries.

After a bit of time, Ranma and Nodoka arrived at the gates of Alfea. The gate doors looked like blue transparent flower petals made of glass. The petals suddenly lowered, allowing them entry.

"Ranma, welcome to Alfea, College for Faeries!" said Nodoka as she and Ranma walked into the commons square.

Ranma marveled at the setup of the place. The commons square was a huge field of green grass, save for the crisscrossing roads and walkways leading from the gates to the doors of the main buildings. Near the front of the staircase to the back building was a circular platform with four sections of hedge bushes, benches, and a well in the center. Compared to this place, Furinken High was a dump. The area was also populated with numerous girls either hanging out, walking about, or doing outdoor classes. Ranma couldn't help but blush at how scantily clad all the girls are. Almost all of them were either baring their shoulders, their midriffs, their legs, or combinations of two or even all three. It didn't help matters that the girls that he and Nodoka passed by gave him looks and giggled about how cute he looks as well as wondering if he's free. Ranma urged Nodoka to hurry and get them inside.

Faragonda's office…

Faragonda sat at her desk going through the latest student entries. It has been a week since she went back in time to infuse the souls of the lost Specialists into her former student's unborn child. It was hard to explain to their families and loved ones about their fates at Valtor's hands. Although Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla were there for Faragonda's plan and knew that it was only a matter of time until it bore fruit, they still felt the anguish of losing their boyfriends. Because of this, they couldn't concentrate on their classes and had to be put on academic leave.

'It has been quite some time since that day. Those poor girls, but I can't keep them on academic leave forever. If I'm correct, Nodoka's child should be about ready.'

It was then that Ms. Griselda entered the office.

"Mistress Faragonda? The Alumni Ms. Nodoka Saotome is here to see you."

Faragonda immediately looks up. "Really? Send her in!"

Griselda nods and opens the door for Nodoka and Ranma.

"The headmistress will see you now." said Griselda.

"Thank you, Griselda-san." said Nodoka as she bowed to her. She coaxed Ranma to do the same. Griselda then leaves the room.

The two Saotomes stopped before Faragonda's desk before she urged them to take a seat.

"It's been nearly seventeen years, Faragonda-san." said Nodoka.

"Yes, but a week or so for me, Nodoka." said Faragonda. She then looked towards Ranma. "So, is this…?"

"That's right. This is my son, Ranma." Said Nodoka, gesturing to him.

Faragonda looked at Ranma and studied his features. He was a young man at about 5'10" who was very well-muscled, not like a body-builder but like a gymnast as he was lean-bodied, showing that Ranma possesses raw power coupled with grace and precision. He wore loose dark blue kung fu pants, black kung fu shoes, and a red silk Chinese shirt with the sleeves folded up and the waist tied by a black sash. His black hair seemed a bit wild looking and was tied in a pigtail in the back which seemed to stick up. His eyes were a unique shade of blue-gray. From what Faragonda could tell, Ranma was quite a fine catch any girl would be lucky to have, but she also sensed some other things in him. She could tell that Ranma was a guy who had been put through many trials and tribulations in his life. He had sustained physical and mental abuse that would've made anyone else go crazy. Faragonda had also sensed that Ranma had suffered an intense childhood trauma as well as possessing some condition that seemed otherworldly.

"Greetings, Ranma. I am Faragonda, headmistress of Alfea." Said Faragonda. "What do you think of our school?"

"I think it looks very nice." said Ranma. "So all of you here are really faeries?"

"Without a doubt, Ranma." replied Faragonda. "We train faeries around the realms here to harness their powers to use for the good of their worlds."

Ranma cocks his head in thought. "Weird… I just got here, but I feel like I've already known about this place…"

"Oh? You're familiar with our school?" asked Faragonda.

Ranma pauses for a moment. He looks about his surroundings and noticed that…

"Wait! I've seen this place before in my dreams!"

Nodoka and Faragonda looked at each other and nodded.

"It would seem the six souls in you have awakened their memories to you, Ranma." Said Faragonda.

Ranma turned to look at the older woman. "Huh? You mean you…?"

"Ranma, Faragonda-san was the one who infused those souls into your body." Nodoka confirmed. "Apparently, their memories of Alfea are now open to you."

"Tell me, Ranma, can you recall the names of those souls? I'm sure you've heard them in your dreams, right?" asked Faragonda.

Ranma thought back to his dreams and recalled the people that he was playing as in them. "Well, a redhead called me Sky, a blonde called me Brandon, a tanned girl called me Helia, a brunette called me Riven, a violet-hair called me Timmy, and a dark girl called me Nabu."

"Oh my, the souls really have awakened." said Faragonda. "They've merged with your being, Ranma."

"Hold on a minute! Does that mean I'm gonna be controlled!" asked Ranma fearfully.

"No Ranma. You simply have access to each of their memories and experiences." Replied Faragonda. "You've also got access to their abilities as well, if I'm not mistaken. These may awaken to you as time passes or when you come across something that may seem familiar to you."

Ranma sighs in relief. He didn't need to worry about being possessed anytime soon. It still unnerved him that he's actually housing the spirits of six dead guys. Still, there was one thing that concerned him.

"Excuse me, Faragonda-san…" Ranma started. "I was wondering if there's a little problem you could possibly help me on. In fact, maybe I'd better show you. Do you have a glass of water?"

Faragonda was initially shocked at witnessing Ranma's Jusenkyo curse activating for the first time. After splashing himself, Ranma turned from a handsome young man into a short beautiful and busty red-haired girl. All due to the idiocy of his panda father who didn't even bother to check the dangers of a foreign place.

"I have to admit, this is quite fascinating." Said Faragonda.

"Yeah right…" muttered Ranma-chan. "So is there anything you can do about this curse?"

Faragonda gave Ranma a thoughtful look, then produces a white orb of light, which then speeds off and orbits Ranma-chan as if it was scanning her. Finally, the orb stopped above her head and pops into sparkles. Faragonda gets up from her desk and stops before Ranma-chan.

"Tell me, Ranma dear, how long have you had this curse of yours?" asked Faragonda.

"Nearly a year, why?" replied Ranma-chan, though she had a bad feeling as to what her answer might be.

"I thought as much." Said Faragonda as she walked past her and stopped before her office door. "Ranma, you've had this curse for a long time now. Even more, you've contracted it from a source foreign to Magix. It has already caused your body's molecular make-up to be unstable."

"You mean… you can't get rid of this curse…?" Ranma-chan asked fearfully.

Faragonda turned to face her again. "Ranma, I won't lie to you. Trying to use magic to expel a magical curse of a foreign source will most likely do more harm than good, especially since you've had it for so long. We could possibly accidentally fuse both of your forms together." Ranma-chan cringes at this statement. "The worst case scenario would be that you'd simply die." The pigtailed girl became dejected at this news. "However, that doesn't mean there isn't something we can do about it. We may not be able to get rid of your curse fully, but we can at least help you control it."

Ranma-chan looks up at this. "Huh? Control it? What do you mean?"

"I mean that we can at least get rid of the water trigger that activates your curse." replied Faragonda. "You can be able to control the changes with your mind."

"You mean like shape-shifting? I can actually do that?" asked Ranma-chan.

"That is correct. One of my faculty members specializes in that area." replied Faragonda as she thought of a certain energetic leprechaun professor. "From what I understand, you are a half faerie, so you have the potential to use magic. We can help you with that, if you choose to learn here."

"Huh? But this is a girls' school…" said Ranma-chan.

"But you're currently a girl, Ranma." Nodoka pointed out.

"Oh…. Right…" said Ranma-chan. "Er, Mom, could you?"

Nodoka understood Ranma-chan's request and produces another glass of water, which she heats up with her powers. Once it was warm, she splashed it on Ranma-chan, reverting her back to male form. She then engulfs Ranma in light which dries him off.

"Thanks, Mom."

"So what will it be, Ranma? Will you take Faragonda-san's offer?" asked Nodoka.

Ranma thought about it. Again, he had some pretty bad experiences when it came to magic. There's also the fact that he'd be attending a school for GIRLS, even though he himself was a girl half the time. Still, was it any better than where he was before back in Nerima? Plus, the fact that he'll be able to control his curse to a degree was definitely a plus.

"Well, what've I got to lose? When can I start?" said Ranma. "However, I'm a martial artist first, and a magic-user second."

Faragonda smiled. "I suppose we can work with that. Welcome aboard, Ranma."

"On that note, Faragonda-san, I'd like to take up your offer and work here as a teacher." Nodoka added.

"It's good to have you both here." said Faragonda. "Oh Griselda?"

The Faerie Head of Discipline enters the office. "Yes, Mistress Faragonda?"

"Call the Winx down here right away." Said Faragonda.

"As you wish, Headmistress." Said Griselda as she turned and left the room.

The Winx Dorm…

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla were hanging around the commons area of the dorm feeling depressed. Their Pixies were currently out on an errand to Pixie Village.

"It just doesn't feel the same…" said Bloom. Her pet rabbit, Kiko, looks at her with worry.

"I know what you mean, knowing that the boys aren't around…" said Stella.

"It was nice of Ms. Faragonda to put us all up on leave." said Flora, who was reading her botany book.

"Yeah, considering what's happened, we'd never be able to concentrate on school." said Musa.

"But we can't be on it forever, we have to eventually get back to classes." said Tecna.

"I don't want to lose hope, girls. Ms. Faragonda said her plan is coming close to fruition." said Bloom. "I believe in her, and in the boys."

"Yeah, it'll take a lot more than that to keep them down, and once they come back, we'll take Valtor down for good!" said Layla as she punched her palm.

"Valtor…." Bloom said slowly. "I swear we'll make him pay dearly for this…"

All the other girls were of the same mind as they started thinking dark thoughts of the insane power-hungry wizard who had caused them much grief. Before they could continue with thinking of more ways to kill Valtor, there was a knock on their door.

"Girls? Headmistress Faragonda would like to see you all immediately." Griselda's voice called from the other side of the door.

"Uh, coming, Ms. Griselda!" called Stella. She and the others quickly opened the door to see Griselda. "What's going on?"

"Just follow me." Said Griselda as she motioned for them to follow, with Kiko taking the rear.

Faragonda's office…

"It's a new kind of magic practice where one focuses inner life energies via emotional mediums. Only a few humans are able to master this…" explained Nodoka to Faragonda about what course to teach.

"I've brought them, Headmistress." called Griselda who had entered the office, followed by six girls and a rabbit.

"Thank you, Griselda." Said Faragonda.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla entered to see a middle-aged woman in a kimono and a young pig-tailed man in Chinese kung fu attire. Ranma and Nodoka turned to look at the newcomers. The former felt a little shock as well as a sense of familiarity. He took a moment to study each one.

The dark-skinned one had long, wavy dark brown hair reaching to her waist and greenish blue eyes. She was clad in a small, soft purple tank top with a blue spiral wave logo on it and an olive-colored studded cargo short skirt. She wore hiking boots with pink leg-warmers. From the look of it, Ranma could tell that she kept herself in shape.

Ranma turns and looks at the violet-haired girl with the pale skin-tone. Her hair was cut in a boyish style with the front bangs hanging over the right side of her face. Her teal eyes showed that she's very technologically minded to a degree that Ranma can't comprehend. She wore a purple and lime green midriff vest top, purple flared fitted cropped pants, and purple hi-tops.

Moving on, Ranma looked at the girl who looked Asian in appearance. She had deep blue eyes, a pale skin-tone, and blackish blue hair done up in long side pigtails. Her outfit consisted of a red midriff one shoulder top with a purple armband on her left arm, blue baggy jeans with the pant legs slightly folded, and red sneakers. She seemed to give out vibes of loneliness despite being around friends.

Next, Ranma looks at the tan-skinned girl. She had long, caramel brown hair reaching to her waist and emerald green eyes. She was clad in a light-green off-the-shoulder midriff top and a short fuchsia skirt with strawberry prints on it. Gold hoop-shaped earrings adorned her ears as well as gold bangle bracelets on her wrists. Her feet were in a pair of fuchsia colored wedge sandals with a flower band wrapped around each ankle. Ranma couldn't explain it, but the girl emitted an aura of kindness and sincerity that was on par, if not more so, as Kasumi Tendo.

Ranma then looks at the blonde girl and couldn't help but blush. She had a medium skin tone, hazel eyes, and long hair reaching her waist like an overflowing blanket of gold. It was held up by a light lavender hair band. She wore a small green halter midriff top that resembles a bikini bra which ties at the front and a short orange miniskirt with a gold chain belt lined with small circles. On her feet were green wedge sandals with the straps designed as orange flowers. Ranma felt a nosebleed coming on from the girl's skimpy attire. He moved on before he started staring at her too long.

Finally, Ranma laid his eyes on the redhead. She had a medium skin tone with blue eyes and long hair also reaching her waist. Her outfit consisted of a short blue and yellow midriff-baring shirt, blue jeans with flaring pant legs with star prints, and yellow wedge sandals. In her arms, she held a light-blue furred rabbit. Despite her gentle appearance, Ranma could tell that the redheaded girl was housing a dangerously powerful energy source within herself. He had no idea how right he was. (1)

'They're the girls from my dreams! I can't believe I'm actually seeing them right in front of me!'

As Ranma was taking in to the girls, they were wondering about him as well. They also couldn't help but feel a sense of familiarity about him. They've never met him before, right?

"What's going on, Ms. Faragonda?" asked Bloom.

Faragonda gets up and gestures to Ranma. "Girls, I'd like you to meet Ranma Saotome. Ranma, these are-"

"Hold on a second!" Ranma said, cutting her off. "I think I know them!" He looks at each girl and calls out her respective name. "Bloom…. Stella… Flora… Musa…. Tecna…. Layla…. right?"

Bloom and the others were shocked that the pigtailed boy knew them. "Uh, yes, that's right. Have we met before?"

'Literally in my dreams,' Ranma thought.

"Tell me something, girls. Does the name Sky ring any bells? What about Brandon? Helia? Riven? Timmy? Or maybe Nabu?" asked Ranma.

The Winx girls were again shocked that Ranma knew about the lost Specialists.

"Oh my! How do you know about them?" asked Flora.

"Girls, the results of my plan, and it worked." Said Faragonda. "Ranma here is the reincarnation of the boys lost at the battle against Valtor."

"What! Are you serious!" asked Stella.

"Correct. Nodoka here volunteered to have her unborn son become the vessel of all six souls." Replied Faragonda as she gestured to the kimono-clad woman. "Their combined souls created Ranma." (2)

It took a while for Faragonda's words to sink in. As the girls look at Ranma, they could almost feel each soul calling out to her. It is said that a person's eyes is like a window to a person's soul, and when they looked into the blue-gray depths of his eyes, a head shot of each Specialist appeared, startling them. The souls of the Specialists were literally a part of Ranma. If Faragonda says that he houses their souls, then it must be true.

Bloom and the others were on the verge of tears from this revelation.

"N-no way…" said Musa.

"It's not possible…. But here he is…" said Tecna.

Ranma felt a little nervous seeing the girls all teary-eyed. "Hey…. Are you all right?"

They didn't answer as Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla approached Ranma and embraced him from all sides, which threatened to squeeze all the air out of him (it would've done the Amazons proud). He was also feeling embarrassed to be hugged by six attractive girls all at once.

Off to the side, Faragonda, Nodoka, and Griselda smiled at the young ones.

'My son is so manly!' thought Nodoka.

To be continued…


Bloom: Hi! I'm Bloom. Today, we're getting a new student at Alfea.

Ranma: And it's actually me.

Stella: Huh? But you're a boy! Whoa! What happened!

Ranma-chan: It's a long story, but at least it helps me get in.

Bloom: While our newest classmate adjusts, Valtor is still at large and pays a visit to Light Rock Monastery.

Stella: Isn't that where the Trix are currently being held? Is he going to break them out again? He looked a bit mad at them the last time. He ought to rethink his lackey standards!

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Settling in! Ranma the Faerie!'

Ranma: Huh? This is a Pixie? Why's it lookin' at me like that?

Author's notes:

(1) I decided to put the Winx girls back in their 1st and 2nd season attires

(2) Each soul of the Specialists represents a trait in Ranma.

Sky: his kindness and determination. Ranma struggles to do the right thing and his determination is his natural emotion as opposed to Ryoga's depression, which allowed him to master the Moko Takabisha. Another thing Ranma and Sky share in common is that they both had arranged marriages that they didn't want.

Brandon: his charm/charisma. This works against Ranma's will, as it caused him nothing but grief back in Japan, with his unwanted fiancees which in turn had gotten him many enemies who wanted to woo said fiancees. Ranma has an unusual effect on those around him.

Helia: his beauty and calmness. Ranma would be considered beautiful in either of his forms. He also has an insane amount of tolerance that kept him calm and prevent from going crazy because of his life. His calmness was also needed when performing the Hiryu Shoten Ha technique.

Riven: his attitude. Ranma can be quite arrogant, a bit of a chauvinist, and suffers chronic foot-in-mouth disease (mostly thanks to Genma), which instigates most of his problems. He also strives to be the best martial artist.

Timmy: his intelligence. Ranma's considered a genius when it comes to fighting. When he experiences a technique used on him, he'd be able to adapt and create a countermove, which makes it rare for him to be effected by the same technique twice. Ranma also learns techniques pretty fast. Too bad he doesn't apply this calculating intelligence to things outside of the fight…

Nabu: his spirituality. Ranma has a natural talent of manipulating ki (inner life energies latent in the body) which allows him to use advanced martial arts techniques. This trait is basically his potential as a martial artist.

Also, with six additional souls, it would also explain Ranma's tendency to eat a lot; to feed six other people. It would also explain his strength as he has the Specialists' strength added to his own natural reserves.

Since Ranma has all the souls of the Specialists in him and inherited their traits, he'll have his hands full with the Winx girls, only except unlike back in Nerima, the girls will be willing to share him. Got this from "A Spying Dragon".

Chapter Four: Settling In! Ranma the Faerie!

Light Rock Monastery…

In a calm scenario of a peaceful meadow, several people were milling about. All of them were in harmony with each other and with nature. They passed the time doing recreational activities, as there was a total absence of war and violence. The only ones who didn't accept these peaceful conditions were former inmates, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, AKA, the Trix. Once again, they were clad in the white robes of the Monastery inmates and the magic-sealing circlets on their heads to suppress their powers. The whole place was in truth a separate dimension completely and the inhabitants mere holograms, specially made for the Trix in order to purge them of their violent and evil tendencies.

"It feels like déjà vu…." Said Darcy.


"This whole thing sucks!" said Icy.

"Please tell me you've got an escape plan!" said Stormy.

"You know it's impossible to escape when we don't have our powers." Said Darcy. "No matter where we go, we'll always wind up back where we started!"

"If only we had our magic!" said Icy while clenching her fist.

It was then the hidden speakers all over the terrain activated for the daily broadcast.

"Good morning all, children and seniors! Here is Brother Titaurous of the Lightrock Weather Station. Tomorrow's forecast will be clear skies, a soft breeze from the northwest, and temperatures hovering around 70 degrees fahrenheit. The same scenario will be expected for the next several years. And now, back to our music program!"

The Trix grit their teeth at the sound of soothing flute music playing through the speakers.

"DEFINITELY déjà vu…" Darcy said in disgust. They had remembered this exact same scenario years ago just before Darkar broke them out.


"Forget it, Stormy. You know that there're a lot more of those speakers hidden around here, so it's pointless." Said Darcy.

"I HATE THIS!" shouted Stormy to the heavens.

"I swear, when I get out of here, I'll make them all wish they never heard of us!" said Icy.

Suddenly, the peaceful setting simulation gets interrupted by dark cloudy skies followed by purple lightning. This in turn caused the holograms of the people there to vanish.

"Hmmm? What's this?" said Icy as she and her sisters looked up at the now dark sky.

"About time we had a change in scenery, the peaceful meadow look was starting to be a real pain!" said Stormy.

The witch sisters were surprised when a lightning bolt struck down five feet in front of them, which caused a geyser of light to erupt on the spot. What they didn't expect was who was standing there after the geyser died down.

"No way…" said Darcy.

"It can't be!" said Stormy.

"Valtor!" said Icy.

Standing before them was the dark wizard, Valtor. He had gone into hiding to recover himself after his last battle with the Winx Club. He wore a neutral expression on his face as he looked at his former underlings.

"Valtor! You're alive!" said Darcy.

"I didn't think something like that would stop you." Said Stormy.

"Looks like our pleas have been answered." Said Icy. "It's good to see you again, Valtor. Nice of you to come and break us out, now let's get out of- AAAAAAGGGGHHH!"

Icy was cut of by Valtor, who shot her with a ball of flame from his hand. She flew back several feet and fell to the ground hard. Darcy and Stormy were shocked to see Valtor launch an attack on their older sister.


Valtor then shoots Darcy with a beam of light and Stormy with a chair-sized boulder, which sent the two flying back and landing near Icy. They all painfully sit up and look in horror as Valtor slowly advanced on them while emitting an aura of darkness and his eyes glowed red with rage.

"Valtor? What're you doing!" asked Icy.

"Do not misunderstand. I didn't come here to break you out. I came here to KILL you!" replied Valtor in a dark tone.

"What!" said Stormy.

"You can't be serious!" said Darcy.

With a wave of his hand, Valtor caused individual force fields to encase each witch, effectively trapping them. The fields were only about two cubic meters in size, so space was very limited and they couldn't move around much.

"Did you think I've forgotten how you ditched me to those Faeries back at Magix!" said Valtor in anger. "Consider this a payback!"

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy winced at that fact. They DID abandon Valtor to save themselves that one time. Valtor extends his hand towards the imprisoned Trix and caused their force fields to activate their elemental opposites. Icy screamed as the walls of her force field started to light on fire and was gradually getting bigger. What was worse was that the fire was contained with her at the center. Darcy's force field suddenly emitted blinding light that was also contained. Darcy screamed as the light's brightness became too unbearable and was burning her. Stormy began to panic as her body was slowly petrifying into stone. She was unable to move as the petrification had already stoned her from the waist down. It was only a matter of time until she turns into a statue completely.

Valtor purposely lowered the power of each of the force fields. Killing them outright wouldn't satisfy him. He wanted them to suffer. He wanted to make them feel immense pain. He wanted them to beg for mercy.

"Please forgive us, Valtor!" Icy pleaded.

"Give us another chance!" Darcy practically begged.

"We'll follow you forever!" said Stormy just as the stone on her body reached her upper torso.

Valtor continued to watch the Trix writhe in agony within the force fields. As they suffered and begged for release from their prisons, Valtor considered his situation. He was currently without the power he had stolen in the past, so his magic was not up to snuff to his standards. Valtor was basically running on his own power and trying to take over those other planets in the Magix Realm will be a chore even for him. All of his other minions were either captured or destroyed. Although he could make anyone his minions by branding the victims with his mark, they'd just be mindless drones. He was in need of competent ones, ones who had darkness in their hearts, like the Trix. As much as he hated to admit it, he probably needed their services once again. This time, however, he was going to do things differently.

Finally, Valtor dispels the force fields, causing Icy, Darcy, and Stormy to collapse to the ground. Icy had numerous burn marks on her as well as frazzled hair. Darcy managed to get her eyes open after having being contained in intense light. She seemed to have developed a slight tan from the experience. Stormy had managed to break out of her stone state while coughing up pebbles. The three witches look up as Valtor steps up towards them.

"You're lucky, ladies, I just had a sudden change of heart, which is a rare thing for me." Said Valtor in a condensing tone. "You said you'd follow me forever? I shall see to it that you all live up to that promise."

He puts his hands together and starts chanting in another tongue. Suddenly, with a wave of his hand, he shoots three purple beams of light, each hitting one of the Trix. The mark of Valtor appeared on each of them. Icy's appeared on the middle of her forehead, Darcy's was on her left cheek, and Stormy's was on her right cheek. They look at each other and see the marks.

"Uh, what's with the marks, Valtor?" asked Icy.

"They're fail-safes, my dear." Replied Valtor. "I'm not going to take any chances with you three again. If any of you disobey me or even think about betraying me again, Those marks will cause you serious pain."

Valtor then demonstrates this very painfully to them. The marks on them began to glow red and they started to scream in pain. Icy's skin started to slowly turn red and catch on fire which threatened to melt her. Darcy's body started to get bright and suddenly, light shot out from her eyes and mouth, as she were to explode from the power. Stormy's body started to slowly petrify, and the parts that are stone soon started to crack and crumble a bit. After another agonizing thirty seconds of pain, Valtor relented and the Trix were back to their normal bodies. He seemed to have gotten the message across to them.

"Let that be a warning, Trix Sisters. Should you try to resist the pain, you will be dead." Said Valtor in a cryptic tone. He then creates a portal of darkness behind him. "Come, there is much to be done."

With that said, Valtor vanishes into the portal. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy painfully get up on their feet to follow Valtor through the portal. They had no choice in the matter anyway. He literally holds their lives in the palm of his hand and could kill them with a thought if they didn't do what he says. They have truly sold their souls to him.


Ranma felt a little nervous as he sat in the commons area of the Winx dorm. Needless to say, the girls were quite shocked to know that he is the reincarnation of their lost boyfriends, but even more so when they learned that he was going to be attending Alfea because Faragonda herself suggested it.


"So are you going to attend Red Fountain, Ranma?" asked Bloom.

"Actually… I-" Ranma started.

"The truth is, girls, Ranma will be attending classes here in Alfea." Finished Faragonda.

"HUH!" Griselda and the girls exclaimed. They certainly weren't expecting that.

"But Headmistress, this is a girls' school for Faeries." Said Griselda.

"I agree. A boy can't be a Faerie." Said Tecna.

"Actually, the truth is, Ranma is qualified to learn here in Alfea." Said Faragonda. "He's really a half-Faerie. Plus, there's something else."

Ranma winced. He would have to make his curse known to them. Well, better to get this over with now than be caught in an embarrassing situation later on like back when he first came to the Tendo Dojo.

"Don't be alarmed, girls. I have a certain…. condition that I've acquired in my life." Said Ranma. "Mom?" Nodoka understood and produces another glass of water. "I have this curse that changes my form with water."

With that said, Ranma takes the water glass and pours it over his head. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla were instantly surprised to see the ebony-haired boy get replaced by a scarlet-haired girl.

"Whoa! How did you do that?" asked Stella.

"It's a curse which was inflicted on me." Said Ranma. "I've no control over it, but no matter what form I'm in, I'm still the same person."

He looked towards the girls, waiting to see what their reactions would be from revealing his curse to them. Finally, Musa spoke up.

"I don't know why, but that seems kinda cool."

Ranma-chan raised her eyebrow at that, not expecting that sort of response.

"Quite fascinating." Said Tecna.

"You're not bothered by this?" asked Ranma-chan.

"Why should we be? We've seen shape-shifting before." Replied Musa.

"Oh right, this is a magical realm. I guess this wouldn't shock you too much." Said Ranma-chan.

"If it's any consolation, Ranma, you're very beautiful." Said Flora.

"Eh heh… thanks…" said Ranma-chan while sweatdropping.

Stella looks at Ranma, then her eyes lowered towards her, ahem, assets.

"Are those real?" asked Stella.

Ranma-chan blushed at the question. "Er… yeah, they are…"

"Stella! What kind of question is that?" Bloom scolded her blonde friend.

"Sorry! I was just curious." Stella said with embarrassment. She grinned inwardly as she thought of playing the makeover game with Ranma-chan.

"You say your curse is water-activated, Ranma?" asked Bloom, trying to change the subject.

"Yeah, cold water turns me into a girl." Replied Ranma-chan. Nodoka stands behind her and pours on hot water she had prepared earlier in a thermos. The pig-tailed girl instantly reverted back into a pig-tailed boy. "Hot water changes me back into a guy. I promise you, this is my natural form."

The girls and Griselda were startled to see Ranma as a boy again.

"As you can see, Ranma is quite qualified to attend here." Said Faragonda. "Nodoka here will also be teaching here." She gestures to the kimono-clad woman.

"I look forward to working with you girls." Said Nodoka as she bowed to them.

"The pleasure is ours, Mrs. Saotome." Said Layla.

"Now then, since the dorms are already filled, I think it would be fitting if Ranma roomed with you girls?" asked Faragonda.

Ranma and the girls were shocked at Faragonda's suggestion.

End flashback

Ranma looked at his surroundings in the commons area of the dorm. The place was quite big and lavish for a mere dorm room. There was even a balcony to go out on. He still felt rather uneasy being a guy in a girls' room.

"So what do you think of the place, Ranma?" asked Bloom, who had entered the area.

He turns and looks in her direction. "It's very nice." Replied Ranma. "The place is a palace compared to my previous living conditions." Ranma frowned as he thought of the small guestroom he shared with Genma at the Tendo Dojo.

"I'm glad you feel that way." Said Bloom as she took a seat next to him, causing the pig-tailed boy to get nervous.

It was then that Stella and Flora entered the area.

"Are you sure you're all right with me staying here?" asked Ranma. "It must be weird having a guy staying in a girls' room."

"It's really no problem to us, Ranma." Said Flora. "We couldn't possibly just send you away."

"That's right! You're our roomie!" said Stella.

"Like it or not, you're stuck with us." Said Musa as she, Tecna, and Layla entered.

"And technically, you're a girl as well, Ranma." Said Tecna. Ranma could only laugh nervously at that fact.

"But I'm naturally a guy." Said Ranma.

"So Ranma, do you remember anything else about us or your past selves from your dreams?" asked Bloom.

"Now that I think about it, I kinda do, actually…" replied Ranma.

"Really? Do you remember how we first met?" she asked.

"I believe I met you in a place called Gardenia on earth." Replied Ranma. "You and Stella were being attacked by a blue troll or something. I also remember dancing with all of you during one of Alfea's parties. I also recall fighting against three psycho witches, too." Bloom and other were shocked at his answer, which was right on the button.

"Whoa…" said Musa. "Anything else?"

"Hmm…." Said Ranma as he tried to rack through his newly acquired memories. "You, Musa, had a concert at Red Fountain when you tried to reunite with your dad." Musa was surprised. "And I also remember almost being roped into an engagement to some underground princess who tried to marry me when we just met…" Ranma shivered at the thought. Arranged marriages were something he was quite familiar with. He had several official and unofficial ones back in Japan.

"That DID happen!" said Stella in shock. "You really DO have the memories of the boys!"

"Yeah, but it's still all fuzzy… I can't remember much more, but I think they'll come to me in time." Said Ranma. "I still retain the memories of who all of you are."

Bloom and the others nodded. Perhaps they were the dominant memories in each of the boys' minds, which caused Ranma to know about their existence first, and the love they shared.

"Maybe you should give it a rest, Ranma." Said Flora. "This all must be pretty overwhelming for you."

"Yeah…. You're right…" said Ranma as he sat back.

"You know, Ranma, you seem to know about us due to the souls in you, but we don't know anything about you yourself yet." Said Layla.

"Yes, I'm curious about that as well, especially that curse you have." Said Tecna.

"I guess that should be fair." Said Ranma. "You all might want to sit down for this one. It's quite a long story. It all started when Pop decided to take me away from home to go on a training journey that lasted ten years…"

A lengthy explanation later…

Bloom and the others were quite shocked when Ranma finished his story. He had endured enough hardships to last several lifetimes. His training, the Nekoken, Jusenkyo, the fiancees, the rivals, the incident at Phoenix Mountain, everything. Even half of the stuff Ranma told them, they couldn't believe.

"Wow…. No offense, Ranma, but your father sounds like a total moron!" said Layla.

"None taken, Layla." said Ranma. "I always thought he was, too."

"He made you swim all the way from Japan to China!" asked Bloom incredulously.

"He preferred to call it training, but actually he was just too cheap to buy plane tickets." Said Ranma.

"How could he be so cruel as to throw you in a pit of starving cats?" asked Flora. She and the others were disgusted that a man could do that to a six-year-old child.

"For a supposedly unbeatable technique, and he didn't even bother to read the whole thing first."

"Going to a cursed place he knew nothing about?" asked Tecna.

"Just dumb, enough said."

"And he engaged you to several girls without you knowing?" asked Stella.

"He claimed to be doing it in my best interests, but it was mostly for his."

Layla could sympathize with Ranma. She herself had been roped into an arranged marriage by her parents. The difference was that she was lucky enough to actually have developed feelings for Nabu and that her parents gave her a choice whether or not she wanted to marry Nabu after his identity was found out. Ranma was forced whether he liked it or not.

"Despite all that, it's a wonder that I'm still sane." Said Ranma. "I was never given a choice in anything at all."

Bloom and the others wondered how one guy could tolerate so much crap in his life. His stay at the Tendo Dojo alone was just as perilous as their own experiences battling the Trix, Dakar, and Valtor ever since they enrolled in Alfea. They had to give him credit.

"We're back!"

Everyone turned their attentions towards the source of the voice. To Ranma's surprise, six little pixies floated into the room. One was in a short pink dress with light purple hair in a style that resembled Nabiki, and carried a white staff that resembled a key. Next was a pixie wearing a long pink dress and had long red hair with flowers adorning her tresses. Another had blonde hair done up in two side tails like Musa and was wearing a light green top, short skirt, and boot ensemble. Following her was a pixie with light purple hair done up in curls and wearing a blue dress that seemed to have come from the Victorian Age of England. The next has blue hair with a full body outfit that looked metallic and a sort of techno tiara framing her face. Finally, there was the smallest pixie dressed in pink, but the most striking feature was the big pink bonnet she wore on her head.

Ranma dug into his memories and quickly recognized them.

"Welcome back!" said Bloom as she and her roommates greeted her respective bonded pixie. Piff just dozed off as soon as she go herself on Layla's hand.

"Did you have a safe trip?" asked Flora.

"Definitely!" said Chatta. "Aside from the occasional insect, it wasn't so bad."

"They were quite rude, I should add!" said Tune in an indignant tone. A few whacks from her parasol had said bugs think twice about messing with them, which was ironic since she's supposed to be the proper one.

Lockette was the first to notice Ranma in the room.

"Oh! You have a guest, I see." She said.

"Uh… hello there…" said Ranma nervously. He never thought he'd see a pixie up close before. The other pixies turned their attention to the newcomer.

"Nice to meet you! Oh, where are my manners? I'm-" Tune began.

"Tune, right?" Ranma finished.

Tune and the other pixies were a bit surprised. "Oh? How did you know my name? Have we met?"

"In a sense, yes." Said Ranma. "You're bonded with Musa." He looks over to the one with the key. "Lockette is with Bloom here."

Digit floats in front of him. "I don't suppose you know the rest of us as well, do you?"

"I do, Digit." Said Ranma, surprising her. "Doesn't take a genius to know you're bonded to Tecna." He looked over to the matchmaking pixie. "Ah, Amore, I still remember that save back in Downland when you set Amentia straight. And Chatta, nice to know that you've been instilling confidence in Flora."

"Oh my! How do you know so much about us?" asked Amore.

"Actually…." Bloom began.

A little later….

"Oh wow! You mean you're really…?" asked Chatta.

"Yes, Ranma is the reincarnation of the boys' souls." Said Flora.

The pixies could only look at Ranma in wonder. They were also aware of the terrible battle against Valtor and the deaths of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu. Well, deaths of their bodies at least. For them to live as a combined body was fascinating.

"So Ms. Faragonda's plan worked?" asked Lockette.

"It did. How else would he have known about you or us when he just met us?" asked Tecna.

"That seems to be the most logical theory." Said Digit.

"It is true!" said Amore. "I already see threads of fate linking each of you to Ranma, and they're exactly the same as the ones that bound you to the boys. As you know, when it comes to matters of the heart, I'm never wrong!"

Ranma could only blush at the threads comment. For some reason, when she said thread, he was reminded of Shampoo. For what reason he suddenly thought of the Chinese Amazon, he knows not. (1)

"If you say that, then it must be true…" said Tune.

It was then another voice was heard.

"Hey guys! What's going on?"

Everyone turned their attention to the latest pixie entering the room. She had dark purple hair and wearing a coat and pants set with black and yellow stripes which made her resemble a bumblebee. She also sported bug-eye-like goggles on her head.

"Oh, Zing!" said Chatta.

"Why'd you leave me behind for? I told you I was coming to Alfea, too!" said Zing.

"Sorry about that, we were in a hurry." Lockette apologized.

"You know I always come here often." Said Zing. "I want to find my bonded faerie soon!"

"Don't worry, Zing, I'm sure you'll find her." Said Bloom as she walked up to the pixie.

"I hope you're right." Said Zing. She then noticed Ranma. "Oh, sorry! I didn't notice you befo-"

Zing stopped in mid sentence when her gaze met with Ranma's. Ranma started feeling confused himself as he looked at the bee-like pixie in front of him. 'Huh? What is it that I find so special about this pixie?'

Zing was also of the same mind. 'What's with this guy that's so fascinating? Why do I feel connection to him, too?'

Bloom and the others were shocked at this turn of events. They knew exactly what was going on. This is what happens when a pixie bonds with someone. The pixies knew how much Zing wanted to bond with a faerie ever since they themselves bonded with each girl of the Winx Club, and now, Zing was getting her chance. They never would have imagined that she'd bond with a guy. It just didn't seem possible!

"Uh…. Hi. I'm…. Ranma Saotome."

"I'm…. Zing."

To be continued…


Ranma: Whoa! Now I'm bonded to a pixie?

Tecna: "It shows you've got faerie blood in you, Ranma.

Ranma: I never would've guessed how much.

Flora: Well Ranma, it's time for classes!

Ranma: This is awkward… I'm learning in a girls' school… at least I'm not being considered a freak.

Musa: Yeah, it's best that everyone knew of your condition just to make it easier on everyone. Who knows? Maybe you can learn to control it!

Ranma: I'll face any challenge to get that!

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'School Days! Magic Can be Fun!'

Ranma: I will master this transformation ability!

Author's notes:

(1) The Red Thread of Fate incident that Shampoo used on Ranma in order to get him to marry her.

As Ranma goes through Magix, he'll slowly gain more memories of the Specialists' experiences. This is why he was able to recognize certain things as well as the Pixies. I've decided to have Zing bond with him since she's always spent her time trying to find a Faerie to bond to, but never does. Now, she gets her wish. Plus, Zing's a cosplayer, which can be associated with Japan anyway(in the Rai version, she's always cosplaying familiar people).

Chapter Five: School Days! Magic Can be Fun!

Wizgiz's classroom

"Good morning, students! For those of you who don't know me yet, I am Professor Wizgiz, your teacher in Metamorphosis!" said the leprechaun-like teacher in a heavy Irish accent. "Or, as I call it, the Art of Changing…." Wizgiz then grabs the side of his own face and stretches it out before letting it snap back in place, then suddenly he transforms into Ms. Griselda. "…. THE WAY YOU LOOK!"

Some of the new students in the class were a little shocked to see the diminutive teacher transform into the head of discipline. Ranma-chan watched in fascination as he saw how effortlessly Wizgiz shape-shifted. 'I could really use something like that…'

Wizgiz reverts back to his normal form. "That's nothing. By year's end, you'll be more capable of doing this and then some. Now, as every ending needs a beginning, let's start off with something simple." As he did with his first years long ago, he had each desk produce a hand mirror. Ranma-chan and all the other girls reach out and take a mirror. "Now concentrate, look in the mirror, look at yourself, and think about changing the color of your hair."

Ranma-chan looks around and sees that some of the students were able to pull off the simple act. She saw one girl's brown tresses turn blue in an instant. Others were simply not able to. Looking back at the mirror, Ranma-chan tried to concentrate on changing her hair color. So far, nothing has happened. 'Damn! I should be able to do this! I was able to levitate, though it was inadvertedly…'

Wizgiz approaches Ranma's desk. "Don't worry, Ranma. If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."

"Okay, how about this?" asked Ranma-chan as she pulls out a thermos she prepared. Uncapping it, she pours the hot water over herself, reverting her back to male form. "Ha! I changed my hair AND form!"

The other students laugh at Ranma's wit in handling the exercise.

"Hahaha, now now, Ranma, using your curse here would be cheating." Said Wizgiz in an amused tone. "We want you to try this with a more dry method."

"Sorry about that, Professor, just couldn't resist." Said Ranma.

The pig-tailed martial artist was glad to have gotten his curse squared away for the whole school during the orientation. He recalls back to that time yesterday.



"Welcome, professors and students, old and new, to Alfea College for Faeries! I am your headmistress, Faragonda!" the elder faerie announced standing at the podium. Standing behind her were some of the faculty, including Palladium, Wizgiz, Avalon, Griselda, and Dufore. "I am happy to see some new faces as well as some returning faeries here at our campus. We've been through many trials and tribulations, but Alfea will still go on to ensure that it produces true faeries to suppress the darkness."

As the orientation speech went on, Ranma fought the urge to yawn. Academic activities such as this tend to bore him, but he didn't want to seem rude, considering that Faragonda was willing to take him in. Plus, Nodoka was sitting right next to him. Seated behind them were Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. At least this was a normal school meeting, unlike back at Furinkan High where its Hawaiian nutcase of a Principal Kuno made a first announcement of enforcing a stupid school haircut law. He shudderd as he remembered how the headmaster from Hell tried to give all boys buzz cuts and all girls bowl cuts.

"Furthermore, it is my pleasure to introduce two special guests who will be staying in Alfea." Said Faragonda, as she gestured to Ranma and Nodoka. "Nodoka, Ranma, please step on up."

The two Saotomes walk up towards the platform to stand near the headmistress. "Here we have our newest professor, Nodoka Saotome. She will be your instructor under the course of ki manipulation, the ability to channel your latent inner energies into power. Anyone interested should sign up for her program."

"It would be an honor to work with you all." Said Nodoka as she took a respectful bow.

"Also, here is her son, Ranma Saotome." Faragonda gestures to the pigtailed boy.

Ranma became nervous at being put on the spot. A lot of the girls were already giving him loving stares, which agitated him even more.

"Although this is a school for faeries, Ranma's a special case and will be attending here as well."

Naturally, all the girls in the crowds, sans Winx, were surprised at this announcement.

"But Ms. Faragonda! This is a girls' school! He's a boy!" said a student with short sandy blonde hair. Although she and the other girls thought he was cute and wouldn't mind having him around, to have a boy in the same classes just felt weird. Wasn't it against policy?

Stella could only chuckle. "Oh, won't dear Amaryl be in for a surprise…"

"That may be true, but he's also a half-faerie." Said Faragonda. "With our help, Ranma can live up to his full potential, just as we can help all of you live up to yours. That's not all."

Ranma could only sigh. Once again, he takes a bottle of water and pours it over himself, transforming into his girl form. All those present unfamiliar with the Jusenkyo curse were indeed surprised at the transformation.

"As you can see, Ranma has the unique ability to transform himself into a female form." Said Faragonda. "It is an affliction that he has and we will try to help him, or her, control it. I assure you, she really is in nature a boy."

Ranma-chan could only fidget nervously as the throngs of girls were whispering amongst themselves at the revelation of her curse. She just hopes that the whole school doesn't label him a freak of nature. Luckily, Bloom saves him. She stands up from her seat.

"Ranma may be a boy, but he's also a faerie. Since this is a faeries school, it is only natural that he should be able to learn here. Is it not a faerie's nature to help those in need? I was once just a normal earthling, but I was able to attend Alfea, and I've become a better person for it. Ranma should be given that same opportunity, too!"

Stella and the other Winx nodded in agreement. After hearing Ranma's story, they couldn't help but feel sorry for him because of the pains he's experienced in his life while in Japan. No one deserved to be ousted for being different. It all depended on what the person was like, not what they are. Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna and Layla started to clap after Bloom's speech. One by one, the rest of the crowds of girls started to applaud. Ranma-chan gives a thankful look to Bloom. Hardly anyone, if any, had ever stuck up for her like that.

Faragonda then settles down the crowd. "Alright, I'm sure you'll all grow to enjoy the company of the Saotomes, so let's all make sure they feel welcome here! I hope all of you enjoy another year here at Alfea!"

With that said, another round of applause rang out. The orientation adjourns as the students are shown to their dorms.

End flashback…

Ranma could only smile at the memory. Maybe spending time here wouldn't be so bad.

"Right then, how about trying that again?" asked Wizgiz.

Ranma once again looks into the mirror, trying to figure out how to at least change his hair color at will. 'Man, this is hard, but that's never stopped me before!'

If there was one thing that Ranma was good at, it was to never give in when learning something useful. This trait allowed him to be able to learn techniques like the Amaguriken quickly, or even find alternative methods to do so. Again, Ranma closes his eyes and concentrates on his now ebony-colored hair in his reflection. He could feel his hair blowing upward from focusing his ki. After a few seconds, Ranma opens his eyes and notices that his once black hair was now red, much like his girl form's. H could easily be mistaken for the brother of his girl half if they were to stand together.

"Yes! I did it!" said Ranma.

"Nice job, Ranma!" said Wizgiz, who then goes to the front of the class. "Now then, class. Along with transforming, we must also learn how to revert back to our normal selves. "

'Okay, reverting shouldn't be too hard…' thought Ranma as he focused. He looks in the mirror and frowns as his hair didn't turn black again. Looking around, he saw that the rest were able to gain their normal hair colors again. "Aw man! My hair's still red!"

"Don't worry, Ranma. You'll get the hang of it. You just need to learn to focus more." Said Wizgiz.

Ranma could only nod. 'Man, this magic stuff is hard to get used to…' He'll give it a try later, but for now, he'll just spend the rest of the day as a red-headed male.

Avalon's classroom

"Cognitive analysis. You'll learn how to hone your senses and trust your instincts. You'll learn to look for details and perhaps, even discover new powers within yourselves." Said Avalon. He was a middle-aged man dressed in what looked like a white tux and had his long black hair tied in a loose ponytail. Thankfully, this Avalon was the real deal since the imposter was found out during that Darkar incident.

For some reason, Ranma felt a little jealous of the teacher in front of him. He was actually delving into Sky's memories about how Bloom was initially showing interest in the paladin when his imposter first arrived at Alfea. Although this Avalon was not the same one Bloom had been gushing over, Ranma still felt uneasy. He finally reasoned that it was pointless and focused on the lessons. The idea of discovering new abilities within himself proved to be promising.

Palladium's classroom

"Hello, everyone! I am Professor Palladium, and I shall be teaching magic implication, the study of shaping magic through word of mouth." Said the elven instructor. He was a tall man clad in white dress pants, dress shirt, and a pale green vest. His ears were pointed, as all elves are, which protruded from his past-waist-length brownish blonde hair. Although he looked youthful in appearance, being an elf, Palladium is actually a few centuries old. "Avalon's class teaches you how to understand magic. I'll teach you how to form it. Let us try a light spell."

He puts his hands together and glows with a yellow light. Ranma could've easily mistaken it for a battle aura. "Lumina!" Palladium spreads his palms apart, revealing a baseball-sized orb of white light. The rest of the class were quite impressed.

'Hmmm… looks almost like a ball of ki… ' thought Ranma.

"Magic can normally be given form through mental visualization called inversion." Explained Palladium as he caused the light orb to vanish. "When you get a good visual of what you want your spell to be, it will be easier to focus on recreating it. Ranma, would you like to give it a go?"

Ranma stood up from his seat. "Uh… sure." He puts his hands together in the same fashion as Palladium as tries to recreate the light orb.

"Visualize that you are in the orb, then imagine it growing within you." Instructed Palladium. "Once you grasp the spell, say 'lumina'."

The pigtailed boy focuses on creating the light orb, then smirks as he managed to get his visual. Unfortunately, he didn't quite hear the incantation right and then….


Palladium winces when he heard that. "Oh no!"

Ranma spreads his palms to produce the small light orb, but instead he accidentally creates a huge flash of white that illuminated the whole room for a brief period of time. Palladium and the other students quickly covered their eyes at the unexpected flash. (1)

After a few seconds, everyone in the room was able to regain their eyesight. Ranma could only laugh nervously. "Ehehehe…. I guess it was a bit too strong…."

"That's quite all right, Ranma." Said Palladium as he rubbed his eyes before addressing the class. "This is why incantation is very important, class. Mispronunciation can cause any spell to go awry, as you have clearly seen. You must always remember this."

'Note to self: work on wording skills…' Ranma thought to himself.

Nodoka's classroom

Ranma sits at his desk in his mother's class with the other students. Sitting on his right were Bloom, Stella, and Flora. On his left, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. He blushes when Stella asks why his hair was currently red (he never got around to trying to restore his hair color just yet). Standing in front was Nodoka in her ever present kimono.

"Konnichiwa, class. I am Professor Nodoka Saotome, as you have heard from yesterday's orientation." Said Nodoka. "I'm a new professor, so I hope we'll all get along well. We will be studying ki manipulation."

"Excuse me, Professor Saotome, but what is ki?" asked Flora as she raised her hand.

"Ki is the life energy latent in the body." Replied Nodoka. "All things in nature possess this ki, however, only a few are able to utilize it to its full extent. Even non-magical beings are able to utilize ki if given the proper training. Usually, only highly trained martial artists are able to tap into it." She looks towards Ranma.

"Really? What are the applications to such a skill?" asked Tecna.

"Ki has several applications." Replied Nodoka. "It can be used to enhance attributes such as strength and speed. It can also accelerate natural healing processes. Just imagine how powerful magic can be if it is backed by ki." She holds up her left hand and produces a ball of lightning the size of a baseball. It crackled audibly. "I hold in my hand a lightning orb at about 10 percent power. Now, I'll produce that orb in my other hand with the same power, but with ki focused in." Nodoka holds out her right hand, which glows blue with her ki. Afterwards, another ball of lightning formed in her hand, but this one was the size of a basketball and crackled loudly. The whole class stared in fascination at the display. "An application of ki can make a big difference in power as you can see."

Everyone was starting to think of how powerful her magic could be if they could utilize ki as their instructor can. They began to get eager of what they can learn in this class.

"A basic way to generate ki is to use emotions as a medium." Said Nodoka. "Therefore, it is best that you use an emotion that comes to you naturally. Ranma, can you demonstrate yours, please?"

"Sure thing, Mom." Said Ranma as he got up to stand next to her.

"Now Ranma, since we're in class, you should address me as Saotome-sensei." Said Nodoka in a motherly tone.

"Oh, right, Saotome-sensei." Said Ranma while sweatdropping. He focuses his inner energies, causing his body to emit a bright blue battle aura. Ranma smirks as he creates his Moko Takabisha in his hands, a ball of blue light that was the size of a basketball. He then dissipates it to nothing. "That was a technique I created long ago. It fuels on my self-esteem. I once had to use this on a guy who could do the same move, except his was fueled by depression."

Nodoka nods. "As you have all seen, using an emotion is a basic way to generate ki. The stronger your emotion, the more ki you can produce. Since it is technically not magic, it can be effective on magic-resistance beings. Now then, I want you all to try and find an emotion that comes naturally to you…"

Courtyard of Alfea…

'Well, I can't let myself get too rusty…'

Currently the pig-tailed boy (who had finally turned his hair black again) had put together some wood in a pile. Laid out next to it was a handkerchief and a bucket of water. Bloom, Stella, and Flora walk up to him after catching sight.

"Hello Ranma, what are you doing?" asked Flora.

"Oh, hey girls. Just trying to train, that's all." Replied Ranma. "Oh Bloom, think you can light those twigs for me, please?"

"Huh? Oh, sure." Bloom then shoots off a small fireball at the wood pile, causing it to catch fire.

"You gonna be roasting marshmallows?" Stella joked.

"Not necessarily." Said Ranma. Behind him came Musa, Tecna, and Layla. They were soon followed by Zing, who was carrying a small bag of something.

"Here's the stuff you wanted, Ranma!" said Zing as she handed the bag to him.

"Thank you, Zing." Said Ranma as he took the bag and proceeds to rip it open.

"What is that?" asked Musa.

"A bag of sweet chestnuts." Replied Ranma. Opening the bag, he dumped the chestnuts into the fire. He then kneels down in front of it.

"Ranma?" said Bloom. She and the others were confused at his actions. Was he trying to cook those chestnuts? Wouldn't it be easier to use a pan?

After a few seconds of waiting, Ranma reacted.


The girls watched in amazement as Ranma's arms were a blur as he shot his hands into the fire at a rapid pace. This act wasn't lost on the other Alfea students milling about in the courtyard and he soon drew a crowd. They all thought he was crazy to stick his bare hands into a fire like that. However, once he had stopped, he revealed that he was holding twelve chestnuts in each hand. Setting them aside on the handkerchief, he shoots his hands into the fire again. Each time he stopped, he'd set aside the chestnuts he's managed to pluck from the fire. Finally, Ranma had plucked each and every chestnut from the fire. All one hundred twenty!

"That… was amazing, Ranma!" exclaimed Stella. All the girls watching gave the martial artist a round of applause at the display.

"That was awesome!" said Zing. "This martial arts stuff is cool!" Her hair was suddenly in a bobbed style and was wearing a yellow track suit. She started to throw punches and kicks at the air. "Hai! Wa-ta! Aaa-chou! Wa-chaaaaa!" (2)

"That's just impossible!" said Tecna. "Your hands should've been burned from doing that!"

Ranma simply flexed his hands. "Believe me, Tecna, the first time, I got burned numerous times. Now, I was able to develop the arm speed to avoid getting burned. Mind over matter and all that." He then takes the bucket of water and puts out the fire with it. "Anybody care for chestnuts?"

Immediately, the girls tried to take some. Bloom and her friends just smiled. Ever since Ranma came along, Alfea had just gotten more interesting.

To be continued…


Musa: Whoo! It's time to party!

Ranma: Interesting, this school's having a party to welcome the new students.

Stella: It feels like old times, doesn't it?

Ranma: Hey! What's with the crazy witches over there?

Bloom: No way! The Trix! How could they be here?

Ranma: I don't know why, but I already dislike them upon meeting them.

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Hands-on Experience! Ranma's Magic Battle!'

Ranma-chan: Is this what a transformation is like?

Author's notes:

(1) Ranma accidentally performed a Solar Flare as seen on Dragon Ball Z.

(2) Bruce Lee in the infamous yellow track suit as he appeared in Game of Death.

What emotion do you think each Winx girl should be dominant in? Suggestions are welcome.

I was told that Rai was the one who butchered Winx Club. How exactly did they do that? Rai was the one who created Winx in the first place, meaning it retains all its original music, lines, and scenes. 4Kids not only change the music, but also completely rearrange the scenes or cut some out completely (there was actually a scene where Zing cosplays as Spiderman, I kid you not). Their line-changing also caused quite a few plotholes.

Plus, voice-acting in 4Kids was just horrible. Lisa Ortiz made a good Lina Inverse in Slayers, but doing 4 different people (Musa, Icy, Digit, Mitsy) in the same show is just pushing it. And why does Tecna sound like an old British maid? Her Rai counterpart at least sounded young. The 4Kids voice actor for Stella sounded like she was yelling all her lines and was overly flaky.

Basically, 4Kids ruins any show they dub. Just look at One Piece, Shaman King, Sonic X, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Tokyo Mew Mew. Just imagine what would've happened if 4Kids had the dubbing rights to Naruto; it would not even have blood or even saying "jutsu".

Chapter Six: Hands-on Experience! Ranma's Magic Battle!

Alfea dining hall

Ranma-chan marveled at the elegant look of the dining hall. Two long tables that looked to stretch a little over 28 meters sat parallel to each other. At the end of the tables towards the back of the room was an elevated platform, the dining area for the faculty where Faragonda, Griselda, Palladium, Wizgiz, Avalon, Dufore, and Nodoka were seated. Several crystal chandeliers hung from the ceiling above and on the wall was a huge window giving a view of Alfea's courtyard and commons area. The tables were currently packed with the faerie students of the campus.

The currently female Ranma-chan sat near the end of the table where she got a view of the courtyard. Sitting next to or across from her were the Winx girls. Although female, she was pretty nervous to be in a large room full of beautiful, attractive, not to mention scantily-clad girls. Ranma-chan began to wonder about the dress code in this place. That never would've been allowed at Furinkan. She felt as if she stuck out like a sore thumb since she was always dressed in her ever-present kung fu outfit, making her the most covered of all the faerie students, never mind the fact that she always wore that outfit during her enrollment at Furinkan High while everyone else was in uniform. Ranma-chan tried to focus on her breakfast.

"Mmmmm… this Earl Grey tea is quite good." Said Flora as she took sips from her cup.

"Yeah, it's usually the best." Said Musa as she was jamming her toast.

"Personally, I'm more of a coffee person myself." Said Tecna as she was reading her book at the table, pausing only to takes bites of her omelet.

"Of course you are, you need all that caffeine to study as long as you do!" joked Stella, which earned her an indignant look from the tecno faerie.

Ranma-chan took her silverware and started to cut apart her omelet. It had been a while since she used the Western-style eating utensils since that incident with the Chardin Family. She was so used to using chopsticks.

"Omelet's pretty tasty." Ranma-chan commented. She was also grateful to the distribution of school foodstuffs. Before, he'd always have to rush to get his food at the food counter back at Furinkan before all the good stuff was gone. There was also the little incident with his time at that middle school where bread was tossed around at random (which he'd always get first) and where he first met Ryoga and gained an unwanted rival. More importantly, no panda trying to sneak away with her food while her guard was down.

"So how did you enjoy your first day at Alfea, Ranma?" asked Bloom.

"I kinda like it so far." Replied Ranma-chan between bites. "This is nothing like any school back home."

"I know exactly the feeling." Stated Bloom. "It was quite a shock for me, too. It was all thanks to Stella that I was able to be here and meet all of you."

"You give me too much credit, Bloom!" said Stella. "But keep it coming, anyway!"

"I think that will be enough for now." Bloom joked. The others laugh at this.

"By the way, Ranma." Said Layla. "What was that trick you did yesterday at the courtyard?"

"That was the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken, or 'Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire Fist'." Replied Ranma-chan. "It's a speed technique I was forced to try and master when that old ghoul of the Amazons locked me in my female form. The idea was to develop enough arm speed to pluck chestnuts out of an open fire without burning yourself, hence the name. It was hard at the time since I was overly sensitive to heat thanks to a pressure point. I only managed to figure out an alternative, at a festival no less, which was to fish out a tank of piranhas with my bare hands without getting bitten."

"What! Are you serious?" asked Layla incredulously. The others were shocked to hear that Ranma would do something so dangerous, yet come out of it just fine.

"Well, it worked in the end, and I was able to get my male form back." Said Ranma-chan. She purposely left out the part where she had accidentally wound up in the girls' bath after turning back into a guy. They didn't need to know that.

"You should be a lot more careful, Ranma." Said Flora. "You could get hurt."

"It's not like it's something I've never done before, Flora." Said Ranma-chan. "Being a martial artist isn't exactly easy."

It was then that Griselda clapped her hands, causing all the girls in the room to stop what they were doing and focus their attention on the faculty's table.

"Your attention, please, young ladies!" Griselda called out. "Headmistress Faragonda has an announcement to make!"

"Thank you, Griselda." Said Faragonda as she stood up from her seat. "As is the tradition among the magic schools, the annual gala in honor of our new students will be held tonight! Joining us will be the students of Red Fountain of Specialists as well as the students of Cloud Tower for witches." All of the students cheered at the news until Griselda settled them down. "Now then, we shall need to prepare for tonight, so all of today's classes are cancelled."

Another round of cheering sounded off at that bit of information.

"All right! It's time to PAH-TAY!" said Musa as she suddenly stood up and threw her hands up in the air. Unfortunately, she forgets that she was still holding her teacup, which was still full. The teacup flew right at Ranma-chan's face who was seated across from her.

"Whoa!" yelped Ranma-chan as she falls backward from her seat after the teacup fell on her head. The cup's hot contents poured over her, reverting her back to male form before hitting the ground. The other students look on at the whole spectacle. It certainly was interesting seeing their fellow classmate switching genders instantaneously.

"Ranma!" exclaimed Flora as she went to his side. "Are you all right?"

The now male Ranma sat back up with Flora's assistance. "Yeah, thankfully, that tea wasn't too hot. I was wanting to turn back at some point."

"Oops…. Eh heheheh…. Sorry about that, Ranma." Apologized an embarrassed Musa.

Winx dorm…

"So now what?" asked Ranma.

"What else? Clothes shopping!" said Stella.

"Geez, Stella, don't you think you've got enough dresses already?" asked Layla.

"A girl like me can never have too many dresses, my dear." Replied Stella.

"I suppose to the City of Magix then, eh?" asked Bloom.

"Then we'd better hurry, the shuttle bus leaves soon." Said Tecna.

Ranma could only sigh. Clothes shopping was such a chic thing. However, he had a feeling that he'd be dragged into it anyway. In any case, he'd want to explore this realm a bit more instead of keeping himself cooped up on the campus.

City of Magix…

The neighboring city resembled any other city on earth. It almost made Ranma forget that he was in a magical realm. It seemed to be more on the futuristic side since all the vehicles hovered instead of using wheels.

"I hope I can find a fashion worthy of me!" said Stella as she and the girls lead Ranma through the streets.

"I know you'll look great in anything, Stella." Said Ranma.

"You're much too kind, Ranma dear." Said Stella. "Hey! You know, we should find a dress for you, too."

Ranma almost fell over at that statement. "Hold on now! I'm a guy!"

"Haha! I'm just kidding, Ranma!" giggled Stella.

"I guess it's safe to assume you'll attend as a male, right?" asked Bloom.

"Of course." Said Ranma in finality. "It would be bad if I attended as a female. Last thing I want is to have guys flirting with my girl form…" He shuddered as he thought of a certain insane kendoist who kept pining after his girl half.

"Yeah, that would be a bad thing…" said Musa.

"We'll have to at least get you a tux, Ranma." Said Flora.

"I can live with that."

Later on, Ranma gets lead into the mall. The place was lavish and huge. It contained three floors of shops of anything one could think of. At the formal wear shop, Ranma was amazed at the virtual dressing light pillars. The girls would step into a light pillar, then they would suddenly be wearing a virtual version of a dress she's selected from the store's catalog. Ranma found himself staring as the Winx were fitting themselves. They, however, sensed that he was still standing around and quickly tell him to wait outside. They wouldn't allow him to see their final choices until tonight. It had to be a surprise, after all. No point in having him gawk too early before the party. Once Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla exited with their purchases, Ranma enters to get his formal wear. Just as they did with him, Ranma kept the girls out as he didn't want them to see what his final selection is. Again, it had to be a surprise. Fortunately, Nodoka had provided her son a debit card to tap into her secret planetary inheritance.

After getting their purchases, they head back to Alfea to get ready for the party.

Winx dorm…

Ranma was taking a snooze on the couch in the commons room. Also sleeping nearby was Bloom's pet rabbit, Kiko. He had decided to doze off a bit before the welcoming party started. Walking around a mall with six girls proved to be quite a challenge.

"Ranma, wake up." He heard Bloom's voice say.

The cursed boy slowly flutters his eyes drowsily. "Mmmm…. Just five more minutes, Mom… huh?" Just as he was about to sleep again, he had managed to catch a glimpse of his six roommates, causing him to fall off the couch completely. This also woke up Kiko. He immediately straightened himself up as he gazed upon the girls.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla were already dressed in the formal wear they had purchased.

Layla was wearing a sparkling purple strapless gown which hugged her figure quite nicely. The skirt reached down to her ankles which had a slit in the left side to provide better leg movement. On her feet were black high heel sandals.

Tecna had on a black spaghetti strap dress with the skirt stopping just above her knees. She wore a matching black jewel encrusted choker, elbow length silk gloves, and black high heels.

Musa wore something akin to a Chinese silk dress embroidered with music notes. This was dark red, modified into a halter top style, stopping at the middle of her back. The skirt reached her ankles and had slits up both sides, clearing her hips and accenting her legs quite nicely. She wore red slippers and carried a folding fan. Her hair was out if their side tails and just flowed freely down her back at waist length.

Flora was clad in a flowing emerald dress. The straps were halter-style, baring her back all the way to her waist. The front had a deep plunging neckline that reached her navel, displaying cleavage. It was buttoned under her chest by a ruby broach. In her hair she had various flower clips. Peeking out from under her skirt were her red open toe high heels. The dress seemed to be too daring for a girl like her.

Stella wore something what Ranma thought was the most daring outfit. It was an orange colored dress that left little to the imagination. The skirt was form fitting, stopping at mid shin with a short slit up the left side. The top, if one could call it that, seemed to consist of mostly silver-lined strings. The only fabrics were the two silk orange squares which merely covered her breasts, held together by those crisscrossing strings in the front and back. Another silver string connected the top to her skirt and fastened around her neck (think Hana Tsu Vachel's dress in Fear Effect 2). She wore silver high heel sandals and elbow length gloves.

Bloom had on a dark blue dress that flowed to her ankles. The top was a crisscross wraparound style, exposing her midriff and back. It connected with her skirt which trailed behind her while it was slightly parted in the front, displaying her lower legs. She had on black high heel sandals, sky blue elbow length gloves, and gold bangles.

Ranma felt like he was going to die of a massive hemorrhage via the nose.

"So how do we look, Ranma?" asked Stella as she did a pirouette to show off her dress.

The poor boy's face was about as red as his shirt. "Uhhh….you all look… incredibly beautiful…." Kiko also lets out a sound of agreement.

"I'm glad you approve, Ranma." Said Flora as she smiled cutely at him, causing him to get even more flustered. This caused all the girls to giggle at the boy's shyness.

It was then that a noise was heard outside the school gates. Several aircrafts and buses have stopped before Alfea.

"Hey everyone! The students of Red Fountain and Cloud Tower are here!" said Layla as she looked out the window.

"Looks like the party is about to start." Said Tecna.

"You girls go on ahead. I'll catch up with you later." Said Ranma.

"Allright then, we'll see you there!" said Musa as she lead the girls out of the room.

"Don't be late now, Ranma." Said Bloom as she picked up Kiko and left with the others.

Ranma nods and proceeds to get himself ready.

Outside of Alfea…

A certain trio of witches watch in the darkness as the visiting specialists and witches enter the famed school of faeries. They had dark expressions as they think about the ones who had defeated them time and time again.

"Hmpf…. Another party at that annoying faerie's hole…" said Icy in disdain.

"Those traitorous witches!" said Stormy as she saw the throngs of Cloud Tower students and former classmates attending Alfea's party. To the Trix, any witch who has friendly relations to a faerie was no witch at all.

"Sisters, remember what we're here for." Said Darcy, being the rational of the three.

Icy nodded. They had been given the task to try and kidnap Bloom by order of Valtor. Personally, she and her sisters would've rather taken Bloom out themselves, but because of the marks branded on them, they couldn't disobey his orders.

"Still, how are we supposed to do this?" asked Stormy.

"We need to be discreet about this. Said Darcy. "Three entire schools are in there. It would be idiotic to try and take all of them on by ourselves."

Icy and Stormy had to agree. Even they weren't crazy enough to try and face an entire army of faeries, specialists, and witches, not to mention each division's faculties. The Trix had gotten around to the side of Alfea's building and came to a certain window.

"As I recall, that's the room of those Winx faeries." Said Darcy. She was able to remember the room since their scheme of masquerading as Stella years ago in order to steal the Ring of Solaria from her. "If we're lucky, Bloom's still inside. We'll have to draw her out without alerting the whole school."

It was then that they see the silhouette of someone in the window.

"Look! That must be her! Ha, she must be late to her party!" said Stormy.

"I've got something to get her attention!" said Icy as she cupped her hands together, forming a ball of cold air. "Icicle Ransom!"

She fires off the cold ball towards the window. Once it reached its destination, The Trix leave the area.

Winx dorm…

Ranma had just gotten out of the shower and drying himself off, when his martial artist's danger sense went off.


Looking off towards the balcony window, he sees a thick white mist enter from under the glass door. He backs away from it as the mists began to swirl and condense. Finally, a bright flash of light goes off, blinding the Saotome briefly. Once his vision cleared, he saw that the mist was replaced by a wide pillar of ice, which also caused the room temperature to drop a few degrees. Upon closer inspection, Ranma noticed some words engraved in the ice.

'To the little redheaded bane of our lives, if you don't want us to ruin your party, then come to the forest clearing behind the school! Come alone, or the celebration will be crashed literally, with extreme prejudice!'

Ranma gets angry at seeing the threat message. Some sickos are trying to threaten Bloom and the others. Glowing with a red battle aura, he fires off a fireball at the ice pillar, destroying it in an instant. He was grateful for the girls showing him their attack patterns and was able to pick up on them to some degree.

"I'd better take care of this, myself." Said Ranma. "Bloom and the others shouldn't need to get involved in this. Anyone who messes with them messes with me! Hmmm…. Behind the school, huh?"

Quickly getting dressed in his usual kung fu attire, Ranma rushes out to the balcony and jumps down. Reaching the ground, he sprang forward into the forest and ran across the branches. The party will have to wait.

Two minutes after he left, Bloom enters the dorm.

"Sorry for barging in like this, Ranma, but I forgot someth-" she stops when she sees the slight mess in the room. "What happened here?"

Looking down, she saw pieces of ice littering the floor and noticed that the balcony door was open. Going towards the balcony, she looks out into the forest.

'Where's Ranma? I'd better go tell the other girls!'

With that thought in mind, Bloom rushes out of the room.

Forest clearing…

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy stood in the clearing, waiting patiently for Bloom to appear.

"You think she'll appear?" asked Stormy.

"Of course she will." Said Icy. "She's too pure-hearted to let anything happen to anyone else, so she'll have to comply."

"So how will we do this?" asked Darcy.

"We should rough her up a bit." Said Icy. "I'd say a few darkness beams, a tornado to dizzy her up, then I'll finally seal her in an ice coffin. As long as she is too damaged before that, she won't be able to break out of it even with her powers. We can easily drag her off afterwards."

"Why do you suppose Valtor wants her?" asked Stormy.

"Most likely, he wants to kill her himself." Said Darcy.

"I just regret that it won't be by our hand." Said Icy. "I suppose causing her pain should be enough."

"Hey you!"

The Trix looked about after hearing the voice, trying to locate its source.

"Who's there?" Stormy demanded.

"Over there!" said Darcy as she pointed up.

Icy and Stormy looked to where she was pointing and saw a black silhouette flipping out of a tree and landing in a crouching position twelve feet in front of them. Slowly getting up, the Trix were able to see the stranger in the moonlight: a young man dressed in Chinese kung fu attire with black hair done up in a pigtail.

Ranma glared at the three witches before them. Upon seeing the Trix, the Specialists' memories of them activate. These were the witches who had always given the Winx a hard time, doing everything in their power to kill them.

One was a witch dressed in a dark red strapless miniskirt dress, dark stockings, and go-go boots. She wore elbow length matching sleeves on her forearms and a choker and belt ensemble that held an "S" symbol on her torso. Her eyes were heavily shaded with dark red eyeshadow and dark purple hair that seemed to poof out, resembling a storm cloud.

The second witch was clad in dark indigo which consisted of a strapless top and matching pants that stopped at mid shin. She wore low go-go boots and forearm length gloves. She also sported a choker-belt set, but held a "D" symbol on her torso. Her eyes were heavily shaded with dark indigo eyeshadow and had long dark brown straight hair that reached down to her ankles.

The last witch was dressed in dark blue pants and a halter top connected with a royal blue cape that flowed down to her ankles. She had on knee-high high-heeled boots and elbow length sleeves on her forearms. She, too, sported a choker-belt set, which held an "I" symbol on her torso. Her eyes were heavily shaded with dark blue eye shadow and had long snow white hair done up in a top-knot ponytail style which reached her ankles.

"The Trix…" Ranma said in a low tone while giving the witches a hard glare.

"Who the hell are you? Some loser Specialist?" asked Icy.

"I've no need to answer you, ICY." Replied Ranma.

The Trix were a little shocked.

"How did you know my name?"

"Let's just say I've known you all in the past as a different person." Said Ranma as he got into a basic Anything Goes stance. "In any case, you're trying to hurt Bloom and the others and trying to disrupt the party. I simply cannot allow that."

"Ha! And who's gonna stop us? You?" Stormy taunted.

Ranma's eyes narrowed. "I should be more than enough. Just what do you want with Bloom, anyway?"

"That's for us to know and for you to find out." Said Icy. "If we had our way, we'd kill her and her friends."

"What was that!" said Ranma in an angry tone.

"You'll regret crossing us, foolish boy!" said Darcy as she and her sisters attacked.

Ranma managed to jump out of the way of Darcy's darkness beams which shattered the ground he was standing on. He gets blown off his feet by a wind caused by Stormy, but quickly manages to right himself on landing. Icy follows up by firing off chunks of ice at Ranma. Reacting fast, Ranma lashed out with punches and kicks, shattering the ice chunks to pebbles. Icy and her sisters were a little perturbed that the boy had destroyed the ice with just his bare hands.

"Tough little guy, aren't you?" said Icy.

"There's a lot more where that came from." Said Ranma as he got into a stance again.

"Take this! Lightning!" Stormy fires off a bolt of purple electricity at Ranma, who quickly blocks it. He had managed to focus his ki to take the brunt of the attack, but he was still being forced back. Somehow, he had managed to disperse it. "He's a lot tougher than I thought."

"Dopplegangers!" Darcy suddenly split herself into six separate copies of herself and tried to attack Ranma en masse. They surrounded him and fired off beams of darkness at him. Ranma narrowly dodges by scant millimeters. He had been used to fighting multiple opponents at once before numerous times. "Stand still, damn you!"

"Now why would I want to do something as stupid as that?" asked Ranma in a taunting manner. With that said, he utilizes the famous Saotome speed and attacks the Darcy clones. Normally, he wouldn't fight against girls, considering Genma's teachings that 'all women are weak'. However, these girls were anything but, and were playing for keeps. He also knew of their evil intent about wanting to take out Bloom and anyone else in their way. Plus, the Specialists' souls had given him insight to the logic of fighting evil in any form, even if it's female. They were smart enough to not recognize genders in a fight to the death. Doing so would be stupid and a good way to shorten one's life span. If a female were to attack you with an intent to kill, it is by your own right to respond in kind and fight in self-defense. That's what martial arts was about, anyway. (1)

With that in mind, Ranma lashes out with a side kick into a clone's gut, shoving her to the ground and causing it to vanish. Ducking under an attack from behind, he shoves his elbow into the gut of another clone, causing her to vanish. The remaining four Darcy clones produced blades of darkness on her fists and swung wildly at the pigtailed boy. Ranma parries a blow, jumps another one while sending a kick to the face of the offender which vanishes, drops down while ducking shots to his head on either side of him, thrusts out his arms at both sides into palm strikes that knocked the Darcy clones back, back flips up behind the last Darcy who tried to blind-side him, and flips her down, pinning her to the ground on her stomach.

"That wasn't very nice, ganging up on me like that." Said Ranma.

He quickly jumps off of Darcy to avoid a bolt of lightning from Stormy.

"Watch where you're aiming, Stormy!" said Darcy.

"How about some thanks!" said Stormy as she continued her lightning assault on Ranma, who seemed to weave in and out of her attacks.

'I've got to stop her!'

Ranma rushes towards Stormy while avoiding the lightning. Just as he reaches five feet of her, Stormy lets off another lightning volley. "I've got you now!" 'He can't possibly dodge this at this close of a range!'

She became satisfied when her attack seemingly pierced right through Ranma's head, but became confused when he suddenly vanished. "Huh? Where did he- OOOMPH!"

Her intended victim was crouched down with his left palm in her gut. She couldn't understand it. How the hell did he manage to duck under her without her noticing? She didn't know that she had attacked Ranma's after-image while the real one palm struck her. It happened all so fast.

"Im…impossible…" Stormy denied as she sunk down to her knees, holding her stomach in pain.

"You let your guard down." Said Ranma who jumps back and faces off against Icy. "You're next."

"That's it! I've had it with you!" said Icy as she flew up and shot a beam of ice at Ranma. He quickly jumps out of the way. Icy smiles as he fell for her trap. She didn't intend to hit Ranma with the ice beam. The attack struck the ground, causing it to get covered in smooth ice. He lands on the ice, but then slips and falls. "You can't use that foot speed of yours on ice, now can you?"

"Damn!"Ranma cursed at himself for being careless. The ice had killed his sense of balance.

"Ice coffin!" Icy fire off one of her signature spells at Ranma, who wasn't able to get away in time because of the ice he was standing on. Soon, he was incased in ice. "Let that be a lesson for ever crossing with us!"

Suddenly, the ice Ranma was in started to steam, catching Icy by surprise. "What the-!"

The ice began to slightly melt and crack. The ice on the ground followed suit, then finally, exploded into ice cubes and water droplets, knocking Icy back. Once the explosion had passed, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy look up to see the hunched over form of Ranma, who was slightly wet due to the ice melting when breaking out. They also noticed that he was slightly shorter that what they remember. That, and his dark ebony hair was now bright scarlet. Standing up, the Trix noticed that Ranma was a bit curvy.

"That was REAL COLD, Icy…" they heard Ranma say in a higher-pitched voice.

"He's a girl!" said Darcy as she pointed to the now female Ranma-chan.

"It's time I sent you all away. I have a party to catch." Said Ranma-chan. She suddenly felt something inside of her trying to make its way out. Since fighting the Trix, Ranma-chan's faerie blood started to boil. That was when her mother's heritage activated. "HENSHIN!" ("TRANSFORM!")

We girls are the Winx!

Energy created our magic power!

Ranma-chan clasps her hands together, forming the ninja tiger seal. She does a pirouette as her kung fu attire was stripped away while light wraps around her body.

We'll defeat the evil deed of Trix!

We're the new one, we're the Winx!

Ranma! Oh oh oh oh! Ranma! Oh oh oh oh!

She was suddenly wearing silver go-go boots, a mini skirt, and a small tube top that barely contained her endowment. A choker bearing the Yin-Yang symbol appeared on he neck. Her hands had on black finger-less gloves that covered the forearms coupled with silver metal bracers with handguards bearing the Yin-Yang symbol. Sprouting from her back were small butterfly-like gossamer wings. Finally, her red hair became undone, flowing down to mid-back.


We're the Winx!

Ranma-chan the Faerie was born. (2)

Off within the cover of the forest was the Winx Club. They had managed to arrive in time to see Ranma-chan transform herself for the first time. Bloom had left Kiko at the party

"Incredible! Ranma transformed into a faerie!" said Tecna.

"That's so cool!" said Musa.

"Girls! We should go help her!" said Bloom. They had been shocked to see the Trix again and she wanted to help Ranma against them as they were the most powerful foes they had ever faced.

"Hold on a minute, Bloom." said Layla, stopping her friend. "I think Ranma will be able to handle herself."

"Huh? What makes you say that?" asked Bloom.

"She possesses a very powerful energy within herself, probably due to his experiences of her current life." Replied Layla. The girl was able to kill a godling, after all. "We'll only help if she really needs it, but for now, we should just observe."

Bloom and the others just hope that Layla was right about her hunch.

Back to the fight…

'Okay, a little too girly for my tastes…' Ranma-chan thought as she looked over herself. 'And I'm supposed to fight in this?'

"That boy turned into a girl!" exclaimed Stormy.

"Did you do that, Icy?" asked Darcy.

"No I didn't!" Icy denied as she looked at the pseudo-faerie. "What kind of a freak are you!"

Ranma-chan's expression darkened at the insult, then retorts, "At least I'm not some psychotic witch bitch with a chronic PMS problem!"

"WHAT THE HELL DID YOU JUST SAY!" Icy raged. She, Darcy, and Stormy stood poised to attack. "THAT'S IT! YOU'RE DEAD!"

The three ex-students of Cloud Tower rushed at Ranma-chan, throwing spells at point blank with intent to kill the impertinent girl. Ranma-chan effortlessly dodged the rage-driven attacks thanks to her new wings. Soon, the ground around them was littered with ice, burn marks, and holes. She continued to dodge the attacks while leading them into a spiral….

"What's she doing?" asked Stella. "If she doesn't attack, she'll be history!"

Ranma-chan smirked as she baited the Trix with their rage as she emitted calmness of the Soul of Ice.

"You girls REALLY shouldn't have ganged up on me!" said Ranma-chan as she threw her fist up in a twisting uppercut. "HIRYU SHOTEN HA!" ("RISING DRAGON ASCENSION WAVE!")


Ranma-chan was surrounded by a huge tornado that struck out in a seven foot radius. Coupled with the natural magic reserves of her faerie form as well as her own ki, the resulting wind was devastating. The column of ki-powered wind shot upwards, sending the Trix flying over the horizon. Once the wind had died down, there stood Ranma-chan in a shallow crater.

"Well, that was fun." Said Ranma-chan as she focused her ki to heal her minor injuries before reverting back to human mode, her hair returning to its pigtailed style.


Hearing her name, she looked off to the side and saw Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla rushing towards him. They bear-hugged her from all sides before easing off later.

"Ranma! Are you all right?" asked Flora.

"That was amazing!" said Stella.

"Don't worry, I'm fine." Said Ranma-chan. "Just had a little run-in with those Trix girls."

"And you sent them flying!" said Musa.

"What happened?" asked Bloom.

"Icy had sent a threat message to the room, so I answered it in order to prevent them from trying to attack Alfea." Replied Ranma.

"That was quite foolhardy, taking them on by yourself." Said Tecna.

"Well it's not like it was something I haven't done before." Said Ranma-chan.

"In any case, I'm glad you're safe, Ranma." Said Flora.

"And a disaster has been averted." Said Bloom.

"But Ranma, you should learn to trust in us more." Said Stella. "You can't just go off fighting by yourself. You're not alone anymore."

Ranma-chan bows her head. "Sorry about that…"

"Hey girls! We got to get to the party!" said Musa.

"Hey! That's right!" said Layla. "C'mon! Let's go!"

The seven girls quickly rush back to the campus.

Entrance of the great hall later…

Bloom and the others waited near the door leading to the great hall. Ranma-chan had earlier gone back to the dorm room to revert male again and get ready.

"Where is he? He should've been here by now." Said Tecna as she looked at her watch.

"He did just come out of a fight with the Trix, you know." Said Layla.

"Sorry I'm late."

They looked off to the side and gazed in awe at Ranma decked out in his formal wear. He wore white dress shoes and pants which was held up by a red cummerbund. His white dress shirt had a few tufts at the front of his collar. He wore a matching silver overcoat, which was a trench style as the coat tail reached mid shin. It was enough to take their breath away. One could almost see the hearts floating.

"Well then, shall we go?" asked Ranma as he took a bow to the six stunned girls. Shaken out of their reverie, the Winx smiled and nodded. "Sa, ikuzo!" ("Alright, let's go!")

With that said, Ranma leads the way through the doors with the girls following on either side of him.

The mingling faeries, specialists, and witches stopped to see the new arrivals. The specialists were practically drooling at the sight of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla, while the faeries and witches looked with infatuation at Ranma.

"I feel a little nervous…" said Bloom. Ranma nodded in agreement.

"Oh come on! When you've got it, you flaunt it!" said Stella as she strutted.

Nodoka saw from the corner of her eye at her son and the six girls accompanying him.

'My son is truly manly!'

To be continued…


Ranma: That was a great party! What next?

Tecna: We got to go back to class.

Ranma: Aw damn!

Bloom: It won't be so bad. It's a new year!

Flora: Professor Saladin was grateful to see his grandson again, albeit in a different form.

Ranma: I really don't like using weapons. Huh? Why am I drawn to these things? I always fight unarmed!

Stella: His souls are responding again! Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Half a Faerie, Half a Specialist'.

Ranma: I think I've found some new moves…..

Author's notes:

Whew! That was the longest chapter I've written so far! Trying to describe fight scenes is hard. Had to make a few corrections caught by my current readers. Those things are kinda hard to keep track of. Please read and review and look forward to the next chapter!

(1) How true. A fighter who just lets himself get beat by a female opponent simply because she's a girl is really stupid. This is why I like Ryu Hoshi (Street Fighter), Batman (Batman), and Yusuke Urameshi (Yu Yu Hakusho). They don't let something like gender stop them from doing what needs to be done, they focus on the task at hand. Of course, if a female enemy threatened to kill someone you care about right before you, you'd naturally want to smack her for trying that (ex. Inuyasha had no problem fighting Yura of the Hair and Kagura since they tried to kill either him or Kagome).

(2) Yeah, I stuck in the original Rai transformation song here.

Chapter Seven: Half a Faerie, Half a Specialist!

Wizgiz's class…

Ranma-chan sits in her metamorphosis class listening to Wizgiz's lecture on other methods of metamorphosis. Aside from the fight with the Trix, the party last night was great. Plus, she had never seen so much food in her life. She had to restrain herself, of course. This wasn't like the 'party battleground' held at the Chardins' where she had to eat the food quickly before any of those endless-void-mouthed freaks get to them first. She had also managed to meet up with the faculties of Red Fountain and Cloud Tower who had also attended.


"Oh Ranma, I'm glad you could make it!" said Faragonda. "Would you come over for a moment?" She was currently with the Red Fountain and Cloud Tower faculties.

"Sure thing, Faragonda-sensei." Said Ranma as he broke away from the girls. He noticed the company she had. One was a short old man with past-waist-length gray hair, wore a white dress shirt and pants set, and a gold vest. He carried a gold staff with the head in the shape of a dragon holding a ruby orb. Next to him was a tall muscular mustached man in a blue sleeveless vest, white pants with blue knee-guards and boots, and silver bracers. He looked like he could wrestle a troll (and can).

Ranma looked over to the three dark pale-skinned ladies next to Faragonda. One wore a dark dress with white sleeves and forearm length gloves. The white collar of her dress was tall and pointed like that of a vampire's cape. She had dark purple hair that seemed bobbed and had a portion braided and sticking out on the top of her head like a horn. On either side of her were her co-professors. One was in a dark reddish-purple outfit and had black shoulder-length hair with streaks of gray. The other wore a dark cyan outfit and had short dark green hair in a pageboy style.

"Everyone, this is Ranma Saotome." Said Faragonda.

"Is he the one, Faragonda?" asked Griffon.

Ranma looked towards her, but his attention fell on the short old man. Helia's memories come to the fore.


The head of Red Fountain was surprised to hear Ranma refer him as Grandpa.

"Helia?" asked Saladin in a shaky voice. He remembered Faragonda's plan of reincarnating his lost grandson and his classmates.

"It's not just him, Saladin." Said Faragonda. "He's also Sky, Brandon, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu."

The faculties of Red Fountain and Cloud Tower were shocked.

"You mean this boy is the reincarnation of those five specialists and the magician?" asked Griffin.

"That is correct, my dear Griffin." Replied Faragonda "And it was obviously a success."

Saladin looks over at Ranma. "Tell me, before coming to Red Fountain, where did you attend?"

"I was originally in an art school, but you wished for me to attend Red Fountain as a specialist. I attended because there was someone I wanted to protect." Replied Ranma. He looks over at Flora before addressing Saladin again. "I also remember you sending me, as Sky and Brandon, to accompany Bloom, Stella, and Layla to Shadowhaunt on a rescue mission. Before that, Red Fountain got destroyed by the Army of Darkness lead by the Trix, then rebuilt again as a tower."

Saladin was again shocked, he nearly dropped his staff. "It really is you, not just you, but my other students as well…" He walks up to Ranma and embraces him, happy that his grandson and students were alive, albeit a combined individual. Ranma couldn't help but return in kind to Saladin, who, at the same time, was and was not his grandfather.

"You've outdone yourself, Faragonda." Commented Griffin. Her associates, Ediltrude and Zarathustra, couldn't help but agree.

Saladin goes over to the Alfea director, then takes and kisses her hand. "I cannot thank you enough for this, Faragonda."

"You don't have to thank me, my dear Saladin." Said Faragonda. "I'm just happy to have helped in bringing them back."

"I can adjust to them being the same person." Said Saladin. "It's good to see you again, my grandson…. No I'm sorry…. Ranma. You are your own person, after all."

"Thanks, Headmaster." Said Ranma, then turns to see the girls waving to him. "Excuse me, I'm being called over."

The faculties watched as Ranma heads back towards the Winx girls.

"I see that they're okay with their boyfriends being the same person?" asked Saladin.

"Pretty much, Saladin." Replied Faragonda.

"I'd like to have him come by Red Fountain some time." Said Saladin.

"I'm sure we can work something out, Saladin." Said Faragonda.

Back to Ranma, the pigtailed boy approaches Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla.

"So what's up?" he asked.

"Um… would you…. like to dance?" asked Bloom nervously.

"Hey wait! I want to dance with him!" said Stella.

"No way! Me!" said Musa.

"I'd like to dance, too, if you don't mind, Ranma." Said Flora.

Ranma could only sweatdrop at the spectacle. "Now now now, since Bloom asked first, I'll dance with her. You'll all get your chance." That last bit sounded like Brandon talking.

Bloom became happy while the others were disappointed. She accompanies Ranma to the dance floor when slow music began to play. They watched as Ranma and Bloom did the waltz around the room. The Pixies were floating around, enjoying the music and festivities. Piff, however was busy downing a cup of cocoa, and Zing, cosplaying as a music conductor, was waving a baton.

"Don't worry, Ranma said he'd give us all a chance." Said Tecna. "We'll just have to decide on order."

"I agree. It's only fair." Said Layla.

"So what do you suggest?" asked Flora.

"Let's settle this with Rock-Paper-Scissors!" said Musa.

"Good idea!" said Stella. "Let's do this!"

The five girls huddled up and started to play for dance order. (1)

"You've ever danced before, Ranma?" asked Bloom.

"No I haven't." said Ranma. "All I was ever interested in was martial arts. Odd, how am I dancing so well?"

"It's probably your sense of balance." Said Bloom. She and Ranma were able to avoid bumping into the other dancing couples. "Or maybe your souls are giving you the information since they've ballroom danced before."

"That's probably it…" said Ranma. He was able to do that awful figure skating match, but barely. Aside from that, Ranma couldn't really imagine himself dancing with any of his previous fiancees.

Afterwards, Ranma was able to dance with the other girls. He danced with Tecna next, then Layla, Musa, Flora, and finally Stella (she was not very good at rock-paper-scissors). Still, the wait was worth it. It seemed to have been a magical night for all of them, in more ways than one.

End flashback

"Not only are you able to change appearance but you can also magically change your clothes." Wizgiz continued with his lecture. "Of course, you'd have to physically own your own clothes that you're trying to spell yourself into."

Ranma-chan looks up at this. 'Hmmmm… that could save me a lot of embarrassment.' She shuddered as she remembered the kinds of humiliation she had in the past due to her curse. One instance was when she was fighting Kodachi in Akane's place and had to wear a pink leotard. She didn't want to think about what would've happened if she were caught in male form dressed like that, which almost did. Another was when she tried to sneak into the girls' gym locker in search of that so-called Japanese Spring of Drowned Man, but was thwarted when she got dumped with hot water while wearing girls' gym shorts.

With renewed interest, Ranma-chan focuses on the lecture.

Entrance of Alfea

Once classes were over for the day, Ranma, reverted male, heads towards the shuttle bus. Behind him were the Winx girls.

"Saladin wanted to see you?" asked Flora.

"Yeah, he said he had something for me." Replied Ranma. "Plus, I was wanting to see what this school is like."

"I seriously doubt any of the other guys would be any match for you." said Stella, which only served to boost Ranma's ego.

"Heh, yeah, I doubt it, too." Said Ranma with his signature confidence.

"Here comes the shuttle." Said Layla as she pointed at the levi-bus.

Red Fountain

Ranma couldn't help but be impressed at the setup of the school for Specialists. It was an overseeing tower with a huge platform on top and waterfalls pouring out. Again, the pigtailed boy had started having a sense of familiarity there. The place where his souls had once called home.

Heading up, Ranma managed to find the office of Headmaster Saladin without any trouble or guidance. Inside were Saladin and Codatorta, head of discipline.

"Oh, Ranma! I'm glad you could make it!" said Saladin. "You found the place okay?"

"Yes I did, Headmaster." Replied Ranma. "I somehow knew exactly where your office was."

Saladin nodded. "I thought as much, since you hold the memories of my grandson and students."

"So what did you want to see me about?" asked Ranma.

"This." Saladin motions for Codatorta to bring him a small chest. Ranma and the girls approach his desk to see what was inside the chest. It appeared to contain what looked like sword hilts. Ranma recognized them as the weapons of Specialists.

Picking up a sword hilt, the weapon then activates itself and extends a blue meter long blade of light. Although traditionally a bare-fisted fighter, it somehow felt natural for him to hold that sword. Bloom recognized that sword to be the one that Sky always favored using.

"These weapons used to belong to Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, and Timmy." Saladin explained. "Since they now live as a part of you, it's only right that you have them."

Putting the sword back in the chest after deactivating the blade, he closes and takes it. "Thanks, Headmaster Saladin."

"Oh please, just call me Gramps!" Saladin said humorously.

"Sure thing, Gramps!" said Ranma.

The muscle-bound Codatorta approaches Ranma. "So Ranma, I hear that you're quite the fighter."

"You heard right!" said Ranma with pride. "I'm the heir to the Saotome School of Anything Goes Martial Arts!"

"Never heard of that style, but sounds strong." Codatorta commented. "Would you care to challenge me?"

Saladin and the girls were a bit surprised at his question. However, Ranma, being the proper martial artist, couldn't back down.

The practice field…

Ranma and Codatorta stood facing each other in the middle of the training grounds. The student Specialists watched with interest at the upcoming fight. They didn't think that the scrawny-looking pigtailed youth had a chance against their larger muscular professor. They'll soon learn to not judge a book by its cover.

Standing in the sidelines were Saladin and the Winx girls.

"I hope Codatorta doesn't hurt him too much." Said Saladin with worry.

"Actually, I hope that Ranma doesn't hurt Codatorta too much." Said Layla.

This caused Saladin to make a double take. "What? Are you saying that Ranma is really that strong?"

"That, and a lot more." Said Musa.

"I calculate that this will take less than a minute." Said Tecna, adding in her input.

"Are you ready, Ranma?" asked Codatorta.

"As I'll ever be!" said Ranma as he slid into an Anything Goes stance.

Saladin holds up his staff. "Begin!"

Codatorta sprung forward with a punch to the face. Ranma predicted the move and simply parries it with his hand. The professor lashes out with his other fist, which Ranma dodges. Codatorta continues to throw blow after blow at Ranma, but he continues to evade him.

"Hmmm… your pretty quick, boy…" Codatorta admitted. "However, can you dodge this?"

Ranma accidentally falls for a feint and winds up getting grabbed by his collar. "Erk!" The muscled man swings him over his head and slams him into the pavement. There was a loud crashing noise as a huge cloud of dust kicked up.

"Ranma!" Saladin called out. However, the girls didn't seem to worried, much to his confusion.

The Red Fountain students cheered, seeing their professor supposedly victorious. The new guy didn't stand a chance. Codatorta was able to wrestle an ogre after all. Once the dust settle, they were shocked.

There was Ranma, still held firmly by Codatorta. He was meant to have been slammed on his back, but he stopped himself in time using his legs. There was a crater around his feet at the point of impact.

"What the…?"

Ranma smirks. "Almost had me there." He quickly flips and kicks Codatorta in the face, causing him to let go. 'Too close! He's obviously packing a lot of power there. More of a grappler. Would've been bad to get get slammed by him. I'd better take him out now before he grabs hold of me again!' He decided to finish the match in kind.

Codatorta recovers and charges at Ranma again to try for another grab and slam. This time, however, Ranma reacts. Ducking under his grab, he kicks upward at Codatorta's chin, sending him flying up fifteen feet. With almost inhuman speed, Ranma jumps up after the flying body of Codatorta, grabs him around the arms from behind, then turns themselves upside-down and spins like a drill.


There was a loud crash as Ranma slammed Codatorta headfirst into the pavement as dust kicked up. As it cleared, there stood Ranma, over his beaten opponent. Codatorta could be heard groaning.

"Ugh…. Alright… I give…." He said while sitting up.

"The winner is Ranma!" said Saladin.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla cheered as Ranma won with such a fascinating move. Soon, the students of Red Fountain started to cheer. There was never anyone who was able to do that to their professor.

"You're as strong as they say, Ranma." Said Codatorta as he was helped back up by Ranma.

"Thanks, you weren't bad yourself." Said Ranma.

"Oh Ranma! You won!" said Flora and she jumped on Ranma, nearly causing him to fall over. However, when the other five joined in, they all winded up falling over. Saladin and Codatorta look at them in amusement.

"Are you all right, Codatorta?" asked Saladin. "You took a pretty nasty drop there."

"Heh, I'm all right, sir." Replied Codatorta. "Just feeling a little dizzy, is all."

"From the spin or the slam?"

"Both, I guess. I'll have to try and learn that myself…"

Outside of Alfea

After returning, the girls went back to the dorm while Ranma goes outside the school walls with the chest he had gotten from Saladin. Taking out Sky's sword, he activated the blade and swung it a few times to get a feel for it. He spies a boulder off to the side. Looking at it, Ranma focuses his ki into the blade and charges. He takes rapid-fire slashes at the rock and lands in a crouch behind it. The boulder sat there, as if untouched. Suddenly, the boulder falls apart into neatly sliced pieces.

"I've never even used a sword in my life, yet I'm so proficient…" said Ranma as he looked at his handiwork.

Putting the sword away, he looked at the gauntlets. Fitting them on his hands, he noticed some openings on the back of the hand guards. Activating the gauntlets, four gold light cables shot out from each hand. They entangled around a tree branch and pulled Ranma up to it. Quickly flipping before he gets slammed into the branch, he rights himself as the cables reigned in.

"Close…. they're like grappling chords." Said Ranma. "I almost feel like that gaijin superhero… what was his name? Oh yeah, Spiderman!"

Leaping down, he looks at another boulder. 'Hmmm…. I wonder….'

He shoots the light cables at the boulder, wrapping it around. Ranma then focuses his ki into the cables, then suddenly pulls hard. The cables returned, but the boulder falls into neat slices. He had cause the cables to be as dense as steel, but as twined as piano strings. (3)

"Whoa… that's dangerous. I'd better be careful on how to handle these things…"

Ranma decides to call it a day and packs up to head back to the dorm. It was a school night, after all.

To be continued…


Ranma: I feel like I keep getting stronger the more I stay in this realm. Now if only I could control my transformations.

Musa: Whoa! So now you're both a faerie and a specialist? Best of both worlds, I'd say!

Tecna: The power of the specialist and the magic of the faerie. You are quite unique!

Ranma: I'm not really all that special, girls. There seems to be some trouble in the city. What's happening?

Layla: It's the Trix wrecking havoc again!

Bloom: What do they want now? Was Valtor involved in their breakout? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Sore Losers! The Trix Attacks!'

Ranma: Uh… Stella? What're you doing with those clothes?

Stella: Hehehe!

Author's notes:

Ranma's now discovered some of the weapon abilities of the Specialists, not to mention adding a few of his own. He always has a tendency to improve upon a technique to suit the situation. When he tried to master using the Shi Shi Hokodan to beat Ryoga, he instead created the Moko Takabisha since he couldn't draw upon depression as well as the bandanna clad lost boy can. There was also the time when Ranma revises the Hiryu Shoten Ha into the Hiryu Korin Dan in order to defeat Herb of the Musk since he knew how to counter the original technique.

As you know, this is a haremfic. Because of the Specialists' souls in Ranma, he becomes drawn towards Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. Six girls ought to be enough for him, so you can forget about Ranma being paired up with the fiancee brigade (especially with a certain tomboy who shall remain nameless). However, I have something planned for Shampoo and Ukyou later on... His love will be split only amongst those six.

(1) Just like in Sailor Moon S when Usagi (Serena) was dancing with Haruka (Amara), then Rei, Minako, Makoto, and Ami (Raye, Mina, Lita, and Amy respectively) played rock-paper-scissors with each other to determine order of who gets to dance with her next.

(2) The move used by Ryu Hayabusa from DOA and Ninja Gaiden Black. Rock Lee fron Naruto also uses this move when doing his Primary Lotus, except this is without the wrapping with the handwraps. Could be considered a ninja piledriver.

(3) I've decided to give Helia's weapon the same attributes as Walter's wires in Hellsing, making it just as lethal as any bladed weapon.

Chapter Eight: Sore Losers! The Trix Attacks!

Evening, Winx dorm…

It has been almost a week since Ranma had come to Alfea. Lately, he had been practicing his magical prowess as well as his martial arts skill. More importantly, he had been practicing the shape-shifting abilities taught in Wizgiz's class. Ranma wanted to overcome the water trigger of his curse more than anything. It may not get rid of it completely, but it helped to avoid transforming at inopportune times, which in the past, had always been every time.

In the past, he was able to transform his hair color and switch attires (between his kung fu outfit and his formal wear). Lately, to a degree, Ranma was able to switch between his two forms without water. It took about three minutes to switch after getting splashed, but soon, he'd be able to do it almost instantaneously. Needless to say, Wizgiz was impressed with Ranma's progress. He tended to be a fast learner.

"It seems you're getting the hang of metamorphing yourself, Ranma." Said Zing. She had been observing Ranma with his practices of handling his Jusenkyo curse. Seeing that he could turn into a girl, she could understand why she was bonded to him when pixies are usually bonded to faeries.

"Thanks, Zing." Said Ranma. "I've been training on it. I hope to be able to change as instantaneously as you do."

"Don't worry, you'll get the hang of it in no time!" Zing then dresses herself up in the kung fu attire Ranma wears and had her hair in a pigtail. "I'm of the Everything-Went!"

"That's Anything-Goes, Zing." Ranma laughed.

"Whoops…" Zing looked embarrassed as she reverted back to herself. "By the way, Ranma what happened back in Professor Saotome's class?"

Ranma winced as he thought back to that time earlier.


Nodoka's class

"Today, class, we shall learn how to channel ki into objects." Said Nodoka. "By doing this, you can make almost any object into a weapon." She had on her desk a deck of playing cards and a silk scarf. Off to the side was a pair of pedestals with an apple placed on them.

"Ordinary objects like these cards and scarf can be lethal with an application of ki." Nodoka picks up three of the playing cards and charges them with her ki. They faintly glow blue, then get thrown at one of the apples. The cards seemingly pass through the fruit, but then falls apart into four slices. The cards themselves get embedded in the opposite wall. The class looked on with amazement.

"Now then, who would like to give it a go?" Nodoka asked.

"I'd like to try, Saotome-sensei!" Stella said while getting up from her seat. The class had preferred to address Nodoka as Saotome-sensei.

"Alright then, Stella, come on up."

Stella gets up and goes towards the desk. She picks up the silk scarf.

"Now then, Stella, focus your ki into the scarf and strike the apple." Nodoka instructed.

The blonde faerie of the Sun and Moon nods as she focuses her ki. She noticed a few days ago that she was able to channel ki through her sense of vanity. As she thought about how beautiful she is and her pride in her physical appearance, the scarf glowed a faint magenta. Stella then whips the scarf at the apple, which explodes the fruit on the spot due to the force. Students had to cover their faces to block the apple tidbits.

"Whoops… heheh…. I guess I overdid it…" Stella said in embarrassment.

Ranma-chan couldn't help but be impressed, Stella had managed to use that scarf like a bullwhip.

"That was quite powerful, Stella." Said Nodoka. "A lack of control, but powerful, nonetheless…"

It was then that some of the pixie pets had flown through the door and out an open window. Nodoka and the students could only laugh as the pets made their rounds about the campus.

"Oh, maybe I should've shut the door?" said Nodoka.

Ranma-chan observed the pixie pets, which looked like little animals with faerie wings: a frog, a seahorse, a bear, a crab (huh?), a porcupine, and a…

The pig-tailed redhead's eyes widened as he saw a winged…

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! CAT CAT CAT!" She immediately shot upward from her seat and grabbed onto the ceiling with a vice-like grip. This startled and caught the attention of everyone in the room. She was trembling like crazy as the cat pixie pet looked with confusion and just flew out the window.

Nodoka and the class looked up at the scared Ranma-chan with worry. "!"

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla remembered that Ranma-chan had suffered a severe case of allurophobia due to the Neko Ken training.

Zing flies in, hearing the commotion, and saw her bonded faerie latched onto the ceiling. She was understandably confused as to what she was doing.

"Oh my, Ranma certainly jumps high, doesn't she?" said Flora.

End flashback

"I'm scared to death of cats because of a training exercise my idiot father put me through…" said Ranma.

Zing was livid. "You're scared of cats, Ranma? But they're so cute and harmless!"

"Not when they savagely eat food strapped to your body." Said Ranma. "And that was the training for it."

"What! What kind of sick mind would think of that?" ask Zing incredulously.

"Kami-sama only knows that…" said Ranma.

"You should try doing something about that fear of yours, Ranma." Said Zing. "Who knows what would happen if any of your enemies took advantage of that. Oh! I just remembered! I have to go meet the others! I'll see you around, Ranma!"

With that, Zing flies out the balcony.

"Yoo-hoo! Ranma!"

Ranma turns to see Stella coming into the room. Behind her were the other Winx.

"Oh, girls! What's going on?" asked Ranma.

"We thought we'd go out to Magix for a bite." Said Layla. "Would you like to come?"

Ranma's stomach audibly growls, which earned him some giggles from the girls. He blushes with embarrassment, but the thought of food was appealing.

"I'm so ready for that!" said Ranma as he stood up. "We leaving now?"

"Not just yet, Ranma…" said Stella. "There's something we want to do, first…"

"Uh… what's that?" asked Ranma nervously.

The girls grab Ranma and lead him into Stella's room. There was a chair in the middle and her wardrobe closet was opened. The blonde gestures to the dark-skinned faerie. Nodding, Layla materializes a glass of water and splashes Ranma with it, turning him to his girl form.

"Wh-what're you doing!" asked Ranma-chan. She did not like where this was going.

"Oh, your kung fu outfit looks great on such a handsome guy, but it doesn't look cute at all on a girl!" said Stella with a sly grin. "Therefore… it's time for a makeover game!"


"I'm afraid I have to agree, Ranma." Said Musa.

"I tried to talk her out of it, but it just sounded too interesting to pass up!" said Bloom while smiling.

"Sorry about this…" Flora apologized.

"Not you, too!" said Ranma-chan.

The door to Stella's room closed as the screams of a pigtailed girl echoed through the campus.

City of Magix

"Ahh…. It feels so nice out today!" said Musa as she got off the bus.

"I agree, despite the fact that it's evening.." Said Tecna.

Layla, Stella, Flora, and Bloom soon exited the bus.

"Come on out, Ranma!" Stella called.

Ranma-chan slowly got off of the bus. Her feet still had on her usual black kung fu shoes, but the rest of her was definitely different. She had on dark blue jeans and a short denim jacket with the sleeves folded to the forearms. Underneath the jacket she wore a red bikini bra with orange flame prints. Her red hair was not in her usual pigtail, but instead flowed to her mid-back, the pigtail starting at just below the shoulders instead of directly at her scalp.

"I feel so stupid…" said a blushing Ranma-chan. She couldn't believe she was forced into a makeover game. These girls had such strange ways of fun. Thank God she was still wearing her boxers underneath. She'd tolerate wearing girls' clothing, but she draws the line at undergarments. She had to keep her dignity, after all.

"Come on, Ranma! You look fine!" said Stella and she pulled on her arm. "I've really outdone myself!"

"I think you look great, Ranma!" said Flora as she took her other arm.

"Alright then, let's go!" said Musa as she led them all into the city.

They all head towards an outdoor café to eat out at. Each had ordered a cheesecake slice. Bloom had cookies n' cream, Stella chocolate mousse, Flora strawberry, Musa lemon raspberry cream, Tecna, tiramisu, Layla coconut chocolate cream, and Ranma-chan went for the chocolate mudslide. The pigtailed girl couldn't help but revel in the rich taste and texture of the pastry.

"Damn this is good!" said Ranma-chan.

"Slow down, Ranma!" said Bloom. "You could choke!"

Ranma-chan quickly restrains herself. "Sorry about that… you know, I never did eat stuff like this when I'm a guy. Why is that?"

"Oh? You mean you don't have much of a sweet tooth?" asked Flora.

"Not that I know of…" said Ranma-chan.

Suddenly, the waiter puts down seven specialty ice creams on their table. It was a big scoop of strawberry ice cream in a pineapple bowl topped with raspberries. A cocktail umbrella and a spoon sticks out of each dish.

"Huh? We didn't order this." Said Layla.

"Eh heheheh… um… I just thought you'd like some of this…. my treat, or course…" the young waiter said nervously.

"Really? We can have these? For free?" Ranma-chan asks excitedly while smiling cutely.

Swooned, the waiter uses his serving tray to cover his face with embarrassment and runs off giggling.

"All right! Free eats!" said Ranma-chan as she took one of the ice cream dishes. "Itadakimasu!"

As Ranma-chan digs in, Bloom and the others followed suit, though in a more restrained manner. It would be rude to refuse free food. (1)


"Ooooh! That was good stuff!" said Ranma-chan.

"I think I'm full…" said Musa.

"Well, we should return back to Alfea." Said Tecna.

"Yeah, I want to change so bad!" said Ranma-chan.

"Aw come on, Ranma! It wasn't so bad being dressed up so beautifully." Teased Stella.

"Yeah right…" Ranma-chan grumbled. She could've easily changed her clothes magically thanks to the lessons she's learned in metamorphosis class, but she didn't want to offend Stella.

Something was caught from the corner of Bloom's eye. Turning, she saw a little light-blue-furred rabbit hopping away.

"Kiko?" said Bloom in a puzzled tone.

"Huh? Kiko?" said Ranma-chan.

"Didn't you leave him at the dorm, Bloom?" asked Flora.

"I thought I did." Said Bloom. "Did he somehow sneak on board?"

"We'd better catch him!" said Layla.

The seven girls sprinted off in the direction where the rabbit had hopped off to. Somehow, he kept evading them, then would be seen again to give chase.

"Wait, Kiko!" Bloom called out.

They continued to follow him, not realizing that they had wound up at an old abandoned lot on the outskirts of the city. Finally, the rabbit stops in the middle of the field and turns to look at the girls with red glowing eyes. This caused the faeries to stop in their tracks.

"Wait! That's not Kiko!" said Bloom.

"Correct, Bloom!" said 'Kiko' in a familiar voice. An aura of darkness surrounds the rabbit, shifting form, and turns into Darcy. "It was so easy to bait you!"

"Darcy!" said Musa with venom in her voice.

Icy and Stormy appeared on either side of their darkness-based sister.

"We've been waiting, faeries!" said Icy.

"Icy! Stormy!" said Bloom as she and the others got into defensive stances. "How did you get out of Light Rock!"

"We were let out on good behavior!" Stormy mocked.

"Yeah right! Like you know how to be on good behavior!" retorted Stella.

Ranma-chan narrowed her eyes as she once again faces off against the Trix. "What's wrong? The last beating I gave you wasn't enough?"

The Trix looked over at Ranma-chan and recognized her as the one who had defeated them so easily.

"You! I'll make sure I make you suffer for the last time!" said Icy in anger.

"You're welcome to try, ice-cube!" taunted Ranma-chan.

Flora then noticed something on the Trix's faces. "Girls! Look!"

Bloom and the others became alarmed when they saw the marking of a wicked-looking letter 'V' over a circle.

"The Mark of Valtor? So he broke you out!" said Bloom as her anger started to rise.

"That's right! And we'll drag you to him by force if we have to!" said Darcy.

"Let's take these new abilities for a test drive!" said Stormy.


Valtor was once again using Shadowhaunt as a base of operations until a suitable one was available. He was angry that the Trix had failed to bring Bloom back and was punishing them by activating their marks.

"You idiots! I asked you to bring back one faerie and you failed!" yelled Valtor at the pain-wracked forms of Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. They winced at his anger while trying to take the pain of their elemental opposites coming from their marks.

"It… it wasn't our fault, Valtor!" Icy pleaded while she was burning. "We ran into some unexpected trouble…."

"You lost to a CROSS-DRESSER! That's what you did!" yelled Valtor as he upped the level of intensity on the marks, making the witches scream out more.

"F-forgive us, Valtor! We'll do better next time!" said Darcy as her body started emitting beams of light.

"Please, Valtor!" said Stormy, who was stoned at the neck while cracks appeared all over her body.

"Oh you'd better!" said Valtor as he finally halted the marks. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy's bodies were back to normal, but the pain was still there. "I'll just have to give you new abilities so that you won't have any excuse to lose."

He holds up his hand and engulfs each witch in a dark aura. Each girl could feel herself being augmented.

"Now go. I have other matters to attend to." Valtor disappears into a portal, off to steal the magic from some hapless planet.

End flashback

"Ice servants!"

"Shadow servants!"

"Lightning servants!"

Ice fragments formed together to create two seven-foot ice golems armed with icicle clubs. Shadows in the ground had risen and taken dark shapes of black armored knights, one held a wicked sword, the other a halberd. Lightning struck, which created two being made of pure lightning, which audibly crackled.


Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stood with defiant looks and said two words.


Ranma-chan looks in awe at the sight of the girls transforming into their final faerie forms. Although she knows of them due to the memories of the Specialists, it was still something to see it in person.

… oh oh oh ooooh ooooooh! Enchantix!

Magical powder!

Maximum power!


Powers upon me!

Powerful, magical!

Wonderful, dimension!

Powerful Enchantix!

Incredible vision, incredible power of Winx!

Enchantix! (2)

Bloom was dressed in a short frilly multi-layered halter dress colored turquoise, cyan, and light blue. The dress was slightly opened in the front, showing a bit of cleavage. She had pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves on her arms and blue barefoot sandals on her feet. Two sets of blue, heart-shaped barrettes were worn on either side of her head. Brightly-colored, bejeweled, butterfly-like gossamer wings protruded from her back. Her red hair lengthened down to her ankles.

Stella wore an orange short skirt that resembled the petals of a flower with a pink strip in front and back. She also sported a small orange top with a star design hanging over the cleavage, had pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves on her arms and orange barefoot sandals on her feet. A turquoise tiara rests on her head and bejeweled gossamer wings protruded from her back. Her blonde hair had also lengthened to her ankles, as well as grown an extra set of pigtails on either side of her head.

Flora had on a short fushia-colored dress with a halter strap looped around her neck and fastened in the middle of her chest. Pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves were on her arms and cyan barefoot sandals on her feet. She wore a cyan tiara on her head as bejeweled gossamer wings protruded from her back. Her brown hair had lengthened down to her ankles and was styled in several elegant pigtails.

Musa was clad in a puffy magenta diamond skirt with a matching magenta tube top. The top had a yellow cloth hanging from the right shoulder and the skirt another yellow cloth hanging from the left hip. She had pink, translucent above-the-elbow gloves on her arms and thistle barefoot sandals on her feet. A thistle tiara rests on her head and bejeweled gossamer wings on her back. Her black pigtails lengthened to the back of her knees.

Tecna was dressed in a violet shorts and tube top ensemble. The top had a light green triangular front design that connected to a metallic-sheened outer short skirt wrapped around her shorts. . She had silver, translucent above-the-elbow gloves on her arms and violet barefoot sandals on her feet. A soft green beret clip was placed upon the left side of her head and bejeweled gossamer wings on her back. Her previously short violet hair had lengthened to just past the shoulders.

Layla was wearing a frilly cyan tube top decorated with magenta and yellow with a matching short skirt. Each part had hanging cloth parts on the bottom resembling waving seaweed. She had yellow, translucent above-the-elbow gloves on her arms and green barefoot sandals on her feet. A cyan forehead tiara bearing pearls wraps around her head as bejeweled gossamer wings protrude from her back. Her dark brown curly hair had gained streaks, grew braided pigtails, and lengthened to her ankles.

Although currently a girl, Ranma-chan felt a nosebleed coming on as she saw her six roommates transform, wearing skimpy outfits. The short skirts and barefoot sandals they all had only emphasized how shapely and sexy their legs are…

She quickly shakes her head and focuses on the task at hand. (3)

The two ice golems lunge for Bloom and Musa. Stella and Tecna were fighting the shadow knights while Flora and Layla tangled with the lightning monsters. That left Ranma-chan with the Trix.

"Stuck together with you, I see." Said Ranma-chan. She opted not to turn herself into her faerie form and instead reverts back to male form with her own powers. A flash engulfed her and once gone, now stood a male Ranma in his kung fu attire. Those hours of training in metamorphosis had finally paid off. He slides into an Anything Goes stance.

"What's wrong? Not going to turn into your faerie form, boy?" taunted Stormy.

"I don't need to transform to take you three on!" replied Ranma.

"Either you're really brave or really stupid!" said Icy.

"You won't be fighting us this time…" said Darcy as she and her two sisters called forth a small group of humanoid monsters made of either ice, shadows, or lightning. "Get that punk!"

"Pyro Blast!" Bloom hurls a huge fireball at one of the ice golems, knocking it down. It gets back up and swings its icicle club at her. She manages to melt through it before it connected, then sends out another fire attack at its face, knocking it down once more.

"Sonic Wave!" Musa claps her hands together to send out an intense soundwave at the other ice golem, causing it to crack a bit. She sends out a beam of concentrated air pressure from her hand at the golem, breaking off its left arm. She sends another one which broke off its left leg, causing it to fall over.

Stella was busy parrying a shadow knight's sword with her own, which she had formed from a shaft of light. Seeing an opening, she swung at the knight's head, knocking off the helmet. She was disgusted to see that there was no head, and that it was still moving. Jumping to dodge the sword, Stella flies over the empty neck of the armor and thrusts her light sword into it, causing it to spasm and fall over. Tecna takes out her PDA and shoots the other knight with a bolt of green electricity, stunning it for a moment. It moves forward, trying to skewer her with its halberd. The techno faerie quickly dodges the strikes and retaliates by whipping it with a chain of green lightning, breaking out one of its sides and causing it to collapse.

Flora weaves in and out trying to dodge the lightning demon's bolts being shot at her. She tries to incapacitate it with some spikey vines she makes emerge from the ground. It easily breaks out and attacks her again. She tries something else as she dodges the bolts.

"Branch Coil!"

The lightning demon was suddenly ensnared in a thick wooden branch. It couldn't break out this time since wood doesn't conduct electricity.

Layla creates a shield of water to block the other lightning demon's electric blasts. The water absorbed the lightning into itself, so as long as she herself didn't touch it, she'd be fine. Once the demon stopped. Layla made her move.

"Aqua Blanket!"

The demon suddenly gets engulfed in a thick sheet of water that appeared and fell from above, shorting it out.

"Water Jail!"

Layla sends out a huge bubble that sucked the demon inside, making it float helplessly in the center.

Ranma goes and beats the living daylights out of the ice, shadow, and lightning humanoids. He easily shatters the ice pawns with simple punches and kicks.


Using the rapid punch technique, Ranma plows through the ice pawns, reducing them to ice cubes. The shadow pawns, since they were elastic, had to be taken out by ki blasts.


Cupping his hands, he shot a huge ball of his confidence-fueled ki into the shadows, exploding on impact and causing them to disperse into nothing.

The lightning pawns, he couldn't risk touching. He could just use his Moko Takabisha, but decided to try out his new weapon. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a sword hilt and activates the green light blade. Brandon's sword was a lot longer and wider than normal. The blade was about six inches wide and a little over a meter long. Brandon's tactics came to the fore and Ranma began hacking up the lightning pawns. Since the sword was light and not metal, he didn't have to worry about it conducting electricity to shock him. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, in three pieces, four pieces, Ranma systematically cuts down the pawns to size, causing each to dissipate into nothing. Once finished, he deactivates the blade and puts it away.

The Trix couldn't believe how easily the martial artist and faeries had beaten their forces. They had to do something fast or they'll have to suffer the wrath of Valtor.

"We'll just have to make something tougher!" said Icy.

She, Darcy, and Stormy recall the remains of the downed forces and merge the like elements together. The puddles of ice, shadow, and lightning spread out to surround Ranma and the Winx. The girls fly up above the ground, leaving Ranma standing alone between the puddles.

"Just what're you up to?" asked Ranma. He didn't let his guard down even for a second.

The puddles reformed into the shapes of quadruped animals the size of small cars. Ranma cringed as he heard them growling. Fear led to panic. The rest of their bodies formed, claws on their paws, long tails, sharp teeth, pointed ears…. Fear confirmed. Panic led to hysteria.

"! C-C-C-C-C-C-CATS!"

The sight of seeing tigers made of ice, darkness, and electricity was enough to make Ranma go crazy. He tried to run, but he'd get blocked off by a tiger and forced inward. The Trix looked confused at the whole spectacle, but grinned deviously.

"Heheh…. it looks like tough guy here is afraid of cats!" said Darcy in delight.

"Tigers! Dispose of the pigtailed one!" Stormy ordered.

The elemental tigers obliged and raced around Ranma, blocking off any escape route. They started firing off ice blocks, dark rays, and lightning bolts at him. He had been too terrified to dodge effectively and wound up getting hit by some attacks. Ranma continued to scream at the top of his lungs in terror.


Bloom and the others tried to go down and assist him. If he were scared of a harmless pixie pet cat like this morning, he'd be absolutely terrified at the monstrous tigers trying to kill him. However before they could get to him, they were suddenly encased in a globe of darkness, courtesy of Darcy, temporarily holding them in place.

"Now now, it's rude to interrupt the show!" said Darcy.

"You can just watch as your friend gets ripped to shreds!" said Icy. "Tigers! Kill him!"

Ranma screams as the tigers simultaneously pounced on him.


The Winx girls cried out after seeing the pigtailed boy seemingly crushed under the three monsterous tigers.

"It's about time he shut up! His screaming was giving me a headache…" said Stormy.

That was when it happened.

There was a low meowing sound coming from the tigers.

"Huh? What is that?" asked Darcy to no one in particular.

A rumbling could be heard, then suddenly, the three tigers were tossed aside like toys, slamming into Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. This caused the dark globe holding the Winx girls to vanish.

Everyone looked over to Ranma, who was hunched over on all fours. His eyes were slitted like a cat's and holds up a hand like a paw. He started letting out low meowing sounds from his throat as he slowly approached the Trix and the tigers on his hands and feet.

"Ranma?" said Layla.

"What the hell just happened!" said Stormy.

"He's acting weird…" said Darcy.

"Who cares! He's a freak! Kill him!" shouted Icy.

Neko-Ranma and the tigers faced off, then they lunged at each other.

"Pathetic! Does that freak think he can beat our creatures by acting like a stray cat?" Icy mocked.

However, Neko-Ranma was far from helpless. With his ki-powered 'claws', he diced up the ice tiger to pieces, which melted to nothing. Running on all fours, he dodged the dark rays and electric shocks from the remaining two tigers. Zig-zaging towards the shadow tiger with inhuman speed, Neko-Ranma jumped on top of its back and stabs his hand through it, causing the dark monster to roar in pain. He stabbed repeatedly into the tiger's back at a rapid-fire pace until it was was dispersed into globs of black, merging back into the shadows. Leaping off, Neko-Ranma charges at the lightning tiger. He curled into a ball with his claws out and spin-drives into the monster like a buzz saw, slicing it in twain and dissipating into the air. Neko-Ranma skids to a stop and focuses his attention on the Trix, who looked shocked at the whole scene.

"N… no way! He killed our creatures with his bare hands!" said Stormy.

"But that's impossible! No one could do that!" denied Icy.

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla looked worried. Ranma was hunched over with a feral look in his eyes. He was like an uncaged wild animal.

"Is this…. the Neko Ken Ranma spoke of?" asked Musa.

"Now I know why it's called the Cat Fist!" said Stella.

Neko-Ranma suddenly charges forward at the surprised witches, who quickly fly out of reach. That didn't help as the wild boy jumps upward at a retreating Stormy, grabs her by the ankles, and hurls her at Darcy, knocking them both to the ground. He falls to the ground, landing on all fours (as all cats naturally do), then turns and jumps up at Icy above.

"Keep away, you maniac!" She fires off a beam of ice at Neko-Ranma in defense, but became horrified when he started SCRATCHING his way through her beam, slicing it in twain and passing by harmlessly on either side of him. "No!"

Icy turns to fly away, but was grabbed by her hair by Neko-Ranma. She screams as he spins her around by the hair and throws her into the downed forms of Darcy and Stormy. He lands before them, snarling, jut as the Trix recover.

"He's out of his mind! Just who is he!" said Darcy as she got up.

"We've got to take him out now!" said Stormy.

"How dare you treat us this way!" said Icy.

Neko-Ranma makes a mad dash towards the witches just as they launch their attacks. Stormy fires off a huge bolt of lightning, Darcy follows up with a wave of darkness, and Icy finishes with a barrage of ice boulders. Neko-Ranma was not deterred, however, and to the shock of all who was watching, he broke right through their spells.

He flips forward and delivers multiple overhead spinning slashes from his ki-powered 'claws' at the lightning bolt, destroying it. Just as the darkness wave comes upon him, Neko-Ranma jumps up and delivers a double horizontal backhand slash followed by a ki-powered axe kick, slicing a cross shape into the wave. It falls apart in four pieces and vanishes. Finally, Neko-Ranma goes into a frenzy and rapidly scratches out in front of him, ripping through the ice boulders flying at him as if they were wet newspaper. Once all three spells were destroyed, the Trix were defenseless.

"NO! HE'S COMING RIGHT FOR US!" yelled Darcy.

The Winx, who were safely in the air, watched in astonishment as their lone male roommate mercilessly attack the Trix. The downside to magic is that one needed time and concentration to pull off any spells. The Neko Ken utilizes power and speed, which was perfect for a fast paced battle. Neko-Ranma didn't give the Trix enough time to try and use any spells again. With inhuman speed, Neko-Ranma lunges at Icy before she could conjure up ice and socks her in the face. Before she fell to the ground, he turns and gives a kick to the gut to Stormy, then turns and smacks Darcy from behind her head. All three fell to the ground simultaneously. As they get up, Neko-Ranma makes rapid passes back and forth at them. Each pass, he'd deliver a ki-powered slash. Icy, Darcy, and Stormy scream in pain as they felt themselves getting cut up.

Finally, after about twelve passes in a span of six seconds, Neko-Ranma skids to a stop. There stood the Trix, sporting a couple of bruises as well as a few cuts. They weren't deep, but they still hurt like hell. It was like their bodies had numerous papercuts on them. Their clothes were almost shredded to the point where it might fall off of their bodies any second. To put it shortly, Neko-Ranma had put them through the wringer. They looked exactly like what the cat, or cat-boy, dragged in, multiple times.

"Icy…. we've got… to… retreat…" said Darcy in a pained voice while trying to cover up her chest.

"We cannot… fight like this… especially with our clothes in shreds…" said Stormy who was also trying to hold her clothes up.

Icy grits her teeth, but had to agree. They couldn't win this way. "We'll get you for this!"

With that said, the Trix vanish. The threat gone, the Winx floated down behind Neko-Ranma, who turns and looks at them in confusion.


"Wow… that Neko Ken was something…" said Layla.

"But…. what about Ranma?" asked Bloom as she and the others looked at the cat-boy, who was currently licking the back of his hand.

"Don't tell me he's going to stay like this for too long…" said Tecna.

"I still can't believe he did all that to those monster and the Trix!" said Stella. They've never seen anyone beaten so badly.

Neko-Ranma walks up to the faerie girls and stops five feet in front of them, sitting on his haunches. "Meow!"

They all stare at the cat-boy, but then Flora walks forward.

"Flora? What are you doing?" asked Musa.

"He's like a cat right now. I'm going to try something." Replied Flora. She kneels down and gestures to Neko-Ranma. "Here, kitty kitty kitty!"

Neko-Ranma smiles and meows in delight. He jumps towards Flora and lies on her lap cat style. She laughs as she strokes his back, eliciting a purr from him.

"That's right… nice kitty, good kitty!" said Flora as she scratched under Neko-Ranma's chin.

Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stare in amazement at Flora who had tamed someone who shredded the Trix and a bunch of monsters like yesterday's news.

"That's… pretty cool, Flora!" said Musa.

"But how did you figure that would work? " asked Tecna.

"Well, he is like a cat, so he has to be treated like one to be calmed down." Replied Flora as she pats Neko-Ranma on the head. "You know, he's actually kinda cute like this."


After a while, Neko-Ranma falls asleep. The Winx decided to fly back to Alfea since they're still in Enchantix mode. Bloom carried Ranma under his arms and Stella his legs. He tended to be quite heavy.

Winx dorm…

"Ugh…. What happened…?" a groggy Ranma said while getting up from the couch. He saw Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla, in civilian mode, surrounding the couch looking at him.

"Ranma, you don't remember?" asked Musa.

"You totally annihilated the Trix and their creatures!" said Stella.

"Sorry, all I remember was being cat-piled by those… brrrr… tigers… and then… I find myself here…" said Ranma. It hits him. "Oh… I just did the Neko Ken, didn't I?"

"You did, Ranma." Replied Bloom. "I have to admit, that technique is pretty powerful."

"Yeah, but what good is it if I'm not even in control?" asked Ranma. "I could've done without it. I don't recall anything that's happened when I'm like that. I could've hurt innocent people… I could've hurt… all of you…"

"But you didn't, Ranma, and we're all safe. That's all that matters." Said Tecna.

"Still, I wish that I didn't have to deal with this." said Ranma. "As far as I'm concerned, the Neko Ken is a detriment to me. Maybe the faculty can help purge this awful fear out of me." He then got to thinking. "Hold on, so what happened after I took those witches out?"

"Well…." Said Flora.


Flora sat with Neko-Ranma lying on her lap. The other girls were kneeling in the same manner in a circle. They all started taking turns in having Neko-Ranma lying on her lap and pampering him. He meows happily as the girls giggled at the cuteness of the cat-boy.

End flashback

"That eventually calmed you down." Flora finished her story.

Ranma winced and blushed horribly. "I…. did all that…?"

"Oh no! That wasn't all! You also licked our necks and faces when you were lying on our laps! You obviously liked those strokes and scratches we gave you." said Stella. "You were like a cute little kitty! You know, now that I think about it, that licking did feel very good…"

"STELLA!" the other girls yelled with indignity while blushing.

"What? I'm just saying…" said Stella.

It was at that time that Ranma finally passed out with spiralled eyes and a nosebleed. That was just too much information for him.

"Whoops… I think I overdid it…" said an embarrassed Stella.

To be continued…


Layla: So this is the famous Japan, huh?

Bloom: The Land of the Rising Sun! I've always wanted to see this place!

Stella: Oooh! Those kimonos look fabulous!

Ranma: This is no vacation, girls! I'm here to face my past…

Flora: Has it really been a week? Time passes by fast! Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Choice! Nerima or Magix?'

Nodoka: Is that your final decision, Ranma?

Ranma: ….. Yes, it is….

Author's notes:

Man! This chapter took longer than I thought! Longer than Chapter 6, even!

(1) Ranma did this exact same thing in the episode 'Ranma and the Evil Within', when Ranma's two forms got separated.

(2) The Enchantix theme song from the Rai version.

(3) It's kinda hard to concentrate when you're a guy among six scantily-clad ladies. lol

I still have plans on what'll be going on as this story progresses. It's just a matter of trying to express them in words.

Chapter Nine: Choice! Magix or Nerima?

Opening (Winx Club season 3 style)

A close up of Bloom's eyes, which suddenly snap open

"Open your eyes! Open your mind!"

Zooms out to see Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla lined up on either side of Bloom.

"We are the Winx!"

Ranma leaps up from behind them and punches at the screen.


If your hand is holding mine,

We can find the space and time,

And together we'll be sure-fire winners!"

Ranma stands in a clearing, then is suddenly surrounded by the Winx. They all saddle up next to him on either side, causing him to blush. They're on a cliff overlooking Alfea.


With a smile you can enchant,

You light up our world,

We'll fly the lonely sky together!"

Cuts to the Alfea courtyard, where we see some of the milling students, then shows the faculty, the last being Nodoka as she looks towards the sky. The pixies, Lockette, Amore, Chatta, Tune, Digit, Piff, and Zing fly by. Kiko also flies by, but then he suddenly drops.

"Open your eyes! Open your mind!

We are the Winx!"

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla transform into their Enchantix. Ranma stands there, then suddenly gets splashed from above by Zing, and was now in her faerie form, looking annoyed.

"It's a magic night,

The sky is all blazing,"

Ranma-chan, in normal mode, sits on the grass and looks up in the night air. A ghostly vision of a flaming dragon looms in the air before vanishing.

"New adventures are calling for us,

Join the Winx!"

In Shadowhaunt, we see Stormy with a lightning ball in her hands, pan to Darcy who creates shadow blades on her fists, then to Icy who creats a skull of ice before crushing it. Zoom out, they vanish in the darkness, which happens to be the folds of Valtor's coat.

"We can ride a cloud,

No time for hesi-ta-ting,"

Ranma surfs on a cloud, but then loses control and falls. Layla catches him on a board she makes from her water molecules.

"Bring colour to the world,

With your imagination!

Winx Club forever and ever!"

He surfs the board as the Winx fly alongside him.


If your hand is holding mine,

We can find the space and time,

And together we'll be sure-fire winners!"

The Winx dorm. Layla does a few workout stretches. Tecna is working on her laptop, which shorts out a little, then goes to repair it. Musa dances while listening to her CD player. Flora is seen tending to the many plants in her room. Stella was rapidly trying on several outfits until she goes back to her usual green top and orange skirt. Bloom was seen drawing at her desk. Ranma looks over her shoulder and we see that she was drawing Ranma. She gets embarrassed and quickly covers it up.


With a smile you can enchant,

You'll light up our world,

We'll fly the lonely sky together!"

We see the girls in Enchantix fighting off monsters and the Trix. Ranma is surrounded and fights off monsters with his bare hands. A monster passes the screen, and we see Ranma-chan in faerie mode shooting beams at the monsters. Another monster passes, and we see Ranma, now male, fighting the monsters with Sky's sword in one hand and Brandon's sword in the other.


Your magical Winx!"

Ranma charges at Valtor. Valtor fires off a beam of darkness while Ranma counters with a ki beam of light.

"Among the stars,

You are Winx,"

Cuts to Ranma standing in an open field at night and looks up. In the skies were the ghostly visions of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu. They smile and nod at Ranma, who returns the gesture.

"A mystical light of fire,

Under the sign of Winx!"

Ranma walks towards the gates of Alfea, where Bloom, Stella, Flora Musa, Tecna, and Layla were waiting for him, behind them were two shadowed figures. He reaches the gate and they all group hug him. The Ranma Club logo appears.

End opening.

Alfea auditorium…

Ranma-chan in her faerie form stood at one end of the field. The place was packed with the students of Alfea. Sitting in the front row was Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. On the sidelines was a table where the faculty was sitting. Faragonda was standing at the sidelines.

"Your task is to get that rose orb onto the pedestal." Faragonda instructed.

Ranma-chan looks up and sees the rose orb floating high above the center of the room. At the end of the room was a pedestal. She nods as she understands her objective.


Beams of light began to shoot down from above. Ranma-chan quickly dodges the beams almost effortlessly. Some she weaved in and out of thanks to her wings while others, she dodged by her own martial arts reflex. The attacks seemed to get upped in tempo as the number of beams started to increase. Not just light beams, but also fireballs were thrown into the attacks. The Winx looked worried that so many obstacles were added in for Ranma-chan. Ranma-chan managed to either dodge or cancel out the fireballs with her own ki blasts. She then jumps up and grabs the rose orb. The prize in hand, Ranma-chan quickly makes a break for the pedestal. She was thankful that she had wings as it was faster than running.

The attacks stopped when Ranma-chan got to the pedestal. Just as she was about to place it, her danger sense went off. Looking up, she saw a huge boulder of ice materialize above her and drop down. Bloom was shocked. She remembered that exact thing happening to her when she first took her physical exam three years ago. Reacting fast, Ranma-chan punches upward with a ki-enhanced fist. There was a resounding crash noise when her fist met the ice boulder. Everyone in the auditorium looked in amazement when the ice boulder was balanced on Ranma-chan's arm. After a few seconds, cracks started to run all over the ice starting from her fist. Numerous cracks appeared and once it covered the ice completely, the ice boulder explodes into shards.

There was a silence after seeing Ranma-chan destroy the ice boulder with her bare hands. They had expected her to blast it with a spell, not punch it! The threat gone, the pigtailed girl places the rose orb down onto the pedestal. Soon, everyone in the auditorium started to cheer for Ranma-chan's accomplishment.

"Way to go, Ranma!" Stella shouted.

"Well done, my son…"Nodoka said quietly.

Ranma-chan then reverts back to human mode. She was clad in the clothes that Stella dressed her up in.

"Yatta-ze!" ("I did it!")

"Good job, Ranma!" said Faragonda. "You've passed the physical with flying colors!"

Ranma-chan smirks as she heads over to where the Winx were seated.

Nodoka's office…

"You wanted to see me, Mom?" asked Ranma-chan

"Yes, my son, or daughter, currently." Replied Nodoka as she sat at her desk. "As you know, it has been a week since I've brought you here to Magix. What can you honestly tell me of what you think of it?"

Ranma-chan was a bit at a loss for words. She hadn't noticed that it had already been a week since coming to Magix from Nerima. She had almost forgotten about Nerima entirely because of this.

"Uh… well… " Ranma-chan started. "I guess I'd have to say that it was quite enjoyable."

"Is that all?" asked Nodoka.

Ranma-chan thought about it and compared her week in Magix with her whole life back in Nerima.

In Nerima, she was the heir to the Saotome School of Anything-Goes Martial Arts. The art was her life. Despite that being said, her life in Nerima wasn't exactly posh. For the first ten years of her life, she endured the training journey that Genma had dragged her through. All the pain and suffering she went through stemmed from that trip, especially the ill-fated trip to Jusenkyo. Then there was the arrival at the Tendo Dojo. Ranma-chan had been roped into an arranged marriage without her consent, and was handed down to an ill-mannered tomboy with an insane male complex who would whack her for every little thing that went wrong in her life.

School days were no sanctuary to her life as there was the insane delusional kendoist Tatewaki Kuno, AKA the Blue Blunder, who would pine after her girl half while trying to kill her guy half. His twisted sister Kodachi was just as bad with her habit of drugging and blackmailing her for dates, plus that God-awful annoying laugh of hers. There was also their equally insane Hawaiian nut job of a father who was also the principal of Furinkan.

She had also gained a number of unwanted rivals and fiancees in the process. Ryoga, the eternal lost boy, who blames her for all that ever went wrong in his life despite evidence that it was his own fault. He also tended to be, like everyone else, a hypocrite when it comes to honor (taking advantage of Ranma's promise not to tell Akane of his curse as P-Chan). Her run-in with the Chinese Amazons only added to her problems. She wound up engaged to Shampoo, who would use arcane methods of snaring her, plus her old ghoul of a great grandmother backing her and trying to force her authority on the Saotome to follow obligation. This in turn earned Mousse as an unwanted rival who tries to kill her in order to have Shampoo for himself. Then there was Ukyou, her first friend. Although kind, she a tendency to get possessive of her concerning the other fiancees. Happosai, the perverted founder of the Anything-Goes, was a huge thorn in Ranma-chan's side. The shrivelled up gnome seemed to exist to make her life a living hell. She didn't want to think about the crap he put her through, especially those concerning her girl half.

The worst thing was that this was only the tip of the iceburg considering Ranma-chan's Nerima life.

Ranma-chan then thinks about her living in Magix. Here at Alfea, she had found peace that seemed foreign to her. Although she was attending a school for girls, it was at least tolerable compared to Furinkan where everybody seemed out to get her. That, and the fact that all the students were pretty attractive… she shakes her head at the stray thought. Everyone treated her fairly and didn't consider her a freak when her curse was revealed. The faculty actually tried to help her with her problems and not just leave them alone. Learning to switch between forms without water had been helpful. The living conditions were far better than at the dojo, not to mention that she was properly fed without having to worry about her meal getting stolen.

Then there were her roommates, the Winx. Bloom, with her fiery spirit. She felt she could relate to her since they're both people who had been brought to a magical realm and had their worlds turned upside down. She hadn't forgotten how she had stuck up for her during orientation. Stella and her need to please with appearances. The blonde is quite the looker and cares deeply about her friends. She may have strange idea (the makeover game), but she means well. Flora and her serenity. Her kindness and sweet personality made her a beauty both inside and out. That tenderness towards others made Ranma-chan not want to see the girl get hurt, physically and emotionally. The wild Musa. She was a girl who knew how to have fun, and although a tomboy, she at least kept her feminity intact, unlike another she knew of. She was also putting up a front to hide her insecurities, and Ranma-chan hoped to remedy that. Logical Tecna. The girl feeds off of logic, but still was able to keep her emotions. She had learned that matters of the heart cannot be easily explained as quantum physics. The outgoing Layla. It was hard for Ranma-chan to read into her, but she still caught her interest. She could relate to her as they had both had arranged marriages without consent, except Layla's ended up for the better.

Her roommates are all very dear to Ranma-chan. They are true friends, which was what Ranma-chan desperately needed. Friends, and something more. Due to the Specialists' souls in her body, Ranma-chan had gotten close connection to each of the girls. They supported her as friends do, without trying to get something out of her first. She blushed as she thought of herself being together with them, even though she had been with them in her previous lives as Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu.

"Well…. There's also… the girls I room with…" said Ranma-chan nervously. As she fidgeted, she had inadvertedly transformed back to male form and in kung fu attire again.

Nodoka could only smile knowingly. "You care for them a lot, don't you?"

Ranma could only look down at the floor to hide his face. "Y… yes…"

"Even more so than your current fiancees?" asked Nodoka.

"To be perfectly honest, Mom… yes…" replied Ranma. He was surprised at himself that he didn't hesitate in answering.

Nodoka nods. "I suppose I shouldn't ask, but I will anyway. Do you want to return to your life in Nerima, or start a new one here in Magix?"

At Nerima, next day…

Things have gotten quite hectic during Ranma's disappearance. He hadn't shown up at the dojo, at the school, the Neko Haten, Ucchan's, Dr. Tofu's, or any of his usual hangouts. For a whole week, Happosai had been harassing all the attractive women in the vicinity and stealing their undergarments. Without anyone to keep him in line, the ancient pervert was free to do as he pleased. There was property damage due to the angry mobs of women trying to enact justice on him.

Kuno was also having a field day about Ranma's absence, saying that the 'foul sorceror' had run away in cowardice as he feared the 'power of Kuno'. Also, because Ranma was gone, the 'beat-Akane-so-you-can-date-her' routine was resumed. Kuno and the male students who still fought her spent a lot of time in the nurse's office than in their classes.

The Tendo Dojo had suffered property damage due to visits from Shampoo, Ukyou, and, unfortunately, Kodachi. They would come in one a at time, repeatedly demanding Akane as to where Ranma is. She, of course, had no idea or cared where the missing pigtailed boy was at. His location unknown, they blamed her for driving him off since she was the last one to have seen him a week ago. Soun could only cry about how the schools could not be joined due to Ranma missing and Genma cursing the heavens for having "such a dishonorable son who shirks his responsibilities", never mind that he himself does that sort of thing all the time.

Cologne had been trying to find leads on the whereabouts of her future son-in-law. Mousse had been estatic about Ranma's disappearence and took this as an opportunity to woo Shampoo, much to her and Cologne's displeasure. They had to find him, fast. Ryoga was also estatic that his hated rival was gone, which meant more time for him and his beloved Akane, as himself or P-Chan. He just hopes that wherever Ranma is at, he won't return.

Never would any of them think that Ranma had been spending time in another realm.

Nodoka Saotome's residence…

A flash of light appeared in the middle of Nodoka's living room, marking the entrance of the Saotomes and the Winx Club. Also with them were Kiko and the Pixies.

"We're here!" said Nodoka.

"This is your home, Saotome-sensei?" asked Musa as she looked around.

"Such a nice place." Said Flora.

"Almost feels like forever since I got back to Japan." Said Ranma.

"I've always wanted to see Japan." Said Bloom as she held Kiko.

"Thanks for allowing us to come with you, Saotome-sensei." Said Layla.

"It really is no problem, girls." Said Nodoka. "You're practically family to me."

The girls could only blush at that.

"I told you I'm never wrong on these things." Said Amore.

"Well Ranma, are you sure about your decision?" asked Nodoka.

"Yes I am, Mom." Replied Ranma.

"Then go on ahead to the Tendo Dojo. I'll catch up with you later." Said Nodoka.

"Where will you be?" asked Ranma.

"There's a little errand I need to run. Later!" With that said, Nodoka vanishes in a flash of light, leaving her son alone with the girls, pixies, and bunny.

"I wonder where she's going?" asked Stella to no one in particular.

"Well then, shall we go, Ranma?" asked Tecna.

"It's as good a time as any…" Ranma sighs.

Streets of Nerima…

Ranma and the girls headed towards the direction of the Tendo Dojo. The pixies flew from behind and Kiko was in Bloom's arms. No one was able to see the pixies due to the people not having any magical ties.

"This is a lot more different than back in Gardenia." Said Stella.

"I seriously doubt Gardenia suffers frequent property damage, not to mention teeming with super-powered martial artists using weird fighting styles." Said Ranma.

"I suppose not, Ranma…" said Bloom.

"Is it really as crazy as you say it is, Ranma?" asked Chatta.

"It is, and a lot more." Replied Ranma. "Therefore, it'll be all right if you use magic. I doubt anyone would take too much notice. If anything, they'll think you're all martial artists coming to drop in."

"Really?" said Bloom. She remembered long ago how she had to make sure that she, Stella, Musa, and Layla didn't use their magic during their unofficial visit to Gardenia. That gang almost had them wiped out had it not been for the emergence of Faragonda and Griselda.

"Yeah, really, so you-" Ranma was cut off as he, Bloom, Stella, and Musa suddenly got splashed by water. Flora, Tecna, and Layla look in surprise at the spectacle. "What the-!"

Ranma-chan noticed that they were passing by Dr. Tofu's office, and had gotten splashed yet again by the street cleaning ladle lady. She continues to splash water out onto the street, not caring who was in the way.

"Ack! I'm wet!" said Stella.

"Just what is she doing!" said Bloom as she sputtered water. Kiko was also angry at the sudden splash.

"Excuse me, miss, how about an apology?" said Musa to the old lady. She looks up, but then continues her work and splashes water onto the street, narrowly hitting Flora, Tecna, and Layla. The three managed to get past, followed by the pixies. "Hey!"

"She seems hard of hearing…" said Flora.

"Damn old hag… she always splashes me without realizing it…" muttered Ranma-chan. "Let's just go."

The others were in agreement. They just wanted to get away from this rude hag. However, as Layla was away by ten feet, she casts a spell.

"Aqua blanket…"

A four-by-four foot, two-inch thick sheet of water appeared above the ladle lady and splashed down upon her, drenching and knocking her down onto the ground. She gets up shocked and sputtering, wondering where the water came from.

Layla chuckles and rejoins the others, who praise her for the trick. It was well deserved. (1)

Ranma, after reverting to male form thanks to his metamorphosis ability, was walking on top of the chain link fence. The girls were walking alongside him on the ground. He, Bloom, Stella, and Musa had managed to dry themselves with their magic.

"That's quite impressive, Ranma." Said Flora as she watched him walk on the fence as easily as if he was walking on ground.

"This is nothing, really. I do it all the time. It's basically balance training." Said Ranma.

"Still, to walk so casually on something that's only 1.34 inches wide like that without wings is quite a feat." Said Tecna.

It was then they came across a certain building. It's a traditional Japanese outer wall architecture surrounding a house and a training hall. On the sign near the gates read 'Tendo Anything-Goes Martial Arts Training Hall'.

"Here we are…" said Ranma.

To be continued…


Ranma: It's my decision! You no longer have any say in how I live my life!

Musa: That's right! Ranma's a human being, too, you know!

Flora: The sparks begin to fly as the residents of the Tendo home don't take Ranma's announcement too well.

Stella: It's not just them, but some others as well.

Ranma: Mom? Just where did you go to anyway? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Ranma's Choice! Live With It!' So…. that's where you went to?

Ending (Winx Club season 3 style)

We see Ranma standing on a grassy hill. He opens his eyes and looks up. Zoom out to see his left side. Scenes play in the background.

If you're a Winx, there's a place for you.

Need a thousand friends to share your dreams and fate.

We see Bloom smiling down on Ranma, then a scene of Ranma and Bloom walking arm in arm at a park, then bloom leaning against a tree with Ranma behind her, his back turned.

If you're a Winx, you can never lose.

If you trust your heart, you will now fly so high in the sky.

Butterfly wings will carry you, amazing adventures wait for you.

We see Stella smiling seductively, followed by a scene where she tries to get an unwilling Ranma-chan to try on a few outfits. Next, we see Ranma dancing the tango with Stella and put her into a dip.

Dreams beyond your illusions will still come true.

Secret rose to discover ahead of you.

Flora is seen smiling in a shy manner. Ranma is tending to a plant pot, and Flora comes from behind. He shows it to her, and it sprouts roses for her. We then see Ranma and Flora from behind, his arm over her shoulders, as they watch a sunset.

Like a giant wave you rode.

In the hearts of those who knew love.

Musa smiles down on Ranma, then goes to a scene where the both of the were singing karaoke, with Musa winning. Switch to a sad looking Musa, who then gets hugged from behind by Ranma, causing her to blush.

If you're a Winx, you can be a star.

Sun will guide your way, despite the blooming cloud.

Tecna smiles and digitizes to the next scene where Ranma attempts to work on a laptop, but it malfunctions. Tecna laughs and goes over to help him out. Switch to a canal bridge where Tecna stands, then senses Ranma behind her, then turns to look at him.

If you're a Winx, like an ecstasy.

So it's gonna be, joy and hope you'll bring.

Layla smiles down on Ranma, then goes to a scene where she and Ranma-chan are doing the rythmic gymnastics ribbons. Ranma-chan doesn't look amused. It switches to a scene where Ranma and Layla walk along a beach.

Incredible things you've never seen.

Amaizing sensations to be lived, with Winx.

A group shot of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla is seen in the background, while Ranma in the foreground looks towards the screen and winks. From his hand, he produces the Ranma Club logo which takes up the screen.

End ending

Author's notes:

Well, The time has come for the eventual meeting with the Tendos and anyone else in Nerima. All I can say is that there will be fireworks! The next chapter will take a while for me to do.

(1) Thought the ladle lady needed a taste of her own medicine.

Chapter Ten: Ranma's Choice! Live With It!

Opening (Ranma ½ OAV 1 style, Koi da! PANIKKU)

We see Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu from behind. They turn and strike poses with their weapons (Nabu creates an orb), then they turn into wisps of light. The wisps shoot off and converge into a white silhouette in the background. The silhoutte fills in and turns into Ranma, who drops down on the ground.

The Ranma Club logo appears letter by letter, then flashes all at once.

Yoku hareta nichiyoubi (All dressed up to go out on a Sunday)

Oshare o shite o-dekake (Sky is blue, sun is bright, it's a date day)

The daylight sky with fast-moving clouds. Cuts to the reflective surface of a lake.

Iwanai wa ienai wa (Not gonna say it, can't make me say it)

Anata ga suki nante (No way gonna let you have your way)

One by one, we see the reflections of Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla pass by.

Kirawaretakunai no ni (Even though I don't want you to hate me)

Sunao ni narenai dake (When you say "it's okay" and look at me)

Bubbles rise, which displays the other cast members: Nodoka, Faragonda, Saladin, Griffon, Griselda, Codatorta, and the Pixies.

Yasashisa ni amaechau (The love don't faze me, it's the world that's crazy)

Seikaku naosanakya (It's something I gotta work on)

A headshot of each Winx as she turns to look at the screen, then finally shows Ranma lifting his head, looking at the screen while upside down.

Douse kitto watashi guuzen yosootte (You know, here's how it goes – you and me we'd meet on the street and then)

"Nani shitenno?" nante iisou (I'd say "outta my way!" I don't know, how can you confuse me so?)

Dakedo kyou wa sora mo umi no aosa de (But hey, maybe today with the waves so blue, I can be true with you)

The Winx stand at the lakeside, then turn around as if sensing a presence. Standing behind them five feet away is Ranma. We see the reflections of the girls in the water. Ranma's reflection shows his own, plus Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu.

Futto sunao ni naresou (Who knows? Maybe I'll say the word "love"…!)

Each of the girls smile at Ranma, then suddenly the wind picks up, blowing their hair. We suddenly see Kiko being picked up by the wind. Everyone looks up in worry.

Uke-tomete hoshii no yo Kiss wo (Gonna kiss you now, hold you now, this is love we've found)

Yume no naka de ii (Even if it's just in my dreams)

Ranma jumps up and grabs Kiko, then lands before Bloom. He hands Kiko to her.

Dakishimete hoshii no ni watashi (C'mon hold me now, real tight now, let me show you how)

Egao umakunai no (Fine I say, have your way… I love you!)

Bloom graciously takes Kiko as she and the rest give Ranma loving gazes. He in turn was feeling slightly embarrassed.

Uke-tomete agetai no Kiss wo (C'mon kiss me now, no words now, it's just us for now)

Ai ga afure-dasu (Even I don't know why… I want you!)

Dakishimete agetakute watashi (Gonna hold you now, all mine now, it don't matter how)

Motto yasashiku suru (Don't you see, it's just me… I need you!)

Ranma and company then turn to the side and see the Trix one by one. They smile maliciously as they get ready to cast attack spells on them. Ice, darkness, and lightning are shot at them, but nullifies the attacks by erecting a barrier. He and the girls charge up, then sends the Trix flying with ki blasts. The Ranma Club logo appears.

Dakishimete hoshii no ni watashi (C'mon hold me now, real tight now, let me show you how)

Egao umakunai no (Fine I say, have your way… I love you!)

It shows a still of Ranma, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla jumping in triumph.

End opening

Tendo home, dining room…

Soun, Genma, Kasumi, Nabiki, and Akane were all sitting at the breakfast table. Ranma had been gone for several days and they were wondering where he was. They didn't think he'd be gone for so long, since his belongings were still around. Akane spent half the time worrying and the other half fuming at him while holding P-Chan.

'That baka! How dare he cause us this much trouble! When I see him again, I'll make him wish he stayed missing!' Akane thought angrily. Never mind the fact that she was the one who sent him flying to another part of town in the first place and no one had seen him since then.

Outside of the Tendo compound, Ranma and his group stopped as they prepared to face the impending chaos that was sure to erupt.

"So this is where you spent your time at, Ranma?" asked Layla.

"Yeah, for a year it was my home." Replied Ranma. "I've had a lot of memories here, not all of them good…"

They silently come in and stand outside the house.

"Well, this is it. You girls should stay out here. I'll call you when I need you."

The Winx nodded as Ranma walks into the house.

As soon as he had entered the dining room, the Tendos and his father immediately spotted him. Before he could get a word in, Genma was already in front of him and shouting.

"Ranma! Where the HELL HAVE YOU BEEN!"

Soun was also very upset at his sudden appearance, but was secretly glad that the future of the Anything-Goes Schools was secure. He also noticed that Ranma seemed healthier than before. He stood with more confidence than he usually had and was not the least bit concerned about Genma's tirade in his face nor the angry glares he got from Akane.

"… furthermore, you've jeopardized the future of the schools with you disappearing like that! Have you no honor!" Genma finished.

Ranma was as calm as ever as he simply waited for Genma to stop. Finally, he took a deep breath and said, "Pop, you're the very last person to be lecturing me about HONOR! Plus, I was knocked to another part of town by Akane, so of course I'd be missing! The fact that all you cared about was the merging of the schools over my well-being when I was missing has proven that this all just isn't worth it!"

"You jerk! It's your own fault you wound up in another part of town!" said Akane, while P-Chan just nods in agreement.

"Ranma! How dare you speak in that tone and insinuate that Akane is at fault! Apologize at once!" Soun demanded.

Ranma inwardly scoffs. They expected him to apologize to her after she just said that? "Why should I when I'm not even at fault here? I've decided to leave Nerima, as I have found my place somewhere else!"

"Foolish boy!" said Genma. "What nonsense are you talking about!"

"I mean I'm finally wising up and taking control of my life for once!" said Ranma. "I COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT MERGING THE SCHOOLS! I've learned this past week that it just isn't worth it! Also, I've discovered a lot about myself and my real heritage!"

"How dare you make light of this sacred pledge of honor! Why must I be cursed with such a worthless son!" Genma shouted.

Zing had heard enough. Her bonded faerie is not worthless! He's a powerful being, as both a faerie and a specialist. She flies in and comes up from behind Ranma's head. "How dare you say that about Ranma! Just what kind of father are you!"

Genma was more than shocked to see what looked like a tiny child with wings floating near Ranma's head. P-Chan's eyes also widened at seeing the pixie. (1)

"Wh-wh-what is that thing!" asked Genma as he pointed at Zing.

The Tendo family was wondering what was wrong with Genma as he was pointing and speaking at apparently nothing.

"I'M NOT A THING! I'M A PIXIE!" yelled Zing angrily.

"I see that you can see Zing, Pop." Said Ranma as he gestured to her. "As she said, she's a pixie."

Soon, Lockette, Amore, Chatta, Tune, and Digit fly in, causing Genma and P-Chan to be even more shocked.


"Excuse me, sir, but didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to gawk and stare? Hmph!" said Tune.

"I've discovered a new realm while I was gone, one that's separate from this whole planet." Said Ranma. "You may think it sounds crazy, but it's true. The Realm of Magix was where I was at."

"Excuse me? Did you say 'Realm of Magix'?" Nabiki asked skeptically. "Sorry, but that's pretty farfetched, even for you."

"That's the best you could come up with? You're such a liar, Ranma!" accused Akane. "Who'd be dumb enough to believe that? You were probably messing around with some bimbos! Pervert!"

Ranma could only shake his head at his short-tempered fiancee's logic. She never believes anything he tells her even if it's the truth and would always assume the worst, no matter how illogical it would seem.

"She's very angry…" said Lockette.

"Sheesh, just what is her problem!" asked Chatta.

"I should've known you wouldn't believe me, guess I'll just have to show you." said Ranma as he headed out the door towards the koi pond. He jumps into the pond, completely submerged, then finally jumps back out in girl form. The Tendos and Genma were shocked to see that Ranma-chan was wearing not her kung fu attire as she had on previously, but in jeans, a bikini bra, and a denim jacket over it. She was also dry.

"Oh my, Ranma! Where did you get such a flattering outfit?" asked Kasumi.

"Friend got it for me, Kasumi." Replied Ranma-chan. She then focused her inner magic and instantly reverted back to a boy in his kung fu attire. Everyone, especially Genma and P-Chan, was shocked at this. Didn't he need to have hot water to revert? And how did he change clothes instantaneously? "As you can see, I'm somehow able to manage my curse. I don't have to worry about water too much anymore. Also…" He produces a ball of fire in one hand, and a ball of lightning in the other, surprising those present further. He quickly dissipates them. "I also know magic."

"Boy, as your father, you'd better tell me how to cure my own curse as well!" demanded Genma. Everyone else was still getting over their initial shock that Ranma has become a magic user, though Nabiki was starting to wonder how this could be profitable to her.

"Mind your manners!" said Tune as she flew up to Genma's face and smacked him hard with her parasol. Genma reeled, remembering the Pixies were still in the room.

"Sorry, but that's not that simple." Said Ranma. "I can do this because I've had magic potential since I was born and didn't realize it until a week ago, when I was brought to Magix, the realm of Faeries."

"So what're you trying to say, Saotome? That you're a faerie?" Nabiki asked sarcastically.

"Half-faerie." Ranma corrected. "And I've met some others."

Ranma then gives Zing a mental command to go ahead and summon the girls. Soon, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla came over and stood on either side of Ranma. P-Chan had passed out from a nosebleed after seeing the girls.

"You call, Ranma?" asked Bloom.

Akane was soon starting to get steamed. Her temper began a fast boil as she saw the six attractive girls stand near Ranma and acting familiar with him. Of course, she thinks that whenever there're girls involved around Ranma, she'd immediately jumped to the conclusion that Ranma was being the pervert she believes him to be. She finally exploded with this thought in mind.

"RANMA YOU JERK!" Akane whipped out her mallet and swung it at Ranma.

The Winx were alarmed to see the girl produce a big hammer out of nowhere, but were even more worried when she charged at their male roommate. Ranma, however, expected this reaction and quickly counters with a spell. Holding up his hand, he causes the mallet to glow purple, stopping it in mid-swing. Akane was shocked to find her weapon seemingly frozen in mid-air and couldn't move it for the life of her. Finally, the mallet's head was engulfed in flame and reduced to ashes in an instant. She was left staring stupidly at the handle of her now useless weapon.

"Hmph….. just like you, Akane, always reacting to things with violence." Said Ranma. "You never were the type to actually listen."

Akane gets over her shock and into a rage. "You pervert! I always knew you were a pervert! Pig! Lecher! You'll grab any bimbo who comes along!"

"Hey! Who're you calling bimbos!" shouted Musa. The other girls took offense to this. She didn't care if she was in someone else's home, but to be insulted at the initial meeting was just beyond rude.

"And why do you call Ranma a pervert? He didn't do anything." Flora said calmly.

"Shut up! He is a pervert! I know he is! In fact, all of you are perverts too since you're all dressed like skanks!" shouted Akane.

"What!" said Bloom. She just couldn't believe this girl. Kiko was also angry that this girl was verbally attacking his master and friends.

Stella's eye twitched. "What did you just say…?"

"You deaf, blondie? I said you're just a bunch of gaijin sluts!" Akane retorted angrily without thinking about her words. "Any girls who dress like you are nothing but sluts and whores! And Ranma's a pervert for hanging with sluts like you!"

Stella was starting to get angry. How dare this girl just insult her and her friends like this! No one especially insults her fashion sense. She steps forward. "Listen you! How my friends and I dress is our own business! And I don't appreciate you insulting us like this!"

"So why don't you just get out of here, you whore!" shouted Akane as she rushed at Stella with a fist cocked back, intending to send the blonde faerie into LEO.

Stella, however, wasn't defenseless. The way Akane just telegraphed her move was just too obvious. The blonde faerie quickly brings up a hand and fires a beam of light at Akane, knocking her back towards the door and crashing near the table. Stella didn't put too much power into the attack spell since she was using it against a human. Akane sits up dazed, wondering what had happened.

"Just what is her problem?" asked Bloom. This girl made Diaspro look like Flora.

"Akane!" said Soun as he went to her side, then glared at Stella and the others. "How dare you attack my little girl like that!"

"Excuse me, sir? But your 'little girl' tried to attack my friend here!" said Layla. "She was merely defending herself! I would've done the same!"

"She's right, father." Said Kasumi. "Akane lashed out at them, first. What she said to them was uncalled for."

"But… but…" Soun stammered as he tried to defend his position and Akane's actions, despite the valid point brought up.

"Just who are they, Ranma!" Genma demanded.

The girls stepped forward to introduce themselves. The Pixies flew up and hovered over their respective Faeries' shoulders.

"My name is Bloom." She holds up Kiko. "And this is Kiko."

"I'm Flora."

"I'm Layla."

"Call me Tecna."

"Name's Musa."

"And you can call me Stella."

"They are Faeries, also known as the Winx Club." Said Ranma. "And they're also my roommates."

"R-roommates!" said Soun.

"That's right, college roommates to be exact." Said Ranma.

"Oh Ranma! I'm glad you're taking school more seriously!" said Kasumi.

"Yeah, I'm actually learning things in Faerie college." Said Ranma. "I plan on continuing my studies there, so I'm leaving Nerima."

Akane was soon on her feet. "You lying bastard! Like any college would take you! I know you just want to fool around with your whore harem! And I don't believe this bull about Faeries!"

Ranma was soon starting to get angry. Again, she accused him of something she thinks he would do, acting like she knows all about him when in reality she doesn't. However, he wouldn't tolerate anyone viciously insulting Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla like this, not even from her. From Amore's point of view, she could see a line connecting Ranma and Akane, but it looked frayed.


"I WILL NOT ALLOW THIS!" roared Soun.


"Well maybe because it's MY FREAKIN' LIFE!" retorted Ranma. "YOU'VE NO RIGHT TO TELL ME HOW I SHOULD LIVE MY LIFE!"

"And I agree…."

Everyone present looked up and sees a bright flash of light. Once it died down, standing in front of Ranma's group and facing Genma and the Tendos was Nodoka Saotome, in her Enchantix form. They were in shock at the appearance of the Faerie beauty before them. They were not able to recognize her due to her youthful appearance while in Enchantix mode.

"Oh my…" said Kasumi.

"You have another slut with you, Ranma! YOU PERVERT!" screamed Akane, seeing the scantily-clad Faerie-woman.

That was the last straw. She spoke without thinking and insulted his mother. Angrily, Ranma fires off a ball of compressed air pressure at Akane, knocking her back on her butt, surprising her.

"Akane, just. Shut. The. Hell. UP!" said Ranma as he glared at Akane. He then turns his attention to Nodoka. "I'm sorry about that, Mom. Finished your errand?"

"No worries, my son." Replied Nodoka. "And I was finished a while ago."

"MOM!" said the Tendos and Genma. Akane winced as she realized that she had made a big mistake: she just insulted Nodoka.

It was then Genma realized who it was. "N-N-Nodoka!"

"Hello, husband…" said Nodoka in a low tone. Although looking beautiful, she had a cold glare in her eyes. "It has been a while."

"Nodoka…. Eh heh… it's good to see you and… ah…" Genma stammered in fear. He swallowed his words when all of a sudden, Nodoka produced her katana out of nowhere and pointed it at his face.

"I do not want to hear it!" said Nodoka. "How dare you try to run Ranma's life as if he has no choice in anything!"

"B-but dear! It's his dream to unite the Anything-Goes schools!" said Genma. "I'm just looking out for his better interests…"

"HIS dream! HIS better interests!" shouted Nodoka as she swung her katana at Genma, causing him and the Tendo daughters to scream. Genma, however was still alive, but then finds that his left gi sleeve was neatly sliced off. "How dare you say that! It's not his dream or for his better interests, it's your own!"

"B-b-but it is a matter of honor…" Genma started.

"HONOR! HOW DARE YOU SPEAK OF HONOR WHEN YOU HAVE NONE OF IT TO BEGIN WITH!" Nodoka slashes again, this time tearing off the other sleeve, frightening Genma further.

"Wh-what do you mean?"

Nodoka calmed down a bit before speaking. "Tell me, Genma, does the name Daijkoku ring a bell? The one where you sold my son to for a fish and two pickles! What about Tanaka, or Shinada, or Shintaro? You sold my son numerous times! And for what! A MEAL!"

"But Nodoka… I was hungry at the time!" pleaded Genma.

"YOU'RE ALWAYS HUNGRY!" Nodoka slashes, this time, Genma's belt was sliced off, causing his belly to jiggle out of its confines. "You've carelessly sold my son's future repeatedly, bringing dishonor to those families you've dealt with! I've known all about your acts for a long time now, but I wasn't able to act due to circumstances! So don't bother trying to deny anything!"

Genma had finally wised up and decided not to press on any further if it meant keeping his head where it currently was. Soun, shaking out of his stupor, tried to reason with Nodoka. "Saotome-san, even though your husband had done these things, as a matter of honor, your son still must marry Akane, so now we must-"

"No." Nodoka said in a firm, yet expressionless voice.

"Uh… excuse me?"

"I said no."

"But Saotome-san! It's a matter of honor that…" Nodoka halted him by half raising her katana.

"As of now, the promise my idiot husband made to you has been invalidated. Genma has already proven himself incapable of keeping his word. He's broken his vow to your family ever since he dragged my son on that training journey! I'm taking my son away from here!"


"I will not tolerate any objections to my decision! Furthermore, I've already seen how unsuitable Akane is to my son! She was about to attack my son and his friends when all he was doing was introducing them!" said Nodoka. She then gives a hard glare to Akane, who winced at her gaze. "So, Akane, is that how you think of my son? As a pervert? And you think of me as a 'slut' because of how I'm dressed?" She flaps her wings and hovers six inches above the ground.

"B-b-but Auntie… I didn't know that you were-" Akane tried to explain herself.

"You have no right to address me as Auntie anymore!" said Nodoka. "You call my son a liar for telling the truth about Faeries! Well, seeing me, do you believe now?" Akane could only nod her head hurriedly. "You also do not bother to listen to explanation when you assumed that I was a lover of Ranma when I first appeared!"

"But how was I supposed to know?" asked Akane feebly.

"You could think before you act! Is that so hard to do!" replied Nodoka angrily. "I also do not appreciate you hurting my son repeatedly like this! Yes, I know all about how you abuse my son! You were the one who sent my son crashing onto my doorstep a week ago! You hit him whenever you think he's doing something wrong, sometimes for almost no reason! You accuse him of being faithless when he was acting otherwise! You never trust in him, even though he rescues you when you're in trouble! You're also always quick to give up on him!" (2) Akane could only wince as Nodoka pointed out her faults. "And I also do not appreciate you trying to attack my students, nor do I appreciate you calling them sluts!" She gestures to the Winx girls.

"Your… students!" said Soun.

"That's right! I happen to be a professor of the college for Faeries, Alfea!" said Nodoka. "I am happy that Ranma is finally taking control of his life! He had already chosen to stay and learn of his heritage in Magix."

"I protest!" declared Soun.

"You have no ground to force my son into doing what he doesn't want!" said Nodoka. "As his mother, I have far greater authority! I hereby nullify this engagement between my son and your daughters! The matter is settled!" Soun was about to protest further, but was silenced when Nodoka caused her katana to be charged with lightning power. She then turned her gaze to Genma, who cowered under her gaze. "As for you, Genma, count yourself lucky that I don't have you commit seppuku on the spot! I prefer not to have blood spilt in front of the young ones here."

Ranma and the girls were happy that Nodoka had shown the two fathers and Akane their places.

Akane stood like a zombie as the adults argued. She couldn't believe how this had turned out. She had taken Ranma far too much for granted, and now she was paying for it. She was no longer in Nodoka's good graces. 'But…. But…. I was only trying to…' Akane continued to keep fooling herself, justifying her actions, past and present, on Ranma.

The Saotome matriarch looked over to Soun, who was bawling his head off. "Oh do be silent, Tendo-san! Act like a man of your age! It's pathetic!"

"Waaaah! Now the schools won't be joined!" cried Soun.

Nodoka then gestures to Ranma. He nods and teleports from sight. While he was gone, Nodoka could only look at Soun in pity. After about another minute of his constant wailing, she sighed and turned to her students.

"We shall take our leave once Ranma returns here." It was then that Ranma winks back in sight, now carrying his travel pack. He had teleported to his room to pack his stuff, which wasn't much. "Let us go."

"Yes, ma'am." Chorused Ranma, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla.

Nodoka nods as she readies a transport spell. She then turns her attention towards Kasumi and Nabiki. "I'm sorry that this engagement didn't work out between our families and for any distress that I've caused you, but I have my family to think about." She looks at Kasumi. "Kasumi-chan, you were one of the few to actually treat my son like a human being and I thank you for it."

Kasumi felt like she was on the verge of tears. "No, Saotome-san, if anyone needs to apologize, it's us, for the treatment of Ranma. I could've done more…"

"Do not worry about it." Said Nodoka. She then sent a psychic message to Kasumi. 'I might see you again in the future.' The eldest Tendo daughter was surprised at the voice in her head, but nodded to Nodoka.

Nodoka and her group then wink out of sight. Akane falls to her knees, still in shock over what had happened. Meanwhile, Soun explodes on Genma with a full-blown Demon Head.


Genma backed away as soon as Soun's attack filled the room. It was also at that moment that P-Chan had finally woken up and saw the family in distress. He pads over to where Akane was and got worried when seeing her blank expression. Immediately, he labeled the cause to be Ranma.

'That bastard! I'll make him pay for hurting Akane like this!'

Saotome residence…

"I'm sorry it had to be that way, Ranma." Said Bloom.

"No worries, Bloom. I'm actually glad it did." Said Ranma. "I'm going to start my own life from now on."

"Good for you, Ranma." Said Layla. "No one should be forced into doing something they don't want."

"That girl had some nerve! Calling us sluts when we first arrived!" said Stella.

"She was beyond rude!" said Tune. Kiko nodded in agreement.

"I saw the connection between Ranma and Akane. It didn't look like it was going to hold." Said Amore.

"She and those two men had no sense of reasoning in them" said Tecna.

"So you were there the whole time, Saotome-sensei?" asked Flora.

"I had arrived soon after Ranma entered the house." Said Nodoka. "I kept myself hidden to see how things would play out and saw everything that happened. Forgive me for not appearing sooner."

"That's quite all right, Mom." Said Ranma. "I knew you had to see how they were like with your own eyes. So where did you go?"

"To pick up something for our next meeting." Said Nodoka.

"Next meeting?" asked Musa.

"There's still the matter of your other fiancees." Said Nodoka.

Ranma winced. He'll have to deal with Shampoo and Ukyou next. "I guess it can't be helped."

"I've arranged to meet both parties at the NekoHaten after hours." Said Nodoka. "We'll head out again shortly."

To be continued…


Ranma: Well, the matter with the Saotome-Tendo engagement was settled, more or less. Now I'll have to deal with my other two fiancees.

Flora: From what I heard, Ranma, they're infatuated with you.

Stella: Yeah! How will you be able to break the news to them?

Ranma: Mom says she's got a plan for that which will end better than back at the dojo.

Musa: Really? What is it?

Tecna: I would like to know as well.

Ranma: Who knows? Must have something to do with Mom's errand earlier. I trust her, though.

Tecna: Great! A plan in motion! Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Loose Ends! Nodoka's Proposal!'

Ranma: Mom? Is that what I think it is?

Ending (Ranma ½ 8th season style, Positive)

Music starts. Headshots of the Winx Club are shown, then finally on Ranma.

Dou sureba ii? (What should I do?)

Kono mama ja Kono koi wa dame ni naru (If things stays like this this love will go nowhere)

Ranma is walking towards the screen. As he walks, in the background plays scenes of him doing the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken, the Moko Takabisha, and the Hiryu Shoten Ha. It then shows his girl form as a faerie firing off a light beam while flying, then cuts to Ranma using Riven's scimitar, then throws some of Sky's boomerangs.

Ai shisugite'ru (I'm loving too much...)

Aenai to kimochi dake oikakete'ru (If we don't meet I'll end up chasing mere feelings)

Bloom appears, walking on Ranma's right. He gives her a smile, which she returns, then continue on. In the background, we see Bloom sketching at her desk, then shows her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. She produces a ball of flame.

Anata ga dare ka to atte 'ru imaaju (Imagining you're meeting someone)

Stella appears walking on Ranma's left. She playfully elbow-nudges Ranma. He and Bloom laugh as they acknowledge her presence and continue on. In the background, Stella is on a shopping spree. It then shows her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. Her body illuminates.

Ittari kitari no muda na enajii (Energy wasted on going and coming)

Flora appears walking next to Bloom and waves to Ranma, who waves back. In the background, Flora is tending to numerous plants, one bears fruit, which she plucks and eats. We see her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. She tosses her hair, which sends out leaves and flower petals.

O-negai dare ka itte (Someone please say)

"Kimi wa daijoubu da kara" to ("'Coz you'll be all right")

Musa appears walking next to Stella, whistling a music note which Ranma eyes. In the background, Musa is playing on her saxaphone. It then shows her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. She produces a wave of music notes with her hand.

Shiawase ni nareru kachi (For I hold enough)

Juubun motte iru kara ne (Value that can lead to happiness)

Tecna appears walking next to Flora and looks towards Ranma, which he returns. In the background, Tecna is upgrading her robotic spy bug. It then shows her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. She produces a ball of green electricity.

Mirai wo hiraku kagi wa (The key to the future)

Positive na aidea dake yo (Positive ideas only)

Layla appears walking next to Musa and jumps up with her arm raised. Everyone else copies this and continues walking. In the background, Layla is seen surfing a wave. Then it shows her in her faerie mode, then in her Enchantix mode. She creates a stream of water between her hands.

Atama de wakatte 'te mo Kokoro ga midarete 'ru (I know with my head But my heart's confused)

Ranma and the girls then stop, as the background changes to reveal them standing on a grassy plain. The camera swings around to show them from behind as they look up at the daylight sky.

End ending

Author's notes:

Wow! This chapter was a doozy to do! I was inspired to write this after reading Hung Nguyen's "Dual Destinies" fic, one of the best Ranma stories I've ever read. My breaking off of the Tendo dojo bears some slight differences compared to his, though. In the next chapter, I've something planned for Shampoo and Ukyou…

(1) Normal humans aren't able to see pixies. In this case, however, Jusenkyo-cursed beings are able to see them since they've become influenced by the magic of the cursed springs, which is why they can see pixies.

(2) Akane, in situations, was always quick to give up on Ranma. Whenever Ranma's in a jam himself, she would just leave him to his fate. The only reason she'd get him out of those jams was by dumb luck, being goaded to help him, or get outright forced to help him. Examples include:

The Contrary Jewel episode where Shampoo hated Ranma due to the jewel, and Cologne tries to use it to her advantage to finally get Ranma to marry Shampoo. Mousse and Akane knew the truth, but were locked away to prevent them from ruining the plan. Of course, Mousse wanted to prevent the wedding, but Akane doesn't care anymore, saying that it's Ranma's own fault that he's in that mess and refuses to help him. Mousse then forces Akane to help byplacing the Contrary Jewel on her to make her love Ranma and thus ruin the wedding plan.

The Red Thread of Fate episode where Shampoo makesRanma fall in love with her by tying their pinkies together with the red thread. Akane refuses to help Ranma, despite the fact that she knew the reason why Ranma was acting like that and abot the thread, which makes her indifference even worse. She had to be goaded by Soun repeatedly until she finally at the last second goes to the church and cuts the thread. Took you long enough!

In the episode where Ranma becomes amnesiac and believes himself to be a girl, Akane was feeling anguished that Ranma-chan was further fallen into a feminine persona. Then when Ranma-chan tells Akane that she truly believes herself to be a girl, Akane just lashes out at her, screaming at her to stay a girl for all she cares, then inadvertedly repeats the process that caused Ranma to get amnesiac in the first place (head to the koi rock), which reversed the ailment and cured Ranma's personality. It was all dumb luck on her part.

When Lin Lin and Ran Ran came back a second time to take out all of Shampoo's rivals, Akane left Ranma to them. She simply didn't want to help Ranma because she believes it to have nothing to do with her. Selfish bleep!….

Not to mention that she keeps breaking off the engagement as well. She callously handed Ranma over to Nabiki that one time when he chose to rescue Nabiki rather than her from falling off the balcony, never mind the fact that Akane was the one who broke the balcony in the firt place, endangering Nabiki..

There are several others, but I won't go into it.

Chapter Eleven: Loose Ends! Nodoka's Proposal!

Opening (Ranma ½ OAV 2 style, Boku Tachi wa Kore Kara)

Bloom: "Time to start the episode!"

Stella: "But from this, we have to sing in Japanese…"

Musa: "No worries! Just use a spell of comprehension so it'll be natural to you."

Stella: "Really? Cool! Let's do this thing!"

Ranma: "Ready!"

The scene changes to above Alfea, then the music starts. Ranma wakes up with a start and frantically gets ready for the day. He runs out of the dorm complex to meet the Winx in the hallway. They greet him and they leave together. We then see them and the other Alfea residents eating in the dining hall. Kiko sits on the table, munching on a carrot. In the background, we see Knut eating an entire turkey in one bite. The scene changes to Ranma and the Winx walking through the outdoor court. Bloom turns towards the camera and sings while everyone in the courtyard sways to the music. Stella is beside her and Ranma runs ahead.

Bloom: Yumede dakishmete tanara (If I hugged you in a dream)

Stella: Nee damarikonde? (Hey how about that?)

Bloom walks as she sings while being followed by Stella.

Bloom: Kao ga mienaku narune? (It's become that I can't see your face, hasn't it?)

Stella: Doushitano? (Why?)

Cuts to Flora, who walks and sings while being followed by the Pixies.

Flora: Ienai kotoba zawameku mune (Words that I can't say are stirring in my heart)

Flora squats down and looks at the pixie pets.

Flora: Mujyaki ni kimi wa nozokikomu kedo… (You peeped innocently, but...)

Cuts to Musa and Tecna who are in a classroom. Palladium and the other students are swaying as Musa sings.

Musa: Kawaberi o fuku kaze ga (The wind's blowing over the river)

Tecna: Mou kaeranakuchya (I have to go home)

Musa and Tecna get up and leave the room.

Musa: Sayonara o sekasukara (Goodbye)

Tecna: Shikarareru (I was scolded)

Layla walks down the hall singing as she passes a swaying Faragonda.

Layla: Kimi no egao ya karui shigusa (Your smiling face and gestures)

Hitotsu hitotsuni toi kakete iru (Are asking many questions)

The screen splits into six vertical sections. Each of the girls occupy a section in side profile of their left. From left to right: Tecna, Flora, Bloom, Stella, Musa, and Layla. They bop to the lyrics.

All: Futari wa mada tomodachi dane? (We're still friends, right?)

The screen changed into a two-row, three-column split screen, each with a headshot. Top row: Stella, Bloom, Flora. Bottom row: Musa, Layla, Tecna. They bop to the lyrics.

All: Suki to itta sore dakedane (I only said "Love" once)

Goes to Ranma-chan, in Nodoka's office. Nodoka was swaying to the beat. Behind Ranma-chan are the ghostly forms of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu, also swaying to the music.

Ranma-chan: Nani o sureba iino korekara? (What can I do after this?)

Cuts to each of the Winx girls in a different part of the school.

All: Donna koto hanasebaii? (What kind of spoken things are good?)

Boku wa... (By me…)

We see Ranma-chan running through the throngs of students while each letter of the Ranma Club logo flashes on screen followed by a gong noise.

End opening

Tha Saotomes and the Winx were heading over to the Neko Hanten. Ranma was still confused as to what Nodoka has planned for dealing with his other fiancees. The episode at the Tendo home had ended quite badly, for the house occupants, anyway.

"I can't believe that the engagement was actually called off." Said Ranma. "I feel like a huge burden has been lifted."

"We're glad you feel that way, Ranma." Said Flora.

"Yeah! I can't believe you were actually engaged to a person like that!" said Stella.

"What I can't believe was that I was almost married to her over a month ago…" said Ranma.

"I cannot imagine…" said Tecna. She and the other girls felt a little perturbed at the thought of being married to an abusive, untrusting, self-righteous person.

"Sometimes, I wondered why I even bothered with it." Said Ranma. "I thought it was just to satisfy honor, but I find that hard to believe anymore." All of a sudden, Ranma remembered his arranged marriage with Diaspro when he was Sky. "I would've rather had been married to Diaspro."

Bloom could only wince. She remembered the spoiled princess all too well. She hadn't forgotten how she made a deal with Valtor in order to have Sky for herself. Still, in her own twisted way, at least Diaspro cared about Sky and his well being. Akane would just speak out of anger and tell Ranma to go off and die, or accuse him of things based on her own wrong assumptions, or just pound on him without bothering to know all the facts first. In short, Ranma was always the target for her bratty tantrums. That kind of relationship is pretty volatile. It also didn't help that she'd work against Ranma in certain situations. A relationship doesn't mean squat if there is no trust, and Akane had practically nil in that sense.

"So…. you remembered that, Ranma?" asked Bloom.

"Yeah, must've been the calling off that triggered it." Replied Ranma. "Arranged marriages are so old fashioned. I'm glad I didn't go through with it, though." He gave a look to Bloom, implying that she's the reason he chose to call it quits with Diaspro, causing her to blush.

"I still can't believe you were engaged multiple times, though, Ranma." Said Musa. "That must've been tough."

"Boy was it ever!" said Ranma. "I was treated like I was some kind of prize! It was just so ridiculous!"

"And one of them's named Shampoo? Pretty weird." Said Stella.

"Just because her name sounds funny doesn't mean she's a pushover." Ranma warned. "Shampoo can be dangerous if provoked, especially when it concerns me being taken away from her Anyone standing in her way of claiming me are considered obstacles, and in her words, 'obstacles are meant for killing'."

"If these people could give even you trouble, Ranma, we'll have to take your word for it." Said Musa.

"Still, she's not as bad as her great grandmother, Cologne." Said Ranma.

"Cologne?" Musa said in confusion.

"Great grandmother?" asked Tecna. "It's impossible that such a human could live that long! She'd have to be at least two centuries old!"

"A little over three, to be exact." Said Ranma, which shocked Tecna even more. "She was a pain to me, but she still taught me some useful things."

"You mean like that Chestnut thing?" asked Layla.

"Yeah, and the Hiryu Shoten Ha." Said Ranma. "That was the move I used to blast the Trix away during that party."

"That wind spell you did?" asked Flora. She and the others remembered witnessing that tornado Ranma created.

"That's no wind spell. It's not even magic." Said Ranma. "That was simply manipulating my ki."

The Winx were still amazed at how Ranma's fighting techniques were not magic, though they could easily be mistaken for it.

"And this Ukyou person?" asked Flora.

"She was a childhood friend of mine." Said Ranma. "We were only six when we first met, and I didn't even know she was a girl until she caught up to me years later. I thought she grew up to be pretty cute, and she was probably the only friend I ever had. Like Shampoo, she's pretty possessive of me and wouldn't give me up without a fight. To tell the truth, I can't really see myself married to either of them. I mean, I care about them, but not in that sense."

"So how do you feel about them?" asked Layla.

"Well, despite everything they've done to ensure that I get married to either of them, I still consider them friends." Replied Ranma. "They at least had genuine feelings about me. They'd willingly help me out if I was in a jam, unlike some people..."

"That Kasumi girl seemed nice enough." Said Layla. "She probably would've been a better candidate."

"True, Layla, but I could only view her as the older sister I never had, and she just views me as a brother." Said Ranma. "Besides, she and Nabiki volunteered Akane to be the fiancee."

"I'm sorry, Ranma." Said Layla.

"Do not worry about it." Said Ranma. "It's behind us, now."

It was then that Ranma's group was stopped before the Neko Hanten. The 'closed' sign was up.

"Here we are." Said Nodoka.

The Neko Hanten dining hall, some time earlier…

Shampoo, Ukyou, and Cologne sit at a table, awaiting a meeting with Ranma and Nodoka. They had been called earlier by Nodoka to discuss matters of importance concerning them and Ranma. The exact details are still sketchy to them. Thankfully, Cologne had Mousse on delivery duty for the whole night to ensure that he won't disrupt anything.

"So Nodoka Saotome told you to meet her here as well, child?" asked Cologne to Ukyou.

The okonomiyaki chef nods. "That's right. She wanted to discuss something with me, and apparently with you, as well."

"True, but I am curious as to what." Said Cologne.

"Shampoo hope it nothing too serious!" said Shampoo. "Have bad feeling about meeting Airen's mother."

Ukyou was annoyed that Shampoo still considered herself as married to her precious Ran-chan, but held her peace. She was also concerned about the meeting. Ever since the wedding mishap over a month ago, Ukyou started to feel a little regret in her part of stopping the wedding. She was supposed t be Ranma's friend, but then she went and did that., not like her help was needed in disrupting the wedding. There was already plenty of chaos happening then. Right now, she feared that her actions might strain her relationship with Ranma. She also didn't want to give a bad impression to Nodoka. She was a better judge of character than her husband, Genma, that was for certain.

Shampoo was also of the same mind. Ranma's situation hasn't improved over the month, and she didn't help matters. The purple-haired Amazon reasoned it was only to save Ranma from making a big mistake, which was to marry the 'Kitchen Destroyer'. She'd probably kill him with her toxic substances she calls cooking, so he'd most likely have to rely on take-out. Plus, Akane never gives him any respect and acts self-righteous. Shampoo couldn't understand why Ranma would show any interest in someone who physically abuses him, doesn't trust him, or show him any kind of love whatsoever. The things Shampoo had done, she reasoned it was out of love. She also feared her relationship with her Airen because of her part in ruining the wedding. The fact that Ranma's mother called only heightened that fear. She didn't want to be in Nodoka's bad graces if she wanted to have a relationship with Ranma.

Cologne tried to reassure her great granddaughter that it will be all right.

It was then that the bell indicating a customer sounded.

Shampoo, Ukyou, and Cologne looked towards the door and saw Ranma and Nodoka enter.

"Oh, Saotome-san, welcome." Cologne greeted. Shampoo and Ukyou bowed and greeted her as well. They smiled as they saw Ranma, who gives a friendly wave back.

"Nice to see you again, honored Elder." Said Nodoka.

"Likewise." Said Cologne. "So what did you wish to discuss with us?"

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla then walk into the establishment. Shampoo and Ukyou became alarmed at the entrance of the new faces.

The Winx looked at the meeting party. One was a well-endowed girl with long purple hair, dressed in red. The other girl had long dark brown hair with a white ribbon and dressed in a blue Japanese chef outfit with ninja-like alterations. Their attention fell to the diminutive old woman who looked no taller than two feet. She had a wrinkled look, long white hair held by a red band, and dressed in a green Chinese robe. They never thought that there would be humans who looked like that. She could've been easily mistaken for a dwarf or a halfling.

"It is about the engagements." Said Nodoka. "This also concerns myself, my son and our heritage, and my six students here."

Cologne looked towards the six beautiful gaijin girls and became shocked at what she sensed within them.

"Students?" asked Ukyou.

"Aiya! Who you?" asked Shampoo.

"I'm sorry about that, my name is Flora." The two female martial artists couldn't help but compare the flower faerie to Kasumi.

"I'm Bloom."



"Call me Stella."

"I'm called Tecna."

Shampoo kept her peace. She knew that these six girls were obstacles to her Airen's heart, but held back because of Nodoka's presence. The fact that they are her students barred her from trying to hurt them even more.

Cologne noticed the look in Shampoo's eyes and urged her to stand down. If what she sensed form the six gaijins was true…

"I've thought about my time here in Nerima." said Ranma. "I now know that what I want in life cannot be found here."

Ukyou and Shampoo became alarmed at this. "What! You mean you're moving, Ran-chan?" asked Ukyou.

"Please say it not so!" said Shampoo.

"You could say that I'm moving out." Said Ranma. "I just finally realized that my so-called 'obligations' here are just not worth it. I just found a place where I can actually take control of my life! It's all thanks to Mom. I've spent a week there, and I like it."

"Was that why you were gone, Ran-chan?" asked Ukyou. She and Shampoo were worried when Ranma had gone missing for the past week.

"That's right. I'm actually attending college." Said Ranma.

"What? Really?" asked Ukyou.

"And it's not just any college, either." Said Nodoka. She looks to Cologne. "I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about, elder?"

Cologne could only gulp. At her age and experience, she had seen a lot of things. Her time as an Amazon Matriarch had also given her some arcane abilities, which is why she's able to handle and came to possesion of mystical Amazonian artifacts. Also, as a high-class martial artist, she's able to sense the ki energies in others, as well as otherworldly things. She could sense a lot of mystical energies from the six girls. They weren't martial artists, but the power they gave off was immense. She sensed the same thing from Nodoka herself. Also, until a week ago, Ranma's energy signature was normal, but now, she sensed the same mystical energy as the seven females from him. Not only that, but she also sensed his ki was being focused in six directions.

"Great Grandmother, what Saotome-san talk about?" asked Shampoo.

Cologne said nothing as she looked towards Ranma. "Son-in-, er…. I mean, Ranma…" Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou were surprised to hear Cologne address the pigtailed boy by name. "This place you spent a week in…. was it by any chance…. The Realm of Magix?"

Ranma's eyebrow was raised, but he guessed he shouldn't be too surprised that Cologne would know of it. "Why yes it is."

Cologne was taken aback. "Then it's true… you… all of you…. are faeries!"

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla were surprised to hear that Clologne knew what they really are just by looking at them.

"Wow, she's good." Said Stella.

Shampoo and Ukyou look at Cologne. "Aiya! Did you say faeries, Great Grandmother?"

"What? Faeries? But they can't be real!" said Ukyou.

"Jusenkyo curses, godlings, and ghosts can't be real, either, but we've already seen that." Ranma said simply.

Ukyou could only blink at the simple answer. "You have a point there…"

"I've never thought I'd hear of that place again…" said Cologne. "I never would've imagined that you were one as well, Saotome-san."

"Indeed I am." Said Nodoka. "Ranma has agreed to take classes at Alfea college. I'm helping him get in touch with his true heritage."

Shampoo looked at Ranma. "Ranma…. Is true? You is faerie?"

Ranma nodded. "Half-faerie."

"I also noticed that Ranma's ki is split in six directions… how is that possible?" asked Cologne. Such a thing was fascinating to her.

"So you've noticed it, too, elder?" said Nodoka. "Ranma is actually the combined reincarnation of six young men who've died in action. Those young men, when they were alive and separate, also happen to be the boyfriends of my students here." She gestured to the Winx Club.

Cologne could only stare in fascination. She always knew that Ranma was a special individual, but not to this extreme. That would probably explain his eating habits; he's trying to keep six people fed.

With Ukyou and Shampoo, they started to fear the worst. They probbaly thought that they fell out of Nodoka's favor since their role in the wedding incident. If what she says about Ranma being composed of six guys who are also the boyfriends of those girls with him, then Nodoka most likely favors them to be with Ranma than anyone else.

"My son will be taking control of his own life from now on, and I intend to help him on keeping his choice respected." Said Nodoka. "We're going to leave Nerima and go to Magix. Ranma has already agreed to it. Therefore, I humbly ask that you both retract your engagements to my son."

Shampoo was horrified when she heard that. Ukyou was livid. Cologne could only stare as the request was made.

"What! Bu-but, Saotome-san!" Ukyou started.

"Saotome-san! Say is no true!" said Shampoo.

The Pixies then fly in, making themselves known.

"I'm sorry, but it is." Said Lockette.

Cologne and Shampoo were shocked to see the Pixies flying there.

"Pixies…. That confirms it further that you all are faeries." Said Cologne.

"Aiya! Is true!" said Shampoo.

Ukyou was wondering who Shampoo and Cologne were talking to.

"It looks like those two can see us." Said Digit as she floated near Tecna's head.

"Yeah, but the one with the spatulas can't." said Chatta.

Cologne could only bow her head. "I understand, I retract my great granddaughter's claim on your son…"

Shampoo could only look back at Cologne in shock as if she's lost her mind. "What! Great Grandmother!"

"Shampoo… there is explanation for this." said Cologne. "Long before you were born, the Joketsuzoku had met with some faeries who stopped on earth while on the way to the Magix Dimension. We were currently still in a war with the Musk Dynasty. Our tribe was no match for them because of the power of Jusenkyo backing their warriors. We had thought our people would've ceased to exist because of this, but help came in an unexpected way. Six faeries had come to us, seeing our plight. They offered to help us with our war effort. We were grateful for the assistance. Their magic was beyond belief. We never would've imagined that six people would've made such a difference against the Musk, but thanks to them, our society was able to live on. Those faeries had saved us. They didn't even need to fight because they were not involved with the Joketsuzoku's affairs, but as they said, they exist to help those in need. Because of their valor, we named them honorary members of the Joketsuzoku."

Ranma, Shampoo, Ukyou, and the Winx were surprised at this revelation. Faeries had shown up on earth years ago in the Amazon Village in China?

"The faeries left for the Magix Dimension. We had decreed that all faeries would be considered Amazon sisters, and therefore exempt from the outsider laws." Cologne continued. She looks at Ranma. "Now that your status as a faerie is revealed, you are already considered a member of our village. I'm sorry, Shampoo, but the Kiss of Marriage is now null and void…"

Shampoo had a blank expression on her face. The impossible had happened. Cologne had retracted the Kiss of Marriage, invalidating her claim on Ranma. She looked like she was on the verge of tears. Ranma and the others could only look at her with sympathy.

Nodoka then looks at Ukyou. "My dear Ukyou, my son has always considered you a friend. He still cares for you, just not in the way you think he should."

Ukyou looked like she was on the verge of tears herself. "Saotome-san, I care a great deal about Ranma. I cannot just let him go like that… was it because of me? Because of what Shampoo and I did to ruin Ranma's wedding?"

"Partly, but in a way, I'm glad you did." Said Nodoka. Ukyou and Shampoo look up at that. "If you hadn't Ranma would've been married to the wrong person."

The two girls nodded. Having to see Ranma married to that ill-mannered tomboy would've been the final insult to them. Worse was what they thought of Ranma's fate if the wedding had come to pass. He did it to satisfy honor, but could he honestly say it was out of love?

"We met that Akane girl and her family earlier." Said Tecna.

"She was the rudest person I've ever met!" said Layla.

"What happen?" asked Shampoo.

"She tried to attack Ranma and us as soon as we showed ourselves." Replied Flora.

"And she thought Saotome-sensei was a lover of Ranma and called her a slut!" said Stella. "She didn't recognize her because she was in faerie form at the time, but she's regrettting her actions now."

"I forcefully dissolved their marriage contract right there." Said Nodoka. "Akane had proven to be unworthy to even be near my son."

Shampoo, Ukyou, and Cologne couldn't believe it. They always knew that Akane tends to speak out of turn, but to accidentally insult Nodoka, never mind the fact that she didn't recognize Nodoka at the time, not to mention attack her students, that was beyond stupid. They were secretly glad that they didn't try anything of the sort themselves, because unlike Genma and the Tendos, they at least have some sense in them. To get magical beings angry at them would be foolish.

"So the Saotome-Tendo engagement has been nullified." Said Cologne.

"That's right, my son and I want nothing more to do with them." Said Nodoka.

"Yeah, they didn't take well my decision to study abroad in another realm." Said Ranma. "Now, I want you all to understand that as well."

Ranma became nervous when he saw Ukyou and Shampoo saddened at his choice. Amore also sees a line connecting Ranma to each of the two girls. Unlike with Akane's, their lines were a lot stronger. They weren't romance lines, but more kindred. Nodoka then gives them an offer.

"Although I don't appreciate the methods you used to try and snare my son as a husband, your feelings are at least genuine and you truly care for him." Said Nodoka. "I wouldn't want to leave such efforts go unrewarded."

The two girls look up at this.

"What do you mean, Saotome-san?" asked Ukyou. Ranma and the Winx were also confused at this.


"My son cannot marry you, but that doesn't mean that we don't want to have anything to do with you, unless you give us reason to." Said Nodoka. "Therefore, I'd like to propose that if Shampoo and Ukyou wishes it, I shall legally adopt them into my family."

Everyone in the room was alarmed by this. "HUH!"

"Consider this being the next best thing to being with Ranma." Said Nodoka. "Taking Ranma and leaving you two alone in despair just wouldn't do, so I offer you this chance to be with my son as his adopted sisters. If you do, you'll be able to come with us to Magix. A reward, if you will, for caring about my son."

Shampoo and Ukyou couldn't believe it. They thought for sure that Nodoka would permanently cut ties between them and Ranma just as she did with the Tendos. Their engagements to Ranma were nullified, but to be offered this chance, it must me that Nodoka still thought highly of them. They didn't want to think of what it would be like to live life without Ranma. Shampoo did not want to go back to the village in disgrace a second time, and Ukyou would still remain a ronin without purpose. They may not have Ranma's love, but they didn't want to lose his friendship and respect. This really was the next best thing. Standing up from their seats, they make their decision.

"I accept your terms… Mom." Said Ukyou.

"Shampoo accept, too." Said Shampoo.

Nodoka could only smile at the girls.

Saotome residence, next day…

Ranma, Stella, Bloom, Layla, Musa, Flora, Tecna, and Kiko sat in the living room, waiting for Nodoka to return. She had gone to fill out the paperwork to legally adopt Shampoo and Ukyou as her daughters. Today was the day that they would return back to Magix.

"This certainly has been quite an experience." Said Tecna.

"I'll say! Saotome-sensei is great!" said Stella.

"I say, she handled things nicely!" said Tune. She and the other Pixies were flying about, all except Piff, who was asleep on the coffee table.

"Everything worked out great in the end, huh Ranma?" asked Flora.

"Yeah, they did." Said Ranma. "I was honestly surprised at Mom's proposal, though."

"But your fiancee troubles are now over, Ranma." Said Bloom as she played with Kiko and Lockette. "You've got two of them as your adopted sisters now."

"You've got strong friendship ties with those two girls, Ranma." Said Amore.

"I never thought I'd see the day when my fiancee problem gets solved." Said Ranma. "Still, I'm worried about the Tendo engagement."

"Why's that, Ranma?" asked Musa.

"It's just that I don't think they'll take that lying down." Replied Ranma. "Pop and Mr. Tendo are too stupid to know when to quit when it comes to trying to marry me off to Akane."

"Well you don't have to worry, they can't follow us to Magix, anyway." Said Stella.

It was then that Nodoka entered the house with Shampoo and Ukyou in tow. Each girl had a suitcase.

"We're back!" said Nodoka.

"Hey, Mom." Said Ranma.

"Hello, Saotome-sensei!" the Winx chorused. Kiko hops up and waves.

"It's done. Shampoo and Ukyou are now officially my adopted daughters." Said Nodoka.

"Congratulations, you two!" said Bloom.

"I'm really happy for you." said Stella.

"Thanks, you guys." Said Ukyou.

"Now Shampoo can be with Ranma and new family!" said Shampoo.

Nodoka had helped the girls pack their things from home. Thanks to her magic, each girl was able to fit all of their belongings into one suitcase. Ukyou had left her business to Konatsu to handle on his own, while Cologne chose to stay to keep the Neko Hanten running. Initially, Mousse was opposed to Shampoo's leaving, but was quickly reprimanded. There was no trouble at all there.

"Well then, shall we all get going?" asked Nodoka. Everyone immediately gathers around. Nodoka then materializes a sphere of light between her hands. "Dimension Jump!"

The white light enveloped all, and the party disappeared.

Magix, outskirts of Alfea…

Ranma finds himself at the same place he was when Nodoka firs took him to Alfea. Shampoo and Ukyou marveled at the beauty of the landscape. It was like nothing they've ever seen before.

"Aiya, so this Magix Great Grandmother talk about…" said Shampoo.

"This place is so beautiful…" said Ukyou.

"It gets even better here." Said Layla.

"Yeah! Wait'll you get to see Alfea!" said Musa.

They all begin to move forward. Ukyou, however, was suddenly stopped by an invisible force.

"Huh? What's going on?" asked Ukyou in confusion. She started pressing what felt like an invisible wall.

Stella felt a twinge of déjà vu, as this sort of thing happened three years ago with Mike and Vanessa, Bloom's adopted Earth parents. "Oh my! You're not magical, so you're being barred from entering!"

"What!" said Ukyou. "Now what do I do?"

"I should've known this would happen…" said Nodoka. She walks over to the distraught chef. "I thought your ability with ki manipulation would be enough to pass you off as a magical being, but that doesn't seem to be the case. Luckily, I've prepared for it."

"Saotome-sensei?" said Flora.

Ukyou looks at Nodoka and sees her pull out a bottle of water. She hands it to her. "What is this?"

"You're only way in." replied Nodoka.

Ranma eyed the bottle and reached out with his magical senses. He became surprised when he found out what it was. "Mom? Is that….?"

"So you recognize it, Ranma?" said Nodoka. "That's right, that's Jusenkyo water."

Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou gasp.

"Going to Jusenkyo was your errand, Mom?" asked Ranma.

"That's right, Son." Replied Nodoka. "The Jusenkyo guides managed to save samples of some of their spring waters before Jusenkyo got destroyed. Unfortunately, they didn't have any Naniichiuan left."

Ranma's head lowers at that news. Still, it wasn't a total loss. He's able to control his curse to some degree. "That's quite all right, Mom."

Nodoka then turns her attention to Ukyou. "Ukyou dear, only magical beings are able to pass through here. The only reason Shampoo was able to pass was because of her Jusenkyo curse. If you wish to enter as well, you'll have to curse yourself, too. I won't force you, dear. This will be your choice."

Ukyou looks at the water bottle in her hand. That barrier was the only thing standing in between her and her new life. The bottle's contents are her only pass. She did not want to be denied. If gaining a Jusenkyo curse was the only way to be with Ranma, then so be it. Ukyou didn't care to know what the curse would turn her into. If Ranma and Shampoo could take handling Jusenkyo curses, then so can she. With that thought in mind, Ukyou unscrews the cap and dumps it over herself.

Ranma, Shampoo, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Kiko, and the Pixies were shocked to see Ukyou dump the water on herself. They were even more shocked when she disappeared under her clothes. Her clothes and giant spatula fell to the ground. There was a slight movement, and something pops its head out and shakes out of the now oversized garments. Ukyou comes out on all fours, now sporting pointed ears, reddish orange fur, and a bushy tail with a white tip. She still retained her eyes as well as her hair ribbon.

"Water from 'Spring of Drowned Vixen'." Said Nodoka. She then picks up the human-turned fox. She was slightly larger than Shampoo's cat form.

Vixen-Ukyou looked about and was surprised to see the Pixies flying in front of her. They weren't there before the last time she remembered.

"Ooh! She's a fox!" said Amore. "How adorable!"

"So cool!" said Zing.

"Nice to finally meet you, Ukyou." Said Lockette.

"That certainly took a lot of guts to do!" said Chatta.

"It was a logical choice." Said Digit.

Vixen-Ukyou could only smile at the Pixies. They were quite friendly enough.

"That's…. actually a pretty cute form for her…" said Ranma, causing the fox to blush.

Nodoka could only smile at Ukyou in her arms. 'She didn't hesitate when giving herself a curse. This only proves her conviction to stay with Ranma. She really is a true friend for my son.' "We'll get you turned back once we reach the campus."

Everyone then continues on their way to Alfea. Ranma picks up Ukyou's things, as she's in no condition to do so herself. Things are just starting to get interesting again.

To be continued…


Ranma: I never expected this. Now Shampoo and Ukyou are my adopted sisters!

Bloom: It must be nice to have siblings, Ranma.

Ranma: Yeah. I never would've thought we'd be joined like this.

Stella: Great! It all worked out in the end!

Ranma: Well, it's back to classes again…

Stella: Oh, right… I almost forgot…

Bloom: Shampoo and Ukyou are now trying to adjust to living at Alfea. Is it a good match?

Stella: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Martial Artists in Magix'

Ranma: Guess I won't get lax in training anymore.

Ending (Saber Marionette J style, I'll Be There)

Music starts as we see Ranma superimposed over a sunset. We then see Ranma-chan appear next to her male version. They walk towards the screen together. As they walk, they walk closer into each other until they finally fuse, causing a bright flash of light.

Sabishii toki setsunai toki (When you're lonely, when you're hurting)

Hitori de ochikomanai de (don't face your sorrow alone.)

We see Bloom from behind as she looks up towards the sky while on the ruins of Domino.

Kimi no soba ni boku (Know that I'll always)

Kanarazu iru kanjite (be there with you, without fail.)

We see Stella from behind as she looks up at the sky while standing on a parapet on Solaria Castle.

Tsuyoi koto wa taisetsu da ne (Strength is a very important thing,)

Dakedo namida mo hitsuyou sa (but you need tears too.)

We see Flora from behind as she looks up at the sky while standing on a giant tree branch on Linphea.

KARAKARA kawaita kokoro ja (With a parched, dried-up heart,)

Nanimo dekinai yo (you can't do anything at all;)

Nanimo kanjirarenai (you can't feel a thing.)

We see Musa from behind as she looks up at the sky out the window from inside her old home on Melody. Cuts to Ranma and Ranma-chan standing back-to-back with their eyes closed.

Hito wa naze doushite (Tell me, why do people)

Hontou no kimochi wo tojikomeru no (hide what they really feel inside?)

We see Tecna from behind as she looks up at the digital sky while standing on the city street on Zenith.

Dekiru koto yaritai koto (Take what you can do, what you want to do,)

Ippo-zutsu arukeba ii (one step at a time.)

We see Layla from behind as she looks up at the sky from her castle balcony on Andros.

PUROGURAMU sareta ikikata ni (I love the way you don't care)

Nagasanai kimi ga suki (how you have been programmed to live.)

We see Ranma sitting on the ground in darkness. Suddenly, the darkness brightens, turning to day. Ranma looks up and sees himself sitting on a grassy plain. In front of him are the Winx girls.

Doko made mo tsuite-yuku yo (I would follow you anywhere.)

Kono te zutto zutto hanasanai (I will never, ever, let go of you.)

The girls all smile at Ranma and each offer a hand to him. Ranma smiles and reaches out to them.

End ending

Author's notes:

I didn't expect to make the chapter this long. I bet you all didn't see that one coming, eh?

This chapter was inspired by Ryan Spradling's works, 'A Spying Dragon' and 'Wild Moon 1/2'. They didn't explain how Shampoo and Ukyou agreed to be Ranma's adopted sisters, but it worked out anyway. I tried to give explanation on how they did so.

As I said before, I use Rai terms, NOT 4Kids terms because thy make absolutely no sense.


Bloom's home: Domino/Sparx

Flora's home: Linphea/Fifth Moon of Marigold (WTH?)

Musa's home: Melody/Harmonic Nebula

Tecna's home: Zenith/3rd Vector of the Binary Galaxy (what a mouthful…)

Layla's home: Andros/Realm of Tides

Only Stella's home of Solaria was spared a name change.

Also, despite what others say, it's VALTOR with a "V", NOT Baltor! Baltor sounds like some dumb take on Balto or something. Valtor sounds like a perversion of the word 'valor', which Valtor doesn't have. Plus, his mark that he brands on people is A FREAKIN' LETTER "V" IN A CIRCLE! Nice going, idiot 4Kids…

Chapter Twelve: Martial Artists in Magix

Opening (YuYu Hakusho style, Hohoemi no Bakudan)

The music starts. We see Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu falling through the sky. They turn into light silhouettes and merge to form Ranma, who now falls through the sky. The Ranma Club logo appears.

Machi no hitogomi kata ga butsukatte hitoribocchi (In a crowd on a city street, shoulders bumping, I'm alone)

Ranma is seen walking through a busy street in Magix.

Hatenai sougen kaze ga BYUNBYUN to hitoribocchi (In an endless prairie, wind blowing hard, I'm alone)

We see the other girls in different parts of the city. Bloom is walking across the road. Stella is seen at a shop window. Flora is sitting at a table at an outdoor café. Musa is standing in front of a theater. Tecna leans against a lamp post while using her PDA. Layla is sitting on a bench facing the beach. We come back to Ranma who gets a twinge as if he sensed the others nearby.

Docchi darou? nakitakunaru basho wa (I wonder which is the place I'd want to cry?)

At Alfea, Ranma-chan in faerie-mode is seen flying. She flies over past three people and the camera closes in on them. We see a close-up of Shampoo, then pans to Ukyou, and finally on Nodoka. Their gazes follow Ranma-chan as the camera zooms away from the three women.

Futatsu MARU wo tsukete choppiri OTONA sa (Drawing two circles, I feel just a little grown-up.)

A giant demon arises and roars at Ranma-chan. She then fires off a huge ki beam at it, blowing a hole into it just before it falls and explodes in a geyser of power.

MECHAMECHA kurushii kabe datte fui ni naze ka (Why does the gushing forth of courage and power)

We see Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin in their offices at their respective schools. They all look up from what they're doing as if sensing the power. Cut to a darkened wasteleand. Valtor appears in the sky and drops down on the ground. Behind him are Icy, Darcy, and Stormy. They summon up an army of demons. Zoom out, we see that Ranma, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla are facing off against them. They all charge.

Buchikowasu yuuki to power waite kuru no wa (unexpectedly smash the extremely tortuous wall?)

MECHAMECHA kibishii hito-tachi ga fui ni miseta (Perhaps it's because of the kindness)

The girls are in Enchantix. Layla blasts a group of demons with water. Tecna uses her power to form a green light cannon on her hand and blasts some demons with green light beams. Musa spins, creating numerous glowing music notes, which shoot up into the air, then rain down hard into the demons, exploding on impact. Flora fires off razor-edged leaves at Stormy, who dodges and counters with a wind blast, then Flora creates a sword out of a blade of grass and charges Stormy, blocking with a blade of lightning. Stella and Darcy fly around, firing off orbs of light and darkness at each other, then shoot big beams of their respective elements which hit head-on. Icy hurls an ice boulder at Bloom, who breaks it in half by shooting it with a crescent-shaped flame, then follows up with a spray of fire.

Yasashisa no sei dattari suru n darou ne (extremely stern people had unexpectedly shown.)

Ranma-chan fires her magic-enhanced Moko Takabisha at Valtor, who dodges and counters with a fire blast. She drops down and punches the ground, causing the ground under Valtor to blow upward, sending him up. Ranma-chan then reverts to male form and jumps after Valtor while brandishing Sky's sword. He slashes, sending off a blue crescent-shaped light shot at Valtor, who quickly blocks, the impact causing an explosion obscuring his form.

A… RI… GA… TOU… GO… ZA… I… masu! (Thank you!)

The Winx are back in their casuals. They drop down from the sky one by one, then finally followed by Ranma. Ranma lands on the ground and punches up in the air. Standing on either side of him are the Winx girls, along with Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, Faragonda, Griffin, Saladin, Kiko, and the Pixies.

End opening

Nodoka's classroom…

"Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone's fine today!" greeted Nodoka. At her sides were Ukyou and Shampoo. "I would like to introduce Ukyou Kuonji, and Shampoo. They will be my TA's for this course."

"Nice to meet you." said Ukyou while bowing.

"Shampoo happy to work with you all!" said Shampoo.

Ranma-chan could only smile. Nodoka had managed to pull some strings with Faragonda to have her two adopted sisters to be live-in workers at Alfea. They were ideal candidates for teacher's assistants for Nodoka's ki manipulation class. Their curses had to be known as well, just like Ranma-chan's own. The students and faculty were surprised to see more people like Ranma who transform with water, except they turn into cute little animals.

"You can ask either of them anything pertaining to ki manipulation." Said Nodoka. "I assure you, they know their stuff."

Ranma-chan couldn't help but agree with that. Those girls weren't powerful martial artists for nothing. She knows that firsthand.

"Now then, we shall start with learning how to hide objects on one's person using ki." Said Nodoka. She nods to Shampoo, who responds by pulling out her bonboris seemingly out of nowhere. The students, sans Ranma, were surprised that the Amazon was able to hide two massive war clubs on herself without even leaving the slightest outline on her clothes.

"That's a pretty handy trick…" said Tecna. A lot of her portable tech was pretty bulky, so learning this would be quite useful for her.

Alfea dining hall…

All the faerie students were in for a treat once the latest additions to the school came. On the menu was Shampoo's deluxe ramen and Ukyou's specialty okonomiyaki. Thankfully, all the ingredients needed for both dishes were readily available in the Alfea kitchen for the two girls to use. Along with being TA's, Shampoo and Ukyou also did cooking duties.

"Mmmm…. It's still as good as I remembered it…" said Ranma-chan as she ate some pork okonomiyaki.

"This is pretty good!" said Bloom, who was eating a bowl of ramen. She had no trouble using the chopsticks.

"Definitely!" said Musa as she ate her bowl of ramen.

"Not bad…" said Stella as she took some bites of her okonomiyaki.

"My compliments to the chefs!" said Flora who was also eating some okonomiyaki.

"I'll make sure to let them know." Said Ranma-chan as she started eating a bowl of ramen once she was done with the okonomiyaki. "They worked in restaurants, after all."

They then get a glimpse of Knut in the corner, munching on as many portions of the foreign foods as possible.

"Looks like someone here likes the food a bit too much." Joked Layla. Everyone laughs at this.

The Winx had also noticed that Ranma-chan was eating more than she should.

"Ranma, don't you think you're eating a bit much there?" asked Stella.

"Hm?" Ranma-chan stopped in her eating as the girls looked at her. She had already wolfed down three bowls of ramen and two plates of okonomiyaki. Currently, Ranma-chan was eating a shrimp style okonimiyaki. "I'm just hungry!"

The Winx all sweatdrop at her simple answer.

"It's amazing how she can eat all that without feeling full…" said Tecna.

"I'M amazed she can still keep her figure!" said Stella. "Just what is her secret?"

"I think the boys' souls in her has something to do with it…" Flora hypothesized.

"Huh? What do you mean, Flora?" asked Musa.

"Think about it, Ranma's soul is composed of the souls of the Specialists." Said Flora. "Maybe in urn, she also has the appetite of six people? She's probably trying to keep them all fed."

"That does make a lot of sense, now that you mention it…" said Tecna.

Alfea courtyard…

"This really is a nice place." Said Ukyou.

"Shampoo agree!" said Shampoo.

"Thought you girls would." Said Ranma-chan. She was currently walking about with her two adopted sisters in the courtyard. Some of the students were milling about.

"I'm surprised you're wearing something like that, Ran-chan." Said Ukyou as she pointed at Ranma-chan's attire.

"Pretty daring, yes?" said Shampoo.

Ranma-chan could only blush. "At first, I hated it, but now it's kinds growing on me. Scary thought, I know. I can move around quite well in it. Plus, it was a gift."

"But aren't you worried about being caught as a guy like that?" asked Ukyou.

"Not anymore, Ucchan." Replied Ranma-chan as she focused her ki. In an instant, Ranma-chan reverted back into Ranma in his normal kung fu clothes. "Thanks to my faerie blood, I can now actually control my transformations, not to mention the clothes I wear."

Ukyou and Shampoo couldn't help but be impressed. Ranma had a way to overcome his own curse. Perhaps his coming to Magix was a good thing after all. Maybe.. they can control their own curses as well.

"Aiya! You come far, Ranma!" said Shampoo.

"No kidding…" said Ukyou. "So what else did you learn?"

"Oh, just a few elemental spells and things like that." Replied Ranma. "I can transform into a faerie mode, and now know some swordsmanship skills."

The girls were a little surprised. Turn into a faerie mode? Plus, wasn't he usually a bare-fisted fighter?

"Ranma, Shampoo would like to spar." Said Shampoo.

Ranma and Ukyou look at her. "Huh? Now?"

"Shampoo curious to know how Ranma has improved." Said Shampoo. She could see the nervousness in Ranma's eyes. "No need to worry about Amazon law here, Ranma, if that your concern."

"Well, there's that, but…" Ranma started as he looked about. "We're out with a lot of students going about and…"

"They can think this as review." Said Shampoo simply.

"Hmmm… she has a point, Ran-chan." Said Ukyou.

Ranma raised an eyebrow. In that sense, it would be beneficial to students, and maybe attract more attention towards his mom's class. "Guess I have no choice. Let's make sure our ki abilities show through!"

Shampoo nods as she and Ranma walk to stand facing ten feet away from each other. Ukyou stood a good distance away to observe the match. Ranma and Shampoo get into ready stances. This got the attention of the students milling about and was soon drawing a crowd.

"Hey! Isn't that TA Shampoo fighting against Ranma?"

"This looks interesting!"

"Now we'll see this 'ki' in action!"

"What's gonna happen?"

Ranma had a feeling of déjà vu. Crowds would always come to see a fight that he's involved in. Ukyou then holds up her hand. "The following match will go by tournament-style rules. Winner is declared if the opponent is knocked out or submits defeat to the other. Any technique may be used. There is no time limit. HAJIME! (BEGIN!)"

Ranma and Shampoo immediately rushed at each other. Each started to dish out punches and kicks of any kind at each other. For every attack, they would block, parry or dodge while trying to counter.

Shampoo throws three punches followed by a roundhouse kick. Ranma manages to dodge the first three attacks and jumps up to avoid the kick. While in the air, he lashes out with a spinning heel kick at her head. She ducks under the kick, then quickly side-steps to avoid the follow-up downward kick from his other foot. Just as he lands, Ranma rushes forth with a palm strike to the gut, which Shampoo quickly blocks. She responds by going into a spinning foot sweep, where Ranma quickly back-flips over. Landing a distance away, Shampoo springs forth after him into a flying kick. Ranma quickly parries her attack, causing her to pass by harmlessly and land behind him. Swinging around, he lashes out with a backhand chop at the neck. Shampoo manages to block the chop, but is then hard-pressed to dodge or block Ranma's follow up: a straight punch, a hook, a knee kick going into a side kick, a backfist, a spinning foot sweep, then finally ending it with an axe-kick. Shampoo barely had time to successfully block Ranma's combination, and quickly jumps out of the way of his axe-kick. His missed attack had caused a crater to form on the ground around his foot. Now, the pigtailed boy had the purple-haired girl on the defensive.

The students could only watch in awe at the spectacle. This was a real duel between two highly skilled martial artists. At this time, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla arrive on the scene and witness Ranma's sparring match. Floating next to them are the Pixies.

"Look! Ranma and Shampoo are going at it!" said Musa as she pointed at them.

"Wow… look at them go…" said Layla in awe.

Bloom couldn't believe what she was seeing. Physical fights like these she'd only be able to see in those kung fu movies she watched back on earth. Even those didn't compare.

"Wooooh! Go Ranma!" Zing cheered on.

Shampoo manages to catch her breath. She knew that Ranma was superior in unarmed combat, so then she whips out her bonboris out of nowhere. Giving the war maces a few spins, she gets into another ready stance. Ranma kept his guard up. He knew firsthand that getting hit by those things is not a good idea. She lunges forth and started swinging those bonboris at him. Ranma quickly started to dodge the dual clubs. He ducks a swing at his head, jumps a club sweep, cartwheels away from a club uppercut, then jumps over a thrust attack. He managed to land, standing on top of the bonbori as if had become weightless. The crowds were shocked to see him do that. How was he standing on her weapon like that? How was she even holding him up as if he wasn't there?

Ranma smirks and jumps off over and behind Shampoo. She turns and lifts her bonboris over her head, swinging them downward at Ranma. He managed to jump away in time just before the ground he was just standing on gets destroyed. As he lands, Shampoo leaps up and throws one of her bonboris at Ranma. He quickly reacts by doing a back-flip kick on the flying weapon, sending it back at Shampoo who easily catches it before landing on the ground. Finally, they charge at each other again. Shampoo utilizes the Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken technique with her bonboris, creating a flurry of rapid-fire club thrusts. Ranma counters by doing his own Kachu Tenshin Amaguriken. Rather than the usual rapid-fire punching, he instead used it as a defensive maneuver to palm block the bonboris. After a few seconds, they forced each other back, skidding on the ground a bit.

"He…. Stopped all her attacks!" said Stella.

"It's hard to believe those two are human…" said Tecna.

Ranma and Shampoo were panting a bit at the extended duel. They didn't expect the battle to turn out like this.

"You… have improved… very much, Ranma…" said Shampoo.

"Same…. with you…. Shampoo…" said Ranma.

Both fighters then stand up and started to glow with blue battle auras, catching the attention of the crowds.

"What's going on?"

"What's with that light?"

"Weird, it doesn't feel like magic…"

"Is this the 'ki' Saotome-sensei was talking about?"

"That's so cool!"

The Winx girls could only watch in anticipation on what will happen. Ukyou knew that this might turn out messy.

Ranma cups his hands at his side while Shampoo crosses her arms over her chest while still holding her bonboris. It was then they fired off their attacks.



Ranma fires off his blue ki sphere fro his palms. Shampoo fires off an oval-shapd blast of ki. The two projectiles crashed into each other, causing an energy explosion, which kicked up a lot of dust. Ukyou and the crowds had to cover their eyes from the blast. Everyone waited with held breaths to see the outcome.

Once the dust cleared, everyone could see Ranma and Shampoo still standing, though a little hunched over. Ranma's hands relaxed to his sides, while Shampoo's bonboris clattered out of her hands. At the same time, both of them fell flat on their faces.

"Ha…. can't…. go on…." said Ranma.

"Shampoo…. spent, too…" said Shampoo.

Ukyou went to check on their conditions. They were all right, but completely exhausted and cannot fight any further. "Both combatants are unable to battle. This is a draw!"

Ranma and Shampoo slowly get to their feet, then hears the sounds of cheering from the Alfea students.

"That was SO COOL!"

"I've never seen anything like it!"

"Hey, does that mean we can do something like that, too if we took Saotome-sensei's class?"

"I want to sign up, too!"

"I knew I should've signed up with the program!"

The Winx and Pixies approach the three former residents of Nerima.

"That was an awesome display!" said Stella.

"I can't believe you actually did all that!" said Chatta.

"Are you two all right?" asked Flora.

"Yeah…. We've been through much worse than this." said Ranma.

"That was great, Ran-chan!" said Ukyou. "Good to know that you being a magic user hasn't lessened your martial arts skill."

"You know me, Ucchan, I can never let myself slide in martial arts." Said Ranma.

Zing flies up to them. "That's right! Ranma never misses a chance to train himself, even though he's enrolled here!" She's suddenly dressed in light brown pants, carpenter shoes, and carpenter button-down with the sleeves folded to her elbows. Her hair was white and sported a fake white mustache and beard. She speaks in a slightly wizen tone. "He must sand the floor, paint up and down, paint side side, and then wax on wax off!" (1)

"Oh, a LOT more than that, Zing." Said Ranma. He then looks to Shampoo. "By the way, what was that last move you did, Shampoo?"

"After witnessing your ki attack, Ranma, Shampoo thought about trying to do same thing." Replied Shampoo. "It always good for martial artists to come up with new techniques, yes?"

"That's true." Said Ranma. He should know that better than anyone else.

"Still, Ranma, it won't do to destroy the landscape within school grounds." Said Flora.

Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou could only laugh nervously while sweatdropping.

"Ah hahaha… whoops…. I'll keep that in mind from now on…" said Ranma. He had to remember how destructive their techniques could be. They weren't known as the 'Nerima Wrecking Crew' for nothing.

Meanwhile, somewhere on a balcony on the outer walls of Alfea, a faerie student was experimenting with her rain spell.

"Okay, just as Professor Palladium said…." The girl mumbled. "Nimbus hydro pluvia terra!"

The girl waited for her rain spell to work. After a few seconds, nothing happened.

"Huh? Where's the rain cloud? There should've been one formed right in front of me? Did I do it wrong?"

Unknown to her, the spell worked perfectly, it just didn't appear in the right place…

Back at the courtyard, Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou didn't notice the small cloud forming over their heads. The Winx and the other students look up at the cloud in confusion.

"Uh…. Ranma?" said Bloom.

"Huh? What is it, Bloom?" asked Ranma.

Bloom then pointed upwards. Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou then look up, and were greeted by a constant drizzle by the artificial rain cloud formed over their heads. Ranma had instantly turned into a girl, while Shampoo and Ukyou disappeared under their clothes.

"What the!" Ranma-chan sputtered. "Where'd that cloud come from?"

Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou managed to pull themselves out of their clothes. Ranma-chan started to get chattering teeth as soon as she heard the meowing.


Kitsune-Ukyou was giving off whining noises when she saw Ranma-chan racked with fear. (2)

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! CAT! CAT! CAT! CAT!" Ranma-chan was off like a shot, trying to get away from her phobia. "!"

"Ranma! Look out!" shouted Bloom.

In her desperation to escape from a cat, Ranma-chan neglected to watch where she was going and ran right into one of the posts forming the four-legged arch walkway in the middle of the courtyard. She fell on her back and was out like a light.


Ranma-chan suddenly found herself waking up in the nurse's office. Her injuries from her duel and of the following incident were treated. At his bedside was Nodoka.

"Ranma, are you all right?" Nodoka asked with concern.

"Yeah, I guess so…" replied Ranma-chan.

Nodoka nods. "We REALLY need to do something about that phobia of yours…" She got dark thoughts about her husband, Genma, who had inflicted the trauma on her son in the first place. "It just won't do for you to have that fear now that Shampoo's part of the family."

"Can something be done?" asked Ranma-chan.

"I'm pretty sure Faragonda and the faculty can think of something." Replied Nodoka.

"I certainly hope so…" said Ranma.

The dorm hallways…

Ranma, after reverting to male form, headed back towards the Winx dorm after he was deemed well enough to leave the nurse's office.

"Man… I still feel a ringing…. Must've hit that post pretty hard…" Ranma muttered to himself.

He entered the door, and sees his roommates all together, Kiko and the Pixies were already asleep.

"Oh! Ranma! Welcome back!" said Layla.

"You all right? You took a pretty nasty hit in the head there." Said Musa.

"Yeah, I'm all right. It'll take more than that to take me down." Said Ranma. "I just hope that the damage to the courtyard can be fixed…"

"No need to worry about that, Ranma." Said Flora. "I've already taken care of it."

Ranma looks up at her. "You have?"

"It's true! Flora's power is nature, so she was able to close up those craters you caused." Tecna explained.

"Whew… that's good to know… thanks, Flora." said Ranma. Now he won't get chewed out by Griselda for accidentally destroying school property, even if for educational purposes.

"It was no big deal, Ranma." Said Flora while smiling. "It gave me a chance to use magic with ki." When she was fixing the terrain, Flora focused her ki to amplify her nature powers to heal the ground. She had discovered long ago how to focus her ki through her serenity. Being one with nature, she can feel this emotion quite easily. She was able to fix the ground without wasting too much of her own power.

"By the way, where's Shampoo and Ukyou?" asked Ranma. He hasn't seen them around since the incident. Hopefully, they were reverted back to normal, especially Shampoo. Even though he knew that the cute pink and purple cat was really a human girl, he just couldn't take even looking at a cat because of his trauma.

"Funny you should ask, Ranma." Said Bloom.

"I decided to give them a wardrobe change." Said Stella.

Ranma was a little shocked to hear that. "Hold on! You saying you subjected them to a makeover game, too?"

"Well, we couldn't just leave them naked, you know." Said Stella simply. "Ukyou! Shampoo! You can come out now!"

Ranma could only gulp at seeing his two adopted sisters. He was used to seeing them in their own usual battle attires, but this was totally different.

Shampoo was clad in cut-off jean shorts, which barely cleared her hips, accenting her legs quite nicely. She wore a red spaghetti-strap tank top that was short enough to expose her midriff. On the front was the word 'FELINE' in white. On her feet were red wedge sandals and gold dual anklets around her ankles, much like the ones she had on during the Togenkyo incident.

Ukyou was clad in black microfiber pants that was tight on the top, but loose on the bottom. Each of the pant legs had a slit down the side starting just below the knee. Her feet had blue wedge sandals with criss-cross straps. She wore a blue triangle bra top with black trimming and gold bangles on her wrists as if to balance out Shampoo's anklets. (3)

Ranma couldn't help but feel flustered at the sight.

"What do you think, Ran-chan?" asked Ukyou as she spun around.

"We look good, yes?" asked Shampoo as she also spun around.

It took a moment for Ranma to find his tongue. "You both look…. very nice…"

Both girls giggled.

"Thanks, we're glad you think so."

"Shampoo happy!"

Ranma could only smile. At least now he knows that his two adopted sisters are getting along well with his roommates.

"Another success!" said Stella. No one could compare with her strong fashion sense.

"Just don't get a big head over it, Stella." Said Musa jokingly.

"Hey!" said Stella indignantly. Everyone laughs.

"In any case, thanks for giving us these clothes, Stella." Said Ukyou.

"Oh yes! Thank you, Faerie sister!" said Shampoo.

"Oh don't mention it. Just happy to help!" said Stella.

Shampoo and Ukyou then turn to Ranma. "Well Ran-chan, it's getting late, so Shampoo and I are off."

Ranma nods. "I'll see you tomorrow, then."

The two girls say their good-byes and left the dorm. Nodoka had given them living arrangements in her quarters.

"They're pretty nice people." Said Flora.

"They are when they're not fighting over me." Said Ranma. He didn't want to think how it would've turned out if Shampoo and Ukyou were still his fiancées. They would've probably tried to beat the Winx senseless without a second thought since they stood in the way of claiming Ranma. For this, he was afraid of what might happen if Shampoo and Ukyou were left alone with the Winx. Having them as adopted sisters was a great thing indeed. "So there was no problem?"

"None at all, Ranma." Replied Tecna.

"Although they're your sisters now, Ranma, they care a great deal about you." said Flora.

"They said they'd never forgive us if we didn't make you happy for them." Said Bloom.

Ranma could only blink. Shampoo and Ukyou loved him enough to let him go as a potential husband so that he could find happiness. They just love him in another way.

"I'm sure you girls won't have any trouble with that." Said Ranma.

"You better believe it!" said Musa as she jumped on his back, hugging him from behind.

"Hahaha! Okay okay! I believe!" said Ranma. "Well, we'd better turn in. It's another school day."

"Aw man… school night…" said Stella.

Ranma's time in Alfea was pretty good. Who knows what else it will bring now that Shampoo and Ukyou are living in the same school. They could be helpful in the coming struggles ahead. Right now, Alfea needed all the help they can get against Valtor. Who knows what he's planning to do?

To be continued…


Ranma: Shampoo and Ukyou seem to fit in well here at Alfea.

Flora: I feel happy for them, getting a new start in life.

Tecna: Good news, Ranma! Professor Avalon has found a way to cure your phobia!

Ranma: What? Really?

Musa: This will sound weird, but we'll have to get inside your head, literally.

Ranma: The hell!

Layla: Well, she did say it was weird.

Stella: I wonder what goes on in that head of yours? I'm starting to get curious!

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Begone! Mind Over Matter!' There's others in here? No… it can't be…

Ending (Naruto ending 6 style, Ryuusei)

I believe your promise

It's too hard to give me courage

Always I feel it the precious time seeing you...

We see Kiko from behind, sitting on the Alea gate, looking over the horizon.

Tachidomatta kado ni (At a street corner I stopped at…)

Asu e mukau kaze wo kanjiteta (I was feeling the wind that was heading towards tomorrow)

A still shot of Bloom at her desk, drawing a sketch as she looks out her window.

Machi no akari hoshikuzu mitai ni (The city lights look like stardusts…)

Futari tsutsumu kedo (And envelope the two…)

A still shot of Stella as she goes through her wardrobe.

Sorezore ni chigau kagayaki ga aru to (But each has a different kind of glow to them…)

A still shot of Flora fiddling with a chemistry set with some plants behind her.

Warau kimi ga ichiban mabushiku mieru yo (So you look the brightest to me)

A still shot of Musa reclining as she listens to her iPod.

Yume wa ryuusei no you ni (Like a shooting star, my dream…)

Ameagari no niji no you ni (Like a rainbow after it rains…)

A still shot of Tecna sitting at her desk studying.

Kono kokoro ni hikari wo tsuretekuru (I will bring light into this mirage)

A still shot of Layla doing a dance.

Nayami tsuzukeru koto ga (Things I continue to be troubled by)

Hitotsu no kotae ni naruyo (Are all solved with one answer..)

Gomakashitari shinai to chikau no (So I promise I won't lie)

We see Ranma lying on the couch asleep. After a bit, he yawns and wakes up. We see him get up to leave the room.

All with my feelings, the precious time seeing you…

As Ranma walks, the background shows a collage of the stills shown previously behind him.

End ending

Author's notes:

(1) Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid and his training exercises he put Daniel through.

(2) I'm not really sure what kind of animal sound a fox makes. Anyone got any ideas?

(3) How did that saying go? 'When in Rome…' Heheheh…

Just another rant about how 4Kids totally screwed Winx Club over with their idiotic line edits. The victimized scene, wneh Layla tries to break the Pixies out of Shadowhaunt and encounters Darkar.

Darkar intercepts Layla and the pixies


Darkar: "Look, it's a bird! No, it's a man! NO! It's LORD DARKAR!" (Is this guy a villain or a nerd?)

Darkar: "Now hand over the pixies right now!"

Layla: "No way, no how!"

Darkar: "Now that kind of attitude is no fun at all! No matter. You'll have to talk to the hand! shoots Layla 'Cause the face don't wanna hear it!" (again, this sounds fruity)

Darkar stabs at Layla, who quickly blocks

Darkar: "You think you have a chance! That's funny!" (Not as funny as your face and miscasted voice…)

Layla: "Give me back the pixies!"

Darkar: "I'd rather not!" shoots at her, then engulfs her in a shadow "Now you shall feel the shadow, and it will be the last thing you'll ever feel!" throws Layla off the cliff "Who's the loser now? Hahahahaha!" (I still think it's you for your lame-ass lines)


Darkar: "Foolish girl, you barely have the strength to stand. Hand over the pixies!"

Layla: "Never! I won't let you have them!

Darkar: "I find your meaningless bravery tiresome, but no matter. Time for you to pay for your mistakes, girl! shoots Layla"

Darkar stabs at Layla, who quickly blocks

Darkar: "But, but how is that possible? You should be too weak!"

Layla: "It's not so easy to beat a faerie!"

Darkar: "Isn't it!" shoots at her, then engulfs her in a shadow, then throws her off the cliff "Goodbye, faerie! No one could survive a fall from this height."

Just keep it simple.

4Kids Darkar sounded so fruity…. While Rai Darkar actually sounded evil.

Chapter Thirteen: Begone! Mind Over Matter!

Opening (Outlaw Star style, Through the Night)

The music starts. The letters of the Ranma Club logo flashes by.

Semenai de kesanai de makenai de (Don't make fun of it! Don't destroy it! Don't cheapen it!)

Dare datte motteru hazu yuzurenai mono (That one thing everyone has that they won't give up.)

We see Ranma's image super-imposed over the night sky.

Ai dake yume dake kimi dake (Only love! Only dreams! Only you!)

Sore dake ha hanasanai donna toki demo (Those are the only things I won't let go, ever.)

We see a shot of Ranma in an Anything-Goes stance, then a shot of him in girl form posing with her hands behind her head, then a shot of Ranma-chan in faerie-mode firing off a magic attack at some demons. We then see Ranma twirling some swords in his hands, then a shot of him from behind as he looks over his shoulder at the camera. The Ranma Club logo appears.

Doushi you mo naku ochitsukanai yoru (On nights when I can't settle down no matter what,)

Nani mo kamo nagedashitaku naru (I just want to throw anything and everything away.)

Ranma is seen reclining on the rooftop of Alfea at the setting sun. Zing is reclining on his knee.

Tsube kobe iwazu ni sassato DOA o akena (Don't bitch and complain, just open the door, ya know.)

Rikutsu nante koneteru HIMA ha nai (I don't have time to quibble with you.)

We see shots of the Winx girls and their Pixies: Bloom is sitting on her bed with Kiko in her lap and Lockette hovering near her head; Stella is asleep at her desk from studying and Amore tries to wake her up; Flora sits against a tree in the courtyard as Chatta yelps at a bee; Musa makes a face at the camera while Tune looks indignant at her actions; Tecna plays some matches with Digit in a shooter video game on a holo-screen; Layla walks through the courtyard while cradling Piff in her hands.

Juuou mujin tobi mawaritai (I want to fly all over the place.)

Youi shoutou mamori takunai (I wanna throw caution to the wind.)

Ranma-chan in faerie-mode flies through a darkened area while being chased by demons who fire on her. She dodges the attacks, then turns around flying backwards, firing off a rapid-fire volley of light orbs at the demons, exploding on impact.

Nakushita wake ja nai (It isn't because I've lost anything)

Mada hajimatte nai... dakara (It's because nothing's even started yet.)

We see Ranma from behind as he looks at the city of Magix in the distance at night. The city is illuminated with light as well as spotlights in the air. The camera closes in on the back of Ranma's head, who then turns around and points Timmy's gun at the screen. The gun glows blue with his ki, and it fires off a concentrated blast of his Moko Takabisha.

Semenai de kesanai de makenai de (Don't make fun of it! Don't destroy it! Don't cheapen it!)

Dare datte motteru hazu yuzurenai mono (That one thing everyone has that they won't give up.)

We see the deactivated weapons of the Specialists on a table: Sky's longsword and boomerang; Brandon's broadsword and double-ended sword; Helia's cable gauntlets, Riven's scimitar and kasama-giri, and Timmy's gun and rapier. The scene switches to a dark scene with some demons. The camera pns up slowly to show the Trix, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, smiling maliciously. Beside them were two shadowed figures. Pan up further, we see Valtor giving an irritating smirk.

Ai dake yume dake kimi dake (Only love! Only dreams! Only you!)

Sore dake ha hanasanai donna toki demo (Those are the only things I won't let go, ever.)

The girls are in their Enchantix. They fight off a couple of monsters surrounding them. Cut to a group shot of them all in their casuals sitting on a king-sized bed.

Nani ga hoshii nani ga shitai doko ni ikitai (What do you want? What do you wanna do? Where do you wanna go?)

Ranma darts about on some rock protrusions in a valley as he runs from some demons. He takes out Brandon's double-ended sword and does a few flying dive slice attacks on them.

Yami o saite hashiri nukete tsukamitore (Cut through the darkness and run to grab what you want all)

Through The Night

In the night sky, we see Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu. Zoom out, and Ranma appears below them, as well as Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. They all look up at the stars.

End opening

Winx Dorm…

Bloom, along with the other girls, Kiko, and the Pixies, were asleep as the sun started its ascension from the horizon. Her eyes started to flutter open when she heard some faint noises outside.

"Hmmm? What is that?" said Bloom groggily as she got up from her bed. Kiko and Lockette also got up from the noise.

"What's going on, Bloom?" asked Lockette.

"I'm not sure myself." Replied Bloom.

Flora and Chatta were also awakened and meet up with Bloom, Kiko, and Lockette.

"Bloom? You hear it, too?" asked Flora.

"Yeah, it sounds like it's coming from outside…" said Bloom.

They go into the commons area, where they meet up with Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Layla along with their respective Pixies.

"Sheesh…. The sun's barely up… just what's going on?" asked Stella.

"Hey! Ranma's not here!" said Musa as she pointed to the couch he usually slept on.

"Hmmm? Zing isn't around, either…" said Layla.

Tecna goes over to the balcony overlooking the main courtyard and gasps. "Girls! He's out there!"

Everyone immediately heads for the balcony and looks. They were surprised to see Ranma out in the courtyard, along with Shampoo and Ukyou. Currently, Ranma was having a sparring round with both girls at the same time. Shampoo had out her bonboris while Ukyou was armed with her large spatula. Zing was seen flying above them while dressed in black ninja garb that covered everything but her ears and hands. The mask looked more like a black sheet draped over her face. In her hands, she held a red flag and a white flag. (1)

"He's training this early in the morning!" said Stella.

Shampoo and Ukyou swung their weapons at Ranma in an attempt to hit him, but he would just dodge both of their attacks quite easily. Every now and then, he'd counter with a punch or kick to get them off balance. As the pig-tailed boy dodges attacks, he jumps up on top of the roof, using the protruding balconies as his steps. The two girls follow him in kind and continue the match on the rooftops.

"Impossible! They got to the roof without flying!" said Tecna.

"But… how?" asked Bloom.

"And they're doing all that while wearing high-heel wedges?" said Stella.

Shampoo swings her bonbori at Ranma's head, which he quickly ducks, then jumps a sweep attack from Ukyou's spatula. Shampoo then charges at Ranma with a bonbori thrust attack, which he was able to sidestep in time, causing her to dash right past him. On alert, Ranma quickly jumps out of the way as a line of mini-spatulas was thrown into his path. Shampoo then tries to blind-side him with a ki attack.


The oval-shaped ki projectile headed right for Ranma. Fortunately, he managed to catch sight of it, and counters with a ki attack of his own.


Ranma's right leg glowed with a white light and he kicks out at the projectile. Normally, this would be a foolhardy move, but as the name suggests, Ranma's kick caused the blast to get knocked to the side, straight at Ukyou. She quickly counters.


Her spatula glowed with a white light and she swung upward at the ki blast, sending the attack projectile flying up into the sky where it harmlessly dissipates.

Both girls then rush in to attack Ranma with melee attacks again. He would either dodge or parry the blows of their weapons, since trying to block wouldn't be a good idea. The fight continues as they race along the rooftops for a full lap. In an attempt to get away, Ranma quickly dons Helia's cable gauntlet and fires off the lines at the four-post arch in the middle of the courtyard. Making contact, he manages to reel himself from the roof to the arch, where he stands on its tip in a crane style.

"That's… Helia's weapon!" said Flora.

"That's right! He got the boys' weapons from Saladin, didn't he?" said Musa.

Ukyou and Shampoo quickly follow him to the arch and balance on the structures on either side of him. Ranma then pulls out two sword hilts. In his right hand, he activates the curved purple blade of Riven's scimitar, in his left, the yellow straight blade of Timmy's rapier. Spinning them as if they were knives, he gets into a ready stance. Suddenly, Ranma jumps straight up at a height of twenty-five feet, with his adopted sisters following suit. The girls attack him with their respective weapons, and Ranma quickly blocks with his own. Block the overhead spatula with the scimitar, the horizontal bonbori swipe with the rapier, jumps the combined spatula and bonbori sweep, block the upper spatula with the rapier, parries the bonbori thrust with the scimitar, then uses the swords to hook onto Shampoo and Ukyou's weapons to cross them up and held together. They land on the ground, with Ranma's weapons pointed at the necks of the two girls. They had no choice but to put away their own. Zing flies in and raises the white flag.

"Ipponshoubu!" (one-point match!) said Zing. "Point, Ranma!"

"We give, Ran-chan." Said Ukyou.

"This match yours." Said Shampoo.

Ranma smiles as he deactivates the blades and puts them away. "Thanks, girls, you weren't too bad yourselves."

Zing reverts to her usual self. "That was such an awesome match! It looked like you all were flying!"

The Winx could only stare in awe at the spectacle.

"Ranma really is something else…" said Bloom. The others had to agree wholeheartedly with her.

"Well, he does love his art." Said Amore.

"Well, now that we're up, we probably should get ourselves ready." Said Tecna.

"Good point." Said Flora.

"Awww…. I was just about to go to sleep again, too…" said Stella.

"C'mon, Princess!" teased Musa.

Dining hall…

The Alfea residents were all having breakfast for the day. Shampoo and Ukyou were seated with Nodoka in the faculty's dining platform, since they're TA's. They seemed to like the Western style food of eggs, bacon, and hash browns. Ranma was sitting with his roommates as usual, and as usual, he was eating as much as he could. His morning sparring session had caused him to burn up a lot of calories, making him really hungry.

"Slow down, Ranma! Your food isn't going to run away!" said Tune.

"Sorry, but… I'm just really hungry!" said Ranma as he continued eating more bacon.

"Do you usually train so early in the morning, Ranma?" asked Musa.

"Well, I always did during my time in Nerima." Replied Ranma. "It was just to make sure I don't slide. As I said, I'm a martial artist first. Magic is good and all, but I don't want to always have to rely on it. I'd like to have something to fall back on."

Bloom couldn't help but agree with his logic. Three years ago, when the Trix robbed her of the Dragon's Flame, she had become powerless and unable to do anything, until a chance meeting with her dead older sister, Daphne, gave her the power to retake her powers again. There was also the time in Shadowhaunt where Stella, Layla, and her own powers weren't up to snuff because of the magic draining environment down there.

As the girls ate, they look in fascination at how Ranma could eat so much. They knew it was to feed the added appetites of the Specialists' souls in him, but still.

"Sometimes, I think Ranma eats MORE than for six people…" said Chatta.

"You're probably right…" said Flora.

Winx Dorm…

Ranma was finally glad that today's classes were over for now. Learning magic could be so tough sometimes. Of course, he excels in his mom's Ki Manipulation course since he was already proficient in it before coming to Magix. He had learned how to use basic elemental spells from Palladium's class as well as a bit of material manipulation (along the lines of alchemy). Ranma also had to learn about the responsibilities of magic usage from Dufore's class, such as when to use lightning-type spells on flying enemies and such. Of course, he's always taken Wizgiz's Metamorphosis class quite seriously.

It was then that Tecna entered the room.

"Ranma! Professor Avalon and Saotome-sensei wish to see you!" said Tecna.

"Huh? What is it?" asked Ranma.

"I'm not sure, but it sounds important." Said Tecna as she urged Ranma to follow her.

Ranma nods as he gets up to follow the tecno faerie.

Nodoka's office…

Ranma and Tecna enter the office. He finds the rest of the Winx girls already there, as well as Kiko, the Pixies, Shampoo, Ukyou, Nodoka, and Avalon.

"What's going on, Mom, Professor Avalon?" asked Ranma.

"Son, Professor Avalon here just might have the answer to your Nekoken problem." Replied Nodoka.

"What? Really?" asked Ranma.

Avalon nods. "From what was described to me about this Nekoken, Ranma, it sounds like an artificially induced fear."

"That right, Avalon-san." Said Shampoo. "Idea is to instill ferocity of felines into trainee that he could use, but unfortunately not at own choice on dime."

"Yes, and when you do use it, you act like a wild animal, correct?" asked Avalon, which Ranma nods to. He was given a vivid description from the Winx girls his experience with the Trix last time. "In this sense, it almost feels like a possession spell, because you acted out of your own mind, which is why you never remember anything when being brought out. Those are the classic signs of a person experiencing possession."

"So what're you suggesting we do about it?" asked Ranma.

"Ooh! I get it! An exorcism, right?" asked Zing as she was suddenly dressed in the black suit of a priest while holding a cross in front of Ranma. "The power of the Divine One compels you!" (2)

"Well, in a sense, we will do something along the lines of an exorcism." Replied Avalon. "We'll have to go directly to the source."

"You mean…?" Bloom started.

"That's right, we'll have to get inside of his mind." Avalon finished.

Everyone was startled at this.

"Huh? Go inside my head?" asked a confused Ranma.

"We have to go into your psyche, specifically, to deal with your trauma." Avalon explained. "That is usually the place where demons or ghosts occupy when possessing a victim. Get rid of the threat, and you can leave the Nekoken behind forever."

"Sounds like a daunting task…" said Tecna.

"So it can be done?" asked Ranma. "This will really purge this damn phobia of mine?"

"It can, Ranma." Replied Avalon. "However, the mindscape is quite a dangerous place, depending from person to person. The volunteers will have to have strong magical ties to handle the strain of being in someone's mind. A human could never hope to achieve this. Therefore, only you six girls can hope to enter Ranma's mind." He points at the Winx girls. "If this fails, you and the ones who're in your psyche at the time may suffer serious brain trauma."

Everyone winces at this. This could be a dangerous mission. Ranma could only look down. Things were never easy.

"I want to help Ranma." Said Flora as she stepped forward.

Ranma looks up at her from her reply. Soon, Bloom, Stella, Musa, Tecna, and Layla follow suit.

"Same here!"

"I want to help, too!"

"I simply can't just stand by."

"It is the only way."

"Let's do this!"

Ranma smiles at the girls. They didn't even hesitate. "Thanks, girls, but are you sure you want to risk yourselves like this?"

"As I've said before, Ranma, we could never just abandon you." said Flora.

"Besides, it's a faerie's duty to help those in need." Added Tecna.

Stella smirks. "Still, it would be a shame to lose the kitty version of you. I kinda liked having to cuddle you on my lap, and I'm sure that everyone else would-"

"STELLA!" The other Winx girls yelled out while blushing. This also caused Ranma to try and hide his face.

"Heehee…. sorry…"


Ranma was currently lying down on what look like a psychiatric couch. Near the head of his seat were six other couches where each of the Winx was lying on. To the side were Nodoka, Avalon, and the Pixies. Shampoo and Ukyou were asked by Nodoka to patrol the school grounds to ensure that Ranma's session was uninterrupted. They didn't like the idea of being away from their adopted brother, but they liked the thought of hostile interruption on his exorcism even less. They had been informed of the recent attacks on him and the Winx by three crazy witches. Well, if the Trix do decide to rudely show up, they'd have to go through them, first.

"Well this is it, are you all ready?" asked Avalon.

"As I'll ever be." Replied Ranma. The girls signaled their okay.

"Alright then. We'll have to put you in a deep sleep for this." Avalon looks to Nodoka. She nods and begins chanting a sleep spell.

"Shimin…" (Deep sleep…)

Nodoka sends off a wave of sparkles which rain own on the seven teens. Soon, all of them started to feel drowsy, then finally they were fast asleep.

"The easy part is done. Now for the hard part…" said Avalon as he started chanting in an ancient language for the mind entry. Six small orbs of light the size of billiard balls appear and orbit over Ranma's head. Six more additional ones appear and each hovers over the head of each of the girls. "Astral mindgate…."

Each of the orbs over the girls fire off a line of electricity at the ones over Ranma's head, which had stopped orbiting and held in place. From each line, a big lump of lightning, which represented an astral form, formed and made their way to the orbs over Ranma and fused. The astral projection was complete.

"Now all we can do is wait…" said Avalon.

"Oh! I hope they're all right…" said Lockette.

In Ranma's mind…

"Bloom! Bloom! Wake up!"

The redheaded faerie of the Dragon's Flame woke up to the sound of Stella's voice. She sits up and sees the blonde faerie kneeling in front of her.

"Huh? Stella? Where are we?" asked Bloom as she was being helped on her feet.

"Oh, thank goodness, Bloom! I think we're in Ranma's mind." Replied Stella.

"Ranma's…. mind?" asked Bloom. She looked about her surroundings. The place was… odd… There wasn't really much to describe. The place looked like a barren wasteland. The ground was a deep dark purple and looked made of crystal with a few ground protrusions. The sky, if one could call it that, was a deep dark blue that continually flashed in and out of color. Flashes of lightning cracked every now and then. The same scenery stretched out for miles.

"This is such a weird place…" said Stella.

"Where are the others?" asked Bloom.

"I don't know. I think we all got separated once we entered Ranma's mind." Replied Stella. "Luckily, I was able to find you."

"We'd better go find them. Who knows what might happen in here?" said Bloom as she led the way.

A little later…

Bloom and Stella continued walking for what felt like an eternity. It was the same landscape for miles around. Lightning continued to flash in the sky as the landscape faded in and out of color. There seemed to be no end to the place.

"Sheesh! This view is starting to get real old fast!" complained Stella.

"And we're still no closer to finding the others, let alone this demon possessing Ranma." Said Bloom.

Unknown to the both of them, a shadow started to creep up slowly behind them. As they continued on, the shadow started to form itself and became a black panther. It started to growl, catching the attention of the two girls. Turning around, they screamed at the sight.

"RUN!" shouted Bloom.

Bloom and Stella quickly made a break for it. The shadow panther proceeded to give chase. It drew closer and pounced. The girls quickly split away from each other, causing the monster to pass right between them.

"That's enough! I'm taking it down! WINX ENCHANTIX!" Stella transforms herself, or at least tries to. She was confused when nothing happened. "What the! I said, WINX ENCHANTIX!" Still, nothing happened. "What's going on! I can't transform!"

"Stella! Watch out!" Bloom yelled out.

"Huh? GAAAAHHH!" Stella screamed as she saw the panther lunge at her.

Acting fast, Bloom quickly rushes and tackles Stella out of the way of the panther's strike. They rolled down a slight slope and stumbled to a stop. They managed to get a good distance away from the panther because of this.

"C'mon! Hurry!" said Bloom as she brought Stella back on her feet and continued to run.

"Thanks, Bloom!" said Stella as she ran side-by-side. "I don't understand why I can't transform! Why don't you try?"

Bloom tries to transform as she was running, but like Stella, she, too, was meeting resistance. "No good! I can't transform either!"

They soon ran into a dead end. There was a large crystal obstruction resembling a mesa blocking their path.

"Oh no! Now what!" said Stella.

The two girls looked back at the approaching panther monster with their backs to the mesa. They held onto each other in fear as it made its way towards them. They shut their eyes as the panther jumps at them, fangs and claws bared.


All of a sudden, a crystal stalagmite juts out of the ground and impales the shadow panther from below, disintegrating it on the spot. Bloom and Stella were shocked to see the monster done in before it could have them for lunch.

"Who…?" said Bloom as she looked around.

The crystal stalagmite sinks back into the ground. When it was gone, there stood Flora.

"Flora?" said Stella.

"Oh! Thank goodness I got here in time!" said Flora.


Bloom and Stella rushed up and embraced their friend for the save.

"Oh Flora! We've finally found you!" said Bloom.

"We would've been on that thing's menu if you hadn't arrived when you did!" said Stella.

"I'm just glad to see you two safe." Said Flora.

"All right, the other girls must still be around here some place. We've got to find them fast!" said Bloom.

"By the way, Flora, how did you do that spell of yours without transforming?" asked Stella. A spell like that would require the magical capacity of the Enchantix form.

"Actually, it's quite simple." Said Flora. "I just willed it to happen and it worked."

"Huh?" Stella was a little lost.

"Think about it. We're all asleep. The us here are nothing more than figments of our own imaginations." Flora explained. "We're basically in a dream, so anything is possible if we will it to. It's our dream, so we can take control of ourselves."

"Wait, I've heard of this before… I think it was called lucid dreaming…" said Bloom.

"That's exactly what it is, Bloom." said Flora.

"Hmmm…. If that's so…" said Stella as she looked at the mesa before her. She holds out her hand towards the rock formation, and fired a huge beam of light at it. When the beam died down, there was a huge hole that exited on the other side. Her beam pierced through the crystal like a nail through wet newspaper. "Cool!"

"Come on!" said Bloom as she ran through the make-shift tunnel, followed by Stella and Flora.

On the other side of the mesa were more protruding crystal formations all over the place.

"Now where are we?" asked Flora.

"This place just gets weirder and weirder…" said Bloom.

It was then Stella spotted a slight movement from a shadowed figure up ahead. "Shhh! Look over there…"

Bloom and Flora looked in the direction the blonde was pointing and saw the figure.

"Another shadow monster?" asked Bloom.

"It looks like it hasn't spotted us yet…" said Stella as she started to power up a light beam. "I'll take it out before it turns."

"Wait, Stella! I think you should-" Flora began, but was cut off as Stella fired the beam at the figure.

The shot missed and struck the formation next to it, causing it to duck for cover. Suddenly, the girls themselves get shot at by a bolt of green lightning. They quickly dove out of the way.

"Wait a minute! This is…!" said Bloom.


Bloom, Stella, and Flora easily recognized the voice.

"Tecna?" Stella called out.

The shadowed figure steps out of hiding, revealing it to truly be Tecna.

"Stella? Bloom? Flora?"

"Tecna!" called out Flora.

They quickly meet up in the middle of the crystal formation field.

"Girls! You're all right!" said Tecna.

"We're glad we found you!" said Bloom.

"Eh heh… sorry about that attack there…" said Stella.

"Well, I'm just glad your aim was off a bit…" said Tecna, causing the blonde to blush.

"All that's left are Musa and Layla…" said Flora.


Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Tecna turned towards the direction of the screams.

"That sounds like Musa and Layla!" said Tecna.

"And they're in trouble!" said Stella. "Come on!"

Bloom then wills herself to create a sphere of flame, which encases them all and then flies over towards where Musa and Layla were at.

Meanwhile in the waking world…

The Trix had just arrived at the outskirts of Alfea's grounds. They had more or less recovered from their ordeal at Magix and experiencing the power of the Nekoken. Because of that, they felt more miserable than usual.

"If I ever see that guy again, I'll shove a lightning bolt down his throat!" said Stormy.

"Get in line! I want to stab his heart out!" said Darcy as she produced a darkness blade from her fist to emphasize her point.

"Cool it, ladies!" said Icy. "I want to kill that sex-changing animal just as much as you two, but we've got bigger things to deal with!"

Darcy and Stormy could only wince. They had remembered how angry Valtor was when they had failed yet again to capture Bloom.

"Yeah, we have to follow Valtor's orders and capture that faerie." Said Darcy "Still, whenever we try, we get stopped by either her friends or that guy."

"He's definitely no ordinary person." Said Stormy. "He's a serious threat."

"Fortunately, he and those faeries of his are asleep." Said Icy. They were able to get intel about the exorcism session they were all undergoing, meaning they were all vulnerable. "We'll just grab Bloom and kill the others while they're asleep. They'll never wake up!"

She makes her point by producing a sharp icicle then chucks it at a nearby tree. The ice shard pierces deep into the trunk, then freezes it over in an instant.

"Well what're we waiting for? Let's go get her!" said Stormy as she and her sisters flew ahead.

They managed to get around the back of the school, the exact area where they fought against Bloom for the first time three years ago.

"Ha! This is almost too easy!" said Darcy.

"Yeah, but that's what worries me…" said Icy.

"Huh? What're you talking about?" asked Stormy.

"For one thing, there aren't any known defenses around here to try and stop us." Replied Icy. "It's almost like the school is daring us to break in."

"Well then, I'll gladly meet that challenge!" said Stormy as she got ready to blow a hole into the side of the wall.

However, before she could summon up a natural disaster, a shining object started to whiz towards her.

"Stormy! Get back!" called out Darcy.

Stormy quickly jumped back just before the shining object stabbed into the ground she was just standing on.

"Huh? What the?" said Stormy as she looked at the object. Upon closer inspection, it looked like a silver…

"A spatula? Is this some kind of joke?" asked Icy.

Darcy then looks up, and sees something on top of the roof. "There's someone up there!"

Icy and Stormy also look up at the roof and could distinctly see two shadowed figures before the night sky. They appeared feminine, and their hair blew against the wind. Suddenly, the two figures jumped off of their perch towards the Trix. One of then had a few glints of silver and threw something out. The three witches quickly fly backwards to avoid the objects, which stab into the ground. They were also spatulas.

"More spatulas!" said Stormy.

"Who the hell are you!" Icy demanded.

The darkened figures then step into the light One was a girl with long dark brown hair with a white hair ribbon who wore a bandoleer of mini-spatulas and an oversized spatula on her back. The other was a girl with long purple hair and carried what looked like two rods with beachball-like orbs on one end.

"Didn't anyone ever tell you that it's rude to demand to know who someone is before giving out their own name first?" said Ukyou as she unslung her battle spatula.

"It also rude to disrupt someone who in session!" said Shampoo as she stood ready with her bonboris. She and Ukyou were informed by Nodoka and Ranma about the Trix and what they looked like, so that they could be ready for them if they ever encountered each other.

"Is this some kind of joke? You actually think you can stop us?" asked Darcy. She and the other Trix didn't sense any magical abilities in them at all.

"You like try?" asked Shampoo.

"Funny! You think you can stop us with spatulas and balls on sticks? You really are pathetic!" scoffed Icy.

"Now then, you two are in the way!" said Stormy as she readied up a tornado spell.

Ukyou and Shampoo braced themselves. They were about to fight against real witches. However, they weren't helpless. In any case, they weren't about to let anyone disrupt their adopted brother's healing session. With that in mind, the two girls sprang forth.

Back in Ranma's mind…

Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Tecna appeared in another part of Ranma's mindscape. Looking around, they saw in the distance a twenty-foot shadow minotaur. Tecna looks down at the creature's feet and sees Musa and Layla running for their lives.

"They're down there!" Tecna pointed.

"We've got to help them!" said Bloom.

"Hold on!" called out Stella. She grabs the other three girls and wills herself to turn into a beam of light, which quickly traverses the distance towards Musa and Layla.

"Hurry, Layla!" said Musa as she shoots off another wave of concentrated air pressure at the minotaur. It acted as if it felt nothing from Musa's attacks.

"This thing isn't affected by anything!" said Layla as she ran while firing off her own attacks.

Suddenly, a light appeared before them. It fades to reveal the other four members of the Winx.

"Musa! Layla!" said Flora.

"Oh girls! You're safe!" said Musa.

"We won't be for long if we don't get rid of that thing first!" said Stella as she pointed at the approaching minotaur.

"Now that the six of us are here, we may have a chance!" said Layla.

The six of them took positions and fired off their elemental attack spells at it.

"Flame Blast!"

"Sun Ray!"

"Rose Thrust!"

"Sonic Wave!"

"Digital Lightning!"

"Hydro Shot!"

The attacks impacted hard against the minotaur, the explosions obscuring it from view.

"That oughta do it!" said Stella. However, when the explosion died down, they were all shocked to see the minotaur still in one piece. "No way!"

"That's impossible! It took all that an survived!" said Tecna.

"Look out!" said Flora.

The minotaur raises a fist and slams it down. The girls quickly scattered before they got crushed.

"Now what do we do!" said Musa.

"Our spells don't work on that thing!" said Bloom.

Bloom quickly gets everyone together and teleports them all away a safe distance from the dark minotaur. The girls fall to their knees.

"That was a close shave…" said Layla.

Flora then looks up, and stiffens with fear. "It's back!"

Everyone else looks up and screams when the minotaur drops down from the sky and attacks them.

"Doesn't that thing know when to give up!" said Stella.

They try to get away again via teleport, but no matter where they go, that minotaur would always be right on their tails. Finally, the girls get cornered.

"This is not good…" said Bloom as she and her friends look up at the huge monster about to attack again.

Before it could launch another assault, it was suddenly lassoed around its neck, wrists, arms, and legs by several gold light cables.

"No way…. Those cables…?" said Flora.

While the minotaur was incapacitated, several shots rang out and impacted hard against the monster, causing it to cry out in pain. Three darkened figures started to dart up and down the minotaur's body while flashes of blue, green, and purple criss-crossed all over its body numerous times. The monster is then diced up, and as it beings to fall apart, a shot of white light shoots out at the remains, disintegrating them to nothing.

Six darkened figures land in front of the defeated minotaur. They turn and look towards the Winx Club.

"You girls all right?" one of them asked.

Bloom and the others were shocked to hear that voice. "No… that's impossible… you're all…"

The figures walk into the light. Standing before the Winx girls were the ones lost those weeks ago. Each of them calls out a name in a shaky voice.







"It's nice to see you all again…" said Sky.

Cue ending music.

Ending (Fushigi Yuugi ending, Tokimeki no Doukasen)

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stand in shock at seeing the Specialists in Ranma's mindscape. The two groups stand there gazing at each other, then the screen whites out.

Anata no namae yondara soko de (If I call out your name, then)

Totsuzen me ga samesou (I might suddenly wake up)

We see a split screen of six sections in a two-row, three-column setting. A headshot of each Specialist occupies each. Top row: Brandon, Sky, Helia. Bottom row: Timmy, Riven, Nabu. They all turn and look at the screen.

Konna ni umaku ikikkonai (It's not going to work out that well for us...)

Mata guuzen aeru nante (meeting again by chance)

We see a split screen of six sections in a two-row, three-column setting. A headshot of each Winx occupies each. Top row: Stella, Bloom, Flora. Bottom row: Tecna, Musa, Layla. They all turn and look at the screen.

Hitogomi no naka watashi to onaji (In a crowd, you're just looking)

Kamishita ko dake mite'ru (at girls with the same hair-style as me)

In each section, a Specialist walks about in a crowded street as if looking for someone.

Kitto dareka wo sagashite'ru n' da (You're probably looking for someone)

Koi no aite ka na (I wonder if it's your lover?)

Each Specialist stops and sees someone in the distance.

Me ga atta shunkan (In that moment our eyes met,)

Demo sore wa watashi de (I realized it was me you were looking for)

Each of the sections shows a close-up of the boys' eyes, then a shot of the backs of the girls' heads as they slowly turn around. Their gazes meet and time seemed to stand still.

Uso yo uso, anata kakete kuru (It can't be! It can't be. You're running right toward me)

Each couple continues to gaze at each other from within the crowds. The people walking about vanish, leaving each couple in a white background as if the rest of the world didn't matter to them.

Tokimeki no doukasen ga (The fuse of excitement)

Karada-juu wo hashitte'ku (runs all through my body)

The couples begin to run towards each other.

BARABARA ni naranai you ni (I don't want to fall to pieces, so)

SHIKKARI shinakucha watashi (I've got to get a hold of myself)

After traversing the long distance, the members of each pair finally reach and then embrace.

Demo chotto kyou wa chotto (But a little bit, today, a little bit,)

Kimochi ga maigo no koneko (I feel like a lost kitten)

They separate, then the six sub-screens merge into one. We see Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla standing before Ranma in the same background. The white void becomes a grassy plain.

Yasashisa de semeraretara (If you approach me with kindness,)

Tsuite'ku shikanai kamo ne NYA-O (I can't help but follow you. Meow)

Ranma smiles at the girls, who then all group hug him, getting him flustered. The ghostly visions of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu loom over Ranma's head and look down at his situation with amusement.

End ending

To be continued…


Bloom: The boys are here…. I don't believe it!

Stella: It's been so long!

Flora: I know they're a part of Ranma now, but I didn't expect this.

Musa: They apparently have a new gig down here as Ranma's life support.

Tecna: They can help us exorcise the Nekoken out of him!

Layla: Yeah! It's why we came here for!

Bloom: I'm worried about what's happening outside…

Layla: Don't worry, I'm sure Shampoo and Ukyou can handle themselves.

Stella: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Exorcise! Demon Revealed!'

Musa: That thing is big… let's go!

Author's notes:

Yeah yeah, I know, I gave a cliff-hanger here, but I had to end this chapter somewhere! It's probably the longest one I've written so far. The girls are getting close to curing Ranma of his phobia. Who knew the mind was a dangerous place?

Example: Season 2, episode 4, Princess Amentia (US: Queen of Perfection). In the beginning when Sky pulls Layla off of the cavern wall she was stuck on.


Layla: "Help! This stuff burns!"

Sky: "I'm coming Layla!"

Layla: "It reeks, too!"

Sky: pulling on the gunk holding Layla "It's tough like rubber! Come on!"

Layla: "Hurry Sky! It stings!" is finally pulled off

Sky: "Are you okay?"

Layla: "I think so..."


Layla: "Uuuaaaaahhh! Disgusting!"

Sky: "Hold on Layla!"

Layla: "Oh this is gross!"

Sky: pulling on the gunk holding Layla "Just... let me... get this off!"

Layla: "My wings! Sky my wings! Please! Ahhh!" is finally pulled off

Sky: "It's okay now." Layla embraces Sky, causing him to get flustered "Uh...?"

Bloom: getting jealous "Hmph!"

Layla: "Relax, Bloom, I was just going to thank him." smiles at Sky "Thanks!"

4Kids idiotically decided to alter Layla's personality to have a male complex or something. Also, in The Invisible Pixies (US: Gangs of Gardenia), there was a horrid visual edit.

Scene: When Bloom, Stella, Musa, and Layla get conered by the street gang in the alley.


The gang comes at them armed with broken bottles, pipes, chains, and switchblde kives, the stereotypical weaponry of most street gangs.


The gang comes at them armed with…. RIBBONS! Who the hell in their right minds would be scared of guys armed with ribbons! Oh yeah, that's real intimidating, guys…

More Rai vs. 4Kids rants for every chapter.

(1) Kuroko, the ninja referee from the Samurai Showdown games

(2) Reference of The Exorcist

Chapter Fourteen: Exorcise! Demon Revealed!


Guitar solo; a white rose is seen budding, then blooming; a petal falls off, marking the end of the solo.

Kimi wa kimi dake shika inai yo (You are the only "you")

Kawari nante hoka ni inainda (There is no such thing as your replacement)

Karenai de ichirin no hana (Don't wilt away, single flower)

Throughout this set of lines, stills of various characters are seen. It starts with the Nerima Wrecking Crew. Then it works its way through the Trix, Valtor, the faculties of the schools, and the Winx. It ends with a shot of both of Ranma's forms, which slowly dissolves into white while the screen collapses from the top and bottom, the white forming into the Ranma Club logo.

Hikari ga matomo ni sashikomanai (You upon who light hardly shines) Kimi wa maru de hikage ni saita hana no you (Are just like a flower blooming in the shade)

Ranma's two forms are seen back-to-back; the scene is dark at first, then slowly brightens as the sun comes into view.

Tojikaketa kimochi (That feeling of screwing up)

Bloom, Layla, and Stella are all seen in Enchantix form, leaning against the walls of Alfea; then Tecna, Musa, and Flora are seen in Enchantix back-to-back-to-back; last, Shampoo and Ukyo are back-to-back, and their heads snap up as the line ends.

Haki daseba (Why don't you spit it out!)

Three quick shots of the above groups, in order, launching their attacks, then the screen is engulfed in flames.

Kimi wa kimi dake shika inai yo (You are the only "you")

Bloom is seen manipulating the flames that appeared, in full Enchantix mode, then Layla is seen in the middle of a room of water, controlled by her power.

Ima made mo kore kara saki ni mo (There's been none lik eyou and never will there be)

Set against an autumn scene, Flora does the end of her Enchantix transformation pose, then fades out; Stella fades in, performing a sweeping motion with her staff.

Tatoe kimi igai no subete no (Even if there comes a time)

Tecna walks down a hallway, then looks out of a window; Musa is seen staring off into the distance on the top of Alfea; last, three quick shots of Valtor are seen.

Hito wo teki ni mawasu (When you make enemies of everyone)

Ukyo spins her baker's peel, then slams it into the ground, edge-first, causing a trench to form from the point of impact.

Toki ga kite mo (Other than yourself)

Shampoo fights off the Trix, armed solely with her bonbori; as she knocks Stormy away, she gives the camera a cocky smile.

Kimi no koto mamori nuku kara (I will protect you through it all)

Makenai de ichirin no hana(So don't give up, my one flower)

Ranma-chan battles Valtor; the two exchange fists and blasts, seeming to be equally matched. Valtor summons a lightning barrage to try and do Ranma-chan in, while Ranma-chan crosses her arms in her transformation pose, ready to activate her Winx as the song ends.

End Opening (1)

Previously, on Ranma Club…

Ranma had been informed by Nodoka and Avalon that there was a way to cure his ailurophobia. It involved having the Winx girls' using astral projections of themselves to enter Ranma's mind and neutralize the demon within. While this was going on, the Trix try to pay a visit to Alfea to interfere with the healing process, but are stopped by Shampoo and Ukyou. The Winx find that the mind is quite a dangerous place, but just before they could get finished off, they get saved by certain people they never thought they'd ever see again.

Bloom: "Sky?"

Sky: "It's nice to see you all again…"

Ranma's mindscape…

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla could only stand with tears in their eyes as they beheld the Specialists in front of them. They looked exactly as they did before Valtor had killed their bodies.

"What? You all look like you've seen a ghost." Said Riven.

"Uh… Riven? Considering the circumstances… they basically are…" said Timmy.

"Oh, right…" said Riven.

Finally, the Winx reacted.


Each girl rushed forward and embraced her respective loved one with tears in her eyes.

"Oh Sky! I'm so happy to see you again!" Bloom sobbed. Sky could only hold and console the girl.

"Helia… Helia…" said Flora as she placed her hand on Helia's face then cries on his shoulder.

The tearful reunion went on for another minute until they finally calmed down and separated.

"Why, Brandon? Why did you all have to get yourselves killed?" asked Stella.

"In order to protect you all." Replied Brandon. "I'd die a thousand deaths if it meant keeping you safe, Sunshine."

"And we couldn't just let that bastard kill you while you were down." Added Riven.

"Though it was surprising that we all ended up in Ranma." Said Helia. "That was something we never expected to happen."

"So you guys are really…?" asked Musa.

"Alive? More or less." Replied Timmy. "Our bodies may be destroyed, but our souls live on."

"When Ms. Faragonda transferred our souls into Ranma, we were reborn and lived as him." Said Nabu.

"Funny, isn't it? With all six of us, we make up Ranma." Said Sky. "We basically make up everything that Ranma is. He needs us to live just as we need him to live. We can never be apart."

"Quite fascinating…" said Tecna. "All of you are as one in Ranma then?"

"That's correct." Said Nabu. "We've also seen everything that Ranma had experienced, and let me tell you, the guy's tough to take all that in his life."

"Yeah, Ranma had pretty much told us much about his life." Said Layla.

"In any case, what are you all doing in here?" asked Helia.

"We came here to help cure Ranma of his traumatic fear of cats." Said Flora.

"Oh, that, huh?" said Brandon. "That Nekoken is a serious business."

"We had a front row seat of it, too…" said Nabu. "And let me tell you, it wasn't pretty."

The girls could only wince. They were told of how the training process for the Nekoken went. It made one's skin crawl to imagine having starving animals eating off of you wildly.

"We've seen Ranma go through many trials and tribulations that make the troubles in Magix look normal." Said Sky.

"Yeah, check this out." Said Timmy as he reached out towards a crystal stalagmite. The crystal flashed, and then showed the whole scene of Ranma at Jusenkyo. The girls looked in awe at how the magic of that cursed place worked. They saw Genma get knocked into a spring, then jumped back out as a panda.

Ranma: "Wha-wha-what the hell is that!"

Guide: "Oh! That one Shonmaoniichuan, 'Spring of Drowned Panda'! Very tragic story of panda that drown there two thousand year ago! The legend say, whoever fall in spring, take body of panda!"

Ranma: "Hey buddy, you never said anything about that to us!" Genma-panda lunges at Ranma and knocks him into another spring

Guide: "Oh, too bad! Now you fall in Nyaniichuan, 'Spring of Drowned Girl'! There very tragic legend of young girl who drown in spring one thousand five hundred year ago! Now whoever fall in that spring, take body of a young girl!"

Ranma Ranma emerges with red hair, as well as some additions to his chest. He opens the flaps of his gi and screams in a higher pitched tone at the sight of two well-formed breasts

Guide: "See? Now, you young girl!"

The scene ends as the crystal powers down. Bloom and the others could only look in shock. So that's how he got his curse.

"These other stalagmites hold Ranma's other memories." Said Brandon as he gestured to the other crystals.

A lot of the crystals activated all at once, causing much of Ranma's memories of the past year to be displayed in a kaleidoscope of flashes. They saw how Ranma was brought to the Tendo Dojo against his will, then how Akane had opened up to him while he was a girl, but then later threw it all in his face once his true gender was known.

They saw his rivalry with Ryoga Hibiki and how Ranma tried to keep him from getting fresh with Akane when he was P-Chan. As far as the Winx were concerned, Ryoga's a hypocrite when it comes to honor. They also couldn't believe how stupid Akane could be to not see the connection between Ryoga and P-Chan after seeing so many obvious instances. (2)

They saw his run-in with the Chinese Amazons and the "obligations" that were forced on him due to an accidental victory over Shampoo. Bloom and the others were disgusted at Akane's behavior when Shampoo first arrived. This was how she thanked someone for saving her? She acted as if Ranma was the one Frenching Shampoo when it was the other way around. They were also disgusted when she had Shampoo go after Ranma-chan while she wasn't aware of his curse. They also saw his troubles with Cologne and stared in awe at the ancient woman's skill. His unintended rivalry with Mousse, Shampoo's self-proclaimed suitor and his many attempts to kill Ranma.

They had seen Ranma's less than happy reunion with Ukyou and the deal Genma made. She was quite angry the first time and Ranma was feeling confused at the whole thing since he originally thought her a boy. She eventually forgave him after he admitted that she turned out cute, unlike another fiancee he knows of. Though Ukyou acted friendly with Ranma, there were times she could be a bit manipulative to get Ranma married to her, though not as extreme as Shampoo or Kodachi's methods.

One of Ranma's worst experiences was meeting the Kuno family. The Winx couldn't believe the arrogance and stupidity of the family members there. Tatewaki was a self-righteous, conceited asshole with a "holier than thou" attitude, not to mention totally delusional. He believes himself to be an invincible warrior, despite the fact that Ranma easily kicks his sorry ass numerous times almost effortlessly. When seeing how he was pining after Ranma-chan, the girls could understand why Ranma tried avoiding water at the Alfea party some time ago. His twisted sister Kodachi was just as bad. She, too, was also conceited with a "holier than thou" attitude and thinks herself a righteous fighter when she always resorts to dirty tricks to get what she wants. She doesn't know the meaning of honor and her laugh was just incredibly annoying. She also had this sick delusion that Ranma's in love with her when in reality he thinks less of her than dirt. The father, who was also the principal of Furinkan, was a Hawaiian nut job whose purpose seemed to be just to torture the students with idiotic school rules, like the school haircut law. Stella fingered her hair after watching the scene where Principal Kuno tried to enforce that law. If that nutjob ever tried to give her an ugly bowlcut, she'd blow him into the sun itself.

They also got their glimpes of Happosai, AKA, the Greatest Evil in Japan. He was the diminutive gnome founder of the Anything Goes. The girls cringed as they saw the little pervert's antics of groping women and stealing their lingerie. They were even more shocked at how he would grope Ranma-chan whenever he got the chance. They've also seen a lot of the crap Happosai put Ranma through, such as the Moxibustion incident where Ranma was turned weak, the bath house fight, and the episode with Pantyhose Tarou.

The Winx have also seen other miscellaneous memories of Ranma in which he had to deal with so many problems, some not even his own. The Golden Pair, the Baku Neko, Casino King, the Chardin Family, the magic mushrooms, the love pill bracelet, the Martial Arts Take-out Race, the Dragon's Whisker, amongst others.

Finally, it all stopped. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla couldn't believe how much Ranma had gone through.

"That's still just a portion of what Ranma's life was like." Said Brandon.

"I have to say, he's pretty tough." Said Riven. "I don't think I could take even half the crap that went on in his life."

"Being part of his soul, we've experienced all that Ranma had gone through and more." Said Nabu. "In a sense, we shouldered his burden."

"I've never realized how much Ranma had suffered…" said Bloom. She then looked to the Specialists. "And you all suffered along with him, didn't you?"

"He is us, and we are him." Said Helia simply.

"I couldn't help but feel sorry for him, especially with his multiple engagements." Said Sky. He could sympathize with Ranma since he himself had an arranged marriage. Only difference was that Sky's was made for the benefit of Eraklyon. Ranma's were made due to other people's selfishness.

"Yeah, that Akane girl really pissed me off." Said Riven. If she had done those things to him, he would've given the self-centered bitch a piece of his mind.

"I wouldn't flirt with her if she were the last girl in the world." Said Brandon. He'd sooner flirt with one of the Trix than with Akane.

"Well, we'd better get moving. If we want to help out Ranma, we have to go deeper into his psyche." Said Timmy.

"That's right! His phobia!" said Tecna. "Let's go! Where is it?"

"Over there…" said Helia. He pointed towards a darkened part of Ranma's mindscape. It had a thick black mist obscuring the area. And some blue lightning flashed within it.

"Doesn't look very inviting…" said Stella.

Ouside Alfea's walls…

Icy, Darcy, and Stormy stood panting a bit as they faced off against Shampoo and Ukyou, who were also panting. They had been fighting for a while now.

"How…? How could they be resisting like this for this long?" asked Icy.

The Trix couldn't understand it. They thought they were dealing with two girls who can't do magic, yet they were holding them off just fine. Those two proved to be quite nimble in evading their attacks.

"TAKE THIS! THUNDER SPIRAL!" shouted Stormy. She throws her hands forward and fires off an electrified tornado beam at Shampoo and Ukyou. They quickly cartwheel away from each other, causing the attack to pass harmlessly between them. As Ukyou gets to her feet, she whips out a mini spatula and throws it at Stormy's hand, making her stop her spell. "Ow!"

"Dark Wave!" Darcy sends off an arc-shaped projectile of darkness at Shampoo. She quickly counters by causing one of her bonboris to glow a white light.

"Ki Divide!" Shampoo brings down the glowing bonbori upon Darcy's attack, splitting it in half. The two halves pass harmlessly by her on either side.

"Icicle Lance!" Icy shoots a huge icicle, but then Ukyou intercepts and swings her spatula at it. The large cooking utensil glowed blue with her ki to strengthen it against the ice attack, and grand-slams it away. "I don't believe this!"

"That's it! No more playing around!" said Darcy.

"Oh? Shampoo think you three been serious whole time!" Shampoo mocked.

"We haven't even gotten started yet!" said Ukyou.

Stormy then flies up and hurls down some lightning bolts. Shampoo and Ukyou quickly scramble to avoid getting shocked.

"Killer Hail!" Icy causes it to rain large ice boulders on the two martial artists. Ukyou quickly dodges the ice boulders from crushing her. Shampoo, however, started swinging her bonboris at the chunks, shattering them on impact.

"This child's play to Shampoo!" said Shampoo as she continued to shatter the ice boulders at a rapid pace.

Icy was shocked. How could this girl shatter her attack with those balls on sticks? Not wanting to be outdone, Ukyou catches an ice boulder with her spatula, swings around from the force, and sends it hurling right back at Icy. The cryo witch was too shocked to dodge in time and was hit hard by her own attack, causing her to get knocked out. She lays sprawled out a good distance away. This in turn halted her Killer Hail attack.

"You'll pay for that!" said Darcy as she charges at Ukyou while producing an orb of darkness. "Dark Bomb!"

The black orb flies at Ukyou. Seeing the attack, she quickly jumps to the side, her instinct telling her that trying to block it would not be a good idea. The Dark Bomb hits a tree behind her and explodes on impact, destroying it. Ukyou counters by throwing three of her mini spatulas at her. Darcy quickly produces a shield of darkness to deflect the projectiles. The chef uses her spatula to pole vault over another Dark Bomb attack, then falls towards the dark witch while spinning her spatula. Darcy quickly flies back before Ukyou's spatula stabbed into the ground.

"Lightning Spray!" Stormy fires a swarm of lightning orbs at Shampoo. The purple-haired Amazon began swinging her ki-enhanced bonboris at the orbs, canceling them out. "Lightning Stream!" She then fires off a beam of lightning at Shampoo, who quickly jumps up into the air to avoid the attack. At the apex of her jump, Shampoo hurls one of her bonboris directly at Stormy. She eeped and quickly jumps back, the weapon nearly burying itself into the ground from the force. Landing, Shampoo rushes forth and grabs her downed weapon to attack Stormy. Each bonbori swing from Shampoo, Stormy managed to fly out of the way. She thought she'd be out of reach if she flew upward, but was surprised by Shampoo when she launched herself up after her, feet first. Shampoo's rising kick nailed Stormy in her chin, knocking her back to the ground near Icy. It had hurt even more since Shampoo was wearing those high-heel wedge sandals.

"You've not won yet!" said Darcy. She charges Ukyou with a blade of darkness. Ukyou quickly parries her thrusts and swings with her spatula. Finally, with her free hand, Ukyou throws something out at Darcy's legs, pulls, and trips her up. Darcy looks up from the ground at her legs and was surprised to see what looked like ropes around her ankles. "What is this!"

"These are my special rubber yakisoba noodles!" replied Ukyou as she took the other end of the noodles and spun her around. She hurls them towards where Icy and Stormy were at, piled up in a heap. "Shampoo! Set them up!"

Shampoo nods. Focusing her ki, she lifts up her bonboris and smashes them both into the ground near the Trix. The witches were sent into the air due to the force of Shampoo's blow. While they were in the air, Ukyou throws more of her yakisoba noodles at them, tying them all together completely. They crash unceremoniously to the ground.

"You insects! Once we get out of this, we'll kill you!" Icy raged as she and her sisters struggled to break out of the rubber noodles. Since their arms were secured at their sides, they couldn't use their magic to break free.

"Aiya, Shampoo think Trix girls had overstayed welcome, yes?" asked Shampoo.

"Just what I was thinking!" replied Ukyou.

With that said, both girls stood on opposite ends of the tied up witches and winded up with their weapons like batters at the plate. The Trix's eyes widened, realizing what they were going to do.

"NO! WAIT! HOLD ON!" said Stormy.

Shampoo and Ukyou swung their weapons hard at the Trix, grand-slamming them over the horizon. The Trix's screams echoed in the distance until they were a distant dot in the sky.

"That good workout, yes?" asked Shampoo.

"Sure felt like it." Replied Ukyou. "Looks like we won't be hearing from them anytime soon."

Ranma's mindscape…

Thw Winx and Specialists were walking through the dark mists of Ranma's innder psyche.

"This place gives me the creeps…" said Layla.

"This is where Ranma keeps his fears locked away." Said Nabu. "No matter how much he wants to forget them, he'll always have a grim reminder of his trauma."

"The demon had made this area of his psyche its own." Said Timmy. "It's deeply rooted into his mind."

The group stops before a seal that was hanging in mid-air. It was a translucent door lined with spirit wards and two huge chains criss-crossing over it.

"We couldn't get any further than this." said Sky. "This door keeps blocking us off."

"We wanted to take down the demon ourselves, but we can't do that if we can't even meet it." Said Helia.

"And that's where you girls come in." said Brandon as he looks at the Winx.

"Us?" asked Stella.

"We may be a part of Ranma's being, but we are barred from entering his psyche, due to the demon dwelling in there." Said Timmy. "Since you're all outside forces, we think you can bypass this."

"Basically, you've got to open the door for us." Said Riven.

Musa could only smirk. "The guys can't open a door, but we can. Hahaha!"

She and the other girls stood before the sealed door. They could feel the power emanating from behind it. Each held out a hand and focused her power. The girls recalled Palladium's unlocking spell. However, since this is not their ordinary locked door, they try to amplify the spell by focusing their ki.

"Expelio Catanum!"

Six beams of light shot out and combined into one orb. The orb engulfs the door with a flash and causes the huge chains to drop off with a thud. The Spirit wards glowed with light and slowly burned themselves away. Once the door was cleared, they slowly open.

"Good job, girls!" said Sky. "Now we can save him."

Within the door was a thick darkness. If one could listen closely enough, monstrous yowling could be heard.

"That doesn't sound too friendly…" said Tecna.

The darkness seemed to beckon to them. Both groups then walked through the door and into the darkness.

Ranma's psyche…

Stella provided some much needed light for the trip into Ranma's psyche. It felt like they were walking in a cavern, except that there were no walls or ceilings; just endless darkness. The light merely provided a means for the group to see where each other are so as not to bump. They couldn't tell which way is which. Their only guide was the sounds of the growling.

Finally, the group winds up in a clearing. A voice rang out.

"You wish to help the boy? I won't let you!"

Everyone looks around.

"Who's there! Show yourself!" shouted Riven as he activates his sword.

The room suddenly lights up. The group finds themselves in a large cavern the size of a baseball diamond.

"The boy is mine!"

Everyone looks at the source of the voice. It was a twenty-foot humanoid demonic cat with black fur and silver highlights. Its claws were crimson and each was nearly a foot long. It tail was fifteen feet long and slammed hard into the ground, causing bits of crystal to fly. The monster's eyes were a deep yellow as they gazed at the group with malicious intent.

"That is one seriously huge cat…" said Musa.

Something else caught Bloom's attention and points. "Look!" Everyone looks in the direction Bloom was facing and nearly gasped. The cat monster was standing above what looked like a crystal altar. Lying on top of it was an unconscious six-year-old boy. He wore a blood-stained karate gi that was torn in places and was heavily wounded as if had been attacked by wild animals. The striking thing was that he had black hair pulled into a pig-tail style.

Flora holds her hands over her mouth in shock. "Is… is that…?"

"It's Ranma… when he was subjected to the Nekoken training…" said Sky.

"We've got to save him!" said Layla. She rushes forward.

"Layla! Wait!" said Nabu.

The monster swiped at Layla with a huge clawed hand. She screamed and quickly jumped back, narrowly avoiding the claws.

"I'm afraid I can't let you do that…" said the cat monster.

"Just who are you!" demanded Tecna.

"The essence of the Nekoken!" replied the monster. "The fear from this boy is so delicious! His fear grants me more power! Whenever Ranma sees a cat in the real world, more power is added to me! Soon, I shall have enough power to take over his whole body!"

"That's not gonna happen, kitty!" said Brandon as he activated his sword. The other Specialists followed suit.

"I SHALL SHARPEN MY CLAWS ON YOU ALL!" the cat monster suddenly lunged at the group for a fast strike.

"SCATTER!" shouted Helia.

Everyone quickly scrambled in different directions to avoid the claw swipe. As soon as the battle started, the monster materialized a force field around young Ranma in order to keep the boy from being taken. Bloom shoots a fireball at the monster's paw, causing it to pull it back in pain. It angrily uses its free paw to backhand the redhead away. She goes flying and crashes right into Layla, knocking them down.



Sky and Nabu were angered to see their loved ones get hurt and charged. Sky rushes by its left arm and slashes at it, causing the monster to howl in pain. Nabu follows up by shooting a light arc at its shoulder. Stella fires a light beam at the monster's face while Tecna wraps it with a glowing green net. Musa manages to knock it back with a blast of concentrated sound. Riven was standing behind it and jumps up with an upper slash attack up along its back. Brandon jumps across the monster and slashes against its chest, followed by a few shots from Timmy. Finally, Helia uses his cables to lasso the monster around the neck from behind and pulls with all his might. It topples down into its back.

As this was going on, Flora goes to check on Bloom and Layla. "Are you two all right?"

"I guess so…" said Bloom as she stood up.

"Same here…" said Layla.

They turn to look at the battle, the monster seemingly defeated. However, it breaks out of Tecna's energy net and gets back up on its feet.

"YOU THINK THAT'S ENOUGH TO STOP ME!" screamed the monster. It suddenly swings its tail around and knocks everyone towards Bloom, Flora, and Layla.

"Oh no! Those attacks only made it angry!" said Flora.

"Eat this!" shouted Stella. She shoots off the biggest light orb she could produce, which was about the size of a car. To her horror, the cat monster sliced it in half with a flick of its claws. "No way!"

"My attacks are ki-based! You have no hope of beating me!" said the monster. "Slash Barrage!"

The cat monster started slashing its claws at a rapid pace. Each swipe sent off an arc-shaped blast.

"LOOK OUT!" shouted Brandon.

Everyone quickly dove for cover. The ground they were previously standing on was now littered with criss-crossing trenches.

"Unbelievable! It could slash from a distance!" said Tecna.

The monster punches the ground with enough force to cause chunks of crystal to fly out like shrapnel. The guys dodged or attacked the pieces while the girls created barriers to protect themselves.

"We're getting nowhere like this!" said Nabu.

Flora then got to thinking. "We must try a convergence!"

"But that would take too long with six of us!" said Tecna.

"Not with each other, with the boys!" said Flora.

"Huh? What're getting at?" asked Musa.

"Just follow my lead!" said Flora as she ran towards Helia. "Helia! Combine forces!"

Helia turned to look at Flora as she grabbed one of his shoulders. He felt her power coursing through him. Suddenly, he shoots his cables at the monster. "Rose Cables!" Rather than his usual cables, he had somehow fired off spiked vines resembling the thorny stems of roses. They shot out fast and long as they completely ensnared the monster from shoulder to ankle. The monster howls in pain from the razor sharp thorns

"WHAT IS THIS!" it screamed.

The others nodded and followed Flora and Helia's move. Musa rushes to converge with Riven. With her sound powers, Riven swings his sword. "Soundwave Slash!" He shot off an arc of air pressure that plowed into the cat monster's chest and out the other side, making a diagonal line-shaped hole in it.

Brandon and Stella followed suit. The blonde wrapped her arms around Brandon's neck from behind and the two shot up into the air. Both glowing with a yellow light, they shoot themselves down at the monster. "Shooting Star Slice!" Powered by the Light of Solaria, Brandon's sword slashed into the monster's chest, his slash mark crossing over the wound Riven and Musa created earlier.

Nabu and Layla joined hands and were suddenly covered in a barrier of water. Flying up, they spiral around the cavern building up velocity. "Aqua Jet!" The two acted as a hydro missile and rammed into the back of the monster's head, dizzying it. This in turn causes it to get drenched in water. The pair quickly lands away from it.

Timmy felt Tecna's power surge through him as he readies his gun. He fires a couple of shots over the monster's head. The shots were green balls of electricity which hovered in place over the monster. Timmy points and aims at the X-shaped wound caused by the attacks of Rive/Musa and Brandon/Stella. "Tazer Lightning!" The gun fires a green tazer line right into the wound, then green electricity courses through, shocking the monster and causing it to scream. The lightning orbs earlier activate and rain down steady bolts of lightning on it. Since it had been drenched by Nabu/Layla, the pain was multiplied.

Once the lightning had died down, Sky and Bloom go in. Bloom grabs hold of Sky from behind, feeding him her power. They were soon engulfed in an aura of flamesWith inhuman speed, Sky and Bloom rushed towards the monster. "Dragon Flame Divide!" The pair plow right through the monster's wound sword first and out the back, leaving a large flaming hole through it, screaming in agony. When Sky and Bloom exited, they flew up and plowed through it again. Exiting the chest, they flew straight up. Sky held his sword high, powered by the Dragon's Flame. Sword up, he and Bloom dropped and brought the sword down on the monster's head. The blade sliced through and continued on to the ankles. A red line ran down the monster's body, marking the sword slash.

"How…. How could this be…?" the monster said in denial. Finally, it falls apart in two halves, each making a loud crash. The halves dissipate into nothingness, erasing any evidence of its existance.

"YEAH! WE DID IT!" said Stella.

Everyone cheered in their victory over the cat demon. With it gone, the force field around Young Ranma was dispelled. Along with it, the entire cavern transforms into Ranma's mindscape. Young Ranma wakes up with a groan and slowly gets up.

"Huh? What's going on? I felt like I was in a nightmare…" said Young Ranma.

The Winx and Specialists walk over to the little boy.

"Are you all right?" asked Bloom.

Young Ranma looks at her and nods. "Mmm-hmm! Is that scary monster gone?"

Sky kneels down to his level. "Don't worry. We've all taken care of it. That monster will never frighten you again."

Young Ranma smiles. "Thanks, everyone! You all saved me! I don't know how to thank you!"

"We're just glad to help." Said Flora.

"Thank you all!" said Young Ranma while bowing. "Well, I must get going! You should get back into your own bodies as well!" Young Ranma begins to slowly vanish, becoming one with Ranma's mind. He was finally free.

The Specialists turn to look at the Winx.

"He's right. Your mission is over. You need to return to your bodies." Said Helia.

The girls agreed, but they also looked a little saddened.

"Yeah… we ought to…" said Musa.

"Will we… ever see each other again?" asked Bloom.

"We'll always be with you as Ranma." Replied Sky. "Treat him as the way you treat us. After all he's been through, he needs it."

The Winx smiled while tears started to form. Finally, they reached out and embraced her respective boyfriend.

"We'll never forget you guys…" said Stella.

"And we'll never forget you…" said Brandon.

Each couple held onto each other, then finally shared a passionate kiss that lasted for nearly a minute. A portal of light opened up near them and they separated.

"That looks like our way out of here." Said Layla.

"I guess we'll see you in the waking world." Said Tecna.

"Later girls! It's been fun!" said Riven.

The girls waved goodbye to the boys and entered the portal. The portal vanishes, leaving the Specialists behind.

"He's finally free." Said Nabu.

"The nightmare is over." Said Helia.

"Well, guys, we'd better go wake up, ourselves." Said Sky. "They'll be expecting him."

"And we still got to pay Valtor back!" said Riven.

The six guys walk off into the distance towards another part of Ranma's mindscape.

Alfea Auditorium…

Nodoka, Avalon, Shampoo, Ukyou, Kiko, and the Pixies were watching the unmoving forms of Ranma and the Winxin anticipation.

"Look! They're regaining consciousness!" said Avalon.

The soul orbs above the seven teens began to vanish. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla slowly sat up from their couches.

"Oh thank heavens! You're all awake!" said Nodoka. "I was starting to worry!"

The Pixies floated up to their bonded ones.

"Oh Bloom! What happened in there?" asked Lockette. The other Pixies started asking similar questions.

"It's a long story…" said Musa.

Finally, Ranma woke up. His groans attracted the attentions of everyone in the room.

"Aiya! Ranma!" said Shampoo.

"Ranma! You all right?" asked Ukyou.

Everyone immediately gathered around him. He starts rubbing his head. "Mmmm… I felt like I just woke up from a nightmare….I also felt like a heavy burden was lifted from my shoulders…"

Avalon looked towards the Winx. "Were you successful?"

"We were, Professor." Replied Tecna.

"Then let us test this. Layla?" said Nodoka as she gestured to the Princess of Andros.

Layla nods in understanding and focuses her magic. "Aqua Blanket!"

A sheet of water appeared over Shampoo and splashed down on her. The Amazon yelped at the sudden splash. She wasn't the only one as it had also splashed Ukyou. Both had shrunk down to a cat and fox respectively.

Ranma turns and looks at the cursed forms of his two adopted sisters. Neko-Shampoo looked with worry as Ranma gazed at her and Kitsune-Ukyou. Suddenly, Ranma kneels down to them and reaches out. He smiles as he scratches under the chins of the two girls-turned-animals, eliciting sounds of delight from them. Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou suddenly run up his arms and perched themselves on Ranma's shoulders. He laughs as he strokes both of them on their heads.

Everyone in the room looked on in shock and amazement. There was a cat in the room, and Ranma's not scared in the slightest! In the past, he'd scream at the mere sight of a picture of a cat. But now…

"Mission accomplished." Said Avalon.

"The demon has been exorcised!" said Zing.

Ranma turned towards the male teacher. "Oh thank you for this, Avalon-sensei!"

"Don't thank me. Thank the girls here. They helped make it possible." Said Avalon.

Ranma turns towards the Winx. "Thank you all, girls. You've helped cured me of this phobia. I don't know how to repay you."

"Oh, I can think of ways…" said Stella with a devious grin.

"We're happy for you, Ranma." Said Flora.

"You all must be tired. You'd better head back to your rooms." Said Nodoka.

"Hai, Nodoka-sensei." Ranma and the girls chorused.

Everyone but Nodoka and Avalon leaves the auditorium. The two adults began to clean up and move the couches out. Unknown to Ranma, as he was leaving the room, a dark aura formed around his left hand. It took the form of a cat claw, then vanishes.

To be continued…


Ranma: I can finally leave the Nekoken behind me.

Tecna: I never realized it, but time sure flies by!

Stella: Ranma's not the only one getting stronger, you know.

Bloom: Everyone! Valtor's attacking another planet!

Musa: This is a strange place. Whoa! What's that?

Flora: She looks hurt… What has Valtor done here?

Layla: Whatever he's up to, we're going to stop him! Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Go Wild! Planet Lyco in Peril!'

Ranma: Shampoo? Ukyou? What're you doing here?

Ending (Rurouni Kenshin ending 3 style, Heart of Sword)

Music starts. We see Ranma standing in the shadows. In the background, portraits of the Specialists flash by: Sky slashes with his blue sword while throwing boomerangs, Brandon shoulders his green broadsword and holds his double-bladed sword out front, Helia pulls on his light cables while swinging with the other, Riven guards with his purple scimitar while spinning the mace on his kasama-giri, Timmy stabs with his yellow rapier while firing his gun in the opposite direction, and Nabu fires off a beam of light as he flies. The background then flashes and reveals Ranma.

Hitori de wa, tooi ashita wo (When I'm alone, tomorrow feels far away.)

Yoake no mama de, koesou de (And I must go over still into the darkness of dawn.)

Ranma holds Sky's sword and does a few slashes. He quickly hides it and brings out Brandon's sword while making huge swinging arcs with it. He hides that one and suddenly launches Helia's cables off-screen.

Butsukatteikya kokeru omoi yo (If I try to play it straight, it will no doubt fail,)

Konya mo mata, sure chigai (And tonight it won't go well between us again.)

He reels in the cables, attached from each hand was Riven and Timmy's swords. Grasping them, he started swinging and spinning them in a two-sword style. Finally, Ranma hides them and creates a sword of light from his hands using Nabu's magic. He slashes the screen with it, obscuring it in a flash.

We see Ranma-chan in faerie-mode flying towards a flock of flying demons. She takes out Brandon's double-ended sword and spins it in front of her like a propeller, mowing down the demons.

Sanzan sugite doryoku no ato mo (You can't see all of my hard efforts, because it's only result)

Naku naru kekka, only no tsuna watari (Is that it makes no sense. It really is a "tightrope".)

Ranma is running through a forest while using Riven's sword to ward off attacking cyber ninjas.

Yaru dake son suru yona, mainichi wa (More effort, more damage-this is my daily life.)

Sha ni kamaeteta hou koso, raku ni naru (Taking a cynical attitude may give me some comfort...)

Ranma fights a ten-foot orc wielding a huge scimitar. He uses Brandon's broadsword to block the overhead slash and jumps over a thrust attack, landing on the flat of the blade. Running up the blade, Ranma jumps and slashes at the orc's head.

Atsukute, tsurai jibun wo kakushite, mijikai toki wo ikiteru (Hiding myself, heated and irritated; living only a short time.)

Ranma is surrounded by armed guards. They all try to take him down en mass, but he fights back using Helia's cables. He dodges a sword to the head and one to the gut, then retaliates with a punch forward and a back kick, knocking the guards out. He lashes out with a roundhouse kick that takes down three more guards. Four guards try to blind-side him, but Ranma shoots the cables at them, ensnaring their necks. He pulls and hurls them into an attacking group before him. Ranma then shoots a cable from each hand on opposite sides of himself, ensnaring a guad around the ankles. He reels them in and spins them around fast, knocking out the surrounding guards. He finally sends the ensnared guards flying once everyone was dealt with.

Hitori de wa, tooi ashita wo (When I'm alone, tomorrow feels far away.)

Yoake no mama de, koesou de (And I must go over still into the darkness of dawn.)

Ranma, armed with Sky's sword, charges at Valtor, who had created a sword of fire from his hands. They both flash in and out, trading slashes, thrusts, swings, parries, and blocks. Sparks flew as their swords clashed. They moved too fast for the human eye to see.

Hottokeba, hashiru omoi yo (If I let my emotions free,)

Yume mo mata, sure chigai (My dreams will once again not go well.)

Ranma walks in place towards the screen with his hands in his pockets. The Specialists' weapons orbit around him.

Instrumental. We see a left side profile of Ranma. Pan to the right, Ranma's image disappears and we see the right side profiles of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu. Ranma is seen training as he uses the Amaguriken technique with Timmy's rapier upon a boulder, swiss-cheesing it. Ranma is seen running from a hoard of trolls and jumps up and behind a ten foot boulder. Armed with Brandon and Riven's swords, he slashes at the boulder repeatedly, then kicks at it several times. Each kick sends off a sliced section of the boulder at the trolls. Through the gaping hole, we see Ranma smirking. We see him run at a line of trolls and slashes at them with Sky's sword. After skidding to a stop, the silhouettes of the trolls fall over in halves. Zing is seen walking while dressed in samurai robes, consisting of white pants and a red top. Her hair was in a red ponytail and wielded a sakabato (3). Ranma is seen in Alfea's courtyard with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla standing behind him. The screen splits into six sections. Each section, Ranma turns and hugs one of the Winx.

Nando nankai, kurikaeshitemo (However many times it's repeated,)

Modottekichau, ai dakara (It revives again and again-because it's love.)

In each section, each girl was held close by Ranma. Tears started to stream down the girls' faces.

Butsukatteiku, kesunu omoi wo (You can't blame my emotion,)

Semeru hou ga, suji chigai (Because you should know it will never fade away.)

In the night sky, we see the Specialists from behind walking into the background. We see the Specialists' activated weapons leaning in a dark corner of the room. All of them give off a glint of light.

End ending

Author's notes:

Finally! I'm done with this chapter! Now the real fun can begin!

More idiocy by 4Kids. The subject: Season 1 episode, The Betrayal of Riven (US: Spelled). The scene where Musa catches Riven hanging out with Darcy, then she herself gets caught by Icy and Stormy.

4Kids: Musa made a wart appear on Icy's face. LAME…

Icy: "You're not in the Harmonic realm anymore, princess. And your daddy and his hip hop palace guards aren't here to protect you anymore." (The hell! We already know by now that Musa's NOT a princess nor does she only focus on hip hop.)

Musa: "Complexion smear, warts adhere!" makes a wart form on Icy's face "It worked!" (- Sounds more like a witch spell to me…)

Icy: "How dare you! My flawless face!"

Stormy: "Wow this must be the single most disgusting wart I've ever seen."

Icy: "Nobody asked you!"

Rai: Musa, after being emotionally tormented, raises her hand and bitch-slaps Icy. THAT'S what really happened, not some stupid wart spell.

Icy: "Silly girl! You know, the other day, Riven said that he thinks NOTHING of you! Absolutely nothing!"

Musa: We see a close-up of Musa's eye as her pupil shrunk and tears welled up. She raises her hand. We then hear a smacking noise, which catches the attention of the witches in the café. Stormy looked shocked. Musa was also shocked, realizing what she just did. "Oh!"

Icy: "She… slapped me! She slapped me in the face!"

Stormy: "Whoa! I can even see the prints of her fingers! Does it hurt?"


4Kids can't even get their facts straight. We already know that Musa's not a princess from the concert episode, and her dad had pretty much banned music since his wife's death. The only princesses we know of who attend Alfea are Bloom, Stella, and Layla.

The slap makes for better drama, not to mention better drive for retaliation. And for the record, Musa's from Melody, NOT the Harmonic Realm. In the same episode, 4Kids Stella was supposedly spelled by a senior that made her say insensitive stuff. Rai Stella was more toned down, but she still said things to Musa that made her run off and Stella felt remorseful.

Also, Winx is simply a word Bloom made up from an inspiration of butterfly wings. It is NOT a power source that faeries draw upon as 4Kids stated.

(1) Thanks to CervantesOsis for the opening sequence!

(2) Ryoga is indeed a hypocrite when it comes to honor. He goes around saying that Ranma ran out on their duel despite the fact that Ranma waited THREE DAYS straight for him in that damn lot. Oh yeah, and he's SO honorable hiding behind Akane as P-Chan and sleeping in her bed, even worse with an engaged also had no problems with telling Ranma's embarassing moments to everyone (IE the kiss with Mikado) or teaming up to beat Ranma. There had been so manyobvious clues that were dropped in front of Akane about Ryoga's curse, but was too stupid to notice. For one thing, the bandanna. Both go missing for days, Ranma's sometimes calling Ryoga "P-Chan" right in front of her, making Ryoga accidentally admit his name is P-Chan to Asuza, "Ryoga" getting turned into a frog along with "Shampoo" and "Genma" in the frog episode (went after Jusenkyo cursed victims), Ryoga's desire to find that Japanese Naanichuan, and probably the biggest clinchers of all, the Mark of a God incident when the exact marks were on both Ryoga and P-Chan. The other clincher was the Tunnel of Lost Love incident when Ryoga ran across the water while carrying Akane then trips and falls into the water near the shore. P-Chan crawls out, and Akane being the stupid bitch she is just says "It's P-Chan!". HEY DUMBASS! Aren't you the least bit confused as to how Ryoga just suddenly disappeared under the water and P-Chan just comes up! Sheesh…

(3) Kenshin Himura from Rurouni Kenshin

Chapter Fifteen: Go Wild! Planet Lyco in Peril!

Opening (Magic Knight Rayearth style, Yuzurenai Negai)

A shot above Alfea. The Pixies fly by, then it bears down to a certain group.

Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite (Heading to the dream, to the furutre with no end)

Yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete (Holding close a wish, a wish you can't yield)

Musa and Layla are seen from behind and pans to their front. Flora and Tecna ae seen from below and pans to the front. Bloom and Stella are seen from above and pans to the front. Finally, Ranma is seen close up. Zoom out to see the girls standing on either side of him. The visions of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu are seen above and behind them. Cue the 'Ranma Club' logo.

Umi no iro ga akaku somatte-yuku (The sunset makes the vast ocean a beautiful crimson shade)

In Enchantix, Musa, Tecna, and Layla fly across the lake, leaving a jetwash.

Mujuuryoku joutai (A wonderful freefall)

Kiko drops down to the ground and poses, but gets flattened by a dropping Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou.

Kono mama kaze ni sarawaretai (I just want the wind to take me somewhere far away)

In Enchantix, Bloom, Stella, and Flora fly through the clouds

Itsumo tobenai HA-DORU wo (I always cleared impossible hurdles before)

Makenai kimochi de (Just by concentrating)

KURIAshite-kita kedo (Because I didn't want to lose yet)

A shot of Shadowhaunt. Icy pops in and fires an ice crystal, then flies back. Darcy fires dark beams and flies back. Stormy fires off lightning orbs and flied back. Suddenly, two shadowed figures pop in and leap back. Icy stands between Darcy and Stormy while the shadowed figures stand on opposite ends. Valtor's image looms over them.

Dashikirenai jitsuryoku wa (But who's to blame when it's not the best)

Dare no sei? (That I can achieve?)

Ranma stands alone looking at the sky. We see him from the front as his forms split. On his right was his male side armed with the Specialists' weapons. On his left was his female side in faerie-mode.

Tomaranai mirai wo mezashite (Heading to the dream, to the furutre with no end)

Yuzurenai negai wo dakishimete (Holding close a wish, a wish you can't yield)

Ranma-chan and the girls slowly transform, then face off against an army of monsters. The Winx fight with their respective elementals while Ranma-chan fights between using magic and martial arts. Joined with them are Shampoo and Ukyou who also beat the crap out of the monsters with their respective weapons.

Iroasenai kokoro no chizu (Take the map in your heart, the one that won't fade)

Hikari ni kazasou (And hold it up to the light)

Valtor is seen as a huge vision and smirks down at Ranma-chan and her group. Ranma-chan reverts to male and charges his ki. The girls hold on to him from behind, then they fire a huge multi-faceted beam of light that obscures the screen.

End opening


It has been over a month since the exorcism of the Nekoken, and Ranma couldn't be happier. He no longer had to fear cats. Up until now, he didn't realize just how cute they are. He'd sometimes play around with Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou whenever their curses activate. Jusenkyo cursed victims tend to become water magnets in one way or another.

Sometimes Ranma would go to visit Red Fountain to see Saladin and Codatorta, for nostalgia reasons or for a little sparring. He had also visited the old dorm rooms of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, and Timmy. They've been left preserved after their bodies' demises. Being in the rooms had also stirred a few memories within Ranma. He suddenly knew how to ride a levi-bike and make basic maintenance repairs on ships because of it.

He was also advancing quite fast in his studies at Alfea. Already he was able to instantaneously switch between his two forms at any time without the aid of cold or hot water. He also grasped the concepts of elemental magics to a degree in which he was able to combine with his ki manipulation talent. Not only that, but Ranma was able to pick up on basic alchemy skills. He's able to turn rocks into other materials like Stella can. He'd have to keep that certain ability under wraps if he were ever around Nabiki again. If she ever found out that he could turn rocks into gold, it would be serious trouble. Faragonda and the other faculty members couldn't help but be impressed at Ranma's progress. His ability to learn techniques quick had helped him advance through his classes. Soon, he just might earn his Charmix, then maybe even an Enchantix.

Ranma-chan was currently in her faerie-form out in the courtyard with the rest of her class. Griselda was again teaching magical self-defense class.

"All right, show me what you've got!" said Griselda as she got into a stance.

The students were in line to take on Griselda one on one. Ranma-chan was placed last in line. She winced as she saw Griselda systematically take down every student before her like nothing. She would reflect shots back, absorb them, produce a barrier, or counterattack with spell bolts. The students were going to feel those bruises for a while.

"You'll never be able to defend yourselves properly against Valtor's minions like that, let alone Valtor himself!" said Griselda. She then looks to Ranma-chan. "Next!"

Ranma-chan stepped up. Even after easily taking down twenty faerie students, Griselda didn't seem winded at all. They sized each other up.

"Are you ready, Ranma?" asked Griselda.

"As I'll ever be!" replied Ranma-chan.

"Then come at me!" said Griselda.

Ranma-chan flies towards Griselda and fires off a fast ball of flame. "Fire Shot!"

Griselda's hand glowed blue and then backhands the attack away. "Is that all?"

"Hardly!" said Ranma-chan. "Spread Lightning!" She shoots a wide-ranged lightning attack, which Griselda managed to fly over.

"Force Counter!" Griselda fires a light red beam a Ranma-chan. She managed to block it with her battle aura, which she flared briefly. She had taken worse.

"Okay, how about this?" said Ranma-chan as she produces a small sphere of her ki and fires it at Griselda. Her attack was about the size of a baseball and was moving quite slow.

Griselda resisted the urge to laugh. "Just what is this supposed to be?" It was so slow, she could just walk around the shot. She was about to backhand it away like the weak attack it is. However, as soon as she touched it, the ki ball gives off a force explosion that knocked her back.

Ranma-chan smirks at her trick. "Never underestimate an attack." Before Griselda got up, Ranma-chan had already closed the distance between them. The martial arts faerie was already upon Griselda with a ball of white light aimed point blank at the instructor's face. "Never give the opponent enough time to counterattack."

"I… yield…" said Griselda. She knows when she's been beat. They both get up. The rest of the class applauds Ranma-chan's success in taking down the head of discipline. "Quite a deceptive attack you had there, and I fell for it like an amateur."

"Well, from what I saw from the previous fights, head-on attacks wouldn't affect you." said Ranma-chan. "I had to be sneaky and use something you wouldn't expect. Just because the attack is small doesn't mean it won't have any effect."

"Impressive, Ranma, you certainly know how to handle yourself well." Said Griselda.

"Believe me, I had practice." Said Ranma-chan.

Ranma-chan's previous life in Japan had forced her to always be on her toes and fight off whatever comes her way: rivals, old crones, freaks, princes, and anything else one could think of. She had plenty of fighting experience.

Winx Dorm…

"Hey Ranma! We heard about your win against Ms. Griselda! Congrats!" said Stella.

Bloom and the others had to agree. They remembered their first time in Griselda's magical self-defense class. She made short work of the six of them.

"When you're fighting almost everyday of your life, that class wasn't so bad." Said Ranma.

"What I'm surprised about is how fast you've been advancing here, Ranma!" said Tecna. "It's been nearly two months since you enrolled here and you're already taking second-year level courses!"

"Just trying to keep up with you girls." Said Ranma.

Zing flies in. "Ranma just has a tendency to grasp things fast if given a reason to. He's quite a guy!"

"Enough, Zing!" laughed Ranma. "I just had this ability to grasp things fast, especially under pressure."

The girls remembered their time in Ranma's mind where the Specialists showed them his memories. One in particular was the one with his fight with Herb. Ranma-chan wasn't able to beat Herb with the Hiryu Shoten Ha since he knew how to counter the technique, and out of desperation, she improvised on it and created the Hiryu Korin Dan to surprise and defeat the Musk Prince.

"Speaking of time…" began Bloom, "… it's been a while since Valtor or the Trix tried something."

"Yes, I have a bad feeling about this…" said Flora.

Little did they know that trouble was just around the corner…

On another planet, in a lush forest…

A black portal opened up in the clearing. Out stepped the most wanted wizard in Magix: Valtor. He wore a devious grin on his face.

"Hmmm… Planet Lyco… this place is brimming with mysticism, some even by non-magical means. I'm quite curious… I'll just add it to my own then!"

With that said, Valtor walks down the forest path down.

Faragonda's office, the next day…

Faragonda was currently talking with Saladin via orb communication.

"Is that so, Saladin?" asked Faragonda.

"I'm afraid so, Faragonda." Replied Saladin. "We had received an urgent distress signal from Lyco, stating that a lone but powerful wizard is attacking the place. It must be Valtor!"

"I wouldn't put it past that, that sounds just like him." Said Faragonda.

"In any case, Lyco needs help." Said Saladin. "There are only a handful of people who can stand a chance against Valtor."

"The Winx…" finished Faragonda. She couldn't argue with his reasoning. Currently, those girls were the only ones at Alfea with Enchantix powers (1). "I shall relay the message to them."

"One more thing…" said Saladin. "… I also suggest that Ranma be part of the landing party."

"What? Why is that?" asked Faragonda.

"For one thing, he's all my boys combined, and from what I have learned, his faerie side is quite powerful." Replied Saladin. "This 'ki manipulation' just might be useful as an unknown factor against Valtor, don't you think? Plus, he needs to transport the girls."

Faragonda had to agree with his logic. Valtor was already familiar with the Winx's battle tactics and abilities. Perhaps Ranma's chaotic factor will put a damper on things. Plus, from what she knows, Ranma might be able to pilot one of the RF ships.

"I understand, Saladin. I'll send Ranma as well." Said Faragonda. "I just hope it's enough…"

Faragonda's office a little later…

The Winx girls and Ranma were before the desk of the Alfea headmistress.

"A mission?" asked Musa.

"Yes, Musa. Valtor has been spotted on the Planet Lyco and needs some assistance." Replied Faragonda.

"Valtor!" the girls chorused. They all wore dark expressions on their faces.

"What's that monster planning now!" said Bloom.

"I'm not sure, but whatever it is, it can't be good for everyone else." Said Faragonda.

"We will stop him!" said Layla.

"Let us hope so." said Faragonda. "Your transportation will be here shortly. You should prepare yourselves."

The girls nodded and left the office. Ranma soon followed behind. He felt a sort of anger at the mention of Valtor's name. The Specialists' souls in him also stirred.

Alfea courtyard…

Ranma, the Winx, the Pixies, Kiko, Nodoka, and Faragonda stood outside and looked up. Two ships from Red Fountain hovered overhead and made for a landing, causing an updraft. Once landed, the under-hatches opened up and out comes each of the pilots: Saladin and Codatorta.

"Hello, everyone. This will be a dangerous mission." Said Saladin.

"This is Valtor you're dealing with here, so you should take extreme caution." Said Faragonda.

"Don't worry, we intend to complete it!" said Tecna.

"And free the citizens of Lyco in the process." Added Flora.

"I've already programmed the planet's coordinates into the piloting system." Said Saladin. "You should hurry and go now!"

The rescue party nodded. Before they boarded, the Pixies flew over to wish them luck. Kiko hops up Bloom's arm and nuzzles her face.

"Don't worry, we'll be back before you know it." Said Bloom as she put Kiko down.

"That's right, so hold down the fort for us!" said Stella.

"Be careful, everyone!" said Nodoka, then she turned to Ranma. "Be careful, my son, and look out for the girls, too."

"No problem, Mom!" said Ranma as he and the rest of the Winx boarded the RF ship. Just as they all get in and the hatch started to close, two small shadow shapes quickly snuck onboard unnoticed.

The ship's engines powered up, and it was shot up out of sight. The ones left behind silently prayed for their safety and success.

RF ship en route to Lyco…

"I don't know how, but I know how to pilot this ship…" said Ranma. The Specialists' experiences with flying the ships were actually fed into his memory. Tecna was his co-pilot, since she knew how to fly the ship as well.

"I have a visual of Lyco!" said Tecna. She brings up the vid screen to show a green and blue planet. It looked a lot like earth, except that there was more landmass, and it also had three moons orbiting it.

"How much longer until we reach Lyco?" asked Ranma.

"In thirty minutes." Replied Tecna.

"Alright then, prepare for landing. Everyone, strap in!" said Ranma.

The ship enters Lyco's atmosphere. Much of the planet's land was lush grass and forests. They come across a clearing in the middle of a forest. The landing gear out, the ship touches down. It was currently night out.

"We're here…" said Stella.

"Let's move out." Said Layla.

Everyone gets up from their seats and opened the hatch. They stepped out onto the grass and observed the area. Nothing but trees all around and a stream nearby.

"So this is Lyco, huh?" said Ranma.

"It's so beautiful…" said Flora.

"Hard to believe Valtor's been here." Said Musa.

"So where to?" asked Bloom.

Tecna takes out her PDA and scans the area. "I'm detecting traces of dark magic going in that direction." She points off to the right, towards where the trees were getting bigger.

"Guess that's our only lead. Let's go!" Said Stella.

Just as they were about to move, Ranma stops, which catches the attention of everyone else.

"Ranma? What is it?" asked Musa.

"I sense someone… from inside the ship…" said Ranma as he looked towards the hatch.

"Huh? Who?" asked Stella.

Ranma didn't answer as he looked at the open hatch. He reached out with his magical senses to determine who it was. He found two small life signatures, like they belonged to small animals… Ranma immediately knew who they were. "All right, you two, come on out!"

Suddenly, two small, shadowed shapes walked down the hatch stairs. They revealed to be none other than Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou. The cat and fox walked over to the seven teens and sat before them.

"Shampoo? Ukyou?" said Musa.

"Sheesh, you two, why'd you have to stow away for?" asked Ranma. The animals looked down to the side. "Well, I guess there's no helping it. They're already with us, so they'll just have to tag along…"

"It would probably be best if they reverted." Said Flora.

"Aqua Blanket!"

"Ember Shot!"

Layla produced a small flat square of water over Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou while Bloom shot a flame at it to warm up the water. The now hot water splashed on the animals, causing them to revert to their human forms, albeit naked ones. Ranma immediately turned around while covering up his nosebleed.

"Er… could someone cover them up, please?" asked an exasperated Ranma.


"We couldn't just let you guys just go off by yourselves." Said Ukyou.

"Yes! Have to stick with Ranma and help in fight!" said Shampoo.

"I appreciate the concern, girls, but you really should've asked first." Said Ranma as he looked at them while walking. The two girls were dressed in the outfits Stella had given them. "Mom might be worried."

"We sorry, Ranma, never thought of that…" said Shampoo.

"Same here…" said Ukyou. "But we might as well make the most of it."

"They have a point, Ranma." Said Tecna. "It would probably be best if we had more people."

"Yeah, and from the way you three have been training, they're pretty tough and we could use their help." Said Musa.

"You're right. "This is probably for the best." Said Ranma. "Just don't take any unnecessary risks, all right?"

"Sure thing, Ran-chan!" said Ukyou.

The group continued to walk through the forest, until Flora spotted something.

"Look over there!" Flora pointed towards a shape.

"What is it?" asked Stella.

They rush to the shape. As they got closer, they could slowly make out a humanoid form lying face-down on the ground. The body shape was very feminine.

"It's a woman…" said Layla.

Ranma reached down and turned the unconscious woman on her back, and nearly had a nosebleed. The woman looked partially human, but had some distinct traits. Her arms and legs from the elbows and knees down were covered with white fur Her hands and feet were paws with red three-inch claws protruding from each digit. The rest of her body was human and looked almost naked save for a few stripes of white fur that lined her body like a thong bikini. The stripes on her breasts were barely kept within the realm of modesty. A fur stripe circled around her navel in a diamond shape while another was around her neck like a choker. She had a heart-shaped angelic face and a mane of dark blue hair that reached her knees. Two pointed cat ears protruded from her hair and a long white tail from the small of her back. She looked to be in her early twenties. Ranma couldn't help but blush at the very sexy catwoman lying before him. All impure thoughts left him as he realized that she was also wounded.

"She's beautiful…" said Flora.

"And hurt bad…" said Tecna.

"What could've done this?" asked Bloom.

"She needs medical attention!" said Ranma as he cradled the unconscious catwoman. Thank God he was rid of the Nekoken or he would have trouble being near her… almost.

"Let's get her near the stream." Said Layla as she pointed towards the water nearby..

Ranma nods and gently picks up the catwoman. He then lays her down on her back.

"Leave this to me." Said Stella as she focused her light magic. "Healing Light!"

A gold light enveloped both Stella and the catwoman. The latter's scratches and bruises slowly started to fix themselves and vanish as if they didn't happen.

"Well, the worst of it is gone." Said Ukyou.

"She no get up, though." Said Shampoo.

"I'm sure she'll come around soon." Said Ranma. He picks up a rock and transmutes it into a glass, then fill it with the stream water. Using his magical senses, he smiles as he finds that the water is pure. Ranma then kneels down to cradle the catwoman's head and give her the water. "This ought to help."

After a few seconds of downing the water, the catwoman began to stir. Slowly, her eyes started to flutter open. They were emerald-colored and slitted like a cat's. Once her vision has cleared, she saw eight teenage girls. Looking up, she saw Ranma.

"Oh? You with us now?" asked Ranma.

"Who… are you?" she asked.

"I'm Ranma." Said Ranma, then gestures to the Winx. "Those're my friends, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla." He then gestures to his adopted sisters. "Those're my sisters, Ukyou and Shampoo."

"You all… saved me?" asked the catwoman.

"Yeah, it's a lucky thing we found you." said Bloom. "We've come from Alfea in Magix."

This got the catwoman's attention. "Magix! Then you must've received the distress call! Oh please! You must help me save my husband!"

"Your husband?" repeated Stella.

"What's going on here?" asked Ranma.

"Oh, forgive me for not introducing myself yet. My name is Felicia… Felicia Talbain." said the catwoman.


"So Valtor did come through here…" said Bloom. Currently, everyone was sitting around a campfire as Felicia explained the situation.

"What is he here for?" asked Musa.

"Most likely, he's here for the Lunar Gem." Replied Felicia.

"Lunar Gem? What's that?" asked Stella.

"A talisman that holds the infinite power of Moons." Replied Felicia. "I'm sure you noticed when you touched down here that this planet has three moons orbiting it, right?"

"Yeah, I thought it was kinda weird…" said Bloom.

"The thing is, the people here are nocturnal beings and rely on the night to be at their best condition." Said Felicia. "Therefore, nights on this planet are much longer than daytimes."

"Nocturnal beings? You mean…?" asked Flora.

"The people of Lyco are all were-creatures." Said Felicia. "My husband, Jon, is a werewolf."

Everyone's eyes widened at that revelation. A cat and a wolf?

"Fascinating…" said Tecna.

"Jon and I, we run a dojo together, training students in martial arts and were-styles." Said Felicia. "We even helped train the royal guards as the ruler of Lyco recognized our strength. When Valtor came to steal the Lunar Gem, Jon tried to fight him off, but he couldn't stand up to his dark magic…" Felicia's ears drooped as she said this. "Before engaging him, Jon had me hide the Lunar Gem. After hiding it, I went out to find Jon and assist him, but…"


"Jon! Where are you?" Felicia called out in the night forest. It was then that Valtor appeared before her. "You!"

"Good evening, my dear." Said Valtor.

Felicia immediately went into a fighting stance. "Where is Jon! What have you done with my husband!"

"Your little wolf friend is indisposed at the moment." Replied Valtor. "I'd worry more about yourself than about him, though."

"Give Jon back to me!" Felicia shouted as she lunged at Valtor, claws bared.

The catwoman went into a frenzy, swiping her claws at Valtor at a rapid pace. Going into a series of slashes and kicks, she only managed to put a few tears in Valtor's coat. He would just swerve in and out, dodging her attacks, then flies up backwards, but Felicia goes after him with a rising upper slash. Valtor goes on the offensive and hits her with a fireball attack, knocking her out of the air. Felicia quickly rights herself and rebounds off a tree and shoots herself at the dark wizard. She manages to nail Valtor in the face with two consecutive kicks. As soon as he fell on his back, Felicia jumped and bounced off of his gut.

"Feisty little kitty, aren't you?" said Valtor as he got back up. He suddenly vanished from view, then appeared right behind Felicia, surprising her. Before she could react, Valtor grabs her from behind around her neck and waist. "You're tough, just like your husband, but I don't have time to play anymore."

It was then that Valtor emitted lightning from his body. Felicia screamed in pain as she was getting electrocuted by the attack. The pain became unbearable, and in an act of desperation, Felicia gets her hands free and jabs her claws into the sides of Valtor's head. He screams in pain and throws Felicia forward, causing her to fall on her hands.

Felicia starts panting in exhaustion and pain, then looks up as Valtor approaches. He had managed to heal the claw marks on his head.

"You're tough, I'll give you that much." Said Valtor. "However, it looks like you can't continue. If you ever want to see your husband alive again, bring me the Lunar Gem! I know that you're the one who hid it! Otherwise, I cannot guarantee his or this planet's safety."

"You scumbag!" said Felicia in defiance.

Valtor kneels down to her level and holds her chin up, making her face him. "Now now, that's no way for a lady to talk. You'd better decide soon, kitty-cat."

With that said Valtor vanishes from sight.

"W-wait!" said Felicia as she tried to get up, but the pain from Valtor's attacks caused her to collapse into blessed unconsciousness.

End flashback…

"And then you found me sometime later. Now, Valtor holds my husband for ransom if I don't deliver the Lunar Gem to him…" said Felicia.

"That bastard!" said Ranma as he punches his fist into his palm.

"That sounds just like him…" said Layla.

"I don't know what to do! I can't just hand over the Gem to him, but I can't just abandon Jon, either!" said Felicia, tears welling in her eyes.

Ranma stands up. "I assure you, Felicia, Valtor won't have either the Gem or your husband. Not if we have anything to say about it!"

"That's right! No way we're letting Valtor have his way!" said Stella.

"Thank you all…" said Felicia.


Felicia led the way through the dense forest.

"So where are we headed?" asked Ukyou.

"We're going to the capital of Silvantis." Replied Felicia. "I have to report to the king of your arrival and make a plan of action. It is also where I've hidden the Lunar Gem." She pushes past some shrubs an entered a clearing. "There it is."

Ranma and the girls enter the clearing. Ahead in the middle of the forest was the Kingdom of Silvantis, surrounded by a huge one-hundred foot wall. Several spotlights shone in the air from within the walls. A huge sixty-foot door with a crescent moon symbol marked the entrance.

"Aiya! Is huge!" said Shampoo.

"Definitely…" said Musa.

"Come now." Said Felicia as she led them to the door. Upon arrival, the catwoman held up a paw and touched the door. Suddenly, a 6x12 rectangular section of the door glowed bright. The section then opens up. "This way."

The nine teens followed Felicia through the opening, and marveled at the city inside of the walls.

"Whoa…" said Ranma.

The city was massive. It looked like Magix, but with taller buildings and more natural areas. Bazaars, fountains, stone walkways, and residential condos make up the city. There was even an entertainment district, as well as, to Ranma's embarrassment, a red light district. Towards the back was a huge palace of ivory.

Crowds milled about on the streets. Ranma's group noticed that the citizens were humanoid in appearance, but had some animalistic qualities about them. There were were creatures of every kind: wolves, tigers, cats, dogs, foxes, raccoons, bats, panthers, cheetahs, hawks, rabbits, geckos, and any other animal. Some were human in appearance possessing animal ears and tails. Most of the females were in the daring fur stripes like Felicia herself while most of the males were completely furred (or feathered or scaled). They were all very exotic.

"Welcome to Silvantis!" Said Felicia.

"This place is amazing…" said Bloom.

"Come, we must head to the palace." Said Felicia.

She guides them to the gates of Silvantis Palace where two werewolf sentries stood guard.

"Felicia Talbain. I have come with the rescue party." Said Felicia to the guards. They nod and let her group pass. The Winx girls couldn't help but feel overwhelmed by the six-foot silver-furred werewolf sentries as they passed them. Ranma, however, thought it might be fun to spar with a were-creature.

The inside of the palace was huge. The hallways were made from white marble and lined with lush carpeting. There were even indoor fountains and a few trees, almost like a nature preserve. Some of the bigger tree trunks grew through the ceilings and floors, acting as natural pillars, which fascinated Flora. After navigating through the hallways, stairways, and a garden, they've finally come across the entrance to the throne room. Two were-panther guards, one male and one female, stood on either side of the doors.

"Welcome, Felicia Talbain. The King was expecting you." said the male guard.

"He shall see you now." said the female guard.

The guards open the doors for them and Felicia's group walks in.

The throne room was huge. It was lavishly decorated and has a circular skylight. At the back were three thrones. In the middle sat the King, a were-lion. He had a muscular frame covered in gold fur and a mane of reddish brown hair with the ears sticking out from the top. He wore a dark blue sleeveless tunic embroidered with a gold crescent moon symbol and loose black pants. Around his waist was a red sash and gold jewel-encrusted bracers on his wrists. His feet were wrapped in black bandages like a kickboxer. He had on a royal blue cloak on his shoulders and a gold crown inlaid with precious gems on his head. Each of his paws had a set of four-inch gold claws. A long tail with a tuft of reddish brown fur at the end protruded from his back. Though the were-lion looks to be about in his late thirties, he is actually in his early seventies.

Sitting on his right was a female were-tiger. Her body was lightly furred reddish orange with black stripes. White fur trailed from her mouth down her middle as well as on her hands and feet, which sported a set of black claws. She had long wavy red hair reaching past her waist with her orange pointed ears sticking out from it. Her red two-piece dress consisted of a wrap-around top (which barely contained her lush charms) and an ankle-length skirt with slits up both sides of the legs reaching above the hips. A long striped tail came out her back. Gold ruby-encrusted anklets adorned her ankles and gold ruby-encrusted bracers on her wrists. On her neck was a ruby choker and on her head was a silver ruby tiara.

On the King's left was a female were-cheetah. Her body was lightly furred yellow with numerous black spots. White fur trailed from her mouth down her middle as well as on her hands and feet, which sported a set of white claws. She had long straight yellow hair with black spots that reached her waist. Yellow pointed ears stuck out from her spotted hair. Her manner of dress is similar to that of the tigress (and was just as, um, top-heavy), but was colored green and had emeralds where the rubies should be. A long spotted tail protruded from her back.

Felicia stepped forward and took a respectful bow. "Your Majesties, I have brought the rescue team sent by Magix." She urged the others to take a bow like her, which they promptly did.

"Good work, Felicia." Said the were-lion, then directs his gaze at the teen group. "Welcome to Silvantis, Faeries of Magix. I am King Leon. These are my wives, Queen Tigara, and Queen Cheetalia."

Ranma's group looked surprised. The king has two wives? They figured it was a natural thing on Lyco, but decided not to dwell on it further. They had other things to worry about.

"Hello, Your Majesties. I'm Ranma, and this is Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Shampoo, and Ukyou. We came as soon as we heard that Valtor came by."

"We're glad that you answered our distress call." Said Tigara. "They say you were the only ones who are familiar with fighting Valtor."

Bloom nodded. "Yes. We've crossed paths numerous times in the past…"

"Valtor had shown up yesterday in the palace, demanding the Lunar Gem." Said Cheetalia. "Fortunately, Felicia had been able to hide it, and Jon was able to take the fight with Valtor outside, so the kingdom's citizens wouldn't get caught in the crossfire."

"We want to avoid causing a panic among the citizens." Said Tigara. "We were-creatures rely on the night, therefore we cannot just give in to his demands."

"But we don't want to abandon Jon, either." Said Leon. "He has done so much for us. Valtor might even attack the city if he doesn't get what he wants. Unfortunately, that's not the real problem."

"Huh? Then what is?" asked Ukyou.

"The thing is, the Lunar Gem and its magic must never leave the planet." Said Cheetalia. "It actually controls the balance of the three moons orbiting Lyco."

"If the Lunar Gem is ever removed from the planet…" said Tigara.

"Then the three moons will collide, destroying each other, and the remaining chunks will rain down on Lyco." Leon finished. "We'll be hit with the biggest meteor shower in history, dooming the planet."

Ranma and the others gasped. Things have gone from bad to worse. If they don't give up the gem, they're dead. If they do give up the gem, they're still dead. (2)

"Damned if you do, damned if you don't…" said Ranma, summing up the situation. It seemed like a no-win situation, but he wasn't about to give up.

Valtor WILL be stopped!

To be continued…


Ranma: That power-hungry bastard! He's going down!

Bloom: Nothing good ever comes from Valtor showing up!

Flora: We have to save the planet from his wrath.

Layla: We'll finish what he started on Andros!

Musa: Careful! This guy's just as strong as he was before!

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Encounter! Save the Lunar Gem!'

Ranma: Huh? What's happening to Ukyou and Shampoo?.

Ending (One Piece style, Watashi ga iru yo)

Music starts. We pan down from the sky and go to the courtyard of Alfea.

Watashi ga iru yo! Ah yasashi uta nee (I'm here with you, Ah, a gentle song)

Todoke futari no tame ni (Reaching out for the two of us)

Ranma stands on top of the four-posted arc looking out into the distance. At the foot of the arc, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stand looking out into the distance as the wind blows through their hair.

Nami ga saratta chisana suna no oshiro (The waves washed away your little sand castle)

Nagareru kumo o miagete nakizouna egao (With a tearful smile, you looked up at the passing clouds)

We see a shot of an empty classroom, a shot of an empty grand hallway, the empty cafeteria, then the empty dorm rooms of the Winx.

Moshi mo sekai juu ni dekishika nai nara (Even if the world turns against us,)

The Winx girls stand on the ruins of Domino in the rain looking sad.

Senaka o makasete (I've got your back)

Ranma-chan appears before them and transforms to faerie-mode. She reaches out to them.

Shinjiru kimochi o wasurenaide (Never forget, you can trust in me)

Bloom and the others smile and go Enchantix. As they fly off together, the rain stops and the sun rises.

Watashi ga iru yo! Ah itoshii hito nee (I'm here with you, Ah, the one I love!)

Zutto daiteite ageru (I will hold you always)

An angled overhead shot. Ranma and the girls walk down a stone pathway. Ranma was right in the middle of the group of girls as they walk. They all chat with each other, but then Ranma looks off to the side and stops. Layla approaches him from behind and nudges him forward, making him walk again.

Watashi ga iru yo! (I'm here with you!)

An overhead shot of the ground. We see the Ranma Club logo on it, and then everyone's upper bodies as they lie on their backs in a circle around it. In the center of them, Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou look up at the screen.

End ending

Author's notes:

Another long chapter that I had to end and finish in a multi-parter. Good thing Ranma's cured of his ailurophobia in the previous chapter, or he wouldn't be able to take being on Lyco for very long, eh? And yes, that was Felicia and Jon Talbain from the Darkstalkers series! I wanted to bring them into this story.

Rai vs. 4Kids rant

Something else, in Season 1, Bloom's Dark Secret (US: Witch Trap), 4Kids cuts out huge sections of Bloom's physical exam where she had to grab an encased rose and place it on a pedestal without getting hit.


As Bloom was about to place the rose orb on the pedestal, Faragonda makes an ice boulder appear and drop on her. It then immediately cuts to the café scene where she tells Sky that she screwed up her exam.


Same thing. Faragonda makes the ice boulder drop on Bloom, but she blows it up with a fireball, and then places the rose orb on the pedestal, thus passing. The Winx girls cheer at Bloom's success and Faragonda smiles at Bloom's quick thinking. Bloom reverts back and winks. Then it goes to her café date with Sky.

How stupid. In Rai, Bloom passes, but in 4Kids, they made her flunk. Why the hell did 4Kids make Bloom suck up for!

(1) The Winx girls are, for what I've seen, the only ones with an Enchantix. None of the other miscellaneous faerie students have an Enchantix just yet.

(2) Like Jim Hawkin's line in Disney's Treasure Planet. Jim: "Without the map, we're dead… we try to leave, we're dead… we stay here…" Morph: "We're dead! We're dead we're dead!"

Chapter Sixteen: Encounter! Save the Lunar Gem!

Opening (Bleach OP 7 style, 'After Dark')

As a drum beat starts, the camera is divided into six sections, each one with a different Winx girl's power. From left to right: Musa, Flora, Stella, Bloom, Layla, and Tecna. An electric guitar starts up, and Ranma is seen jumping away from the camera on the surface of Lyco. A synthesizer joins in, and Jon Talbain is seen, held captive by Valtor. All three instruments begin in earnest, as the Ranma Club Logo appears in a flash of flame.

Senaka no kage ga nobikiru sono aima ni, nigeru'(The intervals between the back of my shadow are cutting off and breaking. They're running away.)

Ranma is seen running toward the camera across the surface of Lyco. Fading in behind him are the Winx girls, flying of course, and Shampoo and Ukyo on the ground running behind him. This line ends with a shot of Felicia, running off camera to the left.

Hagare ochita hana ni mo kiduka zuni, tobou(I skip over the peeling flowers unnoticed as they fall down.)

A scene of Valtor, sitting on a throne; he looks disinterestedly at the camera, then we see Talbain in chains behind him. Cut to Felicia, seen from the front and reaching up towards the sky.

Machikado amai nioi ryuusen tooku mukou kara(A sweet smelling fragrance flows out of a street corner.)

The Trix enter the scene, heading to a table; oddly, this scene appears primarily in sharp, contrasting black-and-white.

Doko kade kiita youna naki koe(And from far off in the distance I seem to hear a crying voice.)

The Winx girls, Shampoo, and Ukyo are all standing on trees on Lyco; the camera pans across them all, and then pans down showing Ranma on the ground in front of them all.

Yokaze ga haobu wai kibou nosete (My faint hope is carried away in the night wind.)

Doko made yukeru ka? (Won't it reach to anywhere?)

The camera starts at Valtor, pulling back to show each of the Trix, all looking at the camera, with varying degrees of boredom.

Sore wo kobamu you ni sekai wa yurete (As if refusing this world is swaying)

Subete wo ubae sa (And it's like everything snatched away)

The camera merely revolves around Valtor's symbol. Cut to the unconscious form of Talbain floating in the darkness. Felicia makes a mad dash towards him to save him, but he vanishes, leaving her in anguish as tears flies from her eyes.

Yume nara sameta dakedo bokura wa (If this is a dream then I'll awaken however)

Ranma runs through Valtor's palace, alternating forms; from male martial-artist, to female faerie.

Mada nanimo shite inai susume (We are still going without any accomplishments.)

Talbain, still chained, closes his eyes, as though preparing for his death. When the line ends, Ranma-chan, in fairy form, breaks into the scene with Valtor and the Trix, heading straight for Valtor. As she nears, she shifts to male form, his fist heading straight for the sorcerer's face.

End opening (1)

Previously, on Ranma Club, Ranma and the Winx girls answer a distress signal from Planet Lyco after hearing that Valtor was around. Shampoo and Ukyou also tagged along for the ride. They find Felicia, a catwoman who was in charge of protecting Lyco's treasure, the Lunar Gem. Valtor currently holds Felicia's husband, Jon, as well as the kingdom of Silvantis, hostage unless he's given the Lunar Gem. There was just one problem…

Tigara: "If the Lunar Gem is ever removed from the planet…"

Leon: "Then the three moons will collide, destroying each other, and the remaining chunks will rain down on Lyco. We'll be hit with the biggest meteor shower in history, dooming the planet."

Lyco forests...

Felicia was leading Ranma's group through the dark woods. They couldn't believe how bad things are starting to turn out. It would seem that the planet will be doomed no matter what Valtor tries.

The group comes across the ruins of a temple. Rocks and broken pillars littered the area. At the back of the ruins was an ancient shrine, which was in a cracked state due to time. The entrance was an open hole leading into darkness.

"There is where Valtor is hiding." Said Felicia as she pointed a claw at the ruins entrance. She was informed at the meeting that Valtor showed up at the Silvantis throne room to state his demands and left a location.

"Leave it to him to want to meet in a dark, creepy place…" said Stella.

Felicia sighs and takes out the Lunar Gem (don't ask where). It was a white fist-sized crystal shard resembling diamond that was framed with a gold crescent moon around it. She thought back on the time she went to retrieve it.


Ranma and his friends followed Felicia through the city of Silvantis towards her dojo. They come across a huge walled section with a huge wooden gate. On the side was a wooden sign that read in both English and Japanese, "Talbain Dojo of Were-Style Martial Arts". The door had a "Closed until further notice" sign hanging on it.

"This is where I've hidden it." Said Felicia as she opened the heavy doors like nothing.

Ranma's group couldn't help but marvel at the place. It was huge! There was a huge garden surrounding the area filled with exotic plants and a big koi pond. The layout of the mansion was like the traditional Japanese setup. The mansion had several wooden walkways leading to different sections of the household. The widest walkway lead to the dojo itself, which was almost as big as the mansion. It certainly puts the Tendo setup to shame.

"This place is amazing…" said Bloom as she walked down the stone walkway towards the buildings.

"It's quite big for a dojo…" said Ukyou. "Must be pretty famous!"

"Actually…" said Felicia, "… the truth is that I also work as a performer for several media projects and shows from time to time."

They were shocked.

"You mean… you're like a celebrity?" asked Stella.

"You could say that." Replied Felicia. "I do live performances not only on Silvantis, but also on other realms, so I get around. It generates much income as well as publicity for the dojo."

"Wow! No wonder you've got a sweet setup like this!" said Musa.

Ranma couldn't be surprised. Felicia proved to be a likeable person. That plus the fact that's she's a stunning, exotic beauty with curves that professional supermodels would kill for. She certainly has the looks for stardom. The only thing that could match her outer beauty is her inner beauty. Felicia isn't egotistical about her successes, and showed great love and concern for her missing husband that seemed almost foreign to Ranma. He was reminded of Kasumi, except that Felicia can fight. He also thought of this Jon Talbain guy. The guy was married to a woman who is both beautiful in body and soul. Felicia is one in a million.

'This Jon guy is very lucky to have such a loving wife like Felica. Thought Ranma. He looks forward, and nearly gushes blood out of his nose when he noticed Felicia's firm yet soft buttocks. Her butt was practically naked save for the fur stripe that acted (barely at that) as a thong. It didn't help matters how she was swaying her hips when she walked. Her constantly swishing tail did little to cover this up. Damn! Does she have to walk around like that! Yeah, Jon is lucky indeed…'(2)

Felicia slides open the shoji doors leading into the dojo. Inside was a traditional Japanese set-up of a hardwood floor, wooden pillars, Japanese wall scrolls stating the rules of martial arts, and a miniture shrine. It was bigger than normal, about the size of an Olympic pool and two stories tall.

"Now this is what I call a real dojo…" Ranma whistled.

Sitting up high on the back wall was a miniature shrine of the dojo. Felicia easily jumps up to the shrine and hangs on the shelf as if she were weightless. Reaching out with her free hand, she pulls out the hidden Lunar Gem. She drops down to the floor on her feet (as all cats naturally do).

"This is it, the Lunar Gem." Said Felicia as she held it out for the others to see.

"You hid it here?" asked Tecna.

"So this is the Lunar Gem…" said Flora.

As Shampoo and Ukyou looked at the gem, they started to feel a little dizzy.

"Hey, you two, you all right?" asked Layla. Everyone else turned to look at the two female martial artists.

"I… don't know what happened there…" said Ukyou.

"Shampoo just felt dizzy for moment…" said Shampoo.

Ranma felt a little concerned about this since they don't normally feel that way. He then turns his attention to Felicia.

"So, what's the plan now?" he asked.

Felicia considers the big gem in her hand. "We can't give up the gem to Valtor, but we can't let him do as he pleases in order to get it. It's risky, but we'll try to fight him during the exchange. I'll just feign giving it up to him, then strike at the right time. He probably doesn't know that you're on Lyco, so it could be to our advantage."

"So then if all else fails, we'll just assault him en masse." Said Stella.

"We must hurry! Who knows what Valtor will plan to do if he gets impatient!" said Felicia as she somehow stashed away the gem on herself. Ranma wondered how the catwoman was able to hide anything on herself when she was technically naked. He shook his head of such thoughts and followed the others out of the Talbain Complex.

End flashback

The group stood before the entrance of the ruins. Waiting inside was the Winx's sworn enemy. The girls mentally prepared themselves for the coming battle.

"Well, this is it…" said Felicia. "Let's go."

The catwoman leads the group of teens into the ancient temple. As Felicia walked forward, she could only think of one thing.

Please, Jon, please be all right…

Some time later…

The group navigated through the dark stony hallways of the temple. Felicia was able to see thanks to her cat night vision as her eyes glowed green in the dark. Stella provided some light for everyone else with her powers.

"This place is so creepy…" said Stella.

Flora started to cough due to the dust in the air. "Not to mention dusty…"

Finally, the group comes across a huge set of heavy stone double doors about ten feet high and twelve feet wide. One of them was opened ajar. At the foot of the opened door was a slight sweep in the dusty ground, marking its trail, as if it had been opened recently.

"I feel there's someone inside…" said Ranma.

"Shampoo feel it, too…" said Shampoo.

"Feels strong…" said Ukyou.

"He's here…" said Felicia.

Being martial artists, they were able to sense danger by reading an opponent's ki signatures and power levels.

"So now what?" asked Musa.

Felicia turns to the group of teens. "I'll go in alone first. As I said before, he probably doesn't know you're here. We'll keep that charade up until the time is right. If he indeed does try to pull something, you all jump in."

"Understood." Said Ranma.

"Hold on a minute…" said Tecna as she pulled out what looked like a palm pilot. Opening it up, a mechanical bug flies out. "Before you go in, it would be best to plant this surveillance bug on you so we can see what's going on."

The robo fly hovers over Felicia and hides in her blue hair. "Good thinking, thanks. Well, here I go…"

Felicia opens the door and walks through. The room was a huge circular room about the same size as her dojo, lined with stone pillars, some broken down due to time. At the back was a blackened monolith with chiseled words written in a forgotten tongue. She walks towards the middle of the room.

"Alright, Valtor, I know you're in here! Show yourself!" Felicia called out into the darkness.

Suddenly, the torch stands on the intact pillars light up with flame, illuminating the room. The door also shut itself, surprising the teens on the other side. Felicia whirls around, trying to see where Valtor is hiding.

"I commend you on your sixth sense, my feline beauty." Said Valtor as he walked out from the darkness. "I thought I had hidden myself well. I must be getting rusty."

Felicia could only scowl at the dark wizard. "Where is my husband! Is he all right!"

"Oh, he's all right, I assure you, for the moment anyway." Replied Valtor with a smirk. "Do you have it?"

Growling, the catwoman pulls out the Lunar Gem from subspace. "I have it, now where's Jon!"

"Right here…" said Valtor as he snapped his fingers. A viewing globe appeared, depicting a scene of the aforementioned werewolf, suspended by chains on his wrists. He had numerous wounds on his body.

"JON!" Felicia cried out in horror after seeing the state of her husband. She glares at Valtor. "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO HIM!"

"The mutt had a bit of fight left in him. I had to, how you say, put him down." He makes the viewing globe vanish.

"YOU BASTARD!" Felicia screamed.

"Don't worry, my dear, you will be joining him soon enough…" said Valtor as he suddenly used his powers to telekinetically grab the Lunar Gem from out of Felicia's hand and into his own.

"What the!"

"And don't think that your friends on the other side of the door can help you. I've sealed it shut." Said Valtor. Felicia was surprised. How did he know? He smirked as he saw the shock on her face. "Did you think I wouldn't know about the distress signal to Magix? I know those faeries are out there, along with some others I don't know, but no matter. Once I take care of you, I'll finish off those faeries."

Both of them suddenly looked towards the door as they heard some banging noises. Dust and pebbles fell from the rocks framing the door. Shouts from the other side were heard.


The stone double doors blew outward and crashed to the ground, breaking to pieces. Standing where the door stood were Ranma, Shampoo and Ukyou. The pigtailed boy had his right leg held high while the two girls had her respective weapon thrusted forward. Behind them stood the Winx girls, who were in awe at the strength of the three. How could normal humans be capable of such strength? The stone doors were at least a foot thick! However, Ranma and his sisters, though human, were anything but normal. Such a feat was child's play to them. They were not once known as part of the Nerima Wrecking Crew for nothing.

"Hold it right there, Valtor!" said Bloom.

"Good thing I planted that bug." Said Tecna while holding her palm pilot.

"What! But how! Those doors were magically sealed!" said a shocked Valtor. "You couldn't have broken through that with magic!"

"That no magic, that raw strength!" said Shampoo as she held up her bonboris.

Ranma lowers his leg and faces Valtor. He was a tall, pale-skinned man with long light brown hair. He wore black boots, gloves, and a purple vest and pants set with a white dress shirt that had tufts at the front of the collar. Over it, he wore a flowing dark reddish purple trenchcoat.

As Ranma looked at the man before him, he started to get angry. His memories of him as the Specialists were brought forth. This was the guy who tried to kill off the Winx Club and attempted to rule the Magix Dimension with an iron fist.

"You…" Ranma said slowly. "I should've known a scuzz like you wouldn't keep his word."

Valtor looks at the three newcomers: a pigtailed boy, a purple-haired girl with what looked like weird clubs, and a brown-haired girl with a giant spatula. "I don't know who you three are, but you don't stand a chance! I've got what I came for!"

"No you don't! SAND SPLASH!" Felicia crouches down on all fours, facing away from Valtor. She lashes out with her right foot and fires off a ki wave, hitting the wizard back. Taken by surprise, Valtor loses his grip on the gem and flies out of his hand. Felicia quickly catches it. "Ranma! Catch!"

The catwoman quickly throws the Lunar Gem to Ranma, who catches and pockets it away. Valtor recovers and gets up angry.

"How dare you! Dark Transport!" Valtor creates an orb of darkness and fires it at Felicia. She wasn't able to react in time and was struck. When the attack hit her, she was encased in a globe of darkness and vanishes from sight.

"What the hell did you do with her!" demanded Ranma.

"Just sent her to another part of these ruins to meet a friend of mine." Said Valtor.

In another part of the ruins…

Felicia suddenly appeared in another room, separated from the others. She looked about to check her surroundings.

"Where am I?" said Felicia to no one in particular. Her ears suddenly perked up as she sensed that she wasn't alone. At the last second, she jumps out of the way as something just smashed into the ground she was previously standing on. Felicia turned to face her current adversary. She could make out a shadowy shape.

It was brought into the light. Her attacker was a werewolf. His fur was midnight black with grey fur on his paws. Each digit of his hands and feet had crimson four-inch claws protruding from them. He wore what looked like black kung fu pants with a red sash. The werewolf's eyes were pure red as if he was having bloodlust. He stood on all fours while facing Felicia and lets off a blood-curdling howl.

"W-what is this?" said Felicia. The black werewolf started to growl and looked as if he wanted to tear into her. She got into a fighting stance. "No choice… I'll have to fight him!"

Back with the others…

"Bring her back!" shouted Musa.

"When I feel like it." Said Valtor. "Such an opportunity I have here! I shall steal the magic from this world AND get to destroy you faeries in the process! Two birds with one stone!"

"That's not gonna happen!" said Stella.

"We won't let you!" said Ukyou as she held her spatula out.

"Let's go, everyone!" said Flora.


The six Alfea students transformed into their Enchantix modes and hovered in the air. They all rushed forward to launch an attack on Valtor, but the wizard had a trick up his sleeve.

"I'll deal with you all later. For now, my minions will keep you entertained. DARK TRANSPORT!" Valtor launches another Dark Transport spell, but was much bigger. It encased the six Winx girls in a globe of darkness and whisked them away to another section of the ruins.

"What you doing! You pay for that!" said Shampoo as she and Ukyou charged in.

"Wait! Watch out!" shouted Ranma.


Valtor shoots another darkness globe that encased the two female martial artists, whisking them away to another location. This left Ranma alone with the power-hungry wizard.

"Where are they!" Ranma demanded.

"As I said, they're being entertained by my minions." Replied Valtor. "Now it's just you and me, boy."

Ranma growls while sliding into a stance. "So why single me out?"

"You're currently holding the Lunar Gem." Replied Valtor as he readied up a spell. "I can destroy the Winx at any time, but my priority is that gem. I'll gladly pluck it off your corpse."

"Hate to disappoint you, punk, but you're not getting the gem!" said Ranma.

"That's where you're wrong…" said Valtor as he shoots a ball of flame from his hand. Ranma quickly jumped out of the way of the spell just as it destroys a pillar.

Another part of the ruins…

"Is everyone all right?" asked Flora.

"Yeah, more or less…" said Layla.

"Where did that creep send us!" asked Musa.

"Man, it's dark… Lumina!" Stella sends off a ball of light towards the ceiling. The room was illuminated in an instant.

The girls felt the ground rumbling and quickly hovered into the air.

"That doesn't sound good…" said Bloom.

Out of the shadows and the ground came a whole bunch of rock golems. They were over six feet tall and looked heavy. The Winx were soon surrounded by an army of the walking piles of stone.

"This puts a whole new meaning to the phrase, 'trapped between a rock and a hard place'…" said Tecna.

"Make that a LOT of rocks!" said Layla.

They all floated back to back, charging up their energies for the impending brawl.

Yet another part of the ruins…

Ukyou and Shampoo find themselves in another room.

"Ow! Where are we now?" asked Ukyou.

Shampoo was starting to recover as well. "Aiya! We separated from everyone else!"

"This is not good! We've got to rejoin the others!" said Ukyou.

Before they could even begin to think of leaving, they felt the ground shake. The vibrations began to get stronger and louder.

"Shampoo have bad feeling about this…" said Shampoo.

Like with the Winx girls, the two martial artists found themselves facing off against an army of rock golems. They quickly brought their weapons to bear.

"Rockheads…" said Ukyou.

A golem holds out its fist and fires it off like a missile.

With Ranma…

Ranma was utilizing his speed to dodge the relentless attack spells launched by Valtor. By now, the room was littered with broken rocks and scorch marks.

"You're quite quick, boy." Said Valtor.

"I'm a lot more than just that!" said Ranma as he turns and kicks a piece of pillar at Valtor.

Valtor managed to destroy it with an energy blast before it hit him. "You're right, but it doesn't matter!"

Ranma continues to kick the rocks at Valtor, who would just destroy them. This kept up until the room was obscured with rock dust. Once the dust was cleared, Valtor became confused when Ranma was suddenly gone. The boy in question then ran at him at a fast pace, all five of him. It was a spell that Nabu was familiar with.

"What the!"

"EAT THIS!" the five Ranmas chorused. They immediately surrounded Valtor and launched a hard upper kick at his head, knocking him upward. A sixth Ranma jumps up over him and lands a hard flipping axe kick to the head, knocking him back down to the ground. (3) Valtor was slammed to the ground on his front, then the five Ranmas jumped up to the sixth one and do a combined stomp attack on the wizard's back. They stayed in that position then fused back into one and jumps off of him.

"How dare you hit me!" said Valtor as he got back up.

"And I'll do it again until you're a bloody pulp!" said Ranma as he started to crack his knuckles and slid into an Anything-Goes stance.

"You'll pay dearly for your insolence, boy!" said Valtor as he fires a beam of darkness at him.

Ranma manages to dodge the beam, but he gets tripped up by one of the rocks on the ground. He screams in pain as a dark beam nails him in the back. Stupid stupid stupid! How could I have forgotten about the rocks!

With Felicia…

Felicia was dodging and parrying the claw strikes being thrown by the shadow werewolf. The beast was being relentless in his attacks and continued to try and skewer Felicia. Ducking a claw swipe, the catwoman trips the wolf with a spinning foot sweep attack, then jumps back to get some breathing room. The shadow wolf gets back up and rushes at Felicia again. Just as he was upon her, she crouches down and shoots herself upward with a rising upperkick, knocking the shadow wolf back.

"Delta Kick!" At the apex of her jump, Felicia dives down at the wolf and hits him in the chest with two consecutive kicks.

Just as she lands, the shadow wolf lashes out with a roundhouse kick, tagging Felicia in the shoulder. She grunts in pain as she was sent skidding across the ground. Rolling back onto her feet, she charges at the shadow wolf. Each rears back a clawed hand and took a swipe.

Their attacks met head on, then each launched a spinning roundhouse kick, in which their legs criss-crossed with each other. They go into a spinning backhand, where again their attacks were stopped by the other. They both backflipped away from each other and jumped at each other again, each going into a flying kick. Both fighters passed each other in their flying kicks and landed in crouching positions. Slowly, they get up and turned to look at each other. Felicia winces when she felt a gash on her left shoulder. The shadow wolf also had a gash on his left shoulder, but made no indication of noticing it.

This guy is good… but I can't waste any more time here. I need to save Jon and the Lunar Gem! I hope the others are all right…

With the Winx…

"Liquid Erosion!" Layla causes balls of water to form and they inject themselves into some of the rock golems. The water in them caused their rock bodies to become brittle and break apart.

"Searing Light!" Stella fires off a massive light beam which tore large holes into a line of golems, causing them to topple over and break into pieces.

"Tree Eruption!" Flora blows some of her gold pollen at some rock golems. When they got covered in the stuff, their bodies suddenly broke apart as trees grew and broke out of them.

"Virtual Cannon!" Tecna creates an arm cannon made from green lightning and dons it on her arm. Locking and loading, she takes aim and fires green energy shells at more golems, breaking them apart with each shot.

"Sonic Screech!" Musa lets off a scream, firing a wave of purple rings from her mouth. The rings blew the golems back, then finally shattered them.

"Pyro Smash!" Bloom creates basketball-sized fireballs in each hand and flies through a group of golems, smashing the orbs into them. Each one she struck, she left burning holes in them. They soon fell to the ground and shattered.

"There's too many of them!" said Flora.

"She's right! They're endless!" said Musa.

More rock golems soon started to appear from the darkness.

"We just have to hold out until we can find the source!" said Bloom.

"Leave that to me! I'll find it!" said Tecna as she pulled out her PDA and synchronized with it. She flies up a safe distance from the ground. "You'll have to keep those guys busy while I try to locate the source of these golems!"

"Got it! Just hurry!" said Stella as she and the other girls continued to fight off the swarms of golems.

With Shampoo and Ukyou…

Shampoo was easily breaking the golems to pebbles with her bonboris. A bonbori punch pierces a hole through one golem's chest, a spinning backhand bonbori shatters another golem's head off, an overhead bonbori smash breaks a third golem down into the ground, and a swinging bonbori uppercut sends a fourth golem flying up and shattering on impact with the ceiling.

"Retsushou Kyaku!" Shampoo crouches down and shoots herself upward, feet first. The upward bound kick knocks a golem back and sends it shattering against another. Turning around, she sees another group of golems charging at her. She responds in kind. "Mougeki Totsujinha!" Charging forward, she brings her bonboris to bear and plows through the golems while punching with them.

Ukyou was no slouch either in kicking golem ass. Using that huge spatula, she alternated between smashing and slicing the rock monsters. An overhead smash hammers one golem into the ground, a sideways bash to another golem's head sends it flying and smashing a hole into another golem's chest. Turning, Ukyou stabs her spatula into the gut of a golem, piercing through, then with all her might, she swings her spatula upward, tearing off the golem's upper body.

"Konjou Giri!" Ukyou turns and thrusts her spatula at a golem trying to blindside her. The reach of the spatula was away from her opponent by two feet, but it sends off a sharp wave from the tip that ripped into it, breaking it down. She sees another group of golems nearby, then takes out a small ball of… tempura flakes? "Tenkasu Kanshakudama Mikkusu!" The chef throws the tempura flake ball into the crowd, and it explodes soon after. Rocks and pebbles were flying all over the place. "My special mix of tempura flakes and gunpowder recipe."

"Aiya! There certainly too too many walking boulders here!" said Shampoo as she lashes out with a kick to a golem's gut, caving it in.

"No kidding! These rocks just won't stay down!" said Ukyou as she slices a golem down the middle with her spatula.

"Shampoo hope others have better luck!" said Shampoo.

"I'm not too worried. They're tough, they can handle themselves!" said Ukyou.

They both do one combined swinging attack on a golem, sending it flying and shattering against the wall. It was apparent that both girls were more than a match for the rock golem army. After all, to skilled martial artists, rocks are merely target practice for martial arts techniques.

Back with Ranma…

Ranma was trying to dodge Valtor's magic shots while trying not to trip up on the rocks on the ground. After getting hit by that darkness beam earlier, he didn't want to have a repeat. Cupping his hands, Ranma focused his ki and thrusts them forward.

"Moko Takabisha!" The sphere of confidence-fueled ki raced towards Valtor. He creates a dark shield to block the attack.

Hmmm… odd. That didn't feel like magic at all… Valtor drops his shield and attacks. "Shadow Wave!" A blaze of shadows raced along the ground towards Ranma.

Thinking fast, Ranma counters with his own attack. His fist glowing white, he punches the ground. "Hikari Bakuha! (Light Blast!)" The fist sends off a wave of white light and crashes head on with Valtor's Shadow Wave attack. Both spells cancelled each other out.

"You're trying my patience, boy!" said Valtor and he started chanting. Arms held high, he throws them forward. "Waterfall Pressure!"

Immediately, a huge torrent of water gushes down upon Ranma. "GYAAAAH!" It fell so hard that it was cracking the ground around him from the sheer force.

Valtor begins to laugh to himself. "If you haven't been crushed to death, you shall instead drown! Hahahaha!"

All of a sudden, a shout was heard from within the waterfall. A glowing was seen from within the waters and expanded. Finally, the glowing turned red and caused an explosion, destroying the waterfall spell. Water flew around everywhere and evaporated. Standing in the crater was a red-haired girl with both arms held out to the sides.

"That really hurt, you bastard!" said Ranma-chan.

Valtor was shocked to see his opponent now a girl. "What is this?" He then recalls the Trix telling him how they got beat by some weird boy who turns into a girl. "So… you're that cross-dresser that my lackeys were talking about."

Ranma-chan gets angry at the insult. "Who the hell are you calling a cross-dresser, you effeminate punk!"

Valtor's eyes narrowed. "I shall kill you now… GIRL!"

"Bring it!" shouted Ranma-chan. "Magical Winx!" She transforms into her faerie-mode and hovers before Valtor. "Rai Tsuki! (Thunder Thrust!)" Ranma-chan flies forward with a lightning-charged fist.

"Dark Shield!" Valtor counters with a shield of darkness to stop Ranma-chan's attack. He grunted as he was hard pressed on stopping the attack from going through. He was shocked that the pseudo faerie was actually breaking through his defense.

"Rai Kyaku! (Thunder Kick!)" Ranma-chan suddenly lashes out with her foot, charged with lightning. It broke apart Valtor's Dark Shield, much to his surprise. Ranma-chan follows up with a swift kick with her other leg at Valtor's gut, knocking him backward. He rolls back onto his feet.

"Brat! Icicle Disaster!" The dark wizard materializes huge icicles in the air and launches them at Ranma-chan.

Ranma-chan counters by landing and punching the ground. "Kazangan Ken! (Volcanic Rock Fist!)" Flaming rocks flew out from the point of impact and towards the icicles. Both attacks shatter against each other, creating a steamy mist from the collision of hot and cold. During the mist, the pseudo faerie takes out the Lunar Gem and teleports it away to someone else to prevent Valtor from getting it. 'It's not safe with me while I'm fighting this guy!' Before she knew it, Ranma-chan felt a hand latch around her neck. "Urk!"

"I have to commend you on your skill, girl, but enough is enough." Said Valtor. "Shock Therapy!"

Valtor charges his hand with lightning, which then courses through Ranma-chan's body. She screams in pain as she was getting electrocuted like a convict on deathrow. Not wanting to take anymore, she strains to focus on another ki technique. She wanted to try the Chestnuts Fist on him, but her limbs were too short to reach Valtor as he held her at arm's length, but for some reason, she felt like she should try it anyway. "KATCHU… TENSHIN… AMAGURIKEN!"

To Valtor's surprise, as well as Ranma-chan's, Valtor was subjected to a constant barrage of rapid-fire punches. How could she be able to punch him? Her arms shouldn't be able to reach him! Valtor was punched numerous times until he lost his grip on Ranma-chan and flew back from the force. Ranma-chan drops to her knees, rubbing her sore neck. She was trying to figure out what had happened.

'How did I hit him? I don't even remember doing the punches myself!'

She slowly stands up, and noticed that something, or someone, was standing before her with his back turned. Ranma-chan thought she was seeing things. She wasn't the only one as Valtor thought the same thing.

"What!" Valtor saw the person before Ranma clearly. The person was a young man colored in a light blue hue, giving the appearance of a phantom. He stood with a stern expression on his face and his fists clenched at his sides. The striking thing was that he wore a Red Fountain uniform and had shoulder-length hair. "You!"

"Sky…?" said Ranma-chan. He was the one who did the technique? But how? By some act, Ranma-chan had brought out the Phantom Sky who rushed forth and assaulted Valtor with the Chestnuts Fist. (4) The Phantom Sky said nothing as he fuses himself back into Ranma-chan. When he did, Ranma-chan reverts back into a male again.

"Just who are you!" demanded Valtor.

"I am Ranma Saotome. I was once known as Prince Sky in a previous life." Replied Ranma. "I was also those other guys whom you have killed!" He pulls out Brandon and Riven's swords and activates the blades. He twirls them in his hands and goes into a stance.

Valtor was shocked. He recognized those weapons. This brat was those Specialists? But he had killed them himself on Andros! "That's impossible! You can't possibly be here!"

"And yet here I am." Said Ranma.

Valtor screams in anger and launches an attack spell. "Dark Flame!"

A ball of black fire is shot at Ranma, who quickly slashes it into quarters with his two swords.

With Felicia…

The catwoman was panting hard after fighting the shadow wolf. He was certainly a tough nut to crack. Her own healing factor was just able to close up her wounds. She lunges at the wolf with her claws bared. He ducks and counters with a claw swipe which she barely blocks. Both fighters started to lash out with punches, slashes, and kicks at each other. This went on for about a minute until Felicia ended it.

"Rolling Buckler!"

She balls herself up and spins like a buzz saw at the shadow wolf, scratching into him and ending it with a rising upper slash attack. He gets knocked back, but was immediately on his feet. His red eyes flashed and lets off a howl. To Felicia's surprise, the shadow wolf as engulfed in a blaze of white light and shoots himself at her like a living comet. She gets nailed by the attack and sent flying. The catwoman rolls to her feet and looks on in shock. The Beast Cannon! The shadow wolf then jumps up and launches himself at her again with the same technique. Felicia quickly jumps to avoid the hit, but then gets knocked back when suddenly just as the wolf hits the ground, he jumps up and hits her with a somersault kick with a glowing white foot that left light trails like razor claws.

Felicia falls on her front hard. She props herself on her hands and looks at the shadow wolf in shock. "No… that was the Climb Razor… it can't be! Only one person uses those techniques!" She slowly moves backwards until her back hits a boulder. The shadow wolf then whips out a pair of iron nunchakus and swings them around himself effortlessly. He rushes at Felicia and whips the nunchakus at her rapidly. She manages to dodge by jumping up and behind the boulder. The boulder was soon pulverized into rock powder from the nunchaku assault.

The Million Flicker… this proves it!

The shadow wolf puts away the nunchakus and growls while going into a stance. Felicia stood there with tears in her eyes as she realized who her opponent was.

"Jon! It's you, isn't it? Please stop!" Felicia pleaded. Jon lunges forward and assaults her with punches and kicks. She quickly tries to block, dodge, and parry her husband's attacks while trying to reach out to him. "Jon! Stop! It's me, Felicia! You're being controlled by Valtor!"

Her pleas fall on deaf ears as her possessed husband continues to attack her. She was hard-pressed to defend herself as the werewolf dished out hits more fierce than the last. Felicia doubled over as Jon's fist hits her in her stomach, followed by a roundhouse kick to the side of her head, sending her sprawling. She rolls herself onto her back, but before she could even get up, Jon was already upon her, pinning her to the ground. He howls and clamps his canines into Felicia's left shoulder, causing blood to spurt out.

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH!" Felicia lets off a scream of pain, agony, and despair. Her eyes were full of tears at the thought of her husband about to end her life.

Jon… please… you must stop… it shouldn't end like this… I…

She was about to lose consciousness, until she heard a voice in her head. Felicia…

Felicia was shocked when she heard the voice. Jon…?

Felicia… I'm speaking to you through our minds. I'm able to break Valtor's hold on me temporarily. You mustn't give up!

What can I do?

You have to stop me! I cannot bear to see you get killed because of me!

But I can't fight you! You mean everything to me!

Felicia! Remember that our fighting styles were not made to kill others! They were made to protect those we hold dearly! You have to knock me out before I kill you! You have just the technique for it!

But… I…

My dear, if you truly love me, you must do what is necessary…You have to knock me out. You can do it. I believe in you…


Felicia's eyes snapped open and she quickly knees the possessed Jon in the stomach followed by a kick throw, sending him sailing over her. She gets up and clutches at her wounded shoulder. Her healing factor will take some time for it to close up the wound. Jon recovers and rushes at her again. Closing her eyes, she says a silent prayer and prepares herself.

Forgive me, Jon…

Before he could attack, he gets stunned by a hard tail whip to the head by Felicia's tail. She follows up with a spinning body thrust kick to the gut, then a double foot kick to the chest while balancing her whole body on her tail. Before Jon could recover, Felicia emits a multi-colored battle aura.

"Final attack: Dancing Flash!"

Felicia's hair was continuously flashing between different colors and she immediately spins like a buzz saw towards Jon and nails him. After the first hit, she gets up and barrages him with attacks: left swipe, right swipe, left swipe, right swipe, high right kick, right hook scratch, right knee kick, left upper kick that launched Jon into the air, and ending in a rising upper slash attack hitting twice. Total, fifteen hit combo!

Jon finally crashes to the ground. On his right shoulder was a red mark of an encircled "V" symbol, which soon dissipates into light particles. His coloring reverts back to their normal form: dark blue fur with white paw fur, blue pants, yellow sash, and yellow claws.

"Jon!" Felicia quickly rushes over to her husband's body. Kneeling down, she cradles his head and shoulders in her arms. "Jon! Are you all right?"

The werewolf's eyes slowly opened, gold instead of pure crimson. He gives her a weak smile. "You did it… Felicia… I knew you could…"

Felicia's eyes welled up with tears and embraces him. "Oh Jon… I thought I had lost you…" She continued to sob in his shoulder.

Jon puts an arm around the catwoman to console her. "Don't worry, Kitty-cat. It'll take a lot more than that to finish me off. I'm sorry to have put you through all that."

"Don't be, Jon… don't be…" said Felicia. She then helps Jon back on his feet. "Come on, we've go to get out of here."

"I wholeheartedly agree." Said Jon as he and his wife walked out while supporting each other. Their tails intertwined with each other behind them.

With Ukyou and Shampoo…

Ukyou lassos a golem around the neck with her rubber yakisoba noodles and swings it into another, breaking them both. Shampoo shatters another by clapping it with her bonboris.

"This is starting to get repetitive…" said Ukyou as she smacks a golem with her spatula.

"Stupid rocks don't know when to give up!" said Shampoo in displeasure as she delivers a back kick to a golem behind her.

They pause for a moment as they saw a flash of light in the air. Looking up, they see the Lunar Gem, which was teleported away by Ranma earlier.

"Is that the gem?" asked Ukyou.

The gem begins to fall, and the girls look in horror as the golems try to get at it.

"That gem not for you!" shouted Shampoo as she and Ukyou immediately plowed through the stony monstrosities.

Busting through the golems, both girls simultaneously grabbed the Lunar Gem.

"Got it!"

The gem began to glow in their hands, which in turn started to affect the two girls. Each could feel something inside of her stir.

"Huh…? What's… going… on…?" said Ukyou.

"Shampoo feel funny…" said Shampoo.

It was then that the gem's light engulfed both Shampoo and Ukyou.

With the Winx…

"Fire Beam!"

"Sunburst Shot!"

Bloom and Stella's attacks collided with two golems each, blowing them to pieces.

"Hydro Spear!" Layla fires a shaft of water into the face of a golem, ripping it off by the sheer water pressure.

"Tecna! Have you found it yet?" asked Musa as she fires a soundwave attack to a golem.

The tecno faerie in question was still in a trance as she scans the area. Finally, she homes in on a part of the wall between two pillars. "Behind that wall!"

"Break it down!" shouted Layla.

Stella immediately flies over to the wall while being pursues by two golems. Fortunately, someone was watching her back.

"Dryad's Embrace!" The two golems suddenly got encased within tree trunks, courtesy of Flora.

"Thanks, Flora!" said Stella as she powered up her light energy. "Searing Light!" One light beam shot later, the wall crumbled, revealing a hidden room. Inside of it was a small clay idol of a man with glowing red eyes. "This thing's responsible? How creepy… Sunburst Shot!" She shoots at the idol, blowing it apart. Once she did, all of the rock golems stopped moving and fell over, becoming lifeless rocks once again.

The faeries regroup. "Great job, you two!" said Bloom. "Now we've got to rejoin the others!"

"There's a shortcut through that wall over there!" said Tecna as she pointed.

"Then that's where we'll go. Searing Light!" Stella blows up the wall with her light ray, making an opening. The girls fly out through the hole and down the dank stone corridors.

"Let's blow this place, girls!" said Musa.

After a few twists and turns through the hallways of the ruins, they come across some shadows ahead.

"Wait, there's someone over there…" said Layla.

Tecna materializes a scanner lens that fits itself over her right eye and telescopes on the figures. "It's Felicia! She's with someone and they look injured!"

"What? Felicia?" said Bloom. They all quickly flew towards them.

"Felicia! Over here!" Flora called out.

Felicia and Jon stopped as the six faeries made their way over to them. "Oh girls! You're all okay!"

"Same with you, too!" said Flora. It was then that they noticed the blue werewolf with her. "So is this the Jon we've been hearing about?"

Felicia smiled. "Yes. This is Jon Talbain, my husband. Jon, these are the faeries from Alfea, the Winx."

"Nice to meet you, ladies." Said Jon.

The girls couldn't help but look in awe at Jon. He had a well-muscled but lean physique and emitted an aura of wildness that seemed attractive. To them, he was pretty cute for a werewolf. They quickly shook their heads of such thoughts. They had Ranma, after all, and Jon has Felicia.

"Oh my, you're both bleeding!" said Flora.

"Not to worry, our healing factors are starting to kick in. We'll be as good as new in no time." Said Jon.

"Still, I can help to speed it up." Said Stella as she casts a spell. "Healing Light!"

The catwoman and werewolf were bathed in a warm light, healing them of their injuries. The two were able to stand on their own.

"Thank you, Stella." Said Felicia. "That feels much better!"

"No problem!" said Stella. "We'd better get going!"

Everyone nodded and rushed down the corridor.

Back to Ranma and Valtor…

"Shadow Blast!" Valtor fires a ball of cold darkness towards Ranma.

Swinging both green and purple swords, Ranma grand-slams the spell away into the wall, causing it to break down.

"Now try one of mine! Kuha Zan! (Air Slash!)" Ranma slashes with Riven's scimitar so hard that he fires off a wave of air pressure. It easily sliced through a rock in the way towards Valtor. He manages to dodge it in time.

Valtor fires another Shadow Blast attack at Ranma who quickly dodges. The dark wizard then fires a rapid volley of dark energy spheres at Ranma. The pig-tailed boy took his swords and twirled them like nunchakus. Reacting fast, he used the twirling swords to deflect all the shots heading his way. His fights with the Kunos and the Amazons had given him experience in dealing with rapid-fire attacks.

Valtor then fires one of his shots right through Ranma, but was confused when he just vanished. "What the…?" A flash speeds right past his face. He looks to his right and sees Sky's sword embedded into the rock wall. He also noticed that the hilt was attached to a gold cable. When he turned to his left, he was greeted by Ranma's foot in his face, knocking him to the side. Ranma moved so fast he left an after image of himself which Valtor shot at, then had slingshot himself towards him using Helia's cables. Tugging the cable, he reels in Sky's sword back to his hand.

"Had enough yet?" asked Ranma a he held the sword high.

"You haven't won yet, boy…" said Valtor. Unknown to Ranma, Valtor creates hands from Ranma's shadow that grabbed him by the ankles.

"What the!" He falls on his back. Suddenly, the rocky ground below him came alive and wrapped themselves around his wrists and ankles, temporarily incapacitating him. "The hell is this!"

"Your doom." Replied Valtor as he stood over Ranma. He materializes a sword of flame and aims it at Ranma's heart. "Time for you to die!"

Before he could plunge it through Ranma's chest, the wall behind him blows outward. Turning, Valtor gets knocked back by a pair of fists. Looking up from his position, Ranma sees a pair of shadowed figures. He could make out the distinct silhouettes of tails. "Who…?" The figures leapt up and destroyed the stone shackles holding him down, freeing him.

"You all right, Ran-chan?"

Ranma's eyes widened at the voice. "Ucchan?" He turned to the other figure. "Shampoo?"

His eyes nearly bugged out when they came into the light. There stood Shampoo and Ukyou, as were-creatures of their cursed forms! Shampoo has become a catwoman much like Felicia, but with pinkish purple fur and white claws. She has also become curvier and gained a few inches on her bustline, making her, ah… bouncy. Purple cat ears protruded from her head and a tail swished behind her. Ukyou has become a foxwoman with the same fur-lining as Shampoo, but reddish orange. The fur on her hands and feet were dark brown with white claws. Brown-tipped pointed ears protruded from her head and a bushy white-tipped tail swished behind her. Like Shampoo, she had also gotten, ahem, bouncy with the added inches to her bustline.

"Uh, girls? What happened to you?" asked a shocked Ranma.

Shampoo pulls out the Lunar Gem (from who knows where). "Somehow, gem transform Ukyou and Shampoo to this. Must have reacted to Jusenkyo curses."

Ranma blinked. Who knew that the Lunar Gem had such an effect on them?

Valtor gets back up, looking angry. "You wretches! I'll have you de-clawed!"

He begins to cast a spell, but the two were-girls were immediately upon him. Shampoo and Ukyou attacked him in synch with each other: lunging right punch, left hook, right uppercut, and a spinning left axe kick which sent Valtor flying.


The Winx along with Felicia and Jon were running in a fast sprint.

"Everyone, my scanners indicate that Valtor is nearby!" said Tecna.

They stopped when they heard a yell. Two feet before the group, Valtor was seen flying from the left and through the wall. He was soon followed by Ranma and what looked like Shampoo and Ukyou. Looking out the hole, which leads outside the ruins, they see the three former Nerima residents surrounding the sprawled form of Valtor. Needless to say, they were amazed.

"They did all that to him?" said Bloom in shock.

"Remind me never to get on their bad sides…" said Musa.

Ranma and his sisters stood poised around Valtor. Shampoo and Ukyou were brandishing their weapons (again a mystery on where they pulled them out from). The wizard in question looks up weakly and sees that the three were joined by the Winx and that were-creature couple.

"Had enough, you bastard?" asked Ranma. "You might want to rethink trying to steal the magic source from this world very carefully."

Seeing that he was seriously outnumbered, not to mention suffering a beatdown, Valtor knows when it was time to retreat. "Don't think that this is over, boy!" With that said, he summons a portal underneath him, engulfing his form and vanishing. No trace of the wizard was left.

"It's over." Said Ranma.


The pig-tailed boy turns to see the Enchantix-powered Winx fly forward and embrace him, much to his embarrassment.

"Oof! Eheheh… hey, girls…"

"I can't believe you've managed to beat Valtor like that!" said Flora.

"It wasn't just me, Flora. Ukyou and Shampoo here dished out their fair share, too." Said Ranma as he gestured to his adopted sisters.

The faeries realized their appearances.

"Shampoo? Ukyou? What happened to you two?" asked Bloom.

"Don't know. When we touched the Lunar Gem, it transformed us." Replied Ukyou as she held out said gem. She hands it to Felicia. "Here you go."

Felicia graciously took the Lunar Gem. "Thank you all for saving us…"

"You kids really are something." Said Jon as he holds Felicia close around her waist.

Ranma looks at the were-wolf. "You must be Jon."

"That I am, and you must be Ranma." Replied Jon as he stepped forward.

"A pleasure to meet you, Talbain-san." Ranma shook the were-wolf's hand. He then speaks to him in a quieter voice. "You're a lucky guy. Felicia is quite a woman. She wouldn't stop until she could save you. Shows she cares for you very much."

Jon could only chuckle. "You're right, she is. That's my wife for you. And what about you? You seem to have your hands full with those ladies, eh?"

Ranma immediately became beet red at the comment. "Uh… well… uh… in any case, let's return to Silvantis! Time to go!"

He quickly runs off in a random direction.

"Uh, Ranma? Silvantis is THIS way." Said Felicia, who was pointing in the opposite direction of where Ranma ran.

Back at Silvantis, there was a huge welcoming for the heroes who thwarted Valtor's plan. A kingdom party was held in their honor courtesy of King Leon, Queen Tigara, and Queen Cheetalia. There was much eating, drinking, and dancing. Ranma once again displayed the power of the Saotome stomach by eating more than he needs to. Then again, after all the fighting, his metabolism caused him to burn a lot of calories, so he was really hungry. Felicia was also doing live outdoor stage performances with her fellow catwoman buddies, Lucy, Grace, Pico, and Alto. She even pulled Ranma and friends up on stage to dance with them. Ranma felt like a fool, but enjoyed himself none-the-less. Even Musa decided to do some musical scores for everyone with a provided saxophone.

At the closing ceremonies, King Leon and his wives performed the Lunar Gem unification ritual. The ruling three held their arms high, levitating the gem. It started to glow, then suddenly dissipates into countless light particles. The light particles streaked off into different directions, making it look like the sky was filled with shooting stars. One of the particles landed near Ranma's feet, then sinks into the ground. The power of the Lunar Gem has been released and has become one with the planet Lyco. This way, the magic of the gem will forever be one with the planet and cannot be stolen. They will never have to worry about Valtor trying to steal the magic of Lyco now. The whole Valtor incident was a lesson that power shouldn't be kept within a single entity. The inhabitants of Lyco can rest easy.

The next day…

Felicia and Jon escorted Ranma and company to their ship. By now, Shampoo and Ukyou have reverted to human form. They had been told by the were couple that the Lunar Gem had reacted to the girls' Jusenkyo curses since they could become animals and has now given them the ability to transform into their lycanthrope forms. They welcomed the ability. A form that they could use for practical purposes like battle. Plus, it didn't hurt that they turn incredibly sexy to boot.

"Well, this is good bye for now." Said Ranma.

"We'll never forget what you have done for us." Said Felicia.

"We were happy to do it." Said Bloom.

"You should come to Magix sometime!" said Stella.

"I might have a show there sometime in the future!" said Felicia.

"We look forward to it!" said Flora.

"Later! It's been fun!" said Musa.

Ranma and the eight teenage girls enter the ship and closes the hatch. Activating the engines, the ship hovers up and proceeds to leave the atmosphere. Felicia and Jon wave to the departing ship as it becomes a distant dot in the sky.

"Those kids really are something…" said Jon while holding his wife close.

"Yes they are." Felicia agreed while leaning into Jon. "Speaking of which…" the catwoman looks towards her husband and says in a seductive voice, "…maybe it's time we started having some…" Jon's face immediately turned red at his wife's comment. Felicia giggles at him and gives him a peck on the cheek. "Well, let's head back home."

The catwoman/werewolf couple walk back through the forest towards Silvantis.

To be continued…


Ranma: Phew! That trip to Lyco was really something!

Flora: Maybe things will quiet down for a change.

Stella: Great…. Schoolwork again…

Ranma: I've got a bad feeling that the peace won't last for long…

Bloom: You're just imagining it, Ranma… WHOA! Watch out!

Musa: What are these things! They're all over the school!

Ranma: I knew it… just my luck… Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Repel! Alfea Under Siege!'

Bloom: No… Red Fountain and Cloud Tower, too?

Ending (Darkstalkers style, Trouble Man)

Rock music begins to play. We see the head of a guitar.

Gonna be trouble

It's gettin' out of hand

Gonna be trouble

But baby, I'm the man

I'm gonna save you

I'll be your knight

I'll be your savior

How 'bout tonight? YEAH!

Pans down the guitar, the body of it displays a scene of Ranma along with Layla and Musa. Layla is set before crashing waves and Musa before numerous music instruments. Ranma looks as if he's jumping out of the guitar.

Gonna be trouble

Baby, I'm the trouble man

Want a fighter? Come on-

But don't you understand?

I can't be double

Baby, I'm the trouble man

Goes to another guitar. The body depicts Ranma with Flora and Tecna. Tecna was set before circuit wiring while Flora was set before plants. Ranma is seen in a fighting stance.

But don't you cry

I will dry all your tears (don't you cry)

We'll be all right, all night long

Don't you cry

I will love you

Never leave you...leave you alone.

Another guitar. The body shows Ranma with Bloom and Stella. Bloom looks engulfed in flames while Stella is surrounded in a corona of light. Ranma is smirking with his arms crossed.

Gonna be trouble

It's gettin' out of hand

Gonna be trouble

Yeah baby, I'm the man

You wanna rumble? How 'bout tonight?

They want a war

Just let them fight!

Another guitar. The body displays Ranma with Shampoo and Ukyou. Ranma stands nervously between the two, who were also joined by their cursed forms and were-forms.

Gonna be trouble

Baby, I'm the trouble man

Want a fighter? Come on-

But don't you understand?

I can't be double

Baby, I'm the trouble man

The final guitar. Ranma sits on a jewel-encrusted chair surrounded by Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, Layla, Shampoo, and Ukyou. Camera zooms out, showing the guitar sitting in the spotlight in the dark.

End ending

Author's notes:

This chapter certainly took me forever to do. I wasn't expecting the length to be this long. Things will continue to get more hectic for Ranma and the Winx, so stay tuned!

(1) Thanks to CervantesOsis again for the opening sequence!

(2) Hell yeah he is! Damn, I'm jealous…

(3) Basically Naruto's "Uzumaki Naruto Barrage" attack he used to defeat Kiba in the Chunin Exam.

(4) Like Jotaro's Star Platinum from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. Stand abilities are OWNAGE!

Rai vs. 4Kids rant. The topic: when Stella brings Bloom to Alfea for the first time.

Meeting Griselda…


Stella: "Long time no see, Ms. G!"

Griselda: "Not long enough, Princess Stella! Not after the little incident last year! I don't know how your parents convinced the school board to take you back! It's beyond me." (this is an error here since Stella lives with her father as her parents are divorced)

Stella: "They did donate that new computer lab." (Huh? Where?)


Stella: "Good morning, Ms. Griselda!"

Griselda: "Well, if it isn't Princess Stella of Solaria. I never thought I'd see you here. After what happened last year, I'm surprised you've chosen to grace us with your presence, once again."

Stella: "I don't give up that easily, ya know!"

Griselda talks with the new students

4Kids: (this got stupidly rearranged to suit the dialogue)

Griselda: "First things first, our code of behavior: the first rule is, you must follow all rules in the code of behavior! If you break the rules once, you will be turned into a frog. If you break the rules twice, your magic privileges will be suspended. And if you break the rules three times, you will be expelled, isn't that right, Princess Stella? Last year, she destroyed the potions laboratory with an unauthorized magic spell, which brings me to the second rule: no unsupervised magic at any time! A-hem!" (Sounds like the Fight Club rules...)

Bloom: "You really did that?"

Stella: "I was trying to create a new shade of pink!" (THAT'S the reason! Oh come on!)

Griselda: "We believe discipline is the only way to prepare you for the world out there, which brings me to the third rule: stay away from the witches of Cloud Tower no matter what! We don't have a punishment for that, because nothing we can do could be as terrible as what THEY will do to you if they catch you there!"

(4Kids cuts out where Faragonda and the faculty meet the students outside)

Rai: (this is more consistent, as usual)

Griselda: "This school will be your home for the next five years. BUT! This home can cease to be yours at any moment. The rules of this institution are based on discipline. Disregard these rules and I shall personally escort you to the front gate! This is NOT a magicians' school. You're not here to learn hocus pocus. Consequentially, you may not use your powers in the hallways or other common areas. In fact, the only place where you may display your powers is in your classroom under teachers' supervision. Is that CLEAR, Princess Stella? Thanks to you and your antics, the potion laboratory will not be accessible until next month at the earliest! Now I think you know what NOT to do if you wish to stay? Eh? Hmph!"

Bloom: "You did that?"

Stella: "So? My father paid for all the damages!"

(It then shows Faragonda and the other faculty coming out to greet the new students outside)

After Faragonda dismisses everyone to the dorms.


Faragonda: "Remember, everyone! Let's make this a great year! Oh! And of course use every opportunity to connect to your Winx!" (Er... it's magic... Bloom made the word up...)

Bloom: "It sounds like they prepare you for all kinds of stuff! You know what you're gonna be?"

Stella: "Duh! I'm gonna, like, rule the Kingdom of Solaria!"

Bloom: "What did she mean 'connect to your Winx'?" (I'd like to know that myself...)

Stella: "Winx is essentially three things. First, it's your source of power, as in your strength and energy. And second, it 's what guides you. Thirdly, it's like your magical identity." (They replaced explaining the 3 schools with THIS!)

Bloom: "I think I got it."

Stella: "You either got it or you don't, and you DO!" (Err... right...)


Faragonda: "Good luck, everybody! I'll see you all tomorrow. Oh! And classes start at 8:00 sharp. Do be punctual!"

Stella: "You'll like the Headmistress Faragonda. She always says the same thing, but she's really nice."

Bloom: "Who are the witches of Cloud Tower? "

Stella: "Magix has three schools. Ours is one, there's the Red Fountain School of Specialists, that's where the squad guys go, finally, there's the Witches School of Cloud Tower."

Bloom: "Witches? Wow..."

Stella: "Yeah, well, better steer clear of them."

4Kids did a LOT of idiotic line-changing. They WAY over-emphasized on Stella being a valley girl. Is it so wrong to say that she's not always like that? Stella isn't supposed to be a total airhead, you know. Sheesh…

Omake Chapter: Gotta Dance!

Planet Melody, Musa's wold….

At an island city on Melody, a city-wide event was occurring.

"Welcome, one and all, to another music-filled night at Melody's annual City Party Music Fest! Let's all go wild!"

The crowds cheered as the music played after the MC's announcement. The city was jam-packed with citizens and attendees. Spotlights filled the air, lighting up the night sky. In the central square before a clock tower was an elevated stage platform fifty feet high where the MC made his announcement. The bottom of the stage had huge built-in speakers to amplify the music through the whole city. On either side of the platform were three smaller elevated platforms for the backup musicians and dancers for the shows. Walking through the streets were Ranma and the Winx girls. Also joining them were Ranma's adopted sisters, Shampoo and Ukyou.

"It's like one giant party out here!" said Ranma.

"Well Melody's power medium is through music, so of course, we'd have wild parties here, too!" said Musa as she lead the group.

"It's nice of you to take us all here, Musa." Said Flora.

"You're all my buddies! How could I not?" said Musa.

"Thanks for that! I needed a cooling off period from classes!" said Stella.

"But you always take cooling off periods, Stella." Said Layla.

"Shopping isn't a cooling off period, it's a necessity!" Stella argued.

"Alright alright, let's just all try to enjoy ourselves!" Bloom laughed.

Ranma couldn't help but inwardly chuckle at his roommates' antics. It has been two weeks since the battle on Lyco. Classes at Alfea were starting to get more challenging, which was more fun for Ranma. Thankfully, the weekend has come and Musa had invited them all to Melody to attend the city party festivities. It was then that he spotted a pair of people up ahead. He was able to easily make out the form of a certain sexy, practically naked, blue-haired catwoman escorted by a human man. Because of this, she had received a lot of, pardon the pun, cat-calls from the male crowds, causing her to blush.

"Hey there! So you've made it!" Felicia waved.

"Felicia!" called out Ranma as he and his group rushed up to her and her escort. "It's been a while!"

"So what brings you to Melody?" asked Musa.

"I'm part of the festivities here as a guest performer." Replied Felicia. "I'll be doing a musical number."

"I look forward to hearing it." Said Bloom. It was then that she and the others noticed the man with Felicia. He was a tall, well-built man with wild medium-length silver hair and a blue kung fu outfit with a yellow sash. "Who's your friend?"

Felicia and the man could only chuckle. "Right, of course you wouldn't be able to recognize me in this form."

"I forgot, you haven't seen his other form yet while we were on Lyco." Said Felicia as they wrapped an arm around each other's waist.

It then dawned on them. "Wait… is this man… Jon?" asked Tecna.

"WHAT!? Really!?" said Stella in surprise.

Ranma could only nod as he recognized the gold colored pupils in Jon's eyes, the same as on the werewolf.

Jon could only grin. "Yep, that's right. It's me, Jon."

"So this is what you look like as a human…" said Flora.

"Wow, you're pretty handsome, sugar!" said Ukyou as she looked him over.

"Heh, thanks, and that's why Felicia married me!" Jon said jokingly as he pulled his wife close to him, causing her to yelp and giggle.

"Oh! Stop it Jon!" Felicia giggled. "So are you all enjoying yourselves?"

"We were just about to head to the central square to catch some of the shows." Replied Bloom.

"That's great! We were just about to head there ourselves. Since we have the same destination, why not go together?" asked Felicia.

"That good idea! Let's go!" said Shampoo.

The group of eleven walked off towards the main attraction of the Music Fest. Jon then leans over to Ranma.

"Escorting eight ladies? You're quite bold, Ranma." Jon teased.

Ranma's face soon became as red as his shirt at that comment.

"Jon! Don't tease Ranma so much!" said Felicia.

"Sorry, Kitty-cat, couldn't resist!" laughed Jon.

In a dark alleyway…

Hiding in the shadows of the alleyway were four of the most notorious magic users in all the Magix Realm. Valtor and the Trix kept themselves hidden as they spied on Ranma's group leaving.

"There they go…" said Stormy.

"So what's the plan?" asked Darcy.

"I still have to pay them back for what they did!" said Icy as she started having dark thoughts about the faeries, but her anger was more focused on the adopted sisters of Ranma.

"Patients, ladies." Said Valtor. "They've become formidable since those three outsiders joined them. We shall strike when the time is right. We shouldn't cause TOO much of a panic now, can we?"

The Trix could only chuckle at the underlying meaning. Valtor and the three witches vanish into the darkness in order to ambush Ranma's group.

Back with Ranma…

The pig-tailed boy had a nagging feeling in the back of his mind that he was being watched. Being a martial artist in Nerima where he was constantly getting attacked had helped him develop a danger sense. That coupled with his new magical abilities helped to heighten this sense.

"What wrong, Ranma?" asked Shampoo.

"We're being followed…" replied Ranma.

"Huh? By who?" asked Ukyou.

Felicia and Jon also stopped as they, too, sensed they were being followed. A wolfy growl could be heard from Jon's throat. "I know that scent anywhere…"

"He's here…" said Ranma.

The Winx girls were shocked.

"Is it Valtor!?" asked Flora.

"No! Why now!?" said Musa in frustration.

"Don't worry, I don't think he'll try anything major just yet." Said Ranma. "His power level feels low, probably still smarting from that beating we gave him back on Lyco."

"So what're we gonna do?" asked Stella.

"I wouldn't want to involve the people here if a fight broke out. It would be horrible." Said Bloom.

Musa then looks up after hearing what Bloom said. "Hold on! That gives me an idea!"


Musa then drags them all off to the side. She relays her plan to them. Ranma and Jon looked shocked while Felicia looked amused at the idea.

"You know, that just might work! And it'll be fun, too!" said Felicia.

"A bit unorthodox, but sounds like the best course of action.." Said Tecna.

"Let's do this!" said Layla.

All of them rush over to the main elevated platform stage.

Some time later…

"Coming all the way from Planet Lyco, it's Felicia Talbain!" announced the MC. There was a resounding cheer from the thousands of party attendees and fans throughout the city. Large viewing monitors materialized through magic appeared above the platform, displaying Felicia's image as she steps up and waves to the crowds. "She's come to Melody to give us a song we'll never forget!"

Felicia stands on the platform and waves to her fans. Behind her stood her husband, Jon, and Musa. The musical faerie was currently draped in a dark cloak and chanting a spell quietly.

"Thank you, everyone! It's great to be here!" said Felicia. "Let's get this party started! Nothing can stop us now! When the music starts kickin', you'll all dance 'til you drop!"

That was Musa's cue. She let's fly her spell in which she causes a huge magenta-colored orb to appear in the sky. Upon closer inspection, it was a giant disco ball. It flashes briefly, catching all in the city with its light, including a certain group of dark beings who were about to unleash their ambush.

"Huh!? What was that light!?" asked Stormy as she got an eyeful.

"Who cares? Let's attack!" said Icy.

"I don't think so…"

Valtor and the Trix look about after hearing the voice and see Ranma standing before them. On either side of him were Bloom and Stella.

"Hmph… you saved us the trouble of hunting you down." Said Valtor.

"You're all going down!" said Darcy as she and her cohorts got into spell-casting stances.

"This is a party. Why not enjoy yourselves instead?" said Bloom mockingly.

It was then that the platform speakers came to life. The whole city echoes with the upbeat music. As soon as the music started, Valtor, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy froze in their tracks. Ranma, Bloom, and Stella scattered into the city. Suddenly, all of the people in the city slowly raised their arms in synch with each other. Once the next beats started, they people started to move their bodies to the rhythm.

On the main stage platform, Felicia raises her arms, then brings them in as she spins around. She stops and throws her head and hands down, in which the floor of the platform and the ones around it light up. Then she, Jon, and all the people started to move from side to side, snapping their fingers at the beats. The giant disco ball made by Musa reflected light all over the city as the people danced. Down below, Valtor was dancing in a similar manner, but his expression was less than enthusiastic. The whole city came alive as the people dance to the music.

Musa's Musical Hypnosis spell worked like a charm.

As Felicia danced with Jon, she started to sing.

Kotoba dake ja tsutawaranai tsutaekirenai (Just words can't be understood, can't be fully conveyed)

Kokoro ga karada oikoshite (My feeling outruns my body)

We see Musa has ditched her cloak, revealing she's in Enchantix mode. She dances in the air.

Ima sugu kimi ni aitai yo (I want to see you now)

Chotto datte matterannai (I can't wait any longer)

Jon dances behind Felicia as she sings.

Mayonaka no hodou toiki o koorasete (The midnight show stops my sighs)

In an alleyway, from left to right, Darcy, Icy, and Stormy started to dance in synch with each other. As they dance, Bloom, Stella, Flora, and Tecna quickly dance by in front of them, passing the screen. After Tecna passes, Layla dances in front of the Trix in synch with them.

Ready to, steady go hashiridashita (Ready to, steady go the feeling that)

Omoi wa furusupiido de (Began to run full speed)

Ranma dances high on top of the clock tower.

Tsuyoku hayaku takanaru kodou (This heart that beats strong and fast)

Setsuna sa aa tomaranai (My loneliness won't stop)

Valtor continues to dance against his will in the streets.

Lovin' you, lovin' me kasoku tsuite (Lovin' you, lovin' me it's accelerating and)

Kontorouru dekinai yo (Can't be controlled)

The people being to dance through the street, stomping to the beat. An old man who was barely able to keep himself up with his cane looks at the throngs of people.

Umareta te no kono itoshisa o (The shooting star wanting to)

Todoketai nagaruboshi (Deliver this newborn importance)

People in different parts of the city started to dance the night away. Suddenly, the old man from before drops his cane and started to do a cartwheel, ending with a back somersault. He began to dance to the music.

The music plays as the people danced. On the platform stage, Jon grabs Felicia and swings and flips her around himself. He throws her upward, the catwoman performing a few somersaults before she falls and get caught in Jon's arms. He spins her onto her feet, and she resumes singing.

Hajimete da ne kazoku ja naku tomodachi ja naku (It's the first time not as family, not as friends)

Konna ni chikaku ni kanjiteru (I feel you close to me)

Shampoo and Ukyou dance in a circle of people, each mirroring the other's movements.

Itsudemo kimi ni aitai yo (I want to see you anytime)

Motto ippai gyutto daite (Embrace me more)

Before a fountain, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Tecna, and Layla dance in rhythm.

Hoshizora no benchi kuuki ga furueteta (The air was shaking at the bench under the starry sky)

Zooming out, the Trix are dancing in front of the Winx Club. They all end by simultaneously tossing their hair back.

Ready to, steady go afuredashita (Ready to, steady go the overwhelming)

Omoi ga hitotsu ni natte (Feeling becomes one and)

Ranma dances within a circle of people cheering him on.

Kobore ochiru sono shunkan ni (At that moment it dripped)

Negai o aa kanaete (Please grant my wish)

Shampoo and Ukyou jump in on either side of Ranma and dance in synch with him. Suddenly, the ghostly images of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu appear and dance along with the three in synch.

Lovin' you, lovin' me mune ni himeta (Lovin' you, lovin' me the light hidden)

Hikari wa honmono dakara (Within my heart is true)

The three martial artists and the phantom specialists squat down and hold their bodies parallel to the ground. They spin around on their hands, doing the turtle, and go into a windmill, swinging their legs around. They finally end it with a handstand spin.

Zutto zutto kagayakihanatsu (The eternal shooting star that)

Eien no nagareboshi (Shines forever and ever)

Musa dances on top of the fountain behind the Winx Club.

The other Winx girls jump up and activate their Enchantix. They join up with Musa and fly in a circle while still dancing to the beat of the music. Valtor dances in synch in front of the Trix. The Winx Club dance/orbit above them while implementing the next phase of Musa's plan. They shower their faerie dust on them in a subtle manner, making the four perpetrators glow magenta for a moment. With that done, they break off and fly towards the stage platform. Each girl flies and lands on one of the smaller elevated platforms on either side of the main one.

Kotoba dake ja tsutawaranai tsutaekirenai (Just words can't be understood, can't be fully conveyed)

Kokoro ga karada oikoshite (My feeling outruns my body)

Bloom and Stella get their groove on as they move to the music on each of their platforms. Their images show on the magical viewing screens as they dance, followed by images of Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. The screen goes back to Felicia singing.

Ima sugu kimi ni aitai yo (I want to see you now)

Datte zettai matterannai (Because I can never wait)

Behind Felicia, Jon dances, and is soon joined by Shampoo and Ukyou who had jumped up to the platform, landing on either side of him.

Osaekireru hodo hanba ja irarenai (I can't remain calm to stop my feelings)

Ranma moonwalks in front of the base of the platform stage, followed by the ghostly Specialists, acting like his afterimages. One by one, each of the Specialists moonwalk into Ranma, fusing back into him. Doing a spin, he squats down and performs a mighty back flip, propelling him into the air and landing on his feet next to Jon, Ukyou, and Shampoo behind Felicia on the elevated platform stage. (1)

Ready to, steady go hashiridashita (Ready to, steady go the feeling that)

Omoi wa furusupiido de (Began to run full speed)

Jon comes forward and dances alongside Felicia.

Tsuyoku hayaku takanaru kodou (This heart that beats strong and fast)

Setsuna sa aa tomaranai (My loneliness won't stop)

Ranma, Ukyou, and Shampoo dance behind the were-couple.

Lovin' you, lovin' me kasoku tsuite (Lovin' you, lovin' me it's accelerating and)

Kontorouru dekinai yo (Can't be controlled)

One by one, we see each of the Winx girls dance on the surrounding platforms.

Umareta te no kono itoshisa o (The shooting star wanting to)

Todoketai nagaruboshi (Deliver this newborn importance)

Down below, the citizens all dance to the performing stars' movements.

The music continues on until the fireworks were shot into the sky for the big finish. At the same time, Valtor and the Trix vanish without a trace.

All the people gave a resounding cheer at the spectacular musical performance by Felicia and her group. The performers in question took a bow as they soaked in the applause. The MC makes his way onto the stage.

"Wow! What a performance! It was dynamite, as expected from the lovely Felicia Talbain and her dancers! Let's hear it for them, everyone!"

Felicia and the others waved to the crowds as the people's cheers and applause became deafening.


"That was an awesome performance, Felicia!" said Ranma as they walked down the night street through the throngs of party people.

"Thanks. You all were a great help, too!" said Felicia.

"Shampoo just wondering, what happen to dark wizard and witch girls?" asked Shampoo.

"I'd like to know that, myself." Said Ukyou. "Also, how we were all dancing on auto-pilot."

Musa could only blush. "It was a musical hypnosis spell. The giant mirror ball I made in the sky causes all who gets shined on with its light to dance to the sound of music and not stop until it ends."

"Wow, that must be some spell!" said Ukyou.

"As for Valtor and the Trix, we were able to transport them away with a delayed teleportation spell that would activate once the song was over." Tecna explained. "They're probably back in their hole of a hideout right now."

"I've also added a little extra for them…" Stella said with a devious expression.

"Huh? What did you do, Stella?" asked Bloom.

"Heheh, Musa's hypnosis spell would last until the song ends, right?" Everyone nods. "Well, I've also attached a spell that will keep repeating the song in a loop, so they'll have no choice but to dance to it!"

Everyone laughs at this.

"Wow, Stella, nicely played!" said Layla as she continued to laugh with the others.

"Why thank you, dear Layla!" said Stella. "The best part is that the spell will last for a week at least!"

"You're quite the sneaky one, aren't you?" said a giggling Flora.

"Who… me?" Stella said in mock innocence.

They all continued to laugh and then went back to enjoy the rest of the City Party Music Fest.

At Shadowhaunt…

A certain group of dark magic users continued to dance uncontrollably to the same song which echoed through the dark palace. The dark, miserable place started to get a little more lively.

Ready to, steady go hashiridashita (Ready to, steady go the feeling that)

Omoi wa furusupiido de (Began to run full speed)

Tsuyoku hayaku takanaru kodou (This heart that beats strong and fast)

Setsuna sa aa tomaranai (My loneliness won't stop)

Lovin' you, lovin' me kasoku tsuite (Lovin' you, lovin' me it's accelerating and)

Kontorouru dekinai yo (Can't be controlled)

Umareta te no kono itoshisa o (The shooting star wanting to)

Todoketai nagaruboshi (Deliver this newborn importance)

"What's going on!? I can't stop dancing!" said Darcy.

"What did those insects do to us!?" said Icy as she dances to the music.

"Help! I can't stop either!" said Stormy.

This is so humiliating…once this wears off, I shall crush them! Valtor thought as he and the Trix danced with no sign of ceasing.

Little did they know that they'll be dancing for a week straight. By the time the musical hypnosis repeated loop ends, they'll all lose the feeling in their limbs.

To be continues in the main story…

Author's Notes:

(1) Ranma was able to jump up toward's Kirin's airship from the ground in the first movie, 'Big Trouble in Nekonron China', so why not here?

BWAHAHAHAHA!! I was in a silly mood when I wrote this side-story. I really liked the One Piece song, 'Ready!', that played in its mini-movie, Jango's Dance Carnival. Go look it up on youtube to get a better feel for this chapter!

Chapter Seventeen: Repel! Alfea Under Siege!

Opening (Star Ocean EX style, To the Light)

The music starts. A glimpse of the Magix Planet, then switches to a shot of an orb made from the Dragon's Flame, switch to a shot of a Yin-Yang symbol, then finally an overhead spinning shot of Ranma lying on the ground while curled up in a ball.

Channeru sugu ni kaechau mitai ni ne (Feeling trapped in a corner)

Me no mai no riaru kara nigeteta (I ran away from the reality before my eyes)

Jiyuu no imi mo kitto mada shirazu ni (Without understanding bitter misfortune and jealousy)

Mienai ruuru ga shibaru yo (Restrained by something I could not see)

A Red Fountain ship from behind travels out into space. The turbo thrusters activate and it peels off into the distance. The Ranma Club logo is left in its wake.

Tashikametakute (I need to confirm)

Watashi dake ni dekiru ashita o (The tomorrow that only I can create)

Ranma is seen sitting in a prison cell in a cave, probably Shadowhaunt, then an image of him incased in a red crystal. Scene changes to a forest where Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla look off to the side as the wind blows through their hair.

Tachi tomarenai kara (I can't sit here now)

Kakureta taiyou yobi okoshite (And watch my future slip away)

Shampoo's right half comes in from the top of the screen while Ukyou's right half comes in from the bottom of the screen. They appear to be in stasis. Switch to Ranma who looks out his dorm window at night, then to him from behind standing on one of the rooftops of Alfea as he looks up at the moon. We then see a glimpse of Faragonda, Griffin, and Saladin.

Go to the light

Dare yori mo atsui (Stronger than anyone)

Jounetsu o mune ni sakasetai (I want to burn with the passion of my inspirations)

In Shadowhaunt, Ranma immediately busts out of the prison cell. The incased Ranma breaks out of the crystal. Now standing on a rocky formation, Ranma whips out the Specialists' weapons. He swings each of them one at a time. For each weapon, an image of the Specialist whose weapon it belongs to appears above Ranma as if they are fighting alongside him.

Tooi yume sae mo terashidasu (I want to bring light to my distant dreams)

Doko ni ite mo (No matter where they lie)

From the darkness, we see Valtor slowly raise his head while opening his eyes into a smirk. He turns and fires off an energy blast into the background, causing an explosion. We then see a back shot of Ranma and the Winx girls standing on the balcony of Alfea looking off into the night sky as the camera zooms past them.

Go to the light

Kuyashisa mo zenbu kizameru tsuyosa o daite (Even my rising anger is inscribed upon my soul)

ikutsu no yo ake mo koeteku (I will overcome my weaknesses)

Ranma stands in the darkness with the Winx Club, the parts of the ground each were standing on emitting light, causing light particles to rise up around them. Looking up, they see Valtor, the Trix, and two shadowed figures in the sky.

"Watashi" to iu arika mitsukeru tame (And discover my reason for living)

The girls standing behind him and holding his shoulders to converge, Ranma powers up and fires off one HUGE beam of magic-enhanced ki.

During the final instrumental, the camera pans up through a collage of the Pixies, Mirta, the faculty of Alfea, Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, and a shadowed character. A glimpse of a flower in bloom in the light, then a back shot of Ranma and the Winx Club as they look towards the rising sun.

End opening

Alfea courtyard…

"Mastering ki can enable you to find the weak spots of anything." Nodoka explained to the class. She was currently teaching her course outdoors for this particular exercise. Sitting on the ground were the students, which included Ranma and the Winx Club. Standing on either side of Nodoka was Shampoo and Ukyou. "By finding the weak spots of objects, you can break them very easily." She then uses her power to make a boulder appear from the ground and lands a distance away from them. "Shampoo, care to demonstrate?"

Shampoo nods and walks over to the boulder. Pointing out her right index finger, she lightly pokes the huge rock. "Bakusai Tenketsu! (Breaking Point!)" A second later, the boulder explodes into pebbles. All the girls covered their faces at the sudden blast. Needless to say, they were shocked an amazed.

"Did she just break that rock with her finger!?"

"How did she do that!?"

"That's so cool!"

"Thank you, Shampoo." said Nodoka. The purple-haired Amazon nods and returns to her side. "That was just an example. However, I understand that this particular technique is too dangerous to be learned by non-martial artists. It may even result in death." The students, sans Ranma, gasp at that. "We'll focus on breaking through magical defenses using ki. Magic barriers can usually block all sorts of magical attacks, or even reflect them. However, since ki is technically not magic, it is able to break through such defenses."

Ranma could only nod. Back on Lyco, he was able to break through Valtor's magic barrier with his ki-powered kick.

"Let me give you an example." Nodoka then goes into her Enchantix mode and erects a magical defense dome around herself. "Everyone, try to break through this shield. Come at me at once!"

With that said, all the students except Ranma transform and assault Nodoka's magical barrier. However, all magical shots were stopped cold when they collided with the barrier. Shots were either vaporized or repelled back at the users. Even the Enchantix-powered Winx couldn't break through.

"That barrier's too strong!"

"That's an Enchantix for ya!"

"I hope I get mine soon!"

Still keeping the barrier up, Nodoka addresses the class. "See? This barrier is specially fortified to stop all kinds of outside spells. However, it can be taken down with an application of ki. Anyone care to volunteer to try their ki manipulation?"

Musa steps forward. "I'll give it a go."

"Very good, Musa." Said Nodoka as the musical faerie steps up. "Now instead of using your magic to break this barrier, use your ki… find the weakness in this barrier."

Musa nods and closes her eyes in concentration. Her whole body glows with a faint blue aura. Using her senses like a sonar, she homes in on part of the barrier where most of the power is concentrated in. "There!" Musa's eyes snap open, then her aura condenses into her right fist. She throws the fist into that point of the barrier with a resounding thwack.

The normal students couldn't believe that Musa tried to physically take down their instructor's barrier with her bare hands. If magic attacks couldn't break it down, how would bare hands make a difference? It was then that the barrier started to crack at the point of impact. The cracks spider-web all over the barrier until finally it shatters to nothing. The students looked shocked while Ranma and the other Winx looked pleased.

"No way!"

"She broke the barrier!"

"And with only her fist!"

"That was crazy!"

Musa looked down at her own fist in shock at what she just did. "I… I did it!"

"Alright Musa!" cheered Bloom as she and the other Winx come up to congratulate her.

"Impressive." Ukyou commented.

"Well done, Musa." Said Nodoka. "When looking for the weak spot of an object, you must see with the mind's eye. Focusing one's ki into that point can shatter nearly any magical barrier. As I said in the beginning, ki-based attacks can also be effective against magic-resistant creatures. Once you all master this, we can start tomorrow's lesson on how to cancel out attack spells."

Every student nods in understanding to the explanation. They started to get psyched with learning what Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou have to offer. Ranma was also looking forward to learning how to develop his ki abilities further. As a martial artist, he always strives to become better and better. He must always come up with new techniques in order to not only just increase his fighting arsenal, but to also become unpredictable in a fight. He knows firsthand that being predictable in a fight is a sure-fire way to lose. Unlike Ryoga, Ranma doesn't rely on one move to win. He doesn't make the mistake of falling into a pattern.

Later at the Winx dorm…

Ranma lays stretched out on the couch in the commons area. His classes were pretty tough, his mother's course especially. Hey may already be well-versed in the art of ki manipulation due to his standing as a martial artist, but ki techniques can still tax his body. He remembered how he had suffered in the past when trying to learn ki techniques like the Amaguriken, the Hiryu Shoten Ha, and the Moko Takabisha.

Ranma just wanted to get some rest. Floating above his head was his bonded pixie, Zing.

"You look pretty worn out, Ranma." Said Zing.

"Yeah, classes are getting a little hectic." Said Ranma. "Doing ki techniques can be quite draining."

"Maybe you should lighten up on your morning exercises."

"No way! I need it!"

"But you do it so much, Ranma! You even train in the virtual simulator on off-hours!"

It was true. Some time ago during one of Palladium's classes, Ranma had his first taste of the virtual reality chamber. He was given the task of terraforming a dying planet. It was no easy matter, as the place was barren and looked devoid of life. Fortunately, he had brought with him a few growth potions he made thanks to Flora's help. Ranma was able to create a lush forest on the planet after an hour's time. It took longer than normal, but he managed to do it, nonetheless. He was more of a battle spell-caster, anyway. Ranma was impressed with the realism of the simulator and asked that if he could use it for training. After all, it coud be considered extra-curricular. He fought against virtual creatures of all sorts in there. Apparently, the simulator's database is pretty broad.

"Hey, anything to make sure I don't go lax, Zing." Said Ranma.

"That's Ranma, always the go-getter!" said Zing.

The forests outside of Alfea…

"I think it's about time I finish this…" said Valtor.

He and the Trix were hiding in the cover of the trees, planning their next move. They had more or less recovered from the musical hypnosis spell put on them back on Melody. After dancing for nearly a week straight, they had to take a time out to get the feeling back in their limbs. (1)

"I can still feel the pain in my legs…" said Stormy as she rubbed her thighs.

"I don't think I'll ever dance again…" said Darcy.

"They'll pay for this humiliation!" said Icy.

"Indeed they will…" said Valtor as he started getting dark thoughts about a certain pigtailed young man. "I shall now test out this new spell to take down all three schools in Magix!"

Chanting in an ancient tongue, Valtor raises his arms and fires off three huge spheres of darkness: one heads towards Cloud Tower, another to Red Fountain, and the last over Alfea.

"What was that, Valtor?" asked Icy.

"A summoning spell…" replied Valtor in a cryptic manner.

"Really? So what did you summon?" asked Darcy.

"Oh, you'll see…" said Valtor as he gives off a smirk. Soon, I shall take down the last line of Domino, the Company of Light, and that accursed boy!

Alfea courtyard…

The students milling about stopped what they were doing when they saw the sphere of darkness hovering overhead. Panic started to ensue when the sphere comes crashing down upon the gate, destroying it. At the point of impact, there was a huge multi-colored boulder. To the faerie students' horror, the boulder was releasing numerous demons made of crystal. The crystal demons were starting to wreck havoc, destroying anything they see as the students scattered. The faculty and some of the students began to fight back against the monstrosities.

Ranma, the Winx, Kiko, and the pixies look out onto the courtyard from their balcony.

"What the hell!?" said Ranma.

"It's an invasion!" said Tecna.

"Quick! We gotta help!" said Layla.

"Way ahead of ya!" said Ranma as he jumped off the balcony to the courtyard.

"Pixies! Kiko! Head to Ms. Faragonda!" said Bloom as she and the girls transformed into their Enchantix and flew into the battle.

"Come on! You heard Bloom! We must reach Faragonda!" said Lockette.

She and the other pixies quickly fly off towards the main office, with Kiko hopping after.

Faragonda's office…

"You mean it's hit you, too?" asked Faragonda. She was at her desk with two viewing globes of Griffin and Saladin.

"Unfortunately, yes." Replied Saladin. "Red Fountain is under attack by crystal demons. My boys and the faculty are already fighting against them."

"Same with my girls and faculty here at Cloud Tower." Griffin added. "We're barely holding on as it is."

Not long after the crystal boulder hit Alfea's gate, two more of them literally crash at Cloud Tower and Red Fountain's doorsteps. Soon, those schools started to get overrun with crystal demons.

Faragonda had a sickening feeling of déjà vu. "We haven't had something like this since the Trix raised the Army of Darkness three years ago."

Saladin and Griffin winced at the memory. The schools were nearly destroyed during that time.

"I was hoping we could finally put that incident behind us, but I'm afraid that it is not to be…" said Saladin.

"No doubt this is Valtor's doing!" Said Griffin. "He wants to kill us since we're part of the Company of Light who sealed him long ago. All we can do now is to simply survive."

"I'm afraid you're right…" said Faragonda. "We're all on our own, now."

"Good luck, Faragonda, Griffin. I pray for both of your safeties." Said Saladin.

"Try to stay alive, you two!" said Griffin.

"You two, as well." Said Faragonda just before they all cut communications.

She held on to her seat as the whole building vibrated from the battle going on outside. Getting up, she heads out to protect her students, faculty, and school.

"Ms. Faragonda!" Amore and the other pixies flew into the office. "We're being attacked!"

Kiko then hops back in, looking exhausted.

"That's why I'm going out there." Said Faragonda. "All of you stay in a safe place! You wouldn't stand a chance out there!"

With that said, Faragonda heads to the roof.

"I can't believe this is happening…" said Chatta.

Amore could only hold Piff close to her.

At Cloud Tower…

The crystal demons began swarming the whole tower. All the witch students were fighting to repel the creatures back. Dark bolts and other elemental spell blasts were shot all over as shards were flying, marking the destruction of a crystal demon. The professors, Zarathustra and Ediltrude, joined in as they fought to protect their students and school.

"Take this!" Zarathustra blows up a demon with a well-placed flame ring shot.

"Dark Thrust!" Ediltrude pierces through a line of five crystal demons with a shaft of darkness, causing them to break down.

"There's no end to them!" said Lucy as she blows up another demon with a sphere of purple lightning.

Griffin then enters the scene, firing off volleys of balls of green ethereal flames at the crystal demons, shattering them on impact. "We have no choice! We have to outlast them! Students! Put your black magic training to the test!"

Lucy and the other witch students nod and started to fight back with more determination. Due to the fighting, Cloud Tower was suffering severe damage to itself and could possibly be destroyed. Although Lucy would never admit it openly, she was starting to worry about her friend, Mirta, in Alfea…

At Red Fountain…

Like with Alfea and Cloud Tower, Red Fountain was also under siege by the crystal monsters. The Specialist students were all taxing their close-quarters training to their limit. Using any type of light energy melee weapon available, the students hacked, slashed, or bashed the crystal demons to oblivion.

"Go, boys! Show them what we Specialists can do!" said Codatorta as he hacks up a demon with a light energy axe.

"Force Wall!" Saladin creates a wall of yellow light and uses it to punch forward a group of crystal demons and crushes them into the wall. "Until the spellcaster responsible is taken care of, they'll only keep coming!"

Codatorta faces off against a crystal demon, which was taller than him by two heads. It knocks the axe out of his hands, then lunges at him. The professor, remembering his spar with Ranma a few weeks back, decided to gamble. Rushing forth while ducking under the demon's outreaching arm, Codatorta lashes out with an upperkick at the chin, knocking it upwards. Immediately, Codatorta jumps up and grabs the demon from behind. Locking its arms to its sides, they turn upside down and spin dives towards the ground.


Codatorta spin-drives the demon into the ground, shattering it to pieces and himself jumping away. Additionally, there were other demons grouped at the point of impact, in which they, too, were shattered after the big professor slammed the demon into them. He quickly grabs his downed axe and gets into a stance for the next invading group.

"Looks like you've mastered that move, Codatorta!" said Saladin as he used his staff to grand-slam a crystal demon's head off.

"Remind me to thank Ranma after this!" said Codatorta as he resumed hacking up more demons.

At Alfea…

The endless wave of crystal demons just kept appearing. The faeries were having a tough time trying to beat them back. Mirta, the witch turned faerie, fought hard to survive and assist her fellow classmates. "Dark Slice!" A huge shadow claw hand forms around her arm and she slashes forth with it. Several of the crystal demons were torn apart. As she and the other faeries fought, Mirta began to worry about those at Cloud Tower and Lucy.

The faculty of Alfea was assisting their students in beating back the crystal monsters.

"Force Field!" A number of crystal demons attempted to dog-pile Faragonda but she manages to erect a force field that stopped them cold. They were immediately sent flying away.

"White Saber!" Palladium charges up a light sword and slashes a crystal demon into quarters.

"Take this! Metamorphosis!" Wizgiz transforms himself into a twelve-foot, four-armed creature and started to manhandle some of the demons.

"Wave Shot!" Griselda fires off a barrage of magic missiles at more offending crystal demons, breaking and shattering them.

"Paladin Charge!" Wrapped in an aura of light, Avalon blazes through the ranks of crystal demons like a comet, reducing them to shards.

Knut the ogre was also in the fray, using his brute strength to take down more monsters. He easily smashed through the opposition with his over-sized fists.

Nodoka, in Enchantix mode, was fighting alongside her two adopted daughters, Ukyou and Shampoo. Taking out the Saotome Blade, she charges it with different elemental properties and diced up the demons in the most unkind ways possible. She'd alternate between charging her katana with fire, ice, lightning, wind, water, light, and even darkness.

Just like with the stone golems on Lyco, Shampoo and Ukyou began smashing the crystal demons with their weapons. Whenever they swung the bonboris and spatula, several demons would get reduced to shards.

Ranma had no problem fighting off the crystal demons with his bare hands. Just to be safe, he focused his ki to make his body harder so that he could dish out the pain more. "KATCHU TENSHIN AMAGURIKEN!" He rushes and plows through the ranks, punching holes into any demons in his way. A bigger demon jumps u and tries to belly flop on Ranma. He quickly jumps up with his right leg on fire. "KAEN KYAKU! (BLAZE KICK!)" He hits the demon with a flaming somersault kick, breaking it in twain and the broken parts flaming. The halves crash and shatter.

"Virtual Fist!" Tecna fires a huge polygonal fist at a group, smashing them to pieces.

"Dryad's Embrace!" Flora's spell engulfed a group of crystal demons into a redwood tree.

Stella flies up and fires a beam of light at a crystal demon. Unfortunately, it suddenly morphed its hands into a concave shape and reflects the beam right back at her. "AAAAUUUUGGGHHH!!"

"STELLA!" Bloom cried out in horror after seeing her blonde friend get struck by her own attack.

She started to plummet towards the ground. After kicking a demon's head off, Ranma looked up and saw Stella falling. He quickly jumps and springboards off another demon's head towards Stella and catches her in his arms. When he landed, he stomped the demon responsible for hurting Stella into the ground.

"You all right?" Ranma asked Stella.

Stella could only blush as she was held in Ranma's arms. "I am now…"

Ranma smiles at the blonde faerie. "Hold on a minute…" Still carrying her, he lashes out with a back kick to a crystal demon trying to blind-side him, caving it in. "Certainly knows how to ruin a moment…"

Ranma sets Stella back on her feet and they continue to fight the hoards.

The whole campus of Alfea shook at its foundations from the fighting, and suffered much property damage. Already, one of the towers fell over outside of the walls.

Just as Ranma and the Winx had racked up their umpteenth crystal breaking, they were suddenly blown back from the force of three combined attacks, consisting on ice, darkness, and lightning. They all looked up and their expressions darkened.

"You again!?" said Ranma as he glared up at the Trix.

"This time, we'll crush you AND all of the schools!" said Icy.

"Your stint with the Army of Darkness didn't work then! This will be no different!" said Musa.

"On the contrary, this time, all the schools are completely isolated!" said Darcy. "You'll never get back-up now!"

"And you won't see the next day…" It was then that Valtor made his appearance. Everyone's expressions darkened even further. "I'll personally see to it!"

"Valtor!" said Bloom. "You've gone too far now!"

The faculty and students were shocked at the emergence of Valtor and his cronies, but were unfortunately too preoccupied with fighting the demons to be of any assistance.

"I've got something very special planned for all of you…" saidValtor as he cupped his hands and created a ball of darkness. "Dark Transport!"

Immediately, Ranma and the Winx were engulfed in dark spheres and vanished. He also encases the Trix and himself in the dark spheres and also vanished.

"Ranma!" said Ukyou and Shampoo after seeing their brother and friends vanish.

"Oh no… what's going to happen to them?" said Nodoka just as she runs a demon through with her katana.

Two miles west of Alfea…

Flora and Musa appeared in the forests before Stormy. The weather witch chuckles evilly as she brings forth some crystal demons.

"Looks like I'll be the one to play with you."

"We'll be doing much more than just playing with you, Stormy!" spat Musa as she and Flora braced themselves.

"We will persevere!" said Flora.

"Let's just see about that!" said Stormy as she hurled a bolt of lightning at them.

Two miles east of Alfea…

Stella and Tecna appeared before Darcy in another part of the forest. The lady of darkness then calls forth some crystal demons to assist her.

"How lovely. I'll be the one to take you two down!" said Darcy.

"Don't bet on it, Darcy!" said Stella. "We've taken you and the others down before!"

"Just because you've got the strength in numbers doesn't mean you'll win!" said Tecna.

"You want to test that theory?" said Darcy just as the demons lunged forth, followed by her firing a beam of darkness.

Two miles north of Alfea…

Bloom and Layla appeared in a clearing. Before them stood Icy. The cold-hearted girl gave them a nasty smirk before calling forth her crystal demon group.

"I shall be the one who'll crush you like the insects you are…" said Icy.

"Tough talk for someone who sold her soul to a power-hungry maniac!" countered Bloom.

Icy rages at the comment "I'll shut that mouth of yours for good! You have no idea how long I've waited for this moment!"

"Bring it, Icy!" said Layla.

"HAPPY TO!" Icy barrages them with ice chunks as the demons shot forth.

Two miles south of Alfea…

Ranma appeared before Valtor. Unfortunately, the pig-tailed boy appeared over the lake, so he falls and makes a big splash.

"Whoops! Sorry, didn't know you couldn't fly like that." Said Valtor with mock sincerity.

Ranma-chan immediately flies back up into the air in her faerie mode. "I'm starting to get really sick of you!"

"Sorry to hear that. I'll remedy that by giving you a quick death!" Valtor flies forward and shoots a ball of black flame at Ranma-chan.

She quickly twists to dodge the attack, but then gets nailed by an additional one. Ranma-chan holds her stomach in pain. "Bastard…"

"Come, Fem-Boy. Entertain me." Taunted Valtor. He had inadvertedly used the same insult as one Pantyhose Tarou.

"Look who's talking, pretty-boy!" countered Ranma-chan as she rushes forward and launched a flaming arc at him.

Valtor easily swats the flaming arc away and counters with his own attack. "Dragon Shot!" A huge fireball erupts from Valtor and flies at Ranma-chan.

"KOORI KEN! (ICE FIST!)" Ranma-chan's fist was wrapped in cold mists and punches at Valtor's attack. This in turn caused the Dragon Shot to get fizzled out. She then swings her arm, launching a barrage of lightning spheres. "Blitz Wave!"

Valtor manages to protect himself with a dark shield barrier. "Black Ray!" From his fingertips, the dark wizard shoots a small but concentrated beam of darkness. It came so fast that Ranma-chan didn't have time to dodge. She brings up her battle aura to take the brunt of the attack, but she gets forced backwards as some of the attack went through. Panting slightly, she looks up to glare at Valtor. "What's the matter? I thought you were going to defeat me?"

"This isn't over by a long shot, punk!" spat Ranma-chan.

"I beg to differ…" Valtor vanishes from view, and suddenly he comes crashing down on Ranma-chan, feet first.

Both of them make a huge splash as they drove into the lake.

With Flora and Musa…

"Sonic Screech!" Musa lets off a yell at the crystal demons, shattering them like cheap glass.

"Rose Whip!" Flora produces a thorny whip and lashes out at other crystal demons, slicing them to pieces.

"Lightning Shot!" Stormy fires a bolt of lightning at Flora. Seeing the attack, she quickly uses her rose whip to lasso a nearby crystal demon and throws it into the lightning's path, shattering it. "Feeling lucky, Flora?"

"Shall we find out?" asked Flora as she called upon some vines which rose up and entangled Stormy.

"Nice try!" said Stormy as she easily broke out of the vines and countered with a wind blast, blowing Flora to the ground.

"Flora!" said Musa as she tried to assist her but was blocked off by the crystal demons. She mentally curses when the monsters were determined to keep her occupied. The demons converged on her as she prepares to fight for her life.

As Flora laid face-up, she sees Stormy fire one huge lightning bolt at her. She quickly rolls out of the way before she got subjected to the high voltage. Picking up a twig from the ground, Flora gets up and swings the twig at Stormy. It instantaneously turns into a tree and smacks the weather with out of the air, then reduces back into a twig again.

"You'll pay for that!" said Stormy as she got up and attacked. "Wind Cannon!"

She fires a shot of concentrated air pressure at Flora, who then hits the ground, causing a rock to emerge before her, acting as a natural shield. Suddenly, the rock blows up by a lightning bolt, sending Flora flying back. Landing, she sees Stormy flying after her, hurling lightning bolts at her. Flora desperately tries to dodge.

"What's the matter, Tree-Hugger? Am I too much for you?" Stormy taunted.

Flora grits her teeth, but then smiles as she sees Stormy in front of a big tree. "Nature's Wrath!"

One of the branches of the tree behind Stormy formed a hammerhead and swung downward at the unsuspecting witch. She was instantly slammed and flattened into the ground. "Oof!"

Rolling onto her back, she sees Flora produce numerous flower heads. "Flower Shuriken!" Hardening the flowers to the density of steel, she throws the makeshift shurikens at Stormy. She was surprised to see the flimsy looking plants pin her clothes to the ground. Flora wasn't done as she lands and places her palm onto the ground. "Dryad's Embrace!"

All of a sudden, a whole bunch of tree part emerged from the ground beneath Stormy. They converge on the witch and combine to create a tall tree stump, with a diameter of eight feet. Stormy was wrapped right in the middle of it from the neck down.

"Let me out of here!" screamed Stormy as she struggled to break free. It was a futile effort as her arms were effectively trapped and her lightning powers couldn't conduct through the wood.

"Nature doesn't take kindly to natural disasters. You just sit tight." Said Flora as she goes off to assist Musa.

Way to go, Flora!" said Musa as she shatters a crystal demon with a soundwave attack.

"It was nothing…" said Flora as she helped to clean up the rest of the demons.

"I'M GOING TO- MMMPPHH!!" Stormy's tirade was cut short when the stump she was in suddenly grew to wrap around her mouth.

"Thank goodness…" said Musa, glad that Stormy was silenced.

With Stella and Tecna…

Stella blows back a demon with a light shot while Techna incapacitates others with a digital net spell. It was then that the blonde was shot with a sphere of darkness, courtesy of Darcy, sending her flying off to the side. "Aaaagggh!!"

"No! Stella!" Before she could react, Darcy blasted Tecna with another dark sphere, knocking her towards the crystal demon hoards.

"You guys take care of her!" ordered Darcy.

Tecna sits up and sees the demons coming for her en masse. She showed no fear as she readies a spell. "I'll show you that numbers don't mean a thing!" She materializes her digital arm cannon and opened fire on the offenders.

Darcy turns to look at the downed Stella, who manages to sit herself up. "Let's dance, Sunshine." She produces a blade of darkness in her hand.

Stella stands up. "Fine! I hope you know the steps!" She produces a blade of light in her hand.

Grasping their blades of their respective elements, Stella and Darcy took to the air and clashed against each other. The classic battle of light and darkness ensues. They slashed, thrust, and parried each other's attacks as they darted about in the air. They kept this up until they pressed their blades on the other's.

"Face it, Blondie, you don't have what it takes to defeat me!" said Darcy as she pushed her dark blade against Stella's light blade.

"That's where you're wrong!" Stella manages to push Darcy away with her light blade.

Spinning from the force, Darcy skids to a halt and fires a black arc from her dark blade. "Black Arc!"

Stella quickly counters with her own. "White Arc!" Her white arc shoots off and collides with Darcy's attack, canceling each other out.

Both girls then charged their energies, Stella glowing white and Darcy glowing black. Pulling back, they launched a huge beam of light/darkness at each other. The two polar opposites fought against each other for dominance as light tried to pierce through the darkness and shadows tried to engulf the brilliance. (2)

After a full minute of pouring it on, neither attack could keep up and an explosion occurred at the point of impact. The air was obscured in smoke. Once it cleared, Darcy saw Stella floating there and quickly made her move.

"GOT YOU!" The dark witch lunged at Stella with a dark blade and slashes right through her neck, or at least tried to. She became confused when her blade passed through Stella harmlessly, then suddenly vanished. "What!?"

"Just where're you aiming?" Darcy looks up at the voice, and sees Stella shoot her from above with a column of light.


Darcy was struck hard by the seven foot diameter column of light. She felt immense burning sensations as she was plowed into the ground by it. Once the light dies down, Darcy laid unconscious in a crater.

Stella then floats down towards Darcy and quickly binds her with light bands, effectively tying her up. "You really need to lighten up more, Darcy."

She was surprised at herself that she was able to pull off such a sneaky maneuver. Images were refractions of light; Stella simply used her power of light to refract her image onto the air particles, thus making a fake version of her and fooling Darcy. She never thought she'd try it, but she knew that Darcy would try and take advantage of the smokescreen to get at her, so Stella had to prepare herself.

"Digital Explosion!" Tecna throws some green spheres into a group of crystal demon, which then explodes, blowing the last of them away.

"Nice job, Tecna!" said Stella as she flies in while carrying the downed Darcy.

"Not bad yourself, Stella! You managed to take down Darcy!" said Tecna as she went over to help carry said witch.

"It was tough…" said Stella. "C'mon, we've got to regroup!"

With Bloom and Layla…

Bloom manages to melt through the flying ice chunks with her fire powers while Layla slaps them away with extreme water pressure. It was then that one of the crystal demons grabs Layla from behind.

"Let go of me!"

The other demons suddenly burrow into the ground and vanish. The one holding Layla dives into the hole, dragging Layla along with it.

"No! Layla!" Bloom tried to head toward the hole, but it was suddenly sealed up with ice by Icy.

"You and I still have things to settle, Bloom!" said Icy.

"Guess I have no choice but to take you down!" said Bloom.

Under the ground, Layla was finally stopped un an underground cavern, where she was surrounded by the crystal demons. She grits her teeth at her luck.

"I've got to get out of here, but these things won't let me leave that easily…" she gets ready to cast a spell. "Come on! I'll take you all on!" The crystal demon all lunge at Layla at the same time she unleashes her spell. "Hydro Blast!"

On the surface, Bloom goes one-on-one with Icy. The pyrokinetic faerie and the cryokinetic witch lunged at each other with a hand cocked back.

"Burning Ball!"

"Freezing Sphere!"

Both attacks crashed and cancelled each other out. Each girl had her hands surrounded by fire and ice and immediately started to dart around in the sky. Flaming fists and frigid fists were traded at each pass. After a minute of darting around, they headed towards one another and grasped at the other's hands in a game of mercy. Bloom could feel her hands getting cold while Icy could feel her hands burning. Neither one was willing to give the other leverage.

"It will be my pleasure to make you suffer!" said Icy.

"Hate to disappoint you!" said Bloom as she brings up her leg and kicks Icy hard in her gut, knocking her back. Now with some breathing room, Bloom launches a spray of five fireballs. "Spread Fire!"

Icy, flipping backwards in the air, recovers and swings her arm. "Frigid Mist!" An icy cold mist trailed from Icy's hand, blocking the fireballs and fizzling them out. "Icicle Lance!" She throws a lance of ice she materialized at Bloom, intent on running her through.

Bloom blocks with her defense. "Firewall!" a wall of fire appeared before her and melted the icicle lance before it could reach her.

Each combatant throws an arm forward and fires off an attack.

"Cryo Laser!"

"Pyro Laser!"

The beams of fire and ice shot out, passing each other. The Pyro Laser struck Icy in her left shoulder while the Cryo Laser also struck Bloom in her left shoulder. Each girl clutched at her wound as they panted.

"You're still not good enough to take me, Bloom!" spat Icy.

"I'm a lot different from before, Icy!" Bloom retorted.

Bloom focuses her energies until she started to emit fire from her body. Icy followed suit and emitted cold mists from her body. Bloom holds out her right hand, where a basketball-sized orb of fire formed over it. Icy hold out her right hand where she materializes a basketball-sized orb of ice-cold mists that continually swirled about. Once their attacks were ready, they charged at each other.



Bloom and Icy throws forward her orb hand against the other, both attacks colliding. Fire and ice fought for dominance as they clashed with each other, neither girl not giving an inch. (3)

Fire tried to evaporate the ice while ice tried to put out the fire. Bloom was finally starting to feel the fatigue of battle since she and the other girls were initially fighting the crystal demon hoards at Alfea while Icy was still fresh.

"You getting tired, Bloom?" Icy taunted. "Don't worry, you'll be put to a nice, LONG rest very soon!"

Bloom grits her teeth as she tries to keep up her attack, but she was starting to feel the ice break through. Calm down… I need to focus… must remember Saotome-sensei's lessons…

The redheaded faerie needed to strengthen her attack to overpower Icy's spell. Her only option was to focus her ki like Nodoka instructed, and how Ranma does it. She started to feel angry at Icy's taunts, angry at Valtor for ruining her life, angry that Valtor continues to torment her and her dear friends. Her anger, coupled with her fire element, caused her ki to manifest itself and made her fiery aura grow bigger. (4)

This took Icy by surprise. "WHAT'S GOING ON!?"

Bloom looks glares at Icy with fire in her eyes. "Your defeat."

Finally, Bloom's Shining Flare broke through Icy's Arctic Slaughter, engulfing her in flames. Icy screams in pain as she gets burned and literally goes down in flames. She crashed into the ground hard, the flames disappearing. Icy's hair was a bit frazzled while her clothes suffered burn and scorch marks. She wasn't going to get up anytime soon.

Bloom touches down to the ground and looks towards the iced over hole. "Layla!" As Bloom rushes to help her friend, the ice suddenly breaks and a geyser bursts out. All of the crystal demons that took Layla down were shot out from the geyser and shattered upon impact with the ground. Afterwards, Layla pops out of the geyser and into the air as the water receded. "Layla! You're all right!"

Layla turns to see Bloom fly up to her and hugs her tight. "Sorry to worry you, Bloom. Those demons kept me busy. What about Icy?" Bloom answers by pointing to the down and out Icy. "Wow, you really did a number on her!"

"Saotome-sensei's lessons really paid off." Said Bloom as she binds Icy with a fire rope. "Come on!"

She and Layla carry off Icy and tries to find the others.

Back to Ranma…

Ranma-chan and Valtor were underwater in the lake, both using spells to allow them to breathe. The pigtailed faerie frowned as she was at a disadvantage underwater since she couldn't move her body the way she wants to.

"Having trouble?" said Valtor as he shoots her with a light beam.

Ranma-chan barely managed to dodge the attack. I've got to get him out of the water!

She propels herself at Valtor and fires a beam of her own at him. However, he dodged it quite easily. Rushing forth, Valtor appears before Ranma-chan and punches her in the jaw, sending her down at the lake bottom. Before she could recover, Valtor was already upon her and pins her down.

"You only won the last time through a fluke, and I'll prove it right here!" Valtor holds a hand over Ranma-chan's face, attempting to fire a spell at her at point-blank range. Before that could happen, a ghostly pair of hands came out of Ranma-chan's stomach, pointed themselves at Valtor's chest and fires off a huge beam. "WHAT!? AAAAAAARRRRGGHHH!!"

Valtor was blasted upwards and out of the lake, where he crashes on the lakeside. Ranma-chan then flies out of the lakes and lands before Valtor, who was just getting up. He glares at her after seeing the phantom body of Nabu standing beside her. The souls of the Specialists in her seemed to act like a security system for her whenever she gets placed in a sticky situation. Phantom Nabu says nothing and fuses back into his host.

"That was close…" said Ranma-chan.

"You shall pay! You and your souls!" said Valtor as he fires a blade of blue flame at her.

Ranma-chan dodges the blade, satisfied that she's now on land. "Bring it!"

"Hydro Cannon!" Valtor shoots a huge stream of water at Ranma-chan, who quickly dodges by jumping into the air and staying afloat. She cringed as she saw the blast of water break through a line of trees. Valtor flies up to meet Ranma-chan in the air and punches at her with a dark fist. Taking the blow, Ranma-chan kicks Valtor hard in the face. Both of them crash to the ground. Valtor quickly gets up and uses another spell. "Earth Cage!"

Ranma-chan was suddenly surrounded by four rock walls that emerged from the ground and closed in on her. The top gets sealed and she winds up boxed in. Valtor smirks as he makes the rock box get smaller until he crushed the girl to death. Imagine his surprise when suddenly, he gets knocked back off his feet when the rock box containing Ranma-chan blows up. Standing there was Ranma-chan, with her fists glowing at her sides.

"That won't work on me!" said Ranma-chan. She then throws her hands forward. "KAENHOUSHAKI! (FLAMETHROWER!)" A steady stream of red fire flows out and towards Valtor, engulfing him. He screams out in pain as he tries to put himself out, then suddenly vanishes. "Huh? Where'd he go?"

"Shadow Servant!" Ranma-chan turns and sees Valtor, then was subjected to three blows from a trio of living shadows that rose from the ground benath her. They didn't physically harm her, but she felt like her insides got chilled. She collapses to her knees while holding her stomach and coughing up blood. "Didn't like my spell? That's too bad."

Valtor was about to strike again, and Ranma-chan had to counter-attack, but she had to heal herself first. In her mind, she wanted to use her Moko Takabisha on him to get some breathing room and heal herself. Still trying to heal herself, she lets out two words. "MOKO… TAKABISHA!!"

Suddenly, the ghostly image of Brandon comes out of Ranma-chan and blasts Valtor back with the ball of confidence-fueled ki. He was sent flying far and crashed into a tree, breaking it down. Phantom Brandon fused back With Ranma-chan just as she finishes healing her body. She then flies towards Valtor's downed form.

As Valtor recovers from a concussion, he looks up and sees Ranma-chan prepping up a big spell.

Ranma-chan had both her hands up as she focused her ki to amplify her spell. "The time of exorcism is at hand! Venomous servants, unleash thy dark flames!"A huge ball of flame the size of a small house appeared above her. The area around it darkened as the fire absorbed the light. "CALAMITY BLAST!" The huge ball of fire then shot off a barrage of fireballs at Valtor. (5)

Valtor wasn't able to avoid all the fireballs and was blasted into the ground repeatedly. Once the attack died down, the huge fireball vanished and the air lit up again.

The dark wizard gets back up defiantly. "I'm…. not beaten yet…"

Ranma-chan stands a few feet away from Valtor and gives him a look of disdain. "Why don't you just do yourself a favor and stay down? I don't want to have to kick your sorry ass again!"

"You'll pay for your insolence!" said Valtor as he materializes a blade of fire in his right hand and a blade of lightning in his left. He charges at Ranma-chan with a cross-slash, but misses.

Ranma-chan jumps backwards and faces Valtor. He then reverts to her male form and sighs. "Guess there's no talking out of this." He holds the hilts of Sky and Brandon's swords in his right, and the hilts of Riven and Timmy's swords in his left. He was also wearing Helia's light cable gauntlets on both hands. Activating the swords, he connects them to the cables on his gauntlets. Ranma began to swing them around and whips them towards Valtor. (6)

Valtor starts to parry and counter all four of Ranma swords with his own. Jumping back, he fires a beam of darkness at him. Ranma swings all four swords on the cables in front of him like a propeller as a makeshift shield. The beam was sliced into confetti when it met the spinning swords. He swings Sky and Brandon's swords at Valtor, which he ducks, then jump when Ranma swings Riven and Timmy's swords at his legs. The last swing was too close to the ground and tore up a trench. Ranma then throws all swords forward, their cables wrapping around Valtor's arms. "RYUSEI KYAKU! (SHOOTING STAR KICK!)" Before Valtor realized what's going on, Ranma slingshots himself right towards him and nails him hard in the face with both feet glowing with blue ki. The dark wizard collapses to the ground as Ranma reigns in his cables and swords.

"That was for the stomp earlier." Said Ranma.


The crystal demons suddenly grounded to a halt, then broke down. The crystal boulder at the entrance also broke apart, marking the end of the invasion. The faerie students and faculty cheered in victory. They have prevailed.

Somehow, I know Ranma's behind this. thought Nodoka with pride.

Red Fountain and Cloud Tower also met similar results. The remaining crystal demons and the crystal boulder they came from all broke down. The witches and specialists cheered at the victory.

Back with Ranma…

Ranma looks down at his defeated opponent and proceeds to wrap him up in an energy rope he materialized.


The pigtailed boy looks up to see Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla flying towards him. They had with them in tow Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.

"Girls! You're all right!" said Ranma as the Enchantix powered faeries immediately hugged him from all sides. "Oof! Easy easy! I'm glad to see you all, too!" They finally relented and got off of him, ever so reluctantly. He then looked over to the downed Trix. "I see you've gotten yourselves some war trophies."

"They gave us trouble, but we were able to handle ourselves." Said Stella.

The girls then looked upon the bane of their existances: the unconscious Valtor.

"You've beaten him…" said Bloom in awe.

"He was a tough bastard." Said Ranma. "We'd better get back to Alfea!"

The girls nodded and flew towards the school with their quarry while Ranma jumps through the tree branches with Valtor's body over his shoulder.


The students and faculty cheered when the Winx Club and Ranma entered through what's left of the gates with their prisoners. Shampoo and Ukyou rush up and hug each of the Winx girls before finally embracing Ranma on their success. The Pixies and Kiko come in and reunite with their fellow bonded faeries. Kiko jumps up on Bloom's shoulder and snuggles against her cheek. Nodoka walks up to Ranma and hugs her son.

"You were fabulous, my Son." Said Nodoka.

"It's all thanks to my lessons here, and to the Winx." Said Ranma.

Faragonda steps up, along with the rest of the faculty. Also there were Saladin and Griffin, who came when they were told that Valtor and the Trix had targeted Alfea.

"Once again, you've managed to defeat Valtor and his ambitions! We are forever grateful!" said Faragonda as another round of cheering sounded.

Also there were guards from Light Rock Monastery and the Omega Dimension. The Light Rock guards walk up to the bound Trix and hauled them up.

"We'll take them off your hands now." Said one of the guards. The other proceeded to place the magic-sealing tiaras on their heads. Opening a portal, they carted off the Trix for the third time and vanished.

The guards of the Omega Dimension took the unconscious Valtor through a portal to lock him in ice once again and vanish.

Later that night…

Alfea's courtyard was jumping with a party with the faeries, the specialists, and the witches in celebration of their victory against all odds. People ate, drank, and danced the night away. Codatorta was once again beating Knut in numerous rounds of arm wrestling, much to the embarrassment of the students. Some faeries and specialists watch as Wizgiz and Griselda engaged in a drinking game. This was against teachers' conduct, but they decided to let loose anyway. Faragonda, Saladin, and Griffin were seated together as they discussed on future plans following the aftermath.

At the dance ground, the Pixies were getting their groove on. Piff, on the other hand, was busy downing a cup of cocoa. Zing, dressed like a rap star complete with bling, was tearing it up in the air.

"No no! Wait!" said Ranma as the Winx girls pulled on both of his hands, dragging him to the dance floor.

"C'mon, Ranma! Just let yourself loose!" said Musa.

"Please, Ranma! One dance isn't going to hurt…" pleaded Flora.

The girls all gave him pleading looks, causing Ranma to cave in. "All right…"

They cheered as they all danced with Ranma. After a while, Ranma started to lose his tension and got his groove on. Soon, he was in a circle of faeries, specialists, and witches as they cheered him on. He began pulling off acrobatic moves into his dance steps, making them cheer out more. Ukyou and Shampoo then come in and dance in sync with him on both sides. Over his head, Zing also dances in sync with the three of them.

The party went on for the whole night.

The Omega Dimension…

In the cold, unforgiving pit of Magix's worst, there stood a block of ice. It had a sign hanging from the front, reading "Life Prisoner: Valtor". Within the block was Valtor himself. He's back in the same place just before the Trix broke him out a year ago. The huge ice serpents flew around, making sure that no one leaves. Upon closer inspection, we see Valtor's face, looking like he's asleep. His eyes suddenly snap open and glow red. They died down, and see that his eyes have no pupils.

Outside of Alfea…

At the place where Ranma and Valtor had their battle, something went on. The place where Valtor collapsed after Ranma's Shooting Star Kick nailed him started to slightly shake. Suddenly, a shadow slowly rises up from the spot and takes the form of Valtor. His eyes glow red as he lets off a chuckle.

"They're good… it'll take me some time to recover from this…" said Shadow Valtor. "For now, I'll lay low and build up my power. Once I do, I'll be able to break my body out of the Omega Dimension."

Shadow Valtor vanishes from sight. At the rate he's in right now, getting his necessary power back might take a few months at least. No matter to him. He's been trapped in that block of ice for seventeen years. A few months is nothing.

To be continued…


Bloom: We can finally leave this all behind us.

Ranma: We kicked so much butt!

Flora: But the schools are wrecked. What'll we do?

Musa: The schools sent all their students on an early holiday so they can make repairs.

Stella: May I make a suggestion? How about we stay on earth for a while?

Tecna: Great idea? Where at?

Layla: Earth is an interesting place, after all.

Ranma: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Nerima, Here's the Winx!' Wait a minute… you want to go THERE!?

Ending (Yuyu Hakusho style, 'Homework ga Owaranai')

Music starts. We see Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu standing in the darkness. Different colored spotlights swarm around all over. In the center stands Ranma as the darkness lights up.

Kon'ya mo togatta byoushin Toki wo kirikizande 'ru (The pointed second-hand etches time tonight as well)

Sky, Brandon, and Helia are seen leaning against a wall in the streets.

chi chi chi...

Ranma shows up three times.

Itsu made mo katazukanai Hoomuwaaku nagedashi (Throwing away the homework I can't ever get through with)

Riven, Timmy, and Nabu are seen sitting on the steps of a fire escape.


Ranma kicks at the screen, then Ranma-chan in faerie mode fires a beam from her hands, then finally male Ranma spreads out his hands as the Specialists' weapons appear before him.

Korogaru yume na n' da yo Oikakete itai no wa (It's a rolling dream What I'd like to go after)

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla fly through the city night sky in their Enchantix. On the streets, Shampoo and Ukyou walk, then look up at the sky where the Winx were at. Kiko is sitting on Shampoo's head.

Tomareba nigete yuku yo Ki wo nuicha dame na no sa (If you stop it will get away It's a matter of not losing heart)

Ranma walks towards the screen while the Specialists' weapons orbit him. Behind him is a battlefield full of dead demons. Above Ranma were the images of Valtor, Icy, Darcy, and Stormy.

Korogaru yume na n' da yo... (It's a rolling dream...)

Ranma and the Winx stand on a cliff at night looking off, then slowly zooms out.

End ending

Author's notes:

(1) See Omake Chapter: 'Gotta Dance!'.

(2) The last line came from Hung Nguyen's 'Cat Fist Fury'.

(3) Think Naruto's Rasengan vs. Sasuke's Chidori during their fateful battle with each other at the end of the first series.

(4) AndrewK9000's idea of using anger as Bloom's ki medium.

(5) Got this from Valkyrie Profile.

(6) Imagine Ranma handling the combined Specialists' weapons like Kratos handles the Blades of Chaos/Athena in the 'God of War' series.

Nerima Arc One

Chapter Eighteen: Nerima, Here's the Winx!

Opening (Someday's Dreamers style, 'Kaze no Hana')

Music starts. A white winter sky opens up, then shows an image of Ranma superimposed over it.

Yume tooki Ashita no koto wa (As for the dream-filled tomorrow,)

Dare ni mo mienu deshou (No one can see it…)

Ranma looks towards the screen. Next to him is a smiling Ranma-chan. Zoom out on them on a watery background as they mirror each other's movements. We then see Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou sitting and looking at the camera just as fireworks explode in the background, the flash turning them into shadow silhouettes. It shows a glimpse of Nerima at night.

Me wo tojite Kimi wo omou (I close my eyes and think of you,)

Itsuka deau (Who I'll meet someday…)

Bloom is seen over a background of a flaming dragon while closing her eyes, as if she's in a prayer state. Stella comes next, over a background of the sun and moon, seemingly mearging with each other. She slowly opens her eyes as she looks up at the screen. Flora is seen over a background of a lush forest. She runs a hand through her hair as the wind blows.

We then see a glimpse of Nodoka as she walks in her kimono while carrying her bundles katana.

Kaze no hana yo Saa Hiraku no yo (Flower of the wind, please bloom.)

Watashi no kono me ni Haru wo misete (Show the spring to theseeyes of mine.)

Musa is seen over a background of music notes and scores while she takes a bow as if before an audience. Tecna is over a background of what looks like the circuitry of a computer while she hugs herself as if she's feeling cold. Layla is over a background of the ocean as she tosses her hair back, then folds her arms.

Kaze no hana yo Saa Hiraku no yo (Flower of the wind, please bloom.)

Sayonara Fuyu no machi (Farewell the city in winter.)

The scene switches to a shirtless Ranma laying asleep on a large bed face-up. Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla, also all topless, were laying asleep on top of Ranma on the bed with their backs up. The image gets obscured by falling snowflakes, which then glow white. In the darkness, a sad-looking Kasumi walks out. We see the side of her face from behind as she sheds a tear.

Kaze no hana yo Saa Hiraku no yo (Flower of the wind, please bloom.)

Watashi no kokoro ni Haru wo yonde (Call the spring to my heart.)

Shows a shot of Nodoka's house, the Neko Haten, the Ucchan's, and Furinkan High. We then see Bloom's sketchbook, which displays a drawing of Ranma and the Winx girls. Ranma is seen falling into the background while spreading his arms. Shots of Domino, Solaria, Linphea, Melody, Zenith, and Andros flash by. It then stops on a shot of a stream in a forest.

Kaze no hana yo Saa Hiraku no yo (Flower of the wind, please bloom.)

Sayonara Yuki-tachi yo (Farewell, snowflakes.)

Ranma, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla are seen on top of Tokyo Tower looking up at the falling snowflakes. Portrait shots go to each of the girls before going to Ranma. The snowflakes are then replaced by cherry blossoms.

As the music ends, the Ranma Club logo appears over a white background.


Ranma Club logo:

h tt p : / / img. photobucket. com/albums/v332/NekoHybrid/RanmaClub.jpg


End opening

Saotome residence…

A portal of light opened up in the living room of Nodoka's house. Out stepped Ranma, Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, and the Winx Club. The faeries of Magix also had their pixies accompanying them and Kiko in Bloom's arms. Each of them was carrying some pieces of luggage.

"We're back again." Said Nodoka as she and the rest put down their stuff.

"Sorry to impose on you like this, Saotome-sensei." Said Bloom.

"Don't worry about that, girls. As I said before, you're practically family to me." Said Nodoka.

"We appreciate it very much." Said Flora while everyone else nodded.

"I can't believe you guys wanted to come here…" said Ranma. He thought back to the events that lead to this situation.


After the party, the Alfea students, along with the Red Fountain and Cloud Tower students, had to sleep outside in tents on account of most of the school having been destroyed by the crystal demon army. The next day, Faragonda had an announcement in the courtyard. On either side of her stood Griffin and Saladin. Standing behind them was the rest of the faculty.

"It is a happy day to know that the Trix are captured, and Valtor is once again sealed away." Said Faragonda. "However, they've certainly left their mark here at Alfea." She gestures to the wreckage all around that was once the proud college of faeries. "Rebuilding Alfea back to the way it once was will take a while. However, why stop there? We should take this opportunity to rebuild Alfea bigger and better than ever! Doing so will take a few months at best. Therefore, all students will have an early vacation until Alfea gets back on its feet. The same goes for Red Fountain and Cloud Tower."

All the students cheered that classes are canceled for an unknown period of time.

Some time later, after Ranma and the rest packed their stuff, they all meet up in the center of the courtyard. All the other students had used teleportation spells to get back to their respective homes.

"So now what?" asked Layla.

"Call me crazy, but I'd like to spend the time on earth!" said Stella.

"Good idea, Stella!" said Bloom. "Back to Gardenia?"

The other four Winx also liked the sound of that.

"No, not this time." Said Stella.

This caused them all to look up in surprise. "Huh? Then where?" asked Musa.

"I was thinking we ought to spend the time in Nerima." Said Stella.

"WHAT!?" Ranma said in shock. "Are you out of your mind!? Why would you want to go back there!?"

"Just thought it would be a good way to bond with you, get to have a better understanding of your life." Replied Stella. "And what better way of doing it than going to your old stomping grounds? You've already seen ours, so…"

"Stella has a good point, Ranma." Said Flora. "Plus, I'd like to see more of earth, too."

Bloom smiles. "I'd also like to see more of Japan! I think it's a great idea! Mom and Dad always said that it's a good idea to broaden the horizons."

"But… you don't know what it's like there… those two days alone should've told you what kind of place it is…" said Ranma.

"After what we've gone through the past few weeks, Ranma, that will be nothing." Said Musa.

"And you've already proven that you're more than able to take care of yourself now." Added Tecna. "You've been living that life with no knowledge of your magical prowess. Imagine what it would be like now that you do."

"Yeah! Think of this as doing it right the second time around!" said Layla.

"Shampoo have no problem." Said Shampoo.

"Same here." Said Ukyou.

Ranma looked defeated. He really didn't want to see those jerks back home, but he was outnumbered. Although, Layla did have a good point. This would be a good chance to do things right in Nerima. He had magic now. No one there can force him to do things he doesn't want or attack him for stupid reasons, lest they want a spell shoved up their ass. He'd get a chance to give closure.

"Fine… we'll all go back to Nerima…"

The girls cheered at Ranma's acceptance.

Nodoka tells the girls to notify their families of their plans before going. It was the appropriate thing to do, after all. Surprisingly enough, the Magix phone system was still operational. The Pixies also had to go tell the rest of Pixie Village where they will be, as they, too, wanted to accompany the group. Once that was taken care of, Nodoka teleports them towards Nerima.

End flashback

"It good be back." Said Shampoo as she put her suitcases down.

"In any case, I could sure use a nap right about now…" said Ranma as he put his stuff down and crashed on the couch. Kiko nods and follows Ranma's lead by crashing on the couch next to him.

The girls also had to agree. Just yesterday, they were all involved in one of the biggest battles of their lives, and they were still feeling bushed. They also hoped that they've seen the last of Valtor.

Nodoka then uses a dimension growth spell to increase the interior space of her home while leaving the outside unchanged in order to house the additional accommodations.

"Alright, everyone, go ahead and unpack your things. We'll be here for a while, until we get a call back from Alfea." Said Nodoka.

"Sure thing, Saotome-sensei!" said Flora.

"Um… Mom, would it be all right if Shampoo and I stayed here?" asked Ukyou.

"Of course it would be all right, Ukyou." Replied Nodoka. It was a good thing that she increased the living quarters. "What about your restaurants?"

"Shampoo come in next day once she ready." Said Shampoo. "Right now, to tired to leave for restaurant home."

"Same here." Added Ukyou. "And thank you for accommodating us."

"It's nothing, girls. You're both my daughters, now." Said Nodoka.

Amore clasps her hands and sighs. "Ahhh… parental love is so sweet!"

The rest of the night went by uneventful. While Ranma and the girls were working to settle in, Nodoka left the house again for some reason. She came back later to fix up some dinner.

As everyone ate, Ranma was a bit curious about something.

"Hey Mom, where did you go earlier?"

"Well, Son, as a teacher of Alfea, I want you all to be productive during your stay here." Replied Nodoka.

Ranma and the others didn't like the sound of that. "Wait… productive…? You mean…?"

"That's right! It's a school night! While you're here, you'll all be attending school!" said Nodoka.

Ranma facefaults into the table while the girls groaned.

"But this is supposed to be a vacation!" said Stella.

"But it's the middle of the school year right now." Said Nodoka. "Besides, it's against the law for kids in the area to not be in school."

"I guess that makes sense…" said Bloom.

"Plus, I won't have any of you living like vegetables! Life is all about learning!" said Nodoka with her teacher's air. "Sorry, Ranma, but unfortunately no other school will take in late entries other than your former one, Furinkan High."

"Typical…" said Ranma. So that's where she went.

"I've signed you all on as exchange students. You'll all be starting tomorrow." Said Nodoka as she puts out nine backpacks.

"Back to school again…" said Layla.

"I didn't expect it to be so soon." Said Musa.

Ranma sighed and took his bag. Although he and the others will be going to the most violence-prone high school in Nerima, he was glad for the time-out at home. He certainly didn't want to have any run-ins with the rest of the Nerima residents on the first day of his coming back.

The next day…

The teens were sitting at the table with Nodoka, eating breakfast. Kiko and the Pixies were eating on the coffee table.

"Hurry, everyone! You don't want to be late!" said Nodoka.

"Sure, Mom." Said Ranma as he finished eating and got up.

Nodoka then addresses her other students. "Ranma knows the way, so just follow his lead. Have a nice day, everyone!"

On the streets towards Furinkan…

Ranma was once again walking on top of the chain link fence, while Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla walked on the sidewalk next to him. The Pixies were floating after them. Kiko was left at home with Nodoka, and Shampoo and Ukyou broke off to their respective restaurants to let them know of their arrival in Nerima. The two girls would meet up with the others soon.

"Can't believe I'm going back there again…" Ranma grumbled. "I don't think I ever remembered learning anything there because of the craziness that occurs at that place."

"Is it really that crazy?" asked Flora. Although she and the other girls had glimpsed at Ranma's high school life during the Neko Ken exorcism incident, they still couldn't believe it.

"It is, and a lot more, Flora" replied Ranma. "Like our last visit, don't feel like you should hold back on using your magic when something happens. Go Enchantix if you have to."

The girls nodded as they continued on towards Furinkan. Ranma leaps down off of the end of the fence and walks with the girls once the school entrance was visible. Before continuing, he holds both arms out, halting the girls.

"Ranma? What is it?" asked Bloom.

"The morning fights…" replied Ranma as he and the others looked at the carnage happening in front of the school.






The Winx look in awe as they saw a huge number of boys dressed in all sorts of sports gear assaulting one schoolgirl. Said schoolgirl was beating the living daylights out of them, sending them flying and sprawling every which way. The boys, though numerous, were very sloppy as they attacked the girl in a disorganized fashion.

Ranma could only sigh. "Looks like the 'beat-Akane-so-you-can-date-her' routine is back in session."

The girls behind him looked incredulous.

"They're fighting her for DATES!?" asked Layla.

"Unfortunately, yes…" replied Ranma. They observed that Akane had managed to take out the last of the hoards, though she was a bit winded afterward. "Looks like she's done. All that's left is-" All of a sudden, a rose is thrown in Akane's direction, who catches it, then throws it away in disgust, knowing who it came from. "Right on time…"

Sure enough, Tatewaki Kuno, AKA the Blue Blunder (as Ranma calls him), steps out from behind a tree. He was dressed in his dark blue kendo outfit and held his bokuto at his side.

"These weaklings, truly a boorish lot. They believe themselves to be worthy of winning thy hand, Akane Tendo, if they could manage to defeat you, that is. What fools these mortals be." Kuno said with his poetic tone and arrogance.

Stella raised an eyebrow. "This weirdo talks funny."

"That's how he is, Stella." Said Ranma. He starts to walk forward. "Better stay far behind me for a while."

Akane lets off a depressed and disgusted sigh that Kuno was once again trying to defeat her. "I don't have time for this, Kuno! Now step aside! I'm going to be late!" As she move to go around Kuno, the kendoist holds his bokuto in front of her.

"Oh, she be but little, she is fierce!" said Kuno as he then holds it in front of him in a stance. "Wilt thou spar with-" It was then that Kuno noticed the bane of his existence entering through the gates. "YOU! So the cowardly Saotome returns from whatever hole you crawled out from!"

Akane immediately turns around after hearing that name. Sure enough, there was Ranma, her ex-fiancee, coming through the school gate. "Ranma?"

From the second story window, Nabiki looks down with interest when she saw Ranma entering the school grounds after an absence of nearly two months. He's back?

"Nice to see you, too, Kuno." Said Ranma sarcastically.

Kuno walks past Akane to face off against his foe. "So the foul sorcerer has come to spread his evil reign over my prestigious school once more! Not on my watch!" Ranma could only inwardly chuckle. For once, Kuno was right in calling him a sorcerer considering his new magical abilities.

"As much as I want to enjoy kicking your sorry ass, Kuno, I don't have the time, and we don't want to be late on the first day." Said Ranma.

First day? We? Akane thought. It was then that she realized whom he was referring to. Her suspicions were confirmed when six girls entered the gate. Her face wore a scowl as she looked at the Faeries.

"Enough! I shall smite-" Kuno stops in his tirade when he finally noticed the six scantily-clad gaijin beauties who came in and stood behind Ranma. Some of the beaten boys who were still conscious managed to get a glimpse of the Alfea students and were instantly enamored. "Hold! What do mine eyes see? The heavens surely smile on thee to bless me with the coming of not one, but six beautiful flowers this day! What are thy names, beauteous ones? I would know them so that I may shower you with the glory that is myself!"

By now, the Winx girls were more than annoyed at this loser spouting out poetic nonsense. The fact that he tried to flirt with all of them at once irritated them even more. They already had their sights on Ranma, and this wannabe-samurai couldn't even begin to compare to him.

"Geez… what's with this guy?" Musa whispered.

"Just ignore him…" said Tecna.

Giving Kuno looks of disgust, the Winx proceeded to walk towards the main entrance. Said kendoist, however, was too thick-headed to notice that the girls were giving him the cold shoulder. He then puts himself in front of the group. "Will you not give thy names to the greatness that you see before you? Perhaps an introduction is in order? Yes! It is proper to give one's own name first, after all! I am-"

"Listen, can't this wait? We really don't want to be late." Bloom said, cutting Kuno off.

Kuno then turns his attention to the redhead beauty. "Oh, Pig-tailed Girl, my love!" Bloom practically screamed when Kuno suddenly grabbed and hugged her tightly. The other Faeries gasped while Ranma looked pissed. "My love! You have returned to your knight in shining armor!" He then attempted to shower her with kisses.

"Let go of me, you creep!" Bloom shouted. Kuno was suddenly blown backwards when Bloom used a fraction of the Dragon's Flame to blast away the insane kendoist. He fell seven feet away on his back, his bokuto reduced to ashes.

Akane gasped at what just happened. This wasn't lost on Nabiki and all the other students who were at the windows, looking shocked.

"Whoa! What did she do?"

"Ranma's back, too!"

"Who're those hot babes with him?"

"They must be more martial artists if they're with him."

"I wonder if the school can take the damage?"

Bloom felt like she was hyperventilating after she had blasted Kuno away with a small fireball. Stella comes and puts an arm around her shoulder for support. Ranma does also on her opposite side.

"You all right, Bloom?" asked Ranma with worry.

"Yeah, I'm all right." Replied Bloom as she glared at the slightly smoking kendoist.

"What a creep! He went and grabbed you right on the first meeting!" said Stella.

"He's a moron. Well, let's go. It'll take more than that to take that idiot down." Said Ranma as he led the girls towards the building.

"Ranma!" Ranma and the Winx turned to look at Akane, looking slightly miffed. "You've got some nerve showing up back here again! And what are THEY doing here!?" She still remembered how Stella blasted her back that one time and continued to hold a grudge against her and the others.

Ranma could only frown. "Nice to see you, too, Akane. I still go to this school, and they're attending as well."

"What!?" Akane couldn't believe it. Those six hussies were the cause of all her problems, at least in her mind. To think that they'll be attending the same classes as them was infuriating. And they had the nerve to enter wearing those skimpy outfits to boot! Not that she's jealous of their figures, mind you.

"That's right. Well, we'd better run!" Ranma and the Winx quickly ran into the school, leaving a still stunned Akane behind. Snapping out of her stunned state, she then gives chase.

"Hey! I'm not done with you!"

As she ran into the building, the still smoking Kuno wore a stupid expression on his slightly charred features.

"My fiery-haired beauty! You make my soul burn with passion!" (A/N: Moron…)

A classroom…

The attention of the Furinkan students in the room were fixated on the seven additions to the class standing at the front. The male students were practically drooling at the sight of the Alfea Faeries due to their beauty and figures. Their normal attires helped further those points.

"Class, I'd like to welcome our newest foreign exchange students, as well as welcome back an old student, Ranma Saotome." Ranma and the Winx girls took a bow. "We all know of Ranma, so please introduce yourselves, young ladies."

Bloom nods and steps forward. "My name is Bloom Domino. I come from America, and it's a pleasure meeting you all."

Stella then steps up. "I'm Stella Solaria, and I'm from… Italy. It's great to be here in Japan!"

Next was Flora. "Hello, my name is Flora Linphea. I'm from Brazil. I hope we can all be good friends."

Musa steps forward. "Yo! I'm Musa Melody. I was born here but raised in America. I'm hoping to get back to my roots."

It was Tecna's turn. "Greetings. I'm Tecna Zenith, and I hail from England. I am looking forward to attending this school and getting to know one another."

Finally, it was Layla. "Hey there. I'm Layla Andros, from Kenya. I'm here to broaden my horizons and meet new people." (1)

Before heading to school, Nodoka, Ranma, and Bloom had to tell the others that they can't tell of their real places of origin. Bloom came up with the idea of assigning the other five girls countries of origin on earth. Since she was raised in Gardenia in America, she'd use that for herself. Plus, at Stella's request, Nodoka had also gotten the school to grant special permission for the Winx to attend in their usual clothes, just like Ranma. Stella was NOT a uniforms kind of person, and she thought the ones at Furinkan looked tacky. (2)

"Thank you, ladies. Now let's all make them feel welcome here at Furinkan." Said the teacher. The students all give them a hand while Akane glared at them from the back of the room. "You all may take your seats."

Ranma and the girls took seven empty seats in the middle of the room. Coincidentally, the arrangement was the same as in Nodoka's classroom at Alfea; Bloom, Stella, and Flora on his right, with Musa, Tecna, and Layla on his left.

As the lesson was about to begin, the students whispered amongst themselves.

"Wow, those gaijins are hot!"

"Are they all martial artists like Ranma?"

"I wonder what their relationships with Ranma are?"

"That blonde is the sexiest!"

"The redhead's the most beautiful!"

"The tanned girl looks so sweet!"

"School might be interesting again!"

Ranma and the girls could only chuckle as they heard the whispers due to their magical senses.

In the back, Akane continued to fume. Hmph! Those hussies aren't that great! What's so special about them, anyway? Ranma no baka!

Ranma had the nagging feeling that he was being watched. Sensing that there's no danger from it, he ignored the feeling and focused on the lecture.

To be continued…


Bloom: Well, we've settled into Nerima.

Stella: This place can be really nice, if you don't count in the weirdos.

Ranma: Sorry, Stella. Nerima is teeming with them.

Tecna: The learning materials and facilities here are pretty ancient for my standards.

Musa: That Akane girl is still as sour as she was the last time.

Layla: What's going on? Another attacker? It's him…

Ranma: Welcome to my life… Next time, on Ranma Club, 'In Session! First Day at Furinkan!'

Flora: This is quite an interesting school here, Ranma.

Ranma: 'Interesting' is not the word I'd use…

Ending (S-Cry-Ed style, Drastic My Soul)

Music starts. A night ocean mist passes by, then reveals Ranma sitting on a small rock formation jutting out of the ocean. He looks as if in thought.

Ima sugu sutetai (I want to myself away)

Itsuwari no kamen tsuketa kono jibun wo (The one that wears a mask of deceit)

Giratsuita tsuki to yami ga (The shining moon and darkness)

Kousa suru Spiral Sky (Are crossing in the SPIRAL SKY)

Ranma's reflection is seen on the water's surface. The reflection shows shots of Ranma's back, his arms, his legs, and his pigtail. When his full reflection shows again, he is accompanied by the visions of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu.

Kagami aru futashika Relation (There's an uncertain RELATION in the mirror)

Toki ni kizuna sae kokoro wo shibaru (It's binded to the heart through time)

Ranma sits on the rock formation, then the camera pans to his front. He then fades into female form as she I now sitting in the middle of the ruins of an unknown world.

Ugokenai? soretomo ugokanai kodoku wo tsubasa ni kaete (Can you move? Or will you not move? Change loneliness into strength)

Zoom in on Ranma-chan as she looks sad. She holds out her hand and creats a ball of ethereal energies.

A shot of Ranma-chan's image is distorted by a drop of water. Another shot of Ranma's image is distorted by a water drop. Finally, a group shot of the Specialists is distorted. Back to Ranma, whose eyes snap open. In a patch of grass, we see Neko-Shampoo, Kitsune-Ukyou, and Kiko jump up.

Drastic my soul aruka mama (DRASTIC MY SOUL)

Kono kokoro wo michiite (Guide this heart as it is)

Bloom is seen kneeling on a patch of grass near the water, holding her hands to her chest. Stella is lying on her belly near the water, her hand touching the surface.

Drastic my self negai koete (DRASTIC MY SELF Surpass desires)

Atarashii jibun e to (To become a new self)

Flora sits on a low tree branch over the lake, her bare feet half submerged in the water. Musa is reclining on a higher tree branch, looking out into the distance.

Oh Drastic my soul tashikametai (OH DRASTIC MY SOUL I want be certain)

Ima koko ni ikiru imi wo (About the meaning why I'm alive here)

Tecna is lying against a tree, holding one of her knees close to her chest. Layla is sitting on a small rock formation in the lake near the shore, her hand dipping into the water.

Drastic my self motto kooku (DRASTIC MYSELF Higher up)

Ukai yami tsukinukete (Piercing through the darkness)

Back to Ranma, seen from behind as he sits on the rock in the ocean, the pixies fly overhead.

I believe in drastic my soul!

On the ruined planet, Ranma-chan looks up. On the rock, Ranma looks up as he stands, the Specialists' visions behind him.

End ending

Author's notes:

(1) If the Winx were born on earth, I'd imagine that these would be their nationalities from the look of them, though Bloom was easy to explain since she was raised on earth. Yes, I made their last names the names of their respective planets since they were never officially given last names. Had to do so since in Japan, those with no family names are looked down upon, not to mention suspicious. Okay, Bloom, Stella, and Layla's last names are most likely true, since they're the royalties of their planets. The other three I'm not quite sure.

(2) Hey, if Ranma can get away with not following the school uniform rule, then so can the Winx.

So there you have it, the Winx's adventures in Nerima has started! How will things turn out now! Be sure to tune in!

Chapter Nineteen: In Session! First Day at Furinkan!

Opening (Abenobashi Magical Shopping Arcade style, Treat or Goblins)

Upbeat music plays.

Shall we?




Check it out!

Here we go! So through the sky, and meet with adventure, who knows what we'll find?

It may be danger, it may be fun!

Maybe faeries in air, or dungeons and dragons, it's hot!

A shot of the moon as it orbits the earth. It shows the surface of earth, then slowly zooms in on the country of Japan. In Japan, it goes to Nerima, the stomping grounds of the NWC.

Onishibari no mi ga akakunatta (The ogre-binding fruit turned red)

Kanarina kibun wo sashihasande miru (I try to fit quite a feeling in between myself)

Ranma walks through the streets of Nerima. As he passes, one by one, the Winx girls pop out of hiding. Bloom comes out from behind a corner wall, Stella exits a shop, Flora gets up from a bench, Musa peeks out from behind a lamp post, Tecna comes up from behind a parked car, and Layla comes out from behind a fountain. They all come group together and follow Ranma who acknowledges their presence.

Umaretakute kita mi janai kara (It wasn't like I was born because I wanted to be)

Shinitakunakutemo shinundarou, toka (So I'll probably die even if I don't want to die)

Ukyou is seen at her restaurant cooking some okonomiyaki for her customers, while Shampoo is at her restaurant serving the guests. Nodoka is at home, cleaning the house with her magic.

Satorikitta furi de (I'll try to live)

Ikitemiru, iijanai (Pretending to know my fate. Isn't that fine)

Kasumi is seen airing out the laundry at the Tendo Compound, then she looks off into the distance with a longing expression.

Hito no yo wa itsumo senbiki ga kitsui kara (The borders in the human world's always harsh)

Night hits Nerima. Shots of the two restaurants, Furinkan, the Saotome home, and the Tendo home are seen. Ranma and the girls walk through the night city streets.

Matomoni ikeba kizudarake (Head through it normally, and I'll be full of wounds)

Kizu wo namename ikoukana (And lick those wounds I will, so let's go)

Oni wo su ni shite kuusa (Vinegar and eat the ogres!)

As Ranma's group walks, the streets suddenly get deserted and they stop. Up ahead, they see a certain goup of people. Genma, Soun, Akane, Ryoga, Happosai, Tatewaki Kuno, Kodachi Kuno, Principal Kuno, Mikado, Azusa, Gambling King, Gosunkugi, and Satori. Ranma and the Winx braced themselves and charged forward. A shot of Kiko sleeping on a chair, with the pixies floating over him.

Patch, patch with something red, like a maraschino cherry, and frozen cranberry.

Kasumi is walking through the market street doing the grocery shopping. Ranma and the Winx were running towards the screen.

Chut, chut with someone hot, like an equilitarian, and Yam-yngdourian.

Cologne is at the Neko-Haten, cooking orders, while Mousse was serving the customers. He has a few trays stacked on his hands and arms. Ranma and the Winx are running towards the screen.

Fad, fad with something cool, like a hidden luminary, and will-o-the-wisp, too.

Ranma and the girls fight some of the residents of Nerima. Layla splashes Soun and Genma away, activating the latter's curse. Tecna hits Gambling King and Mikado with green lightning, shocking them. Musa knocks Gosunkugi back with a sound wave, blowing out the candles on his head. Flora summons up vines, which whip Kodachi repeatedly. Stella blasts away Principal Kuno and Azusa with a beam of light,singing them. Bloom burns Kuno when he attempted to grope her, then beats Akane back with a fireball to the face. Ranma punches Happosai in the face, then elbows Ryoga in the gut who tried to blind-side him, and kicks an attacking Satori in the face. He takes Satori and swings him into Ryoga and Happosai, knocking them into a heap.

Kosokuna shudan de toki wo kaseide (Buying time using makeshift tactics)

Kisanjishina hana wo matsu ma wa (While I wait for flowers of relaxation)

Yeah! That's right!

Ranma and the Winx stand triumphantly over the opposition. They quickly run towards the Saotome home before dinner. They arive at the gate, where Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, Kiko and the pixies greet them. A shot of the Magix Dimension as it passes several planets until it stops at a spinning earth. The earth stops, and zooms in on Tokyo, Japan, which is marked with a Yin Yang symbol.

The screen whites out and displays the Ranma Club logo.

End opening

Furinkan soccer field…

Ranma sat in the shade of a tree with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla during the lunch period. Also joining them were Shampoo and Ukyou, who provided the lunches from their respective restaurants. Like with them, the two female martial artists were also exempt from the school uniform rule and came in the outfits Stella gave them back at Alfea. This caused all the male sudent body in sight to get more stimulated.

"This can be a pretty nice place." Said Flora as she ate her okonomiyaki.

"It's rare." Said Ranma as he ate some dim sum. "Try not to get too used to it. ANYTHING can happen. We're just lucky that the Principal's not around."

The girls shuddered. Who knows what would happen if the Kuno family head were here.

"Then we should watch our backs." Said Layla.

Musa started to get a little nervous from some of the stares of the other surrounding students. "I feel a little nervous…"

"Don't worry about it, Musa! They're obviously admiring our beauty and fashion!" said Stella. She suddenly tosses her head to the side as she looks over her shoulder at the male students behind her. The way she did it made her hair flip and playfully fell to rest down the side of her face in a teasing manner, then gives a wink. This in turn caused the boys to pass out from nosebleeds. Stella could only giggle. "You see? When you got it, you got it!"

The group could only blush at her actions, Ranma especially. "Stella!"

"Sorry, can't help it…" said Stella as she stuck her tongue out.

"Yeah. I really don't want to draw too much attention to ourselves, but I think that's a moot point." Said Ranma. As the only group not in uniform, they certainly stand out in the school like a sore thumb.

"Well, I don't feel like wearing a uniform, where everyone blends in with each other and lose all sense of individuality." Said Stella. "I happen to like my style, thank you very much! Plus, those uniforms are tacky."

"I couldn't believe I used to wear the boys'uniform once…" said Ukyou. When she first attended Furinkan, she wore the boys' uniform as a reminder that she threw away her womanhood when she was seeking revenge against Ranma and Genma for the yattai incident. Now that she's embraced her femininity again, she's ditched the uniforms entirely. The tight microfiber pants and triangle top bikini bra set did more than just flatter her figure. It felt comfortable and more natural for her to wear it.

"Shampoo never wore uniform, either." Said Shampoo. Then again, she never did officially attend Furinkan in the past. She only came in and out whenever she wanted, usually to see Ranma.

"So how're you enjoying your first day here?" asked Ranma.

"It's pretty good so far." Replied Tecna. "Though I have to admit, classes here seem a bit simple here for my tastes."

"Well, you ARE the Faerie of Technology." Said Layla. "You know all the ins and outs of different electronics, so this should be a cinch for you."

Bloom nodded. She remembered how when she first came to Magix, Tecna commented that the latest cell phone she got from Mika and Vanessa was "ancient technology" that ought to be in a museum when she tried to figure out why it wasn't getting any signals.

"I think it's a good opportunity to broaden our horizons and meet new people." Said Flora. She was always the studious one, wanting to learn anything she can about anything.

"Still… does school in Japan HAVE to be six days a week!?" complained Stella.

"Sorry, Stella. That's just how it works here in Japan." Said Bloom. She was aware of some of the differences in the Japanese school system and the American one. Japan prided itself on academics.

"In any case, I've decided to join a sports club to make things interesting." Said Layla.

"Really? Which one?" asked Musa.

"I'd probably join the Swim Club or the Gymnastics Club." Replied Layla. During the recess period, she had seen the different sports clubs warming up and doing their practices. They weren't too different from the ones at Magix or Andros.

"That's a pretty good idea, Layla! You're pretty good in both departments." Said Tecna.

It's true. Layla came from a planet that was mostly covered in water, so she excels in water sports. She's also the most athletic of the Winx Faeries and showed much talent during that rhythmic gymnastics class back at Alfea. (1)

"That doesn't sound too bad. Maybe I'll join a club myself." Said Bloom.

"Same here!" said Stella.

"Will you be joining one, Ranma?" asked Musa.

Ranma shook his head. "No thanks. I've had quite enough of those." He shuddered as he remembered how all the sports clubs mobbed and tried to recruit him by the hour thanks to Nabiki when his engagement was with her that one time. She had basically rented him off like a DVD for some quick cash, without his consent of course.

"Awww, that's too bad." Said Flora as she placed a hand on Ranma's shoulder. "You're certainly qualified for them."

As they continued to eat their lunches, the surrounding students started to whisper amongst themselves about the new transfer students and Ranma. Sitting off to the side among them were Akane and her two friends, Yuka and Sayuri.

"Those new transfer are interesting." Said Yuka.

"They seem nice enough." Said Sayuri. "I wonder where Ranma met them?"

"Probbaly had something to do with his two month absence." Said Yuka. Nabiki had sold people information on Ranma's whereabouts at the time he was gone. They were only told that Ranma left to attend another school, and that the six gaijin girls were his roommates. Of course, they weren't told that the school Ranma attended was at another realm entirely.

"Who cares!? They're all just a bunch of gaijin hussies!" Akane said angrily.

Her two friends look at her with worry.

"Akane? What's gotten into you?" asked Yuka.

"They're nothing but Ranma's harem, which proves my point that he's a pervert!" said Akane. Her temper flared even more when she saw that Shampoo and Ukyou were with them, acting all buddy-buddy like. She figured that those two were just acting nice so they could be close to Ranma. She had no idea that they were Ranma's new sisters now.

"I don't know about that, Akane." Said Sayuri. "Ranma doesn't seem the type to want to have a harem. Upperclassman Kuno, definitely, but Ranma?"

"It's all an act! He's just a pervert, and those hussies are perverts, too!" retorted Akane. Of course, she was speaking badly of the Winx based off of the fact that Stella shot her in self-defense. "They don't belong here and should just go back to where they came from!"

Sayuri and Yuka couldn't believe their friend. She was practically talking like a racist against the new transfer students. They knew she'd speak badly of any girl who showed any sort of interest in Ranma, but still.

"Still, I'd like to get to know them better." Said Yuka. Sayuri nodded.

"Fine! See if I care!" said Akane. She gets up and stomps towards the school once the bell rang, signaling the end of the lunch period. Yuka and Sayuri soon followed, though reluctantly.

As the rest of the students return towards the building, Nabiki talked with her two friends/flunkies.

"You got that? I want you girls to find out anything you can on those gaijins." Nabiki instructed.

"You got it, boss!" said the two girls in unison.

"Also, keep an eye out for Ukyou and Shampoo as well. I'll do the same." Said Nabiki.

They nodded and separated to go to their classes. Nabiki started to think about the Winx girls. She only met them for a day, and then now, but she still knew nothing about the Winx, other than the fact that they're faeries from another realm. Even knowing they're faeries, she doesn't know what kinds of powers they had, or what they were capable of doing. Anything that Nabiki doesn't know, it's not profitable. Since her major source of income had returned, Nabiki thought to make schemes to profit off of him again. During his absence, Nabiki was unable to rake in as much cash than she wanted to. She had also observed that Shampoo and Ukyou went missing once Ranma's mother announced the dissolvement of the Saotome-Tendo engagement long ago. Konatsu at the Ucchan's was told that Ukyou went on a business trip, while Cologne at the Neko-Haten said that Shampoo went back to China for some training (Mousse had also been told this as well). Nabiki, however, knew that it was all a croc. It was obvious that Konatsu wasn't told anything, and Cologne was being tight-lipped. Those two girls disappearing just after Ranma had left was just too coincidental. The fact that they returned once Ranma did helped to clinch that suspicion, not to mention that they were dressed differently.

This had turned into an interesting development, and Nabiki was determined to rake in the benefits. Being Furinkan's top information mongul and confirmed "Ice Queen", she felt obliged to be in the know of things. However, she'll sooner or later learn not to put her nose into other people's businesses.

At the end of the day…

Ranma walked home with Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. Shampoo and Ukyou went back to their restaurants to continue work. Following the lead of Layla, the other girls decided to try and join one of the many clubs offered at the school. Tecna went and joined the computer club, which she thought would be a passing fancy for her. Musa went to join the music club, which totally fits for her. Flora joined the botany club to introduce some exotic plantlife for the labs. Typically, Stella's eye was caught on the school's fashion club and promptly joined. She'd give them all pointers about style as she is high in that department. Bloom entered the art club due to her being a sketch artist. This could be fun. (2)

"That wasn't so bad for the first day." Said Musa.

"Yeah, aside from a minor, yet constant annoyance…" added Bloom.

"Really? What might that be?" asked Ranma, then mentally adds 'As if I didn't know…' He had a suspicion on what, or rather, who said annoyance was.

Bloom could only sigh. "That idiot with the stick from this morning."

Figures… thought Ranma.

The other girls groaned as they thought of Kuno.

"He tried to hit on you again?" asked Stella.

Bloom nods as she recounts her encounter with Kuno.


Bloom was walking down the hallway towards her next class, when suddenly, she gets glomped from behind by Kuno. She gasps in horror when his hands started to roam around "no touching" areas of her body.

"Oh pigtailed girl, my love! How I've missed you so! You've finally broken free from that evil Ranma Saotome! I shall date with thee!"

"Get… OFF OF ME!!" Bloom activates her Dragon's Flame, her body emitting flames. Kuno promptly loses grip from the heat. Seeing her chance, Bloom spun around and nailed Kuno hard in the jaw with a flaming fist, which knocked him back into the wall, making a depression in it. She started to breathe hard after getting the idiot off of her. The surrounding students looked shocked at what had happened.

"Pigtailed girl, you set my soul on fire!" said Kuno as he pulls himself off the wall. The way he said that after getting burned creeped Bloom out.

"How dare you grab me like that, you jerk! And I'm not this 'pigtailed girl' you speak of since I never wore my hair in a pigtail! I have a name, you know!" said Bloom angrily as she glared at the insane kendoist.

Kuno still doesn't get it. "I see! You're playing hard to get! I like that in a woman! I shall reward your efforts by dating with thee!"

He attempts to glomp her again. Bloom, however, won't have any more of it and hits him with a well-placed ball of fire, knocking him out through the window and falls into a smoking heap.

"Just stay away from me, you psycho!" Bloom proceeds to her next class while the students continued to look shocked. They soon recovered and went on with their business, now that the commotion was over. The Faerie of the Dragon noticed this. Hmmm…Ranma was right. These people don't seem to care that I took that moron out with magic. They're acting as if this is a normal thing.

In Nerima, things like that are pretty normal.

End flashback…

"I had no choice. I had to burn him." Said Bloom.

"I had an encounter with him, too." Said Layla.

"You did?"



Layla was out near the pool watching a soccer game, when Kuno shows up and glomps her from behind.

"My dark beauty! Your loveliness beckons to me! Allow me to light up your life!"

Layla immediately elbows Kuno in the gut, causing him to double over.

"Don't… TOUCH ME!" The Faerie of Water whips around and causes a geyser of purple water to erupt beneath Kuno, knocking him upward and splashing into the pool hard.

Like Bloom, she was also surprised to see that the nearby students didn't pay too much mind to what had happened seconds before.

End flashback…

"I still shudder to think about it…" said Layla.

"The same thing happened to me as well." Said Tecna.

"Oh no…" said Musa.


Tecna was the last to leave her class. Just as she exits throug the door, Kuno was upon her and glomps her tightly.

"Ah, fair maiden! You have come to greet the great Tatewaki Kuno! Surely you had hoped for your class to end so you could see me! I acknowledge your intentions and shall allow you to date with me!"

The techno faerie immediately charges herself with green electricity and zaps the moron off. If one looks closely, Kuno's skeleton could be seen briefly. Kuno falls flat on his back, his hair frazzled and sticking out every which way. She takes out her PDA and scans him, shocked at the results.

"Disgusting… his stupidity goes beyond my ability to scan. I hope I don't catch a virus from this guy." Tecna quickly leaves, also surprised that the students around were continuing to go about their business.

End flashback…

"I'm afraid that my brain power might decrease if he ever comes near me again." Said Tecna.

"I also had a run-in with him." Said Musa.


Musa sat at a bench, playing her flute. Once again, Kuno comes out of nowhere and glomps on Musa, causing her to stop in her playing.

"My beautiful muse! You needn't try to attract me with your lovely notes, but the great and noble Kuno appreciates the gesture just the same! Come, let us create a symphony of love together!"

"GET LOST YOU LOSER!" Musa claps her hands on both sides of Kuno's head, sending a loud soundwave into his ears. This causes him to lose his grip and grab the sides of his head after being dealt one major headache. While he was busy trying to get the ringing in his ears to stop, Musa fires another focused soundwave at point blank in his gut. The insane kendoist was sent flying until he crashed upside-down, face-first into the school flagpole. He slowly slid down the pole and crashed. At least his head broke the fall. The musical faerie resumed her playing once the moron was dealt with. She was also surprised that the students weren't shocked that she sent Kuno flying.

End flashback…

"And he thought I was playing just for him, like he owned me or something, the creep…" said Musa.

"That weirdo tried to hit on me, too!" said Stella.


Stella was standing near the baseball diamond, where some of the students were kicking back and relaxing from the stress of school. She was soaking in the sun's rays.

"Ahh… the sun feels so warm today…" said Stella.

She gasped when Kuno ran up and glomped her from behind, his hands roaming all over her body.

"Golden goddess! You radiate my life with your glorious presence! Perchance our meeting here is fate since I am the only one worthy to receive your love! I shall date with thee!"

"GET YOUR FILTHY HANDS OFF ME, YOU PERVERT!" Stella screamed as she heel-kicks Kuno in his crotch, causing him to release her and hold his manhood in pain with bulged out eyes. Before he could recover, the Faerie of Light points her palms at his chest, and fires a light beam at him. Kuno was sent flying over the baseball diamond. The students looked up after seeing Kuno get grand-slammed away, then went about their usual business. This wasn't lost on Stella.

End flashback…

"He was a real creep!" said Stella. "I'd rather go out with Knut than with him!" At least Knut was polite and civil with her during that time she was turned into a monster from the Chimera incident.

Bloom then looks towards Flora. "Did he come on to you, too, Flora?"

Flora nodded. "He did, and it was an unpleasant experience."


Flora was out admiring the garden planted by the botany club.

"These are so beautiful…" said Flora.

Kuno suddenly appeared and glomped her from behind, surprising her.

"Oh my beautiful flower! You stand above nature like Diana herself! Be free to allow yourself to be picked by mine hand to be whisked away to the garden of love before you get sullied by the vile demon Ranma Saotome!"

Normally, Flora rarely gets angry, but she can be scary when she does. She summons up a vine that grew out from behind Kuno, and it wraps itself around his neck. He was turning blue in the face as he grasps at the vine in an attempt to get it off. The vine lifts Kuno up two feet off the ground, then proceeds to slam him repeatedly. Flora took special care not to accidentally slam him into the flower beds. The vine finally slams Kuno hard into the ground until his whole upper body was buried, his rump sticking up in the air.

"Don't come near me again…" said Flora in an uncharacteristically cold tone. She was angry at the sudden glomp, but was more angry that this fool insulted Ranma. She returned to admiring the flowers.

The passing students continued to walk by after seeing Kuno driven into the ground like a nail behind the Faerie of Nature.

End flashback…

"I never thought I'd be so angry at someone before." Said Flora. "He had it coming."

The rest were surprised by the amount of physical violence Flora inflicted upon the Blue Blunder considering her serene personality, though in all honesty, they couldn't blame her.

"Yeah, Kuno's an idiot who thinks himself to be the most powerful warrior in the world and God's gift to women." Said Ranma. "In reality, he's nothing but a major pain in the ass."

"I couldn't agree more." Layla commented.

The other Winx had to agree. They had seen what Kuno was like from viewing Ranma's memories while they were in his mindscape, but to experience the real deal was a different story. (3)

"I'm sorry to say that Kuno's only one of the many major annoyances here." Said Ranma. "There're still a lot more where he came from. Who knows when they'll come out."

As they were walking home, a certain someone was hiding behind a street corner, spying on them with a telescopic lens. Nabiki Tendo continued to silently tail the group to gather more information about them.

Just what are your stories? the mercenary sister thought.

Just as Ranma's group rounded the corner, Nabiki quickly follows in order to not lose sight of them. Once she rounded the corner, the boy and six girls were gone.

'Where did they go?'

Frustrated that she lost them, she returns back to the Tendo Dojo.

What she didn't know was that Tecna clued the others in that they were being followed when she sensed the camera. After rounding the corner, Stella teleported them away to the front of the Saotome residence, which was several yards up.

"Looks like we lost her." said Musa.

"Nice work, Stella." Said Ranma.

"No problem, Ranma!" said Stella.

They enter the Saotome home. Later that evening, Ukyou and Shampoo arrive as well to have dinner with them. After a while, the teens work on their homework before turning in for the night. Tomorrow's another school day. They'll have to prepare for anything.

To be continued…


Flora: Time for our second day at Furinkan!

Tecna: Are all earth schools like this?

Bloom: No they aren't! I've never had stuff like this at my old school in Gardenia!

Ranma: I envy you, Bloom. You once had a normal school life, unlike me.

Musa: I'm excited! It will be our first days in our clubs!

Layla: I'm a little worried about that person who's been following us, though…

Stella: Hey! What's going on at the gate? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Chaos? No, Just a Normal Day'.

Ranma: I'll bet he's behind this…

Ending (Digimon Tamers style, My Tomorrow)

The music starts. The camera spins around Ranma, who was standing in the darkness. It then finally stops at his front, then zooms in on his eye.

Saa Ima koso hashiridase Chizu ni wa nai basho e (C'mon, start running now, to a place that's not on maps)

Osoreru mono nante nani mo nai (Things to be afraid of, there are none)

Ranma, Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla stand in the night sky over Nerima, giving the illusion of them flying.

Chiisa na mune ni wa Yuuki dake tsume konde (Only courage can be put into a little chest)

Ame no naka Hitorikiri (In the rain, I'm alone)

Ranma-chan sits on the base of a park fountain in the rain looking depressed.

Poketto no naka wa karappo da keredo (The insides of my pockets are empty)

Watashi wa mae dake mite iru (But I'm only looking forward)

The camera is on Ranma-chan's face as she looks down at her clasped hands on her lap. Zoom out, the ghostly forms of the Specialists sit on either side of her: Sky, Helia, and Timmy on her right, Brandon. Riven, and Nabu on her left. They all look at Ranma-chan as if concerned about her.

Michi no tobira hiraite Sekai no mukougawa e to (Open the unknown door to the other side of the world)

Bloom is seen walking with an umbrella, her face obscured. The other girls walk in, from other directions, their faces obscured and zoomed in on other parts of their bodies; Stella's upper torso, Flora's back, Musa's side, Tecna's legs, and Layla's mouth. The rain suddenly stops as the sky lights up. Ranma-chan looks up and senses someone coming.

Susume Susume Mou mayowanai (Advance, advance, I'm not lost anymore)

Ranma-chan looks ahead and sees the Winx Club before her. As the sun's rays beat down, each of the girls hold out a hand towards her. She smiles and gets up. Suddenly, the pixies appear and dump a kettle of hot water on Ranma-chan, reverting her to male form. He was taken by surprise, in which the Winx and the pixies laugh at. They all embrace him and pull him forward.

Saa Ima koso hashiridase Chizu ni wa nai basho e (C'mon, start running now to a place that's not on maps)

Bloom and Stella are walking through the Furinkan hallways engaging in friendly conversation.

Osoreru mono nante nani mo nai (Things to be afraid of, there are none)

Flora and Tecna are seen in the study hall doing some schoolwork, the former working with a chemistry set and the latter fiddling with a circuit board.

Ashita wo tsukuru no wa Ima shika nai kara (Because it's only the now that can create tomorrow)

Musa and Layla are in the auditoruim. Musa plays a flute while Layla dances to the beat.

Tobitate Haruka naru my tomorrow (Take off, My faraway Tomorrow)

A group side view of Ranma and the girls zooms out and angles to the front. Bloom, Flora, and Tecna stood on Ranma's right, while Stella, Musa, and Layla stood on his left. Floating above each of them were their respective bonded pixies. They all look up towards the rainbow sky. Over the rainbow, the faces of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu are seen smiling down upon them.

End ending

Author's notes:

What can I say? Kuno's an idiot, but I'm sure you all already knew that.

(1) This is probably lost on those who watched the 4Kids version of Winx. Again, blame their idiotic editting. In the 3rd season episode where Stella and the others liberate Solaria from the rule of Cassandra and Chimera, there was a scene in the beginning where Alfea had a rhythmic gymnastics class in the auditorium (which 4Kids stupidly cut out). The Winx and other faerie students were doing the ribbon exercises. Flora sits from exhaustion, and Stella comments that she needs more practice since she tires easily. Stella proceeds to show off, saying that since she's a princess, being graceful comes naturally for her… then she winds up getting herself tied up in her own ribbon. LOL.

(2) Cred to Erick Genryusai for the idea.

(3) See Chapter 14

Chapter Twenty: Chaos? No, Just a Normal Day

Opening (Kaleido Star style, 'Take it, Shake it')

Music starts as cloth rolls fall from above. They part to reveal Ranma-chan. She stands up and throws her arms up in the air, sending off sparks of light. The sparks converge and form the 'Ranma Club' logo.

Yaritai koto wa nani? (What do you want me to do?)

Sou kikareru tabi (In this journey, I'm asked that a lot)

Shot of Nerima streets, go to a building top. Ranma-chan leans against the railing with her eyes closed.

Aoi sora miageta (Staring at the blue sky)

Kotae wa only my heart (And the answer is only my heart)

Ranma-chan looks up at the sky, the ghostly Specialists behind her.

Hontou ni daiji na kotoba wa (The really important words can)

Kantan ni wa iwanai (Not be simply explained)

Cuts to street level as it shows male Ranma standing with his ghostly souls, the wind blowing through their hair. They all look up as a white light shines down on them.

Hikari ga yubisasu basho e to (I begin running towards where the light)

Hashiri dasu yo (Is pointing me)

Ranma and the Specialists run towards the retreating light and tried to reach out to it.

Three group shots pass by; Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa Tecna, and Layla; Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou; Lockette, Amore, Chatta, Tune, Digit, Piff, Zing, and Kiko.

Dakishimetai mono nara (If it's something you want so much)

Nakitai hodo mune ni aru (That it makes you cry in your heart)

Ranma jumps up and turns female, then into faerie-mode. She flies over Nerima as scenes in the background play.

Egaki tsuzukete yuku kitto (Keep working at it and certainly you will)

In the background: Bloom sits on a hillside with other students while sketching on an art pad; Stella is using a female student as a mannequin while designing an outfit; Flora plants an exotic bouquet in a pot while other students look on in amazement; Musa is playing a saxaphone among other students with different brass and string intruments; Tecna is working on a computer program while the other students notes what she's doing; Layla is swimming in the race lane and wins while students cheer her on.

Take it someday

Shampoo and Ukyou mirror each other and swing their arms to the side as if inviting someone in.

Shiroi kumo ga nagareru (The white clouds flow)

Chiheisen no mukou ni (Towards the horizon beyond)

Ranma is falling from above. Bloom and Stella's side profiles come in from above/below on both sides. They come and join hands in a circle with Ranma. Flora and Musa's side profiles show in a similar manner, then they join hands with the others. Finally, Tecna and Layla's side profiles show and they join the rest.

Naranderu mirai wa itsumo soba ni aru kara (The future that is set for us is always by our side)

We see each of the Winx girls in her Enchantix as they take a pose one by one. Ranma is seen looking up at the girls, smiling. Suddenly, the ghostly forms of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu emerge and pick up Ranma. The six of them boost him up towards the Winx.

Ranma walks towards the screen. Appearing on either side of him were Bloom and Sky. They then get replaced by Stella and Brandon, then Flora and Helia, then Musa and Riven, then Tecna and Timmy, and finally Layla and Nabu. They vanish, leaving Ranma alone. He's suddenly standing in front of the Saotome household and taking a pose. Behind him were the Winx, the Pixies, Kiko, Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, and the ghost Specialists.

End opening

Streets of Nerima…

Ranma was walking along the fence as per usual when going to school. On the street next to him were the Winx. Shampoo and Ukyou had already gone on ahead of them earlier.

"Yawn… I slept like a rock…" said Ranma.

"That's probably because you ate too much last night." Said Layla.

"I was hungry." Ranma said simply.

Flora could only giggle. "That's so like you, Ranma."

"Hey, I'm a growing boy!"

"I wonder what today will be like?" asked Bloom.

"As long as we don't deal with Kuno again, I'll be fine." Said Stella. Unfortunately, that won't be anytime soon.

Ranma jumps down to the street once the fence ended. "Don't hold your breath, Stella. We always have to deal with Kuno whether we like it or not."

As the group walks by, Layla suddenly looks to the side and raises a hand. A wave of water was frozen in midair before her hand. Layla had managed to stop it before it could splash on her and the others. Through the water, Layla and the others glare at the old street-cleaning ladle lady, who was once again not paying attention to where she was splashing water at. Using her aquakinetic powers, Layla sends the water wave right back at the ladle lady, drenching and knocking her back on her rump. She sputters, wondering what had happened.

"Hey lady! Watch what you're doing next time!" said Musa as they continued on towards the school, leaving the ladle lady wet and confused.

Near the school gates…

Ranma's group arrives at the gates. He suddenly halts the rest of the girls as he sensed something.

"Ranma? What is it?" asked Bloom.

"I'm not too certain, but…" said Ranma.

All of a sudden, the schoolyard was filled with excited boys. All of them were in their sports gear and brandishing blunt objects or other sports equipment. It was the group that was always trying to defeat Akane for dates, but kept failing.

"We must be early. These boys are already waiting to ambush Akane." Said Tecna.

"Wow, why do these guys even bother to try to beat this Akane girl? And for a date?" Musa commented. She and the other Winx girls couldn't understand what these guys saw in a girl like Akane.

Ranma had also figured that they had gotten there early, but he had a funny feeling. For one thing, the usual group that fought Akane numbered an average of forty-five students. From the look of it, there were at least one hundred boys in the yard, far too many than the usual. It was then that he realized…

"Girls! Watch out! They're-"

The masses suddenly began to rush forward with weapons raised. At the same time, they started to shout out… date proposals?







The Winx Club were quite shocked to find themselves being attacked by the same group (and more) that attacked Akane.

"What in the…!?" said Stella.

As the masses converged on them, the girls started to retaliate.

Ranma was busy knocking out any guys before they could get within twenty feet of the Winx. "Girls! Go easy on them! They're only human! No big spells!"

"Got it!" All six girls said as they began powering up and proceeded to beat the daylights out of their admirers. As per Ranma's instructions, the Winx refrained from using any of their more lethal spells that were meant to take out demons and monsters.

Approaching the school from another direction, Nabiki and Akane were running towards the gates. The youngest Tendo was running on a full head of steam from the previous day's events. Ranma returned back to Nerima with those six Faerie students in tow. Already they were getting a following and it annoyed her to no end. Some of the girls at school, including her two friends, wanted to get to know them better, while others are jealous of them because of their beauty, with Akane in the lead. When Genma and Soun got wind that Ranma was back in town (which they paid Nabiki for), they were already scheming to get him and Akane back together again, despite the fact that Nodoka had disallowed the engagement two months prior. Those two morons just figured that Nodoka was just blowing off steam and didn't really mean her words, hoping she'd come around to their way of thinking eventually once she's been given enough space. Unfortunately for them, Halley's Comet will cruise the whole galaxy before that day ever comes.

Akane spent the better half of the night screaming at the two that she'd never marry that "pimping sex-changing pervert". Because of this, no one had gotten enough sleep that night, resulting in the two Tendo sisters rushing to class.

Why should I want to marry that pervert!? He's got his six whores with him! Akane thought angrily.

She was getting angrier as she and Nabiki got closer to the gates. Akane knew that the boys who wait to ambush her every morning would attack. She'd make sure to pound them more brutally considering the mood she's in, and she'd make anyone who'd cross her suffer immense pain.

However, when the two sisters got within twenty feet of the gate, they stopped and gaped at the carnage before them.

Ranma and his Faerie girlfriends were standing in the middle of a landscape of bruised, beaten, and battered male students. Bloom took out a whole bunch with a flaming dome she expanded around herself, taking care not to burn them too badly. Stella surrounded herself in a column of light, which knocked back her surrounding attackers. Flora, being as non-violent as she could, chose to incapacitate her admirers by wrapping them up in numerous vines she summoned from the ground. Musa knocked away another group by hitting them with a sonic blast wave. She only put enough force to knock them out rather than an ear-shattering level, though some of those boys had some of their equipment blown off from the soundwaves. Tecna hits all her attackers with a discharge of green electricity. The techno faerie only made sure she set it to just stun. Layla washed away her attackers with a blast of water, sending them sliding back towards the door.

The fight didn't take too long. It took no more than twelve seconds for the group to take out over a hundred students. The adolescents were strewn about all over the schoolyard, some were unconscious. From the look of it, the nurse's office is going to have to work in overtime. Nabiki swore to herself that she didn't come in early enough to set up the betting pools for this.

Ranma could only sigh as he looked about the landscape Despite him telling the Faeries of Alfea to go easy on their opponents, the girls totally annihilated the lot. The boys soon discovered that the Winx were far more formidable than Akane Tendo, despite them not really being martial artists. Their more passive battle spells were more than enough to take on a bunch of humans. Oh well, such is the way of being a magical individual who fights monsters on occasion.

"Geez, girls, a little extreme, don't you think?" asked Ranma.

"We tried to hold back, Ranma, but there were too many, and they were armed." Stella protested.

"Not our fault that they attacked us out of the blue like that." Said Layla.

"Still, though, it was quite a rush." Said Musa. She recalled how she and Layla got caught using magic at that dance club in Gardenia. That Suits Gang tried to take them out while the girls tried to restrain from using their stronger powers in case there might be even more witnesses. Being able to use her powers freely on earth was a new experience.

"What… in the world happened here?"

The seven turned to where Nabiki and Akane were. They had sensed their approached moments before. Ranma shrugged and said, "No idea. We were just minding our own business and then these jerks started attacking us. If I didn't know better, I'm sure that idiot, Kuno, had put them up to this."

Sure enough…

"You insolent cur! How dare you interfere with the courtship of my gaijin goddesses!?"

Ranma let's off a sigh of disgust as he turns to face Kuno, who had been standing behind the tree the entire battle.

"It figures…" said Ranma. His facial features twisted to an irritated expression as he glared at Kuno. "You put these guys up to this, didn't you?"

Kuno smirked proudly as he replied, "But of course! These insects thought they could simply approach the beauties behind you. The mere notion is unthinkable! Like the lovely Akane, these divine beauties are not meant for the likes of them or someone as lowly as you are! I had therefore decreed that no boy may date with them unless he can defeat them in combat! Only one as great as I may deem himself worthy of that honor! How dare you get involved in their battles!?"

Ranma snarled at the arrogance of this pompous jackass. Not only that, the souls in his body were also getting steamed. "Oh, that is it! I've had it up to here of your high amount of idiocy!" Reaching behind him, Ranma pulls out one of the deactivated sword hilts. Guess words aren't enough. I'm going to have to use some visual incentive to get my point across. It's the only way to get these guys to get the message.

Kuno smiled with arrogance as he held up his bokuto at the ready. "So you think to challenge the mighty Tatewaki Kuno? Very well, miscreant! Come and learn the error of your ways!" It was high time for him to eject Ranma from his school once and for all. In his delusional mind, Kuno believed himself to have gotten rid of Ranma and scaring him off, which was why no one had seen him for two months. Obviously, Kuno had absolutely nothing to do with Ranma being in Magix, but of course the delusional idiot figured otherwise. Despite his numerous defeats to the pigtailed boy in the past, the insane kendoist continues to think he is Ranma's better and that those defeats were just flukes.

Ranma snorted with disdain as he took a ready stance. "Whatever! But WHEN I win, you're gonna take back that stupid announcement and leave my friends alone, got that!? I don't give a damn about what you do with Akane! If you want an uncute tomboy who's more likely to kill you than kiss you, then you can have her! (1) However, KEEP AWAY FROM BLOOM, STELLA, FLORA, MUSA, TECNA, AND LAYLA! YOU TOUCH THEM AND I'LL GODDAMN KILL YOU!!"

"Hey!" Akane said in displeasure, not liking the reference said about her, no matter how accurate the statement was.

The students that were already in the building were shocked to hear the announcement and were crowding the windows. Among them was Ukyou and Shampoo.

"Whoa! Did you hear that?"

"He's standing up for those new transfer students!"

"Saotome's about to lay the smackdown on Kuno for real!"

"Aw man, does that mean those gaijins are spoken for?"

Two students in general, Hiroshi and Daisuke, were a bit disappointed that those gaijins are already taken by Ranma.

"Man, Ranma's got all the luck…" said Hiroshi.

"There should've been more girls like them in the world." Said Daisuke.

The six faeries became surprised at the intensity of Ranma's words. Usually, he was quite shy about showing any affectionate feelings for them, especially in public. They also knew firsthand that when he gets angry about something, Ranma can be quite dangerous, and woe to anyone foolish enough to tick him off.

Another thought crossed their minds. The fact that Ranma was defending their honor showed that he cares a great deal about them. It felt like the boys were there right now, thought technically they were. The Winx girls blushed at this and smiled.

"Very well, you lowly insect! If by some unlikely miracle that you can defeat me, then I shall allow my gaijin goddesses to date whomever they please! Although I know that only I am one they have their hearts set on!"

The Winx had looks of disgust after hearing what the delusional kendoist said.

"JUST SHUT UP AND FIGHT!" Ranma then held up the sword hilt.

Kuno snorted as he saw Ranma with the seemingly useless weapon. So the vile Saotome thinks he can best me in swordplay? The fool's weapon doesn't even have a blade in it! I shall show him the error of facing off against the greatest swordsman in the world!

Ranma suddenly moves forward with a blurring speed. Kuno smirked as he raises his bokuto to deliver a slash to end the battle. However, he never got the chance to execute the move. As soon as the fight started, it ended. Ranma was behind Kuno, facing away in a crouching position, while Kuno was frozen in mid-swing, a glazed look on his face. Then, it happened. Kuno's bokuto fell apart into twelve neatly sliced pieces. This was soon followed by scraps of cloth that used to be Kuno's kendo outfit, sliced to ribbons. He was clad only in his boxers, then pitched forward, falling face-down onto the ground. Several lumps were seen on the top of his head. Going to Ranma, he was in his crouching position while holding up the activated blue blade of Sky's sword.

Nabiki, Akane, and the rest of the student crowds looked in shock at what just happened. Their gazes fell on the blue sword Ranma used to defeat and humiliate Kuno with.

"What is that?"

"Looks like a light saber!"

"Cool! Just like in that gaijin film, Star Wars!"

"Ranma using weapons? That's new…"

"Eww…. Kuno's in his boxers…"

Ranma's adopted sisters look in in interest.

"I never thought Ran-chan would use a weapon on someone as weak as him." Said Ukyou. "He could usually take on Kuno asleep."

"Either way, too too funny way to humiliate stupid stick boy!" said Shampoo.

The Winx smiled after Ranma had taken out Kuno.

"I'm not sure how he did it, but that was awesome!" said Layla.

"I didn't even see his movements!" said Flora.

"Don't worry, we'll see how it was done." Said Tecna as she took out her PDA. "I've managed to record the whole exchange."

Turning on the PDA, it forms a small holographic image recording of the fight. As the other girls watch, Tecna plays it on super slow motion as Ranma rushes towards Kuno. As Kuno started his downward slash, Ranma activated his sword and slashed repeatedly at the bokuto, then at Kuno's robes. His attacks looked like flashes of light. After he was done slashing, Ranma then beaned the idiot on the head with the butt end of the sword six times in succession. If one looked closely, the images of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu were briefly seen behind Ranma just before winking out.

Musa could only whistle. "Wow, he did all that in an instant."

Ranma slowly stands up from his crouch and turns to look at the pathetic opponent he had trounced. Deactivating the blade, he pockets away the sword hilt and addresses the crowds in a stern tone. "You've all witnessed my victory against Kuno. The decree set by him no longer applies to Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. I won't tolerate anyone who treats my friends with anything less than respect. I also will not tolerate Kuno's stupidity, just because he's so dishonorable that he has you all attack a girl he can't get a date with! Am I making myself absolutely CLEAR?"

The crowds and the boys who were just recovering all nodded hurriedly in understanding. They all remembered who they were dealing with here. Even after a two month absence, Ranma's still the best fighter in the school, and in Nerima.

Ranma glares at the unconscious kendoist. To think he'd have nearly the whole male student population try to pick a fight with the Winx angered him and his souls immensely. They weren't even martial artists, and if it weren't for their magical abilities, they could've gotten seriously hurt or worse. As a martial artist, he looks down on fighting those who don't know how to fight back. It's the same thing as bullying. That's something Ranma would not tolerate.

The pigtailed boy then motions for the Winx girls to follow him to the entrance of the school. He then calls out to the rest of the throngs. "I'm no longer Akane's fiancee, so you can all fight her if you want, though I'm not sure why. Why anyone would want to follow a stupid rule made by an even stupider idiot just to get a date with her is beyond me. It's not like she's the ONLY girl in this school." (2)

A majority of the girls, Shampoo and Ukyou included, all cheered at those words. Akane had been getting way too much undeserved attention at the school. Said girl only seethed with rage. That baka! Who does he think he is!? And those perverts tried to fight them rather than me for a date! Of course, she wouldn't admit that she's jealous of the Winx, or that she's angry and insulted that's she's now playing second fiddle to them. Nope, not her.

Before Ranma entered the building, he stops Stella by putting his hand on her shoulder and whispers something to her. Nodding, the blonde faerie holds out a hand at the defeated students (sans Kuno) and engulfed them in a soft yellow light. After about three seconds, the boys felt refreshed as their more serious injuries were healed. They got up confused as to what had happened. Weren't they in pain a few moments ago? Looking towards the entrance, they see Ranma and Stella. Before going in, Stella smiles and gives a wink to the boys, casing them to swoon.

"Nice work, Stella." Said Ranma. "I don't think the nurse's office could take on that many patients."

"Well, I do feel kinda guilty for hurting them like that." Said Stella.

"You did the right thing." They walk in as Ranma drapes his arm around Stella's shoulder, causing her to blush.

This act wasn't lost on Akane as she glared at their retreating backs. That two-timing pervert! What's he doing holding her close like that!?

Soon, all the recovered boys started to walk back into the school building, completely ignoring Akane and stepping around Kuno's form.

"Hey! Where're you all going!?" shouted Akane.

Nabiki walks past her. "Apparently to school, Akane. Classes are starting soon."

Soon, Akane was the last left standing in the schoolyard (along with a still downed Kuno). She fumed at how she just got ignored like that. Even though she hated going through those fights, it made her feel confident as a fighter and martial artist. Now these people ignored her in favor of the six transfer students. What is she, chopped liver? Akane thought dark thoughts about Ranma and the Winx and planned to pound them. It was then that the late bell rung, snapping her out of her daze. She curses herself for being late and was in turn forced to stand in the hall with a water bucket in each hand. As usual, she blames her situation on Ranma and the Winx.

This is all their fault!

The pool…

"Alright, everyone! I'd like to welcome our newest member to the swim club, Layla Andros!" All the student members clapped and greeted Layla. The club consisted of both boys and girls dressed in the Furinkan School swimsuits. The club leader, Ayuko, then turns to Layla. "Now then, how about getting changed and showing us what you can do?"

"Sure thing." Replied Layla as she left to go change into her swimsuit.

Moments later, Layla came out, and the members, especially the boys, looked shocked. Some of the male members accidentally fell into the pool. Layla was wearing a forest green bikini with dark green trim. The top was triangle style while the bottom seemed to ride up, showing a lot of the back. She seemed glad that being exempt from the uniform rule also applied to the swimming club.

Ongoers outside the pool area immediately crowded around to get a glimpse at the bikini-clad Layla. Not only that, but the school windows facing their direction were also filled with watchers. (3)

"Okay, Layla, how about showing us what you can do?" said Ayuko.

"Just watch." Said Layla.

The boys who fell into the pool earlier quickly got out to let her swim. Layla stood at the platform at the end of the pool and did a few stretches. Bending down, she dives into the water and goes into an Australian Crawl. Layla swam very fast, covering the fifty meter lane in a hurry. She kicks herself off the pool end and goes into a breaststroke style.

Everyone was amazed at how fast Layla was swimming. She was a natural at this. The students thought she swam like a mermaid. If they only knew that Layla actually swam with mermaids back on Andros.

Finally, Layla got back to her starting point. The club leader was shocked when she looked at her timer. She had swum one hundred meters in one minute flat!

"Oh my word! You're fast!" said the club leader.

"I swam a lot back home." Said Layla.

Everyone cheered at her performance.

The art club…

"It's good to have you with us, Bloom." said Chie, the art club leader.

"I'm happy to be here, too." Said Bloom as she bowed to her. She looked around the classroom to see some students sketching a bowl of fruit that as siting on the front desk.

"I understand you've got some past works?" asked Chie.

"Yes, I do." Replied Bloom as she hands her her sketchbook.

Chie takes it and looks through the pages. She was impressed at some of Bloom's works. She see a few self portraits, still life, buildings of her old neighborhood in Gardenia, and sketches of her friends (faeries, specialists, and certain friendly witches).

"My, you're quite talented." Said Chie.

"It's a little hobby of mine." Said Bloom.

Chie turns the page and sees a sketch of Alfea. "Whoa! What is this place? It's so beautiful!"

"Uh… that was my old school." Replied Bloom.

"It's certainly something. Why would you want to transfer away to here?"

"It's suffered an accident and is undergoing repairs right now…"

"Oh… I'm so sorry to hear that…" Chie turns the page and sees a sketch of… "Huh? Is this Ranma Saotome?"

Bloom immediately bushes and quickly takes the book back. "Uh…! It's just a commission!"

Chie grins knowingly.

The computer club…

"So Tecna, I hear that you're quite an expert with computers." Said the club leader, Hiromi.

"I'd like to think so." replied Tecna.

"That's good. Right now, we're working on trying to increase the memory capacity and response time for all our machines."

"How big is one computer's memory space?"

"About a hundred twenty gigs."

Tecna frowned. Only 120 GB? That's small compared to what she's worked with.

"So what do we do now?" asked Tecna.

Hiromi points to the backs of each computer, where students were working on building an add-on hard-disk. "We're working on trying to build hard-disks to add more memory to computers. So far, the highest memory from a school-made external drive is 40 GB. You'll find what you need in the front desk."

Tecna looks towards the front desk and sees a whole bunch of parts. Grabbing what she needed, she goes to her computer. As far as she's concerned the earth computer was very primitive for her standards. Look at this… it's so ancient! The security protocols are almost nonexistant! Anyone could access the CPU! Well, time to do something about that.

Looking at the disassembled external drive, Tecna takes the tools and starts to build a superior high-capacity drive.

The fashion club…

"We're happy that you've decided to join us, Stella!" said Naoko, the club leader.

"Likewise!" said Stella while smiling.

"It would only be natural you'd join considering you're one of the few who's not wearing a uniform."

"No offense, but I think school uniforms are tacky and unnecessary." Said Stella. "It makes me feel like I'm a drone with no sense of uniqueness."

"None taken, and I understand how you feel." Naoko guides Stella towards the area where all the clothing and materials are kept. The nearby club members were trying to put together outfits and fitting them over several mannequins. "This is where we attempt to make new styles at. We have several materials to use to create, and we're also the ones who create the costumes for the drama club. Therefore, we do a little bit of cosplay projects, too."

Stella nods and looks at the different costumes: nurse, policewoman, maid, cowgirl, kunoichi, belly dancer, kung fu girl, and the like.

'Ooh! Some of those would look good on me! The casual wears, though, need a bit of work. No problem! This should be fun! My makeover game may be helpful…'

"This sort of thing's right up my alley!"

'Hmmm… I wonder if the others would assist me on projects?'

Stella started thinking about playing ress-up with the other Winx, Shampoo, Ukyou, and… well, using Ranma-chan would be too far-fetched. He wouldn't appreciate it, anyway. Oh well.

The music club…

"So what instrument can you play, Musa?" asked Reiko, the club leader.

"I do several, actually." Replied Musa. "I do guitar, piano, saxophone, and flute."

Reiko and the club members were impressed. "Wow, you're very well versed!"

"Music is my passion!" said Musa while smiling. "I hope to one day become a professional musician."

"Would you mind playing something for us?" Reiko asked.

"Sure." Musa selects a sax and starts playing a soft jazzy tune. Everyone lends their ears to the short impromptu concert. Some of them found themselves snapping to the beats.

After the song ended, the club members started to clap.

"Oh, that was wonderful, Musa!" said Reiko.

"It's something that I wrote long ago." Said Musa.

"Impressive. You've got a real talent!"

Musa just smiles. After all, her parents were famous musicians/songwriters, and she came from a place where music is power.

The botany club…

Flora looked about the greenhouse belonging to the botany club. It was filled with various flowers and plants tended to by the club members.

"How do you like out greenhouse, Flora?" asked Noriko the club leader.

"I think it look beautiful…" replied Flora as she admired the different types of flowers there.

"We believe that plant life helps make our world beautiful. Now with all the industrialization, it's almost rare to see plants nowadays." Said Noriko.

"I know exactly the feeling." Flora's home of Linphea was like a giant nature preserve, with few industrialization and having only the necessities to survive. It was the environmentalists' dream.

"Our club also delves in plant breeding and discovering plants that may have medicinal properties."

"People should never underestimate the power of plants."

"That's the spirit! You'll fit in just great here, Flora!" said Noriko. "Also, as a side project, we put together flower gift baskets. Putting together a bouquet is serious business. It takes heart, and we give one to the one you love…" Noriko blushes after catching herself going on about it. "Uh… but enough about that! Let's continue on!"

She goes on ahead, leaving Flora behind. The Faerie of Nature blushed when she heard the club leader's words.

Give a handmade flower basket to the one I love…?

It was at that moment that Flora though of a certain martial artist with a pigtail.


The Winx were getting quite popular in the school in a short amount of time and were the main topic in Furinkan. Ranma, Ukyou, and Shampoo were also a topic since they're very familiar with them and wondered what their relationship was. Not only that, the morning fights that always took place was stopped once and for all. After that horrendous challenge against the Winx, not to mention Kuno's total humiliation, it finally dawned on the boys that the fight-for-a-date rule was just stupid, so what did that make them for following it? Also, Ranma is right; Akane isn't the ONLY girl in the school. The girls started getting apologies from the boys for ignoring them in favor of the school brat and soon started getting date offers. Still, the boys thought it would be nice to be able to get a date with one of the Winx.

The one who didn't get the message was, of course, Kuno. Throughout the school day, the insane kendoist tried to assault Ranma, again saying that Ranma cheated on their duel. As usual, the pig-tailed boy would soundly defeat the arrogant ass. This time, however, Ranma decided not to bother with Kuno personally, since it got tiresome. Instead, he decided to use this as an opportunity to practice his soul fighting…


Ranma was walking down the hallway when Kuno tries to rush him from behind. Nabu's soul suddenly emerges from Ranma's back and grabs Kuno by the front of his robes. A second later, Kuno was sent flying out the third floor window into the pool below.

Another time when Ranma was out on the field, Kuno tries to ambush him from the side. Timmy's soul emerges and punches Kuno in the gut, then grabs and throws him into the branches of a nearby tree, which he got stuck in.

Ranma was near the baseball diamond when Kuno sprang forth from above at him. He thought he could use the sun to blind his opponent. This doesn't apply to souls, though, as Riven's soul emerges and launches a hard uppercut at Kuno's chin, sending him flying and crashing upside down, face first, into the chain link fence. He falls off, his front covered in diamond-shaped grooves.

Once again, another time, Kuno tries to ambush Ranma from behind. Helia's soul comes out and hits Kuno hard in the chest with an elbow charge, followed by a knee kick that snapped his chin upward, then ending with a front kick that smashed him into the wall. Kuno was out like a light.

Ranma was out by the water fountains near the locker rooms to get a drink, when Kuno tried to cleave him from behind yet again (A/N: Has he not yet learned by now? Sigh…). Brandon's soul emerges and clocks Kuno in the jaw with a hard hook, followed by a spinning kick that knocked him through the window of the locker room. Unfortunately, it was the GIRLS' locker room. Screams of 'Pervert!' and 'Peeping tom!' echoed as Kuno got mauled. Ranma could only smirk as he continued to drink.

Finally, Ranma was in the hallways getting to his next class when Kuno attacks him from the front this time. Sky's soul emerges and stops Kuno's run with a kick to the face. This was followed up by two punches to the face and a hard spin kick that sent Kuno crashing into the wall, his entire upper body driven into it like a thumbtack.

End flashbacks…

Ranma could only sigh. Kuno had a flatline for a learning curve. It would seem that nothing short of a mortal injury would get Kuno to use that tiny thing in his head, assuming he has anything in there at all. Again, people assumed that Ranma had learned some new techniques during his absence, which was technically true.

Another person who wouldn't accept anything was Akane. She had been angry about this morning. Now that Ranma, Shampoo, Ukyou and the Winx were here, Akane had all but been forgotten like last year's news. Her popularity had been shot, and that did not sit well with her. Whenever she saw one of the Winx, she'd try to go up and attack her, but she'd get stopped by Shampoo or Ukyou.

The end of the day…

Shampoo and Ukyou walked towards the Saotome Home. The Winx were with them.

"Clubs are great!" said Stella.

"You know, normal school isn't so bad." Said Flora.

"You get used to the craziness that happens here, girls." Said Ukyou.

"I'm glad they've got a pool." Said Layla.

"Though I'm not too hot about certain people there…" said Bloom.

"Shampoo know. Stupid stick boy and violent girl, yes? Shampoo had encounter with violent girl." Said Shampoo.


Akane fumed when she saw Bloom walking by on the field, chatting it up with some students. She started to stomp towards them to attack Bloom, when all of a sudden, her path was blocked by Shampoo.

"What violent girl think she doing?" Shampoo demanded.

"Get out of my way, Shampoo! I'm going to pound that redhead floozy! This has nothing to do with you!" shouted Akane.

"It DOES have something do with Shampoo!" said Shampoo. "You no lay hand on her or other faerie sisters!"

"SHUT UP AND MOVE!" Akane reared back and threw a punch towards Shampoo's face.

In her anger, she had forgotten how far above Shampoo is in skill compared to her. The Amazon sighed. She could see that punch coming a mile away. With blinding speed, Shampoo parries the punch, whips around behind her, and chops her hard in the back of her neck. Akane went down and was out.

"You still amateur to Shampoo." Shampoo sneered at the bratty girl. She looks around and sees people staring. "No worry here! Violent girl just asleep. She wake in thirty."

Everyone nodded and went about their business. It certainly wouldn't do to anger a Chinese Amazon.

End flashback…

"Geez… does she STILL hate us?" said Musa.

"She's worse than any witch I've met…" said Stella.

"I had an encounter with Akane, too." Said Ukyou.


During the lunch period, Akane gave a hard glare at Ranma, who sat with the Winx under a tree, sharing lunch. Her anger rose seeing Ranma acting all familiar with them and walks over to mallet him. A huge spatula blocked her way. Akane glared at the owner. "What do you want, Ukyou?"

"Just what do you plan to do with that mallet?" asked Ukyou as civil as she could.

"I'm going to pound that jerk and his hussies!" said Akane. "Unless you want to get flattened, GET OUT OF MY WAY!"

"I don't think so." said Ukyou. "I won't allow you to hurt my friends over petty reasons."

"Petty? PETTY!?" Akane raged. This was divine righteous punishment, and she dares call it PETTY!? "DIE!"

Just as Akane lifts her mallet, Ukyou was faster and swipes her spatula, slicing the mallet's head off. It goes flying upwards into the air as Akane looked up in shock at what just happened. During her stunned state, Ukyou brings her spatula down on top of Akane's head, slamming her into the ground. Just as she was about to slowly get up, the mallet's head falls down and crashes on her head, knocking her out.

"A taste of your own medicine." Said Ukyou as she shouldered her spatula and went to join te others.

End flashback…

"Wow, I can't believe she's been holding a grudge for this long." Said Bloom.

"She's a violent maniac." Said Ukyou simply.

"No argument there." Said Tecna.

"We thank you for your assistance." Said Flora.

"Is no problem! We all friends here!" said Shampoo.

"Besides, it was about time Akane took what she dishes out." Said Ukyou.


Ranma was the last to leave the school as he was put on cleaning duty. I was getting rather late as he headed home. While walking down the streets, he felt a presence. It was one he hadn't felt in a long time, and one he could do without.


Ranma nimbly jumps out of the way as the ground he was just standing on gets turned into a crater. Standing in the middle of it was the eternal lost boy himself, Ryoga Hibiki.

"Nice to see you, too, Ryoga." Said Ranma sarcastically.

"You're going to pay for hurting Akane, you bastard!" yelled Ryoga as he held his umbrella in front of him.

Ranma could only sigh. "Please, P-Chan, I don't have time for this."

"DON'T CALL ME P-CHAN!!" yelled Ryoga as he rushes forth and jabbed his umbrella at him.

Ranma, as usual, danced around Ryoga's rage-driven attacks. He lashes out with a kick that knocked the lost boy back a bit, though he showed no sign of feeling it.

"Come on, Ryoga, this is pointless. I'm not even engaged to Akane anymore."

"I don't care! The fact remains that you hurt her and I'm gonna see to it that you get punished!"

He charges at Ranma again, but all of a sudden, a purple gel-like substance wraps around him and slams him into the ground. Ranma recognized the purple gel and looked off to the side. There stood Layla with her hand held out.


"I got a little worried when you didn't get home earlier, even if you were on cleaning duty." Said Layla as she recalled her morphix.

"I could've taken care of him, but thanks anyway." Said Ranma.

Ryoga regains consciousness and looks up. He sees his hated enemy talking with a dark-skinned gaijin. He recognizes her as one of the six gaijin girls with Ranma two months ago.

"Ranma you cad! How dare you mess around with other girls when you've got Akane!" said Ryoga.

Ranma and Layla turned to glare at the lost boy. "And I told you that I'm no longer engaged to that uncute tomboy! Plus, what I do is none of your damn business!"

"You dishonorable bastard! First you run out on our duel, then you hurt Akane, and now you go pimping with other girls! You pig!"

Layla, angered, uses her morphix to grab Ryoga and turn him upside down. "Excuse me? Are you calling me a broad, pal? Big mistake! And you're nothing but a hypocritical jerk!"

Ryoga flinched at her accusation. "W-wh-what're you talking about?"

Layla recounted what she had seen in Ranma's memories during that Nekoken exorcism incident. "He waited for you in that lot for THREE DAYS for you to show up! You've got some nerve saying that he ran away from you when you couldn't even find a stupid lot less than twenty feet behind your own house!"

"H-he should've waited more!" argued Ryoga.

"YOU were the one who set up the time!" Layla countered. "And you're SO honorable hiding behind Akane in your cursed form and using it to sleep in an ENGAGED girl's bed!"

Ryoga blanched at that fact, then glared at Ranma. "You bastard! You told her about my curse!"

Ryoga was silenced when Layla slapped him hard in the face, leaving him stunned. "He didn't tell me! I found out on my own! The most obvious clue is that you both wear the same bandanna! Also, I sensed that you weren't normal when I saw you in pig form the first time!"

Ranma chimed in. "She's right, Ryoga. You've taken advantage of my honor promise to you long enough. I'm no longer going to cover for you if your curse gets out in front of her. Let's just see how you can hold up."

He then nods towards Layla. The Faerie of Water casts an Aqua Blanket spell, drenching Ryoga and turning him into the little black piglet. He snorts angrily as he was still held in place by the morphix. Layla then uses her powers to fling P-Chan over the horizon, squealing in the distance.

"It'll be a while until we hear from him again." Said Ranma.

"Well, Ranma, shall we be off?" asked Layla.

"Yeah, let's head home. Mom must be getting worried." Replied Ranma and they both put an arm around the other and walked towards the Saotome home.

To be continued…


Stella: School can be stressful…

Flora: Don't worry! Things will pick up!

Tecna: Homework's such a breeze for me!

Musa: What else is there to do around here?

Layla: Hey Ranma, would you like to hang out?

Bloom: Ranma? What's wrong?

Ranma: I-I don't know what to say… I've never been on a…

Bloom: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'A System! Layla at Bat!'

Stella: Aw man! I was hoping to go first…

Ending (Nerima Daikon Brothers style, 'Very Much')

Music starts as sakura petals blow in the wind above Nerima. The screen splits as the right half shows Musa's back as she sways her hips to the beat and sings.

Musa: Now you've seen, what I think we mean

When we say 'don't think too hard today'

She is joined by Flora

Flora: And it's true that the things that we do

Mean a lot to the people we play

Joined by Bloom

Bloom: We're just a crossover

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Joined by Stella.

Stella: We're glad that you read this

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Tecna and Layla then join in and sing along.

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Ranma rises up in front.

Ranma: This fic's originally

Based on shows from foreign TV

All: Very much!

A group side profile of Ranma and the Winx as they turn towards the camera.

Ranma: Don't go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!

Winx: (Dum shooby wadap! Dum shooby wadap!

Dum shooby wadap! Dum shooby wadap!)

All: Don't go 'way!

Ranma and the girls spin around and take a pose.

End ending

Author's notes:

For all you otakus out there, I've snuck in an anime reference in this chapter. Can you figure it out?

(1) The exact same thing Ranma said when he first encountered Kuno in the second episode.

(2) This has ALWAYS boggled my mind. Just what is it that these guys see in that tomboy bitch anyway? She's uncute, violent, short-tempered, bratty, can't cook worth shit to save her life, arrogant, believes herself to be always right and everyone else always wrong, and possesses an insane male complex. And guys want to DATE this kind of person!? Another thing I hate are guys with no taste whatsover.

(3) A much BETTER reason to crowd around the pool, unlike in the episode where Akane was being taught how to swim by the Principal. So Akane was wearing a plain old one-piece. Whoop-de-f(censored)ing-do.

Chapter Twenty-one: A System! Layla at Bat!

Opening (Air Gear style, 'Chain')

A shot of Tokyo Tower. Panning up, Ranma is seen standing right on top of the tip. He does a crane stance and jumps up, performing a few aerial punches and kicks before landing back on the tip. Afterwards, he jumps off the tower and vanishes.

On top to break the chain, no pain

Don't be afraid, but kawaranai(unchanging) same old days

Same always, mawaritsuzukeru(keeping on spinning) is okay

Kawakikitta koukei (The dried up sight)

Layla sits on the side of an overpass. She looks off to the side as if sensing something and jumps off. As she lands onto the street, she goes of into a sprint and activates her Enchantix.

Repeat sareta mainichi zutto (Repeated days are like)

Mukedasenai kono houteishiki (The inescapable equation)

Bloom is walking down the road and sees Layla flying past. She quickly follows after activating her Enchantix.

Ka kono nakade aya sturareta puppet (The puppet that was manipulated in the past)

Kakikesuno moshika, (Erasing away)

I heard your voice

Stella sits at a bench near the road as Bloom and Layla fly by. She follows in Enchantix.

Haiiro ni tsutsumareta Tai you wo yobisamasu (Calling for the sun, wrapped up in gray)

As Bloom, Stella, and Layla fly down the road, Flora sees them from a distance in the city park where she was admiring the plantlife. She also flies after.

Haiboku wo korogashite Asu eto tsunagu my wish saa ikouze (Leading to tomorrow while beating, defeat my wish)

Musa leans against the wall, playing a sax, then looks up to see the four Winx girls flying and flies after them. Tecna is seen sitting on a wall as if waiting, and sees the Winx. She flies after.

On top the chain, no pain, don't be afraid

Issai hazushite – (Miss everything)

A shot of Shampoo and Ukyou. Suddenly, they get drenched, activating their curses. They then transform into their were-forms. As they go off-screen, a shadowed figure is seen.

Kimi wa gomen to bouken daitai ouen (You are sorry, adventurous, and usually supporting)

Tsubasa hiroge – (Spread your wings)

Ranma reappears onto the street and keeps running.

That's the sign it's time to try you gotta pride

- Aoi sekai e - (To the blue world)

Ile mo shite mo nai you gotta grab the sky

Ranma grinds to a stop. Appearing on either side of him are the ghostly Specialists and the Winx. Also with them are Shampoo, Ukyou, and the shadowed figure from before. On the road before them was the 'Ranma Club' log.

End opening

It's been two weeks since Ranma and the Winx had attended Furinkan. Already, the six girls were starting to fit in quite nicely. They had also amassed quite the fanbase, the males especially. Of course, Kuno was the unwanted fan and self-proclaimed lover of the Winx, which would promptly get him beaten down hard by either them or Ranma. Akane was also showing displeasure at their attending Furinkan. It was mostly due to jealousy that the Winx Club were more popular, not to mention more attractive, both physically and personality-wise. Because of this, Akane was all but forgotten. This did not sit well with her. Although she would never admit it, Akane liked being the center of attention, and these interlopers took that away. Like Kuno, any attempt she made to cause physical harm to Ranma or the Winx would be thwarted by Shampoo or Ukyou.

As the girls were walking home, they began discussing their time there on Nerima.

"Aside from the nuisances around here, Nerima's not so bad." Said Bloom.

"There's still much of the place we haven't been to, just yet." Said Stella.

"True, Nerima is part of Tokyo after all." Said Bloom. "It's a big city."

"It would be a shame to not go and see everything while we're here." Said Layla.

"You know, Ranma hasn't seen much of the place due to his training, not to mention his engagements, so I don't think he gets out much." Said Musa.

Everyone looks at the musical faerie.

"Now that I think about it, that's true…" said Flora.

"You know, it's been a while since we've been asked out…" said Stella.

"Hmmm? What're you getting at, Stella?" asked Tecna.

"I'm saying that we ought to ask Ranma out!" replied Stella. "Individually, of course."

The girls blushed at the idea.

"What…? Alone with… Ranma…?" saif Flora with a tinge of red on her cheeks.

"I think it's a great idea! We get to go see the sights and get to know Ranma better." Said Stella.

"Well, it is bad if you keep yourself holed up in one place…" said Flora.

"Then it's settled!"

"Hold on a minute there, Stella." Said Bloom. "You say that, but there's still one problem: who gets to go with him?"

"I suggest a system." Said Tecna.

"Huh? A system?" asked Musa. She and the other look at the techno faerie.

"It will be a fair way for each of us to spend time alone with Ranma. Order can be decided in a fair, agreeable manner."

"I suppose that makes sense, but how will we do this?"

At the Saotome home…

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Layla all had sweatdrops when they looked at Tecna's 'system'. It was nothing more than a wheel with an arrow on it. The wheel had six sections with each one containing the drawing of a Winx girl's head in chibi-form.

"Wow, Tecna… for a Faerie of Technology, your system sure is simple." Remarked Stella.

"Give me a break! It was all on short notice!" said Tecna in an indignant tone.

"Okay! Chill, Tecna! It's cool!" said Musa.

Tecna calms down before continuing. "This is a roulette wheel which will determine who gets to ask Ranma out. Spin the arrow, and the one it lands on will win a date. Her panel will be taken off the next time we have a spin-off so that no one will get left behind."

"A simple, yet effective system." Commented Flora.

It was then that Zing flew in. "Girls? What's going on here?"

"Hello, Zing! We're trying to decide who gets to date Ranma this weekend." Replied Bloom.

"With Ranma? Ooooh, this ought to be fun!"

"Zing, think you can spin the arrow for us?" asked Tecna as she gestures to the roulette wheel.

"It will be my pleasure!" said Zing. She feels that she's doing a service for her bonded faerie by helping the girls get with him. All of a sudden, Zing was dressed in a business suit with brown hair and brings up a mini puzzle board. (1) "Let's give the wheel a spin!"

Zing gives the arrow a spin as random blocks on the puzzle board light up. The arrow begins to slow down, then finally, it lands on…

"The winner is… LAYLA!" said Zing as the arrow held over Layla's panel. Zing suddenly had blonde hair and was in a white strapless dress as she went over to the mini puzzle board to flip over the letters in Layla's name (2). Afterwards, the puzzle board vanished and she reverts back to herself.

Layla was shocked. She had first dibs on Ranma!

"Well congrats, Layla! You're up first!" said Stella.

"Oh wow… I… I don't know what to do…" Layla said nervously.

"Don't worry, Layla, it will be all right." Said Bloom.

"The only thing I can tell you is to be natural and just have a good time." Said Flora.

Layla could only nod as she thought about Ranma.


Ranma comes back home after being put on cleaning duty at school. He really didn't like doing school cleaning, but it was part of policy after all. Fortunately, he was able to speed it up with his magic.

"Tadaima!" Ranma called out as he entered the Saotome complex.

Layla comes down to greet him. "Welcome back, Ranma."

"Hey there, Layla." Ranma looks around to see that the place was empty aside from them. "Where'd everybody go?"

"Your mom is out shopping and everyone else has gone out to explore the town." Replied Layla.

Ranma looked confused. The girls and even the Pixies were out and about in Nerima? "So… we're by ourselves now?"

"Yeah…that's right…" Layla fidgets in her standing position. "So… Ranma… are you busy right now?"

"Huh? No, I don't believe so."

"Then… you think that we could… maybe… you know… go out?"

That question took Ranma by surprise. "Nani? Are you… asking me out, Layla?"

"Yes, I am, Ranma." Replied Layla while blushing.

Ranma couldn't believe it. Layla was asking for a date! He felt a little nervous, though. In the past, his previous dates, if one could call them that, were pretty much forced. There was the time when Shampoo bribed a date with Ranma with that fake 'Instant Nanniichuan' water, then his 'date' with the Scribble Panda during that annual festival incident with the cursed paintings. He didn't even want to think about his (shudder) 'date' with Kuno when he was trying to get the Wishbringer Sword in order to purge himself of his Jusenkyo curse.

However, this felt different. The way Layla asked him with nervousness and sincerity just made her feel attractive to Ranma. She didn't want anything out of him other than wanting to get to know him better. His memories as Nabu came to the fore as he looked at Layla, who had her face turned away to hide her blush. Ranma couldn't help but notice how cute the dark-skinned girl looked right now.

"But… what about…?" Ranma started.

"If you're worried about the others, don't be." Layla said with reassurance. "They already know that I intended to ask you out. We're not going to fight over you, Ranma."

Ranma blinked. Sure, in the past, he'd go out with all the Winx girls as a group so that no one would feel left out, but to do so individually was something he never thought of. He simply didn't want to hurt anyone by not giving enough attention to some just for others.

"Well, if it's all right with all of you, then it's all right with me. Shall we, then?" said Ranma as he held out his arm.

Layla smiled and took his arm. "I'd be happy to…"

Somewhere in Nerima…

Ranma and Layla were walking about the livelier district of town. It was then that they came across a certain area where some people were gathered.

"What's going on over there?" asked Layla as she pulled Ranma forward.

They went through the crowds to see a huge area containing several obstacles, like blocks, ramps, stairs, railings, among others. In the middle was a fountain that continued to shoot water into the air. Also down there were people on skateboards, rollerblades, or razor scooters either rolling around or doing skate tricks.

"Wow, it's a skatepark!" said Layla. She remembered doing stuff like that whenever she snuck out of the palace back in Andros. She wasn't the type of princess who would sit still.

"Never knew there was something like this here." Said Ranma. Of course, Ranma would never notice these things on his own, considering that his chaotic life kept him from enjoying himself. Fighting and martial arts were always his top priority, especially when all he ever does is fight against anyone who comes after him for idiotic reasons or whatnot.

"Looks like fun. Shall we join in, Ranma?" asked Layla.

"I guess, but we don't have the gear for it." Said Ranma.

"Not to worry. Have you forgotten that we're faeries?" Layla uses her powers over the Morphix to materialize a skateboard and some protective gear on herself. They looked to be made out of a purple gelatinous material, but were solid as thick plastic.

"Oh, right…" said Ranma in embarrassment. "Excuse me for a moment."

He goes off to a slightly more deserted area and teleports away. A second later, Ranma finds himself at the old scrap metal yard where he defeated Mousse during the time where he was supposed to lose on purpose (an idea he decided to screw when Mousse tried to serve him up like sashimi with those scythe blades he kept repeatedly producing until he ran out). He sees a few broken pipes, a wooden dresser, other broken furniture, a trashed car, thick plastic jugs, and other broken items.

Ranma smiled as he sees there was enough materials. He was not yet at the level to be able to materialize things in thin-air just, so he had to borrow a bit from something else. (3)

"Mom and Flora always said that I should recycle." Said Ranma as he brought together some pipes, the dresser, and a lot of plastic jugs. Focusing his ki, Ranma uses his magic to cover the junk with a blue dome. The broken items then become translucent, then glows blue, and finally started to mesh with each other like clay. The mesh reshaped itself and the light died down. Sitting there in its place was an orange colored skateboard with green wheels. (4) On the board was a helmet as well as wrist and knee guards.

"All set!" Taking the gear, he teleports back to the skatepark.

Ranma finds Layla sitting at a bench waiting for him.

"That didn't take long." Said Layla as she spied what Ranma held in his arms. "Nice work there. Alchemy?"

"Yep. Luckily, the area I was in had enough materials for the job." Replied Ranma as he sat down to put on his protective gear. He gets up once he's done. "Ready?"

"I've been born ready!"

Both teens got on their boards and rolled into the park.

They followed the crowds towards the numerous ramps, half-pipes, railings, and other obstacles. The two faeries were rolling towards the stairs, which were about four feet tall. Layla jumps off over the steps while performing an Indy Grab with her board. Ranma follows suit as he does the same move, but doing a 360 in the air. Once reaching the ground, Layla speeds off ahead and rolls up a ramp, and jumps off over some skaters while doing an Airwalk.

Ranma heads right towards a parallel railing and Kickflips up, landing on the metal bar and grinding down it. Before reaching the end, he jumps off the railing with a Nightmare Flip.

Layla was impressed at the way Ranma was handling his board. She was currently riding along a wall from a ramp where she kicks off of it, flipping over and landing on her wheels as she skates towards where Ranma was.

"You're quite good, Ranma!"

"So are you, Layla!" To tell the truth, Ranma had no idea how he was boarding so well. Then again, with his martial arts reflexes, such things as aerial tricks were cake to him. Somehow, he felt more comfortable with a skateboard than he is with skates. He shuddered as he though of the time he and Akane, then later Ryoga, had to face off against the Golden Pair.

They rolled towards the half-pipe, skating into the middle while avoiding the other skaters, and rolls up to one of the high sides. Leaning over the edge, Ranma and Layla skated down the half-pipe, performing several aerial tricks as they roll up the opposite edges: kickturns, edge grinds, hand plants, 360s, and flips. There was even a moment where Ranma and Layla were catching air side by side, and while they were up, they quickly swapped boards before falling towards the half-pipe edge. They skated with each other's boards on the half-pipe while performing aerial tricks in sync. This earned the two teens an audience from the other skaters and onlookers as they watched them in awe. Afterwards, Ranma and Layla traded boards again while in mid-air and skated away from the half-pipe. The people applauded for the show after the faeries left.

"That was fun!" said Layla.

"That was nothing!" said Ranma as he skated alongside Layla.

The dark-skinned faerie gives Ranma a mischievous grin. "Hey, you feeling lucky?"

Ranma turns towards her with a confused look. "Huh? What do you mean, Layla?"

"That was nothing, huh? How about putting your money where your mouth is?" Layla then slaps Ranma on the back of his shoulder. "Tag you're it!"

Ranma recovers from the sudden act to see Layla already speeding off. "Hey! No fair!" The pigtailed boy skates sfter her.

"Catch me if you can!" Layla laughed. She does a Hippy Jump over a bench as Ranma does an Ollie over it.

Skating towards an upward staircase, Layla jumps and grinds her board up the handrail and and kickflips off of the end. Ranma jumps while flipping his board upside down and performs a Dark Slide grind up the railing, then jumps off while flipping his board rightside up again.

Layla snakes down the sloping ramp, picking up speed and rolls along the upcoming ramp wall, curving right. Ranma follows through the ramped wall while grinding along its edge before rolling after Layla.

Skating towards a line of six block protrusions, Layla uses an Indy Grab to jump up on top of the first one. Each block was about three feet high and six feet long. The blocks were about seven feet away from each other at the ends, making a sort of dotted line. The faerie of water jumped from block to block, the first she did an Indy Grab, the second lifting her leg off her board into a No Comply, the third a 360 spin, the fourth a Kickflip, the fifth an Airwalk, then finally finished by doing a 540 spin off the last block.

Ranma Ollies onto the first block. Jumping between protrusions, the first he did a Airwalk, the second a 360 spin, the third a forward somersault while in an Indy Grab, the fourth jump he did another forward somersault while OFF over his board and lands grinding on the edge of the fifth block while doing a HANDSTAND, the fifth jump he back somersaults over his board to land rightside up on it, then finally jumps off the last block while performing a complete 900!

Once more, Ranma and Layla were attracting attention from the crowds with their little game of skate tag. They couldn't believe the complexity of the aerial maneuvers performed by both teens.

Layla couldn't believe that Ranma was keeping up with her, then irks as she sees a jump ramp ahead of her. Building up speed, she jumps the ramp at a height of seven feet. It looked like she was literally skating on the air. She looks behind her and sees Ranma had also jumped the ramp after her, though his jump height was a foot difference between their boards. Although lower, Ranma was flying up to her fast. He suddenly jumps off his board at her.

"You won't catch me that easily, Ranma!" Layla teased. She suddenly jumps up, doing the splits, as Ranma's body passes underneath her and over her board. At the same time when Ranma flew over Layla's board, his own board passed right under her board.

Layla smirks, thinking she had outsmarted Ranma, but was confused when she saw him smiling himself. She then realized too late that Ranma had swiped her board from under her and quickly placed it on top of his own board, giving it a cross shape. Layla yelped as her wheels were taken right from under her. As Ranma lands on the two piled boards, he skids to a stop and catches the surprised Layla in his arms. The pigtailed boy only said one thing as he held the girl.


Layla could only blush as she was cradled in Ranma's arms. Suddenly, a thunderous cheer erupted from all around them. All the people in the skatepark gave the the pair a huge applause once their game of tag was over. Looking around, Ranma sets Layla down on her feet and then both wave to the crowds.

"Man, that was AWESOME!"

"Those moves were rad!"

"They looked like they were flying!"

"I'd probably break my legs if I ever tried to do what they did…"

"Such gnarly air times, dudes!"

The two faeries smiled at the applause. Ranma had to admit, this is probably one of the few most fun times he's ever had in Nerima.

"Looks like they enjoyed our little game, Ranma." Said Layla.

"Yeah." Ranma returns Layla's skateboard to her. "It looks like they want an encore."

Layla steps on her board. "Huh?"

"Last I checked, I just tagged you, so… YOU'RE IT!" Ranma skates off with a shot.

"HEY! Get back here!" Layla laughed as she pursued Ranma on her board. (5)

Streets of Nerima…

Ranma and Layla had spent quite a lot of time at the skatepark before calling it a day. Each of them was eating an ice cream cone as they walked the nearly empty streets.

"Mmmm… nothing like a cold treat to cool you down." Said Ranma as he eats halfway through his cone.

"After all that skating, it's quite refreshing." Said Layla as she ate hers.

Ranma nods as he finishes off the rest of his ice cream cone. "Somehow, boarding comes naturally to me, even though I don't even do it." Sure there was the time Ranma surfed during the Togenkyo Island episode, but outside of that, he never did. Actually, the memories of the Specialists in him unlocked his boarding skill. At Red Fountain, Specialists were trained in how to ride hoverboards for certain missions where ships are too bulky and inconvenient for the job.

"It's nice to know you've still got confidence." Said Layla in a teasing manner. After a bit of walking, she finished her ice cream cone. "Ranma, I'd just like to say that I really enjoyed our time together. Thank you."

Ranma blushes at Layla's line, but quickly recovers. "Same here. However, I should be the one thanking you. I don't remember the last time I've had this much fun in Nerima, if ever."

Layla giggles. "Then I'm glad we were able to help each other out in that regard." She then suddenly takes Ranma's hand in her own. The male half of the pair suddenly started to feel hot. "Oh? Feeling all right?"

"Huh? Oh! Uh… yes, of course!" Ranma said hurriedly.

Layla could only smile at Ranma's obvious nervousness. Even after spending time at Alfea, he still felt rather uneasy about being intimate with girls due to his stay in Japan at the Tendo Dojo. "Come now, Ranma, there's no need to be scared around me. I won't bite, you know."

"Scared? I ain't scared of nothing!" said Ranma, his ego coming to the fore.

They stopped walking as Layla turns to face Ranma. "Is that so? Then…" She moves her face closer to Ranma's, merely a few inches away. "… prove it…"

Ranma gulped at the close proximity, but would not back down. "You asked for it…" 'Man, I hope I know what I'm doing. Better put my money where my mouth is…' He slowly put his hands on her waist, and then…

Layla's eyes widened when she felt Ranma's lips suddenly press up against hers. Her cheeks were tinged with red and her arms went limp at her sides as Ranma kissed her. She didn't think Ranma would actually go through with it, being almost a dare on her part, but he proved her wrong. However, she was glad he did it, or she would've done it first. Relaxing her body, she closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around Ranma as the osculation continued.

After a minute, they separated both still having a tinge on their faces. To Layla, this was her first kiss, and she liked it! She never had as much experience being with boys as the other Winx did (Stella especially), so this was all still new to her. To Ranma, this may not have been his first kiss (the first in male form being from Shampoo when he "defeated" her, and the first in female form being from… shudder… Mikado of the Golden Pair), but this was the first one he willingly gave to another girl. Okay, so he gave a kiss to Akane when he was in Nekoken mode that one time, but he was not of his own mind at the time nor did he even remember doing so, not to mention that the tomboy threw him into the school pool afterwards. There was also the Romeo and Juliet play incident where he faked kissing Kuno by taping his mouth, then had his own mouth taped when doing the final scene with Akane.

It felt natural to Ranma kissing Layla. Most likely, it was due to his past life as Nabu that helped him go through with it, coupled with Brandon's ability to attract girls. (6)

Layla was the first to speak. "Wow… I honestly didn't expect you to do something so bold, Ranma."

"To tell the truth, neither did I…" said Ranma as he scratched the back of his head.

The faerie of water gave the pigtailed boy a cute grin. "I have to say, you're a good kisser."

Ranma could only laugh nervously. "I… I'm glad you think so…"

Layla takes Ranma's arm and continues walking. "This day turned out great, didn't it?"

"It sure has."

They walked arm in arm towards home.

Along the way to the Saotome residence…

Ranma stops walking suddenly.

"Aw man, I need to use the bathroom…" He looks ahead and sees a public restroom. "Good! There's a restroom up ahead. Be out in a minute…"

"Take your time, Ranma." Said Layla just before Ranma leaves her side towards the restroom.

The dark-skinned girl stood near a light post as she waited for Ranma to be done. She smiled as she thought about the date they had. It was then that her magical senses acted up.

"Huh? It sounds like someone's in trouble!" She couldn't wait for Ranma to finish and quickly ran off ahead and around the corner.

Layla comes across a deserted lot and sees a spectacle. She could make out two girls, one attacking the other ruthlessly with what looked like a bullwhip. She winced shen she heard the victim scream in pain, then her eyes widened when she recognized the voice.


Upon closer inspection, Layla could make out the forms of the two girls. The victim, a girl with brown hair tied in two long braids and in a Furinkan High uniform, was someone that Layla recognized as a fellow member of the gymnastics club. Her tormentor was a girl dressed in a white and tan school uniform, with long black hair tied in a side ponytail on the left side of her head. She lets off a shrill, ear-splitting haughty laugh as she continually whips the poor girl with a gymnast ribbon.

"OOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! You are weak weak weak! Furinkan thinks they can triumph over St. Hebereke in the upcoming contest with such weak peasants! Such a joke! You are not worthy to grovel at the feet of Kodachi the Black Rose!"

The girl, though being whipped by a supposedly flimsy ribbon, was marked with numerous bruises and lash marks. "You're nothing but a rotten cheater! Ambushing me like this!"

"Cheater? I believe in fighting fair, before the match, of course!" Kodachi whips the girl more, making her scream louder. "If I weren't a lady, I'd be more ruthless than this! How fortunate for you that I'm-"

"STOP IT!!!"

Kodachi was surprised when her ribbon was suddenly wrapped up around a bar that looked to be made of a purple gel. Standing before her was Layla, holding the bar and stopping the attacked girl's torment.

"What? Who're you to interfere with me!?" Kodachi demanded as she glared at Layla.

The victim looked up to see her fellow club member come to her defense. "Layla?"

"Just who do you think you are, attacking a defenseless girl like this!?" Layla retorted.

Kodachi's eyes narrowed as she looked at Layla. 'She caught my ribbon. No one has ever done that since that red-haired harridan showed up!' "You're not from around here, are you?"

"No, I'm not." Replied Layla as she threw the ribbon off to the side.

"You're a gaijin… no matter, you shall suffer along with that weakling behind you!" Kodachi pulls back her ribbon to lash out again.

"Hydro Fist!"

Layla throws a punch, which shoots off a basketball-sized fist of water. It nails the insane gymnast in the face, knocking her back. She gets up drenched and angry.

"How dare you attack me!"

"You're the one who started this fight!" shouted Layla.

"You peasant! I'll remember this! How lucky for you that I've somewhere to be, otherwise, I'd have annihilated you!" She jumps up on top of a powerline post, leaving a trail of black rose petals. "You've been marked by Kodachi Kuno, the Black Rose of St. Hebereke! Remember it well! OOOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!"

Kodachi retreats with a shrill laugh and a rain of black rose petals. Layla was glad the insane girl was gone, as hearing her laughter was painful. She then turned and got down near the attacked girl, propping her up.

"Kyoiya! You all right?"

The girl, Kyoiya, could only nod as tears of pain ran down her face. "Layla… thank goodness you came… I'll be all right…"

It was then that Ranma entered the scene. "There you are! You just left all of a-" He noticed that Layla was cradling a battered and bruised girl. "Whoa! What happened here?"

"Oh Ranma! Kyoiya's been attacked! She needs help!" said Layla.

Ranma nods as he assesses the situation. He'll have to ask for the details later, but for now, they had to help the girl.

"Don't worry, we're near the house, we can take her there for treatment." Said Ranma as he scooped Kyoiya in his arms.

"Let's hurry!" said Layla.

They quickly head back towards the Saotome residence.

To be continued…


Layla: My club members got attacked!

Musa: Who does that psycho think she is!?

Ranma: I almost forgot, Furinkan had a Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament with St. Hebereke last year. It must be close to that time again.

Flora: How dare she perverts the use of flowers like this!

Layla: It's settled! I'm going to enter and give that harpy a piece of my mind!

Ranma: Be careful, Layla! Kodachi will use whatever means necessary to win a fight!

Layla: Then I ought to respond in kind, too!

Ranma: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Battle of Grace? Layla vs. Kodachi!'

Layla: She'll pay for what she did…

Ending (Slayers style, Jama wa Sasenai)

Music starts as a crystal orb shows up in the background. Ranma appears out of the orb and walks towards the screen.

Nanika ni ayatsurareta jinsei nante yume mo kibou mo nai shi... (Something's taken control now, your life's hopes and dreams are gone)

Ima no your life manzoku na no? (Are you satisfied with your life now?)

As Ranma walks, an image of Bloom and Ghost Sky passes by.

Seikimatsu ka to omowaseru mainichi ni sonaete (Got that 'fin de siecle' feeling, and spend everyday preparing)

An image of Stella and Ghost Brandon passes by.

Sorosoro engine kakeyou (So let's get your engine running!)

Sabi-tsuite 'ru joushiki zenbu nugisutete (Throw off all of that rusty common sense!)

Flora and Ghost Helia passes by.

Sekai-juu uwasa ni naritai (You want to be the talk of the world!)

Kagayaku mirai mo te ni iretai (You want to have a shining future!)

Musa and Ghost Riven passes by. At this time, Ranma starts to run.

Are mo kore mo honki no yume (That and this are your true dreams)

Dare hitori jama wa sasenai (Don't let anyone get in your way!)

Tecna and Ghost Timmy passes by.

Sekai-chu uwasa ni narukurai (To be the talk of the world)

Tobikiri hajiketa sugoi hito ni (Let the greatness inside burst out!)

Layla and Ghost Nabu passes by.

Isshou de ichido no Break (You only get one break in life)

Ijiketa jibun ni Bye-Bye shimashou! (So let's say bye-bye to your timid self!)

It's all right!

The background turns into the Nerima jumps up and goes into a flying kick towards the camera.

End ending

Author's notes:

Finally! I've managed to finish this chapter of Ranma Club! We now throw in another one of the Nerima crazies into the mix.

(1) Pat Sajak from Wheel of Fortune.

(2) Vanna White from Wheel of Fortune.

(3)Like in FMA, the basics of alchemy: "To obtain something, something of equal value must be lost."

(4) On one box art, Ranma is seen skateboarding in an empty pool. The board in that art is used here.

(5)Ryan L. Spradling's suggestion on Layla's date. Had to do a little research on wikipedia on the different skateboard tricks.

(6) There was actually one moment in the RAI version where Layla got flattered by Brandon when they first met in season 2.

Omake Chapter: HalloWinx?

Saotome residence…

Ranma sits on the couch when the Winx girls, walk into the room.

"Hey Ranma! It's that time of the year again!" said Bloom.

"Huh? What's that?" asked Ranma.

"Oh yeah! It's that Halloween thing, right?" asked Stella.

"Oh, right… it's the 31st of October, isn't it?" said Ranma.

"Dressing up will be fun!" said Flora.

"So, shall we go Enchanix?" asked Tecna. When they went to the Halloween party in Gardenia last time, the Faeries went in as their faerie forms. It certainly caught a lot of attention.

Stella thinks about it, but then says, "No, not this time. I'd like to do something different."

"Huh? What do you suggest, Stella?" asked Musa.

"As you know, girls, I'm part of the Furinkan Fashion Club!" said Stella with pride. "Spending time in it gave me a couple of ideas I wanted to try out."

"You suggesting another makeover game, Stella?" asked Layla.

"If that's the case, leave me out of it this time!" said Ranma as he held out his hands. "I'll dress in my own costume."

"Aww… you're no fun, Ranma." Teased Stella.

"Don't be so hard on him." Said Flora as she put an arm around Ranma. "If he wants to stay a boy, then we should respect that."

"Thanks, Flora." Said a blushing Ranma.

"Well, what're we waiting for? Let's do this!" said Musa.

The girls raised their arms in a cheer before going into a separate room and closing the door.

"I wonder what Stella has got planned?" said an uneasy Ranma. "Hmmm…. Maybe I can go dressed like him…"

It was then he heard a sound behind him.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch… Ha-ha-ha-ha…"

"Huh?" Ranma turns around and nearly jumps.

Floating right there was his bonded Pixie, Zing. She was dressed in a dark shirt, pants, hiking shoes, a ripped dark green jacket, and black gloves. The striking thing was that she was wearing a hockey mask on her face and carried a machete. (1)

"Zing! What do you think you're doing?" said Ranma.

The cosplaying Pixie giggled and moves the mask to the top of her face. "Heehee! Did I get you good?"

"Feh… hardly…" said Ranma.

"Just trying to get into the Halloween spirit, you know?" said Zing. "Don't I look like a good slasher?"

"Yeah, just don't try it on the others."

"Too late!"



Kiko was sleeping peacefully, when Zing, in her costume sneaks up behind him, her fake machete raised.

"Ch-ch-ch-ch… Ha-ha-ha-ha…"

The sound made the little rabbit wake up. Catching sight of Zing, Kiko screams bloody murder and quickly bolts. Zing could only laugh her head off. Kiko peaks around the corner to see Zing and gets annoyed at the scare.

End flashback…

"I just couldn't resist!" said Zing, finishing her story.

Ranma could only sweatdrop. He started to feel sorry for the little timid rabbit friend of Bloom.

"Oh right! I need to get ready!" said Ranma as he left for his room.

Winx bedroom…

The girls could only blush when Stella showed them certain outfits and props laying out on the bed.

"Stella? Where did you come up with these?" asked Bloom.

"Oh, I was watching Hiroshi and Daisuke at the arcade, and I just got inspired!" replied Stella.

Each of the girls looked at the outfits and blushed as she imagined herself in it. They blushed even further when they imagined how Ranma might react. The girls inwardly chuckled at the thought.

It was then that Shampoo and Ukyou entered the room.

"Hey there! What's going on?" asked Ukyou.

"Hey Shampoo, Ukyou!" said Layla. "We're trying to decide what to dress up as for Halloween."

"Aiya! Sound like fun!" said Shampoo. "Can Shampoo join in?"

"Go right ahead, you two!" replied Stella. "The more the merrier, I always say!"

The two martial artists go to the bed where all the costumes were to pick something out.

Some time later in the common area of the house…

"So, Zing, how do I look?" asked Ranma.

The pixie looked at Ranma. He was clad in a white karate gi (black belt, of course) and red handguards. The sleeves looked to be ripped off, showing off his muscles. On his head, he wore a red bandanna. (2)

"You don't look any different from what you usually are, Ranma." Said Zing.

Ranma slumps. "Well, I'm a martial artist! I'd think this costume's right down my alley!"

"All right, if you say so…" said Zing.

The door to the Winx's bedroom opened up.

"We're ready!" called out Stella.

Ranma begins to turn around to face them. "Ah, about time. So what are you goooo…." Ranma's next words fell back into his throat when he got a glimpse at the eight girls. His eyes practically bulged out of their sockets at the sight.

Ukyou was dressed in a tight black bodysuit resembling a ninja. It had pink shoulder pads, elbow pads, knee pads and stomach guard. Several large rips were in the bodysuit, smeared with fake blood, as if she came out from a battle. A red sash was tied around her slender waist, in which a fake wakizashi was strapped to. Her hair was tied in a top-knot style and carried what looked like a large boomerang behind her. (3)

Shampoo was dressed in very little, which wasn't surprising. She wore what looked like a small, strapless bikini with matching below-the-knee boots. The bikini top was barely able to contain her bosom while the bottom rode up in the rear. The striking thing was that the bikini and boot set were tiger-skin printed. On her head were two tiny yellow horns. (4)

Layla wore a gold wrap-around bikini bra that fastened around her waist with a butterfly clip. She had on loose, shimmering silver pants that was held up with a purple rope belt. On both arms were green armbands, and on her hands black fingerless gloves with orange feathers attached. Her hair was in a top-knot and she was currently barefoot. (5)

Tecna had on quite a daring costume. She wore a purple snakeskin bodysuit that was so small, it left little (and I use the term loosely) to the imagination. On her arms were purple snakeskin elbow-length gloves, the left one covered with a gold, full-armed taloned gauntlet. Her purple snakeskin knee-high, high-heeled boots were connected to her bodysuit's thong bottom. In her hand was a fake weapon that looked like a cross between a sword and a whip. From Ranma's point of view, Tecna looked like a glorified dominatrix.(6)

Musa's outfit was no better. Her hair was free-flowing and was dressed in what looked like a black kimono top, but was obviously customized. Over the kimono top was what looked like a white maid's apron with feather-like protrusions on the shoulders. Both top and apron were too small to close completely and showed considerable cleavage. The apron left a cloth part hanging from the front and tied in the back in a large bow, which did little to cover up the black thong of the kimono. On her legs were black knee-high open-toe stockings with white bandages wrapped around the ankles. On her hands were black and white handguards. She wore a lace choker on her neck and a maid's bonnet on her head. She held fake sword/katar weapons. Musa looked like a ninja maid. (7)

Flora was dressed in something similar to Tecna's outfit, but was slightly more conservative (to a degree). She had on black knee-high stockings and white ankle-high boots. Over her black thong was a black bodysuit with a wrap-around top pattern, nearly baring her entire front. She had white puffy sleeves attached to the bodysuit and a black choker on her neck. Flora's hair was held with two yellow ribbons. On her back were fake wings, the right a white angel wing and the left a black demon wing. Near the small of her back was a fake black tail resembling that of a dragon and had a yellow bow at the end. (8)

Stella, of course, was dressed, or barely dressed, in something she was obviously inspired from during a certain planetary visit. The blonde had on white knee-high stockings and white elbow-length gloves. Both articles had fake red claws attacked to the digits. She wore a white thong and a white "bra" which consisted of nothing but white strips that were mysteriously being held in place. Around her belly button was another white strip done in a diamond shape. On her neck was a white choker. To compliment the appearance, Stella had a white tail attached to her thong and white cat ears on her head. Of course, the outfit was made of a white furry material. Ranma gulped as he recognized who she was going as. (9)

Finally, there was Bloom's outfit. She wore what appears to be a red, sleeveless ninja gi with white trim. It was held with a white sash which tied into two red and white cloth tails in the back clipped with small orbs at the ends. The cloth tails did little to cover up her red thong. The gi left a cloth part hanging down her front. The flaps of the gi top, like Musa's costume, were too small to close all the way, exposing just as much cleavage, if not more. On her hands were red ninja handguards, and on her feet were black ankle-high ninja tabi with red trim. This only served to show off even more of her lovely legs. Her hair was tied in a top-knot and she held a Japanese folding fan.(10)

Ranma was struck dumb as he stared at the cosplaying girls in front of him. The girls themselves were blushing as they were wearing such skimpy costumes in front of him. The outfits were so skimpy, it made their usual attires look like winter wear.

"So… Ranma… how do we look?" asked a blushing Bloom.

"Do you like what you see?" asked Flora innocently.

When they all took a pose for him, which caused them all to (ahem) bounce, Ranma could only respond in one way…


The girls looked with worry when Ranma fell onto his back with spiraled eyes and a MASSIVE nosebleed. (11)

"I guess that's a yes!" said Musa with an amused tone.

"Do you think he's all right?" asked Layla.

"Don't worry, I'm sure he's just fine." Said Stella.

Little did they know that the effect they had on Ranma ran deeper than they thought…

Ranma's mindscape…

Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu were all flat on their backs with massive nosebleeds. Since the Specialists combined are Ranma's soul, they also see what he sees. When they saw their loved ones dressed the way they were, well… one can see the results. They suddenly had a love for felines, kunoichis, maids, capoeira users, and for some odd reason, jello.


To be continued in the Main Story…

Author's Notes:

I was so off my rocker when I wrote this! Just in time for the holiday, too! Shampoo and Ukyou's costumes were obvious choices. Shampoo's design was based off of Lum, and Sango's based off of Ukyou. Little Rumic humor there.

I just couldn't resist the cosplay ideas for this omake. The girls going as some of the hottest gals of fighting game history! LOL

(1)Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th.

(2)Ryu Hoshi from Street Fighter.

(3)Sango from Inuyasha.

(4)Lum from Uruesi Yatsura.

(5)Christie Monteiro from Tekken 6.

(6)Ivy Valentine from Soul Calibur IV.

(7)Iroha from Samurai Showdown.

(8)Dizzy from Guilty Gear XX.

(9)Felicia from Darkstalkers.

(10)Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters.

(11)Can't say I blame him. WHOO-HOO!!!

Chapter Twenty-two: Battle of Grace? Layla vs. Kodachi!

Chapter 22: Battle of Grace? Layla vs. Kodachi!

Opening (Ranma ½ style, 'Jajauma ni Sasenaide')

A gong sounds as the 'Ranma Club' logo appears.

"Ranma Club!"

Another gong. We see Kiko on the screen just as the music starts. Zoom out from him as multiple Kikos take up the background.


Hashagu koi wa ike no koi (Frolicking love [koi] is a carp [koi] in a pond.)

Ranma-chan comes in doing some katas.


Mune no tai wa dakareTAI (The sea bream [tai] of my heart wants [-tai] to be embraced.)

One by one, the Specialists appear in the background, forming a circle. Ranma appears before them doing another kata. Coming out from behind him and standing on either side were Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, Tecna, and Layla. They all do the kata in sync with Ranma.

Wake mo wakarazu ni (Without understanding even the reason,)

We see Ranma running.

Ranma Ranma de hi ga kureru (Ranma, Ranma, it's getting dark.)

Bloom, Stella, and Flora are seen running along with Ranma in different directions.

Kimi to atte kara (Ever since I met you,)

Musa, Tecna, and Layla are seen running with the rest of them.

Ranma Ranma de

Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou are seen running.

NANDAKANDA to (fighting about one thing or other,)

The Ghost Specialists are seen running.

Suttamonda no seikimatsu (it's the fin de sicle)

Finally, the rest of the NWC are seen running then goes to the 'Ranma Club' logo.

Naze motto shizuka ni (Why can't you say)

"Suki da yo" to ienai no? ("I love you" more quietly?)

We see the Winx dancing to the beat as Ranma nervously stands to the side.

Hariau to watashi mo (Whenever we compete,)

Jajauma ni nacchau! (I become a shrew too!)

One by one, we see close-ups of each girl at each beat as she dances: Musa's feet, Tecna's legs, Layla's rear, Flora's back, Bloom's belly, and Stella's chest. We then see Ranma's nervous expression at what he had seen, then suddenly gets splashed by Zing from above.

BERU mo narasazu ni (Without even ringing the bell,)

Soyokaze no you ni (like a gentle breeze,)

Mune no WANRU-MU (you just settled into)

Ranma-chan takes a few casual strides before stopping to look towards the screen.

Sumitsuita kimi na no (the one-room [apartment] of my heart.)

Ranma-chan looks down as the ghostly forms of Sky, Brandon, Helia, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu loom over her.

Meiwaku yo dakedo (It's annoying, but)

...Kon'ya dake ii wa (...just for tonight, it's okay)

...Ashita made ii wa (...until tomorrow, it's okay)

Panning up, we see Shampoo and Ukyou from behind. They turn around and offer a hand to Ranma-chan. Behind them were the Winx. Ranma-chan reverts to male form and walks over to them.

Random shots of Ranma, The Winx, and the NWC flash by.

Mitsumerareru tabi (Every time you stare at me,)

We see Ranma running.

Ranma Ranma de, me ga mawaru (Ranma, Ranma, I get dizzy)

Bloom, Stella, and Flora are seen running along with Ranma in different directions.

Koi ni nari-sou de (Looks like it's becoming love.)

Musa, Tecna, and Layla are seen running with the rest of them.

Ranma Ranma de

Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou are seen running.

TANMA TANMA de (Looks like it's becoming love.)

The Ghost Specialists are seen running.

Sonna mon ne to o-tomodachi (let's be friends.)

Finally, the rest of the NWC are seen running. Suddenly, Ranma runs to the front of the screen and takes a pose with the Winx behind him.

End opening

Saotome residence…

"What happened, Kyoiya?" asked Layla. The aformentioned girl was lying in Layla's bed recovering from her attack by Kodachi. Ranma and the other Winx were in the room.

"As you've seen, that crazy psycho, Kodachi, went and attacked me in order to take down the opposition for next week's match." Replied Kyoiya.

Ranma winced as he felt a sense of déjà vu. "Oh no, not this again…"

"She's trying to get another win by default for her team again by taking out her opponents BEFORE the match even starts!" said Kyoiya in anger. "She's been relentless since her first loss to that mysterious pigtailed girl who showed up last year."

The Winx turned to look at Ranma, figuring that he had something to do with it. He quickly tried to hide his face as he waved a hand in front of him. They turn their attention back on Kyoiya.

"What a coward! Attacking her opponents before a competition!" said Musa.

"Man, this Kodachi girl gets more and more on my nerves the more I hear about her." said Stella.

"I heard that she had already taken out the rest of the team members scheduled to go up against St. Hebereke next week!" said Kyoiya.

Layla gasps. "What!? Already!?"

"Oh my… how horrible…" said Flora.

"It's one of our most important events for our school! Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics!" said Kyoiya.

"Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics? What's that?" asked Bloom.

Ranma decided to jump in. "It's one of those fighting styles I've told you about. It's like those rhythmic gymnastics practices you've got back at Alfea, except that you use those implements, and basically anything else, as weapons to beat your opponent into submission."

"Huh? Seriously?" asked Stella.

"But that's just illogical." Said Tecna. She couldn't imagine using things like gymnast ribbons, hoops, and balance clubs as lethal weapons.

"That's makes a lot of sense, actually." Said Layla. She remembered how Kodachi used that ribbon like a bull-whip on Kyoiya. It left lash marks that a supposedly flimsy cloth shouldn't make. The other girls gave her strange looks. "It's just like the lessons of Nodoka-sensei, remember?"

They fully understood now. They remembered how Stella blew up that apple with sheer force using only a silk scarf.

"Please, Layla! You've got to help! I can't fight in this condition! We've no one else to ask!" Kyoiya practically begged.

"Huh? You're asking me to fill in?" Layla could only look at her fellow club member. Actually, even though she's part of the gymnastics club, along with being part of the swimming club, she decided not to participate in the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament since it sounded a bit weird for her.

"I've seen how good you are whenever you do your reps and routines in the club, Layla." replied Kyoiya. "I know this may sound selfish and rude, asking you on such short notice and that you're still new to our school…"

Layla gets a determined look on her face. "Don't worry, I'll do it. No one attacks my club members for no reason and gets away with it!"

"Oh, thank you, Layla!" said Kyoiya as she sat up to hold Layla's hands.

Ranma said nothing as he sat nearby. Hmmm… Kodachi's at it again, eh? I'll have to help train Layla for this. Knowing that crazy slut, if she knew of my relationships with the girls, she'll go berserk. Hopefully this time, I won't be the one wearing a leotard…

Outside the walls of the Saotome residence…

A leotard-clad girl of St. Hebereke, one of Kodachi's spies, was flattening herself against the wall trying to listen in on the Winx's conversation with the Furinkan girl.

'Captain Kodachi's not going to like this. They've gotten a last-minute replacement…'

As she silently tries to listen in further, she didn't notice the approach of two certain girls behind her.

"Can we HELP you?"

The girl gulps and slowly turns around. Standing before her was an angry Ukyou and Shampoo.


Later in the Saotome Dojo…

Thanks to the nursing of Nodoka, plus some minor healing spells, Kyoiya was deemed well enough to leave for home on her own. She was still slightly limping, though.

Ranma stands in the middle of the dojo with Layla, who was dressed in her workout attire. Behind him were Shampoo and Ukyou. Standing on the side were Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. On the ground were several gymnast implements: ribbons, clubs, hoops, rubber balls, and a rope. They were provided earlier by Kyoiya before she left.

"So they actually fight with these things?" asked Musa as she looked at the ribbon.

"Sure do." Replied Ranma as he picked up another ribbon. "It's all a matter of manipulating ki and focusing it into objects, which can make practically anything a weapon. Flora?"

Flora nods as she goes to a pile of bricks used for breaking lying in the corner. She picks up a brick and throws it into the air in front of Ranma. The pig-tailed boy reacts by whipping the ribbon at it. Once the flimsy cloth made contact with the brick, the inanimate building material shattered to pebbles. The pieces audibly clattered to the dojo floor. Needless to say, the Winx were shocked at what they saw.

"Looks like you've still got it, Ran-chan." Said Ukyou. She signals to Flora to throw her a brick. Sending one in the air, Ukyou takes a club and throws it right at and through the brick. The brick fell to the floor, a hole pierced right through it.

"Hah! Watch this!" Shampoo signals Flora for another brick. Once the brick was airborne, Shampoo takes a hoop and swings twice at it. The brick falls on its end, seemingly untouched. A second later, the brick falls apart in four pieces.

"Whoa… that's so cool!" said Bloom in awe. The other faeries couldn't help but agree.

"Will I be able to do this, too?" asked Layla.

"Don't worry, Layla. I know you'll do great." Replied Ranma. "You're already experienced as a graceful gymnast, plus you've taken Mom's Ki Manipulation class at Alfea with the others. Think of this as a crash course."

Layla smiles at Ranma's confidence in her. "Thanks, Ranma. I'll do my best!"

"Let's get started."

Ranma felt Layla will be able to pick up fast on the Rhythmic Gymnastics Martial Arts style, much faster than a certain someone he knew.

Furinkan next day…

The first night of practice was pretty grueling. Layla had dark thoughts of one Kodachi Kuno. When coming to school, she frowned when she saw that some of her club members came with injuries or didn't come at all. More than likely, the insane gymnast was the culprit. As Ranma said, Kodachi will do anything to ensure her team's victory.

'I'd better watch myself, too…'

In another part of the school, Nabiki Tendo was pondering about the past events. It felt like déjà vu when the members of the Furinkan Gymnastics team were once again ambushed by Kodachi Kuno some time before the scheduled match between their schools. The only difference was that the team didn't come begging at their doorstep to have Akane replace their ranks. Rather, from what she and her spies have heard, one of their members, Kyoiya, recommended that new gaijin student, Layla, to fill in for them. Nabiki knew that this wouldn't sit well with Akane. She knew her little sister would jump at any chance to show off her 'martial arts skill'. Akane never got that chance last year, because she had sprained her ankle from her own clumsiness, resulting in having an unwilling Ranma take over. Nabiki started to figure out how to make Layla's debut as a martial arts rhythmic gymnast profitable for her.

'Hmmm… maybe I can sneak a few photos to sell. All the boys at school are basically lusting after those six gaijins, with Kuno baby in front.'

Nabiki made a mental note to equip herself and her cohorts with telescopic cameras during the match, assuming Layla can survive the night should Kodachi pay her a visit…

Nabiki's room, later that day…


"Geez, Akane, what's the deal? All I said is that the new girl, Layla, had been chosen to represent Furinkan at the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament against St. Hebereke." Nabiki said casually as she sipped her tea, served by Kasumi.

"She's no martial artist! And she's just a gaijin! She's not even a real part of this school!" Akane argued.

"Akane! Your tone!" said Kasumi.

"Let it go, sis." Said Nabiki. "We both know that Akane's just speaking out of jealousy."


"Oh? I never said anything about that." Said Nabiki with a smirk. "I meant you were jealous that you weren't asked to fill in instead."

Akane's face flushed after hearing that. Okay, so she was a bit miffed that she wasn't asked to take over the team like last year. At that time, she felt needed and perfect for the job, never mind the fact that she's never done gymnastics before in her whole life. In fact, in such a graceful and refined sport, Akane had all the grace and refinement of a drunken gorilla the first time around. (1) Then she went and sprained her own ankle by herself by tripping on the rubber ball sitting in her path. Because of that, she was never able to show off her 'skill', therefore, resorted to having Ranma-chan fill in right on the night before the contest.

"I'm not jealous of that, either!" denied Akane. "Who needs that stupid tournament!?"

"Still, I wonder how Layla will pull this off?" asked Kasumi.

"Maybe she's getting training from Ranma." Said Nabiki.

It was then that the two older Tendo sisters heard a cracking noise. Looking over, they see Akane's tea cup crack, then finally shatter due to the squeezing pressure. She screams in pain as the hot tea inside got on her hands. They give her a look, causing the girl to shy away.

"Akane… my cup…"said Kasumi.

"Great, Akane! My carpet's stained! And those cups aren't free!" said Nabiki.

"… sorry…"

St. Hebereke gymnasium…

The leotard-clad girls of the St. Hebereke gymnastics team were being put under hard training by their captain, Kodachi Kuno.

"Alright! That's enough for now!" Kodachi called out.

The girls were glad for the break and immediately dropped to the floor from exhaustion.

"Whew… that was some harsh practice…"

"Man, I can barely move after all that!"

"With Captain Kodachi on our side, we're unbeatable!"

"I don't get why she trains us when we win by default anyway."

"Shhh! Better not let Kodachi hear you!"

"Yeah! Plus, we suffered our first loss last year to Furinkan!"

It was then that Kodachi's spy reports to her. The girl was walking on crutches after her ill-fated encounter with Shampoo and Ukyou. She was beaten down and sent flying away by the two seasoned fighters. Because of this, the spy was late in reporting her findings about team Furinkan.

Kodachi's eyes narrowed at what her spy told her, then goes over to her locker. Inside was her school uniform, as well as several medival melee weapons. Picking up a weapon, she dons a dark blue cloak and prepares to set out.

'Hoho… just you wait, Ms. Andros… I shall personally take care of you. Those harridans of Furinkan think they can get in a replacement? Not on my watch!'

With that thought, Kodachi leaps out the gym window and out of the campus, laughing all the way. Anyone in earshot cringed at the noise she made.

Saotome residence…

Layla was on the floor of the dojo panting from the training that Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou went through. On the sidelines were the other Winx, Kiko, and the Pixies. Littered about the floor were the destroyed remains of bricks she had used for target practice.

"That was awesome, Layla!" said Chatta.

"I've mixed feelings about this…" said Tune. To think that people were able to turn such a graceful and refined activity into a method of violence. Still, it was a sight to see.

"Huff… huff… that was tough…" said Layla.

"You all right?" asked Amore with worry.

"I will be in a moment." Replied Layla as she slowly stood up.

"Sorry to put you through all that, Faerie Sister." Said Shampoo.

Layla started to wobble when she stood up. Ranma quickly catches her before she fell to the floor.

"Easy there…" said Ranma. "I think we'd better call it a night."

"He's right, Layla." said Bloom as she walked over to them. "You've been training hard. You need a rest now."

Layla was about to disagree, but her body was aching. She knew they were right.

"We've still got a week left until the tournamant. You'll do great, I'm sure of it." Said Ukyou.

"Thanks, everyone." Said Layla.

Guestroom, later…

Layla enters the guestroom she shared with her fellow Winx members clad in a short, purple bathrobe. A hot bath after a workout was exactly what she needed. She was alone in the room, as the others were downstairs doing homework and Nodoka was out shopping.

'Kyoiya, I swear that Kodachi will pay for what she did to you and to the rest of our club…'

Just as Layla was about to disrobe to change for bed, she stopped as her magical senses picked up a presence of insanity. This feeling of dread was confirmed when a black rose petal floated from behind her and fell in front.


The water faerie quickly jumped to the side just as a metallic object came crashing down where she once stood. Layla whipped around to face her attacker, her features hardened when she saw who it was.


There stood Kodachi Kuno, clad in her gymnast leotard and brandishing a medieval-style broadsword.

"Ah… you're that gaijin girl from before." Said Kodachi. "I thought we'd meet again."


Soon, Layla started to dodge the sword swings from Kodachi.

"There's only a week left until the day of the gymnastics tournament so let's just go and fight fair okay?" said Kodachi as she tried to slash at Layla.

"YOU CALL THIS FAIR!?" said Layla incredulously. "I hardly think attacking an unarmed person from behind with a weapon is fair!"

"Please! I'm just sizing up my opponent to see if you're worthy to fight me!" said Kodachi arrogantly.


"Psycho!? I am Kodachi the Black Rose! You are just a lowly peasant! Now DIE!"

Kodachi charges with her sword, intent on running Layla through. The Winx girl, however, was far from defenseless.

'Fine then! If that's the way she wants it…'


Outside the Saotome complex, we see Kodachi get sent crashing through the window and into the distance, courtesy of a large, ten-foot arm in a fist made from the purple gel-like substance. The fist was about the size of a three-foot nightstand, so she left quite an impression on the gymnast.

Reigning in her Morphix, Layla finally relaxes.

"What a nutjob…"

"Layla! What happened!?"

Layla turned to see Ranma and the girls enter the room. They were surprised to see it in a bit of a mess, not to mention the broken window.

Ukyou frowned when she looked down on the floor and saw the black rose petals.

"Take a wild guess…" said the chef as she picked up one of the petals and showed it to the others.

"Kodachi…" said Ranma in a grim tone.

"Aiya! Psycho girl again!?" said Shampoo in displeasure.

"You all right, Layla?" asked Bloom.

"No worries, I've taken care of her." said Layla.

"Look at this! She made a mess in here!" said Stella.

Flora looks about the rose petals and sighs. Using her magic, she causes all the petals to float and gather in one place. Once all the petals were off the floor, Flora merges them into a small bouquet of red roses, the plants purged of Kodachi's influence. Catching them, she sets them in a vase.

"It's horrible how a person like that uses these roses as an MO for deceit and treachery…" said Flora.

"In any case, we'd better fix up the room before Mom gets back." Said Ranma.

A street alley, a good long distance from the Saotome complex…

Kodachi pulls herself out of the dumpster she unceremoniously crashlanded into from Layla's attack.

'Hmmm… she's a lot tougher than I thought… no matter! In the end, I shall emerge victorious!'

The crazed girl jumps out and bounds away for home while laughing.

Furinkan, a few days later…

Ranma was leading the girls to the front of the schoolyard. Layla trailed in the back, feeling exhausted from the training she underwent the past few days. At the same time, she was avoiding any attempts at being taken out by Kodachi.

The crazed gymnast had once again tried to ambush Layla at the Saotome home, but was repelled back thanks to a light barrier surrounding the house, courtesy of Stella. She was given a bit of a tan because of that, not to mention temporarily blinded. The night after that, Kodachi got repelled by a flame wall trap spell set by Bloom, causing her to crash and burn into the dumpster again. The following night, Kodachi came equipped with a metal heat-resistant suit with anti-glare goggles. That would've been good against Bloom and Stella's barrier trap, but not against Tecna's. The techno faerie had set up a net-like barrier that would shock whatever came in contact with it. Considering Kodachi's metal suit, the berrier left quite an impression. Kodachi was once again blasted into the dumpster. Fortunately for her, she was rich enough to afford good doctors to get her back in good physical condition (2)

Because of the Winx's security measures, Layla's practice went on without a hitch, with no worries of uninvited attacks.

A group of students walk up to Ranma's group. Among them were Hiroshi, Daisuke, Yuka, and Sayuri.

"Hey there! How goes Layla's training?" asked Daisuke.

"It's going great! Layla's been getting better!" replied Musa.

Ranma nodded. The water faerie was able to utilize the gymnast tools perfectly. Considering her natural athleticism, it wasn't surprising. Not only that, she was able to focus her ki into the harmless looking tools, making them deadly weapons. During one exercise, Layla was able to smash a stack of ten bricks in half with the ribbon. Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou couldn't be any more proud.

"Just wait! She's gonna beat St. Hebereke for sure!" said Stella.

The other students smile and share in the praise.

"You can do it, Layla!"

"We believe in you!"

"We'll be cheering you on!"

"Thanks for your help!"

Layla couldn't help but blush at the praise. She wasn't going to let them down.

From a window on the school building, Akane could only snort in disdain as she observed the students give Layla their support.

'Hmph! Why're they acting all nice to her for? They'll only be disappointed once that girl loses and regret not asking me for help! I hope Kodachi beats her down!'

Back on the ground, Ranma's danger sense went off. The rest of his group were alarmed as well. Spinning around, they saw…


Layla was shocked to see Kodachi come down from above at her wielding a shinai. Just as Layla was about to defend herself, Kodachi's shinai was blocked by a spatula and a bonbori. The two weapons in a cross block, they werebrought together, causing the shinai to snap in two.

Kodachi leapt back once her weapon was destroyed.

"Just what is with you!? Now you come and sneak attack me in broad daylight!?" said Layla angrily. "And shouldn't you be at your own school!?"

"Sneak attack? Whatever do you mean?" said Kodachi in mock innocence. "I'm merely here to visit my Darling Ranma!"

Ranma cringed when she referred him as her 'darling'.

"Quit the bull crap, you psycho!" said Ukyou. "Ran-chan was never interested in you, nor will he ever!"

"Day that happen is day when sun freezes!" said Shampoo.

"How dare you! You know nothing, you lowly chef! Same with you, Chinese harridan!" retorted Kodachi.

"That's enough!" said Ranma as he got to the front of the group to face Kodachi.

Kodachi was quick with the delusions. "Oh Ranma Darling! Your beloved Black Rose is here! Where have you been this whole time, my love? I know! You must've been kidnapped by those harridans and held against your will! Fear not! I shall rescue you from their evil clutches!"

"Knock it off!" said Ranma, holding out his arm to stop Kodachi's advancements. "I've told you time and time again, I'm not interested in you! I don't think of you that way! I especially don't appreciate you attacking those close to me!"

Kodachi was shocked that her 'Ranma darling' would speak to her in such a tone. Was she not his beloved one and only? She then shot a glare at Shampoo and Ukyou, then towards Layla. "You! You're responsible my love cannot recognize his future wife! Enslaver!"

"What!?" said Layla. This girl was completely off her rocker!

"Hey! Just where do you get off saying that!?" said Musa, coming in defense of her friend.

"Yeah! You're just being delusional!" added Stella.

"And you need to respect Ranma's wishes." Said Flora calmly. "You're obviously agitating him."

Kodachi then glares at the rest of the foreign-looking girls and assumed that they are also part of enslaving her 'Darling Ranma'. "You wicked wicked girls! You've obviously all cast a spell on Ranma darling that keeps him from me!" She looked prepared to attack them, but had to consider her position. She was on enemy territory, vastly outnumbered. All of the students glared at her as she had no business being there in the first place. Plus, Shampoo and Ukyou were there and trying to take them on at once head on wouldn't be a good idea. Of course, she'd only do that if she could get the drop on them with traps and deceit. Basically cowards' tactics. "I propose that the loser of this tournament will have to give up Ranma forever while the winner gets to have him all to herself!"

"What!? Ranma's not an object!" said Bloom.

Kodachi ignored Bloom and looked at Ranma, who returned her gaze with an emotionless one. "Worry not, my love! I shall win you back at the tournament! I will be the one to save you! OOOOOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!!!"

Without bothering to hear an answer, the psychotic gymnast bounds away for her school, leaving a trail of black rose petals.

"She really makes me sick…" said Ranma.

"I think her personal elevator is permanently stuck at the basement level," said Tecna.

"Believe me, girl, that's putting it lightly." Said Ukyou.

"So now what?" asked Layla.

"We'll continue after school training until the contest, like we always do, Layla." replied Ranma. "Just let her wallow in her own self-delusions."

Ranma frowned as he thought about Kodachi making that stupid bet just like last time when he fought her in his girl form. It was all like déjà vu. Sure, Ranma emerged victorious in that long and hard battle, but it was all for naught when Kodachi went back on her word on leaving him alone, and it hadn't even been a day yet. She just had to utilize that crap about 'abandoning all present affection for him' and 'created a new affection for him'. Loopholes were an awful thing. As far as Ranma was concerned, any promises made by Kodachi aren't worth shit, so why the hell should they agree to her terms? In any case, they never actually agreed to her terms, did they? Kodachi ran off assuming they accepted her wager. Well, she was in for a rude awakening.

Ranma's group and the rest of the students enter the school once the scene was over.

The day of the tournament, St. Hebereke Gymnasium…

It had been a gruelling few days of training and now the contest has finally arrived. Students of Furinkan and St. Hebereke crowd around to enter the gymnaisum where the Martial Arts Rhythmic Gymnastics tournament was to be held. Coming from another direction was Ranma's group. Nodoka, Shampoo, Ukyou, Kiko, the Winx, and the Pixies all arrive before the building.

"Well, this is it, are you ready, Layla?" asked Flora.

"As I'll ever be." Replied Layla. "I didn't go through all that hard training for nothing."

It was true. The past few days, Ranma and the girls helped Layla with her practice. Ranma would use himself as a target for Layla, which he would dodge any attempt at getting hit. In the beginning, Layla would miss by over a foot, but now she was able to strike at him, missing by scant millimeters. The fact that she's come close to hitting him proved that she's built up her speed. Shampoo and Ukyou would lash out at her with the gymnast tools to increase her evasion skills. The Winx girls would levitate and fire bricks at Layla at a rapid pace for her to break, increasing her response time. Sometimes they would fire their respective elemental powers at Layla to test her magical and ki defenses. Since Kodachi will definitely try to cheat during the match, as told by Ranma, the girls thought it would be handy for Layla to utilize her magical defenses against whatever cheap tricks the gymnast will throw at her.

"Just remember your lessons in ki manipulation, Layla, and you'll pull through." Said Nodoka. "Do us proud."

"Don't worry, I won't forget, Saotome-sensei." Said Layla.

"Well then, I'm going to go to our seats. Ukyou! Shampoo!"

The two girls followed Nodoka towards the doors heading to the bleachers. The others head towards the changing rooms.

Guest changing room…

"This must be it…" said Flora as she opened the door. The dressing room was quite spaceous.

"Hey, what's that?" asked Chatta as she points at an object on the table.

"It looks like a bouquet…" said Digit.

"Oh, what a thoughtful gift!" said Amore.

Ranma became nervous, however, when he saw that the bouquet consisted of…

"Black roses!? Look out!"

Suddenly, the bouquet started to spasm, then seep out smoke. Thinking fast, Tecna springs forward and…

"Containment Sphere!"

The bouquet was suddenly encased in a green transparent sphere of energy, where the bouquet blows up with a muffled explosion due to the sphere containing the blast. The sphere soon filled up with noxious fumes.

"Whoa… nice save, Tecna." Said Musa.

"Thanks, though it was a bit close." said Tecna.

"I don't believe this! Even now, she's still trying to take Layla out before the match begins!" said Bloom.

"That girl is SERIOUSLY starting to crease me!" said Layla.

"Well it's clear now. Better get ready." Said Ranma as he goes to stand outside the door.

St. Hebereke Gymnasium fighting ring…

"Welcome, one and all, to the St. Hebereke vs. Furinkan High Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament!" the announcer called out from her mic at the center of the ring.

The crowds cheered at the opening announcement. The stands were packed with many spectators. On one side sat the Furinkan students and supporters, and the other the St. Hebereke students and supporters. Sitting on the front at the Furinkan side were Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou. A ways from them and slightly higher were Nabiki and Akane. Sitting near the fron of the St. Hebereke side was Tatewaki Kuno, with his ever present bokuto at his side.

Near the ringside was the commentator and judge tables.

"Ladies and gentlemen, if we may have your attention please, the rhythmic gymnastics match may begin at any moment!" said the commentator.

"And the contestants are ready!" said the ring announcer.

A spotlight shines down at the visitors' corner. Coming out was Layla in all her glory. She was clad in a magenta neck-baring leotard with an image of a splashing dolphin running up her left side in blue thread. It rode up a bit in the rear as the leotard hugged her form like a second skin. Her hair was tied in a top-knot. Following behind her were Ranma, the Winx, and the Pixies (of course, no one could see the little familiars floating about).

I'm so glad I'm not the one fighting this time… thought Ranma.

"The challenger from Furinkan is entering the ring!" said the commentator.

Layla calmly walks towards the ring. Once arrived, she jumps and somersaults onto the mat. This earned her much applause from the Furinkan side, especially from the Layla fanclub gathered in a certain section on the stands. Layla smiles as she waves to the crowds.

"My, she certainly is quite confident! And she's got a lot of fans, apparently! She's raring to go! Will it be enough for the fight? Only time will tell!"

The gymnasium suddenly goes dark, followed by several spotlights shining down towards the center of the ring. This catches everyone's attention as they all looked up to see…

"And here's St. Hebereke's number one gymanst, Kodachi Kuno, making her entrance!"

Entrance music started to play. Kodachi was slowly being lowered to the mat from above by a trapeze swing. Thing was, she was not in her leotard, but in a white wedding dress. She wore a condensing smirk on her face as she looked down on Layla. Layla wondered what she was thinking, wearing something so impractical for a fight.

"As usual, Kodachi Kuno makes a grand entrance! And isn't that dress just fabulous?"

Fireworks then shot out to emphasize Kodachi's appearance. Again, Ranma cringed. If he remembered right, then what would most likely come next will be…


Layla became alarmed when one of the fireworks turned out to be a rocket bomb and came hurtling towards her.


Musa quickly responds. "SOUND BOUNCE!"

Drawing on Kodachi's entrance music, Musa hits the rocket with a concentrated blast of sound, deflecting it away from Layla. As for the deflection course…

Kodachi's eyes widened and eeped in shock as the rocket headed right for her. This wasn't supposed to happen! Before she could do anything, she gets hit by the rocket, which explodes on impact. This takes everyone, sans Ranma, by surprise as Kodachi's form was obscured in smoke.

"Oh my! An explosion has just occurred above the ring! What has happened up there? Is Kodachi all right?"

I seriously hope not… thought Ranma, Shampoo, and Ukyou at the same time.

Kodachi drops unceremoniously onto the mat, face-first. She was now in her St. Hebereke leotard, though is a bit on the crispy side due to the bomb and her dress getting blown off. Coughing, she slowly gets back up and glares at Layla. "How dare you do that to me! You ruined my wedding dress I was going to wear for my Ranma Darling!"

Layla and the Winx at the ring side just glare at her. "Excuse me? You're the one who tried to blow ME up!"

"No excuses! I shall take you down!"

"What a surprise! Kodachi is still able to stand and fight even after being blown up by a bomb prop! Truly an athlete!" said the commentator. "And here they are! Both combatants are in the ring!"

The ring anouncer then takes over. "In the blue corner, from our own St. Hebereke School for Girls, Kodachi Kuno!"

The crowds of St. Hebereke cheered as Kodachi stood in her corner waving and raking in the applause.

"In the red corner, representing Furinkan High School, Layla Andros!"

The crowds from Furinkan cheered as Layla stood in her corner and waved. She then looks at Ranma and her friends at the ring side. "Wish me luck!"

"Go get her, Layla!" said Chatta.

"We'll be rooting for you!" said Flora.

Akane vents her displeasure. "You'd better not disgrace our school, outsider! If Furinkan loses face, it's your fault!"

Everyone glares at her, which she ignored due to her hotheadedness.

She's really sarting to crease me, too… thought Layla angrily.

"All right, ladies, to the center of the ring." Said the announcer. Layla and Kodachi walked up to the center and gave each other hard glares.

I shall take down this gaijin hussy, then her gaijin friends and finally free my darling Ranma from whatever enslavement they put on him!

This is it… I shall avenge all my club members you have attacked!

"Let's keep this a clean fight, you two!" said the announcer.

Layla could only inwardly snort. Kodachi actually fighting fair? As if that could ever happen.

"Now the moment you've all been waiting for! St. Hebereke vs. Furinkan High in an anything goes fight to the finish!" said the commentator.

It was then that the round bell was rung, signalling the start of the battle. Kodachi twirls a rope in her hand while carrying two clubs in the other. Layla whips out her ribbon and gets into a stance. As the girls sized each other up, the commentator goes on to explain the rules.

"The only legal attacks are with the tools, as bare-handed attacks are strictly forbidden! Ther is no time limit, and if you're knocked out or fall out of the ring, you automatically lose!"

"Let's see what you've got, hussy!"

Kodachi whips at Layla with the rope. The dark-skinned girl dodges or blocks using her own ribbon. The Black Rose, after some misses, snaps the rope, causing it to somehow straighten out and solidify. Layla became confused as to how that happened, but had no time to ponder as Kodachi started swinging it at her like a rod.

"Amazing! Champion Kodachi is handling the rope as if it were a steel bar!"

Kodachi charges forward with an overhead smash. Layla manages to dodge, then cringes when she saw the stiffened rope smash into the mat, burying deep. "What the!?"

"Oh! Wait a minute! It IS a steel bar!"

Kodachi releases the bar, leaving it jammed into the floor, in favor of her clubs. Hold one in each hand, she starts to punch at Layla with them.

Layla dodges her strikes, then became shocked when one of the club's heads instantaneously sprouted numerous needle spies like a mace.

"What is this!? That club's got spikes in it!" said Stella.

"I thought this was supposed to be a contest!" said Bloom.

Kiko looked scared for Layla as she was locked in a battl with this psycho who seemed to be out for her blood.

"Unfortunately, nothing can be done about it." Said Ranma, remembering his own experience. "It's all legal as long as it's not a bare-handed attack."

"Why you…" Layla was starting to get angry at Kodachi's dirty tricks. Taking her ribbon, she lassos the Kuno sibling around her ankle and trips her up, causing her to drop her clubs. Layla jumps back to get some fighting room.

Kodachi angrily gets back on her feet. "Impudent woman! How dare you get in the was of claiming my darling Ranma!"

"Quit talking like you own him!" said Layla.

"My darling and I are joined by fate! Who are you to judge fate?"

"You're just being delusional! He makes it perfectly obvious that he's not interested in you!"

"You wicked wicked girl! You stand in the way of an innocent maiden's true romance! For that, the Black Rose will administer divine justice! HOOP!"

"Captain!" a girl at Kodachi's corner throws a hoop into the ring, catching around her arm.

"Take this!" Kodachi throws the hoop at Layla.

Remembering her training, and the info she got from Ranma, letting the hoop hit her was not a good idea. Ducking, she looks over and sees the hoop shear off the top of one of the ring posts.

"And there it is, folks! Champion Kodachi's trademark Razor Hoop attack! That would've certainly left a mark if it had hit!"

"Oh no! Layla!" said Amore. If she hadn't have dodged in time, Layla would've been sliced in two.

"I don't think I can ever look at hula hoops the same way again…" said Musa.

As Layla was distracted by the missed hoop, Kodachi takes out her ribbon and lashes at her. Recovering, Layla rolls out of the way from the multiple ribbon strikes as it made cracking sounds upon impact with the mat.

"Layla!" Ranma throws in a pair of clubs, which Layla catches.

Using the clubs, Layla twirls them, deflecting the ribbon strikes away from herself.

"Use this, too!" Stella then throws in a rubber ball. Understanding, Layla then kicks the ball straight at Kodachi, hitting her in the gut and knocking her back.

She lost grip on her ribbon and gets up angrily while brandishing a pair of clubs. "You're persistant like a cockroach! I'll make sure to stomp you!"

"Just bring it, you friggin' psychopath!" retorted Layla. (3) "I don't think beating sense into you will be enough!" She goes into a stance with the clubs.

"How laughable that you still insist on taking me on!" said Kodachi with arrogance. "I am the rising new star of the high school gymnastics world! The beautiful flower of St. Hebereke, Kodachi the Black Rose! Now tremble in fear as you face the dreaded attack of…"

Kodachi holds out her clubs to the side, then slowly lifts her arms, giving off after-images. She then charges forward.

"... 1000 CLUBS!!!"

Layla desperately tries to block the rapid-fire club technique from Kodachi. Fortunately, Ranma help to train her in defending against high-speed attacks by using his Amaguriken on her. Although she couln't stop all of Ranma's club punches, she was able to block or deflect a majority of them. Plus, Kodachi's technique wasn't as fast as the Amazon technique.

Nevertheless, she had to stop it.

"Use this, Layla!" Flora tosses in a rubber ball towards her friend.

Layla jumps back and spikes the ball at Kodachi, causing her to drop her clubs, all twenty of them.

"Oh no! Kodachi's Attack of the 1000 Clubs had turned out to be a bust!"

"Harridan!" Kodachi rolls away, picking up her ribbon as she did so. Jumping up onto one of the ring posts, she whips out her ribbon and ensnares the round bell. She then flicks it towards Layla.

"Champion Kodachi brings a bell into play!"

Layla dives out of the way after the bell struck the mat and rolled off the ring.


"An opening!" Again, Kodachi whips out her ribbon, snagging a folding chair and throws it at Layla.

Ranma was starting to get a feeling of déjà vu. "It's just like how I did it…"

"How barbaric!" said Tune.

"Two can play that game!" Layla jumps to one of the posts and uses her ribbon to snag the commentator's desk.

"Oh no!" The commentator grabs her mic off the table before Layla snagged it away. "Challenger Layla throws in a desk!"

Kodachi smirks as she takes a hoop and uses it to slice the desk into quarters. "It is useless! Useless!"

She throws the hoop at Layla, who quickly ducks it. Using the distractin, Kodachi uses her ribbon to ensnare Layla.

"Crap!" Layla cursed.

"Challenger Layla has ben put into a bind! What will she do?"

"Ohohoho! Now then…" Jumping up, Kodachi somehow produces several rubber balls and barrages them at the bound Layla.

To the Winx's horror, the balls exploded on impact with the mat.

"It's Champion Kodachi's patented Bomb Ball attack! Could this be it for Challenger Layla?"

Kodachi lands and laughs. "My dear girl, you are nothing more than a smear on the floor now!"

Once the smoke cleared, Layla was seen standing up. She looked a little winded, but otherwise all right.

"But how!?" said Kodachi.

"What a shocker! Challenger Layla had somehow managed to escape the bombball attack unscathed! It must be some sort of miracle!"

Akane snorts. Hmph! She just got lucky, that's all!

Actually, while Layla was bound to the ribbon, she quickly used her power over the Morphix to slice her way out of the bonds. Afterwards, once the explosions happened, the Faerie of Water produced a barrier of water to buffer the explosions. She dropped it once all the bombs were off.

"You really are a roach! Hard to stop and twice as ugly!" said Kodachi.

Layla's eyes narrowed at the insult. "You should take a look at yourself before saying that!"

"How dare you, peasant!" said Kodachi.

Layla could only scoff. This girl dares to mouth off to people as if they're degenerates. If she only knew that Layla was a princess at her own realm, but that was beside the point. She was going to knock this girl off her high horse.

Kodachi throws more of the bomb balls at Layla. She desperately dodges all the explosions.

"What a sight! The ring is filled with explosions caused by Champion Kodachi's bomb balls! It's like a mine field!"

Layla utilized all her speed and agility to avoid getting blown up. This continued on for a while as the crowds started to get worried.

"Stop running, you coward! You're being a disgrace to our school!" Akane shouted while standing from her seat. All the people around her stare at her. "What? She's just wimping out!"

Ranma and the Winx glared at the violent tomboy in the stands. Nodoka, Shampoo, and Ukyou also showed displeasure at her remark.

Layla was also angry at Akane's remark, but had to focus on the battle. Once it became apparent that Kodachi ran out of bomb balls, she went back to another tactic.

"Let's see how much more you can take, girlie!" Lashing out with her ribbon, Kodachi snags a cooler and chucks it at Layla. She jumps to the side before the container and its hydration fluids could hit her.

Kodachi doesn't stop, however, as she then snags a fewfolding chairs and hurls them at Layla. Again, she tries to dodge, but one of the chairs manages to hit her on her left side.


"Layla!" shouted the Pixies.

Layla plops down on one knee as she clutches her side.

"Ohohohohoho! That position suits you, dear." Said Kodachi.

Layla glares at the insane gymnast with defiance. "I'm not out yet!"

"Oh, but you will be, soon!" Suddenly, Kodachi leaps back and uses her ribbon to snag something, or rather, someone. Kuno was immediately wrapped up in her ribbon and was sent hurtling towards the ring.

"Champion Kodachi attempts to land the finishing blow with her brother!"

"Get up and fight, you wimp! You really are worthless!" shouted Akane.

Layla was steamed now. That's it! I've had it!

Quickly getting up, Layla uses her ribbon and follow Kodachi's lead.

"What the!? AAAAUUUGGHHH!!!!"

Layla snags and hurls Akane towards Kodachi.

"Challenger Layla quickly counters with a fellow Furinkan classmate!"


Hard head meets hard head. The two human projectiles crash into a heap on the ring, knocking them out. Nabiki could only sigh. "Akane, you really need to watch what you say." As far as she was concerned, Akane brought that on herself.

"Oh Akane Tendo! To be this close to you is heaven!" said Kuno before slumping into unconsciousness.

Ranma and the Winx could only smile at Layla's action. It was about time the uncute tomboy was shut up. In the stands, Shampoo and Ukyou couldn't help but burst out laughing. After using Akane like a flail weight, they started to like Layla even more.

"Hmm… I may not have finished you off, but at least I got a good hit on Akane Tendo." Said Kodachi. "I suppose I should thank you."

"I wanted to do that, anyway!" said Layla.

"Take this!" Kodachi uses her ribbon to ensnare Kuno again and whips him towards Layla.

At that moment, Akane gets up, just in time to see Layla dodge Kuno's body. However, she wasn't as lucky as the kendoist slammed into her and knocked the both of them out of the ring. Akane was once again out like a light.

"Thanks. They were kind of in the way." Said Layla.

"My pleasure, now prepare to lose!" Kodachi lashes out with her ribbon.

Layla counters by lashing her own ribbon to counter Kodachi's moves.

As they continued to attempt to ribbon whip each other, Kodachi stomps her foot three times in succession on the mat. Sudenly, a harpoon stabs upward from the mat right in front of Layla, just missing her chin.


"Huh!?" said Ranma.

The harpoon quickly pulls back under.

"Shocking! A harpoon just suddenly came out from under the mat?"

Kodachi smirks as she stomps her foot again.

Layla starts to roll just as a line of harpoons stab upward from the mat in a wave.

"What is this, an ancient ruin!?" said Layla.

Ranma slaps himself on the head. "CRAP! I knew I forgot something!"

"Ranma? What is it?" asked Flora.

"I forgot about the ring! Kodachi rigged it, too, when I fought her!" said Ranma. "Layla! The ring! Flush it out!"

Layla nods and slams her palm onto the mat. "Flush Flood!"

"Move it!" Ranma directs the other Winx to get away from the ring.

The ring started to rumble. Suddenly, water pours out from all sides.

"What is this? Water has suddenly poured out from under the ring!"


Apparently, something else was pouring out, too. Several leotard-clad girls with harpoons get flushed out.

"And in another surprise, the entire St. Hebereke gymnastics team is washing away from under the ring!"

Layla glares at Kodachi. "You rotten cheater!"

"Cheater? It was simply a team effort, darling." Said Kodachi.

Layla was getting pissed off. She wasn't the only one, though. Ranma and his group, as well as the Furikan students, were all getting pissed off at Kodachi's less than honorable tactics. She had tried to blow up, slice, or impale the faerie throughout the whole match.

Ranma then calls out to her. "Enough, Layla! Just use your powers! If this is how she wants to fight, then you've got the right to respond in kind!"

Layla smirks at Ranma's logic. Let's see how Kodachi likes to have her own loopholes used against her!

"Well now, I guess I won't have to hold back an longer…" said Layla.

"Oohohohohoho! And what can you possibly do different, hussy?" taunted Kodachi.

"You should stop laughing. Otherwise, you'll drown out the warning signals screaming at you from what passes as your brain!"

"What was that!?" Kodachi gets her ribbon to bear and whips it at her, intent on causing major damage.

Layla drops her ribbon, powers up, and…


Kodachi was suddenly knocked back by a ball of water shot from Layla's hands. She gets up sputtering. "Huh!?"

"What a twist! Challenger Layla somehow shot what appears to be a ball of water at Champion Kodachi!"

Layla holds out her fist, which was surounded by water.


Punching forward, the water around Layla's fist extends into a solid arm of water, punching Kodachi in the kisser.

Getting up from the attack completely soaked, she gives a hard glare to her opponent. "Hey! No bare handed attacks, you cheater!"

Layla frowns. After what happened before and during the match, she dared to call HER a cheater? "Why don't you just shut up, you hypocrite! And I'm not using my bare hands! I'm using WATER!"

"It's true! Challenger Layla didn't use her bare hands in the attack! Good thing for her that water is a valid weapon!"

Kodachi eeped when he heard that announcement. "THAT'S NOT FAIR!!!"

"You've got no right to gripe about fairness! HYDRO BOMB!"

Layla jumps up and does the water version of Kodachi's bomb ball barrage. Kodachi desperately tried to dodge the watery explosions of Layla's attack. The shoe was on the other foot, now.

"Incredible! Challenger Layla has Champion Kodachi on the run! Then again, with so much water bombs, that's not surprising!"

The St. Hebeke spectators gasp when seeing their star athlete getting bombarded. The Furinkan side, however, started to cheer her on.

Layla lands back onto the mat and faces Kodachi, who looked winded, drenched, and intimidated.

"You're… you're a monster!" said Kodachi.

Layla's eyes narrowed. "No, Kodachi. The only monster here is you. You go around bullying people you believe to be beneath you and attack others in a cowardly manner. You use your status to throw your weight around and believe that you're entitled to everything just because you say so. You believe in your own delusions, you've lost sight of reality. Well, it's time to WAKE UP!"

With those words, Layla started to power up again. Kodachi braces herself.

'No! I musn't lose! I'll never lose! I am the Black Rose! I won't give up my darling Ranma to those hussies! I shall free him!'

Kodachi goes into a suicidal lunge with her two spiked clubs. "RANMA DARLING IS MINE!"

Big mistake.

"This is for Kyoiya!"

Layla produces a quarterstaff of water and slams it into Kodachi's head, causing her to drop her weapons. She follows up the attack with a water pole thrust in her gut, making her double over.

"This is for my club members!"

The water faerie lifts her leg and does a roundhouse kick, firing off an arc of water, slamming into Kodachi.

"This is for all the pain you've caused Ranma in the past!"

Layla produces a water ball with a diameter of three feet and sends it crashing down on top of Kodachi, knocing her down. She remembered how much crap Kodachi put Ranma through after seeing his memories while in his mindscape. Why Kodachi would think Ranma would love her despite all her blackmail, attempts to drug him, and breaking promises were beyond Layla. (4)

Kodachi refused to go down and defiantly gets back up. However, it would've been best if she had just stayed down.

"And this… IS FOR ME!" Layla was surrounded by an aura of water. "FOR JUST PISSING ME OFF!!!"

The water around Layla condensed as she prepares her final attack.


A huge stream of water erupted from Layla's body and shot up at an angle towards Kodachi.


Kodachi was hit hard by the constant stream of H2O and was sent flying out of the ring. She crashes onto the gym floor in a large puddle of water.

The ref quickly goes to her side to check her condition. She was simply knocked out, BAD. The ref signals to the commentator that Kodachi was fine. Nodding, she goes to finish her report.


The Furinkan crowds let of a thunderous round of applause at her victory via knockout AND ring out. Soon, the crowds started to chant her name.

The announcer holds up Layla's arm in victory. "Winner by knockout and ring out, Layla Andros!"

Layla waves to the crowds before getting off the ring where she was joined by Ranma's group.

"You did it, Layla! You won!" said Bloom as she hugged her friend. Kiko also expressed his praise by rubbing himself against Layla's cheek.

"Congratulations!" said Flora.

"You were fabulous, my student." Said Nodoka.

"Thanks, you guys. I couldn't have done it without you." said Layla.

"That quite number you give psycho girl!" said Shampoo. She only regrets that she wasn't the one to dish out the pain on Kodachi.

"Was… that too much?" asked Layla.

"You kidding? I don't think that was enough for her!" said Ukyou.

Everyone laughs at this. Layla looks over to Ranma, who smiles at her proudly. Her performance was beyond his expectations.

Soon, the Furinkan spectators crowd around the group, cheering her on while chanting Layla's name.

Saotome complex, later that night…

Ranma and the girls were in the living room as Nodoka was getting dinner prepared.

"That was a tough match…" said Layla as she reclined on the couch.

"You deserve a long rest after all that, Layla." said Flora.

Piff flies over and perches herself on Layla's shoulder. She nuzzles against her cheek.

"By the way, I've managed to catch that Nabiki girl doing something during the contest." Said Stella.

"What? What was she doing?" asked Musa.

"It looked like she was taking pictures." Replied Stella.

"I guess it's for the school newspaper." Bloom said.

Ranma got worried. "Hold on, with Nabiki, it can't be good."

"Huh? What do you mean, Ranma?" asked Zing.

"That right! Too too sneaky girl always plotting money schemes!" said Shampoo.

Ranma nodded. "As Shampoo said, Nabiki must've been taking provocative shots of you to sell to the local perverts around here."

"What!? She wouldn't!" said Flora. That's like an invasion of privacy!

"I wouldn't put it past her, Flora." Said Ranma. "She'd do anything to make money." He remembered his own experiences when Nabiki sold pictures of his girl form to all the perverts in the area.

"If you all are worried about that, then don't be." Said Tecna.

"That's right! We've taken care of it!" said Digit.

This caught everyone's interest.

"Oh? What did you do, Tecna?" ased Ukyou.

"I was suspiscious when Nabiki and two other girls were taking photos of the match with their digital cameras." Said Tecna. "I had Digit go check them out, considering what Ranma told us about her."

"Turns out that all the photos were shots of Layla in some very flattering angles." Said Digit.

They all blushed at that comment.

"Well, take a look." Digit forms a digital camera and a holo-screen in mid-air. The screen went into a slide show depicting Layla in her skimpy leotard, twisted in different positions when fighting Kodachi. Ranma blushed. He didn't know Layla was THAT flexible.

"Oh my…" said Flora.

"Don't worry, we've taken out all the images and replaced them with something else." Said Digit.

Layla sighs in relieve. She won't have to worry about becoming a victim of taboo or anything. However, there was just one other thing unanswered.

"So what did you replace Nabiki's photos with?" asked Layla.

"Well, as you know, technology is my forte." Said Tecna. "I can easily recreate digital images and had Digit transfer them. What the images were? Well…"

The tecno faierie could only grin deviously.

Tendo household, Nabiki's room…

The middle Tendo sister grins with satisfaction. Since Ranma's absence, her usual income wasn't coming in as big as she had hoped. Now that he's arrived with his six beautiful faerie girlfriends, opportunity rose. There had been much demand of anything involving the new transfer students. When there's demand, there's profit to be made. Getting those shots of Layla in her skimpy leotard was practically a gold mine to her. She planned to sell them to the masses at inflated prices.

"Hmmm… 50000 yen each would be a good start. Those guys will do anything to get something of the=ose gaijins." Said Nabiki. "Now to see what I've got…"

Turning on her computer, she hooks up her digital cam to save copies of the photos. Nabiki clicks the photo folder containing the camera's contents. However….


Nabiki screamed in disgust as the photo folder contained pictures of not Layla in her leotard, but of Tatewaki Kuno wearing nothing but a sumo thong.

In two other houses in Nerima, we hear the screams of Nabiki's cronies as they, too, were subjected to the same horrifying visions on their computers.

At the Saotome complex, one could hear the laughter of a group of faeries.

To be continued…


Layla: It's done! We can leave the contest behind us.

Stella: Well, time to get back to more important things!

Zing: All right! The Wheel again!

Ranma: That was a quick change of pace. Tecna? What're you doing?

Tecna: I've found something we can do, Ranma!

Ranma: Huh? In there?

Bloom: Just what is she planning? Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Go Virtual! Tecna's Trip!'

Tecna: You've got to see this place, Ranma.

Ending (Ranma ½ style, 'Platonic Love')

Ranma is seen reclining on the grass looking out into the clear sky. Sitting next to him with her back turned is Nodoka, sipping tea.

Dare mo inai umibe ni anata to futari (You and I are together, alone at the beach)

Hashagi-sugita toki ga shizumaru (It's time to settle down after some frolicking)

Ranma and Nodoka look up as they see the Pixie fly by. They wave and go back to looking at the scenery.

Mukuchi ni natta hitomi ga naze ka kowai wa (I wonder why I'm getting scared of your silent eyes)

Sora mo umi mo nami mo toonoku no (The sky, the sea and the waves seem so faraway)

Bloom and Stella arrive and sit near Ranma. He acknowledges tham and they watch the sky together. Flora then comes in and sits near the group.

Ah Koyubi ga furete mo shooto shisou yo (Ah, you'd short-circuit me just by touching me with your pinkie)

Tecna walks in and joins the rest.

Ai ga sodatsu made sukoshi matte (Please can you hold on till we've really justified our love)

Inally, Musa and Layla walk in and seat themselves down. Ranma looks about and realizes how close the girs were sitting next to him and gets flustered.

At each beat, we see a headshot of each Winx before landing on Ranma, then to a gigling Nodoka.

Kuchibiru no sunatsubu sotto haratte (I saw myself inside your eyes)

Anata no me no naka no watashi wo miru (As you wipe the sand off my lips)

Ranma blushes as all the girls giggle. They all stand up to look at the sky background. A street-cleaning car drives by.

Puratonikku wo tsuranuite ne (Let's go through this platonic love)

Yakusoku yo (Promise me)

Puratonikku de tsuranuite ne (Let's get through with platonic love)

Anata ga suki (I love you)

Zooming out, we see that the sky background is just a well-painted billboard. As they were really in a lot in the middle of Nerima. Sitting on top of either side of the billboard were Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou. At the lower righthand corner of the billboard was the 'Ranma Club' logo.

End ending

Author's notes:

Finally done! I was away on vacation for a while and now back on track. Sorry for the wait, people.

(1)A line from AnimeAddiction's "Fighting Blind" story.

(2)Like her brother, Kodachi has a flat line for a learning curve. Plus, her armed with military armor shouldn't come as a surprise. In the episode where Sasuke gets thrown out of the Kuno home and into the Tendo Dojo, the Kuno siblings got into a fight with each other using huge military-grade weapons, all simply because Kuno ate the cookies Kodachi made to give to Ranma. To tell the truth, the appearance of guns in this series came as a surprise to me… even Mousse doesn't use those.

(3)AndrewK9000's idea.

(4)Kodachi's not right in the head, just like her brother. She just assumes Ranma's in love with her, despite the glaring evidence stating otherwise. He's not even a real fiancee and has no realclaim on him. Plus, she blackmailed Ranma with those edited photos of them, even after she said she wouldn't show them to people as long as Ranma ate her cookies. Let's not forget all those times Kodachi tried to paralyze Ranma with those damn bouquets.

Chapter Twenty-three: Go Virtual! Tecna's Trip!

Chapter 23: Go Virtual! Tecna's Trip!

Opening (.HACK//SIGN style, 'Obsession')

A static screen pops in. The 'Ranma Club' logo blurs in and the beats go.

How come I must know

Where obsession needs to go?

Tecna, in her Enchantix body, was wearing a sort of virtual visor as she flies around in a virtual world. Ranma's hands are seen typing on a keyboard.

How come I must know

The direction of relieving?

Tecna lands on a structure, then makes a wave with her hand, trailing green lightning. It opens up a portal in cyberspace and she leaps through. The 'Rama Club' logo comes out.

Deep in the night

Far off the light

Missing my headache

Tecna's face digitally forms in the back. It is replaced by Musa's then Layla's. Her face splits away.

Visions of light

Sweeter delight

Kissin' my loveache

Flora's face splits in. It is replaced by Stella's, then finally Bloom's. Her face splits away as Ranma walks out of the background towards the screen.

In the darkness was an orb of light. The Specialists' weapons orbit around it just as the orb obscures everything in its light. Split screen of Ranma's two forms. At each beat it shows a shot of a part of his/her body while occassionally going back to the orb. It finally shows both forms curled up, mirroring each other, then finally fusing, obscuring everything in light.

Deep in the night

Far off the light

Missing my headache

In the background is a close-up of Ranma's face as if he were in a trance.

Bloom walks by and throws a fireball towards the screen. Stella walks in and slashes with a sword of light she materialized in her hand. Flora enters while causing a trail of leaves and petals to follow her.

Visions of light

Sweeter delight

Kissin' my loveache

Musa drops in and throws some music notes in the air and rolls off before they crash to the ground. Layla walks in and causes a small flood to wash away the remenants of the notes and surfs away with it. Tecna pops in from the bottom with her back turn, then looks towards the screen, still wearing that visor. She reaches out, her form becoming a black silhouette.

In the back, Ranma's eyes snap open.

How come I must know

Where obsession needs to go?

How come I must know

Where the passion hides its feelings?

The phantoms of the Specialists fall one by one down a virtual portal.

How come I must know

Where obsession needs to go?

How come I must know

The direction of relieving?

Ranma rises up, makes a wave of his arm that calls up the Specialists' weapons in front of him, then fires them off, blackening out the screen. Enchantix Tecna breaks through the darkness and hovers in the air. She turns to look at Ranma and Ranma-chan, who were curled up and surrounded by a light aura, as if they were in stasis.

End opening

Saotome complex…

A week has passed since Layla's duel against Kodachi. The contest proved to be a harrowing experience. That psychotic gymnast tried to do everything in her power to finish off Layla simply because she has feelings for Ranma. However, the faerie of water proved to be too much for Kodachi to handle.

At this time, Kyoiya and the other members of the gymnastics club had made a full recovery from Kodachi's ambushes, much to Layla's relief. Her accomplishment had been talked about and praised throughout the school. Layla was humble about it, not letting her success go to her head, being a proper princess and all. Still, her and her friends' popularity rose from the event.

Nabiki was puzzled. She was certain that she and her cohorts had taken perfect photos of Layla during the match, but somehow the photos got deleted. No, not deleted, more like replaced, with ones of… brrr… Sumo Kuno. She needed income fast. Due to the Winx's popularity, the demand for anything concerning them was high, and Nabiki planned to capitalize on it. The trick was how.

Of course, Akane continued to hold nothing but contempt for Layla and her friends. Using her as a flail weight during the tournament was adding insult to injury, never mind the fact that Akane was the one who verbally assaulted Layla first. Again, Akane tried to attack Layla or the others for the incident, but like always, her attempts would get thwarted.

End of the day…

Shampoo and Ukyou had left to work at their respective restaurants. The Winx Club left for home. Ranma was a bit delayed when leaving school.

"Hello, Ranma."

Ranma's expression became stern as he saw who was standing near the school gates.


The middle Tendo girl strutted up to Ranma with a haughty air. "Now is that a way to talk with an old friend?"

"I'm not even sure if I can even consider you a friend." Retorted Ranma.

"Ranma, I'm hurt." Nabiki said with mock sadness. "I thought we had a pretty close relationship."

"You only saw me as a method for a quick buck." Said Ranma.

"You had to have a way to earn your keep at my place." Nabiki said simply.

"Through extortion, not to mention sometimes at the expense of my life." (1)

"It's simply business."

"Well this business is off. I no longer stay at the Tendo Dojo, so I owe you nothing. Now excuse me." Ranma walks past Nabiki out the gate.

"On the contrary, Ranma, you still owe me a lot." Said Nabiki as she cuts off his path. "Damage to the dojo those months ago was pretty extensive, you know."

"And who invited them over to the wedding in the first place? The money you got from them should've covered the damages you instigated!"

"That only covered your already big tab for the past events. Plus, they're your 'friends'. Your friends, your mess."

Ranma's eyes narrowed. Even after all this time, she still planned to bleed him dry. "Since I left that place, I've cut off any ties I had with my father and your family. I don't owe you anything." He walks past her yet again.

"You've racked up quite the sum, Saotome." Nabiki called out. "However, there's a simple way to pay it all off in one fell swoop."

"And what might that be?" asked Ranma, not bothering to look back and kept walking. As if I didn't know…

"Your six friends, they've grown quite popular at our school. People want to know everything they can about them, and they all come to me for it."

Ranma stops and turns to glare at Nabiki. "Stop right there, Nabiki. Whatever you're planning, you can just forget it."

"All I'm asking is that maybe you can take a few photos of them. I won't expect you to give them to me for free. I'll willingly buy them." Said Nabiki. "Maybe we can work together on this. You'll be the supplier of the goods, and I'll be the distributor. Those guys will willingly pay anything for just photos alone. We could make a profit."

Ranma was angry. How dare she ask him something like that? "Getting me involved in your money-making schemes is one thing, but getting them involved is another story completely! Leave them out of it! They're not objects! I'm not going to break their trust and invade their privacy just so you can make a profit! And I warn you not to try anything either, or you'll seriously regret it!"

Nabiki was unphased. Ranma was just a dumb jock, after all, who only knew how to beat down physical problems with his fists and knew nothing about how to deal with mental challenges, which was her forte. "And what are you going to do, Ranma? You don't know anything except how to fight."

"I'm a lot different from the guy you used to know, Nabiki…" said Ranma as he turned to leave. "I know how to fight in other ways, too. Believe you me, you don't want to see how."

With that said, Ranma heads for home, leaving Nabiki alone at the gate.

Empty threats, Ranma. I will take what you owe me.

Nabiki was sure that the incident with the pics at Layla's tournament was just a fluke. She'll try again to get any information on the Winx girls. Demand of them had risen, and she intends to capitalize on it. Soon, she'll learn to heed the warnings of others.

Saotome Complex…

"Tadaima…" said Ranma as he walked in. He was confused as there was no one there.

'Hmmm? Where is everyone?'

"Bloom? Flora? Anyone?"

Ranma walks towards the guestroom, thinking he may find at least one of the girls in there.

"Hello, Ranma."

The pigtailed-boy looks to see the violet-haired Tecna. She was sitting at a desk before her laptop. There were two strange-looking devices next to it.

"Hey, Tecna." Said Ranma. "Where is everyone?"

"Uh… they're just… out…" replied Tecna nervously.

"Oh…" said Ranma. Odd, it's almost like last week with Layla, but this time, it's Tecna… He shakes out of his thoughts. "What're you doing?"

"Just checking out the internet." Replied Tecna. "It's so different from the one in Zenith, or even Magix."

"I can only imagine…" said Ranma.

Tecna looked unsure of herself. Here was Ranma, alone with her in the room. She thought back to some minutes ago, when the girls worked their system…


"Okay! Layla's had her fun, now let's try this again!" said Stella.

Layla could only blush at Stella's comment.

"We'll give the wheel another spin!" said Zing. The simple wheel containing the faces of the Winx girls sat on the coffee table, the 'contestants' surrounding it. Layla's face was taken off of it, so it only contained Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna. Zing spins the arrow once more. "So who's it going to be this week? The suspense is too much!"

Bloom, Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna could only wait in anticipation for the arrow to stop spinning. Layla and the other Pixies sat at the sidelines as if they wee a studio audience. The Pixies started to cheer for her respective bonded partner.

Afterwards, the arrow starts to slow down, then finally lands on Tecna's image.

"This week's winner: Tecna!" said Zing as she spells out her name on the puzzle board.

"Yeah! Go Tecna!" said Digit.

"Awww…" said Chatta.

The remaining Faeries looked slightly disappointed that they didn't win the 'Date Ranma' system, but they were happy for their friend. They'll all get their chance soon.

"Congratulations, Tecna." Said Flora.

"Looks like you're up, girl!" said Musa.

"So what do you plan on doing?" asked Bloom.

"Uh…. Aheheheh…. To tell the truth… I never really thought about it…" Tecna admits in embarrassment.

"What? You, 'Miss Always-Prepared-for-Anything' is not prepared for this?" asked Stella in shock. "This is a really big thing, you know!"

"That's exactly the problem!" said Tecna. "I can be prepared for building stuff or school work, but not on matters like this!"

Flora walks up to her. "Tecna, this has nothing to do with being logical. It deals with the heart. Matters of the heart cannot be measured by science or magic, though I'm sure you already know that."

"She's right, Tecna. Just be natural and loosen up. I'm sure Ranma will appreciate you regardless on what you have planned for him. Just have fun." Said Bloom.

Tecna couldn't help but smile at her friends' support.

"Thanks, girls…"

End flashback…

This week, it was her time with Ranma. She wanted to make it special. Finally, Tecna mustered up her courage.

"So, Ranma, are you busy? Perhaps we can hang out together for today?"

Ranma turns to look at her. "Huh? Oh, alright then. What do you have in mind?"

"Well, Ranma, there is this…" Tecna takes the two devices next to the laptop. She hands one to Ranma.

Ranma takes and examines it. It looked like some kind of high-tech visor. It was colored snow white, and had a strange looking lens lining down the length in a long rectangle. It was colored a light blue, but didn't look to be made of glass or anything solid, rather it was like it was made of light. The ear pieces were rounded, designed to latch onto the ears and balance the visor out.

"What's this thing?" asked Ranma.

"A VR visor." Replied Tecna. "I built it myself."

"Cool. So… what're you planning on doing?" asked Ranma.

Tecna fits her VR visor over her face. "Just put it on and sit back."

Ranma looked confused, but fits the visor over his eyes. Tecna turns and begins typing on her laptop. "Systems engaged. Visors online." Ranma was surprised when the lenses on his visor came to life and started to glow. "Logging in. Subjects: Tecna and Ranma." (2)

"Huh? Wha-?"

He didn't have time to think as suddenly, everything around Ranma began moving at warp speed.


"Whoa… what a trip… what was that?" asked Ranma. He finds Tecna nowhere to be found. "Tecna?"

He took a moment to look about his surroundings. It was very odd indeed. Everything was like a black void. Not only that, but numerous green lines criss-crossed everywhere like a grid. The lines pulsated in and out while sparks traveled along them very quickly.

"What is this place?" asked Ranma to no one in particular.

"Welcome to Cyperspace, Ranma!"

Ranma turns towards the voice. Standing before him was Tecna.

"Tecna?" He recalled what she had said. "Cyberspace? You mean we're…"

"That's right, were in the computer network of the World Wide Web, as you call it." Replied Tecna. "We just used my laptop and visors as a dock to get in."

"Whoa…. I'm in a machine…" said Ranma. "Now what?"

"We'll just surf the web." Replied Tecna. She holds her hand out, suddenly a portal opens up before her. "The Web is a huge place. Come on!"

She grabs Ranma's hand and pulls him through, the portal closing once inside.

Ranma and Tecna find themselves in what looks like a high-tech city. Everything looked to be made of metal and pulsating with electricity. The striking thing, however, is that there are several internet windows floating about.

"I can't believe that all this is in a computer!" said Ranma.

"It's basically like anoter world, Ranma." Said Tecna. "Plus, we're cyber-bodies, meaning we're just like figments of our imaginations."

"What're you saying?"

"I'm saying that we could basically do anything here." Tecna demonstrates by focusing on herself and emitting a green aura, nearly blinding Ranma. Once the light died down, Tecna's appearance changed. Her usual attire was replaced by a dark purple tube top and mini-skirt ensemble, with dark purple wedge sandals and gold bracelets. Her body was also enhanced to look like her Enchantix mode, as her eyes had pink eye shadow and her violet hair lengthened to just past her shoulders. Needless to say, Ranma was speechless.


"Something wrong, Ranma?"

Ranma shook his head hurriedly. "Oh no! Nothing at all! Ahahaha…"

Tecna could only smile at Ranma's reaction. She found it to be very cute. "Come on, there's much to see."

"Lead the way."

First packet…

Ranma was surprised to find himself at a grand park. He and Tecna were walking down a paved path across grassy plains. Several trees dotted the area and a big fountain up ahead, shooting up water. There were even benches and lightposts lining the walkways.

"It almost looks real…" said Ranma.

"Virtual environments tend to be like that." Said Tecna.

Ranma kneels down to feel the solid ground. "Even feels real."

"Everything's real in the cyber world." Tecna walks over to tap on a nearby lightpost. It gives off clanging noises. "See?"

"Heh, you're not kidding."

"So is this…" Tecna walks over towards the fountain. Dipping her hand in the water, she suddenly splashes towards Ranma, catching him by surprise.

"Whoa!" Ranma shields himself with his hands as the virtual water splashes at him, activating his curse. "Man… even the water…"

Tecna giggles at Ranma-chan. "I didn't think your curse would carry over in here as well."

"Well I guess it did." Said Ranma-chan in an indignant tone while drying herself.

"You know, Ranma, since these aren't our real bodies, we still have control over them."

"Oh yeah, you're right!" Ranma-chan focuses on herself, then reverts male again. "Man, this is awesome!"

"Now then, focus!"

Tecna splashes water at Ranma again. This time, Ranma kept in mind that he's a virtual body, and the water hits him. He was still male.

"All right! I didn't change this time!" said Ranma.

"Told you so."

"Would you like to go for a little stroll?"

Ranma looked at the enhanced Tecna nervously. "Sure thing…"

The violet-haired girl smiles as she took Ranma's arm in her own and pulled him down the walkways.

Cyberworld Nexus…

"What the…?"

Ranma was confused when he saw windows flying around the virtual city. Each one had two or more people sitting at a table talking with one another. Some just had random things going on in them, like one virtual guy instantly making a sculpture out of a boulder that just appeared in the room, or one who painted a photo image on a canvas in less than a second.

"Those must be chatrooms." Said Tecna. "People around the world chat with others from long distances this way."

"Must be convenient." Said Ranma. "What's with some of the split-second art shows?"

Tecna looks up and sees that some people were handing folders to each other along with canvases. "Oh, they must be file-sharing. Images, text files, whatever."

"So this is what it looks like when people download stuff, huh?" asked Ranma.

"Yeah, pretty much."

Looking over, they see a crowd of virtual people sitting before a podium stage. A man with a gavel was at the podium gesturing to an elaborate dolphin clock.

"The starting bid is $50. Do I hear fifty?"





"An online auction." Said Tecna.

"Doesn't seem any different from a live one." Said Ranma.

Just across from the auction house was a store. Several virtual people were pushing aroung shopping carts full of items while others were checking out at the cash register.

"Is this all?"

"That's all."

"Your total is $250.00."

"Here you go." The customer gives the cashier a credit card, in which the numbers float off and are scanned in air.

"Received." The purchases suddenly disappeared, replaced with a form. "Your order will come in after five business days."

"Can't wait!"

Ranma raised an eyebrow. "Let me guess, an online store?"

"Precisely!" replied Tecna.

Second packet…

"Wow…" Ranma looked about the current area. It was lined with what looked like tennis courts. The thing was that the "racquets" were short thick bars, and the "ball" was a cube. (3)

"Online games." Said Tecna. "I challenge you to Pong!"

Ranma smirks. "You are so on!"

Pong table no. 874….

Ranma and Tecna stood on opposite sides of the virtual table, each holding a thick bar that floated before them. The cube floats down towards the center dividing line.

"You ready?" asked Tecna.

"Of course!" replied Ranma.


The cube shoots off to Tecna's side. She moves the bar and bounces it towards Ranma. Ranma responds by bouncing the cube back at a wide angle, heading for Tecna's open side. She quickly runs with her bar to return it.

For a while, they kept returning the cube back to each other with no score. Tecna managed to force Ranma into returning the cube from one corner of his side. Seeing her chance, she aims at his unprotected corner. There was no way he could get there in time.

"Ha! Point!" called out Tecna.

"Not yet!" said Ranma.


She saw Ranma quickly dash towards the other corner while ditching his bar. Was he nuts? How can he return the cube without the bar?

Ranma smirks at Tecna's confusion. He ditched the bar to lighten the load off himself. Before Tecna's shocked expression, Ranma lashes out with a spinning roundhouse kick at the cube, sending it hurtling back fast. Tecna's distraction cost her as the cube flew past her, scoring a point for Ranma.

"NOW it's point!"

Tecna gives a devious smirk. "Oh, you're going down now!"

Cyberworld Nexus…

Ranma and Tecna walked about the Cyberworld Nexus. They've spent quite some time playing those online games with each other: Tetris, Minesweeper, Cake Mania (who knew trying to make cakes fast would be so addicting?), and Spades to name a few. Ranma still needed work on the games involving cards, though.

"I've got to say, the Cyberworld is something else." Said Ranma.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it, Ranma." Said Tecna.

"Thanks for showing this to me, Tecna. I feel like I've been missing out on a lot of things."

"It's no problem."

As they walked, Ranma noticed a high-security portal. "Huh? What's that?"

"Oh, probably to someone else's PC." Replied Tecna. "The Cyberworld is the nexus point for all computers in the world."

"Really?" Ranma then got to thinking, then grins deviously. "ANY computer?"

"What's on your mind?"


Ranma quickly relays his plan to her, causing her to look up in surprise.


"Yeah, I feel as if I'm doing a public service here."

Tecna gazes into Ranma's depths. "This sounds so wrong…" Her mouth curls up into a mischievous grin. "I like it!"

PC portal #4895003271796…

"Well, here we are…"

Ranma and Tecna look up at the high security portal. It was a huge, twelve-foot circular opening sealed with heavy full-metal doors. On the front, it read "Keep out! Private line!"

"The portal to Nabiki's PC…" said Ranma.

"She seems to have it locked up tight." Said Tecna as she observed the door. "Must be something valuable in there."

"Nabiki tends to keep her secrets closely guarded." Said Ranma. "Hmmm… so how can we get in?"

"No worries. I'll just hack in."

Tecna holds out her hands, causing a green screen display to appear before her. She starts to rapidly type in keys on the virtual board. Finishing up, Tecna hits what might be the "enter" key, causing the virtual screen and keyboard to meld together. Ranma was surprised when the virtual glob started to take shape. Tecna smirks as the glob took the form of a five-foot shaft, then takes it in her hand.

"What is that?" asked Ranma.

Tecna doesn't say a word as she walks up to the heavy door and raises the shaft over her head. Suddenly, the end of the shaft forms into a huge double-bladed axe head two feet in length. She brings the virtual axe down on the door, hacking a huge gash in it. She turns to look at Ranma, who looked shocked at the whole thing.

"Just a simple hacking program."

Ranma shakes out of it. "Wow… when you said you'd hack into the PC, you REALLY mean it!"

Tecna smirks. "It's what I do!"

Nabiki's PC…

Ranma and Tecna had to fight off much of the PC's online security, which took the form of robotic guards and laser-mounted gun turrets. They were more of a nuisance than a threat, though. A ki blast here, a green lightning there, and those droids were down for the count.

"Wow, the security protocols on this PC are almost non-existant…" said Tecna. "Then again, this is just an Earth computer."

"Yeah, you must've tangled with worse before, huh?" asked Ranma.

"I have, actually." Replied Tecna. "Ten times worse than what we've seen here."

"Whoooo…. Must've been bad."

"Yeah, there were times where I've almost been deleted."

Walking around, they've finally come across a pedestal before a huge screen hanging in the air.

"This must be it…" said Ranma.

Tecna materializes a scanning device over her face and looks the mechanism over. "It is, the central data bank of Nabiki's computer."

They walk over to the pedestal, which forms a keyboard. "Let's crack you open!"

Tecna works her techno magic on the database, easily gaining access to its contents. Ranma was surprised at the files being displayed.

"My God, she's got dirt on nearly everyone at Furinkan!" said Ranma. All of Nabiki's files contained personal secrets of many students and even teachers. There were notes and photos of things people didn't want others to know about. Each one also had a list of debts and bills owed to her, to keep track of her money. He frowns as he noticed that his list was the longest. "Looks like she never got around to canceling my debts."

"I can't believe she'd do this!" said Tecna in disgust. "Sticking her nose in other people's personal lives and blackmailing them for money!"

"Sadly enough, this was the only known source of income for the Tendo Dojo." Said Ranma.

"What? But what about normal income?" asked Tecna. "They live in a dojo, don't they? Does the owner not charge for lessons or something?"

"Er… yeah… that's the thing… aside from me, the family, or any uninvited guests, no one else ever uses the dojo. Come to think of it, I don't ever recall Mr. Tendo or Pop teaching any classes."

"But… that's what a dojo is for!"

"Yeah, they're just lazy, expecting me to merge the schools through marriage and run it while they live off of my hard work… All they cared about is their "future of the Anything-Goes" that they've neglected everything else. Now that I think about it, that dojo is nothing more than used space."

Tecna could only frown. When Ranma was living at the Tendo Dojo, he'd get worked on in some way, expected to fix problems that get dumped on him. In a way, he was re-enacting the classic tale of Cinderella.

"This may be the only way they get income, but it is totally unethical. It's time these people learned the value of hard work!" said Tecna. The techno faerie whips out her PDA and hooks it to the database console. "Say goodbye to psychological leverage!"

Immediately, Tecna started to delete all of the delicate files Nabiki has on people. There's no possible way Nabiki could remember each and every debt amount owed to her. Ranma's insane debt was no more.

"Thanks, Tecna. Don't know how I can thank you." said Ranma.

"Oh, I might have something in mind…" said Tecna in a sly manner.


"Well, that's the last of them. Before we split, there's something I want to leave behind…" Tecna then conjures up a two foot long capsule and sets it before the pedestal. Flipping open a lid in its side, she begins typing a code on the mini keypad. She quickly shuts the lid and turns to Ranma when a timer for sixty seconds appeared on the capsule's side. "We'd better go, now!"

Ranma didn't ask questions as he took Tecna's hand and started to run towards the portal leading to the Cyberworld Nexus. They could hear the beeping of the timer behind them, growing fainter, and the time within beeps shortening. He looks in shock that the heavy reinforced door they came through was starting to seal up its gash. "Oh crap!" Finally, they heard an explosion behind them. Bolts of green and black electricity lashed out everywhere, and started to head right for Ranma and Tecna!


With a final burst of speed, Ranma and Tecna made a mad dash towards the door gash and jumped through, just before the gash reseals itself. They both rolled to safety and looked up at the door, which gives off a bit of black and green sparks before sealing shut once again.

"Mission accomplished." Said Tecna as she started to get up.

"Yeah. My debt is gone, and Nabiki can't muscle people for money." Said Ranma as he got up. He looks over to Tecna, then down, and blushes as he realized that they were still holding hands. "Uhh…"

Tecna giggled. "You were quite great back there, Ranma."

"Same with you, Tecna…"

"By the way, remember how I said that there might be a way for you to thank me for canceling out your debts?"

"Huh? Oh… yeah?"

Tecna loops her arms around Ranma's neck. "I've just thought of something…" Before Ranma could react, Tecna closed the distance between them and locked lips with him. Ranma was surprised at Tecna's action, but soon, he wrapped his arms around her waist and returned the kiss. Even though they were both virtual, the osculation felt all too real.

They separated after a minute. Tecna blushes and simply says, "You're welcome…"

It was then that they started flashing in ad out until they vanished from the Cybeworld.

Saotome guest room…

Ranma just took off the visor and finds himself seated before the laptop. Sitting beside him was Tecna, who had taken her visor off. Naturally, she was reverted to normal as opposed to her virtual look.

"That was some trip…" said Ranma.

"You liked it?" asked Tecna.

"Yeah, it was great!"

"I'm glad…"

"By the way, Tecna, what was that bomb capsule for?" asked Ranma.

"It's a special virus I've created." Replied Tecna.


"Yep! How it works is that it will automatically delete any data similar to what we've deleted from any external drives she might put in her PC. I figured that she may have external backups in case something major happened to the main source."

"Ooooooohh… how sneaky of you!" laughed Ranma. "She won't be blackmailing anyone soon!"

"If she wants to earn money, she'll have to do it the honest way."

"I'd say this turned out to be quite a fun day, huh?" Ranma sits back and reclines on his seat.

"Yes, it has…" said Tecna. She looked over to Ranma and blushes as she noticed a smidge of lipstick on Ranma's mouth, which she knows wasn't there before logging in.

Nabiki's room…


Guess who came home to take stock on the debts owed to her?

"No problem… good thing I keep a back-up…" She plugs in her external hard drive into the USB to take records of what money she's got owed to her. However…


To be continued…


Ranma: Putting one over Nabiki was a great experience!

Tecna: It sure was!

Bloom: Nerima is just getting more interesting!

Stella: Hey, what's with the duck?

Musa: That pig, too!

Ranma: Looks like Ryoga managed to find his way back, again.

Flora: Something's wrong… this duck doesn't seem…

Layla: Next time, on Ranma Club, 'Wash Clean! More Loose Ends!'

Ranma: Just what do you want now… Mousse…

Ending (Tenchi Muyo! Style, 'Talent for Love')

Kiko pads in on a blank background. He looks about and sees nothing. Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou walk in and join Kiko. All three look bored at the blank scenery. Kiko gets the light bulb and pulls art supplies from behind him.

Life is so full of hurry and hustle

Sometimes I think it's passing us by

The days are like hours, hours like minutes

I'm caught up in it till I look in your eyes

Kiko takes a pencil and starts drawing on the background. Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou watches Kiko draw out the Saotome complex in the back, but it looks like a kid did it. Kiko's pencil breaks midway, so he quickly goes to sharpen it. He resumes drawing and completes it.

And to my surprise I find there is a heaven

Timeless and real, making me feel

Once Kiko was done, Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou each take a brush and started painting in the colors at a rapid pace.

Free and alive!

The cat and fox take a pose once they were done painting within the lines. Kiko looks shocked.

You touch me, you kiss me, and time has no meaning

I'm on a rocket to some other zone

The three small animals look to the background, admiring their work.

Baby, you thrill me - whatever you're doing

Don't think of stopping until we are light-years away

Kiko looks down, thinking the work is missing something, then rises his head at another idea. He runs off screen. Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou look off after him.

All alone, cause I want to keep this

Treasure for my very own

Your talent for love

Kiko runs back in carrying thin cardboard cards. He puts them down and starts drawing and coloring on one of them. Whipping out scissors, he cuts the card and stands it up in front of the background. It was a cut-out of Bloom. Neko-Shampoo and Kitsune-Ukyou nod in understanding and start helping Kiko make cut-outs.

You touch me, you kiss me, and time has no meaning

I'm on a rocket to some other zone

They stand up cut-outs of Stella, Flora, Musa, and Tecna next to Bloom's.

Baby, you thrill me - whatever you're doing

Don't think of stopping until we are light-years away

They then stand up cut-outs of Layla, Nodoka, and the Pixies near the rest.

All alone, cause I want to keep this

Treasure for my very own

Your talent for love

They finally put up Ranma's cut-out in front of the group. The rabbit, cat, and fox take a pose near the cut-out group, proud of their work. A small torrent of water falls on the Ranma cut-out, turning into a Ranma-chan cut-out with an annoyed expression. Cut-outs of Sky, Brandon, Helis, Riven, Timmy, and Nabu all appear from behind the Ranma-chan cut-out with amused looks on their faces.

End ending

Author's notes:

Sorry for the late update, people. I had a lot of stuff going on in RL, and it sucks. Still, managed to get this done. Whoo-hoo!

(1) Nabiki has done some schemes in which Ranma's life was put at risk. First was his fight against Ryoga, and when everyone betted on Ranma to win, Nabiki tried to make sure he loses so she could collect the profits. This was a guy out for his blood, for crying out loud! Another instance was when Shampoo was pursuing Ranma-chan, and Nabiki offered her "services" to help Ranma (providing hot water to save him from getting killed), at a hefty price, of course. She also had Ryoga splash Ranma everytime so that Nabiki can capitalize on Ranma's desperation to avoid the murderous Shampoo. Let's not forget how she invited all of Ranma's "friends" to the wedding just so she can collect on the customary family donations required from guests (Kuno came at Ranma with a real katana). She does this without a second thought and is all "Eh, he'll live."

(2)Much like logging into QuestWorld from The Real Adventures of Johnny Quest.

(3)You gamers remember Pong?

Today's…. RAI vs. 4KIDS RANT!

In Professor Avalon's Secret (US: Angel of Doom), where Tecna suspects Avalon as being an enemy.

Several changes, one in particular left a huge plot hole.

This is when you see Palladium's new look for the first time.

4Kids: Palladium says that he visited some hot springs resort and a potion from Wizgiz, which caused his change in looks. (O_O)

Rai: Palladium explains that his form had evolved, as all elves do (the guy is obviously an elf).

Palladium teaches a new spell, but it was different. This is the start of the plot hole....


Palladium teaches the "Sphere of Truth" which supposed to act as some super truth serum. (Palladium: "Fine, but if you mess up, you'll wind up telling all your embarassing secrets.") Uh huh....

Palladium: "Okay, select a target and aim well. We don't want to start any scandals, now do we?"

  • Amaryll grins deviously and shoots it at Stella, but Palladium quickly stops it*

Palladium: "Amaryll! We don't use spells on other students! Detention for a week!"

Amaryll: "Uh.... sorry, Professor..."


Palladium teaches the "Plasma Sphere", which is an offense spell of firing a concentrated ball of extreme heat. ("But remember, one syllable in the wrong place could burn all the air right out of this room.") Wow.... that's quite a dangerous spell... one could probably get killed even...

Palladium: "Now choose a target and launch it. Go on, but keep your focus, or your classmates will wish they've worn sunscreen."

  • Amaryll grins deviously and shoots it at Stella, but Palladium quickly stops it*

Palladium: "Amaryll! Do that again and I'll have you expelled! That's CLEAR, I hope?"

Amaryll: "Uh.... y-yes, sir..."

4Kids Amaryll wanted to humiliate Stella, but Rai Amaryll just wanted to fry her. Whoa....