This is the story of the lives of the twin brother and sister heirs of Solairia, Samantha and Andro.

Early Life

Their story begins a little more than a month after Katherine Peters was born.


After being married to Brandon for a little more than a year, Stella woke up one morning (August 10, 2009) feeling strange. She felt a weird sensation in her athamen, and thought it was because she was hungry. This was not the case. As the day wore on, the feeling her gut got stronger and stronger until it started to hurt. As night began to set in, Stella decided to get in a bath, hoping it would relieve the pain. Instead, less than 10 minutes after she got in, she felt a pain so intense she finally yelled for help.

After being escorted back to her room, Stella finally succumbed to the pain and collapsed on her bed. Less than 3 minutes later, one of her maids told her to push. Not knowing what was going on, she closed her eyes and did as she was told. Seconds later, Stella felt something large literally come out of her body, but was still in too much pain to notice what it was. Less than a minute later she felt it again and the pain finally stopped. Upon hearing two cries, she opened her eyes and was awed by what she saw. She had given birth to twins, and had gone a full term without ever relizing that she was pregnant. She had had no symptoms, no craving, no weight gain, no nothing.

Once Brandon got home, he too was surprized when Stella told him the children were his. The boy, who came out first, was named Andro, and the girl was named Samantha.

Growing up

Alfea and Red Fountain

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After School