Realm War is a group fanfiction that is about realms in the Magix Dimension going into war against each other.


  • Note: Realm War takes place when the Winx Girls become Queens or have their own families of their own Dimension. (i.e. Queen Stella of Solaria, Queen Bloom of Sparks or Flora as a countess of Linphea and so on!)
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Marigold and Linphea against Zenith

This is the battle between Marigold and Zenith. The current kings and queens is King Papus from Marigold and King Timmy and Queen Tecna from Zenith. The conflict: Perserving nature on Zenith and bringing out technology on Marigold. Countess Flora and her husband Helia from Linphea was affected by this war and sided with King Papus.

more coming soon