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Selene is a sassy, strong headed but nice fairy and is the current Princess of Luna.


Early Life

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Growing Up

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Going to Alfea

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Life with Kipengele

Kipengele; Qeast for Power


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Selene’s Winx outfit is a sparkly silver shoulder top, a sparkly silver mini skirt atop silver mini shorts, and silver knee-high boots. She also wears a light grey sash connecting her top and skirt, and several silver rings around her outfit and on her arms. Selene’s wings are sky blue with mauve tips.


Selene’s Charmix is a star pin and a waist bag in the shape of a moon.


Selene’s Enchantix outfit consists of a frilly silver halter-top decorated with yellow, a matching skirt, and light blue gloves. Her wings are outlined with her signature silver, decorated with white stars and filled in with white and silver to match her outfit. Her hair gains silver streaks, and is braided around a silver forehead tiara also bearing white stars, before flowing into pigtails. Like the other girls, Selene has barefoot sandals, connected by moon and star-shaped buttons. Her fairy dust is an round silver bottle surrounded by white stars in a ring with a silver knot on top.


Selene’s Believix outfit consists of a silver tube top, with a white elbow-length right sleeve and a pair of silver pants that stop below her knees with white tutu-styled ruffles on both the bottom of the pants and around the waist below a yellow waist band. Her feet are covered in a pair of shin-length, white high-heeled, silver platform boots. A silver choker with a golden moon hanging down from them are around her neck and a silver band atop her head with a moon symbol on the right. On her arms are elbow-length, handless white-colored glove. Lastly, in addition to her hair being at ankle-level and she gains silver and white highlights in her hair, Selene’s wings are now arch-shaped and lined in silver-white, with a different colored jewels.


Selene’s Sophix consists of a light and sea green top with matching miniskirt with limegreen kneebands and matching high heels and hairband. Her wings are cyan and soft pink with indigo borders.


Selene’s Lovix is mainly medium silver with fluffy white stripes and hairband, her boots are silver and blue-gray in color. Her wings are light blue and lavender with pale violet borders.


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