The Elite is a team that appears in The Sacred 7. They appear in both season 1 and 2 of The Sacred 7 and serve as both a rival and minor antagonist to The Sacred 7.


Season 1

The Elite first appeared in season 1 chapter 16: Red Fountain Rivalry Part 1. They were The Sacred 7's final opponents in the tournament. Although they show great strength and skill in the tournament, they fight dirty and unfair. Even though they played the odds against The Sacred 7, they still ended up losing the match.

Season 2

The Elite reappear in the beginning of season 2 when the specialists of red fountain return the following year. They taunt The Sacred 7 with the death of Zhane, provoking Angel. This then led to a fist fight between Angel and Mitchell. It was soon interrupted by Cordatorta who sent them to Headmaster Helia's office.