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Sailorix Club
Sailorix Club logo
Team Originates from...Alfea
Team LeaderSerena Tsukino
Co-Leader(s)Mina Aino, Raye Hino
BrainsAmy Mizuno
BrawnLita Kino
Other MembersRini, Outerix Club, Asteroidix Club, Luna
List of All MembersList of Members

Notice! This is a crossover between Sailor Moon and Winx Club! Sailor Moon is property of Naoko Takeuchi and Toei! I just own the fan-fiction! (Some people's OCs are featured as well)

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How about... Sailorix Club?Serena To her friends in Season 1 asking about a team name.

Sailorix Club originates from the word Sailor and Winx, combined. The team consists of 17 members (however, 5 of them aren't considered 100% as members) and has 2 sub teams (Outerix and Asteroidix).



Red Fountain

Perle (WoWS)

In the future (Cristal-Milleniua)

In the far future the team would partially disband and go on to greater things but the team still is very close just not the same Sailorix Club we've come to know. They are replaced by at least 1 new and smaller team, Asteroidix Club. Asteroidix Club is lead by CereCere and is attempting to get Rini to join them. Rini and Luna and Arte's future daughter, Diana attend Alfea even though Rini got the proper education at a very young age.

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