This story is about the winx club and a magical tournament, based off the forth book/movie of the Harry Potter series. This story replaces Harry Potter with Roxy, Cedric Diggory with Galatea, Fleur Delacour with Jared, and Victor Krum with Lucy. Read and see.


Roxy as you

Galatea as Cedric Diggur

Jared as Fleur Delacour

Lucy as you

Nova as Ron Weasley

Mirta as Hermione Granger

Bloom as you

Faragonda as Albus Dumbledore



Our story begins shortly after the Wizards of the Black Circle were defeated. After being banished to Omega for their crimes against Solairia, Countess Cassandra and her daughter Chimera came across the three wizards frozen in their prisons. With a great struggle they managed to free them and decided to join forces to get their revenge. After escaping omega they went to Shadowhaunt to use it as a headquarters. Using a great amount of magic, combined with the still present Shadow Fire, they revived its former lord. After reviving him they made a plan to revive someone even more powerful.

Return of Darkar

Meanwhile on Earth, the winx were making preparations to depart for the new Alfea year. Just as Roxy had finished packing, for her first year at Alfea, she suggested they spent their last night at the Frutti Music Bar. After arriving they made their usual orders and made a toast to a good year and a everlasting friendship. Before they could get far, the moment was spoiled by the sudden appearance of under-realm creatures and the one person they thought was gone forever, Lord Darkar. With no time to lose, Bloom assigned Musa, Tecna, and Flora to get civilians to safety while she and the others took on Darkar. The specialists were left to deal with the monsters. After a large struggle they were almost defeated, as Darkar was stronger than they remembered, but were then joined by reinforcements in the form of the Earth Fairies.

After Darkar and his monsters left, the group returned to their loft with a lot of questions and very few explanations.

Roxy: "Who was that?"

Bloom: "That, was Darkar. the lord of Shadowhaunt."

Stella: "But didn't we destroy him? I'm pretty sure we did."

Bloom: "Someone must have revived him."

Musa: "Agreed. Who's willing to bet it was the Trix?"

Roxy: "The who?"

Bloom: "The Trix are a group of witches that we have more history with than I care to admit."

Flora: "But they couldn't have revived Darkar. They're still locked up in Lighthaven."

Roxy: "What's? Oh never mind. If its important I'll find out."

Layla: "Who could have revived him?"

Tecna: "Forget who. How is it even possible?"


Bloom: (snaps her fingers) "The Shadow Fire!"

All: "Huh?"

Bloom: "The Shadow Fire. Darkar could be destroyed but the Shadow Fire couldn't, and he had it for such a long time that he was able to be revived with it."

Tecna: "Interesting theory, but who revived him because he couldn't have come back all by himself."

Flora: "Maybe we should tell Ms. Faragonda about this."

Musa: "Good idea, but lets wait till tomorrow. We've had a long battle and we need our rest."

Bloom: "Were going to Alfea tomorrow anyways. Well escort Roxy to her dorm tomorrow and then go talk to Ms. F."

Roxy: "Wait don't I have a say in that?"

All: "No!"

Musa: "This thing is our business, We'll take care of it."

Tecna: "Now that that is settled, lets get to bed."

Bloom: "I'll take Roxy home and be back later. Remember to set your clocks, we need to be up at 5:00 if were going to be on time."

Layla: "Alright but don't be too long Bloom."

After going to bed the Winx were all privately asking the same questions. How did Dakar come back and who was responsible?


After arriving at Alfea Roxy was introduced to Ms Faragonda in person then Griselda escorted her to her dorm and the winx proceeded to tell Ms F about what happened yesterday. She already knew, as Morgana had already told her, but admitted she found it disturbing. All the same she told the girls not to look into this, and to get ready for a announcement that was going to be made the following night. After everyone was in the hall Ms. F made her announcement with much enthusiasm.

Faragonda: "Now, as we speak Ms. Griffin and Professor Saladin are making the same speech to their students. The Magix Council has put together a soon-to-be legendary event, called the Tri-Magix Tournament. To explain better, it brings together the 3 schools of magix for a series of magical contests. From each school a single student is selected to compete. And let me be clear if chosen you stand alone, and trust me when I say these contest are not for the faint hearted. But more of that later. I will explain more after dinner."


Faragonda: "Now to finish my speech. Eternal glory! That's what awaits the student that wins the Tri-Magix Tournament. But to do so that student must survive 3 tasks. 3 extremely dangerous tasks. As such the council has concluded that for safety reasons, only Juniors and seniors shall be allowed to put forth their name for the tournament. The judge that shall chose the champions will be a magic cup called the Goblet of Fire, it will be placed in the square in town with a special line around it preventing anyone unqualified from entering. Anyone who can wishing to submit themselves into the competition need only write the name, and the school they represent, on a piece of paper, and throw it in the flame before 7:00 on Saturday night. Do not do so lightly, if chosen there's no turning back. As of this moment, the Tri-Magix Tournament has begun."

The Four Champions

By the end of the week, along with plenty of classes, most of the juniors and seniors of each school had placed their names in the cup. Many unqualified minors had tried to get their names in but were never successful. Several, boys and girls alike, wound up growing beards trying to use ageing potions to get past the line. At the selected time everyone was in the town square eagerly waiting for the GOF to spit out the names of the 3 champions.

Faragonda:" Now the moment you've all ben waiting for, the champion selection."

the GOF spits out a name: "The Cloud Tower champion is, Lucy" (applause).

the GOF spits out another name: "The champion from Red Fountain, is Jared" (applause).

the GOF spits out a third name: "The Alfea champion, Galatea" (applause).

"EXCELLENT! we now have our three champions. But in the end only one will go down in history. Only one will hoist this Chalice of Champions, this Vessel of Victory, the Tri-Magix cup!"

As everyone stopped applauding, all eyes turned back to the goblet as it spat out a forth name, which Ms. F instinctively caught and announced the name Roxy. Roxy, shocked and confused, was sent into the nearby building with the other champions.

About a minute after Roxy entered the room.

Faragonda: (over much chatter) "Quiet you french tart, I cant think, everything is a conspiracy theory with you."

Tecna: "I protest!"

Faragonda: "Roxy!"

Tecna: "I protest!"

Faragonda: "Roxy" (grabs Roxy's upper arms) "did you put your name into the Goblet of Fire?"

Roxy: (Frightened) "No headmistress."

Faragonda: "Did you ask one of the higher up students to do it for you?"

Roxy: "No headmistress."

Faragonda: "You're absolutely sure?"

Roxy: "Yes headmistress."

Griffin: "But of course she is lying."

Bloom: "The hell she is, the Goblet of Fire's an exceptionally powerful magical object, only an exceptionally powerful Hoodwink charm could have hoodwinked it. Magic way beyond Roxy's talents."

Ediltrude: "You've seem to have given this a fair bit of thought, princess."

Bloom: "It's my job to think as dark beings do professor, perhaps you recall the Codex Crises?"

Saladin: "This doesn't help Bloom. Arcadia, you and the council made the rules, well leave this to you."

Arcadia: "The rules are absolute. The Goblet of Fire constitutes a binding magical contract. Miss Roxy has no choice. She is, as of tonight, a Tri-magix champion."

The question of what to do

later that night the winx debated with Faragonda in the Hall of Enchantment about what to do about this turn of events.

Flora: "This can't go on Ms. F. First Darkar returns now this."

Faragonda: "What do you suggest Flora?"

Flora: "Put an end to it. Don't let Roxy compete."

Faragonda: "You heard the Arcadia, the rules are clear."

Stella: "The devil with the Arcadia, and her rules, do you have any idea how we feel about this?"

Tecna: "Headmistress, I too, find it difficult to believe this is a mere coincidence. However, if we are to truly discover the meaning of these events prohaps we should, for the time being, let them unfold."

Flora: "What!?! Do nothing? Offer her up as bait? Roxy is a girl not a piece of meat."

Faragonda: "I agree, with Tecna. Bloom keep an eye on Roxy, she trust you."

Bloom: "I can do that."

Faragonda: "Don't let her know though. She must be anxious enough as it is. Knowing what lies ahead. Then again we all are."

Later in Roxy's dorm, which she shared with Alice, Clarisse, Nova, Mirta, and Galatea, She was petting Artu's head while trying to figure out what had happened and what to do now, then a conversation started.

Nova: (to Roxy) "How did you do it? Oh never mind, it doesn't matter, might have let your roommates know though."

Roxy: "Let you know what?"

Nova: "You know darn well what."

Roxy: "I didn't ask for this to happen Nova, OK? You're being stupid."

Nova: "Yeah that's me, Nova, Roxy of the winx stupid friend."

Roxy: "I didn't put my name in that cup. I don't want eternal glory, I just want to be... Look, I don't know what happened tonight and I don't know why. It just did."


Nova: "Piss off."

Unwanted attention

Within days, news of the champion selection had spread all over the magic dimension. At Alfea, Roxy was getting very uncomfortable with so much attention. Her relations with Nova were at an all time low, and almost everybody, in all 3 of the schools, seemed to think that she had entered her name into the goblet. Not even the reporters believed her. And that was proven during the interview of the Tri-Magix champions.

Reporter: "Exquisite. I'm Harry Ronald Granger. I write for the local paper. But of course you know that. It's 'you' we don't know. Your the juicy news. What quriks lurk beneath those rosy cheeks? What mysteries do muscles mask? Does courage lie beneath those curls? In short, what makes a champion tick? Me, Myself, and I want to know, not to mention my rabid readers. So who's feeling up to sharing?" (pause) "Shall we start with the youngest? Lovely." (drags Roxy away)

Harry R. Granger: "This is cozy."

Roxy: "It's a closet."

Harry R. Granger: "Then you should feel right at home." (takes out his notebook) "Now Roxy, here you sit, a mere girl of 13."

Roxy: "I'm 16."

Harry R. Granger: "About to compete against 3 students who are much more physically mature than you and have mastered spells you wouldn't attempt in your dizziest daydreams. Of course your no ordinary girl of 13...."

Roxy: "16!"

Harry R. Granger: "You're also from Earth. A planet that has recently seen the return of its fairies and your also the princess of the Earth Fairies. Of course your mother gave up the throne."

Roxy: "She did, but Nebula is technically ruling as a regent since i'm still too young."

Harry R. Granger: "True, but you are also the newest member of the Winx, all who have far more recognition than you. Do you think it was lack of recognition that made you sooo keen to enter?"

Roxy: "I didn't enter."

Harry R. Granger: "'Course you didn't. Everyone loves a rebel Roxy. Speaking of your parents, how do think they feel about this? Proud, or concerned? Is this a need for attention, or a psychotic death wish?"

Roxy: "That ends this interview. I'll send in Galatea." (storms out)

Later that night in her room, Roxy received a call (sort of) from King Sky, who had a few things to say to her. Roxy noticed from the ear shape thing on her wall that it was an exclaimo spell.

Roxy: "Hello?"

Sky: "Roxy! It's me."

Roxy: "Sky? How?"

Sky: "I had a magician who lives in the royal palace use an exclaimo spell from here to your dorm room. I don't have much time so let me get straight to it. Did you, or did you not, put your name into the goblet of fire?"

Roxy: "No!"

Sky: "Ssh! I had to ask. Now tell me what's been happening since the selection ceremony."

Roxy: "Nothing so far. Students of the 3 schools have been allowed to rome each others campuses, but we still don't know what the first task is, and they refuse to tell us. Come on Sky, my name coming out of the fire was just a coincidence wasn't it?"

Sky: "No it wasn't. Look Roxy, Darkar's sudden return, your name rising from that goblet, these are not just coincidences. Magix is not safe anymore."

Roxy: "What are you saying?"

Sky: "I'm saying, the devils are inside the walls. Miss Griffin, she was in league with Baltor and the Ancestral Witches before coming to our side, but she's still a witch. As for her students. Despite the new friendship between the Alfea and Cloud Tower schools, many of them still hate fairies and would give anything to see one snuff it before the year is up."

Roxy: "Do you think one of them put my name into he goblet and hoodwinked it?"

Sky: "I haven't a clue who put your name in the goblet Roxy, but who ever did is no friend to you. We used to have competitions like these on Eraklyon and people die in them."

Roxy: "I'm not ready for this Sky."

Sky: "You don't have a choice." (foot steps)

Roxy: "Someone's coming!"

Sky: "Keep your friends close Roxy."

Nova: (walks in) "Who were you talking to?"

Roxy: "Who says I was talking to anybody?"

Nova: "I heard voices."

Roxy: "Maybe your imagining things? Wouldn't be the first time."

Nova: "Probably just practicing for your next interview I expect." (walks out)

Roxy turned back to the wall to talk to Sky more, but the ear had already gone. Disappointed, Roxy went to bed feeling even worse than ever.

The tasks draw near

As the first task drew nearer, Roxy was becoming more anxious and scared, and there was next to nothing her friends could do to help her. One week before the first task, she was at the lake with Flora, sitting on the edge of the lake with her feet in the water, while Flora was examining aquatic plants.

Flora: "Amazing. Amazing."

Roxy: "Flora. You're doing it again."

Flora: "Oh, right, sorry."

Roxy: (picks up a nearby book) "Magical Water Plants of the Magix Lake?"

Flora: "Bloom found it in the library yesterday. She thought it might interest me. Along with that book of potions. Turns out these plants can make all sorts."

a few seconds later, Mirta, Nova, and Alice appeared behind them, and Mirta had something to tell Roxy.

Mirta: (to Roxy) "Nova would like me to tell you, that Katie told her, that Lolina was told by Selene that, Layla's looking for you."

Roxy: "Is that right? Well... what?"

Mirta: "Um. Lolina was told by Selene that... Please don't ask me to say it again. Layla's looking for you."

Roxy: "Well you can tell Nova..."

Mirta: "I'm not a messenger girl!"

Later that night, Roxy met Layla in the woods at the time she requested.

Roxy: "Layla, what's this about?"

Layla: "Just be patient."

Roxy: "You going to introduce me to somebody important?"

Layla: "No. This about the tournament."

Roxy: "It is?"

Layla: "Yes. Now quit asking questions, I could get in serious trouble for showing you this."

They entered a clearing, and Roxy was awestruck, and terrified, by what she saw.

Roxy: "Dragons? That's the first task. Your joking."

Layla: "Come on Roxy. These are seriously misunderstood creatures."

Roxy: "Do the other champions know about this?"

Layla: "Well, Jared and Lucy do. I don't know how they found out, but they do know."

Roxy: "I still can't believe we're facing dragons. This is mad." (one dragon shoots a blue flame at them)

Layla: "WOW! I have to admit, that Glass Dragon's a right nasty piece of work. Poor Nova nearly fainted just seeing them."

Roxy: "Nova was here?"

Layla: "Yeah. Her father works with these things in the Kalahese Desert on Aio. He helped to import them here. Didn't Nova tell you that?"

Roxy: "No she didn't. She didn't tell me a thing."

Dragons: "ROAR."

A couple days later, Roxy realized that Galatea still didn't know what was coming and decided to tell her, not wanting her to be the only champion unprepared. Roxy was also finding the attention even harder to cope with due to the fact that students were now wearing badges flicking between Support Galatea and Roxy Stinks.

Alfea Students: (as Roxy approached) "Hey. Read the badge Roxy."

Roxy: (to Galatea) "Might I have a word?"

Galatea: "All right."

Alfea Students: "Roxy stinks, Roxy smells!"

Roxy: "Dragons. That's the first task. They've got one for each of us."

Galatea: "You you sure?"

Roxy: "Yeah."

Galatea: "And, Jared and Lucy, do they..?"

Roxy: "Yes."

Alfea Students: "Come on Tea, leave her, yeah she's not worth it."

Galatea: "Look About the badges. I've asked them not to wear them but..."

Roxy: "Don't worry about it."

Roxy started to walk away, but spotted Nova with somebody and decided to give her a piece of her mind.

Roxy: (to Nova) "You're a right foul prick, you know that."

Nova: "You think so?"

Roxy: "I know so."

Nova: "Anything else?"

Roxy: "Yeah, stay away from me."

Nova: "Fine."

Roxy started to walk away again but caught the sight of some cloud tower students.

CT Student 1: "Why so tense Roxy? My mother and I have a bet you see. I don't think you're going to last 10 minutes in this tournament." (pause) "She disagrees. She thinks you wont last 5."

Roxy: "I don't give a care what your mother thinks. Witches are vile and cruel. And you're just pathetic."

CT Student 1: "Pathetic?" (prepares to curse Roxy)

Bloom: "Oh no you don't missy." (turns CT Student 1 into a ferret) "I'll teach you to curse one of the Winx when their back is turned." (picks up the student with Dragon Wings) "This wont happen again will it?

Grizelda: "Bloom. What are you doing?"

Bloom: "Teaching."

Grizelda: "Is that a- is that a student?"

Bloom: "From Cloud Tower honestly." (uses her spell to put her in another students pants)

CT Student 2: "Stand still, stand still, ouch." (Bloom winks at Roxy while she laughs and Grizelda changes the student back)

CT Student 1: "My mother will hear about this!"

Bloom: "Is that a threat?" (Chases her)

Grizelda: "Bloom."

Bloom: "Is that a threat?"

Grizelda: "Bloom."

Bloom: (stops chasing her and she runs away) "I could tell you stories about your mother that would curl even your greasy hair girl. It dosn't end here."

Grizelda: "Bloom. We never use transfiguration, or public humiliation, as a punishment. Especially on students from the other schools. Surely Ms. Faragonda told you that?"

Bloom: "She might have mentioned it."

Grizelda: "You would do well to remember it. Away with you all." (she shoos the crowd away and Bloom sticks out her tongue at her) Bloom: (to Roxy) "You. Come with me."

Roxy then walked to Bloom's classroom with her. After arriving at Bloom's classroom.

Bloom: "That was a very decent thing you did, telling Galatea what was coming. Now, what are you going to about your dragon?"

Roxy: "Are you trying to help me?"

Bloom: "I'm not encouraging you to cheat, though its all but traditional in competitions. So, what are you going to do?"

Roxy: "Well, I, um...

Bloom: "Sit." (Roxy sat) "Listen Roxy, your friend Galatea, I was a Junior when she started Alfea and she could already make an entire chortet of instruments play themselves. Jared, he's every bit of a hero the Specialists are. As for Lucy, she may have a cold heart and a head like a coconut, but Griffins isn't. They'll have a strategy. And you can bet, that it will play to Lucy's strengths. Come on Roxy, what are your strengths?"

Roxy: "I don't know. I can tame animals, I'm a good animal tamer."

Bloom: "Better than good the way I've seen it."

Roxy: "But and largest animal I've done is that giant spider Diana made a few month ago, and only the Red Fountain champion is allowed equipment."

Bloom: "You're allowed to use magic. And it's encouraged."

The First Task

With the first task scheduled for Tuesday, only 5 days away, Roxy spent most of the remaining time with in the simulator, under the watch of Palladium, practicing taming larger animals. Then, finally, after a month of waiting, the day of the task arrived. Roxy and Galatea both transformed in preparation, then waited for their instructions, while listening to Faragonda's start of task speech. After which she received a last minute visit from her mother.

Faragonda: "Welcome to the first task. Each of the three tasks involves very considerable danger. We ask you to please remain in your seats. This will minimize potential risks you will be exposed to. And I'm sure we will all wish our champions the greatest of luck." (applause)

Morgana: "Psst. Roxy. That you?"

Roxy: "Yeah."

Morgana: "The key is to concentrate. After that you just have to..."

Roxy: "Battle a dragon." (Morgana hugs her daughter and Faragonda walks in)

Faragonda: "Good day champions. Gather round please. Now you've waited and wondered and at last the moment has arrived. A moment only the four of you can fully appreciate. What are you doing here Morgana?"

Morgana: "Sorry, I'll, just, go."

Faragonda: "Arcadia, the bag."

Arcadia: "Champions, in a circle around me. Mr. Jared if you will." (Jared pulls out a dragon) "The Thuron. (Lucy pulls out the next dragon) "The Rukk." (Galatea pulls out the third dragon) "The Sand Dragon. Which leaves."

Roxy: (muttering) "the Glass Dragon."

Aracdia: "What's that miss?"

Roxy: "Nothing." (pulls out the final dragon)

Arcadia:" The Glass Dragon. These represent 4 very real dragons from Aio, each of which has been given a golden egg to protect. Your objective is simple. Collect the egg. This you must do, for each egg contains a clue, without which you cannot hope to proceed to the next task. Any questions?" (pause)

Faragonda: "Very well. You'll notice that each dragon has a number around its neck. Galatea will go first, followed by Jared, then Lucy, then Roxy. Galatea, at the sound of the cannon, you may enter the arena." (cannon sounds 1 minute later)

Galatea used a special lullaby to put the Sand Dragon to sleep. It woke up quickly, but she got the egg just as it woke up. Jared used his agility to get around the Thuron, and used a shield to protect himself from the flames. Lucy just blasted away at the Rukk, only making it angrier, and made for the egg. She got points taken off since several of the real eggs were smashed. In next to no time at all it was Roxy's turn.

Faragonda: "3 of our champions have now faced their dragons, and so each one of them will proceed to the next task. And now our forth and final contestant."

Crowd: "ROXY, ROXY, ROXY."

Once Roxy entered the arena, she didn't notice the dragon immediately and made for the egg. Before she could get far, the dragon hit her from behind. While avoiding its blue fire (which covered anything it hit in glass) Roxy tried to get a good angle on to use her taming spell (Wild Heartbeat) on it. Roxy heard shouts from the crowd to use her magic, and after several attempts, and several wounds and bruises from the dragon, managed to hit it with her spell. After calming it down, Roxy made for the egg slowly, and keeping her spell on it so it wouldn't get upset, but the dragon caught wind of what she was doing and attacked her. After calming it down a second time, Roxy managed to get the egg. Forced to lift her spell, the dragon became furious and chased Roxy to the edge of the arena. With the task over, the keepers restrained the dragon, and Roxy was escorted out.

later in the Alfea quad, Roxy and Galatea were lifted into the air while people congratulated them. With that over Roxy and her roommates went back to their dorm.

Alice: "Knew you two wouldn't die."

Clarisse: "Lose a leg."

Alice: "Or an arm."

Both: "Pack it in all together, never."

Mirta: "Shush you two." (to Roxy and Galatea) "Come on, open those eggs. The more you know the better."

Roxy and Galatea opened their eggs but the only thing that came out was an ear-piercing scream.

Nova: "What in the name of magix was that?" (pause)

Galatea: "Come on you three. This is going to be uncomfortable enough without us listening in."

Nova: "I reckon you'd have to be crazy to put your own name in the Goblet of Fire."

Roxy: "Caught on have you? Took you long enough."

Nova: "I wasn't the only one who thought you did it. Everyone was saying it behind your back."

Roxy: "Brilliant. That makes me feel loads better."

Nova: "At least I warned you about the dragons."

Roxy: "Layla warned me about the dragons."

Nova: "No no I did. I told Mirta to tell you that Katie told me that Lolina told Selene that Layla was looking of you. Katie never actually told me anything so it was really me all along. I thought we'd be alright, after you figured that out."

Roxy: "Who could possibly figure that out? That's completely mental."

Nova: "Yeah it is. I suppose I was a bit distraught."

Roxy: "A bit? you really had me fooled then." (both laugh)

The unexpected task

With the first task behind her, and the next one scheduled for February, Roxy was starting to become cheerful again. Nova was her friend again and, after watching the dangers of the first task, fellow students now believed her that she didn't enter herself into the tournament. All was not glitters and gold. Roxy and the Winx received a surprise in the quad after breakfast one morning a two and a half months (late November) after the task.

Musa: "Look at this!" (Musa shows them a newspaper) "I can't believe it its finally happened. Late last night it was confirmed that three witches named Icy, Darcy, and Stormy, more commonly known as the Trix, have escaped from Lighthaven."

Layla: "Given their record, I guess it was only a matter of time."

Musa: "sssh, What disturbs investigators the most is their method of escape. Sources report that their escape was planned and enginered by outside forces, and it's confirmed that the ones that broke them out are the notorious group of wizards, known as the Wizards of the Black Circle."

Roxy: (coughs on her drink) "Cough Cough Cough."

Musa: "No word yet on how the group managed to escape imprisonment in the Omega Dimension. This is just dandy."

With that, Nova and Mirta strode over to them.

Mirta: "Hey guys. What's with the long faces?"

Roxy: "Oh nothing. The Wizards of the Black Circle are still around."

Flora: "And they've broken the Trix out of lighthaven."

Mirta: "Dandy."

Musa: "That's what I said."

Tecna: "Girls. We should get going. We have lessons to prepare."

Nova: "That reminds me. This just came for you Roxy." (shows her a box she had with her) "Its from your mother."

Roxy: (opens the box) "Mom sent me a new dress!"

Bloom: "It really matches your eyes."

Stella: "I just bought my new dress, and I'm going to look so good in it."

Bloom: "Going to wear it to the next event?"

Stella: "You bet I am."

Roxy: "What are you two on about?"

Mirta: "Yeah."

Tecna: "You'll find out at lunch later." (the winx walk away)

Nova: (to Roxy) "What was that about?"

Roxy: "I don't know. She said we'll find out later, but I'm getting tired of them not telling me anything."

Later at lunch, Faragonda made the announcement that Tecna said she would.

Grizelda: "Your attention please."

Faragonda: "I have an important announcement I'd like to make, and the Heads of RF and CT are making the same one. The Yule Ball is coming up. For those of you that still don't know, it is going to be a tradition of the Tri-Magix Tournament. On Christmas Eve night the students from the three schools will gather in the ballroom of the town hall, for a night of well mannered frivolity. Leaders of several realms will be attending so we all expect you to put your best foot forward. And I mean this literally because, the Yule Ball, is first and foremost a dance." (chatter broke out at the sound of that last word)

Grizelda: "Silence. The three schools of magix have commanded the respect of the magic dimension for centuries. None of the school directors will have any student besmirching those names by behaving like babbling, bumbling bands of baboons. You make come with a date or by yourselves, but this dance will be even more formal than our normal dances."

Within days girls and guys alike were getting dates for the ball. Not wanting to go by herself (Her friends didn't count as dance company) Roxy was getting desperate. She already had her eye on Jared since she laid eyes on him, but learned he had a girlfriend named Alice, (the one from season 2) and was going with her, when she asked him to the ball. Two nights before the ball Roxy and Nova were both desperate for a partner

Nova: "This is crazy. The ball's less than 24 hours away and we still don't have dates."

Roxy: "Neither do Mirta and Galatea."

Mirta: "I heard that. And you should know, I don't want a date so I'm going by myself, and you should know, Galatea's got a guy."

Nova: "Now I'm really depressed."

Stella: (walks in) "Roxy, Nova, good news. I've found you two a date."

Roxy: "These better not be blind ones."

Stella: "Don't worry. These two have been needing to ask you for some time, but couldn't rack up the courage."

Nova:" Brilliant!"

The Yule Ball

Roxy dress

Roxy's Yule Ball dress

Stella hooked Roxy up with her old boyfriend, a red fountain guy named Pete, and Nova with Spencer. On the night of the ball, Roxy and Nova got on their new dresses and made their way to town hall to meet their dates.

Nova: (as they approached the hall) "This going to be so much fun, I'm so excited."

Roxy: "That makes one of us, I'm really nervous." (spots the boys) "Hello boys, you look dashing."

Grizelda: "There you are Roxy. Are you and Mr. Pete ready?"

Roxy: "Ready for what?"

Grizelda: "To dance. It's traditional, that the three champions, well in this case four, are the first to dance. Surely someone told you that?"

Roxy: "No."

Grizelda: "Oh well now you know. As for you Nova, you and Spencer may procede into the hall." (she walks away and Nova goes into the hall with Spencer)

Roxy: "First one thing now another. What's next?"

Pete: "It's not that bad is it?" (Roxy stares) "Don't answer that."

Roxy: "Don't think there's anything between us. It's just for tonight."

One the dance started, Roxy and the other champions, just as Grizelda said, were the first on the floor. Galatea was with a hero named Bishop, Jared was with his girlfriend Alice, and Lucy was with a boy Roxy didn't know. One by one, couples joined the champions on the floor, and Roxy recognized the Winx dancing with their boyfriends. Midway through the Ball, a rock group started playing, and it made the event a little less formal.


Move your body like a hairy troll,

Learning to rock and roll.

Spin around like a crazy elf,

Dancing by himself.

Bogy down like a unicorn,

No stopping till the break of dawn.

Now put your hands up in the air,

Like and a ogre who just don't care.

Now can you dance like a mermaid?

ma ma my, ma ma my, ma ma my

Once the less formal stuff was over, slow dancing started, but Roxy and Nova didn't stick around for it.

Nova: "That was some dance."

Roxy: "Yes it was." (spots the Winx) "Hey girls."

Musa: "Roxy, Nova. You two enjoy the dance."

Roxy: "Yeah. But I must admit, I'm not used to dancing in public."

Flora: "They're slow dancing now. We should stick around for it."

Nova: "I'm game."

Roxy: "You do what you want. I'm going back to Alfea."

Tecna: "I'm not fond of slow dancing either."

Pete: "Roxy wait."

Roxy: "Pete, I told you this was just for tonight."

Pete: "I know. But I enjoyed myself all the same. Anyhow, I just wanted to tell you good night and good luck on the next task." (Kisses her hand and walks off)

Roxy: "Oh why did he have to bring that up?"

Layla: "You still haven't worked out the clue, have you?"

Roxy: "I'm, uh, working on it."

In truth, Roxy still hadn't done anything to work out the clue she needed for the next task.

The egg's clue

the second task was scheduled for February 24th. And now, over two months after the Yule Ball, Roxy still hadn't worked out the clue, and was now desperate.

one day on top of the west tower of Alfea;

Mirta: "Roxy you told me you'd figured out the egg weeks ago. The task is two days from now."

Roxy: "Oh really? I had no idea." (sarcasm) "I suppose Galatea's already figured it out."

Mirta: "Well we wouldn't know. She's been keeping her distance from us. You are trying to figure this egg out aren't you?"

Roxy: "What's that suppose to mean?"

Mirta: "It means that these tasks are designed to test you. In the most brutal way they're almost cruel. And... I'm scared for you. You, and the others, got by the dragons mostly on nerve. I'm not sure it's going to be enough this time."

Galatea: "Hey Roxy!" (Roxy and Mirta turn to Galatea) "Might I have a word?"

Mirta: "I'll see you at dinner Rox." (walks away)

Galatea: "Roxy."

Roxy: "Galatea."

Galatea: "How are you?"

Roxy: (sigh) "Fantastic."

Galatea: "I realize I never thanked you properly for tipping me off about those dragons."

Roxy: "No problem. I'm sure you would have done the same for me."

Galatea: "Exactly. You know that hot spring not far from here?" (Roxy nods) "It's a little deep, but it's not a bad place for a soak. Just take your egg, and maul things over in the hot water." (walks away)

With few options, Roxy decided to take Galatea's hint. later that night, Roxy stripped herself (completely), got on a robe, and went to the hot spring that Galatea told her about. When she got here, she was still unsure of what to do. All the same she took off her robe, got in the water, and enjoyed for a few moments.

Roxy: "I must be out of my mind." (opens the egg)

Egg: "screeeeaaaacccch" (Roxy closes the egg)

Roxy: "I'm definitely out of my mind."

Water Nymph: (chuckles and catches Roxy's attention) "I'd try putting it in the water if I were you."

Roxy: "Are are you a Water Nymph?"

Water Nymph: "Yes. And your an Alfea student. And one of the Tri-Magix champions am I correct?"

Roxy: "Yes and yes. And did you say try putting it in the water?"

Water Nymph: "That's what she did, the other girl, the pretty one, Galatea." (Roxy grabs the egg) "Well go on open it. And you need to put your head underwater too just so you know." (Roxy lowers into the water and opens the egg)

Egg's song:

Come and seek us were our voices sound,

We can not sing above the ground.

And while your searching ponder this,

We've taken what you'll sorely miss.

An hour long you'll have to look,

To recover what we took.

Roxy: (closes the egg and resurfaces) "We're going into the Magix Ocean aren't we?"

Water Nymph: "Very good."

Roxy: "And that was a mermaid's voice, but I doubt it will be mermaids we're facing."

Water Nymph: "Again, very good."

Roxy: "But if it's not mermaids, then dangerous creatures, or creatures that appear dangerous, live in the Magix Ocean. And they will have taken something of ours by the day of the next task."

Water Nymph: "Very very good. It took Galatea ages to riddle it out. It was almost dawn by the time she left."

Roxy: "And right now it's almost midnight. I should get going." (gets out of the water)

Water Nymph: "I hope to see you again soon."

Roxy: "Likewise." (puts on her robe) "Thanks for the help."

Water Nymph: "Anytime" (Roxy walks away)

Now knowing what was coming, Roxy proceeded to tell Mirta and Nova. Despite knowing what the task was, all were unsure of how Roxy was going to do it.

The night before the task in the Alfea library.

Mirta: "Roxy tell me again."

Roxy: "Come seek us where our voices sound, we can not sing above the ground."

Mirta: "The Magix Ocean, that much is clear. And the last part again."

Roxy: "An hour long you'll have to look, to recover what we took."

Mirta: "Again clear."

Nova: "More like obvious."

Mirta: "That, and it's potentially problematic."

Roxy: "Potentially problematic? When's the last time you held your breath underwater for an hour Mirta?"

Mirta: "Look Roxy. We can do this, we can figure this out."

Musa: "Hate to break up thje skull session." (the girls turn to Musa) "Ms. Faragonda would like to see us in her office." (Roxy starts to get up) "Not you Roxy, just Mirta, Nova, and myself.

Nova: "But Musa. The second task is only hours away and..."

Musa: "Exactly. Assume Roxy is well prepared by now and could do with a good night sleep. Come. Now!" (leads Mirta and Nova away)

Flora: (Strodes over to Roxy) "Hi Roxy."

Roxy: "Hi Flora."

Flora: "You seem down."

Roxy: "You'd be too if you were in my place."

Flora: "You know, if you're interested in plants, you're better off with this guide over here. That reminds me. Back on Earth, Diana's now working to build that Amazon tribe a village in the treetops."

Roxy: "Flora. No offense, but I really don't care about plants. Now if there's like a, um, fish serum that will allow me to breath underwater for an hour than great. Otherwise..."

Flora: "I don't know about a fish serum. But you could use a Mergilly Potion."

The Second Task

After breakfast the following morning, Roxy made her way down to the Ocean for the task, accompanied by Flora and Tecna. Most of the students and civilians seemed to be well informed of where the task was to take place since a lot of students had arrived at the area. As they approached a boat that was to take them to the stands of the task, Flora gave Roxy the Mergilly Potion that Roxy would use to complete the task.

Roxy: (Flora hands her the potion vile) "You're sure about this Flora?"

Flora: "Absolutely."

Roxy: "For an hour?"

Flora: "Most likely."

Roxy: "Most likely?"

Flora: "Well. the description of the potion wasn't very descriptive, so I don't know exactly what it'll do."

Tecna: "What did the description say?"

Flora: It said it would give you the things needed to experience the life of a fish. Meaning its a transfiguration potion. There wasn't much else there but the recipe. Roxy, you might not be able to use you powers while the potion is in effect, or change back without a reversal spell or potion.

Roxy: "You're telling me all this now? You must be joking."

Flora: "I just wanted to help you."

Roxy: "That gives you a right sight, better than Nova and Mirta. Where are they anyway?"

Tecna: "Musa's missing too. And you seem a little tense Roxy."

Roxy: "Do I?"

They arrived at the stands a few minuts later. They were at least half a mile out to sea. Roxy wore a green bikini swimsuit for the ocassion. Jared and Lucy were also wearing swimwear, but Galatea was in her fairy form. Meaning she found a way to do the task in her fairy form. Once everbody was present, Faragonda made a start of task speech to explain the task to the audiance.

Faragonda: "Welcome to the second task. Last night, something was stolen from each of our champions. A treasure of sorts. These 4 treasures, one for each champion, now lie at the bottom of the Magix Ocean. In order to win, each champion need only find their treasure, and return the surface. Simple enough, except for this. They will have but one hour to do so, and one hour only. After that they will be on their own. No magic will save them. You may begin at the sound of the cannon."

Once the speech was over Bloom told Roxy to drink the potion then, and all of it. Once she did she felt a sharp and sickening pain in her stomach.

Bloom: (to roxy) "Drink that now, All of it."

Roxy: (drinks the potion) "Ow ow ow"

Galatea: "Roxy! what's wrong?"

Roxy: "It's-the-potion-I drank-to do-the task. I'm fine don't-worry-about me."

At the moment, at the stroke of 11:00, the cannon sounded, and Roxy dived into the water with the other champions. The pain in her gut didn't stop, and she closed her eyes, and held her breath, wishing it would. All of the sudden, the pain stopped and she was breathing as if she was still on the surface. She opened her eyes and saw that her legs were gone. In their place was a green mermid tail and she had small pink wings on her back. Her bikini had also changed into mermaid garmets, which she assumed appeared as a show of her
Roxy mermaid

Roxy's mermaid form for the second task

personality. Now realizing what the potion was for, she proceded to look for these so called treasures.

After a half hour of looking, she found what they were supposed to find. She found some underwater ruins, guarded by some creatures that had the torso of a fishlike female human and the legs of an octopus. In the center of the ruins were four hostages, tied to the floor with seaweed, in what apeared to be in deep sleep, and Roxy recgonized them all. They were Nova (Roxy's treasure), Musa (Galatea's treasure), Alice (Jareds girlfriend, therefore his treasure), and Mirta (Lucys treasure). Understanding what the task was fully, she procceded to untie Nova. At that moment, Galatea turned up with a sort of aura around her, and Roxy recgonized it as an Oxygen field charm. After she untied Musa, she pointed to her watch, telling Roxy that time was short. Once Galatea set off, Roxy made to unite Mirta but an Octowoman stopped her.

Roxy: (to the Octowoman) "But she's my friend too."

Octowoman: "Only one." (swims away in fright)

Once the octowoman swam away Roxy turned around and saw a hammerhead shark approaching her. After avoiding it, the crearture severed Mirta's binds and swam away with her. Roxy then noticed that it was lucy, with her head transfigured into that of a hammerheads. After lucy swam off with Mirta, Roxy grabbed Nova and looked around for Jared. Jared was nowhere to be seen, and neither were the Octowomen. Not wanting to leave anyone behind, dispite her bitterness toward her, she took Alice anyway and rushed to the surface as fast as her new fins could propel her. Once she reached the surface, Nova and Alice woke up at once and Roxy carried them both to the stands where she was greeted with applause from everyone. Roxy had to be helped onto the stands as she still hadn't transformed back.

Nova: (to Roxy) "What did you bring her for?"

Roxy: "Jared was nowhere to be seen, and I couldn't just leave her behind."

Flora: (helps Tecna and Lalya get them on deck) "Roxy are you alright?"

Roxy: "I've been better." (her tail changes back into legs, and her garmets back into a green bikini) "Looks like that potion wears off after all."

Jared: "I must thank you a million for saving Alice. I was attacked by some creatures and forced to resurface."

Alice: "You saved me even though I wasn't yours to save."

Roxy: "I could never leave anyone behind."

Bloom: (puts a blanket around Roxy) "Roxy, you must be freezing, are you alright?"

Roxy: "Like I said to Flora, I've been better."

Bloom: "Personally, I think you performed admirely."

Tecna: "I concur."

Roxy: "I finished last girls."

Layla: "Next to last. Jared never made it to the main objective, remember."

Faragonda: "Your attention please. The winner is, Galatea. Who completed the task by usage of an Oxygen field charm and finished just as the hour was up. Lucy finished second, and did the task by transfiguring most of herself into a hammerhead shark and finished five minutes out of the time limit. Roxy finished third, and did the task by use of a Mergilly Potion, transforming herself into a mermaid and has finished ten minutes out of the time limit. Jared used a Red Fountain breathing mask to do the task, but was forced to retire before reaching his target. Given that Roxy would have finished first, had it not been for her determination to rescue, not only Ms. Nova, but the others as well. We've agreed to award her, second place."

Flora: "Yes Roxy, second place!"

Mirta: "Way to go girl!"

With the task over, the audiance and the champions made their way back to the mainland. When they did Roxy was pulled aside for a talk with Arcadia.

Tecna: "Way da go Roxy."

Roxy: "Thanks Tec."

Musa: "Even when you go wrong, it turns out right."

Morgana: "Roxy!"

Roxy: "Mom!"

Morgana: "Oh Roxy I'm just so proud of you." (hugs Roxy)

Arcadia: "Congratulations Roxy."

Roxy: "Thank you ma'am."

Mirta: (calls) "See you at dinner Roxy."

Arcadia: "Sorry we haven't spoken. After all your story is one I've heard so many times. Quite remarkable really, ironic to. Your story mirrors Bloom's in so many ways, including how you became aware or your destiny. You were thrust into the world of fairies and magic after growing up thinking you were normal, just like Bloom was when she first met princess Stella."

Roxy: "She told me that."

Arcadia: "Like I said, ironic. Still, life goes on, and here we stand. You should now that, as the ancestral fairy, I'm also very proud of you."

Bloom: "Arcadia! Not trying to lure one of my girls into an internship in the Golden Kingdom are you? We could barely get close to the red tower last time." (walks away)

Roxy: "She's not usually like that."

Arcadia: "I admit there's something different about her. Still you mustn't let it bother you. You still have one more task to complete."

Roxy: "And I'll breath freely again once it's passed. I don't really care who wins."

Arcadia: "Neither do I really." (both laugh)

Viewing memories

later the same night, roxy and her roommates went for a walk. and dicussed how much the winx have changed over the years.

Mirta: "I was a CT freshman when when the winx first formed. They were the biggest bunch of misfits anyone had ever set eyes on. Of course that was before Layla and Roxy came along. And look at them now, four years later."

Nova: "Not misfits anymore are they?"

Galatea: "In my opinion, they never were."

Roxy: "Hear hear."

Mirta: "Well they've all got each other, and Roxy here. Soon to be the youngest, Tri-Magix Champion there's ever been! Hurray."

All except Roxy sing the school song and Roxy finds the lifeless body of a Magix civilian behind a tree.

Roxy: "Sir? Oh my god!" (puts her hands to her mouth)

Disturbed by what she saw, Roxy decided to speak to Miss Faragonda, and arrived at her office in time to over hear a conversation

Faragonda: "A civilian has died here counciler, and he won't be the last, you must take action."

Magix Counciler: "We will not. At times like these the Magic Dimention looks to its leaders for strength Faragonda."

Griffen: "Then for once show them some."

Magix Counciler: "The Tri-Magix Tournament will not be canceled. We will not be seen as cowards."

Saladin: "True leaders do what is right. No matter what others think."

Magix Counciler: "What did you say? What did you say to me Saladin?"

Tecna: "He said you need to do what is right, no matter the public opinion."

Flora: "What she said.

Bloom: "Excuse me ladies and gentlemen. It may intrest you to know that this conversation is no longer privite." (opens the door with magic)

Faragonda: "Roxy. Roxy how lovely to see you again. Counciler, this is princess Roxy of the Tir Nan Og Fairies."

Roxy: "I can come back later headmistress."

Faragonda: "Oh not nessicary Roxy, we're done here. We'll be back in a moment. Counciler, Girls" (meaning the winx), "after you." (everyone leaves the room)

Alone in Faragonda's office, Roxy's curiosity got the better of her when she noticed an opening in the mirror. Opening it all the way, she walked down the hidden stairs into the Hall of Enchantment. She quickly noticed a glowing pool and decided to take a closer look. Seeing strange things in the pool, she got sucked in when she touched one of them, and fell in to what appeared to be an ice cavern, and recognized to place as the Omega Dimention.

Roxy: (noticing Tecna) "Tecna?" (Trys to touch her but can't, and hears Bloom and Sky's voices)

Sky: "Something's there."

Bloom: "Wait Sky." (Sky throws a bommerang)

Tecna: "Try that again and I'll wipe you out."

Bloom: "That voice."

Sky: "Hey dosn't that sound like? Wait a second Bloom."

Bloom: "Tecna!"

Tecna: "Bloom! I don't beleave it, is that really you?"

Bloom: "Tecna your OK!" (Bloom and Tecna embrace)

Tecna: "I'm so happy to see you Bloom."

Bloom: "I want you to tell us everthing." (time flashes forward) "The last time we saw you went into the Omega Portal and used your fairy dust to force your way down into the portal."

Tecna: "Once I got inside I used all my power and was able to close the gate. And since then I've been trapped here in this horrible place, which I can tell you has not been fun at all."

Bloom: "How'd you get that suit?"

Tecna: "I made it. Plus I figured out how to turn ice into food, that's is better than Alfea's Cafeteria." (laughs)

Bloom: "Good one. Remind me to tell that to the rest of the girls." (both laughs)

Sky: "This is one of the harshest realms there is and you managed to survive without any trouble at all."

Tecna: "But then there's the convicts."

Bloom: "In the ice prisons?"

Tecna: "I'm afraid most of the convicts have broken out."

Sky: "Those cells are supposed to last for enternity."

Tecna: "That's true, but the entire balance of the realm was upset when Baltor broke out. And that's how the mass escaped."

Bloom: "How many would you say there are?"

Tecna: "I'm not sure, but there are large gangs that rome around the place both day and night."

The real Tecna: (grabs Roxy's shoulder) "Time to go Roxy."

Tecna pulled Roxy out of the memory, and when she did Roxy was in the presence of Faragonda and the winx. (except for Bloom) All for which had stern faces.

Faragonda: "Couriosity's not a sin Roxy, But you should exersize caution."

Flora: "Its a memory pool. Very usefull, if like we, you'll find your mind a wee bit streached. It allows us to see once more things we've already seen."

Layla: "You see Roxy, we've searched and search for something. Some small detail. Something we might have overlooked."

Musa: "Something that would explain why all these terrible event have been happening."

Stella: "But everytime we get close to an answer, it slips away! It's maddening."

Roxy: "Um, whose memory was that?"

Tecna: "It was my memory. The day Bloom and Sky found me in Omega when I was trapped there."

Roxy: "What happened after that moment? And who's Baltor?"

Tecna: "Bloom, Sky, and I went to free the guys, as they had been captured by the convicts. And then we went looking for the girls."

Faragonda: "As for Baltor. He's an evil being created by the ancestral witches. He got his power from the Dragon Fire like Bloom. Only he was made from a dark ember. He aided the Ancestresses in destroying Sparks and was sent to Omega for it, but of course you know that Sparks was revived last year." (Roxy nods) "He eventually broke out of Omega with the help of the Trix and procceded to conquer the magix dimention."

Layla: "After a year of conflict we finally defeated him on my homeworld Tides."

Stella: "Of course it was really Bloom who defeated him."

Roxy: "Somehow that dosn't surprize me."

Faragonda: "Now, was there something you wanted to tell me earlier?"

Roxy: "I overheard your conversation earlier, and I think you already know."

Faragonda: "In that case, I suggest you go to bed." (Roxy turns to leave)

Tecna: "And Roxy." (Roxy turns to Tecna) "Don't tell anyone about this place, or let us catch you down here again. We didn't close the door properly so its natural it caught your attention. But all the same, students are not supposed to know about this place."

Roxy: "Alright."

Roxy left for her dorm as she was told but stopped on her way in time to hear a conversation inside Professor Avalon's Classroom.

Griffin: "It's a sign Avalon. You know what it means as well as I" (Avalon opens the door, Griffin leaves, and Roxy tries to follow)

Avalon: "Roxy, what's your hurry?" (Roxy stops) "Congratulations Roxy, your performance in the ocean was inspiring. A Mergilly potion am I correct?"

Roxy: "Yes sir."

Avalon: "Ingenious." (Avalon goes looking for something) "The key ingrediant for mergilly is a rather rare herb called gilly weed. Not something found in your everyday garden." (finds what he's looking for) "Nor is this." (Shows Roxy a bottle) "Know what it is?"

Roxy: "Bubble Juice, sir?"

Avalon: "Truthelixer. 3 drops of this, and Lord Darkar himself would spill his darkest secrets. The use of it on a student, or for things other than interregation is, regretably forbidden, however. Should you ever steal from my personal potion stores again, my hand might just slip, over your morning drink."

Roxy: "I haven't stolen anything."

Avalon: "Dont lie to me. That mergilly potion was taken from my stores by Flora with my permission so you could do the task. But Narcithia petals? Mermiads scales? You and whoever else are brewing shapshifting potion and believe me, I'm going to find out why." (closes the door in Roxy's face)

The Third Task

With 2 tasks down, and 1 to go, Roxy was actually looking forward to it. She still didn't care whether she won or not, but all the same decided to give it her best effort. The task was scheduled for May 18, and this time, one month before the task, the Champions were forwarned of what they would be facing. They would be going through an enchanted maze, filled with magical obsticals, this time. Due to the possible dangers, Roxy spent a lot of time with her friends, learning and practicing may offensive and defensive spells. then finally, the day of the task arrived.

Roxy, the champions. and the school directors entered the starting place of the task. Roxy and Galatea both transformed for the task.

Faragonda: "Your attention please. Earlier today, Miss Bloom placed the Tri-Magix Cup deep within the maze. Only she knows its exact position. Now as Galatea and Roxy are tied for first postion, they bwill be te first to enter the maze. Followed by Lucy, and then Jared. We've instructed our staff to patrol the parimeter, should any champion wish to withdraw from the task, he or she need only send up red sparks, and wait to be retrieved. The first person to touch the cup, will be the winner. Champions, gather round, quickly. "(whispers to the champions)" In the maze, you'll find no dragons or creatures of the deep. Instead you'll find somthing even more challangeing. You see people, change in the maze. Oh find the cup if you can, but be wary, you might just lose yourselves along the way." (raises her voice again) "Champions, prepare yourselves." (Roxy and Galatea go to the starting spot) "On the count of 3. 1. 2. 3. "(cannon sounds)

Roxy and Galatea went into the maze at a run and went off in different directions at the first conjunction. Within a minute, Roxy heard the cannon sound twice more. Meaning all 4 champions were now in the maze. After a half an hour, Roxy had run into many dangerous creatures, never escaping without a scratch, and met up with Galatea more than once. After 45 minutes in the maze, Roxy heard a boy yell and knew it was Jared. After locateing him, unconcious too, Roxy sent up red sparks, knowing he would be retrieved and set off again. After an hour, Roxy stepped right into a magical duel between Galatea and Lucy. After helping Galatea take down Lucy, Roxy sent red sparks so Lucy would be retrieved, and at that moment both girls spotted the cup. Both ran for it, but before they got close, roots sprang up and pulled Galatea to the ground.

Galatea: (struggling with the roots) "Roxy! Help me. Roxy."

Roxy: (aims at the roots) "Severus!" (runs to Galatea and helps her up) "Are you alright?"

Galatea: "Yeah. For a moment there I thought you were going to let it get me."

Roxy: "For a moment there so did I."

Galatea: "Some game huh?"

Roxy: "Some game."

At that moment, a very large spider ran towards them and both Girls ran for the cup. The stopped just short of it.

Galatea: "Go on take it. You saved me take it."

Roxy: "Together."

Galatea: "What?"

Roxy: "Together. it's still an Alfea victory. On 3. 1. 2."

Both: "3."

Both girls grabbed the cup and were transported somewhere else.

Blood, Flesh, and Bone

When the transportation finished, both girls found themselves in a field of what appeared to be bones.

Galatea: "Roxy. Where are we?"

Roxy: "A graveyard. And these appear to be dragon bones."

Galatea: "Did anyone tell you that this had a transportus spell on it?"

Roxy: "No. But I really think we should get out of here."

At that moment, 8 strangers appeared out of nowhere. and Roxy and Galatea recognized all of them.

Roxy: "The Wizards of the Black Circle! And Darkar!"

Galatea: "The Trix! And you, you're Countess Cassnadra!"

Cassandra: "Well our reputations preccede us."

Darkar: "Restrain them both."

Icy: (raises her hands) "Ice Coffin!" (traps the girls in ice with just their heads free)

Gantlos: "Nice spell."

Icy: "Thank you handsom."

Stormy: "If you two are done, lets do this."

Anagan: "What she said."

Darcy: "I have his essence right here." (shows them a small black ball)

Darkar: "Then let us begin."

Ogron: (summons a culdron and levitates a dragon bone) "Bone of a dragon, unwillingly given." (drops the bone into the culdron)

Icy: "Flesh of a servant." (takes off her right glove) "Willingly, sacrificed." (cuts off her right hand) "Ahhhhh!"

Darkar: "And blood of the enemy." (He peirces Roxys neck with his thumb and index finger and Roxy screams in pain) "Forcefully taken." (pours Roxy's blood on his finger, and someone elses, into the culdron)

Darcy: "The dark lord, shall rise, again." (drops the essence into the culdron)

At first nothing happened, but then the culdron burst into flames and a naked man appeared as it melted away. The smoke around him turned into his clothes. Roxy didn't recognize him, but Galatea did and told Roxy who he was. Baltor, had risen again.

Baltor: "I'M BACK!"

Cassandra: "Welcome back Baltor. It's been too long."

Baltor: "Indeed it has. How much time has passed since my, dimise?"

Darcy: "Almost two years."

Ogron: "To bring you back, we not only used your essence. We also used the bones of a dragon. Now nothing can break them."

Icy: "I gave you my own flesh." (shows him her severed hand)

Baltor: "That is a true act of loyalty, and for it you shall be rewarded." (replaces Icy's hand with a silver one)

Icy: "Why thank you Baltor."

Baltor: (to Darkar) "And you're Darkar, am I correct?"

Darkar: "Yes. And these three are Ogron, Gantlos, and Anagan. The three remaining members of the Wizards of the Black Circle."

Baltor: "It's a pleasure to make your aquaintance."

Ogron: "The pleasure is ours Baltor. For your blood, we used the blood of your worst enemy, Bloom, and that of an Earth Fairy." (points to the girls and Baltor turns around)

Baltor: "The one in green?"

Gantlos: "Yes. Her name is Roxy. She's the princess of the recently revived Earth Fairies. Her blood now runs through your veins."

Baltor: (approaches Roxy) "You're such a beautifull young lady." (touches Roxy's face)

Roxy: "Take your hand off me!"

Baltor: "Your a fiesty one too."

Roxy: "I did't recognize you at first, but I still know who you are and what you did. You destroyed Sparks, and tried to kill my mentor, Bloom, along with Faragonda."

Baltor: "That's right I did."

Galatea: "That's not the least of your crimes."

Baltor: "And who's this pipsqueak?"

Icy: "This is Galatea. And the last time I saw you I froze your wings off."

Galatea: "Some things don't last forever."

Baltor: "Enough talk, lets see what you two are made of." (melts the ice holding them) "If Bloom's your mentor you've been tought how to duel properly havent you? First we bow to each other." (Baltor bows but the girls dont) "come one now little ladies, the nicities must be observed. Bloom and Fargonda wouldn't want you to forget you manners would they?"

Roxy: "Since you asked so nicely."

Galatea: "Why not?" (Roxy and Galatea bow)

Baltor: "And now we duel!" (the three launch spells that end in a stalemate and Daphne appears put of nowhere) "Daphne! They say you only die once, but in your case I'd be happy to make an exception."

Daphne: "Girls! When the connection is broken you must get to the cup. It will take you back to Alfea. I can linger for a moment to give you some time, but only a moment do you understand? Let go. Now!" (Roxy and Galatea break the connection and grab the cup together)

Baltor: (after the girls leave) "NO!"


When both girls returned to Alfea they were greeted with applause.

Roxy: "Stop stop." (crowd sliences and Faragonda and the winx rush to their side) "He's back! He's back. Baltor's back."

Galatea: "They used Roxy to bring him back. It was horrible."

Faragonda: "It's ok you two, calm down."

Bloom: (grabs Roxy) "Come on, this isn't the place you want to be."

Roxy: "But..."

Bloom: "Come on." (drags Roxy away)

Tecna: "Galatea, give us every detail."

Griffin: "That's impossible. Baltor can't be back."

Flora: "How can you say that, after everything you've seen this year?"

Faragonda: "Wait. Where are Bloom and Roxy?"

In Blooms classroom.

Bloom: (closes the door) "Are you alright Roxy?"

Roxy: "I'm ok."

Bloom: "Does it hurt? That?" (points to the V shaped cut on Roxy's neck)

Roxy: "Not so much now."

Bloom: "Prohaps I better have a look at it." (Roxy removes her hand from the wound)

Roxy: "The cup was a transporter. Someone put a transportus spell on it."

Bloom: "What was it like? What was he like?"

Roxy: "Who?"

Bloom: "Baltor." (goes looking for something) "What was it like to stand in his pressence?"

Roxy: "It was like I had fallen into a nightmare. They used my blood to bring him back but said they also used yours as well."

Bloom: "There were others? Who else was in the dragon graveyard?"

Roxy: "There was... Hang on. I didn't say any thing about a graveyard Bloom."


Bloom: "Marvelous creatures dragons, arent they? Do you think Layla would have led you into the woods to see the dragons if I hadn't suggested it?" (continues looking for something) "Do you think Galatea would have told you to open the egg under water if I hadn't told her first myself." (continues looking) "Do you think Flora, miss gumdrops and sugurplum pie, could have provided you with a mergilly if I hadn't given her the books that told her of its existance? huh?"

Roxy: "It was you from the beggining. You put my name into the Goblet of Fire. You did all this but..."

Bloom: "But but but. You won because I made it so Roxy. You wound up in that graveyard tonight because it was meant to be so. And now the deed is done." (extracts a small blood sample from Roxy's neck) "The blood that runs in these veins, also runs within Baltor now. Imagin how he will reward me when I once and for all, silence Roxy of the Winx" (prepares to curse Roxy)

Faragonda: "KNOCKBACKUS!"

Faragona's spell knocked Bloom into a chair then she grabed her throat then the main staff and the winx came in

Faragonda: "Avalon." (Avalon pours Turthelixer down Bloom's throat) "Do you know who I am?"

Bloom: "Headmistress Faragonda."

Faragonda: "Are you Princess Bloom? Are you?"

Bloom: "No."

Faragonda: "Is she in this room? Is she in this room?" (the fake Bloom eyes a chest that Roxy was standing behind) "Roxy away from there." (Roxy runs into Flora's arms, Palladium opens the chest with a spell, and the real Bloom magicly flies out) "Are you alright Bloom?"

Bloom: "I'm sorry Miss F."

Roxy: "But if this is Bloom, then who's this?"

Wizgiz: (sniffs an empty potion vile) "Shapshifting potion. Now we know who's been stealing from your stores Avalon."

At that moment the fake Bloom turned back to her real form as the potion wore off.

Stella: "Well well well, Chimera."

Chimera: "How'd you know I was a fake?"

Grizelda: "I think we'd all like to know that."

Tecna: "Because we know Bloom so well."

Musa: "After what happened out there, the real Bloom wouldn't have removed Roxy from our sights."

Layla: "How did you get a hold of Bloom?"

Chimera: "I ambushed her on her way back from Roxy's place while you were still on earth. I took her down before she knew I was there. I also extracted a blood sample to be used in the resurection ceremony."

Avalon: "Very dishonorable."

Chimera: (eyes Roxy) "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." (tilts her head back revealing Baltors mark)

Faragonda: "Your neck Roxy." (tilts Roxy's neck back revealing the V shaped cut)

Chimera: "You know what this means don't you? He's back. Baltor really has returned."

Roxy: "I'm sorry Headmistress, I couldn't help it."

Faragonda: "Palladium, Layla, Flora, take Bloom and Roxy to the infirmary. Ofelia wont mind two more patients. All the same tell her what happened."

Palladium: "Yes headmistress."

Faragonda: "Tecna, send a message to the warden station near Omega. I think they'll find there missing a prisoner."

Chimera: "I'll be welcomed back like a heroine!"

Faragonda: "Prohaps. Personally I've never had much time for heros of these sort. Avalon. Stay and gaurd this little snitch." (everyone but Avalon leaves the room)


With the tournament over, and Baltor's return made public, Roxy found herself a celeberity once again. She and Galatea had already relived what had happened that night to Faragonda and the winx. All the same, she found her new fame very uncomfortable.

One day in Roxy's dorm room.

Galatea: "Like I said. Some game."

Roxy: "I hardly call what we went through a game."

Nova: "I still can't believe they used you to bring him back."

Roxy: "lets not go there please. I'd really rather not relive that night again."

Galatea: "You and me both. That reminds me." (hands Roxy the Tri-Magix Cup) "It's yours."

Roxy: "I don't want it." (puts it down)

Mirta: "I still can't believe you two tied."

Galatea: "It's still an Alfea victory."

(nock on door, girls turn around to see the winx, including the real Bloom)

Musa: "Can you three excuse us? We need to talk to Roxy." (Galatea, Nova, and Mirta leave)

Roxy: "Hi girls." (the winx sit on Roxy's bed with her)

Stella: "I never liked these sheets. I tried to make a new color for them in my first year as a freshman. But I wound up blowing up the potions lab."

Tecna: "We put you in terrible danger this year Roxy. We're all very sorry."

Bloom: "This probably wouldn't have happened if I hadn't let Chimera get the better of me."

Roxy: "It wasn't your fault."

Bloom: "Maybe, but she didn't take me down as easily as she said she did."

Flora: "What grieves us the most is what we put you through this year."

Layla: "You went through most of this alone, when we should have been there for you."

Bloom: "To be a Winx means you never have to go through anything alone. If I had my way, I would have done everything in my power to make sure you didn't compete. But I wound up locked in a trunk for 10 months."

Roxy: "It's alright. Most of it was, kinda fun." (the winx stare) "Okay that was a lie. I didn't enjoy it one bit."

Tecna: (eyes the bandage on Roxy's neck) "That dosn't look like it's healed."

Roxy: "No it hasn't. And I doubt it will anytime soon. But when it does, it's going to leave a very big mark."

Stella: "Some scars are meant to serve as reminders. And that's more than I care to admit."

Flora: "Dark and difficult times lie ahead Roxy."

Tecna: "Soon we must all face the choice between what is easy, and what is right."

Roxy: "Girls. When Galatea and I dueled Baltor, a golden spirit came and helped us. Baltor called her Daphne. And I've been wondering, who is she?"

Bloom: "She's my elder sister. She helped me a lot during my year as a freshman. And when I fought the Ancestral Witches in Obsidian. It's not surprizing she came to help you."

Roxy: "Everthing's going to change now isn't it?"

Stella: "Yes it is. Unfortunatly."

Layla: "But this time you won't go through it alone."

Flora: "None of us will."

Musa: "Whatever happens, we all have each other to count on."

Bloom: "That's the 'Word of the Winx'"

Roxy: "Oh I love you girls."

Tecna: "Winx Hug!" (the winx hug and laugh)

The End


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