Powers and Abilities
Bonded Fairy
Ruby, Pixie of Mischief
Alfea, Winx Club, Pixie Village, Seven Gem Sisters

Ruby is the pixie of mischief, and Princess Aliana's bonded pixie. Unlike most pixies, she actually resembles her fairy in personality and actions.


Ruby is the prankster of the pixie world; she delights in pulling pranks on the more uptight pixies, such as Victor, and the more strict fairies, such as Venetia or Grizelda. Her favorite pranks include drawing mustaches on pixies and fairies while they sleep and placing buckets of water over doors so the bucket falls when the door is opened. She rarely shows remorse for these actions except in the cases where her victim is caused physical injury. Her bonded fairy, Ali, often joins in these antics, but will take responsibility for her pixie when needed.


Ruby is the youngest of her seven sisters, just as Ali is; each of her sisters is named after a gemstone, except for the oldest, Krysta; she is named for the crystals that each of them have in their Pop Pixie forms.

Ruby and Ali were bonded when Ali and her friends were cleaning up Pixie Village after an attack by some Cloud Tower witches; when Ali was clearing away some ice and dirt off roofs, Ruby blew a horn behind, startling her.


Ruby is a redheaded pixie, with pale, green-gray eyes and a rolling Irish brogue. Her shirt is green, featuring a shamrock, and her skirt is green plaid. She wears thigh-high black boots. Shamrocks are continued in her wings.